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Sunday, July 8 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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12:55pm BBT Scottie has come inside because he got too hot in the sun. Tyler lifting a weight and breathing hard. Rachel and Fessie are jogging around the BY while the yard is filled with sunbathers.


1:00pm BBT JC and Brett in the HOH. JC tells Brett that if they take Winston out and leave Scottie there and put Swaggy up… Wait, says Brett, where are you getting that? Why would Kaitlyn put Swaggy up? JC says, what? (they were testing each other to see who knows what)

Brett says the house is going to erupt! JC says if Fessie gets HOH he is coming for blood. Another thing that is worrying me… do not tell Winston the veto is not going to be used on him. He will go nuts. JC says he’s freaking out about Rachel. He thinks she will lie about things. Winston enters the HOH and says, hey, I thought we were doing legs. Brett says I’m just trying to figure out what he knows about Scottie. Kaitlyn comes in and Brett says we are just trying to figure out what JC knows about Scottie.

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2:04 PM BBT

Bayleigh and Swaggy are in the WA.  Bayleigh asks Swaggy if he’s talked to Kaitlyn today.  She says she’s talked to everyone on their side and all of them said that Kaitlyn hasn’t told them anything, that Kaitlyn’s been shunning them.  Kaitlyn has just been talking to Tyler about everything.  Bayleigh says if Kaitlyn’s not telling them anything, and Tyler’s calling the shots, then she’s probably going to call some really shady shots.

[Swaggy has the shower running so it's hard to hear what they're saying.]


2:15 PM BBT

Swaggy is out of the shower and Faysal is in there talking to him and Bayleigh.

Faysal asks if they have talked to Haleigh today because she seems kind of weird.  Bayleigh tells him that Haleigh’s been feeling neglected by Kaitlyn, and that Rockstar feels the same way.  Faysal says they don’t have to worry about that now because Kaitlyn’s not going to make a move this week.

Bayleigh tells him that next week, Kaitlyn will be right back with Haleigh and Rockstar.  Faysal says they can’t speculate too much about it because she did hold up her end of the bargain by not nominating them.  Bayleigh says it takes an emotional toll on them, though.

Faysal tells her that he was the reason behind all the tension in their group and he’s just trying to put the whole thing back together.  He says that with Kaitlyn, “There’s no game talk, just trying to build that relationship back up.”  He says that when they see him spending time with her, that’s what’s going on.

Bayleigh says that he already knows her one concern.  Faysal says that 1.) she’s safe, and 2.) so much stuff happens moment to moment that everyone will forget all about this and move on.

They agree that it's been pretty small, petty stuff so far, but that someone is going to blow up or snap next week.

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2:50 PM BBT

Haleigh and Kaitlyn in the BY talking about the veto and renom.  Kaitlyn has told her that she plans to put up Swaggy.  Kaitlyn tells her that it wasn’t her intention from the beginning, but that she keeps hearing that Swaggy’s talking about her behind her back.

Kaitlyn thinks Swaggy has the power.  Haleigh says she knows everyone thinks Sam has it this week, but the only reason they think that is that Swaggy and Baleigh claimed they could hear what was happening in the App Store room when Sam got the power.  Swaggy claimed that he had to go to the producers and swear they wouldn’t say anything.  Kaitlyn tells her that Bayleigh and Swaggy are making that up and that she knows for certain that Sam already got the power LAST week, so this story is a lie.

Kaitlyn says that in her veto renom speech, she’ll tell Winston that he was definitely going home this week until someone else (Swaggy) went behind her back.

Haleigh says that she sees Kaitlyn and Tyler have been getting closer.  Kaitlyn says she trusts Tyler but it’s a different relationship than her and Haleigh.

Kaitlyn says she didn’t want to make big moves too early, but has to when provoked.  She says that Winston knows because she told Brett, and Tyler knows.  She wants everyone to see that they don’t have to stick with the lines everyone drew on day one and hopes they see this as her resetting everything.

Kaitlyn tells Haleigh that she made a deal with the other side to keep Haleigh, Rockstar, and Fessy safe.  Haleigh says she trusts her.  Kaitlyn says she’s sorry for being distant and she wanted to tell her about Swaggy so bad.

Kaitlyn thinks America was happy when she won HOH because they knew she would put up Swaggy, and Swaggy must be saying bad things in his DR sessions.  She says everyone is doing a good job at pretending and it’s going to be a shock.

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3:18pm BBT Bayleigh to the camera in the PBR. (In her sweetest fake voice) Hi America, I know you love me. I miss you so much. I can’t wait to talk to you outside of this house. In fact, I’m going to have my own private talk with you because I need to let some energy out. Oh, private, Swaggy says. Private, that means without Christopher, don’t tell him I told you.   

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3:26 PM BBT

Haleigh and Bayleigh in the HOHR.  Haleigh has just told Bayleigh that Kaitlyn is putting up Angela and making a big speech at the renom/veto meeting (Haleigh just found out the backdoor-Swaggy plan but is lying to Bayleigh).

Bayleigh tells Haleigh that she’ll vote for the same person that she does.  She wants to know who Haleigh is leaning towards.

Haleigh says she doesn’t know Winston very well but that he was trying to talk to her in the hammock this morning, even though he hasn’t spoken to her in 3 weeks.

Bayleigh says this is nuts, it’s a big game move.  She says she would be so proud.  “Don’t underestimate little Kait!”

Haleigh says they still have to consider the power though.  Bayleigh says she’s sure it’s Sam’s, because Sam was on TV all the time as a robot, with a sweet little act, cleaning everything.

They keep talking about how crazy the veto ceremony will be.  Haleigh says she’s excited for it.  Bayleigh asks if she thinks the others will come back hard on Kaitlyn for this next week, but says that their own side will win HOH so it’s not a problem.

Haleigh says she hopes Kaitlyn doesn’t change her mind, and Bayleigh says, “She made the doctor speech.  She won’t.”  Haleigh says she’ll make popcorn for it and Bayleigh says, “I’ll do the tea, you do the popcorn.”

Bayleigh says she won’t tell anyone and leaves the HOHR.  Haleigh takes a deep breath and covers her face after Bayleigh leaves.

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3:27 pm Bay and Haleigh in HoH BR. Haleigh says the last she heard Kaitlyn will be making a big move for backdoor target (Although Haleigh knows about Swaggy, they are still talking about Angela). Bay asks who she will vote for because she will vote the same way. Bayleigh says it's such a big game move. She will be so proud. "Don't underestimate little Kait." Hayleigh says we still can't forget about the power. Bay says it's Sam's. She had a lot of exposure being a robot. Haleigh tells Bayleigh that Kaitlyn is planning a big speech. Bay says they will win HoH next week, do you think they will go after Kaitlyn? "Oh for sure." says Kaitlyn. Bay says she is excited. She won't tell anyone. Haleigh says they wull be sitting pretty to jury. Bayleigh hopes somebody cracks. Haleigh says it will happen. Maybe JC. Bay leaves and Haleigh seems to have a little moment. (Guilt I assume). 

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3:48 PM BBT

Haleigh and Rockstar are in the SR.  As soon as they’re alone, Haleigh tells Rockstar, “Don’t tell anyone this, it’s going to happen even if you tell someone.  She’s putting Swaggy up.”

Rockstar is dumbfounded and says she knows there’s nothing she can do about it.  Haleigh tells her that Kaitlyn made a deal to keep them safe.  “If they stay this week, they have to keep us safe.”

Rockstar: “She’s fucking ridiculous.”

Tyler comes into the SR and they quickly switch to food talk.  He leaves and Haleigh immediately tells Rockstar, “He’s in on it too.”

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3:53 PM BBT

Bayleigh and Swaggy in the WA (meanwhile, Rockstar and Haleigh are in the PBR on F1&2 still talking about Swaggy going up).

Bayleigh tells Swaggy what she just learned from Haleigh.  She says Haleigh told her that Tyler convinced Kaitlyn to use put up Angela when he uses the veto.

Swaggy says they just need to steer clear and act like everything’s fine.  He says if Angela goes up, Angela is staying in the house.  He says now they can have a conversation with Angela about working with them, since she wasn’t interested when he tried earlier in the game.  Bayleigh says, “She will be.”

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4:06 BB: "JC please move the gym equipment. You may begin now" Tyler, Swaggy, and Bay and Scottie are watching from the kitchen to see if he does it. JC moves the gym equipment back. The audience inside says they are proud. 



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4:24 pm Kaitlyn to RockStar in PBR Do you know the reaction this meeting will have? Rockstar says she is trying to figure out what reaction she will have. Haleigh says Kaitlyn may change her mind last minute. Rockstar says she hopes so "Tyler is a snake in the grass." 



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4:25 PM BBT

Haleigh and Rockstar in the PBR.  Haleigh is sorting her clothes and says she has so many cute things she hasn’t worn yet.  She says she is saving them if she is ever on the block.  Rockstar tells her she won’t be, and Haleigh says, “Strange things can happen.  Like you could think you’re aligned with omeone and then not be…”

(Brief FotH)

Rockstar asks Haleigh if Kaitlyn directly told her (about Swaggy).  Haleigh confirms that it was when they were outside together.  She says that Kaitlyn told the bros (Winston/Brett) that she knows and Haleigh’s mad because she doesn’t want them knowing what she knows.

Rockstar says she can’t stand them (the bros) and says, “fucking white people.”

Haleigh says Kaitlyn is basically sending herself home with this decision if they have the votes to keep Swaggy this week.

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4:30 PM BBT

Winston and Brett in the LR.  Winston tells Brett that Swaggy and Scottie have been talking together in the last couple days more than ever before.  He says they’re either giving up on hiding it, or they’re very cocky because one of them has a power.

Winston starts talking about his upcoming speeches.  He has to make everyone think he wants Tyler to ues the veto on him.  He wonders how to walk that line.

[Brett is giving him advice but his mic is obstructed so we can’t hear anything].

Winston jokes that he’ll tell Tyler he’s envious of his hair in his speech.


4:37 PM BBT

Bayleigh and Kaitlyn in HOHR.  Bayleigh is saying that it’s interesting to see how everyone is under pressure this week.  She says the last thing she wants is someone rampaging in this house.  She feels the anger might be misdirected.

Kaitlyn say she needs to decide who would be best for her game and that’s who she will put up.

Bayleigh tells her that Angela would be a good choice and believes she’d go after her.


4:40 PM BBT

Rockstar and Faysal in PBR.

Rockstar tells him she doesn’t have a good feeling about this week.  She says Tyler makes her very uncomfortable.  She thinks he plays stupid but that he’s shady.  She says she hasn’t talked to Kaitlyn at all and doesn’t know if they’re using the veto or not.

Faysal says he thinks Angela is going up, and Rockstar says she hopes so.  Faysal says it would be good for them even if Angela stays, because she might come to their side.  Rockstar agrees they could pin it on Tyler.

Faysal asks her how she feels about Rachel, and Rockstar says she likes Rachel.  Faysal says he likes her as a person but she’s always sneaking around.  Rockstar says Rachel is a spy, but not a very good spy.

Faysal is convinced Angela is going up and says it’s a good sign because it shows Kaitlyn is clearly on their side.  If Kaitlyn does this, Angela/Winston's people will be against her and she’ll to be loyal to "us".  Rockstar says again that Tyler has to go and that he's sneaky.

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5:02 PM BBT WBRB. Feeds return at 5:14 PM BBT. Rachel talks to BB. She thanks him for that scare. She needed a scare like that. She asks for BB to do it again. 


5:18 PM BBT Brett and Winston are laying out in the BY. Winston gives off reasons why he should stay in the house. He is the lowest threat in the house when it comes to showmances, which is obvious. I am the lowest threat in the house when it comes to comps too, which is also obvious. Everyone enjoys making fun of me. I do the dishes. I Cook.   


5:24 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are on Bayleigh, Swaggy and Rockstar. Bayleigh asks Rockstar what she thinks is going to happen next. Rockstar replies that Fessy thinks Kaitlyn is putting Angela up. Rockstar says that she doesn't feel good about what is going on. Rockstar says if she won HOH she would go after Tyler. Swaggy says that they need to wait on Tyler. They can get him later. 


5:27 PM BBT Rockstar tells Swaggy and Bayleigh that it is now or never to target Tyler. Rockstar says he has won back to back to back. She also said that Kaitlyn told her that anything that is said to Tyler goes right back to her. Yet Tyler denies it all. 

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BB Time 7:08pm

camera 2


Kaitlyn and Faysal are in the HOH, Brett and Winston

just left the room. Faysal is massaging Kaitlyn's neck and

yawning. Faysal says he only slept 4 hours in the have not room

and Kaitlyn says she is sorry he can't sleep in the HOH room.

He continues to massage her neck, and they are

murmuring sweetly to each other but the words are impossible

to hear. Haleigh and Rock Star come into the HOH and the cuddle/massage

session ends abruptly. Kaitlyn leaves the room.

Haleigh is eating slop, she says she made a perfect serving.

Tyler comes into the room. General chatter begins. The guys are talking about

a talk they had earlier about the attributes of girls they might think are

attractive. Tyler asked a girl for a date before he came into the

game and is going to introduce Faysal to her. Haleigh

is questioning Faysal,

Haleigh:“what kind of girls are you talking about.?”

Haleigh tells them she has a guy she can date anyway.

(methinks she is pithed) She is offering to hook Tyler up

with a girl she knows, and she is describing her.

Faysal: What about me?

Haleigh says something about him not being everyone's cup

of tea. (methinks she is pithed more than I

originally methunk).

Camera is coming and going, by the time it comes

back that conversation has ended.

Camera 3 is showing Baleigh and Swaggy exercising

in the back yard.

7:21pm backyard

Baleigh is instructing Swaggy in some breathing

exercises slash push up/behind lift/leg moving thing

that is impossible to explain. She is showing him something

she calls a halfway lift, and they extend their arms and

drop down. (what they are doing looks like me trying

to get up off the floor if that helps you envision it.)

Baleigh seems to really know what she is doing here,

this would be a good flashback for those of you

that can do it. She is very graceful, and Swaggy is just not.

(bless his heart).

They are completely alone, no one is coming out into the

yard, they aren't talking game at, they are just enjoying

the workout.

Feeds go down, and we see prior episodes of Big



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07:03PM BBT In the HOHR, Kaitlyn interviews Brett with her glasses.  He answers that yes, he's single, his favorite vacation spot is Bora Bora, and that he has a big heart.


07:06PM BBT Swayleigh continue to work out in the BY while Tyler and Scottie play pool.


07:07PM BBT Winston comes up to the HOHR to find Brett, who was up there getting playing to the Snapchat glasses with Fessy and Kaitlyn.


07:09PM BBT Fessy massages Kaitlyn's shoulder up in the HOHR bed.  She was going to ask him if he wanted to sleep upstairs tonight, but he's a have not.


07:11PM BBT Baleigh and Swaggy sit on the ground in the BY post workout.  Brett and Winston are lifting weights.  Rockstar joins Kaitlyn and Fessy upstairs in the HOHR.


07:14PM BBT Fessy says that he slept 4 hours in the HN room today.Haleigh is up in the HOHR eating a bowl of slop.


07:15PM BBT Kaitlyn and Rachel are whispering in the PBR. (Kaitlyn starts singing and the feeds switch back to HOHR)


07:17PM BBT Fessy and Tyler tell Haleigh that they have the same type when it comes to girls - that they must have a good butt.


07:18PM BBT Bayleigh tells Swaggy that her ex likes to email her, and that he goes back and forth between hateful things and nice things.  She says they're never ever getting back together.


07:21PM BBT Bayleigh and Swaggy start to do yoga stretches in the BY.


07:29PM BBT Up in the HOHR Haleigh tells Tyler that his face is so clear, as he is laying his head in her lap on the HOHR couch.  "Maybe that's because I don't pick at it anymore"


07:54PM BBT Bayleigh and Rockstar talk about race in the BY hammock.  Rockstar says that being racist is a power thing.  Blonde vs. brunette doesn't seem to matter, but skin color does - Bayleigh doesn't understand this.


07:58PM BBT Bayleigh tells the story about how she was at Stone Mountain (in Atlanta), where a KKK rally was being run.  She said that she just waved and the guy with the Confederate flag waved back.  Rockstar doesn't understand how Brett and Winston were taking jabs at Obama.

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08:04PM BBT The majority of the HG are around the kitchen table, with the exception of Bayleigh, Fessy and Rockstar, who are in the hammock.


08:05PM BBT Bayleigh goes inside and Rockstar and Fessy remain talking in the hammock.  They continue the race conversation.  Feeds cut to previous seasons.


08:13PM BBT Feeds are back, and Rockstar and Fessy are still in the hammock.  Rockstar said that she would only date younger guys, that she wants to be the younger one.


08:15PM BBT Sam is doing dishes in the kitchen with the other girls helping.  They plan to make something for Rachel's birthday.


08:16PM BBT Rockstar and Fessy discuss politics and how the a lot of the country is not like them.  They're surprised that Haleigh was from a 400 person town and that she managed to escape, and is only 21.


08:19PM BBT Haleigh joins them and Rockstar says that Fessy was about to suck her toes.  He says no, he will not be sucking any toes.  Rockstar says she's about to make herself and Fessy some slop.


08:25PM BBT Fessy talks through his first love and how that relationship mess him up big time.  The feeds cut to Tyler and Scottie playing pool, while JC and Haleigh are talking nearby.  A plane goes overhead and they wave to it.


08:27PM BBT Rachel joins Scottie and Tyler and Scottie plays with the pool balls and scares Tyler because it could've hit him.


08:29PM BBT Rockstar tells Fessy that the honeymoon phase lasts a year, maybe 4 or 5 months.  If you can get past where the physical feelings fade/lust, then it's real love.


08:30PM BBT Winston comes out in a towel and does his laundry.


08:31PM BBT Haleigh said that she wishes they could see the stars out.  They all start singing "Deep in the Heart of Texas".  (Scottie does this in his best country voice)


08:32PM BBT Swaggy also brings his laundry out, so is next in the washer.  He walks around the yard, just looking around and saying hello.


08:33PM BBT JC fiddles around, sitting by himself by the pool.


08:34PM BBT Tyler tries to show Scottie how to roll the pool ball down his arm, but he is struggling.  The ball drops straight down when he releases it from his inner elbow.


08:35PM BBT Scottie finally makes the pool shot by rolling the ball down his arm.  He screams and runs around the yard.  [HILARIOUS!!]


08:39PM BBT Fessy is telling Rockstar that he's young, single, paid $6k cash for his car.  His brother turns 16 in August and he wants to be able to spoil him as if he's his kid since he's 10 years older and wishes that he had an older brother.


08:41PM BBT Rockstar said that her cousin was born when she was 13 and she "never had no siblings", so she would drive her around when she got her license.  Later on when Rockstar was 22, she'd take her cousin to festivals.


08:42PM BBT Scottie continues to make his cool pool shots and gets excited each time.  He is very animated.


08:43PM BBT Brett walks around the BY, and Sam is folding laundry.


08:45PM BBT Scottie makes a shot by laying on the ground and throwing the ball in. Once again - quite excited. "Some people just can't be stopped", and then jumps up and throws his hat on the ground.




08:47PM BBT The feeds move indoors to the HG grooming in the washroom area.  Then back to Sam smoking while talking to Winston in the BY.


08:49PM BBT Rockstar makes a pot of coffee and Sam is called to the DR.  She puts out her cigarette and goes inside.


08:49PM BBT Angela goes out to join Winston in the BY.  Production asks them to lower the outside awnings. 


08:52PM BBT Bayleigh and Angela struggle with the awnings and say "hey - these things are jenk".   Winston takes over.


08:57PM BBT Sam is holding a hot dog in the BBR and JC takes it and tosses it on Brett, who is sleeping.  Angela walks in and says "get that off of him - that's disgusting- we all sleep in here and that's gross".









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