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Wednesday, January 23, 2019 Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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6:03 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Dina, Kandi and Kato playing pool in the upstairs lounge. Feeds 3 and 4 show Joey and Ryan in the lounge. The guys are discussing how unsanitary it is to not have a dishwasher in the BB house. Joey points to an outlet. "There is power right there, plug it in." 


6:07 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are on Joey, Jonathan and Ryan in the 5th Ave bedroom. Jonathan tells them that he promised Ricky that if he didn't vote for Kandi to stay, then the 3 of them would give him safety if they win the next HoH. Jonathan asks them if he can also tell Ricky that if he ends up on the block anyway, one of the 3 of them would use the veto on him if they win it. Joey and Ryan agree to that and tell him to go ahead and tell Ricky that. 


6:14 PM BBT Jonathan goes up to the HoH to talk to Ryan. He tells Ryan that it makes him very nervous that Ricky went straight to the girls after talking to him. Jonathan says he is on the block and there is nothing wrong with him trying to secure votes to stay. He isn't trying to make another alliance. He just wants to stay another week.  


6:20 PM BBT In the HoH bathroom, Jonathan is telling Ryan that Tamar and Kandi fought last night so that changed things. He thinks there are already 3 votes for Kandi to go.


6:23 PM BBT Kato is searching around in the SR. Kandi asks him what he is searching for. He tells her that Lolo is upset that everyone is getting their specific food requests. The only thing that she asked for is Mint Leaf Tea and there isn't any. Meanwhile Lolo is in the shower complaining to Natalie and Tamar that there is not enough protein in the house. She has to beg BB for turkey meat. 


6:28 PM BBT Natalie and Lolo are in the WA talking about Tom who is in the KT making soup. They wonder what type of soup it is. Tamar tells them "He don't even know. It's just a bunch of sh*t in a pot." The ladies are complaining that they all have put things on their lists telling BB what they eat but BB is not giving it to them. They say that there is nothing healthy in the house to eat. WBRB


6:34 PM BBT Lolo tells Ricky that she saw her mint leaves in the SR. It is the only thing that she put on her list and someone has used them for something else because they are gone. She could understand if she put 4 or 5 things on her list. But it was all she asked for and BB didn't make sure there was enough so that others wouldn't end up using it on her.

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6:38 PM BBT Lolo is telling Ricky that she has a track meet almost immediately when she gets out of there. They have hot dogs in the house. She eats hot dogs maybe twice a year. She eats mainly steak, salmon and shrimp since she is from Louisiana. She can't just eat whatever and then go to a meet. 


6:42 PM BBT Joey is called into the upstairs DR. Ryan and Jonathan are playing pool in the upstairs lounge. Lolo continues to complain about food to Ricky in the hotel bedroom. She says she is going to put something on her next list that no one is going to want to touch. Like alligator. 


6:55 PM BBT The HGs are all hanging out in the KT, either making something for dinner or eating something for dinner. Several of them are eating Tom's soup and they say that there is a little bit of everything in it but still really good. Kato jokes that he even found 2 cigarette butts in there.

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Tamar is under the covers in the bedroom while Ryan, Kato, Tom and Johnathan are playing billiards and hanging out on the sky walk. Dina and Kandi are on the sofa talking, and Ricky is alone in the downstairs lounge.


Ricky seems to be mesmerized by the operations of a blue and gold paper fan. He continues to thoroughly check it out for durability and it's sound making qualities. After a few minutes Ricky gives up on the fan and heads to the kitchen.


Tamar has left the bed and is sitting on the sofa in the living room and Ricky joins her. Both of them are silent. After a few minutes Tamar leaves the sofa, approaches Lolo and takes her to the lounge.


Tamar tells Lolo that she is made to look bad over Kandi. Tamar tells Lolo that she saw Kandi on the bed in the HOH room, but was told Kandi was not there. --not sure who told her this, but she calls him a liar-- Tamar continues to rant about what has been happening in the house, she leaves the room. Lolo leaves behind her.


While Ricky relaxes on the sofa Eva comes by.


Ricky: She's trippin'

Eva: who..

Ricky: gestures to the diary room

Both exit off camera.


Eva and Lolo are talking in the bathroom, Lolo mentions that Ricky claims to have saved her from the back door, it sounds like they make a comment about Tamar's behavior, but conversation moves to makeup. Jonathan comes into the bathroom area. Eva says she misses her husband and Lola shouts out that she loves her mother. All three of them complain about how cold the house is.


Eva says she pretended to be sleeping during Tamar's rants, she has heard it so much. Eva asks Lolo who she believes, Lolo says Ricky and Kandi got into it a little while a chess game was going on. She believes Ricky and Kandi are not as close as Tamar says. Eva says she does not really trust Johnathan and Ryan. Lolo wonders why they are not being included in deals the boys make, she says they are not included in conversations Lolo says they are thick at thieves with Joey. Eva says she has been watching the boys make comments about Ricky, but when he comes around they act differently. Eva does not think Ricky would put either of them up if he wins HOH, both of them agree that Ricky and Kandi are not close.


Tamar comes into the bathroom area, the conversation changes. The girls ask Tamara what she thought of the veto ceremony. She claims to have been shocked, and Kandi agrees that she was also surprised. Lolo tells Kandi the numbers are fine and Kandi goes into the private lavatory.


Tamar starts questioning Eva about something she said to Kandi, and Eva tells her not to go there. Both girls leave the bathroom area.



Kandi asks Ryan if they are planning to vote her off, he denies.


Joey and Ryan are whispering at the sink Ryan is telling Joey that Kandi asked him if they were voting her off. Ryan plans to continue to be secretive, even when he is saying nothing. He wants to “p^^s them off”--assuming he means Eva and Lolo. They leave the bathroom area.


Dina and Kandi are checking the storage room to see if more food has been delivered.


Ricky is laying in his bed when Tamar comes into the room. He confronts her about telling people he has lied to her. He says it is not true and they need to clear that up. Tamar says she is not telling things that are not true. She insists that she saw Ricky walking out of the room. He agrees that he did walk out of the room, but no one else was in that room. Tamar is 1000% sure Kandi was in the room with Ricky. Ricky says there is absolutely no truth to it. He does not feel good about being uncomfortable around the people in the house, that he has no reason to lie. He says he does not deserve to be put on the defense. Tamar insists Kandi was in the room. Ricky says they need to stop the conversation, he is not willing to continue, and Tamar rants at him, accuses him of trying to flip the script. Ricky keeps trying to diffuse the situation, apologizing, asks her to help him make it better, tells her we don't need this disruption, the house doesn't need it. Tamar does a 180 and hugs him before leaving the room. When she leaves the room she makes gestures in the hallway towards Lolo that indicate she is still angry and does not believe him. Eva joins them in the whispering session for a few seconds and then then goes back into the bedroom.


Tamar continues to insist she saw what she saw. Lolo tells her she understands that Tamar is not crazy, she agrees that Tamar saw what she saw. Lolo says she is going to bed, she wants no more confrontation. Tamar goes into the kitchen, gets a bowl of food, then goes into the bedroom. At this point Ricky, Tamar, Eva and Lolo are all in the bedroom. They are discussing the bed linens and sleeping while they are cold.

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7:00pm BBT: The HGs are in the KT eating and playing cards. 

7:09PM BBT: Lolo, Jonathan, Natalie, and Ryan are huddled around the KT island talking about the cinnamon challenge. Jonathan says he made his college roommate do it once. "He was not in a good mood for a day," he says. 
Jonathan says hi to his college roommate and then says he keeps forgetting they're being watched. BB asks Lolo to change her microphone batteries. 

7:12PM BBT: In the KT, Tom is telling Joey how he looked up how to peel garlic on the Internet. "It's amazing what you can find on the Internet," he says. Joey agrees.

7:20PM BBT: Jonathan and Joey are in the SR. Jonathan tells Joey he feels "sad in his heart." Joey agrees and says, "it's just a game." Ryan enters the SR and Jonathan leaves. 
Joey wants to know why Lolo keeps asking him if he and Ryan "have something." Joey says Lolo is "angry," all the time and he doesn't know why. 

7:21PM BBT: In the SR, Joey says Ryan is a "champion" and he's not an angry person. Jonathan returns to the SR. They talk about Lolo more and how they are irritated with her. 
Joey doesn't like that Lolo screamed at him about her "mint leaves." Joey says he's not going to take that "sh*t much longer." Jonathan tells him he only has to take it "until Friday." They leave the SR.

7:22PM BBT: In the 5BR Jonathan jokes around that he feels like the "camp director" or a "camp counselor," because he's being pulled in so many different directions. 
He explains that Ryan won't sleep unless Joey is in bed and if Joey isn't in bed then Jonathan has to stay with him until Joey gets back. Joey promises he'll shower early.

7:27PM BBT: Kato and Ryan are talking in the hallway between the LR and KT, but BB doesn't switch cameras so we can hear what they're saying. Kato goes upstairs and Ryan sits down. 

7:30PM BBT: Tom and Ricky are playing chess upstairs. The other HGs are chatting and cleaning in the KT.

7:34PM BBT: Kato joins Tom and Ricky upstairs. Joey goes into the HOHR. Kato leans over the balcony and talks to the HGs in the KT about food. 

7:53PM BBT: Kato and Joey both went downstairs to join the other HGs in the KT. Ricky and Tom are still playing chess upstairs, Lolo and Natalie have joined them.

8:03PM BBT: Natalie and Tamar are in the SR. Natalie tells Tamar that Ricky and Tom had a conversation with Kato and Lolo about double evictions. Natalie says Ricky says Kandi has to go if they have one. They whisper and chew loudly, Natalie asks Tamar if she trusts them, Tamar says, "not at all."

8:04PM BBT: Natalie and Tamar are in the HOBR, Tamar says she feels like "you all are looking at me." Natalie asks who, but Tamar doesn't say. Tamar says they need to look "at the whole picture." Natalie keeps interrupting her to ask questions, Tamar is getting frustrated with Natalie. 

8:05PM BBT: Tamar says it doesn't feel right and she's not going to play Kandi's game. She says, "that is what is getting ready to happen." Natalie says, "I don't believe that." Tamar sits on the bed and says, "it's Kandi and Ricky...I saw what I saw."

8:05PM BBT: Natalie doesn't think it's a big deal that Ricky and Kandi were playing chess. Tamar says it is. She says everyone's eyes were closed and she saw it. Tamar keeps saying, "I'm telling you," and "I feel it," over and over again. 

8:05PM BBT: Meanwhile, Jonathan and Ryan are in the 5BR. Ryan wants to know why "everyone is so grumpy." Jonathan says he doesn't know, he says they're tired. Ryan says it only takes one person to make others negative. They're still irritated with Lolo. They talk about how there's nothing to do in the house. 

8:11PM BBT: In the HOBR, Tamar says Ricky and Kandi aren't right. Natalie doesn't say anything and they start joking around. 

8:12PM BBT: Ricky enters the HOBR talking about how Tamar is an Aquarius. Tamar is upset, she says she's not an Aquarius. Ricky says she is. Ricky says Tamar's heart "needs competition." Tamar disagrees. 

8:12PM BBT: In the 5BR, Joey, Ryan, and Jonathan are listening in on the conversation in the HOBR. They start laughing. Jonathan says he's happy he's teamed up with Joey and Ryan, otherwise he would "not be happy here."

8:13PM BBT: The three in the 5BR talk about how happy they are that they all connected. Ryan says the three of them need to win every challenge. Joey agrees, he says, "belive me, I'm going to try."

8:14PM BBR: Joey, Ryan, and Jonathan talk about buying a vacation home together. "Lake Tahoe," Ryan says and everyone is very excited about that and agrees. Ryan then asks, "where is that?" Everyone laughs.

8:21PM BBT: General conversation in the house. Joey is talking about acne treatment in the 5BR. The girls in the HOBR are getting ready to sleep.

8:27PM BBT: Natalie walks out of the HOBR and into the 5BR. Jonathan tells her to take some medicine. Natalie is frustrated and says she has. Jonathan tells her not to "come at" him. Ryan tells her to try some hot tea. Natalie whines and leaves.

8:29PM BBT: Tom, Kandi, Kato, Lolo, and Dina are upstairs playing pool. Tom teaches Lolo how to play. 

8:34PM BBT: Tom and Kato play pool, Lolo is teaching Dina how to play chess. Kandi is snoozing on the couch upstairs. 

8:37PM BBT: Ricky, Natalie, and Tamar are listening to the conversation in the 5BR. Natalie says she's "sick" so she's "not very talkative" or "patient" today. Ricky says Jonathan was trying to get information from him today. 

8:39PM BBT: Ricky says Ryan told Joey that he was going to put him up. Ricky says they came to him today and asked him to vote with them to keep Jonathan. Natalie says it's going to be a double eviction tomorrow. Tamar says, "it'll be such a blessing."

8:41PM BBT: Tamar says two people have to be evicted each week. Natalie says if it's a double, they're evicting Jonathan and Kandi. Tamar agrees. Natalie says they have to win HOH or they're "f*cked." Tamar says Joey's not coming for them. Ricky says Joey would put up Dina. 

8:44PM BBT: Natalie asks what Tom and Kato are going to do. Tamar says if Jonathan or Joey win HOH, they're putting her up. Natalie is trying to figure out the votes for the double eviction. Ricky says Tom won't evict Kandi, but Kato will. 

8:45PM BBT: Ricky says they're all safe for one week because they're evicting Jonathan. Natalie says one of them will win HOH. They're trying to work out how all of the evictions are going to go. 

8:48PM BBT: Tamar keeps asking why Tom and Kato want to keep Kandi. Ricky says Kato will vote her out, but she should talk to them tomorrow. Tamar says, "it's very clear to me."

8:50PM BBT: Tamar doesn't understand why Kandi isn't worried about being on the block. She's frustrated. Natlie and Ricky both tell Tamar that Kandi cried all night long. Ricky says Kandi is worried. 

8:51PM BBT: Things get heated between Ricky and Tamar about Kandi. Natalie pulls the blankets over her head. Ricky says this is "stupid," and he's not even "going to start" this. He tells Tamar there's video proof and she can watch it back. Things go silent in the HOBR. 

8:58PM BBT: Ricky is reading in the HOBR. Tamar and Natalie are trying to sleep. Ryan, Tom, Kato, and Jonathan are upstairs playing pool. Dina and Kandi are watching. 

10:18PM BBT: Tamar says she's going to fix the "Kandi situation" tomorrow. Tamar says "this is stressful," and she "can't live like this." She says she's never stressed at home and she can't live in stress here. 

10:27PM BBT: Lolo, Natalie, Ricky, and Tamar are all in bed in the HOBR. Tom is cleaning in the KT with Dina and Kandi. 

10:36PM BBT: Ryan, Joey, and Jonathan are in the LR talking. Kandi walks in. Dina and Tom eventually joins them. 

10:42PM BBT: Tamar and Natalie are chatting in the HOBR while the others talk in the LR. 

10:51PM BBT: The group in the LR has moved to the BY. Ryan turns the heat up in the spa for tomorrow. Kandi asks them what her speech should be on Friday. 

10:55PM BBT: BB gets onto Tamar for talking about the DR. Lolo, Natalie, RIcky, and Tamar are chatting and joking in the HOBR. 

11:00PM BBT: All of the HGs are moving around the house. BB is having trouble deciding which camera and audio to take, so while it shows the 5BR, you hear the conversation in the BY. They're talking about The Mooch.

11:25PM BBT: Tamar, Joey, and Jonathan are talking about The Mooch in the 5BR. They agree he was a "cool dude," but there was always something off. They joke about how he was treated differently in the DR. 

11:38PM BBT: Kato uses all of the pillows in the BY to keep himself warm. Tom helps him. 



11:51PM BBT: Those who aren't in bed are getting ready for bed. Tom is talking to the cameras. He's giving a tour of the house. Everyone else is getting into bed. 





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