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Monday, February 11, 2019 Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, Celebrity Big Brother and After Dark observations and screen captures here! If you post opinions or off-topic messages, I will move them here:  https://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/forum/228-celebrity-big-brother-2-usa-general-discussion/

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal commentaround the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is West Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Celebrity_Big_Brother_2 USA_HG_Reference_Sheet.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)

5th Avenue Bedroom (5BR)

Celebrity Building Bedroom (CBBR)

The 20th Century Limited Lounge (LNG)

Upstairs Lounge (BCNY)

Hotel Bedroom (HOBR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

and let's just call the gym, gym
Here are pictures of the rooms

It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/chat.html/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:08AM BBT: Tamar snacks at the KT counter while Kandi sits with her. Lolo gets food out of the refrigerator in the SR. Tamar gets the bottle of wine from the SR. 


12:18AM BBT: Lolo says she got a Hillsong album for her HOH. Tamar asks if she can listen to it tomorrow. Tamar asks Lolo to open the bottle of wine.  Tamar and Lolo talk about church. Ricky is in bed in the HOBR. 


12:46AM BBT: Tamar deals out cards on the KT table to help them with dates. She and Lolo go over dates. Ricky is asleep in the HOBR. 


12:51AM BBT: Lolo and Tamar argue about dates. They can't agree about the first nomination ceremony and who was first on the block.


1:11AM BBT: Tamar and Lolo are still going over dates in the KT. Dina is getting ready for bed in the 5BR. 


1:23AM BBT: Kandi and Dina join Lolo and Tamar in the KT. They talk about Ricky and the NFL. They talk about former HGs too. Lolo talks about flipping Jonathan and Ryan's photos off.


1:42AM BBT: Everyone starts to get ready for bed. Lolo and Tamar are in bed in the HOBR. Ricky is already asleep. Tamar tells Lolo that Kandi is "really competitive." Lolo says Kandi hasn't made anyone mad in the house. Lolo doesn't understand why Kandi would even want to win. "This is Vegas for her," Tamar says, "it's just about winning."


1:46AM BBT: Dina is in bed in the 5BR, the lights are off. Lolo is getting upset about Kandi, Tamar doesn't want Lolo to get upset. She tells Lolo that Kandi is just trying to be detracting. Lolo says "that's how Marissa won," because she didn't cause any problems in the house. Lolo thinks Kandi will win because she hasn't started any fights. 


2:06AM BBT: The lights are off in the BB House and all is quiet. 

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11:52AM BBT Tamar, Ricky and Lolo are sitting around the table talking about music they liked in high school and movies.  Dina's making something to eat in the kitchen.

12:02PM BBT Lolo says she wants to be Tamar's bridesmaid.  Lolo says Tamar will have to be her bridesmaid too.  Lolo said she got sad a while back when she thought about how she wouldn't have that many girls to be her bridesmaids. 

12:04PM BBT Tamar peeps into Kandi's room for a second.  Tamar: wow you're really the last one in your room.  What a success!

Dina's alone in the kitchen. She says something about mean girls.  She talks to the camera and says, "I miss you guys.  Can't wait to see all of you."

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12:40PM BBT Dina went into Kandi's room (where Kandi is sleeping) to pray.  Lolo, Ricky and Tamar are in their beds.  Lolo is sleeping.  Ricky and Tamar are talking about Tamar's son.  She wonders where her ex husband is.  Tamar says on the second date with her boyfriend, they were talking about having kids.

1:08PM BBT Everyone is in bed except Ricky.  He just got up and he's looking all around the house for something/someone.  Dina and Kandi are sleeping in Kandi's room.  Ricky gets some towels from the storage room and heads up to the HOH room.


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1:29PM BBT Lolo and Tamar get out of bed.  Tamar goes to the bathroom.  Lolo goes upstairs to the HOH where ricky is either in the shower or the tub.  She leaves the HOH room once she realizes someone is in the HOH bathroom.  Lolo thinks it's Dina in the HOH bathroom and thinks Ricky must be working out.  (Dina's still in the bed sleeping in Kandi's room.. as is Kandi.)

Lolo uses the bathroom and then runs water over her hands (so many HGs don't use soap!)

Lolo checks Kandi's room.  She goes back into her room and says she's going back to bed since everyone's asleep.

Tamar and Lolo get back in their beds.

Lolo: so Ricky's in the shower.  I opened Kandi's door and said "you asleep?" and she just looked at me.

Tamar says it's clear that Kandi and Dina are taking each other to the final. 

Lolo: well one of them isn't unless we get backdoored.  One of them will be gone, and then one will be left.

tamar: i think they don't realize what's going on.

Lolo: of course they do. 

Tamar: you think so?

Lolo: i'm trying to tell you, one of them will make it back to play in the final

Tamar: the problem is we just don't know who's going to win

lolo: what? the final game?

Tamar: yeah

Lolo: at least we know if it's kandi, she'll take you.  after that conversation last night.. before i was on the same page as keeping her but not know. she thinks i got all these votes.

the fact that she said she only has 3 votes.. has she lost her damn mind? i counted at least 5.

Tamar: dina's more dangerous.

Lolo: i didn't even know she was that cool w/ joey

Tamar: she aint that cool w/ joey.  I've been trying not to call people out- but i aint ever seen her and joey hang out. the only people i knew her to hang out w/ was Mooch, Ricky and Dina.

Lolo: that's why ricky wants to keep her. so he has another option of someone keeping him.

tamar: i think she would take Ricky to the end  over me.

Ricky walks in. 

Lolo: we were talking about if kandi wins the last challenge, she would take you.

Ricky: me?

Tamar: where did you go ricky?

Lolo: he was taking a shower.  i didn't know if it was you or not. 

Lolo: to be honest, it can be anything.  if it's God's will then it's God's will.

Tamar: Lolo don't worry, just play.

Lolo: i know.  I've had some genuine experience in here, and every time i have one it gets robbed.


1:42PM BBT  Kandi's in the washroom fixing her hair.  Dina asks Kandi to turn on the blow dryer while she poops.



1:48PM BBT Dina joins Kandi at the table to play cards.  Dina says her mom must miss her a lot.  Kandi asks if "they" checked on Dina's mom.  Which causes the feeds to cut for a second and then all cameras on Ricky, Tamar and Lolo who were completely silent in their bedroom for a few seconds.

The cameras return to Dina and Kandi.  Not much talking going on so far today.


1:54PM BBT Dina shows Kandi a blue pearl she has stuck on her hand.  Kandi's called to the DR downstairs.  We get WBRB. 

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Today was a day of napping in the house, card playing and chatting. The HG finally got up about 10AM BBT and starting prepping for their day. Dina and Kandi playing cards. Ricky sharing his spiritual advice to Tamar and Lolo. He and Lolo got into an argument and she called him judgmental because he told her about her being guarded about her heart. She has had enough of his telling her how to fell. Tamar tells them to stop arguing. We got reels right after 3:30PM BBT.

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 9:05PM BBT Lolo is sitting on the couch with the veto on the sofa next to her. General chatting going on.

 9:14PM BBT Tamar blowing her nose over and over. Lolo eating a salad. Tamar tells her she does not eat turkey or chicken because she found a feather once. Dina, Ricky and Kandi just chatting. 


9:22PM BBT Lolo goes to HOH BR and tells Ricky that she wants to talk game with him and Tamar but she isn't feeling well right now. She is coughing and says that she needs to take a shower first or maybe tomorrow. He says that is fine and whenever she feels like it.



If anyone can take over updating, I would appreciate it. Thanks!


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9:30pm BBT Lolo tells Ricky he's glad it was one of them who won Veto. They agree it makes things easier. Ricky beat Kandi by about 30 seconds. Lolo wants to talk in the morning if there's time. Tamar joins them and says she saw Dina and Kandi high-five and now she's worried Lolo is going to backdoor her. Lolo denies this.

9:50pm BBT Lolo recalls that last night Kandi said if she won the Veto she wasn't taking Lolo. She asks Tamar why she would save her after that? Ricky tells Tamar Kandi and Dina had given up and were just congratulating each other making Final 5. Tamar says she doesn't care who gets evicted but she's going to talk to Lolo before making up her mind.

9:55pm BBT Tamar and Ricky are talking. Tamar says she didn't come all this way for Dina to win. Ricky tells her that Lolo thinks she can beat Dina, that's why she wants to evict Kandi. Ricky says Lolo won't like Tamar sounding indecisive about Kandi. Tamar just wants Lolo to think about it. 

9:58pm BBT Ricky says he wants to be there for Tamar talking to Lolo about saving Kandi. He thinks Lolo will go off on Tamar if she does. Tamar complains neither Kandi nor Dina have won anything. Ricky reminds her that last season Marissa didn't win anything until Final HoH and she won the whole game. Ricky assures Tamar that she's his F2 pick. 

10:02pm BBT Tamar says she saved Kandi once and doesn't owe her anything else. Ricky he guarantees Lolo will vote out Kandi. Tamar asks Ricky who he's voting for. If it's a tie, Ricky says, he'll have to think about it. Doesn't matter to me, Tamar says, though clearly it does. 

10:05pm BBT Ricky reminds Tamar that if Lolo uses the Veto, Tamar goes up. Why would she do that, asks Tamar? If she thinks she can't beat you in the F2. Don't nobody like me, Tamar says. Ricky says she won't use it unless you get into an argument. 

10:10pm BBT Ricky tells Kandi that she still has control over her game, she can talk to people. Kandi says she's going to have conversations but she wants to relax first. But she's not giving up. I just have to think things through. 

10:55pm BBT In HoH, Lolo tells Ricky that he's played chess with Kandi and Tamar's renewed her relationship with Kandi, so why should Lolo want her in the Final 4? Ricky tells her if she feels it's best for her game, she's got a vote. But you need two votes. Lolo says nobody's going to send Tamar home if she saves Dina.  Lolo realizes then Dina has a vote. 

11:00pm BBT Ricky doesn't think the jury will vote for someone who hasn't won anything. But what if Kandi wins final HoH, Lolo worries. Then that's a different conversation, Ricky says. Lolo says let's say I take Dina off and vote to evict Kandi. Dina votes to evict Tamar. Who do you vote for? Ricky says he would assure Tamar she was safe. Lolo says the alternative is trusting you or Tamar to vote Kandi out.

11:01pm BBT Ricky tells Lolo that if you do anything to upset Tamar, she's going to go off. We have to deal with her. There's an alliance but it's going to come down to two and there's three of us. Lolo doesn't think Tamar will over vote out Kandi, so it comes down to Ricky. Ricky seems that means you and Tamar won't see eye to eye. Ricky tells Lolo that Dina is more threatening than Kandi but not by much. Marissa played a good social game. If we let Dina beat us, it's our own fault. 

11:05pm BBT Tamar joins Lolo and Ricky. Lolo says she doesn't want Kandi in the Final 4 - Kandi already said I was a bigger threat and she has a better relationship with you guys. Lolo says she could save Dina and reassure Tamar that she's safe... Tamar interrupts and says she has no problem voting Kandi out.

11:06pm BBT Tamar says Dina has come close to winning comps more than Kandi. She almost got Lolo in HoH. But Kandi has Jury numbers down solid, Lolo argues. Kandi would know more (about the house) than Dina in that last one. Could you stand Kandi winning? Tamar says she doesn't want either Kandi or Dina to win. 

11:10pm BBT Lolo tells Rick and Tamar that she's still on the same page they agreed to earlier. Tamar says she still wants the 3 of them to thug it out in the end. Lolo says she'll just sit and pray on it and talk to them in the morning. She asks Tamar to pray on it tonight as well. She says she'll not use the Veto and they can decide who to evict tomorrow.

11:20pm BBT Tamar leaves and Ricky asks Lolo if she's OK with how that went. Lolo says Tamar wanted to avoid being on the block at all costs. She says if she doesn't use the Veto, then at least either Dina or Kandi will go home. If she's outvoted, she'll be OK with it. 

11:30pm BBT While Lolo, Tamar and Ricky have been discussing their fate in HoH, Dina and Kandi have been playing cards in the kitchen. Tamar is stressing in the BR.  Lolo comes downstairs to chat, before heading to the BR with Tamar. Ricky remains in HoH.


11:45pm BBT Lolo creates a fake Lolo in her bed using a wig and head-shaped wig stand. She puts her baseball cap and sunglasses on it, with the Veto around its neck. Not sure if Tamar was awake to see this. Lolo heads back to the KT where Kandi and Dina are having fun playing cards and talking Kato. Lolo heads to the BY and Dina grabs her arm and asks to talk.

11:50pm BBT It is cold outside so Dina goes back to playing cards with Kandi. Lolo takes her bowl (Ice Cream I think) to the fire pit and eats alone, possibly contemplating the eviction vote. Tamar is out to the KT where Dina asks her when the votes will happen but then it's just general chat and back to the card game. Lolo contemplates her empty bowl and the burning fire.

11:59pm BBT Tamar's head is stuffed and she's going to bed. Dina tells her to try and lay on her side so her sinus can drain. Dina wins the card game. Dina wonders who from her family will be coming to the Finale as she shuffles the cards. Lolo comes inside and puts her bowl in the trash and puts the ice cream back in the freezer. She listens to the outside for a minute then heads to the WA and coughs. Poor child is still coughing, Dina says, I thought the cold air would help.

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