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Saturday, September 1, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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12:10AM BBT Everyone's in bed, mostly asleep, except Hay, who is in the kitchen boiling water.


12:17AM BBT Hay is in WA doing nighttime hair brushing. Angela creeps down from the HoH and stops in the WA before heading to the BBR.

12:18AM BBT  Angela climbs into bed in the BBR.


12:23AM BBT Hay's tea kettle is whistling, she goes out from the WA to make her tea in the Kitchen.


12:24AM BBT Hay returns to the WA to continue on her hair with the curling/flat iron.


12:38AM BBT Hay sits on the couch in the WA and has a Nescafe moment while being alone with her thoughts.


12:54AM BBT  Tea Time is over. Hay heads to the discharge room to drop ballast. [Production is so pervy - they very obviously turned up the mic gain after she was in there so you could hear her pee! - BBLurkerPlus]


12:56:AM BBT Hay is out and washing up. The sound of the water is WAY TOO LOUD because of what production did with the mic gain.  Sound returns to better levels. Hay finishes up in the bathroom with teeth brushing, etc, cleans her cup in the kitchen and heads to the HN room.


1:00AM BBT Hay crawls into the big saucer with KC in the HN room and settles in for the night.


All the houseguests are down for the night now.

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8:45 AM BBT The feeds return. Feeds 1 and 2 show Haleigh sitting up in her pod in the HN room. She is just sitting up, not really doing anything. Feeds 3 and 4 show Sam rummaging through the fridge. She looks up at the camera and gives us a "Good morning." 

Good Morning Sam.jpg



8:53 AM BBT Angela is up and heads to the WA. She hears something that grabs her attention. Sam tells her that it is the camera in the WA. Angela "I swear it sounds like a chicken clucking. I am going crazy." 


8:59 AM BBT Kaycee has gotten up to change her battery. She heads back to the HN room and crawls back in her pod next to Haleigh. She mentions that tonight is their last night together in the HN Room. Haleigh tells her that they will at least still be roommates in the other room though. 


9:10 AM BBT Sam is in the KT. She is flipping the bacon and is frying some potatoes on the stove. Kaycee has gotten up and told her that it smells amazing. 


9:14 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Sam frying potatoes in the KT. Feed 3 shows Brett and JC laying down in the PBR. Feed 4 zooms in on JC who is awake and staring up at the ceiling. Apparently JC notices because he repositions a pillow to block the camera, rolls over, and pulls the covers all the way up almost covering his entire head. Not to be outdone, Feed 3 also repositions slightly so that JC's face is seen once again. 

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9:22 AM BBT Kaycee tells Sam that she feels so much better today. She asks Sam how she slept. Sam slept fine but BB got them up early today. Something must be happening. Kaycee reminds her that they will be picking players for veto this morning. Kaycee "Look at you with this yummy breakfast." Sam "NO one will eat it." Kaycee "Of course they will." 


9:27 AM BBT Sam enjoyed the music this morning. She says they played Tiny Dancer, Wake me up When September Ends, and another song she doesn't know about involving you'll be the love of my life or whatever. She also fell asleep with the patch on. She tries not to do that because she heard it can cause dreams. She forgot to take it off last night and woke up after having a wicked dream. 


9:30 AM BBT Sam tells Kaycee that her dream freaked her out so bad that she almost asked JC to come and sleep with her. Kaycee is looking forward to their slop feast tonight. 


9:33 AM BBT BB calls Tyler to the DR. We might be picking players early this morning. Kaycee goes to put some shoes on because she says her feet are freezing. 


9:39 AM BBT Tyler has come down from the HoH to heed BB's call. Sam "In your robe and everything. Is that how you are really going to do it?" The feeds switch to highlight reels. The HGs are about to pick veto players. 

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10:05 AM BBT The feeds return. Brett tells Kaycee in the WA "Why don't I ever get to play? I just want to play. I feel just a little left out." Kaycee "About to be a host with no mic." It appears Brett may be hosting. In the KT Angela says "I am the only spectator." Tyler and JC are in the SR. JC is trying to talk Tyler out of making him a HN. Tyler tells him that it is his turn. He has to do it.


The veto players are Tyler, Haleigh, Scottie, JC, Sam and Kaycee. Brett will host. Angela is the lone spectator. 


10:10 AM BBT Tyler and Kaycee are in the HoH room. She can't believe she picked JC. The one person who doesn't want to play and won't try. Tyler tells her she will win back to back POV's. He then says he is sick and tired of JC and Brett. They both keep coming to him complaining about the exact same things. The same things. Brett will say he has calmed down JC for one things and then JC will come up to him later and say he calmed down Brett about the exact same thing. 


10:14 AM BBT Kaycee and Tyler are in the HoH talking about JC and Brett. They are definitely working together. They have realized they need to latch on to someone so they latched on to each other. And they frequently mention how Kaycee and Angela are working together. 


10:24 AM BBT Angela, Haleigh and Kaycee are in the HoH. Kaycee and Haleigh continue to bash Sam again. She flirts in her own Sam way. And Brett doesn't help by walking into the KT saying Wanna make out Haleigh?


10:27 AM BBT Angela and Kaycee tell Haleigh to just relax and have fun. She is safe. Haleigh "I can't beat Tyler and Scottie." Kaycee "Don't say that. It may be something you are really good at." Haleigh "What? Napping?" 

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10:41 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Haleigh and Angela laying down in the HoH. Angela is napping. Haleigh is listening to music. Meanwhile on Feeds 3 and 4 are Sam, Scottie, Kaycee and JC in the KT talking about papaya fruit. JC says that in some countries, papaya is a Spanish word for vagina. Kaycee "What countries?" JC tells her Puerto Rico.


10:48 AM BBT In the KT, Sam tells JC that it is going to be a great day. Nothing can go wrong today. And people ate her cooking too. Good day. Brett is talking to Kaycee while showering. They are trying to guess who the guest host is going to be. Brett wouldn't mind seeing Frankie, Josh or Zach. Any of them would make a great host. 


10:51 AM BBT Scottie and Haleigh are sitting together on the bed in the PBR. They know that if either of them win the veto, the other is most likely going home. Haleigh "At least one of us is staying." Scottie "Unless it is a double." Haleigh "Stop it Doom's Day." 


10:55 AM BBT Scottie and Haleigh are laughing at themselves in the PBR. Scottie says that he manages to screw up something every single week. It is like the butterfly effect. 


10:57 AM BBT Haleigh to Scottie "You are in this house for less than 24 hours and we are on the block together." Scottie "I told you, that's how I operate." Scottie says he is up for one of two reasons. One, because if he wins the veto he would take her off, which is true, or he is the one that they want gone. Reset the week. Scottie says her that the others are not handling them very well. While he was in jury, they  made a deal. They are all going to vote together. That means that they are going to be the ones to pick who wins. 

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11:07 AM BBT Sam is telling Brett that there is no reason to change because BB is going to make them wear an outfit. BB tells Brett to put his microphone on. Brett heads to the WA to do his hair so he is ready to host the veto when it is time. Tyler and Angela are cuddling in the HoH. 


11:17 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Brett blow drying his hair. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Tyler and Angela. Tyler says he had to catch himself earlier. He was talking to Haleigh about Fessy's speech. How it was B.S. because Angela isn't anything like that. Haleigh said she noticed they were getting close and he had to downplay it. 


11:23 AM BBT Brett has joined Tyler and Angela in the HoH. He thinks the comp will be in about 30 minutes. He also suspects his hosting duties will be hijacked. Tyler is mad that Brett isn't playing. JC is playing and he doesn't even want to play. He better try to win it. They decide that if Sam wins it, they can convince her to not use it by telling her that Haleigh is going home. Really, the only person that can't win it, is Scottie. 


11:28 AM BBT Brett and Tyler go over the dates in the HoH while they pass a bean bag back and forth in the HoH.

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11:31AM BBT Tyler and Brett going over dates in the HOH room. Kaycee eating in the KT.


11:41PM BBT Brett and Tyler talking about if this veto is the numbers one. Brett says they did Zingbot early so they could do this comp early (in the season).


11:59AM BBT Cams on Kaycee lying in bed and Tyler and Angela snuggling in HOH bed. Both appear to be resting their eyes.

12:09PM BBT Brett brings something up to the HOH. Angela and Tyler hear him and quickly separate. Brett leaves it outside the door and they go back to snuggling.


 12:14PM BBT Brett and Scottie talk about Brett's hair and what am did to it. Brett calls out to Sam if she can do his hair again today. She says as soon as she is done with her hair.


12:21PM BBT Tyler and Angela talking but difficult to hear. Their mics are pressed under blankets. Angela talking about someone from her work.



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12:32 PM BBT Scottie and Brett are in the KT. They both think they will have a guest POV host. Brett thinks that at some point, Josh will be coming. He won last season and was a big personality. Scottie says Frankie is a definite possibility too.


12:34 PM BBT Scottie is using the WC. Brett and Sam are at the sink in the WA. Brett "I look like a dork." Sam "I think you look cute, because I think dorks are cute." Scottie calls out from the WC "OKAY!!" 


12:37 PM BBT Brett works on his hair more and says now he looks extra dorky. Sam tells him that his hair looks great. He is overthinking it. He just needs to chill out. He admits he is just trying to psych himself out. He is a new man. Groomed and approved. Meanwhile in the HoH, Tyler tells Angela that he needs to make an appearance. He tells her to take a nap. 


12:48 PM BBT Brett, Scottie and Orwella are looking at the memory wall. They are discussing the different facial features. They can't tell JC's eyes from his photo. A good portion of his face is slightly shaded. Scottie hates his pictures and Says that Brett's picture makes his face look small. 


12:56 PM BBT Tyler is in the KT. He says that he is going to make chicken fried rice. He cracks some eggs in the pan. Scottie is surprised by that because he didn't chicken fried rice would contain more than chicken and rice. Tyler cracks more eggs using both hands. Scottie says he can only crack eggs with one hand, not two. Sam says she can crack eggs with one hand, and it doesn't matter which hand. Brett "Are we really talking about cracking eggs right now?" 

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1:03 PM BBT Scottie and Brett are discussing actors and actresses who have had to have sex on TV, such as several of them from Game of Thrones. Some have even had to sign 4 year contracts stating that they may have to be naked at any point. Then, when they renegotiate their contract, they can have more say. 


1:14 PM BBT The house is quiet. Brett, Scottie, Tyler and Angela are eating Tyler's chicken friend rice. Sam is alone in the BBR eating a peach. It's a juicy one because she is constantly having to wipe her chin. She giggles about it when she notices the camera is watching her. 


1:27 PM BBT The HGs are just sitting around and waiting for the POV. Angela is getting out of the shower. Sam tells them to eat up the popcorn she made. She only made it because she is anxious. 

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1:31 PM BBT Kaycee says that someone used her cup and didn't wash it. Scottie says that he found it in the geometry room and brought it to the KT. No one admits to being the culprit. 


1:38 PM BBT The HGs are anxious for the POV. Kaycee says there is a phrase about a watched pot boils. Sam "A watched pot never boils." Kaycee repeats it in accelerated southern to poke light at Sam "A washed pot ne'er bowls"


1:45 PM BBT Brett asks Sam if she can choke a chicken. She says that she is not falling into that trap, but she has wrung one's neck. She explains how you grab it's head and fling it so that it's own body weight breaks it's neck. Tyler says that PETA is going to come knocking on the door. Kaycee doesn't know what PETA is and Tyler has to explain it to her. 

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1:41 pm BBT  Tyler, Brett, Kaycee and Sam are in the KT, alking about what he comp might be.  Other feeds are on Angela in he WA putting on make up.  Just joking around in the KT.

1:50 pm BBT  In the KT, Kaycee, Brett, Sam and Tyler are talking about carnivals and fairs.  They are talking about fair food.  Brett says he always gets fried dough.  Tyler loves the fried turkey legs.  They talk about deep fried twinkies and deep fried oreos.  JC comes in and has some candy left from the comp.  They are going through it to see what there is.  Kaycee is saying what she likes, she will be off have-not at midnight.  Sam is reading the Fun-dip pack, says it is only 45 calories per pack.

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1:52 PM BBT The HGs are mostly in the KT talking about their favorite carnival foods. Some referred to funnel cakes as fried dough.

Hurry Up and Wait.jpg


1:55 PM BBT Angela and Brett are in the WA. She says she really wishes she was playing. Brett says he does to. Same as last week. He is beginning to feel so irrelevant he deserves a crap app too. 

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1:54 pm BBT  Brett is now in the WA brushing his teeth.  Angela is in there as well.  Angela says she wishes she were competing.  Brett says he is such a loser, feels like he has a crap app.  Angela hopes hey can at least be out there to watch, to feel like a part of it.  Brett leaves and goes back to the KT area, where they are still discussing animal crackers.  They like the boxed ones better than the large container/bag.

2:12 pm BBT  Scottie is laying down in the BBR with a hat over his eyes.  The other house guests are at the able, playing a type of ring toss with the small pink flamingo.  Haleigh has joined hem.  She was previously sleeping in her saucer.

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2:12 Tyler, JC, Kaycee, Brett, Haleigh, Angela and Sam are all at the dining room table. They are playing ring toss with the pink flamingo and empty paper towel tubes. Scottie is napping in the PBR. 

Ring Toss.jpg


2:17 PM BBT Sam has her pet spider Charlene at the dining room table. The others can't believe how much she has grown. Sam says the peat moss is an ideal habitat for her because it hides her too. JC asks her if she is going to kill it afterwards. She says no way. She is going to set her free. 


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2:15 pm BBT  At the KT table, Sam is talking about Charlotte, the spider.  Kaycee thought she needed air, Sam said she took out the seal, so it isn't air tight.  They see her.  Sounds like she got out.  They all think she has gotten bigger.  Sam assures them she isn't a black widow.  They asks if she is pregnant, Sam doesn't see an egg sac anywhere. (they lay eggs) They wonder if Sam will take her home, she doesn't plan on it. 

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2:24 PM BBT The HGs are making light of JC's accent. They laugh that he calls papaya's Popeye's. Tyler says Yatus and says it was probably 2 weeks before he realized he was saying hiatus. Haleigh and Angela go to the SR. Angela tells her that the odds are in her favorite and that's all she needs to say about that. Tyler is playing and Tyler is the only one that can beat Scottie. 


2:33 PM BBT A Blow Pop has fallen behind the dresser. Scottie reaches back there to try to retrieve it. He doesn't get it. Angela climbs up on the dresser and leans her whole body over saying she is "going all in". She manages to push it out enough that Haleigh can grab it from the outside. 

Going All In.jpg


2:38 PM BBT JC is walking around with his boxer shorts very low. Angela "JC, I can almost see your tiki-tiki." 


2:40 PM BBT Kaycee throws the Blow Pop that Angela just retrieved from behind the dresser. It literally lands behind the dresser again. However, Kaycee decides she is going to try to get it back by moving the dresser and reaching behind it instead of climbing on top of the dresser.  


2:42 PM BBT Scottie and Haleigh are talking about movies. He asks her about Napoleon Dynamite. She says that it is iconic. He laughs at her. There are parts that he finds comical but for the most part, it is a really bad movie.  


2:50 PM BBT Kaycee has noticed that one of Haleigh's nostrils is significantly smaller than the other one. She admits that at night, she can't breathe through her nose. She says maybe she should get a nose job to widen her nostrils so she can breathe at night. 



2:55 PM BBT BB Calls Sam to the DR. She hums her way there which causes WBRB. 

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2:58 PM BBT In the KT, Kaycee, Brett and Angela are discussing JC. They are thinking of throwing the veto to JC and making him decide what to do afterwards. He has done nothing to get blood on his hands. He needs to feel it for a change. 


3:02 PM BBT JC, Sam, Scottie and Haleigh are laying around in the PBR talking about movies. Angela, Kaycee and Brett are in the KT eating popcorn. They are now speculating that they will not be competing one at a time since the veto is starting so late.


3:08 PM BBT Tyler is alone in the HoH and listening to music. Haleigh has drawn a gorilla on the yellow peg wall. And Brett and JC are throwing pillows and blankets at each other. 

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3:24 PM BBT Angela has rejoined Tyler in the HoH. They are laying around on the bed. JC and Kaycee are hanging out in the KT with Brett who is washing up his dishes from lunch. They are beginning to question if they are going to have a veto at all. 


3:32 PM BBT Haleigh has joined Angela and Tyler in the HoH. She tells them that Scottie says if one of them pulls themselves off then the other is going home. Angela tells her that is bull. Tyler "Is he going to vote you out then?" Haleigh also says Scottie told her he picked Sam because #1 he could beat Sam and #2 She hates Haleigh enough that she may use the veto on him. 


3:40 PM BBT Angela is playing with her zipper in the HoH. Up, down, up, down. BB "Angela, give it a rest." Meanwhile in the KT Kaycee is making more puppy chow but with Cheerios. She calls it Cheerio-Chow.


3:43 PM BBT Haleigh and Tyler are talking in the HoH. Haleigh says she is worried about what Rockstar and Bayleigh have filled Scottie's head with while in jury. She is also afraid Sam will win it and take Scottie down. Tyler tells her not to worry about Sam winning. And JC doesn't even want to play. 


3:47 PM BBT Brett says that the longer they wait, the more convinced they will have a guest host. Like maybe they are waiting for them. Kaycee says it may be the comics because the posts are already out there. 


3:51 PM BBT Haleigh tells Tyler that she is not telling him anything else because he doesn't listen to her. Even if she wins HoH, she ain't telling him s**t. Tyler "Just put me up and not say anything." She laughs at him. 


3:53 PM BBT Tyler jokes with Haleigh that he thinks she and Sam are besties and they are just putting up a facade. Haleigh laughs at him. meanwhile in the KT, Kaycee whispers to JC that if Scottie takes himself down with this POV and then wins the HoH....they could be in trouble. 

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4:01PM BBT JC and Kaycee are discussing the Veto comp. They agree if there is a dinner they will take each other. JC says he is going for the Veto.


4:10PM BBT Hayleigh and Tyler in HOH. Tyler tells her that she put him up and he stayed. He put her up and she will stay. He says they will be even. Hayleigh says she doesn't think Angela put her up to send her home. Tyler says that Angela wasn't sending her home.


4:22PM BBT Kaycee in the KT talking to Sam about how she can not wait until she can eat. Tyler and Hayleigh still chatting int he HOH room.


4:28PM BBT Brett is called to the DR and we have reels.

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