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Wednesday, January 23, 2019 Celebrity Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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1:40AM BBT Jonathan and Kandi doing Jedi training on the days so far. They discuss the Mooch's disappearance.  Kandi says Day 5 was Monday. J says that's when Breaking News happened (Veto comp name, apparently), Kandi replies "that's when he (mooch) left. He left on Monday." J then agrees and says that's day 6.  They chat a bit and J reconciles that Monday was actually day 6 and not 5.  Then J asks Kandi what happened. She says monday...we found out that anthony was not really a houseguest. Kandi says she got put on the block (replacement nom for mooch?). Then J says we had a veto comp, which was Scaramucci press conference. Then they get into comp details like the order guests went into "the room" for the press conference.  Dina walks up and says she wants to see Mooch's picture go gray (it's still color), but they speculate that will be saved for TV Wed.  They head off to bed.


2:17AM BBT onward...someone is snoring loudly and the audio is on all cameras.

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10:32 am BBT.  Lolo, Natalie and Kato are working out.  Ryan & Ricky are starting a game of pool.  Tom has now hoined the group working out.  No game talk in either place.  

10:35 am BBT.  Ryan tells Ricky that if Kato uses the veto and he has to put another person up.  He says there are only 3 people left to put up Dina, Lolo and Tay Tay.  Then they say & Joey so 4.  Ryan says I have almost put everyone up.  Ricky doesn’t think they would do that.  Ricky says the first HOH is the toughest.  Ricky says from now on the HOH will get a letter & the first one didn’t get one.  We get WBRB.  

10:40 am BBT.  Lolo tells Ryan and Ricky she just coached Natalie to the best workout of her life.  Lolo says her workouts are tough and she can’t call her coach to see how to modify it (she hasn’t been feeling well).  Ricky says he isn’t gonna change for later bcuz he doesn’t care.  

10:41 AM BBT.  In the workout room Kato tells Natalie and Tom that he has to contemplate taking some kind of pill.  He says it may take away (doesn’t say) but then give him something else.  Tom says a lot of people have lived in this house over the last 20 years.  At the pool table Lolo, Ryan and Ricky are talking about the veto ceremony.  Ryan says Kato will use it and thinks they’ll leave it at 2 nominees.  The say they wanted a massage therapist.  

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Before Tom and Kato entered the GYM Natalie and Lolo were trying to remember things 


Earlier this morning,  Jonathan went in a purple room and said good morning and says he misses a few people ( sorry can't recall names )
He also used something like an IPad, not sure what was typed.  

In the Kitchen Tom was cleaning the dishes and pouring coffee


10:52 AM BBT

At the Pool table Ryan asks Ricky about another veto and putting someone up.

Ricky says they don't have the time 

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10:51 am BBT- Camera 1 and 2)Tom and Kato talking in exercise room. Discuss reasons they are playing CBB. Tom said finishing in the top six would be great. He said he is on his stand up comedy tour and wants people to be reminded he is a still touring and increase his visibility. Tom and Kato are in a final two alliance. 


They are talking about others to align with them. They speculate that Ryan might align with them if Jonathon is out. 


Tom now talking about his speech- he is not wining challenges, not a threat to anyone.. 

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10:45 AM BBT.  Ricky tells Ryan he should talk to Joey just in case, for optics.  Ryan says Tay says don’t put me up cuz I need my vote to vote out a person (Kandi).  Ryan says that is getting heated.  In the workout room, Tom says he needs to tell Kato about a conversation he had with Lolo.  Tom says we have our final 2 and I’m sticking to it but nobody can know we have one.  He says Lolo asked why he was playing this game.  He says Lolo says she an olympian but has no money for health insurance.  He says he wants people to know he is still out there doing stand-up.  Kato says the 4 should stick together (Kato, Tom, Lolo and Natalie).  Kato says he is judged.  

10:55 AM BBT.  Kato says at some point they’ll have to make a choice and be deceiptful.  He says he wants them as final 4 bcuz he thinks the end is mental.  Tom thinks they need pseudo alliances and mentions Ricky.  He thinks Ryan can go any direction, if Jonathan goes.  Tom says he has lost 3 challenges.  

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11:12 am In the Pink Girls room 

Jonathan, Lola and Natalie are talking,  Johnathan is trying to decide who to put up Joey or Dina.

11:16 Am they state they have 30 minutes to be ready

Tamar states she is going to eliminate Kandi every time.

Lola states here is a mood shift and Natalie states Ryan isn't reliable .  Tamar states that they are lying to them 

Tamar is talking about Kandi.  It seems something happened off screen

Natalie says she thinks the boys are coming in to get Tamar or Lola to volunteer


Tamar states her spirit is bruised. 

11:28 am

in the Pink and green Room

Joey, Ryan and Jonathan

Jonathan states he has lost 3 challenges

11:33 am Living Room 

Tom and Ricky are talking - Tom explains how he engineers jokes

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Ryan and Natalie are in the living room talking


In the Pink and Green bedroom Dina and Joey were discussing the Girls alliance and Ryan and Jonathan's Alliance


Ricky is in the Kitchen Shuffling cars 


Tom is putting on a captains suit he found in the HOH Room


He says he is heading out to the veto meeting


11:57 am in the living room  Natalie fixes Kato's mike


12;05 PM Tom and Kandi are in the Kitchen 

Tom starts asking about her and Tamar's past


12:06 pm All Cameras are at WBRB - I assume the veto voting must be going on 


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11:40AM BBT Dina and Kato are talking in the 5BR.  Kato tells Dina she looks great.  Dina puts some makeup on Kato (camera time makeup, not over the top).  Kato is telling Dina what he's going to say at the veto ceremony.  Kato leaves, Joey comes in and talks to Dina.  Joey thinks he might go up (a little while ago, the HOH told Joey he would likely go up as a pawn.  It's between Dina and Joey as to who will be the pawn).  Joey tells Dina that if Ryan puts one of the girls up, he'd be public enemy number one.  Dina says, "isn't he already?"  Joey explains to Dina that Ricky is safe for winning the first veto. 

11:54AM BBT Tom is getting dressed up for the veto meeting.  He's putting on his captain suit that he got from the tickle trunk in the HOH bedroom.  He likes the way he looks.  He asks us to wish him luck (for his Veto speech).  Kato has the power of veto necklace on.  Everyone's getting ready for the veto meeting. 

12:01PM BBT Veto meeting time.

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1:30PM BBT Feeds just came back on.  Tom is talking to Kandi in the bathroom.  Kandi tells him she thinks the other girls will let her personal issues with Tamar cloud their thoughts.  She said she heard Tamar whispering in everyone's ears.  Tom says it's not about that.  He tells Kandi that everyone in here wants to win so they don't care about her thing with Tamar.  They want people out who could keep them from winning.  Tom tells Kandi all she has to do is figure out a way to steer the votes to one of the other two guys that are on the block.  Tom tells Kandi to try to be friendly with Tamar today but slowly so it's not obvious.  Tom tells Kandi he's on her team and that he will be doing stuff in the background to help her.  He's giving her positive reinforcement.  She thanks him.

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1:34PM BBT Tamar is being snappy with Joey.  Joey says life's too short (for getting upset like she is).  At the counter, Joey and Tamar talk briefly and Tamar's clearly on edge.  Joey tells her to choose happiness and positive.

1:35PM BBT Tamar is in the hotel bedroom crying alone. 

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1:33 PM BBT.  In the KT are most of the HGs.  Tamar is upset.  Tamar says it’s a choice for her to get up in the morning and she don’t need no extra s**t.  Joey is telling her u choose to be happy.  She leaves.  

1:36 PM BBT.  In the SR, Ricky and Lolo are talking.  Ricky says Joey knows he’s a pawn.  Lolo says playing chess helps with this game.  She says she used to be good and wants Ricky to make her play today.  Ricky leaves and Natalie comes in.  Natalie says Tamar is in her bed crying again & she can’t do it any more. Lolo says Ricky just saved us again.  She says he talked to Ryan before the veto meeting.  He told Ryan to put up Joey and tell him he’s a pawn so the girls won’t think he’s working with the guys.  

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1:36PM BTT Lolo and Ryan are talking in the storage room.  Ricky tells her that Ryan told Joey that he was going up as a pawn.  They say they have the 5 votes to get their target out.

1:37PM BBT Eva (Natalie) goes into the bedroom where Tamar is laying and crying.  She asks Tamar what's wrong.  No response.  Eva leaves the room. Eva goes into the storage room.  Ricky leaves.  Eva talks to Lolo.  Eva tells Lolo that Tamar's in the room crying.  they both say they can't do it anymore (deal with Tamar).  Lolo fills Eva in on what she and Ricky were just talking about and said that she believes him (about Ryan's reasoning for putting up Joey).  Lolo says everything Ricky has been saying has fact checked but everything Ryan and Jonathan says doesn't check out.  Eva and Lolo are complaining that they're supposed to be in an alliance with Tamar but they're sick of Tamar because Tamar says she's voting for Kandi no matter what.  Eva says Tamar can tell that she (Eva) is getting frustrated with her.  She's cold, stressed out, sick and tired and can't handle Tamar.  Ricky comes back into the storage room.  Eva tells Ricky that Tamar needs to get it together and Ricky cuts her off to stop the conversation because he's over it.  He says it's just going to bring everyone down.

1:45PM BBT Lolo goes into the hotel bedroom where Tamar is still crying in bed.  After a couple of minutes of silence, Lolo asks her if she needs anything.  Tamar says she's fine.  Lolo asks if she has had anything to eat and says she'll bring her some soup.  Lolo leaves and Tamar continues to cry in her bed.

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In the Purple room

Kato, Tom and Ricky are talking strategy.

Tom says he and Kato have an alliance with Kandi, Lolo and Natalie

Tom says they should work on keeping Kandi because she's not as athletic

1:52pm Ricky says they have enough people voting Jonathan out

Ricky says Lolo, Natalie and Tamar want to vote Kandi out 

Tom is trying to keep Kandi safe

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1:47PM BBT Tom and Kato are talking alone.  Tom says they need to keep Kandi.  Tom:  Dina is definitely voting to save Jonathan.  But we can clearly make an argument to the ladies on our side, natlaie and lolo, that it's beneficial for them to keep natalie in the game.  Kato:  but ricky is adamant on Jonathan.  Tom:  yeah but that's when it was between me, him and Kandi.  but now joey's on the table.  here's the thing, i think we can do it in a way that works for us.  one idea, let's say we want to make joey a target.  dina's main concern is saving Jonathan.  we can talk her into voting our way.  i can take jonathan aside which would probably surprise him and say, 'i don't want to get into details, but i can save you.  i don't want to get into details but i can help you win.  if we do, will you work with kato and me for the rest of the game?'  "

Ricky comes into the lounge to join Kato and Tom.  Ricky asks if Tom's down to get Jonathan out.  Tom says there's a slight curveball now that Joey is up there.  Ricky asks why that matters since the strongest player is Jonathan. 

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1:45 PM BBT.  Kato goes into the lounge with Tom.  Tom says he did the math and the 2 of them decides who goes.  Tom says it’s in their best interest to save Kandi bcuz they’ll beat her in an HOH. He says Dina is saving Jonathan.  He says they can tell the girls it’s beneficial to keep Kandi.  Tom says if we wanna make Joey the target, we could convince Dina to vote with us.  He says a saavy thing to do would be for him to take Jonathan aside and say I can save you.  Then, ask him if he does that will he be cool with him and Kato for the rest of the game.  Ricky comes in.  He says same plan right?  Ricky says the strongest player is Jonathan.  

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1:51PM BBT:  Ricky says the only plan that talked about was Jonathan goes.  Tom says it's possibly that the vote gets split in a weird way.  Ricky asks how.  Tom says Kandi could get voted out because of the stuff with Tamar.  Ricky updates them that most people are on board with voting Jonathan out.  Tom asks if Dennis is sure that Lolo and Natalie are voting out Jonathan.  He says yeah and that Tamar is voting out Kandi.  Tom says, "well you guys got this.  i'm just going to lay back." and tom says he just wanted to make sure that Kandi is safe because he likes her.  Lolo comes into the lounge with them.  Kato tells her that joey going up changes nothing- they'll still vote for Jonathan.  Tom says it feels good to be off of the block. 

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1:52 PM BBT.  Ricky says the plan was decided, we vote Jonathan out.  He says the girls will vote Jonathan out except Tamar bcuz she’ll vote Kandi out.  Tom says I’ll let u guys handle this then.  Ricky says nothing has changed, it doesn’t matter that Joey is up.  Lolo comes in.  They talk to her about voting Jonathan out.  Ricky says Kato is an or orchestrater.  He says he put it all together bcuz they were fractured yesterday.  Ricky says the way to keep Kandi safe is to have Jonathan go.  

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3:26pm BBT


Ryan , Eva and Lolo are in the gym a few minutes earlier Ryan and Lolo discuss Tamar and Kandi.

Ryan mentions that maybe Tamar and Kandi is an act and Lolo mentions she was trying to console Tamar last night 


Kandi, Dina, Jonathan and Ricky and Tom are in the Kitchen  

In the KT Tom asks what time the music is starting 

Jonathan is talking about problems sleeping due to fear

Lolo leaves the gym to sleep and Ryan heads to the Kitchen

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4:10 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Kandi, Lolo and Joey hanging out in the KT. Joey is cooking. Feeds 3 and 4 show Jonathan, Ryan and Natalie sitting together in the LR. Dina comes in and Natalie tells her that she is dying. Dina tells her that she should put some alcohol on her forehead and she should feel better. 


4:15 PM BBT Dina and Natalie are talking in the LR. They think that "she" will snap out it. She just misses her kid right now. They also discuss that "they" have friends in common which makes it harder. They know the same people. And one has friends the other doesn't like and vice versa. [Possibly "she" is Tamar and "they" are Tamar and Kandi~Goldylucks]


4:24 PM BBT Lolo and Natalie are talking in the LR. They are discussing how Tamar and Kandi are both having a hard time right now. Tamar is out like a light in the bedroom, but at least she is still in the house right now. 


4:28 PM BBT In the LR Lolo and Natalie are talking about no longer trusting Ryan and Jonathan. Lolo tells her that she does not appreciate Ryan saying that she needs to get her attitude in check. They have known each other for years and this is how talks to her? "He is trying to backdoor me." Meanwhile Kandi starts singing the Star Spangled Banner in the kitchen. BB only cuts her off with WBRB for a very brief part of it. The house gives Kandi their applause. 


4:37 PM BBT Lolo and Natalie have moved from the LR to the lounge so that Lolo can tweet. They are complaining that it is too cold in the house. Lolo says she packed for track but she should have packed for bobsled. She would be set.


4:44 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 shows Ryan, Kato, Kandi, Dina and Jonathan playing cards at the KT island. Feeds 3 and 4 show Lolo and Natalie in the lounge. Lolo says she is going to tweet that her showmance with the Swiffer is going strong. Lolo and Natalie agree that no one in the honest has been honest with them and they should have brought a lie detector in the house. Lolo continues to tweet and plans to put that Joey is the biggest diva in the house. He takes 3 hour showers. 


4:55 PM BBT Feeds 3 and 4 now show Ricky stretching out on the mat in the gym. He rolls over to his back, stretches out his limbs, and just lays there. 

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