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Sunday, January 27, 2019 Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Celebrity_Big_Brother_2 USA_HG_Reference_Sheet.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)

5th Avenue Bedroom (5BR)

Celebrity Building Bedroom (CBBR)

The 20th Century Limited Lounge (LNG)

Upstairs Lounge (BCNY)

Hotel Bedroom (HOBR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

and let's just call the gym, GYM
Here are pictures of the rooms

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...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:01 AM BBT Tom, Lolo and Natalie are in the BY. Tom says that he thinks Ryan is the wrong one to send out, but he never wants them to argue and not get along. Lolo tells him that they want to hear his opinions. They never him to feel like he has no voice in their group. Tom says that he feels that they can manipulate Ryan. Ricky is aware they are working together, can't be manipulated by them, and is a stronger player than everyone is giving him credit for. Lolo reminds him that the strong and strategic players are not always the winners.


8:00 AM BBT Wake up call.


8:07 AM BBT Feeds return. Kato has made coffee and is back in the HoH making his bed. Tamar, Natalie and Lolo are up doing ADLs. 


8:20 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are on Joey who is in bed. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Natalie, Tamar and Lolo who are doing makeup in the WA. There is not much talking going on at all. 


8:43 AM BBT Not much has changed except feeds 1 and 2 are now on Ryan sleeping instead of Joey sleeping. 


8:52 AM BBT Kato is called to the DR downstairs. Feeds 1 and 2 are on sleeping HGs. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Natalie and Tamar in the WA doing ADLs.

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9:20 AM BBT It's a quiet morning in the BB house. Feeds 1 and 2 show Kato in the HoH room. He cleans up the room a bit before crawling back in bed. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Tamar laying down in the hotel bedroom.


9:35 AM BBT All 4 feeds are on HGs napping with the lights on. There is so little movement that it almost looks like the feeds are frozen.


9:44 AM BBT Tamar exits the downstairs DR and BB calls for Lolo next. They think it is because yesterday's events will air tonight. 


9:53 AM BBT Lolo comes out of the DR and crawls back into bed. She tells Tamar and Natalie that the house is getting up in like 10 minutes.  


10:00 AM BBT Natalie heads to the gym and gets on the elliptical. Feeds switch to WBRB. This is most likely the REAL wake up call.

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10:13 AM BBT Lolo and Natalie are talking in the hotel bedroom. Joey is at the WA sink. Tom is getting out of the shower. Joey has the hair dryer going. He explains to Tom that HGs in the past would leave the water running so that they can talk privately. He feels that is a terrible waste of water. He would rather run the hair dryer instead. It puts him in a little bubble. 


10:25 AM BBT Kato is teasing Dina this morning. He tells her she was saying "touch my toe" all night while she was sleeping. Tom and Joey chit chat in the WA. Natalie asks Joey if he has anything for swollen eyes. He says no, he does not have anything for puffy goggle eyes. Natalie "Why not, you got stuff for everything else?" 


10:29 AM BBT Ryan, Kato and Natalie are talking in the KT. Joey and Tom are in the WA. Dina heads in and out of the WC and asks if someone had sprayed something in there. Joey expresses to Tom that Dina lives life like someone is out to get her and that everything is everyone else's fault. That is no way to live. And earlier Tamar got personal with him. She said that she had thought he was cool but he's not a real man for not confronting her. She apologized the next morning, but still. 


10:55 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are on Tom, Lolo, Natalie, Dina, Joey and Ryan hanging out in the KT. Feeds 3 and 4 are Ricky stretching out and doing yoga in the gym.


10:58 AM BBT Joey, Ryan and Dina are now alone in the KT. Joey tells her that the rest are going to use the veto and backdoor one of them so be looking for that. Dina says okay. 

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11:00 AM BBT Kato and Tom are in the HoH. Tom is worried that Natalie is going to let Ricky know that he threw his name out there last night. He says that no secret is safe any longer once more than 2 people know about it. He just got a bad vibe from Natalie last night when she was so defensive of him. Kato doesn't think Natalie would betray him like that.


11:04 AM BBT Tom tells Kato that Ricky gave him a smile this morning. Either he is a great actor or Natalie didn't tell him that he was strategizing against him last night. Kato told him that he agrees, they need Ricky, because Ryan made it clear to him last night that he knows he is being backdoored and he can win the veto and the next HoH. 


11:06 AM BBT Tom and Kato are alone in the HoH room. Tom is worried that both Ricky and Ryan now know that they are in a 4 person alliance with Lolo and Natalie. Ryan also knows he is being back-doored. Tom and Kato discuss a fake fight to cover it up. However, they blew up their game if they don't sell it really well. 


11:17 AM BBT Tom and Kato continue to talk in the HoH. Tom is worried about Ricky being a strong physical and mental competitor and Kato can't compete. Kato says it is still 3 against 1 and he likes those odds. Tom says it isn't 3 against 1. It is 3 against Ricky, Kandi, Joey and Tamar. It is 4-3. Kato says the girls have a great shot. Lolo is geared to go and is about to unleash.


11:22 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are on Ryan and Lolo talking at the KT island. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Tom and Kato in the celebrity building bedroom. Off camera we can hear Tamar being very very loud, but it is nearly impossible to decipher what she is screaming about. It has something do with an airplane.


11:35 AM BBT Tamar and Dina are talking about travel nightmares they have experiences. Meanwhile Tom, Joey and Lolo are chatting in the KT. They are trying to figure out how things are going to go tonight since it is both a live veto and eviction. They are unsure how they pack for an event like that. 


11:37 AM BBT Kato is helping Lolo come up with some punchlines for her tweet. In a nutshell, Lolo is going to tweet about Ryan. He is a 12 time Olympic champion and eats cookies for breakfast. Kato adds that he always refers to the Olympics. Example: he doesn't say that the dryer shrinks his clothes. He has to say that the dryer shrinks his Olympic shorts. 


11:54 AM BBT Kato and Lolo have been whispering in the KT. Lolo has explained to him that if Ryan uses the veto, he and whoever he removes from the block are both safe. So, for the numbers, they need Ricky. Meanwhile Joey, Tom, Dina and Kandi discuss how the house messes with your head. If you are having a conversation at 2 AM and you are whispering, outside the house you are being courteous because others are sleeping. In the house, you are plotting and scheming. You are either a glass half empty or glass half full type of person. 

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12:00 PM BBT Tamar and Lolo have clearly made up because they are talking and laughing in the KT. Lolo tells her that she is going to go and work with Tamar's assistants when she is done with the Olympics because she has zero work experience. She is going to be 38 with nothing to put on her resume. She jokes maybe she can work on social media, but she took some real heat once for saying something about Rihanna. Tamar tells her if she is sensitive about what she reads on social media, then stay off social media when she gets out of the house.



Girl Talk.jpg


12:10 PM BBT Joey, Ryan and Dina are talking in the 5th Ave Bedroom. They discuss how the back door happens and how it is vital that they win the veto and get more numbers. Once the veto is over, they can be put up with no chance at all to save themselves. Their only chance of staying safe is to have the most numbers.


12:20 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are on Tom who is alone in the lounge. He is saying that he feels like his alliance is making the wrong decision. He made his opinions known but he doesn't have the power or the HoH so his hands are tied. "If one or two people looked at the chess board like I am, they could decimate our alliance. Pressure, pressure, pressure, stress, stress, stress." 


12:30 PM BBT in the WA, Joey tells Lolo that the other day, Kandi took chicken out of the package and was thawing it out in the sink in water. Not even in the package or anything. He had to tell her that you can't do that. That is how you get salmonella. Lolo says it is a good thing he is in there or someone probably would have already gotten very sick. 


12:43 PM BBT Lolo, Natalie and Joey are straightening up hoping that maybe it won't take them as long to clean for the live show tomorrow. Joey and Natalie go on a tangent about how nasty the HGs are. They are leaving used tissues everywhere, throwing things towards the trashcan and not picking it up when they miss, etc. Joey says he isn't a germaphobe, but what is wrong with being clean and organized?


12:53 PM BBT In the KT Kandi is telling Tamar about a wedding she attended in Kenya. It was full of mishaps. They enjoyed the safari but the rest of the trip was insane. They went to a strip club in Kenya where there were paparazzi waiting for them and when they got inside there was a huge photo of her and a large video wall with her playing on it. She went inside and they were chanting Kah-ndi, Kah-ndi. Then she ended up being 12 hours early for her flight out. 

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1:01 PM BBT In the hotel bedroom, Ricky explains his views on astrology to Natalie and Lolo. Astrology doesn't describe who you are. It tells you what you need to work on to be happy. Natalie needs to be with someone that she can express her feelings to. Lolo needs to be with someone that let's her be herself. Veering from that and they will be miserable. That is his mistake with Tom. He approached Tom like a Leo when he was acting like a lamb. Tom didn't respond well to that. He was being a bad Leo.


1:19 PM BBT Kato and Tom are talking in the celebrity building bedroom. Tom tells him that when he worked out with Ricky, they had a good talk. He is not nearly as nervous about him now as he was before. He is feeling much better about him being in their alliance now. He feels that the way he reads the charts and uses it to influence him is genuine. It explains a lot. 


1:34 PM BBT Downstairs the house shakes. Lolo says that is probably Ryan. They are not allowed to drop the weights. She will go up there and tell him. That way he doesn't end up falling through the roof. 


1:37 PM BBT Kandi, Tamar, Dani, Natalie and Lolo are making plans to have a bible study in the LR. Kato says he is about to go work out. He makes a joke at Dina's expense. When working out, her favorite machine is the vending machine. 


1:48 PM BBT Kandi, Natalie, Lolo and Tamar are having bible study in the living room. They read the verses and break down of Romans 16:17-20.

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2:00 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are on Joey and Ryan up in the gym. They are discussing how they think the night is going to tomorrow. Meanwhile Tom has joined the 4 ladies in their bible study and is asking them questions such as why their different bibles say different things (translations) and what their favorite verses are. 


2:05 PM BBT Joey and Ryan are in the gym. Joey tells him that the only reason that Dina is up there on the block is because Kato was mad. No one is going to be voting out Dina. Meanwhile Dina has joined the others in the LR. Tamar is saying that she doesn't cancel concerts. She would rather play the track and sing over the track than to cancel a concert because she is sick. 


2:15 PM BBT Ryan and Joey continue to work out in the gym. Bible study in the LR has broken up and Natalie and Lolo go to the KT for a snack. 


2:25 PM BBT Joey and Ryan are discussing approaching Kato and trying to convince him that the others are using him. First and foremost they are going to ask if they should go ahead and pack. And, if the two of them offer Kato safety, maybe he will see that he is safer with them than the girls.


2:47 PM BBT In the LR, Kandi is talking to Tamar and Dina about visiting Dubai. They didn't realize that they were going during Ramadan. The restaurants there put up boards in the windows so that people can go in there and eat and those fasting don't have to see them eating through the windows. It was a unique experience. 


2:56 PM BBT All 4 feeds are on Tom, Ryan and Joey cooking in the KT. They are discussing on how they did not get their food list today. Joey says that they are getting low on salad ingredients and that is something that he eats every day. 

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3:00 PM BBT Lolo is sitting at the KT table. She is looking at the memory wall and making portraits using the left over M&M's. 


3:22 PM BBT In the KT, Kato is teaching Ricky about poker hands. Meanwhile Kandi, Tamar and Dina are studying their dates in the 5th Ave. bedroom. Tamar leaves the room and goes to talk to Lolo in the SR. Lolo tells her that she is okay and to keep working on her social game. Tamar says it is hard when Ricky is acting like he is. He is talking to everybody in the house but her. Lolo tells him that Ricky is being Ricky and don't let that bother her. 


3:32 PM BBT In the SR, Lolo tells Tamar to keep playing a good social game and she should be fine tomorrow. Tamar then goes to the 5th Ave. bedroom and fusses to Dina that everyone thinks she is intentionally playing a social game and she isn't. She says that these HGs are just crazy. 


3:38 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are on Natalie and Lolo laying down in the hotel bedroom. Natalie tells her that Ryan and Joey know the backdoor is happening. They were just in the KT talking about how this is their last meal. Meanwhile Feeds 3 and 4 are on Kato teaching Ricky about Omaha Poker. 


 3:50 PM BBT In the bedroom Tamar is joking that Ryan is a black dude on the inside. Ryan says he put Lamborghini doors on his Tahoe. She laughs at him and says that is ghetto. 


4:00 PM BBT Joey and Ryan corner Kato in the SR. Ryan "Man to man, do we need to pack?" Kato tells them that it all depends on the veto and that it could happen. Joey says that with his OCD, he can't have someone else pack his stuff up so he would rather know on the front end. The guys tell Kato that they are not going to hate him or go off on him because of it. They just want the truth. Kato tells them that it can happen. Ryan "We aren't playing you. You are not being played right now. Well, maybe you are, but not by us." 


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6:02PM BBT: Tom and Dina are discussing the caricatures on the KT walls and saying who they remind them of.


6:05PM BBT: Tamar, Lolo and Natalie are laughing in the BR while Lolo continues to untangle her hair knots.


6:11PM BBT: Lolo is telling the girls that she rarely goes out to restaurant in Louisiana because they usually have a lot of fried foods, so she's not familiar with them.


6:12PM BBT: Tom and Ryan are playing pool upstairs while Kandi and Joey watch on.  


6:20PM BBT: The HG are hoping to get to sleep tonight because tomorrow will be a long day.  


6:24PM BBT: Dina and Kato are whispering in the hall where Kato is asking her hypotheticals about what she would do if he would guarantee her safety, but is talking in riddles.  She isn't following, but goes along with him.


6:32PM BBT: Kato and Ricky are in the lounge discussing how Dina isn't understanding that they don't want her to pick Joey or Ryan for the veto.

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6:45PM BBT: Ricky and Dina are chatting in the lounge.  She feels like she's learning so much from the others and bettering her life, but also that she could help them as well.


6:56PM BBT: Kato and Ricky are talking in the lounge while Kato Tweets on the ipad. When he's done, they start to play Omaha Eight, a card game.


6:57PM BBT: Lolo is building a face out of rice on the KT table while Natalie tries to guess who it is. Mooch is their main guess.  Joey, Ryan, Dina and Tom are also hanging in the KT.


7:08PM BBT: Tamar is crying/praying/thanking Jesus in the BR after taking a shower.  

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7:28PM BBT: Ryan and Joey are in their BR.  Ryan is saying his one goal is to win the veto.


7:34PM BBT: Kato, Natalie and Ricky are walking through tomorrow's veto scenarios in the lounge.  Kato agrees that if he gets to choose someone, he'll pick one of them or Lolo.


7:37PM BBT: Joey and Ryan compare where to buy Van's and Clarks shoes and what kind they have.  


7:45PM BBT: Kandi is making up and singing BB songs while playing pool with Dina.  "Kato got the veto.  He didn't use it on me though"

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8:04PM BBT: At the KT table, Lolo, Ricky, and Natalie are discussing their sports and how they train. Kandi and Dina are still playing pool upstairs.


8:10PM BBT: Kato and Tom are in the BR studying for the comp tomorrow in case it's knowledge based.  They are memorizing the caricatures on the KT wall.


8:18PM BBT: Ryan is under the impression that tomorrow night's show will be 2 hours live.  He and Tamar are trying to figure out how that will work and wondering if there will be a twist.

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8:37PM BBT: Ricky, Lolo and Natalie are in the BR and confirm that they know to ward off anyone outside of their alliance trying to corner Kato before the show tomorrow.


8:44PM BBT: Ryan shares with the other HG what it was like to be on Dancing With the Stars and how close they get. They ask if he got a b*ner. Natalie said she'd want a gay partner if she were on that show.


8:57PM BBT: Tom, Kandi, Tamar, Natalie and Joey are in the KT talking about various artists' tones, vibratos, etc, while singing examples.  They also talk through how they keep their vocal instruments in shape.

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9:21PM BBT: The HG discuss the rules for singing in the house.  Apparently you can sing something that you make up on the fly all you want. Kandi thinks that they may rethink having so many singers in the house next CBB season.  Tamar said it's really hard for her not to sing in the house because she's used to doing it all the time at home.


9:24PM BBT: Tom and Kato are playing pool upstairs trying to figure out what time it is.  Kato looks over and sees that they're playing blackjack below and laughs about the house becoming a gambling den.


9:27PM BBT: Ricky heads  off to bed.  One down.  Kato is hoping that everyone else follows suit soon so he can sleep undisturbed tonight.

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Ricky is in the living room listening to the house guests in the kitchen.


House guests are talking about reality television shows, Lolo is using corn meal or grits to draw faces on the dining table while Ryan plays with the deck of cards. Other house guests are putzing in the cooking area and around the work area.


Tom and Kato decide to play billiards. On the way upstairs the guys talk about what they have eaten today.


Kandi has joined the group at the dining table, and Dina is tossing bean bags


General chatter in the kitchen.


Tom and Kato have begun their billiards game.


General chatter, no game talk.


Kato is teasing Tom and Dina while the billiard game continues. He asks Dina how old she was when she got her first kiss. She thinks about it while Kato continues to tease her and then tells him she was in sixth grade and played spin the bottle with her friends in the woods. Cameras move to the kitchen, so we only know it was a boy named Patrick.


While the billiards game is on camera we can hear Tamar singing in the kitchen, no words, just excellent tones.


When the cameras leave the billiard game we see house guests playing cards, but the disperse. Joey begins drumming the table while Tamar dances. Just a few minutes and he stops.


There has been no game talk all evening, the house is relaxed and friendly and conversation is all over the map.


Kato tells Kandi and Joey they are welcome to his shower, if he is in bed he will have headphones on.

so it will be fine.


The girls downstairs are talking about upper lady parts, so back to the billiard game we go.

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9:30PM BBT: Tom and Kato are still playing pool and Dina is watching. Tom asks Dina when she had her first kiss. Tamar, Joey, Ryan, and Kandi are playing cards downstairs in the KT.

9:46PM BBT: The card game is over, Ryan and Tamar are chatting at the table, Joey is drumming on the KT counter, Lolo is eating. Tom and Kato are still paying pool upstairs. 

9:53PM BBT: Lolo, Natalie, and Tamar are talking about health in the KT. Ryan and Joey are in the KT chatting and wandering around. Kandi is getting ready to shower. 

10:00PM BBT: Joey and Lolo talk briefly about squats. Dina, Natalie, Tamar, and Lolo are eating in the KT. Tom and Kato are still playing pool, Ryan is upstairs watching. 

10:09PM BBT: Lolo says she's going to go swimming. Natalie and Tamar are still eating in the KT. Ryan, Kato, and Tom are playing pool and Dina is watching. 

10:12PM BBT: Natalie tells Tamar she has to wait an hour before she can go to sleep in case BB calls her into the DR. Natalie helps Tamar with her bracelet. 

10:16PM BBT: Lolo changes and heads to the BY to swim. Tamar says her swimsuit is on wrong. Natalie and Tamar join Lolo outside. Lolo wants to show Ryan how she can swim. Natalie is called to the DR. 

10:20PM BBT: Joey and Tamar are in the 5BR whispering. Tamar is asking Joey if he was able to hear her earlier when she was upstairs playing pool. Joey says he couldn't. Tamar calls Ricky rude. She leaves and Joey does push ups. 

10:28PM BBT: Natalie is out of the DR and in the HOBR. Ricky is sleeping. In the BY, Lolo is getting ready to swim, she calls herself "Lolo Lochte." Tamar changes and joins her in the pool. 

10:39PM BBT: Lolo is sitting outside the pool talking to Tamar. Kandi walks outside and asks them if it's cold, Tamar says "it feels good." Tamar shows Kandi how she can run in the pool, she calls it "TayWatch."

10:42PM BBT: Tamar and Kandi start whispering in the BY. It's difficult to hear what they're saying over the pool jets. The group upstairs finish playing pool. 

10:43PM BBT: Tom and Natalie are in the LNG talking about Team Fun. Kato joins them, he says "something very strange is going on." He starts to talk about how Joey was called into the DR and then Ryan was called in without Joey coming out. BB changes cameras. 

10:44PM BBT: Kandi walks into the WA. Tamar and Lolo are showering. BB cuts back to the LNG to Kato saying, "this is very upsetting." Tom talks about the veto, Kato says they have to decide tomorrow who they want to go home. Tom points out it depends if Ryan wins the veto. 

10:45PM BBT: Natalie says they have four out of the seven votes, "so f*ck them." Natalie says they need to make a decision after the veto comp. Tom wants to leave but Kato stops him. Kato is afraid Ryan will win the veto and not use it. 

10:47PM BBT: The three in the LNG agree that if Ryan wins the veto, doesn't use it and leaves Dina and Tamar on the block, they will send Tamar home. Natalie says she's praying one of the three of them will get to play in the veto comp. 

10:49PM BBT: Kato says he can tell when Ryan is lying. Tom says even if Tamar goes home, they're still increasing their position, they just didn't take the snake's head off. "We'll just get him next week," Tom says. "We're the most solid alliance in BB," Tom says. 

10:51PM BBT: Natalie leaves the LNG. Kato wants to talk to Dina, but Tom tells Kato no, and to "play it cool." They talk about the veto. Tom says if their side wins the POV, "Ryan is gone." They talk about the votes for several minutes. 

10:59PM BBT: Ryan, Dina, and Tamar are talking about the veto in the BY. Ryan thinks it will be a mental competition. Tamar leaves the BY and goes to the WA to talk to Lolo. Tamar makes Lolo promise to give her a "hint" and then leaves the WA. 

11:02PM BBT: Tom and Kato are in the LNG trying to figure out what they'll be doing in the veto comp. Ryan and Dina are in the BY doing the same thing. Both groups are saying they "have to win."

11:05PM BBT: Tamar, Natalie, Lolo are whispering in the HOBR. Natalie says, "all of a sudden Joey and Ryan want to play the game." She says "they don't care" if they "go home." She says she doesn't "know what the f*ck they're actually doing." Lolo tells Tamar to talk to Kato. 

11:08PM BBT: Natalie tells Tamar to talk to Tom in the morning. She then tells Tamar that she has to win the veto. Natalie says Tamar is good if she plays and wins the veto. 

11:10PM BBT: Natalie says she's praying Joey and Ryan don't get drawn to play veto. She does not want them to play. Natalie says they have more than half the house. 

11:13PM BBT: The girls go to sleep in the HOBR. Kato and Tom are still talking in the LNG. "Team unity and team fun are real," Kato says. Tom tries to figure out a way for everyone to talk in the GYM tomorrow without causing suspicion. 

11:15PM BBT: Tom wants to do a five person "fist pump," right before the veto in front of everyone and shout, "team fun!" Kato's unsure about that, but he thinks about it. Kato leaves the LNG, Tom goes to tweet. He laughs to himself and says, "this game is really really fun."

11:21PM BBT: Ricky is up, he meets Kato in the hall outside the WA. Kato tells Ricky about how Joey went into the DR without being called and then how Ryan is called to the DR. Kato says something "really weird" is going on. Kato says the veto has to be used on Dina. He tells Ricky they have to win Veto and HOH. 

11:23PM BBT: Kato says Joey is showering in the HOHR and is "waiting" for him so they can talk. Kato and Ricky agree to join Tom in the LNG in a few minutes. Joey finishes showering in the HOHR. 

11:25PM BBT: Ricky and Kato join Tom in the LNG. Tom tells Ricky his idea of doing a fist pump before the veto comp. Ricky laughs. They run through the plan for tomorrow with Ricky. Their plan is to win veto, take Dina down and backdoor Ryan. If Tamar and Dina stay on the block, they vote Tamar off. Ricky agrees. 

11:26PM BBT: Tom says Tamar is a "wild card." The three in the LNG talk about the comp for tomorrow. They think it'll be a mental comp and Tom tells Ricky to mentally prepare for that. He then gives examples of what kind of mental comps there could be. 

11:34PM BBT: Tom leaves the LNG. Kato says he wants to go to sleep, but he doesn't want to talk to Joey. Ricky tells him to go upstairs, turn the lights off, and get into bed. Kato leaves. 

11:37PM BBT: Ryan and Ricky are in the KT. The lights are back on in the HOBR. Lolo tells Tamar to talk to Ricky.  

11:38PM BBT: Tom is in the BY talking to the cameras. "We've got a strong alliance now," he says. He tells the camera they have a target this week and there is a veto comp tomorrow. He runs through the last few days. He says he doesn't like talking in case someone is hiding under the couch. 







11:41PM BBT: Tom says he's not crazy and he's not "sitting by the fire" talking to himself. He knows he's on the live feeds right now. He says he studied broadcasting and he's not a "stupid idiot...I know how television works."

11:42PM BBT: Tom says you have to watch what you say in the house because they are being watched 24/7. He says a lot of people forget that and talk about personal things in the house. 

11:43PM BBT: Joey asks Tom what he's doing, Tom says he's talking to the internet. Joey walks back into the KT with Ryan. They're talking about food. 

11:50PM BBT: Tom exits the BY and walks through the KT, he asks if everyone has gone to sleep, "sh*t, maybe I'll go to sleep." Ryan tells him tomorrow will be a "busy, busy, day." 

11:51PM BBT: Joey and Ryan are in the WA getting ready for bed. Tom walks to the CBBR to get ready for bed.

11:57PM BBT: Joey and Ryan leave the WA together. Joey says they have to practice tonight and go over everything that's happened in the house. They walk into the 5BR. Joey tells Dina she doesn't sound good and asks if she "feels ok."

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