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Saturday, July 14 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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8:30 am BBT Wake up in the BB house. Winston is slurping coffee while Sam gets ready to cook breakfast. (Sam reminds me of Alice the housekeeper in the Brady house) Angela wanders in, gets a hug and Winston tells about a dream he had last night. Angela is straining a black liquid into the sink. It looked like tea, but if it was, she’s tossing the tea and saving the tea leaves. Angela says we are probably up early to pick players for the Veto.


8:40am BBT Winston is laying bacon onto a foil covered cookie pan. Angela says she hopes she gets picked today so she will have something to do. Winston tells her not to worry about what he told her yesterday (about the plan to make her a replacement nominee). He says he has a good feeling about ti all. She says she does too.


8:45am BBT JC can be seen hopping into the bed with Kaitlyn and Tyler. She is probably happy to scoot closer to Tyler.

Bayleigh has gotten up and headed to the HOH bedroom.

Sam is back in the kitchen looking for something with a spout.


(TYLER, RACHEL, JC, PLEASE PUT ON YOUR MICROPHONES) JC says, we are not talking, shut up!


8:55am BBT Scottie tells Bayleigh that  he was woken early by BB for the DR.  She is talking and saying uh huh to everything Scottie says. Uh huh. Uh huh.

The camera in the kitchen zooms in on the maple syrup bottle to reveal that it is 100% Pure Grade A Amber Color New Taste Maple Syrup. Yummy.

Bayleigh says lots of the HG are saying whatever Scottie wants they will do. She says Winston finally spoke this morning so I think he’s coming around. Bayleigh is playing with Scotties sisters cupcake. She says it looks like a dog toy. He asks her if she ever saw the Spongebob episode with Kevin and the Jellyfish Club? She says, uh huh. [really? 2 adults in the same room that watch Spongebob? Uh huh  - monadyan] The cupcake looks like it has tentacles, she says.


9:00am BBT Scottie and Bayleigh in the HOH. She is wide awake talking a mile a minute about everything she is thinking he needs to know and he’s barely speaking. He’s laying on his stomach with his eyes closed. She says his HOH room is quiet. He says yep. She says no one is even her trying to use the bathroom, it’s Haleighs favorite bathroom you know. Yep, he says.  (BB-SCOTTIE PLEASE GO TO THE DIARY ROOM) He throws on a shirt and his glasses, she exits the room.


9:07am BBT Scotty heads to the DR. As he passes the kitchen gang he shouts, Good Morning Krusty Crew! (FISH) And we see the race course snowman comp from the Derrick season.

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9:54 am BBT.  Playing in the Veto Comp is:  Rachel, Rockstar, Tyler, Scottie, Brett and Winston.  Bayleigh is hosting.  


JC and Tyler in SR.  JC says u have to throw the veto.  Tyler says I know.  JC says but don’t be stupid about it.  Tyler says Scottie said if anyone uses the veto he’ll target them.  


9:56 am BBT.  JC says if we don’t get Brett out now we might not get another chance.  As JC leaves the SR he says don’t win the veto.  JC goes into the BBR and says to Rachel he can’t wait to see her make the veto her bitch.  Kaitlyn, Bayleigh and Rockstar in the bathroom.  Bayleigh is doing Rockstar’s hair.  In the BBR JC tells Rachel and Angela he thinks Kaitlyn has the power and thinks Bayleigh got the 2nd one.  He swears he doesn’t have it.  They are goongn thru all the houseguests trying to figure it out.  Scottie & Kaycee are playing foosball.  


9:59 am BBT.  JC says he know who got the 1st power but he’s not going to say bcuz that lerson doesn’t want him to (Rachel and Angela already know, Tyler told them).   JC says Scottie didn’t want to go after their group, he just wanted to pit the bros up bcuz they work together.  They say maybe Winston should go them if he’s a liability.  JC says Rachel needs to throw the veto so people aren’t coming after her.  JC says let Rockstar win.  They laugh that he’s feeding her ego and making her look stupid.  JC says if you're gonna throw the veto, throw it smart.  


10:04 am BBT.  Brief WBRB.  JC says hopefully they’ll see the comp and not be locked up.  Winston has joined the BBR crew.  They say JC aleays says you’re welcome.  He  says you’re welcome u get my presence.  JC tells Winston he wanted to play the veto to destroy him.  Brief WBRB again.  


10:07 am BBT.  Rachel asks Winston what he said to Scottie.  He said Scottie told him he was a big threat and Winston asked what changed between 3 am and then?  He said at 3 am they were laughing up there.  Winston says Scottie told the whole house he didn’t vote for Winston to stay and he did!  Rachel says I wish u didn’t blow up.  Winston says I didn’t, he’s making it a bigger deal than it was.  Brett comes into BBR.  Scottie and Kaycee eating bacon in the KT.  Sam has made slop. 

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10:20 am BBT.  General chat about who has competed in how many comps or hosted.  Others are in bathroom getting ready.  


10:25 am BBT.  Rockstar and Kaitlyn in PBR.  Rockstar says all she can do is her best and Kaitlyn says my life is depending on it (Kaitlyn is afraid of being the replacement).   Rockstar says they clearly see her as expendable and haven’t tried to get to know her.  Rockstar says Winston didn’t even try to campaign last week to her.  Rockstar leaves.  


10:29 am BBT.  Kaitlyn wants a girl to win today’s veto and the whole game. 

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10:52 am BBT.  Kaitlyn is massing Scottie’s face with her oils on the couch outside the HOHR.  Tyler and Kaycee whispering in the lounge.  Scottie tells Kaitlyn he thinks the veto will only get used if one of the bros win.  Kaitlyn said before yesterday she wanted Winston out but Rockstar made a good arguement that when else will we get Brett out.  Scottie says he doesn’t care whichever oeople want, but they guys will have to campaign against each other.  Scottie says he dodn’t appreciate being threatened.  Tyler and Kaycee saying it would be better for Sam to keep someone this week to keep the numbers.  They think they have a good chance to win HOH next week.  Tyler says we’re screwed then if one of us is up next week, but it’s so important to save one of them this week. 

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11:00 am BBT.  Kaitlyn still giving Scottie a face massage. Tyler and Kaycee still going over scenarios of Sam using her power this week or not.  If Sam uses it this week she has control over it.  Next week she may not have control over who gets the chance to come back in, unless someone from their side is up again. 

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11:00 am BBT.  Kaitlyn still giving Scottie a face massage. Tyler and Kaycee still going over scenarios of Sam using her power this week or not.  If Sam uses it this week she has control over it.  Next week she may not have control over who gets the chance to come back in, unless someone from their side is up again.  


11:06 am BBT.  Tyler and Kaycee leave the lounge.  Bayleigh and Angela getting ready in bathroom.  Rockstar is sitting in there watching.  Winston and JC talking in BBR.  General chat.  Angela comes in and lays down.  Scottie informs Kaitlym that there are podcasts about BB.  Kaitlyn telling Scottie and the live feeders about good podcasts and books about detox and spiritual stuff...


11:08 am BBT.  Angela and Kaycee in SR.  Kaycee saying Tyler and Rachel with throw the veto to the boys.  Kaycee thinks if Rachel wins kne of them would go up.  Angela says Scottie promised them safety.  Kaycee says Sam may need to use her power this week or it gets used automatically next week.  Kaycee hopes one of the bros wins and Kaitlyn goes up bcuz she put up Scottie’s friend Swaggy.  They think they have a better chance of winning HOH next week rather than having the power used automatically.  Kaycee says it was Faysal’s idea to put the bros up.  She says he told Scottie they had to carry out Swaggy’s wishes.  


11:14 am BBT.  WBRB.  


11:15 am BBT.  JC and Winston talking in BBR. 

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11:17 am BBT.  Scottie and Angela talking in HOHR.  Scottie says he was convinced he’s be the 1st HG eliminated.  Brett, JC and winston talking in BBR.  Angela gets called to the DR.   


11:27 am BBT.  Kaitlyn, Scottie, Bayleigh, Rockstar, Tyler and Haleigh in HOHR.  General talk, waiting for the veto comp. 

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11:42 am BBT.  Sam, Winston and Kaycee whispering in bathroom.  They’re talking about using Sam’s power possibly this week.  Winston says Scottie has been lying but is playing a good game bcuz everyone is buying his bull.  Winston says everybody has forgotten about last week.  Winston says he’s gotta win or he may be going home.  Winston says Scottie played him, was all friendly at 3 am then blindsided him.  Scottie told Winston he couldn’t beat him.  Winston says he may tell Faysal and all of them that scottie voted for him if he has to he that in his back pocket.  Winston says it’ll be interesting.  He wants to do good in 1 competition.  

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11:50 am BBT.  Faysal has joined the HOHR crew.  They think the comp may be something where they get messy.  Sam and Kaycee in the bathroom.  Sam is blowdrying her hair.  Kaycee leaves, her and Angela join the HOHR crew.  Brett, Winston and JC talking in BBR.  General chat.  

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12:06PM BBT  Rachel and Kaitlyn are kissing on JC in the HOHR bed and he says "stop with the kissing - I don't know where your mouth has been in this house".  Fessy says "he loves it", and JC says "I'm not loving it - I'm going to start grabbing titties, and then they'll be like ahh ahh I'm being raped, hashtag me too!"  The girls school him on not joking about that.




12:28PM BBT Production tells the HG "NO NAPPING"


12:29PM BBT Brett and Winston play Jenga in the lounge.


12:31PM BBT Sam is curling her hair in the washroom with Brett, Kaycee and Angela.  They're practicing word spelling so the veto must be forming the words.


12:33PM BBT Kaitlyn is holding court in the kitchen with Tyler, Bayleigh, Rockstar and Haleigh telling stories of dating life while in the sorority.


12:34PM BBT Winston also joins Sam and Brett in the bathroom area practicing words with 10 letters with lots of consonants because there are more of those than vowels.


12:37PM BBT Fessy is called out by production for napping.


12:39PM BBT Bayleigh is joking that they'll probably dress her up in a hot dog as the veto comp leader.


12:43PM BBT Winston compliments Angela on her outfit and she says "this? it's so simple".  "that's why I like it".  


12:45PM BBT In the kitchen, Tyler is complimenting Kaitlyn on being photogenic as she stands next to the memory wall pic of herself.


12:49PM BBT Angela tells Brett, Winston and Sam that she's scared for their side.  Brett pretends to read the bible from the side of the bottle he's holding.


12:51PM BBT Tyler and Kaitlyn go into the PBR bed and stare at each other, reassuring each other that they'll be ok.


12:55PM BBT Kaitlyn tells Tyler that she hopes he wins HOH next.  She also hopes that a girl wins this season of BB.  He says "I don't"


12:58PM BBT Kaitlyn tells Tyler that if it's between her and someone else that he could win over, to pick that person.  She's says it's ok, it's a game.



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01:03PM BBT Bayleigh tells Rockstar, Haleigh, Kaycee and Scottie in the kitchen about how good it is to laugh, and tells a story of her parents being at the symphony and laughing inappropriately.  


01:07PM BBT Tyler and Kaitlyn continue to talk in the PBR about how much they appreciate each other.  She picks at something on his neck.


01:17PM BBT Kaycee and Bayleigh talk about candies in the lounge.


01:18PM BBT Bayleigh asks Kaycee what her dealbreakers are for friendship or dating.  Kaycee says she's looking for realness.


01:24PM BBT Sam, Brett and Angela are in the bathroom lounge laughing about funny cures for hiccups.


01:38PM BBT Sam walks into the PBR and Haleigh tells her that she looks pretty. They start talking game when Winston comes in to sit and the conversation turns to nail polish.


01:40PM BBT The HG are trying to figure out when the veto comp will start since they were waken up so early.


01:41PM BBT Haleigh said she's ready to be 38 years old and drinking wine with her husband, when she'll be SET.


01:44PM BBT Haleigh and Kaitlyn tell Winston that  he presents himself as unavailable, and if he feels at the bottom of the totem pole, that he put himself there.


01:46PM BBT Bayleigh and Kaycee continue to talk about life in the Jenga lounge.


01:48PM BBT Haleigh and Kaitlyn show each other the face that they were prepared to make if they saw their picture during the nomination ceremony.  Haleigh would smile because it was coming from Scottie.


01:49PM BBT The have nots are discussing what they're going to eat tonight.  Eggs, bacon, apple, BLT, PBJ, etc. - all being thrown out there.


01:50PM BBT They're all ready for the POV comp to start and are bored.  Kaitlyn asks if she can put her BB experience on her resume.


01:59PM BBT Kaitlyn starts to meditate and walks JC through it, telling him to think of all that he's grateful for.

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02:01PM BBT Haleigh goes up to the HOHR and joins Scottie, who's dressed in a jumpsuit and adding nick nack clothing to his arms.  She asks if he's nervous for the comp, and he says no.  He has purple tips in his hair and adds more eye liner.



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2:06 PM BBT  Winston is lounging in the WA. He is talking to himself. He sarcastically states that BB did a great job in regards to casting. He also questions why everyone is scared of "him" when he can't even compete next week. 


2:14 PM BBT The girls have given Scottie a makeover. They are giving him a rocker appearance. They went so far as to give him earrings by using nail polish on his ears. Meanwhile Tyler goes and lays down next to Kaitlyn. She calls him Tylie Tylie (pronounced Ty-Lee). JC is annoyed by this and hops over to her and pretends to choke her. He then pretends to smuggle her with a bikini top. BB calls out to him to put on his microphone. 


2:19 PM BBT Bayleigh is called to the DR. Tyler tells Kaitlyn that means it is game time. Kaitlyn asks him why. He says because Bayleigh is the host. 


2:21 PM BBT All 4 feeds switch to Scottie and Haleigh in the HOH. Scottie tells her that Brett and Winston won't even look at him. Haleigh can't figure out why they were shocked they were put up. Scottie "They aren't shocked, their pissed." Haleigh tells Scottie that the rest of the house are thinking Brett needs to be the one to go because he is the smarter of the two. 


2:28 PM BBT Haleigh tells Scottie that Kaitlyn thinks she is going to be a replacement nominee. Scottie says that is a possibility. It will need to be one of the girls to control those 4 swing votes. Feeds switch to reruns. Possibly time for the veto. 


2:30 PM BBT It's veto time.

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