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Big Brother Australia - New - Week Two

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Week Two - Monday - Day 9 In the House....

The house is still realing over the two big revilations on Sunday Night!!! Karen is Krystal's mother!!! Michael who had been slowly but surely creaping up on a potention love match with Krystal is seeing his ship sail with no hope of every catching it. He just dosen't see anything happening if her mother is there to see everything. Krystal tells the girl that nothing has changed since she shares everything with Mum... All of her previous boyfriends have gotten used to having Karen around all the time.

The other guys in the house see the situation similarly, with a Mum in the house, the girls won't be as carefree as they would without parental supervision.

They say that Tilli is realizing that she is really in love with her best friend on the outside. Wonder if her realizes it as well, and is he watching??

Claire they see as beyond hope since she is interested in "zoo guy" on the outside as well.

Karen is Mum and noone is interested in matching up with her. No May September romances in here!!!

Elise They don't see as a posibility since she has said that she would not get "serious" in the house.

Katie they agree is great looking, by with her "V" status, the see the chances as slim to none...

While the guys are ready and "hot to trot", unless there are some seriously good looking INTRUDERS in the house soon, this is going to be a PG rated season the the BB house!!!

On the Revenge side of the house, Anna and Camilla are plotting and schieming as they try to come up with ways to make the HM regret putting them out of the house.

1) They both have it in for Krystal. They decided that it would be cute to play a head game with her. So they had BB follow her in the shower and every time she turned on a shower head with hot water, waith till she got under and then shut the hot water OFF!! As an added bonus, Tilli who was sharing the shower was given the COLD SHOULDER as well!!

As Krystal stepped under the shower, the water instantly turned cold. To add insult to injury, every time she moved to a different shower head, BB ensured that the icy cold water followed.

Meanwhile in the Revenge Room, the girls were watching their handiwork on the monitor and laughing hysterically.

As Tilli joined Krystal in the bathroom, Camilla shrieked with glee: "It's getting Tilli as well! It's spoiling her shower as well which is gold!"

A confused Krystal soon gave up on showering and made her way back to the bedroom, shivering from the cold. "Thankyou Big Brother! That was the best gift ever!" cried Camilla from the Revenge Room. "And there's more to come!" added Anna, excitedly. They liked it so much that they have decided to concentrate exclusively on Tilli and Krystal!


2) This afternoon, BB gave the girls another shot.. While he had the HM in the Diary room, he let Anna and Camilla into the house. The immediately ran into the bedroom and started searching in their prime target's clothes, Krystal and Tilli!!

Camilla hurriedly grabbed Tilli's favourite black dress while Anna hung about, checking out clothes and shoes as if she was shopping at the local mall! Not content to just pick out any old outfit, style conscious Anna insisted on searching out Claire's most fashionable clothing, she even rushed back at the last minute to snatch a skirt of Krystal's that she was particularly fond of.

Luckily for the girls, they made it back to the Revenge Room just in the nick of time. Once in the safety of their secret hideout, the thieving pair compared their booty. "Do you like these shoes?" asked Camilla. "I do, but I wouldn't buy them," said Camilla, scrutinising Claire's stilettos.

Holding up Krystal's skirt, Anna commented: "She's going to be furious. She loves this thing."

"Thanks for the dress, Tilli!" laughed Camilla.


This week's task...

BB has another new task for the HM. This week he has given them clown outfits with red noses that they must don with 60 sec. notice and perform as entertainment for BB. They are paired up and only one pair will be called at a time.



Of course, while everyone is off playing clown, BB gave the two revengers their chance to steal clothes (from previous)!!


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I find it strange that the HM are backing off from `adult action` in the house because they now know that Karen is the `mom`in the house. That may be a reason to vote her out ASAP - don`t ya think? :lol:

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I find it strange that the HM are backing off from `adult action` in the house because they now know that Karen is the `mom`in the house. That may be a reason to vote her out ASAP - don`t ya think? :lol:

i find it odd that they would even think that way. its not like she is 50 and all beaver cleaver style. i would think she knows what goes on in the bb house and i think she has a very open mind. like her daughter said, they are very close... so i dont think it would shock or disapoint her mother to find out the housemates are hooking up.

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Here is the copy of Ralph magazine with Krystal on the cover. It goes on sale on Monday!!!!


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lol Think they will finally get the hint and stop getting fines? I doubt it. <_<

I love all the games and side games that go on!!!!

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The prize money got down to just above or just below the $500,000 mark if I remember correctly. Then in the last week they had a competition where they had to answer questions about the series to date and the prize was money back into the total prize. The final tally was $836,000 which Logan Greg took home to share with his brother David.

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Sunday - Eviction Day

Most of the conversations today revolved around the upcoming evictions tonight. As a side topic, several of the girls say that they think that Krystal will go far outside the house. For sure she will get a job on a soap opera. Tilli thinks that the she should do better that that. David asks "What's wrong with soaps?"

Karen asked the HM "If there was no prize money left at the end, would they stay?" Katie and Jamie both say that they don't expect to be there at the end, so it doesn't matter. They agree that this year's winner will be known as "That guy didn't win much!"

BB has followed up on his new strategy of punishment. When Camilla got a fine at 5 PM for not wearing her microphone, she also got thrown into the room to sort pins and needles. She was in there so long that she still hadn't finished when it was time for the evictions to start. At 7:30 she asked BB if she could come out so she could say goodbye to whoever got evicted. BB tells her to pour the pins and needles back into the tray and start all over again. Camilla refused! BB gave her a FINAL warning. Reluctantly she pours those she had sorted back into the tray but does not start sorting.

She is still there when Gretel crosses and talks to the HM. She finally starts resorting at 7:55 as Gretel talks. After 5 minutes BB tells her she can come out "for now."

It's time to go.....

The first to go is Tilli... 584.jpg

Everyone is really surprised and there is the usual hugs and tears by all of the girls. But Tilli braces herself up and gathers her things and leaves through the door. Krystal says that she really didn't expect her to leave and wonders what the public is seeing if they chose Tilli to leave?

Elise... is the 2nd to go. They repeat the process, but the suprise is not so great for Elise.

Claire says: "How are you meant to get to know her? She did make it difficult for us all." Katie adds: "I hope we were all there for her".

At 10:30, BB tells the HM to gather in the lounge to watch the farewell messages from Elise and Tilli.

The HMs gather and they watch Elise's video first. Elise delivers very heart felt messages, with encouragement for each HM like a teacher's report card. She nearly forgot Ashley, but redeemed herself. Tilli's messages were next. She started with Krystal which brought a tear to Krystal's eye. She moved onto David and wished him the best with his lover on the outside. Dave looked like his was holding back tears. She told Michael to stop being so over the top, Anna to show her other side more, and thanked Gaelan for his emotional support when they had talked about their fathers' health.
Everyone thinks they were nice but they notice that Tilli forgot to say anything about Elise, as if she knew that she would not be there to hear it!

Well, so much for the first real eviction. What will happen this week with only staples to eat snce they failed the task. And Michael is still on the hunt as the Insider!!


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