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Tuesday, July 2, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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Ovi campaigned until he went to bed (just about the last one)

Kat did not campaign at all

4:09AM BBT Cliff was the last to get in bed  *lights off*

7:10AM BBT Someone is up. It's Cliff heading to the bathroom

7:17Am BBT Cliff silently moves through the house and kitchen so he doesn't wake the others. He makes oatmeal (I think) in the micro being careful with every move. 

{I'm pretty sure he will deliver his daily soliloquy soon}

7:27AM BBT There is loud snoring from two bedrooms {someone has obvious sleep apnea} , and Christie whispers in her sleep sometimes


7:33AM BBT Cliff in boatroom

Cliff- good morning live feeders, good morning family, I love you; I hope all live feeders are doing well and that you enjoyed us acting like idiots and having fun. We'll place nive probably through this eviction then I think we will see more gameplay. Yesterday there was a lot of scrambling/whispering. I;ve had several conversations. Poor Ovi, he thinks he's got the votes, but I don't think he does. I've gone back and forth with my own strategy and I'd rather have Ovi...he is playing a better game...I know he would fight for me. The other side will be a strong force in comps. I really felt for the down in the dumps Kat. When things don't go well she's so emotional. The over-confident Kat is harder to feel sorry for. She's in over her head playing this game. Then again she could be sitting there at the end. Kat just doesn't need to be here. Not like Ovi. He's going to be distraught when he goes home. He would be a much better choice. But he is assuming he has votes that he doesn't have


Cliff- BBT The way I figure it, right off the bat, the people he absolutely does not have are Jackson, Isabella, Nick, Jess, and someone else I can't remember. 5 votes going against Ovi at an absolute minimum. Christie is going to go with Kat in case of a tie. Ovi can't win a tiebreaker. He has to win 7 votes. He could probably get my vote, but I don't think he gets that last vote. With me wanting Ovi? Do I campaign for him? I don't think I can. I can't alienate the other side and become suspect. I have to be strong with whoever wins. If I'm a betting man, Kat stays and Ovi is going home. I'd probably do better in the other alliance. Being in with Christie, Jack and the others...I can find myself lower on the totem pole. Today, I need to carefully quiz Jack, Tom, and Sam, Not try to sway, but pledge my loyalty and make sure we are on the same page. I'll let them make the call. If they say Ovi's gone, I have to vote against Ovi and Ovi goes home. I hope you would pass on to him how heartfelt my desire to keep him was.

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7:42AM BBT I would rather have Ovi in this house, but I can't play emotional, and that sucks. I did get a chance to talk to Nicole, trying to avoid looking too tight with her. It looks like she is solid. We may end up on two sides of the group. Is that horrible? No. We can help each other out. It would not affect the way I interact with her. It would not surprise me if she was more than a preschool teacher aide. There is more to Nicole than she is letting on. If so, she's playing a brilliant game. I've not heard her name at all. Something about the way she talked yesterday makes me think she got that power advantage. I don't think Ovi has it. He would have told me by now. I'm pretty sure Nicole has it.

7:45AM BBT

Cliff- It's interesting how the couples are ironing out. Nick and Isabella will vote together. And Jack and Analyse have spent some time together and will vote together. Jackson and Kat. He swears he is not here for a showmance, but I don't know. I assume they will vote together.

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7:30 am BBT Cliff got up, ate a bowl of cereal while staring at the memory wall and is now delivering his early morning sililoquy. After the usual greetings and shout outs he's pondering the demise of Ovi. He feels bad about Ovi because he deserves to be there more than Kat. He says Kat  doesn't need to be here. He thinks he has votes he doesn't have. He counts the votes against Ovi: Nick, Jackson, Bella, Jessica. He knows that Christie will go with Kat in the case of a tie. Ovi needs 7 votes to win. He has to get Sam, Tommy, Jack, Isabelle, Analyse. Cliff says he will vote with the majority. The other group will benefit him more so what he needs to do today is quiz Jack, Tommy and Sam. He will pledge his loyalty and go with them. He reaches out to the live feeders to tell Ovi that it broke his heart to vote against him. He can't make a power move this week without knowing who is landing where. 

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If Kat stays she is just a vote for the other side. The southern contingent (Jackson, Holly, Ovi, Myself) . It's possible I could be in that group. Group of 4. We could make something happen. That's my strategy plan today. Be noncommittal, cheer on Ovi. Quiz Jack, Tommy, and Sam and figure out what's what.  Ovi is way optimistic. I know he doesn't have Jackson's vote. Sam told several of us that he spent so much time talking to Ovi and was never able to commit to Ovi. He certainly thinks the results of their discussion were different than what Ovi thinks. I think Ovi is gone. That's a shame. I hope when he gets home he realizes that his value and worth aren't how this game turned out. This is just a little entertainment that doesn't define his life. That's what I'm gonna tell myself if I'm in a similar situation. All I know is one thing, I'm glad I have this on (veto)

7:53AM BBT I'm not a fan of Kemi. Listening to her by the pool. She's not here...she wants endorsements and such


7:55AM I do not want to win this next HOH. It may bite me in the ass, but I need to play this game long term because I'm here to win the whole thing. If I don't think ahead, I won't. Even though HOH guarantees me a week if safety, it could put me in the crosshairs. It would be hard to throw a challenge, though. That's not me as a person. But I don't want it in week 2. It's not in my best interest.

8:07AM BBT

Cliff- Shout out to Pendleton Mills in Oregon. I could be under this blanket all day long. Quality blanket. 

He says if he does something that we don't like to please not take it out on his innocent family...take it out on him.

Cliff- Ovi wants me to wake him up, but this is my time.

Cliff- I don't ever want any blowback hitting them. Take your shots. I'll probably be okay. Criticize me, my looks, my game, whatever. But I'm here to play this game. This is just my way to share my thoughts. I appreciated it. I hope y'all still get live feeds. I hate when the feeds go down.

That's my soapbox for the day.


Cliff mentioned that the house is on lockdown today, and he thinks it's because of the HOH competition. He talks about Kemi making her dog an ESA (emotional support animal) just to keep it from riding in cargo. He doesn't like that...abuse of privilege.

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8:18AM Cliff I never realized how heavy this veto piece is. It's not just a piece of plastic. It's metal. How many BB lives have been saved by this. I wish they would engrave the winners on the back and create a legacy. I'm the first to benefit from it in this game. Pretty cool. Okay, I'm gonna rest and think about things, then maybe I'll wake Ovi up. Getting up at 7? Not easy. He says he went to bed earlier than most, but I saw he was up again and then the last in bed before lights out (maybe it was just a trip to the John)

8:20AM I don't ever want word getting back to the others that I may be waffling on my decisions. I love this game. The strategy element? That's what I came for. Mental manipulations. That's where it's at. Oh, and Sharon, they want me to, after the live eviction, grow a goatee. Tommy is growing his long. I don't know. I kinda laughed and offered to do it. I'm not sure I want to alter my appearance that much. What if I come out looking evil. We'll see.

8:22AM Okay, I'm gonna go get back in bed. WHile I'm thinking of it though, Sharon, we've got that rebate for the contact lenses (he is reminding her to fill it out). It's not the end of the world, I suppose. But, if it's free money we might as well claim it. Log in. Let's see if we can get that $50 gift card. I hope everything is okay with bills and credits and everything I set up before I took off. I'm sorry I'm not there to make those decisions with you for awhile. How weird it would be if I was to get booted early and go home and watch the live feeds...watch these people playing the game. That would be tough to watch...them continuing them game and me a distant memory. But, the reality is there is a jury of 9 so 7 people will just go home.

8:26AM David went out so early. I don't think he's coming back. I think he's done. But could there be a battle back....one more chance...which he deserves. I really want these numbers to dwindle as quickly as possible. But, I can't believe for a second that these twists are over. That these whacktivities are all we get. There is more to this game than that. I can't wait to find out who is related. I bet Tommy isn't a dancer...he's a teamster. Nicole isn't a preschool teacher aide, she is a city prosecutor (giggles) Sam? Is he really just a truck driver? He could be. Maybe he is a comedian. He is a funny guy. It also is entirely possible that he is a funny truck driver.

8:29 Jackson- oh my gosh. Zingbot should have a field day with him...for his working out or eating. I don't think y'all could comprehend his eating and working out. His whole life is about consumption and exertion...all day long. That kind of singular focus? whew! I wonder how everyone is responding to Jack. He is a nice guy. He may be devious as all get out. But he is playing the game. I imagine there's a lot of people that really like him. I'm sure there is a lot more ab shots of him than of me. I tried to work out with the guys...I've got to be more careful. The aerobics, that's okay. But the stretching. The last thing I need is to pull a back muscle. I need to temper how much I do. I don't want to risk it (my strategy, too  LOL). I wonder if past HGs are watching. It's wild. I  watched your seasons, followed your moves, got excited, now here I am. Next season it will be someone else.

8:32AM talking to feedsters- it may be you next year. SOmeone out there is watching this that will play the game next year. Isn't that an amazing feeling. Watching this so long on tv you get certain angles of the backyard...and now here I am. It's like waking up in a Brady Bunch episode...or Friends. How amazing. Yes, I know it's a gameshow. Unscripted reality. But it's more than that because I have invested so much in watching it and caring about the people.

8:34AM Cliff- I really miss just sitting under a shade tree with a fishing pole and Sharon.  Uggghhhhhh! Just to get one day of that, a break from this house, would be wonderful.

8:35AM Sharon, I hope you are getting some sleep and not watching the live feeds....I can imagine you falling asleep and being mad that you missed something. I've been trying to make sure I get in bed so you can get some sleep. When I pull that buff over my eyes, I am usually in for the night, so that's when you can get some sleep. Just know, when you are watching me, I am thinking of you. Alright, I'm gonna shut it down. Keep me in mind as .... we'll see what happens. Love you Sharon, Kelly, Daniel. I hope I can help give one tiny perspective of this house to help you figure out the game. Bye All!  *he heads out*

8:39AM BBT *Cliff gets up and says, "I do love this veto, though". He kisses it then heads to the bathroom {Sharon has quite the catch! What a guy!!} He finishes there then puts the veto away on the counter, stares at the memory wall and heads back to bed. Everyone else is sleeping.

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Sorry, submitting this conversation out of order...


1:55AM BBT Tommy, Sis, Jack, and Jackson in the hammock

They talk about how Ovi ended up when it should have been Kemi. They discuss how bad his cookies were, and Tommy saus it's because he melted the butter (it should just be softened)

Tommy- college boy mistake

Jack- Sorry Ovi, you thought your cookies kept you here, but your cookies are the reason you're not

*all laughing*

Jackson- I understand she had to follow her gut, but I wish Kemi was up there. It would be a lot less guilt inducing.

Jackson  mentions how Ovi was pushing that there's a girl alliance and the #s would be in their favor if he is evicted. Tommy and Sis doubt that there is one, as they felt they would know about it.




2:02AM Holly joins them, and they discuss throwing HOH to Kat to give her confidence and have her put up Kemi. They are making fun of Kat's veto ceremony speech.


Jackson- she's a great girl. Love her. I'll see her out of this house, if she doesn't castrate me first.  (lol)


2:05AM  They head to bed

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9:38AM BBT Wake Wakey Houseguests

9:44AM BBT Nicole is confirming with Jess and Kemi that they (Jackson crew) are evicting Ovi, but he thinks they are saving him (that crew plans to tell Ovi today) They discuss that Sis is dangerous because she is flirting with all the guys.

Nicole- it's not genuine, but

Jess- she is the biggest physical female threat

9:54AM BBT Kemi talking about how Jack was trying to be so nice and talk with her yesterday

Kemi- shut the fuck up; you wanted me on the block

9:55AM BBT The Black Widows discuss that they don't know where Sis/Holly are at and they would put them up before Nick/Sam

9:56AM Kemi- I'm gonna talk to Christie today and see where she's at

*the girls move back to generic conversation


Christie explains to the wake-up group (Jackson, Sis, Nick, Holly) that Cliff is going to tell Ovi today that he's being evicted. She feels bad, but she couldn't talk to him anymore, and he was kind of stalking her...she told him she was going to bed because she was exhausted. She didn't want to lie anymore than she already had.

10:05AM Kat joins them

10:07 Kat- I heard Jack is voting me out...she starts freaking out

Jackson- oh my god...we are all voting Ovi out. We were talking about his goodbye messages

The group is assuring her

Kat- Okay

10:09 Kat leaves. They all talk about how she hears a hint of something and creates a conspiracy around it

Jackson- she might be the worst BB player in history

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10:10 The group agrees that Kat knows nothing about this game

Christie- that's why we need to keep her in here

Sis- you could tell when she walked in her face got super (jealous over Jackson in bed with Sis and Holly)

10:15AM BBT HOH Room- the group is talking about their moves in the hall when they go to place their vote

Sis- we are just doing the do si do

Nick- Bella is going to do the stepover. I told Cliff if I go after you I'm hugging you

Holly's is the cha cha

10:18AM BBT

Christie is asking about snoring

Jackson- YES! Jack, Ovi and CLiff were all snoring

Christie- we're going to have to figure something out. I can't be the only girl in a boys room. I don't want to deal with the snoring. Then again, I can sleep during a f'in hurricane

Nick- it's so nice in the RV. No one snores

Christie- I would rather sleep in there

Nick- that room is hot

Sis suggests the door be left open for ventilation

Christie agrees it would have to be that way

10:21AM BBT Ovi is talking with Jess int he bathroom and telling her he has 8 votes so he is good

Jess- I wouldn't want to upset the house over a vote. We haven't had a house meeting. I don't know if that's something that happens.

Ovi- I don't know if there is a full house meeting for these type of things; I've talked with people and they (RV group)  have committed but said I should talk to you to see where your head is at

Jess- alright

Ovi- I appreciate it (Jess didn't offer a vote)

Jess- yeah maybe we can talk more later

Ovi- I appreciate you Jessica

Jess- I do too Ovi

10:29AM BBT Kat confronts Jackson about having a showmance with Holly. He tells her no...sorry I didn't come to bed. He tells her she can't say things about Jack flipping votes because it's not true. She apologizes and says she thought that's what they were talking about. He tells her she has to calm down and start trusting. He tells her she's fine but she's going to piss off Jack and Christie. He tells her she has to think before she speaks and that what they tell Ovi is not true so when she hears shit she has to let it go in one ear and out the other. She continues to apologize. He said it's fine and tells her everything he is doing and not doing is to keep her here...the distance...everything. SHe said she knows. He tells her, look, you're on the block. Holly is not.

Kat- I know I just like having people talk to me and you and Holly are my #1s so it hurts

Jackson- that's how this game works. I need you to understand that. That's how this game works

Kat tells him she's having a hard time not feeling part of the group

Jackson- it shouldn't hurt you. This is not real life. You don't want people to know what's going on. I need you to understand that. You shouldn't want to be known as being close to us. You should want it under the radar. Otherwise, we will get picked off.

Kat- Okay, right

10:34AM BBT

Jackson- I know you don't know this game

Kat- I do

Jackson- no you told me you literally bought a tv months ago to watch the show

Kat- laughs

Jackson- you can't keep getting paranoid...this is not real life...this is a game, so please just trust me when I do things and don't do things...and say things, and when I don't say things. All those thoughts are valid in real life but you have to shift gears in your head and play this game. The smallest miscalculations will get you sent home.

10:36AM Jackson- sweating at night (he sweats when he sleeps) can get you sent home.

Kat- laughs

Jackson- everything I am doing is playing big brother. Being sweet to Holly, aligning with Cliff (etc.)...it's all for the game

Kat- I know but

Jackson- we were close since day 1 and you're on the block

Kat- I know but people are talking

Jackson- fuck them

Kat- I'm sorry

Jackson- but I need you to understand this game, please, because the things I'm doing are well thought out...what I'm doing...everything...it's game

Kat- I'm sorry if I am exhausting you...I feel like you are mad at me

Jackson- just frustrated; let it go......I want you here. I have busted my ass for two weeks to try and keep you here so the last thing I need is for you to get annoyed with me.

Kat- I'm not, Jackson

Jackson- I'm going to eat breakfast (Kat tries to get him to stay but he leaves)     {this is truly redundant; just sad}

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10:46AM BBT Jackson gives the play by play to Sis/Holly at the kitchen table. {he is pissed} He keeps raising his voice. He is so mad.

10:51AM - Ovi walks in the kitchen and starts listening in. Jackson beautifully plays to his presence

Jackson- so I told her, I can just f'ing vote you out tomorrow

Ovi- I'm sorry, Man

Jackson- fuck this

10:53AM BBT

Sis- this poor girl....are you going to hang out with her or keep your distance

Jackson- I don't know. I haven't flipped out on a girl like that in a long time. I can't.. 280 f'ing hours of this. I'm over it. That conversation makes me want to campaign to keep Ovi

*feeds cut*

10:55AM BBT Cliff and Jack join the conversation  *feeds cut*

Jackson- this is what happens when you have emotions coming in to the house. You can't. You have to be cold. You can't let yourself feel. *feeds cut*


{this is getting annoying, y'all...I'm out for awhile now}

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11:32AM BBT Christie's telling Nicole, Sam, Cliff and Nick about how she looks older than what she is.  They ask how old she is, she says 26 (her bio says she's 28).  She said she was with her girlfriend for 7 years, they started dating when she was 19.  She said her ex girlfriend is 21 years older than her.  She says her ex-girlfriend is a free spirit.  Meanwhile, in the storage room, Jackson has been chastising Kathryn for how she acted this morning.   He told Kathryn if she keeps playing off of her emotions, she will be going home, not this week but sometime soon.

11:38AM BBT:  Jackson's talking to Bella in the bathroom about how he's over trying to keep Kathryn calm.  He said it's beyond exhausting.  Bella says, "Well if it's not this week, then it's next week. Also, think about what's best what's your game.  If it's mentally exhausting, then stop."

Kathryn comes into the bathroom.  Jackson leaves and Analyse comes into the bathroom to fix her hair.  Bella is fixing her make up for the DR.

11:42AM BBT:  Jackson and Jack are talking about Ovi. feeds cut.  When the feeds come back, Jack tells Jackson if Ovi comes back, it's a bad deal.

Jackson: it's wearing me thin. i've been here for 236 hours.  I want to pull my f'ing hair out.

Jack talks some sense into Jackson about why they can't get rid of Kathryn. 

Jackson says Jack is right but he hates Jack for being right.

Jack:  At least you got some booty at the end of the day.  I hate to say i told you so from day one.

Jackson laughs and says he knows.

Jack says Ovi's another bad fish in the pond.  He says Ovi's smarter than Kathryn.

Jackson says Jack's right.

Jackson tells Jackson about how he snapped twice today.  Jack tells Jackson that Kathryn obviously respects him being honest with her.  Jack asks Analyse if he can just sit there and watch her get ready.  She says it's boring.  He says it's not but she does not need makeup.

Jack to Jackson:  Your attachment to Kathryn came with a price.

Jackson: why can I not be **something** with someone who isn't crazy?

11:52AM BBT:  Tommy walks in. Jackson tells him that he talked to Jack and realized it was a bad idea to try to get rid of Kathryn. (also in the room is Analyse and Jack)

Jackson:  I just need to bite the bullet again for a few more weeks.  I put myself in this position i need to f'ing fix it. Whatever, it's not impossible.

Kathryn walks in.  Jackson asks for 48 hours and they laugh and Jackson asks for no more "are yall conspiring against me?"

Tommy leaves the room.  Kathryn asks Jackson and Jack what's up.  They tell her she just needs to trust them.  She says she does.

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12:07PM BBT Tommy is teaching Jack, Bella, and Kat a dance to Queen's "We Will Rock You" (of course, feeds cut as he starts to sing)


12:08PM BBT The plan is for the whole house to learn it  :-)

12:29PM BBT Nick walks into the kitchen...is really upset. Something happened. 

Tommy- Oh Nick! That's tough when stuff happens but you can't talk about it.

12:29PM BBT Nick walks into the kitchen...is really upset. Something happened. 

Tommy- Oh Nick! That's tough when stuff happens but you can't talk about it.

*feeds cut out then back in*


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1:26PM BBT Nicole in boat room with Jess and Kemi. Nicole is having an emotional breakdown...talking about her mom being sick but she never complained and still always just worried about her (Nicole). SHe feels guilty that she lives at home and hasn't given back enough....that she hasn't done as much for her sisters and parents as they have done for her.

Kemi- we will all come out of this as better people; don't feel like you're alone in that. Everyone has had their moments in the house. It's better out than in.

Jess- I know girls as part of their therapy just need to cry it out

{Jess and Kemi are being great friends to Nicole right now. It seems DR is stirring up emotions wit HGs today}


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2:19PM BBT Tommy is now teaching other HGs the dance (Cliff, Holly, Jess, Ovi) They are pretty good!


2:23PM BBT Kat, Nicole and Jess in the bedroom. Kat compliments Jess on her makeup and shirt. She tells Jess that she sometimes forgets that she's in the presence of a celebrity/professional model (hmm?) Kat says her selfies are the worst. Jess is teaching Kat how to take a selfie with an imaginary phone. 


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3:33PM  BBT Jackson and Kat are in the HOH alone scoping out the shower.

Kat- I can't

Jackson- it's up to you

Kat- I mean, I can but I can't

*They notice the cameras watching so they go downstairs

Kat- I think I have splinters on my butt from.....you know


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6:03PM BBT-  Analyse is in the KT chopping onions while Jack does dishes.  Christie and Tommy are chatting in the HOHR about Bella playing too hard.  Tommy loves Bella, but she was whispering to him at the wrong time when Jackson came around the corner and assumed they were working together.  


6:06PM BBT-  Ovi and Jack are in the SR where Ovi is asking if Jack had a chance to talk with anyone today, and that Ovi has worked his way around the house.  Jack is telling him what he wants to hear, making Ovi feel fairly safe.  They shake hands and leave the room, going in separate directions.


6:09PM BBT-  Tommy in the HOHR telling Chris how Nick told him not to have a showmance, and then Nick slept with Bella that same night.  


6:11PM BBT-  Ovi is pacing in the BR talking to himself and practicing his live eviction speech to the HG.


6:14PM BBT-  Nicole and Kemi are in the boat room chatting about what could happen tomorrow, talking through different scenarios.    Kemi said she wants to trust Nick, but not sure if she can.  Nick said he would love to see Jack go, but would never put him up for fear of retaliation.


6:20PM BBT-  Still in the HOHR, Christie tells Tommy that Kat is convinced that when Jack fell from the log in the HOH comp, that he grabbed Kat's wrist and pulled her down with him - instead of just falling directly down as he should've.  They both believe that this is plausable.


6:23PM BBT-  Christie and Tommy's convo turns to the topic of Jackson (Michie) and that he's a bit weird, how he talks a lot about himself, that it's odd how he has no family or friends around him outside of the house and that nobody signed the release forms for him.  Christie says that Jackson takes about 5 Xanax a day, and then the feeds cut out.  


6:26PM BBT-  The HG are all called to the KT for Taco Tuesday dinner.  Lots of chatter where everyone is talking, but you can't hear any conversations.


6:56PM BBT-  Holly, Analyse, Bella, Kemi and Kat are in the BR where Holly and Analyse dig out their tiny red dresses trying to figure out what to wear for eviction night.  Kat told them that they looked like thigh warmers because they're so small.


7:08PM BBT-  Cliff and Ovi are in the guys' BR where Ovi is pacing.  Cliff tells him that regardless of what happens, Ovi has worked hard to play the game and has done all he can.  Ovi leaves the room about 5 minutes later and Cliff says to the camera that he hates being in the situation with Ovi.


7:20PM BBT-  Ovi is now in the boat room with Nick where Ovi asks him for his vote.  Ovi tells him that he for sure has Nicole, Cliff, TOmmy, Sam, Jack, Sys, Holly and Jackson.   Nick says don't be too sure, that he's hearing a lot of waivering, but gives no names.  Nick tells him that he doesn't feel like it's in his favor and that he is keeping it real so Ovi isn't blindsided.


7:32PM BBT-  The majority of HG are up in the HOHR where Christie goes through her clothes trying to pick something to wear tomorrow.  She said it's important because she sells the same clothes in her stores, so her partner will be IG'ing her looks.


7:45PM BBT-  Ovi talks with Holly in the LR where he once again goes through the numbers that he believes he has to win, and promises her his loyalty if she votes for him.  She explains that Kat is not really a threat in the game and that she hasn't had a chance to talk to the others and doesn't know where their heads are at - that she plans to vote with the house.


7:55PM BBT-  Holly tells Ovi to prepare for the worst, but hope for the best, that anything could happen tomorrow.







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5:13PM BBT Jack and Bella in the storage room talking about house issues and their original alliance. Jack says that he thinks she and Nick are playing a great game. He compliments her on her overall game...."killing it" ( he says this to everyone) Outside of this game we will all be good. Bella is very transparent with him and tells him that she began to not trust him (Jack) because he was making side alliances (like Ovi) and not filling her in (original alliance was her, Jack and Jackson). He appreciates her being so forthcoming. He is concerned about Kemi....Bella tells him he has to stop talking so much crap because it just makes him (and Kemi) stand out and they could easily end up on the block. She tells him she is not trying to come at him, she just wants to help his game and if Gr8ful moves forward, it has to move forward with real communication and transparency She admits that she has a final 2 with Kemi but says it's whatever because Kemi has nothing to really offer her...she will be out soon. She also tells him that her connection with Nick is not game based...it's a connection about something outside of the game that he just understands, so he is a support for that. She tells him she doesn't trust Nick {I love this Black Widow....very smart}


5:18PM BBT  Bella to Jack: we all just need to get together and forget all this other shit. There are so many side conversation but we need to get together, talk to each other, and work this through.  

They agree to stick to the Gr8ful alliance moving forward.

7:14PM BBT RV room Lots of the girls there (Holly, Kat, Bella, Kemi, Nicole, Sis)  when Cliff walks in

CLiff- is this girls' night? If so I'll leave

They tell him to stay

Cliff- I'm just so bored so I'm just walking around

Holly- we all hit the boredom wall today

Sam walks in

Sis is talking about deodorant; she wants better deodorant so she heads to ask for it to be added to her HOH basket

Kat- are you here to study or just hang out?...can you give me a "send it"

Sam screams "SEND IT"    (ugh!)


7:22PM BBT Ovi and Nick  in the boat room *Ovi has been campaigning all day and making promises to everyone that he can't keep. Everyone is just telling him Kat is going, and he is still convinced he has the votes

Ovi- if I have you and Tommy that's 6 for sure

7:25PM BBT Nick heads up to HOH and tells them (Jess, Jackson, Christie, Jack, Tommy) that Ovi is going to be f'ing crushed because he is counting votes and thinks the house is saving him (he is worried about Ovi)

Tommy- he is just trying to rally the troops

Christie- this is a game; stop; he cornered me last night

Nick is worried what he should tell Ovi; they all tell him not to say a thing

*he leaves

7:30PM BBT Nick meets with Holly/Sis in the kitchen and tells them how Ovi is asking everyone about votes and thinks he has it; he is going to get crushed tomorrow

Sis- we should just tell him

Ovi walks through, then he walks away

Sis' eyes get really big

Nick- we can't (the DR said they can't tell him) We aren't allowed to even ask about votes

Sis- Oh

Nick- I feel bad for him

*Ovi walks up and Nick tells him the DR said they are not allowed to talk about it

Ovi- if you will talk to Sam, I got this

Nick- Okay, I got you

Ovi- Thanks Bro

*Ovi just walking around the house and then heads to HOH room and joins that crowd (poor guy has no clue)

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7:35PM BBT Christie has been trying on outfits for the group in the HOH and when she comes out in a black and white dress they all scream with approval

Sam, Nicole, Bella and Kemi hear them screaming from the bathroom downstairs

Bella is painting Sam's toenails

Nicole asking about her accent and what it sounds like

Sam- it's all O's

Nicole- what was that? (upstairs yelling)

Sam- yeah, this is what happens 

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8:27pm bbt


Cliff and Nick are talking about Ovi's upcoming eviction. Cliff tells Nick that Ovi believes he has most of the votes to stay.


Jack comes into the room and Nick tells him that Ovi told him that if he (Ovi) goes home the males will be reduced to 6 and the girls will have more power.


Cliff says Ovi has practiced his eviction speech for him, (both Nick and Jack seem unmoved). Ovi walks toward the boat bed room and Nick says, “Oh he is hawking now man.” Ovi turns and walks away. Not sure if he heard any of the conversation.


Nick and Jack are discussing Nick's Underarmour sweats, they are complaining that their shirts have logos on them and they have nothing to wear.


Nick goes into the boat bed lounge and is talking to Kat. They are coming up with names for their not a showmance.

Kickolas, Natherine. Nothing seems to fit, so Kat starts what is her common paranoia chatter.


In the bedrooms Kemi and someone off camera are talking, the person she is talking to is whispering with her about who they would put up if they were HOH. The whispering is to soft to hear but they seem to agree that Jack would not put Nick up.


Ovi is in the HOH, Christie is telling him that the house has not made a decision yet because it is so hard. She tells Ovi that the house may not make a decision about who is being voted out until late in the day tomorrow. She tells him to just put out what he thinks and pray. Ovi tells her that if they make a decision to keep him the others will follow. He tells her he would be better for her game.


Christie tells him she was not prepared to pick a replacement and she was looking at the males on the couch and she chose him. (she lied).


Christie tells him they are not allowed to tell him who they are voting out. (she is scrambling for answers). She has started stumbling around, talking about personal votes, Kat is doing the same things, and more.


Ovi continues to plead his case while Christie continues to talk in circles.


Jack, Nicole, Tommy are there, and say nothing. Nicole is listening intently. Tommy is also taking the conversation in.


Tommy finally tells him people are going back and forth. He says that Kat has picked herself up and people are thinking of other options.


Ovi asks them if they believe Kat would put them up if she were HOH, Christie says she does not believe Kat would put her up, no one else reacts.


Ovi tells them he is more fun and stable in the house. Christie says Kat is a loose cannon but she doesn't want to use that as a campaign tool. She continues to ramble, Ovi continues to meet every point with a counter point. Ovi mentions the feeders being upset because the wrong person is sent home (Compares this to Fessie evicting Scottie)


Christie tries to wind it up again, tells him to not talk to others in the house, let them take the time to make a decision.


Ovi promises to fight for them down the line. He hugs everyone in the room.


He parts with another request to be kept, and asks them to let him know.


Christie insists they cannot let him know. (he knows this is not true because in past seasons house guest were warned by other house guests)


When he leaves the room Tommy and Jack say he made a point, Tommy says she doesn't want to be here as much.


Nicole says Kat doesn't want to be here as much, and what he said about his audition tape, getting his buddies to help set up scenes, and made it funny.




Few minutes later


They wonder how to make a list of pros and cons.


Christie says she got a crazy sign on vacation....and the cameras switch to the kitchen.


Michie is making a protein shake for Kemi while she watches. Kemi says when she eats things that are not good for her she calls it a mental health day.


Ovi has approached Michie and Michie goes to get his flannel. Tells him just a minute.


Ovi is alone and says, “I don't know if I can do this. I don't know if I can pull myself off the block.”

He continues to count possible votes very quietly.


In the background Michie is telling someone else to come to the archery room in five minutes. He says that will give Ovi enough time to have his say.


They go to the bedroom, and Ovi starts his pitch to Michie.


Ovi tells him that Christie, Tommy, Nicole and Jack are undecided.

Ovi also tells Michie that he can help him in the game. Michie tells him that he wants him to stay but he needs to look like that is not the case.


9:09pm bbt


Ovi continues his pitch to Michie. Ovi tells Michie that the girls will start picking them off one by one and if he (Ovi), is there he will be a shield.


Michie says he will try to push the others over the line. He says he will go to the boat bed room and talk to the people in there.


Ovi pulls out the “Tennessee boys” card.


They bump fists and Michie says he will do his best and they leave the room.


Ovi is talking to the camera, he says he is really trying, and “this hurts more than anything.” he says he is hustling as much as he can hustle. He wonders if he should tell them about his power because it can go either way. He stands in the middle of the room not speaking for a few minutes, then paces as he thinks about what to do. Nick comes in to get some things and asks Ovi if everything I alright. He says he was doing goodbye messages. When he leaves Ovi mutters, “goodbye messages.”


Camera moves to the lounge where Sis, Sam are sitting. Ovi appears and sits between them. Sam starts talking, telling a humorous story.


In the HOH room Christie, Tommy, Jack, Kemi and Isabella are wondering if they should just have a meeting. Kemi says gathering everyone might be a good idea.


Jack says he is voting to evict Ovi because he is too knowledgeable about the game.


They are all mentioning Ovi's plea to stay longer for the money, Jack is very negative. Tommy says the money is probably not primary. He is interrupted by Jack, then Christie.


The group decides that they will vote to evict Ovi. 9:22pm bbt  HOH room

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9:02PM BBT Christie, Jack, Tommy, and Nicole are in HoH room.  Christie said she got a sign Kat was supposed to go.  The sign Christie got was discussed on BBAD and apparently a piece of paper was slid under her door while she was on vacation and it was of Kat apparently in an outfit that was supposed to be Christie's before they were in the house.  She even said she "can't even f'ing say it" before she says it.  She believes it was "random and a f'up" BB calls her out for talking about production.  [rms - guessing production screwed up when they were sequestered before they entered the house]



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9:34pm bbt


Ovi asks Cliff to talk to the house guests in the HOH to see if he can sway the vote.


When Cliff leaves, Ovi keeps repeating “I'll fight.”


9:37pm bbt


Cliff has gone to the HOH room, Jack is telling the others what Ovi has said to them. Christie clues Cliff in on the earlier conversation.

Cliff agrees with her, but he says Ovi asked him to come up, and he did as asked. He says that Ovi is starting to understand that things are not going his way. Cliff tells Christie that he will vote with the house, and that this will happen again during the game.


Cliff says he told Ovi not to let this define you, that this is not personal. Christie says she told him that if he is vote out it would be because he is so loved, but feared.


Cliff tells them that he will let Ovi know that everyone has reconfirmed, and hopes Ovi will get the message.


In the target bedroom Nicole is telling Ovi that some of the house guests are going to vote against him. She seems to be very honest with him. Ovi seems very upset, but is still trying to find ways to stay. He asks Nicole if she would vote his way if it was a tie, she says she would. She tells him Christie might break a tie in her favor. (earlier she told Kemi she would not vote for him to stay).


When she leaves Ovi says, “I am not giving up til I die.” and leaves the room.


Cameras move to the kitchen, Tommy is giving a dance lesson. He is counting off the moves, Kat is trying to follow him. She is actually very good at keeping up with him. For about 10 seconds.


Jack is doing a strange hopping move he calls Mary Poppins. Tommy is moving like a penquin, then waves his arms, calling it jelly arms.

(apparently cursing is part of this dance count). They are laughing and grabbing people to learn the dance. Nicole says she just came for chips, but Tommy says no, she must dance. Nicole seems torn, she is watching, then finally joins the group. They have recruited Cliff for a twerking circle and are screaming for the rest of the house.


Rest of the house—hiding.


Kat and Tommy continue to dance, Jack poses for the camera (sadly the camera is not focusing on Jack)


They ask Cliff for suggestions. He says “How about a whoooop?” He demonstrates a move something like a golf swing. Tommy changes it up, Cliff says, “Yeah, that's how they do it at Texas A&M.”


Camera moves to HOH bathroom


Sis is crying, says she feels bad. Nick is comforting her and Christie tells her it is okay to cry here. She says she feels bad for Ovi.


Nick and Christie are “helping” her with her guilt over voting Ovi out, but they do it in a way that promotes her doing it anyway.


Christie continues to talk while Nick tries to interact with Sis, interrupting him over and over with her opinions and insights.


Nick tries again, asking Sis why she feels like she is not being herself. He tells her she seems to be genuine, and the person in here is amazing.

Christie inserts again.

Nick continues to give her a pep talk about being genuine. He tells her it is safe to be herself.

Christie inserts again.

Nick tells Sis other people feel the same way.

Christie inserts again.

Nick continues to give her the pep talk.

Christie inserts again

(are we seeing a trend here???)


10:10pm bbt

In the storage room.


Nicole, Kemi and Kemi are talking about Kat dancing with Tommy. Kemi says Kat is handling being on the block better than Ovi. Isabella says that she wishes she could redo her message. Kemi wishes she was more compassionate. Isabella says they will all start getting slapped in the face real quick when they are put up. Kemi says they have been two faced about him the whole time, the fake alliance, even complaining about touching. Nicole calls it “sh**tty”. They continue to talk about how hard the game is, and that it drains them emotionally.

When everyone has left but Kemi and Isabella Ovi comes into the storage room, while he is hugging Isabella Kemi leaves. Isabella tells him that no matter what happens, he did make it to Big Brother and he made his family proud. She says he can use this as a platform to talk about what he is passionate about. She tell them that there are people in the house that would love to hang out with him after the game.


Ovi says this is an uphill battle for him.


Isabella tells him that until he meets Julie he is in the game. She tells him he is a great guy, a strong guy.


Ovi tells her he is just somebody to be used, he has no allegiances.


Isabella tells him not to listen to the promises made to him, that this will come down to tomorrow morning.

She mentions “expect the unexpected.”


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