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Sunday, July 29 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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12:01 AM BBT Much pandemonium in the SR. The HGs have found that BB has left them beer. Haleigh goes running inside. She asks if there is wine and they tell her that Bayleigh has some upstairs.


12:09 AM BBT Rockstar, Bayleigh and Rachel are sitting out together in the BY. Bayleigh says that her titties have gotten bigger since she came into the house. Rachel says hers have gone the opposite way. Hers are shrinking. 


12:20 AM BBT Tyler and Scottie sneak off to the SR with 3 coffee mugs. It appears that a bottle of wine had been hidden. Scottie goes and holds the door closed while Tyler opens and pours them 3 coffee mugs full of red wine which depletes the small bottle. Tyler gives one of the mugs to Kaycee. Kaycee "Should we feel bad?" They decide to each donate a small portion of their wine into a 4th coffee mug and then play a joke on the others. They go to the patio door and say "Hey guys" and show them the bottle of wine, which is empty. Everyone outside screams and goes running inside. The ladies all try to get as much as they can from that one coffee mug of wine. 

Wine Tyler.jpg

Wine 2.jpg

Wine 1.jpg

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12:38 AM BBT The HGs are in a good mood, having had a small alcohol delivery from BB. Brett and Fessy are working out. Most of the others are all outside drinking, laughing, and sharing Kaycee's burrito. 


12:49 AM BBT Haleigh, Bayleigh, Angela and JC are hanging out by the hot tub. They discuss twerking. Haleigh has enough natural jelly that she can twerk.  Angela has nothing but muscle so she can't twerk. Her back side doesn't move. Everyone starts to feel each other's rear end. Even JC shows off his skills.  



Booty 1.jpg

Booty 2.jpg

Twerk 1.jpg

Twerk 2.jpg

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1:00 AM BBT Haleigh, Bayleigh, JC, Kaycee, Tyler, Angela, Rachel, and Scottie are all laughing out by the hot tub. It is nearly impossible to follow with everyone talking at once. They start to play Never Have I Ever, Dirty Edition. [Flashback for more information as this goes on for 20 minutes with much wide variety and different calibers of raunchiness-Goldylucks].


1:25 AM BBT Sam has baked cookies and Scottie takes them outside. Things have quieted down considerably. Fessy goes upstairs and wants to talk to Bayleigh who is showering. She tells him to feel free to stick around but she expects she will be at least 20 minutes.


1:34 AM BBT Sam, Rockstar, Rachel, Tyler and Kaycee are sitting out on the patio. Sam is talking about how she is so much different now than she was when she was 21. They start talking about people outside the house so the cameras switch to Fessy, jamming out upstairs to Bayleigh's music as Bayleigh showers.


1:42 AM BBT All 4 feeds show Sam trying to catch a giant beetle for her spider Charlene. Tyler "Charlene is going to eat for a month." Sam catches the beetle in a glass cup and takes it inside to feed her. 






Charlene 1.jpg

Charlene 3.jpg

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1:50 AM BBT Brett is in the DR. Sam is making her bed up. And JC is walking around with a towel in his hand talking about being tipsy. Rachel "What are you doing little girl?" JC "Waiting to take a shower, but there's a line, welcome to America."


1:58 AM BBT Bayleigh and Rockstar are up in the HoH Room. They are discussing how they are both aware how sneaky Scottie is. Bayleigh tells her that Rockstar can get HoH and put up nominees with relative safety. She can easily put Sam because Sam put her up. You have other people you can cross. You won't have to worry about putting people up you are aligned with. 


2:06 AM BBT Rachel, Rockstar and Haleigh are up in the HoH. Haleigh says that she is embarrassed after playing Never Have I Ever. Bayleigh says that it made her miss Swaggy. Swaggy would not have been allowed to see that. Conversation switches to Scottie. Haleigh tells them that he thinks he is being framed for switching. Scottie claims that he has a 5 person alliance and others keep treating him like he is a free agent. He is not free to anyone right now. 


2:13 AM BBT Bayleigh and Rockstar are in the HoH talking about being aligned with Tyler and jury management. If Tyler gets to top 5 then he has no choice to start knocking people out. Bayleigh "that's fine as long as it's not us he knocks out". They think Tyler will have a lot of jury votes. 


2:27 AM BBT Kaycee and Rachel are whispering in the WA. Kaycee asks Rachel what her ideal situation would be for her game. Rachel "For him not to use it". She continues to be scared that a replacement nom might have a power which leaves her in jeopardy.


2:30 AM BBT Much of the HGs have gone to bed. Rachel and Kaycee are getting ready for bed. Sam and Fessy are out in the BY talking on the patio. Sam tells them about her jobs when she younger and would watch a woman name Sissy who made super tiny origami cranes. 


2:38 AM BBT Sam and Fessy are still talking on the patio. They discuss how their emotions get so mixed up the house and it is hard to tell which people are being real to them and which aren't. 


2:40 AM BBT Rachel has put on Rockstar's rope extensions and glasses. She embraces her inner Rockstar.







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2:50 AM BBT Rachel goes upstairs to listen to music while Rockstar and Bayleigh talk. Rockstar and Haleigh have both been invited to sleep upstairs since they are going on slop tomorrow. 


3:00 AM BBT Sam tells Fessy that they are in a win win win win win situation. There are in the middle of a social experiment and it is great therapy. People would pay great money for this type of therapy and they are getting paid to do it. 


3:06 AM BBT Rockstar and Bayleigh think Fessy needs to win the HoH. He is bummed that he is supposed to be a competition beast. He needs it so that he can feel good about himself. Haleigh joins them. She says that Fessy is moody and she does not deal with that. 


3:15 AM BBT Fessy thinks the backyard is exactly 35 yards wide. Brett thinks it is closer to 30 yards wide. Sam gets a new roll of dental floss which advertises that it is 100 yards long. So, they open the floss and walk it back and forth across the yard 3 and a half times before the spool it used up. Scottie does the math and the yard is about 28 yards wide if the spool of floss is actually 100 yards long. Rachel does the same math and says if it 100 yards of floss and goes back and forth 3 and a half times then that means it is 350 yards. [Can't make this stuff up-Goldylucks] Sam rolls up the floss and s


3:32 AM BBT Sam says that she has a song stuck in her head. She says that she will recite the Pledge of Allegiance in her head when she gets a song stuck in her head to keep her from singing in the BB house. Fessy goes to recite the Pledge of Allegiance and Sam has to prompt him on more than occasion because he has forgotten the words. 


3:40 AM BBT Sam is taking some clothes inside and then got to bed. Brett and Fessy are going to go sit in the hot tub for a while. Feeds 3 and 4 show Rachel and JC up in a very dark bedroom. Rachel doesn't want to sleep with Fessy. JC gets up and goes to the hall, screams across the house to Fessy that he is sleeping in Rockstar's bed tonight, then goes to get back in bed. Unfortunately for him, JC trips in the dark and falls over onto the bed. 


3:51 AM BBT Brett and Fessy are the only ones up and are in the hot tub. Fessy is eating pickle spears as they talk. Brett asks him if he thinks Kaitlyn really threw the comp to him. Fessy says no. She tried to win it. Fessy "I can't believe she said that sh*t on Day 2. Day 2." Brett "Not even Day 3. I told her whatever. I won't repeat this. I do hope it didn't ruin her life coming out here." Fessy and Brett are talking about how she could behave that way with a boyfriend on the outside. Brett "I think she truly thought she would get away with it." Fessy doesn't think BB depicted her that way in the show. That might be why she didn't get boos when she left the house.

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4:00 AM BBT All 4 feeds are on the dark rooms with sleeping HGs as Fessy and Brett talk about people outside the house in the BY. 


4:06 AM BBT Fessy and Brett are talking about who is the most trending and least trending in the house right now. They think Scottie has gotten a lot of air time, with 2 of his closest leaving plus he wins an HoH. Haleigh and Kaycee are probably getting very little screen time. Haleigh hasn't done anything or played in anything and Kaycee is just chill. Sam has gotten a lot of attention with the app and an HoH. Angela hasn't done much. Fessy can't believe that he was the first one to be the least trending. Brett tells him that Fessy got a lot of scream time with the crap app. Fess thinks he also got a lot of screen time with winning the POV and all of Kaitlyn's drama. 


4:09 AM BBT Brett's top 3 getting the most screen time would be Fessy, Kaitlyn and Tyler. Tyler has played in everything and won a lot. And he was in the Kaitlyn drama too. 


4:17 AM BBT In the hot tub Brett tells Fessy that his hunch is saying that the veto will not be used. Brett understands why Scottie put him up. He doesn't understand why Bayleigh would want him on the block. Fessy says that he thinks it is the girl thing. She had to pick a guy.


4:20 AM BBT Fessy tells Brett about the girls alliance and that they are doing a good job at it. If a girl wins they make sure a guy gets put up and the guy goes home. If a guy wins then they are in their ear to make sure a guy goes up and goes home. Brett tells him that it makes him nervous about some girls thing and he is the only guy on the block. Fessy says no matter what, if he wins 2 girls are going up.

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4:30 AM BBT Brett and Fessy are still in the hot tub talking about the girls alliance. If this keeps up, they will have a 2/3 shot of winning HoH every week. They are in a good position.


4:33 AM BBT Fessy tells Brett about the last few days before Kaitlyn left. Tyler thought Fessy was jealous of their friendship. Fessy didn't know at the time that Kaitlyn had told Tyler that he had feelings for her.  No wonders he thought I was jealous of them.


4:35 AM BBT Fessy and Brett continue to talk about Kaitlyn. They really hope that her boyfriend at home does not exist. They feel sorry for the dude if he does. Earlier Brett stated that she propositioned him on Day 2. Fessy said it was day 8 for him. Probably Tyler too. 3 guys and she walks in and makes soul mates right away. Brett "That's probably why she sent Winston home. He didn't fall for that sh*t. 


4:38 AM BBT Brett tells Fessy that if the noms stay the same then it has to be the girls working together. 


4:50 AM BBT Brett tells Fessy that if he goes, there is a really good chance that the girls will be the only ones left in the hand. They are at a point where they can still bounce back, but not if he goes. This is such a simple naive move for them not to see this coming. 


4:57 AM BBT Brett and Fessy are now out of the hot tub. Brett is in the shower. He says the hot tub has turned his skin blue. His hair follicles are blue. 

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5:06 AM BBT Brett goes to bed. Fessy has taken a shower and gets dressed. He brushes his teeth, puts the hair on the top of his head in a pony tail, then heads to the lounge to pray.



5:15 AM BBT Finally the whole house is in bed and all the lights are out. 


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8:30 AM BBT JC wakes up and gets his mic pack. He goes to the SR door but does not get inside. He goes towards the KT and looks around to the back of the island like he suspects something or someone is back behind it. He then goes to the WC and heads straight back to the SR without ever stopping to wash his hands. This time he is able to get inside the SR and replaces his battery. JC then heads back to bed. The house lights go back out and is again quiet. BB will probably let them sleep in because it was a very long night. 


9:00 AM BBT No wake up call yet. 


10:00 AM BBT Still all quiet.


10:02 AM BBT Wake up call. 


10:13 AM BBT The feeds return, Sam is the only one shown up and she is making coffee. She stops, looks up at the camera, and gives us a good morning smile. 




10:25 AM BBT Tyler is awake. He comes into the KT and asks Sam what she is making. She says banana pancakes, french toast, and bacon. 

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10:30 AM BBT BB calls out to Sam and it makes her jump. "Sam, please go to the DR." Sam "Every f*ing morning." 


10:40 AM BBT Kaycee has joined Sam in the KT. They hug. Sam says she is going to go outside and warm up since the BY is open. Sam goes out and lights up a cigarette. 


10:43 AM BBT Sam asks Kaycee if she is a replacement nom. Kaycee says that she has not heard her name at all. Sam says that's all she needs to know. Kaycee tells her that unless Tyler is 180% sure that they aren't in jeopardy, he won't use it. 


10:45 AM BBT In the BY, Sam tells Kaycee that as long as she, Kaycee and Tyler are okay, then she is okay. Tyler and Kaycee are her babies and the only ones that there is no question about. Everybody else, those are decisions that will need to be made. That's all she needs to know. Kaycee says she will keep Sam up to date on the bullet posts.


10:55 AM BBT Sam and Kaycee are still talking in the BY. After agreeing to their loyalty to each other and to Tyler, they discuss doing the Amazing Race together. If either of them are asked to the Amazing Race they will say yes, but only if the other person does it too.  

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11:00 AM BBT In the BY, Sam and Kaycee talk about the importance of respect in the game. Kaycee says that is why she gets so angry when people do things like when they switched the vote to frame Tyler. Sam asks who they think did it. Kaycee tells her the word of the house is that it was Scottie. 


11:10 AM BBT Sam is back inside cooking again. "This bacon isn't very good....center cut my a**."


11:12 AM BBT BB "Hello house guests. It is going to be a hot one out there today. Don't forget your sunscreen." Sam "That was nice."

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5:30 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 follow Scottie around the house as he does dishes and sweeps the floor. Feeds 3 and 4 show Kaycee, Haleigh and Rachel in the hammock with Bayleigh sitting down next to them. Bayleigh is telling them that she has 2 best friends from childhood and 2 best friends from college and they would fight for her attention when attending events together with her. She had to tell them that she loved them all. 


5:41 PM BBT Sam, Fessy and Scottie are in the KT. Scottie is cooking slop. Sam "Is everyone still avoiding everybody?" Scottie "That's happening?"


5:43 PM BBT Scottie tells Fessy that the other side of the house sees him, Tyler, Angela and Rachel as an alliance of 4. That's why they want me gone. They want to recruit Tyler. And Rachel thinks this week there is a backdoor plan. Fessy says then she's stupid. 


5:45 PM BBT Scottie to Fessy "Next week if we win HoH Rachel and Angela need to go up." Fessy "Tyler willing to go for that?" Scottie "He said he would." Fessy says that whether intentional or not, the girls are picking them off. Therefore the guys cannot turn on each other. 


5:50 PM BBT Tyler and JC are in the BY working out. Both of them are complaining of right shoulder pain. They think it is from sleeping on the disks in the HN room. Tyler says if the next comp is endurance there is no way he isn't winning it.


5:56 PM BBT Haleigh, Angela, Bayleigh, Kaycee and JC are in the BY doing abs together. Fessy and Rockstar are in the hammock discussing that they need to start pulling their weight by winning some HoHs. 



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6:04 PM BBT A black crow has flown to the yard and is making cawing noises their way. JC says that the crow came with a message from Kaitlyn.


6:08 PM BBT Fessy is telling Rockstar about how Christmas, with her broken foot, won a foot race in the BB house. Fessy thinks that Paul should have won. He can't believe they picked a winner who never won any comps and barely got any air time.


6:10 PM BBT Rockstar to Fessy as they swing in the hammock. Tyler is going to have be backdoored. You put him on the block he is going to take himself down. Rockstar asks him who JC would put up if he won HoH. Fessy says that he won't say. He only says he will talk about it when it happens. Not before. Fessy says that makes him uncomfortable. 


6:17 PM BBT Fessy and Rockstar are still in the hammock. Fessy would be happy with a battle back if Swaggy came back because he would be a number for them. If it was anyone else, he would be mad. A battle back from jury would be cool. 


6:18 PM BBT Rockstar and Fessy are talking about their group of 4, the two of them with Haleigh and Bayleigh. Scottie thinks they are with them too. Which is cool so they might as well go with it.


6:24 PM BBT JC says he always finishes his workout with push ups. He tries to get Angela to do some with him. Angela says no because she doesn't want big arms. JC "It is good for your titties." Angela "My titties are fake so..."

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07:00PM BBT Angela is eating peanut butter talking in the PBR with Rachel and Kaycee about how Rachel likes to sprawl out.  Angela said that she remembers JC telling Rachel to get her vagina off of him.


07:02PM BBT Bayleigh is quietly stretching in the BY while Fessy is in the hot tub.


07:04PM BBT The feeds go to fish for a minute and return to Bay and Sam in a long hug by the pool table.




07:04PM BBT Rachel said that she didn't eat yesterday because she just felt disgusting. She opens the PBR doors so they can see into the BBR.  Kaycee said she's tired, and that she's not saying anything more until after the veto.  Rachel wants to see Tyler's face when she asks if he'll use the POV on her.


07:06PM BBT Scottie is cooking in the kitchen, while Bay, JC and Haleigh come in.  Brett tells the girls in the PBR that he's a freak because he's always smelling his clothes, and then goes to the KT for a coffee refill.


07:08PM BBT Bayleigh told Rachel that people were going to her saying "why not send Rachel home instead of Brett". Angela asks who said that to Bay, but she didn't know.


07:09PM BBT Rachel and Angela are getting testy in the PBR.  There is an obvious lack of communication between the two.  Bay comes into the PBR and asks how everyone is doing.  Rachel is suddenly perky and says "I'm GREAT!  I've been sleeping all day!"


07:11PM BBT Bay is taking Snapchat pics of the girsls with her sunglasses.  They all pose and then realize that their taking a video.




07:13PM BBT Bay takes a video of the girls asking them to say one word that they feel America feels about them.  KC: "grounded", Angela: "emotional", Rachel: "FABULOUS".


07:14PM BBT Sam does laundry in the BY while talking with Haleigh who is sitting on the blanket on the grass.  They talk about how they feel about each other and try to make each other understand that there is love and like between them.


07:16PM BBT Bay does a handstand in the PBR and then falls on Kaycee, kicking her in the face.  They all laugh, while Rachel gets it on the Snapchat glasses.




07:20PM BBT Angela wants to stop talking.  Rachel keeps going on about Bay's opening up to her about the power and they have trust.  Rachel starts yelling in a window trying to make her understand that Bay or Tyler is lying.  This conversation has been going on for 24 hours now. [ad nauseum]


07:23PM BBT Fessy comes over and helps Sam with the laundry.  He takes the folded laundry inside and asks Haleigh to help him.


07:27PM BBT In the HN room, Rachel asks Tyler to reiterate the POV conversation he had with Bayleigh, as she is not comprehending.  He talks slowly.


07:30PM BBT Haleigh and Fessy talk in a PBR bed about her having fun last night, when it was everyone doing the same thing.  She doesn't like the way he makes her feel bad for acting like a 21 year old.





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07:32PM BBT Angela and KC are in the Jenga lounge, going back over who first suggested that Angela be the replacement nominee.


07:36PM BBT Rachel goes to the BY where Rockstar and Sam are talking about working out, or the choice to NOT work out.  She then heads right back in and joins Ang and KC in the Jenga room.


07:40PM BBT Tyler confirms to Haleigh that he promised Bay he wouldn't use the POV. Fessy and Haleigh joke around about their pitches asking Tyler to use the POV on them. KC joins them in the BBR as she goes through her clothes.


07:42PM BBT Tyler can't believe he's a HN this week, but that he had a slow time in the comp. He said he did really well in the practice round.


07:43PM BBT In the BY, RS gives Sam a pep talk about how you don't need to wear booty shorts and a sports bra to be beautiful and was rocking the rockabilly look the other night. They hug and Sam says it means a lot.

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07:32PM BBT Angela and KC are in the Jenga lounge, going back over who first suggested that Angela be the replacement nominee.


07:36PM BBT Rachel goes to the BY where Rockstar and Sam are talking about working out, or the choice to NOT work out.  She then heads right back in and joins Ang and KC in the Jenga room.


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08:18PM BBT The feeds are back.  JC accidentally smacked Rachel in the mouth and she was bleeding.  She is now playing pool with Tyler.


08:27PM BBT KC and Tyler in the BBR talking about how the guys on both sides know about the girls' alliance because they're telling them. 


08:32PM BBT KC, Angela Haleigh and Bay are eating in the kitchen.  Bay said that Sam was having an insecure day today and needed reassurance that she's not large.  They 


08:33PM BBT Brett is working out in the BY while Scottie swings on the hammock.  They talk about drones and air space and how 6 million people are watching the show, and how he's bragged about speaking in front of 200 people.  It's hard to register how many people are watching.


08:35PM BBT Brett said that other countries probably watch the American show over the others because they're the only season that's allowed to whisper.  [?]


08:36PM BBT Brett asks Scottie if he's tight with Bayleigh.  Scottie says that he thinks so, but she's pissed at him, and then starts humming.




08:45PM BBT Scottie talks about what they eat that our bodies don't want, but that we eat anyway and condition our bodies to want them.  Brett talks about fat being good and needs it to survive because it's a sustainable source of energy, but that the world tells us that fat is bad.


08:48PM BBT Brett: "a steak without fat doesn't taste that good", and that dogs love the fat on steak.


08:57PM BBT Scottie and Brett continue the conversation about different animals and what they eat.  Meanwhile, Tyler and Angela are in the WA talking about the POV.  Angela tells Tyler that Scottie is gunning for Tyler because he's a fierce competitor.  He said oh yeah, everyone is - that's ok.


08:59PM BBT Tyler says "Bayleigh's gotta go".  Angela said that they've got to win HOH next week, and that it'll be easier because Fessie and Scottie are on slop.

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BB Time 8:46pm

Bathroom area

camera 3


Tyler and Angela


Tyler is telling Angela he can't use the veto, and Angela says Rachel told her that Scottie is coming for Tyler. Tyler says he knows that.

Angela: Everyone is coming after everyone.


Tyler: competitions are easier and easier to win every week. I thought I was being back doored this week.


Angela says Baleigh thinks Tyler is a lone wolf.


Tyler: Baleigh has to go

Angela: yeah

Tyler: It is not a good thing we are losing Rachel, JC is trying to keep the sides even, he's scared that if he votes this way Fessie will be against him but I am going to blame it on Scottie. It is a good thing Brett and Scottie are hanging out so much, JC can blame Scottie for it.


Kaycee comes into the room.


Angela: Tyler is sure I am going up.

Kaycee: Are they falling for it, or do they still think the girl alliance...

Tyler: Before this week Fessy wanted me to put up two girls because of the alliance, but this week he is calling it bulls**t.


JC comes into the room and talk abruptly stops.


JC wonders what time it is, (it is 9:02pm). JC says they called him the DR because of Rachel. Before he says more BB calls him out about talking about production and we get Fish. (I swear there is a pink fish that stares at me every time, surely it is not taped and repeated!)


camera comes back to the bathroom area, now it is just general chat, no game talk.


Tyler had slop earlier (he called it oats), and wonders if there are pickles, he leaves to go to the kitchen.


JC wants to know what Kaycee is thinking, she claims she is really tired, she stayed up late, then got up early.


Angela asks JC if Tyler will use the veto, and JC says he doesn't think he will, that she should relax, get the ceremony over and get on with this. He tells her it was hard for him last week, he felt stress. He knows if he goes on the block with Rachel he is at risk.


Angela: She is p****sing people off this week.

JC: She definitely p****sed me of.


They continue to talk about Rachel, mostly mumbles while Kaycee sits silently in the room.


JC says his worries about the block is making him uncomfortable. He gets nervous and doesn't sleep well. They laugh about what America thinks about their mistakes in competitions, (they are talking about the veto competition—sounds like it was a good one). JC says he was guessing, he mentions a clock.


Kaycee: There was just so much, I did'nt....(see that part).




Camera 1


back yard


Rachel and Faysal are laying on a blanket talking about the have not room. Faysal says the bed is so small and he is not flexible, Rachel agrees. Faysal tells her about a dream that there were two separate big brother houses. (Rachel says there was a rumor like that once. ) Faysal tells her in that dream he had friends in the other house, he got a day pass to the gym and he used phones. Faysal says things happen so fast you forget the last week, that the HOH is so quick after eviction you move on. They go over the names of people who have been evicted, Faysal didn't think Swaggy, Kaitlyn or Winston would be out so soon, but wasn't surprised by Steve's eviction because he was older. (granny smacks Faysal).


Tyler comes outside with his bowl, and Faysal asks how he made his slop, and Tyler says he added Oats, chocolate powder, splenda, honey, and uncooked oats. (good grief) Rachel decides to go find something to eat. Faysal wants to know how long it would take him to grow his hair as long as Tyler's, and Tyler tells him about a year, but he tied it up and had the sides shaved. Faysal goes inside the house and the camera moves to the patio.


Haleigh, Baleigh, Rockstar and Sam are talking, but Sam tells them she has bent their ears long enough, but they tell her that she calms him down. Angela comes out right after Sam asks if there are decisions to be made. Baleigh says she told Sam we have 50 more days, and you are missing your family, she laughs because Sam thought she was going up.


Sam: I thought it was a mercy kill.


Baleigh leaves to take a shower, Sam is working on a craft of some kind. She has used a part of a canister in the storage room as a frame an is weaving something around and through it. (maybe a dream catcher of some kind?) Haleigh is talking about spider catching


(Sam has a jar with a spider in it, she built a habitat, and feeds it bugs. Earlier today the house guests were watching the spider catch and trap the bug)


BB Time 9:35pm

all cameras in back yard


Brett is doing his exercise routine, he is explaining his routine.


Angela: You're so smart! (Angela is off camera sharing the hammock with Rachel)

Brett: Yeah, my friend is a doctor, his name is Winston

(he earned groans from the house guests and a smile from granny)


Rachel says the hammock is higher, and Angela tells her Sam fixed it. Faysal starts his weight lifting and Rachel asks Angela if she is sleeping in Baleigh's room tonight. Angela says yes, she is waiting for 10pm. Rachel misses home and the real world, her friends and Charlie. But not that much.


Camera 3



Tyler and Sam are talking about the final three deal (Sam, Tyler, and Kaycee). They are interrupted by JC, who is looking for the fingernail clippers. He leaves and talk continues. Sam says she has feelings for everyone, but eventually anyone but the three of them just become a decision. She draws on things in her life that were hard during the game, she says Tyler has deep determination.


JC comes back with the make up bag.


JC: I love you

Sam: I love you too

JC: It was for Tyler, but.

Sam: well F you. (laughing)

JC: I mean it for you too, I love you.

Sam: I love you too, you little F***er


They are all laughing as he goes back in the door with the make up bag.


Sam is tossing balls in the air, (I am wondering if she is trying to knock out a bug for her spider) It could be a bat though, because she sees a shadow and is following it with her pointer finger and hand (if you are from the south, she is doing what we would do to point out a star) Sam says she is going to go to Australia. Bat sighting is confirmed, Sam says she wants to see the bat. Sam tells Tyler that she often went night fishing in a canoe while in WV, she had a minnow on her line for bait. She says she got snagged often in the trees, she went to cast, thought she got caught it a tree, but she had hooked a bat between the wings. It flew on the end of her line and she reeled it in. Her ex had to help her get it off, the bat survived. She says she found a tiny bat while she was at a man made lake with friends, she says hanging out but really there to smoke pot and stuff. She tried to put the bat in a jar. Tyler says she makes pets of everything. She is moving her hands to cover light trying to see the bat, she asks Big Brother to turn off the lights so she can see it. She talks about how small hummingbirds are, she says they feel like vibrating cotton balls. Sam says her small time frame goal is to get land and start a small farm, and keep bees, maybe in WV. Sam traps a honey bee, Tyler wants to know if she is feeding it to Charlotte (the spider), she says no, the honey bee is harmless, and has an important job to do. She is looking to see if it is male or female, but she is not sure. Sam tells about how honey bee communities work, how the queen bee attracts the males. She knows quite a bit about this, (you can see it on camera 3, 9:56pm) She lets the bee out of the glass and it stings her, she says it did not, but she jumped and said “Oooh” Tyler tells her to give it to Charlotte if it dies, but Sam says Charlotte will not eat dead things.


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Camera 3 moves to other side of back yard



Rachel and Angela


Rachel: So there is not all girl alliance.

Angela: uh huh

Rachel: why did he say he had bigger fish to fry?

Angela: it is just Scottie.


Rachel tells her that Baleigh told her about the power because she was trying to earn trust. Rachel tells Angela she is the only one Rachel has told (She told Brett), and she won't share it unless she has to.


Angela: She has come to me and said “I want to work with you, rachel and Kaycee

Rachel: she told me that too. I cannot sit next to you that would be the worst thing ever.

Angela: how many people would want that

Rachel: I guess we are a couple now


They are talking about the mis information that was going around the house last night. Rachel is trying to explain what was said, is clarifying the players in the melee. Rachel thinks Baleigh lied to her, she does not believe Tyler lied. Angela says last night it did not add up, she thought people were lying. Rachel said Baleigh told her she would put up a guy, but Tyler isn't using it. Rachel says Baleigh told her she would put JC up by Rachel. Angela says Baleigh is telling everyone what they want to hear and Tyler would be in a bad position because the boys want Brett gone. Angela says they are at the point in the game that everyone is everyone else's target, there are no big targets. Rachel thinks Rock Star would put them up and back door Tyler. Rachel says if Baleigh has the power to change nominations and he uses the veto, Baleigh could put him up next week by changing the nominations. They agree it is best not to use it.


Rachel: If he knew what I know he would not use it.

Angela: can she use it after the first nominations

Rachel: no, just the first two

Angela: well we need to stay on her good side.


The girls are talking about the players and Rachel admits it was a mistake to not fight against going on the block. Angela says you did it and she turned it around. Rachel wonders if Brett is upset that she is up with him, but Angela does not know. They are talking about who could be put up if Tyler uses the veto. Angela says Tyler is talking to everyone on the other side of the house, but he told her can not risk her going up too. Both girls think Tyler is a target because he does so well. They are watching Sam and Tyler and wonder if Tyler is working for Sam's vote for Rachel. Angela says she can't talk game with her (Sam). They see Rock Star coming out and mutter,


Angela: “Don't come over here, Rock Star no one wants to talk to you.”

Rachel: Baleigh told me from the get go that Scottie would be the replacement nominee.


Rachel says that at least they know who will control the next nominations. She is thinking out loud about who Scottie would put up, but Angela thinks it would be Rachel and herself to back door Tyler. The leave the hammock.



The camera moves to the patio



The bee has died. They think it was murdered by the bat.


Tyler is going inside and Sam says she will come and inspect the bed for him. Rock Star joins her for a cigarette while they listen to the train/plane nearby. Rock Star says when she was a teenager people talked about back packing hippie kids that hopped a freight car to leave the city.


Sam: what a life

Rock Star: I want my kids to do whatever they want to do.

Sam: I hope the same for my kids, like my mom raised me. She did the best she could for me.


Tyler interrupts, he is taking in the blankets from the have not room.


Rock Star says her mother never encouraged her to had adventures, so she stayed near home. She says her mom is very practical, but she encouraged Rock Star to come to Big Brother.


Camera moves again


sky walk

Scottie and Haleigh


They are at the chess board.


Haleigh: We just have to consider.....because...they only way to change that is to change all their minds, we couldn't flip. Theoretically ….he (??) is the head of the snake.

Scottie: He was just talking about how he (??) campaigned against Rachel.


Angela comes past and into the HOH room and the camera follows her.


Baleigh is saying that on her next HOH she hopes she hears that her sister is pregnant. (optimism?) She asks Angela for the location of everyone in the house.


Rachel comes into the room, and Baleigh tells her she was crying earlier and Kaycee came to console her.


Baleigh: You will see when you are HOH, the emotions just roll over you.


She leave to go shower, and Angela takes the remote to watch the house. With the exception of Tyler, no one is on camera. Baleigh tells them that if any of them win a spa day, she expects them to pick her to go with them. Angela thinks the table is smaller, but Rachel says it is the same size. They are trying to decide if they should make puppy chow, and they are mentally going over the list of what they have in the pantry they could use. They watch Tyler go into the DR, and Brett make food in the kitchen. They feel sorry for Tyler as a have not, someone says “and Scottie” I hear “not him.” They all giggle.


(These girls remind me of my great granddaughters when they stay overnight, just trouble waiting to happen)

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BB Time 10:38

have not room

camera 1

JC and Faysal


JC is called out to put on his microphone, he has to leave the room to find it. He goes to the door and sees no one in the back yard. He checks the geometry room, no one is there,


JC: Where is the people in this house?


He goes to the HOH room but the door is locked.


JC: It is closed so it is business time.


He walks away and they open the door for him.


Scottie and Haleigh are still involved in the chess game, he keeps putting her in check, it looks like she has just a few pieces left.

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