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Sunday, July 8 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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12:00am BBT Winston and Brett in the HNR. Winston is paranoid that Swaggy has some secret power and that he will go home Thursday. He has two speeches ready to go. Everyone is too confident telling him that have the votes. 


12:01am BBT He says the only way to guarantee his safety is to move him off the block. Winston tells Brett to remember we had this conversation, and next week when Swaggy is here and Scottie is here that I told you something was up. 


12:02am BBT He is convinced Swaggy has something he will reveal at eviction and he has the speech of a lifetime prepared if that happens. Winston thought about lying about having a power to everyone even Brett, but telling Kaitlyn that he had a power and putting him up was useless. 


12:03am BBT Brett tells Winston wants to have a 1/2 between Kaitlyn and them so he can give her another perspective. 


12:05 Winston wants to beg her to take him off and let Swaggy and Scottie fight it out. That will expose who has the app. It is down to those 2, one of them has it!

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12:07am BBT Brett says they need to talk Standard Security 101. Tell Kaitlyn that this is the best thing so they can find out who has the app.


12:10am BBT Winston says he will fight Brett to the end to get HOH. Brett says I’ll let you have it! They both laugh.


12:10am BBT Scotties laugh drove me crazy today. Brett says he’s a c*** s******. Winston agrees.


12:11am BBT Winston thinks with all this drama around him, being on the block, doing SO BAD in the veto comp, maybe I’ll get the app.

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12:15am BBT Rockstar leads a meditation session in the HOH. Scottie, Kaitlyn, Sam, Angela, and Rachel, are sprawled on the floor and the sofas as she paces among them talking to them about…


“This person, this being, this animal, whoever it is that resides in your special garden, is your trusted friend, and confidant, and has your best intentions at heart. This being is someone that you can always think about and turn to in your darkest hour or your brightest light. They are there for you. They are a spirit guide from divinity. Perhaps it's somebody you know, maybe it’s somebody you’ve never met. But they know you and they know your truth.”

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Midnight – Brett & Winston in the HNR
W: There are so many bad scenarios that could happen for me and it’s all to easy to sit back and act like we have the votes but do we? What if they have like a plus 5 vote thing or it could be anything but the only way to guarantee my safety is to take me off and it’s like next week if Scottie is sitting here and Swaggy’s here, I want you to tell everyone about this conversation, that I called it, that I saw it coming and that’s why I’m going to have two speeches on Thursday. My gut tells me something is up.
B: I almost wish you just lied and said you had something
W: I know and I thought about it, the moment I came out of there I thought about it.

Winston was planning on telling Kaitlyn he had the app and that she should take him down so that he could save the app and use it next week to help her out. Brett says that would have been a bad idea for the long term and Winston agrees.

W: It makes me sick that nobody is like thinking the way that I thought an alliance would be, if you have the option to take an alliance member off, that’s a vote for us, that’s what you do. I get trying to hide it but this is week three, when we put up Swaggy the line will be drawn anyway so why are we playing games with my game?
B: You’re right
W: But we’re the only ones who see it that way.
B: Our game plan needs to be not to target Scottie, but how can we get Scottie to stay on the block.

They speculate if Scottie or Swaggy has the app, and their argument should be that Winston has been up front that he doesn’t have it so they should but up Scottie & Swaggy to draw the power out. They don’t know why everyone else isn’t thinking that way. They think whoever has the app will be the one who stays between Scottie & Swaggy [even though they have no idea who actually has the app or what the power is -SCRTsqrl] This is the argument they want to take to Kaitlyn. Winston starts down a path of what if it’s an extra vote and Scottie has it, but Brett says they have to think in realities because they just don’t know what the power could be and it’s a waste to go down all those avenues. What they do know is that they have narrowed it down to Swaggy & Scottie based on behavior and the only way to find out who has it, is to put them both on the block. Brett concludes “If one of them goes home, the other one has it”. Winston wants to stress to Kaitlyn that “OUR alliance will stay strong” and if a line is drawn, so what, game on. Brett says the alliance isn’t trying to be disrespectful by trying to keep the alliance a secret and taking down Scottie, they are just ignorant and aren’t running through scenarios. They say next week they need to do something big to secure the trending. Winston suggest like the pots and pans [Josh, season 19 winner, banged pots and pans obnoxiously around the BB house to drive people crazy. -SCRTsqrl] Winston says it might be a little early to be that crazy and it might turn their own alliance on them. They think they should appeal to America for the app because America wouldn’t want the Bro’s to be split up. They think the reason America hasn’t given them an app is because they haven’t need it and that’s why the think Scottie has it.


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12:20am BBT JC says he forgets he is live and this s*** he says is going out there. JC telling a funny story in the kitchen to Tyler, Winston, Brett, Kaysee, and Fessie about the cameras catching him in the blind corner taking off his pants. He heard the camera, looked up, looked down and hit the floor.  


12:40am BBT the Bros go to the HOH and hear all about the meditation session.



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12:41am BBT Rachel says the DR gave her the rules about her punishment. It will not involve her game play, it is just to annoy her. She thinks it will start soon. DR says she can yell back at him, but she can’t hit him.


12:45am BBT all cams on the HOH Kaitlyn is telling Tyler that she will buy him a motorcycle and put him up in an apartment for one year. OR they can go on the Amazing Rave or a Euro trip. The discuss the Cody/Jessica visit and that Jessica looked at Tyler, and he was flirting with his eyes.


12:45am BBT Kaitlyn turns out the lights and hops into the HOH bed and BB is heard, KAITLYN. PLEASE PUT THE FURNITURE BACK WHERE IT BELONGS! She starts screaming but I’m going to hurt my head again. I got an injury last night. I’m going to hurt myself againnnnnuh. She gets up, moves the little bedside table back onto the platform. This is a liability. There, the table is back… the show can go on.


12:55am BBT JC runs through the house, skipping to the BBR. He unrolls a piece of raw bacon and begins to fold it up. Bayleigh asks him what he’s doing, is he going to eat it raw? He says I love it! He is seen putting pieces of the rolled up bacon into the pockets of shorts and swim trunks in a basket. Angela comes in and he shows her what he did and they laugh. She asks if it will mess up fabric? (He has an accomplice.) they return to the kitchen.


1:00am BBT The HG are making food and casual conversation in the kitchen. Bayleigh and Swaggy are taking up the bar area playing finger football with a piece of triangular foil.



1:15am BBT  Brett/Kaitlyn/Tyler in the HOH bed talking about Bayleigh and the upcoming Swaggy backdoor plan. Brett says she is going to blow up and make the house uncomfortable. She says as soon as Kaitlyn became a have not last week Bayleigh was trying to hook up Fessie and Haleigh.


1:20am BBT Kaitlyn says she is not going to tell anyone (Bay/Rock/Hal) before the Veto comp what she’s doing and afterwards she doesn’t want to ever be alone with Bayleigh. Brett tells her to lock her door. It is going to be uncomfortable, because she has a temper.


1:21am BBT Brett tells Kaitlyn he knows who has the power but he cannot confirm or deny. She asks him how he knows and he says his conclusion is based on observation of game play and statistical odds. Hmmm, Kaitlyn says. Kaitlyn says, I have it. (Laughter)


1:25am BBT Brett says coasters get the crap app. Kaitlyn says Cody and Jessica hate her. She was happy to see them leave. Cody’s energy was off and she wanted to sage the whole house and cleanse the house with voodoo magic. He’s just not nice, he’s not warm.


1:25am BBT Angela and Rachel in the HT. They think Scottie threw that comp. He needs to be put next.


1:30 am BBT Swayleigh in the HN room. He wants the HOH room so bad with her. Bayleigh says they have it made. Swaggy says in our 5, Hayleigh, Rockstar, Fessie, if they want the accolades let them get 3 HOH’s, who cares? We fly under the radar, I’ll wait 6 weeks to sleep in the HOH. This is week 3, two more weeks till jury. Then we start tearing it up, left and right. We start by taking Tyler out. Rockstar said it today, to Haleigh. Swaggy says, so they won’t even be mad if I put Kaitlyn and Tyler up? She says, well maybe not Kaitlyn.


1:30am BBT HOH Kaitlyn is in the center of the bed with Tyler and the bros surrounding her. Brett is rubbing her back. She says America has seen her topless more than Joe has.


1:35am BBT JC rings the HOH doorbell and enters. He says he hit Rachel with shaving cream in the HT. They are waiting for the guy to come and harass Rachel. They think he will wait till everyone is sleeping.


1:45am BBT the Bros join Rachel and Angela in the HT. Brett says Rachel decided to cover his clothing in assorted pork, some weiners.  Prank Wars have begun declares Brett. Winston says JC has an evil grinch smile.


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2:00 AM BBT JC notices that the cameras are following him, so he plays hide and seek with the cameras. When he notices the camera that is focusing on him, he gets right underneath so the camera can no longer follow him....only to be picked up by a different camera. 


Meanwhile Tyler is rubbing Kaitlyn's back in the HOH Room and she is asking for him to tell her more about his life. He says he will talk a lot more about his life outside of the show. There is too much he can't talk about. 


2:04 AM BBT Tyler and Kaitlyn are alone in the HOH. Tyler tells her about the time when his father was very sick and on hospice. Right before he died, he revealed that he was not Tyler's biological father. Tyler said that it sounds like a really sad story but it just made him appreciate his dad that much more. 


2:15 AM BBT All 4 feeds are on Rachel, Sam and Kaycee in the BY. Rachel is explaining how in the POV, the fact that there are clues for the likes and dislikes was explained in the instructions. She said it was very straight forward and not nearly as difficult as the others were making it out to be. She has seen a lot more difficult competitions than that. 


2:23 AM BBT In the WA, Tyler and Rachel are whispering. She wants to know if he thinks Scottie may have a power. Tyler says no. Scottie had told him that if he had the power it would be so perfect that he would share the news.


2:37 AM BBT In the WA, Tyler and Kaycee are talking while Rachel is getting out of the shower. Rachel hops around trying to get her bra on while not dropping her towel. She says that she forgot about the cameras once last week and the camera caught it all. Tyler laughs and said America has seen his boobs too. 


2:39 AM BBT Tyler and Kaycee are talking about BDing Swaggy. Tyler is going to warn him right before it happens.


2:50 AM BBT Fessie and Brett are in the BY talking about weights and weight lifting. Meanwhile Sam and Rachel are talking on the back porch about food. Sam and Rachel want some more sugar free options. Sam asks Rachel how she gets her tummy so little. Rachel says that while she has been there, she hasn't been drinking any alcohol. Rachel can kill a bottle of wine all by herself. Sam says she isn't drinking alcohol either but her belly isn't getting any smaller.


2:58 AM BBT In the BY Sam said she would always be honest in this game, but that does not mean she shares everything. She said that less is more. She can be honest just by keeping her mouth shut. She wants to play the game completely honest and she is a super keeper. As a hairdresser people tell her everything. She keeps secrets. 







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3:00 AM BBT Sam and Rachel are still talking in the BY while Fessie, Swaggy and Brett life weights. Sam tells her that she made first impressions when she got in the house and her first impressions are still holding up. Rachel says this all feels very much like being on a set. Both of them are starting to feel more comfortable in the house and after 2 weeks they may completely forget the feeds are there.


3:14 AM BBT Rachel is going off to bed. Sam is folding laundry in the BY. Swaggy, Fessie, and Swaggy are working out in the BY. Swaggy joins her. Sam tells him that in doing laundry, she is maintaining some sense of normalcy. It keeps her grounded. It is part of her environment that she can control. Swaggy says it is very nice. Sam said she doesn't ask for anything in return. This is what she would be doing in real life.


3:43 AM BBT Sam in doing dishes in the KT. Fessie, Swaggy and Brett continue to work out in the BY while talking about places they have been in real life. 


3:50 AM BBT Feeds keep coming in and out. Instead of FOTH or WBRB we get reruns. Fessie goes inside and is shocked that it is 4AM already. He said BB had better not get him up in the morning. He is not moving until noon.

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4:00 AM BBT Reruns again.


4:09 AM BBT Brett and Fessie are talking about all his ham. Fessie says that it was legit like 2 to 3 lbs initially. He thought he might be getting a single delivery a day. BB kept coming and he was always full. Try eating 10 pieces of ham when you are already full as F.


4:15 AM BBT Fessie and Brett are talking in the WA. Fessie tells him that he doesn't know what is happening this week. However, if he wins HOH next week Brett is 100% not going up. He knows how close Brett is to Haleigh and Kaylee but that doesn't matter. 100% safe with him. 


4:26 AM BBT Sam and Brett are talking in the BY. She tells him that she hit her low point last week. Now it is out of the way and things are to get better and easier. Everybody is going to have that moment at some point. It is inevitable. 


4:33 AM BBT Sam tells Brett that it is hard wired into the female brain that a real hug from a man is comforting. Women are conditioned to be nurturing. Men are conditioned to be the kind of the man their parents raise them to be. 


4:45 AM BBT Sam and Brett are talking in the BY. She is explaining how she got into welding. Hands are experience is everything in welding. College classes get you in the door. Getting the first job is hard, but once get the first job, you are good. Because it was all about getting the experience and trial and error. Meanwhile Swaggy is playing pool alone.


4:54 AM BBT Swaggy has gone off to bed leaving only Sam and Brett awake in the BY. They are talking about their family outside of the house. Her grandparents lived on a real dirt floor and wiped their butts with a Sears catalog.







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5:00 AM BBT Sam and Brett are talking about the differences between real conversation in the house and the shallow conversations which people do just so that they can say they talk to everyone. Everyone knows that if you are HOH you are more likely to put up someone that you never talk to. He cautions that some conversations are only to prevent that.


5:08 AM BBT Brett is cautioning Sam that her eviction vote was split straight down the middle. So she needs to remember that when she talks to people. It is not in her nature to think ill of people who are talking to her. But don't forget the votes were not unanimous.


5:25 AM BBT Swaggy has gotten up to move his clothes to the dryer. Fessie is praying in the lounge. Sam and Brett are breaking up their conversation in the BY because they both need to take a quick shower. Swaggy gives Sam a clean towel.


5:45 AM BBT Swaggy is saying good night to Sam who is in the shower. Sam asks him if he is about to go in the pool. He says that he has to go to bed in his swimming trunks because he can't find any of his regular shorts in the house.


5:55 AM Feeds 1 and 2 are on sleeping HGs. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Sam who is out of the shower. She is wrapped in  towel and putting on lotion. She opens up her towel and closes it again in an attempt to readjust it. She immediately realizes what she did and mouths F. However she is standing right in front of the water closet door and facing the door so her back is to the camera. Therefore BB got an eye full but the feeds did not.

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6:02 AM BBT Everyone is now in bed. All 4 feeds on the HGs in bed in the Pink and Blue BR.


7:30 AM BBT Brett gets out of bed. He heads to the KT and gets a drink. He brings the cup back with him and makes a stop at the WC. He then takes his drink back to the BR with him. He removes his shirt, goes back in the LR to grab a throw pillow, and then climbs back in bed. 



9:00 AM BBT All 4 feeds remain on the pink and blue BR where the HGs are all asleep.


9:30 AM BBT It appears that BB is letting the HGs sleep in. No wake up call yet. 


9:50 AM BBT Fessie wakes up. He uses the WC and then goes back to bed. 


10:00 AM BBT All the HGs are still in bed. No wake up call.


10:02 AM BBT Wake up call.


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9:52 AM BBT

Faysal just got up to go to the bathroom.  The rest are still in bed.


Fessy heads back to bed, but the wake-up call should be coming any minute now.

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10:10 AM BBT The feeds return. Most of the HG have remained in bed. We can see Swaggy and Rockstar up, and we can hear Sam off camera. 


10:25 AM BBT Sam, JC and Rockstar are up and doing ADLs. Bayleigh and Winston are lowering the awnings in the BY. Bayleigh is called to the DR.


10:38 AM BBT Rockstar and Sam are talking int he KT. Angela is running laps in the BY. Winston and Haleigh are talking on the hammock. They are trying to figure out how the power is going to impact the POV ceremony. They both think that others are getting comfortable and it is never safe to get comfortable in BB.


10:43 AM Kaitlyn and Fessy are in the pink BR. He inquires as to why she is laying down here instead of the HOH. She goes to get up. He tells her that she can stay. She replies sarcastically "You made your point. Why am I down here among the peasants?" 


10:50 AM BBT In the hammock, Haleigh is telling Winston she is home sick. She misses mom's cooking. The summer is the only time she gets mom's home cooking. This was pretty much her last summer at home. 


10:53 AM BBT Kaitlyn has gone to lay down in the HOH. Rockstar comes out of her bathroom wearing her bikini. Kaitlyn says she looks sexy and there is no way she is a mom. Rockstar says she needs to do crunches but she is so vain. She doesn't care one bit about doing them for her health. 

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11:17 AM BBT

Tyler and Winston are in the KT talking about Jess and Cody’s visit to the house yesterday.  Tyler says that Cody was staring Winston down, like he liked his headband or something.

(We get a brief WBRB.)

Winston whispers to Tyler and tells him that Jess told him good luck.  He thinks she’s routing for their Level Six alliance.  Tyler says that Jess did the same thing to him, “she looked me right in the eyes and just smiled.”

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11:25 AM BBT

Kaitlyn calls everyone to the LR, she’s holding an envelope.  They all filter in slowly.

It’s the Have-Not meeting.  BB asks JC to put on his microphone and then they begin.

Kaitlyn announces that people are excluded from being a Have-Not this week if they were one last week, if they are a woman that is menstruating, if they are under any emotional stress, feeling anxious or depressed, or if they are sick.  She asks if anyone wants to offer, and says she would like 2 guys and 2 girls.

JC and Fessy volunteer first.  Eventually, Rockstar and Haleigh volunteer and are chosen.

HNs are: JC, Fessy, Haleigh, Rockstar.

Fessy suddenly realizes he won’t be able to eat things other than slop (since last week he was allowed to eat other food besides ham).

Kaitlyn repeatedly asks if everyone’s okay with it, and they all say it’s fine.  She asks everyone who is going to do it next week to raise their hand.  Scottie, Rachel, Tyler, and Sam say they will.

Meeting adjourned.

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11:41 AM BBT

Fessy and Kaitlyn are the only ones left on the LR couches.  Fessy starts to ask her something and Kaitlyn immediately says, “I slept alone.”  He says, “That’s not what I was going to ask…”  He just wanted to know if she’d ever slept in the big saucer, she says just the little one.  They start heading to the HOH room.

On their way there, Rachel is upset and Kaitlyn asks what’s wrong.  Rachel just realized she volunteered to be a HN next week, but it’s her birthday week.  She wants to switch with someone.  Kaitlyn says she’ll ask production, but someone is in the DR so she can’t right now.

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11:44 AM BBT

Swaggy and Bayleigh are in bed in the PBR.

Bayleigh says he saw Winston whispering to Haleigh this morning outside.  She says it didn’t seem like something serious.  Swaggy says when you’re on the block, you have to talk to everybody.  Bayleigh doesn’t think Winston’s pride is going to let him do that.

Bayleigh tells Swaggy about Winston approaching her earlier.  Winston told her he knows there are sides and that he’s not stupid, he noticed that she and Swaggy came up to talk to him on the same day, and that he’s heard things.

Bayleigh says it’s just getting harder the more she thinks about it.  “I’ve gotta do something about it and quick.”  She says this is the second person going out, next week is the third.  She says they have to be in charge of at least one person (leaving).


[Swaggy is whispering low enough for most of this that I can’t make out his responses, but Bayleigh is doing most of the talking anyway].

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11:53 AM BBT

Kitchen.  Rachel talking about the HN situation.  She explains to a group of them that Kaitlyn couldn’t get into the DR and she (Rachel) is already eating something (not slop) so it’s too late to switch the choices.  She says as long as she can eat birthday cake on her birthday next week, she’ll stick to her word and be a HN.


11:56 AM BBT

Fessy, Kaitlyn, and JC in HOHR.  Kaitlyn says they probably won’t let her switch the choices.  Fessy says there was more than four volunteers for next week anyway.  JC is talking about how he can’t wait to see certain people on slop.

They’re talking about the timing.  Faysal says they will be on slop for two people’s HOH runs.

Kaitlyn puts on sunglasses and asks if they like them.  Faysal says, “I like them on you, I wouldn’t wear them.  Seems like something you would wear.”

BB asks Kaitlyn to put on her microphone and Fessy tells JC and Kaitlyn they are the worst two in the house when it comes to that.


Feeds keep cutting in and out to FotH.


Kaitlyn: “We’re the most stupid D-list celebrities, but in the best way.”  She says they’ll eat it up until they can’t.  “I’d rather be a D than nothing at all.”

They’re talking about social media and their plans after the show.


12:05 PM BBT

Downstairs in the WA, Sam, Rachel, and Tyler are talking about showmances.  Rachel says the men in the house are mostly too young.  Sam said she told DR that the guys are just really clean-cut and that's not her type.  Brett comes in and Rachel asks him what he says about her in the DR, and he joking responds that they can’t talk about DR.  As if on cue, FoTH appears briefly.

They move to the KT and are talking about their first impressions of one another.  Sam says she thought Brett was unremarkable when she met him.


FotH for the next 15 or so minutes.

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12:28 pm In the kitchen, JC is talking about getting fed lines from the DR. He says he always has to say so many random things, he gets nervous about in what context they will use it. Rockstar warns him he should probably stop talking about production. Jc continues and says when Steve was here he was told to say "Sorry Steve" and make a sad face. Fessy tells him he can say no. JC says he doesn't want to mess with the show. Rockstar says all she knows is when she needed them, they were there when she had her breakdown. JC says the DR reminds him of Ru Paul's Drag Race where they create drama that doesn't exist. Fessy and Rockstar agree. She LOVES Ru Paul's Drag Race. JC tells her to come to DragCon next year. 

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12:39 PM BBT

All 4 feeds on Swaggy sleeping in the PBR.  BB says, “No napping, houseguests.”  It doesn’t seem to disturb Swaggy’s slumber.  Feeds stay on him sleeping.  2 minutes later, BB says it again.  He moves a little bit and mumbles, “You keep me up til 6 AM.  Give me 10 more minutes, then I’ll get up and do whatever you guys want.”


[Meanwhile I think most of them are in the BY but all 4 feeds stay on Swaggy napping…  Why?]

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12:20pm BBT FISH ends and we see Rachel running into the WA screaming Where is Rachel??? Come and get me! She obviously just had the first (of many) Josh visits. Fessie says, he is going to lose his voice. Fessie didn’t know who Josh was.


12:25pm BBT Fessie/Rockstar/JC at kitchen counter discussing RuPaul’s Drag Race. Also DragCon. JC was a dancer last year and he goes every year. JC says she can come and crash with them. Rockstar says all her gay friends say she’s a drag queen inside a woman’s body.


12:35pm BBT Storytime with Brett. He’s walking in the HT with a cup of coffee talking like he’s a mountain man doing a nature show. Kaitlyn and Winston seem to be enthralled by it.

Brett says everyone else is hating this conversation. (he’s right) By 12:40 he has gained a British accent.


12:40pm BBT While most of the HG are enjoying the outdoors, one camera shows a sleeping Swaggy in the PBR. (BB - NO NAPPING HOUSEGUESTS) He doesn’t stir. Another reminder is given and he stirs, but does not awaken.


12:45pm BBT meanwhile in the HOH. JC and Fessie chatting game. JC tells Fessie the only one that mentioned his name was Rachel so he needs to be extra nice to her. JC doesn’t want Fessie to become a target of the 4 of them. JC says Rachel is super bi-polar. Good mood, then out of nothing she gives you a look.


12:50pm BBT JC is concerned about the 4 getting too powerful. Fessie says no one has mentioned JC to him at all. He is not included when the groups count #s.

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12:41 pm All four cams outside. Brett is doing an impression of Batman or maybe a Russian spy  and then all cams move to a napping Swaggy [I guess production thought is was as annoying as I did] BB: "No napping Houseguests." Swaggy continues to snore. BB repeats. Swaggy asks for 10 more minutes and then he will get up and do whatever they want. Cam very briefly returns to Brett who is still doing his impression. All 4 cams immediately switch back to sleepy Swaggy. 


12:47 pm JC to Fessy in HoH "Please don't open your mouth about this." He tells Fessy the only person who has said Fessy's name is Rachel, so be careful with her and be extra nice to her. Fessy says he talked with her last night to get to know her. JC thinks she is a bit bipolar. She is always hanging with the 4 who are not targeting Fessy as a group. Fessy asks if JC is currently planning to vote out Winston. JC answers it's too early to divulge that info. Then he says he is leaning towards voting out Scottie. He tells Fessy to let him know if anyone talks about him. Fessy says that hasn't really happened. Fessy leaves HoH. They are going to go workout. Fessy asks Rachel her workout plan and asks if they want to work out together. 


12:55 pm In the bathroom JC is whispering to Brett. He tells him that he has been talking to Fessy three times a day. They make a plan to go talk somewhere. 





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1:01 PM BBT

JC and Brett in the HOHR.

JC tells Brett not to tell Winston that the veto isn’t going to be used on him.  He says that Winston will freak out.  He also says he doesn’t want to talk in front of Rachel.  He mentions that Haleigh lies a lot about little things and it indicates that she’ll lie about the big things.  She lied about how long she put cookies in the oven, and that she would vote Steve out.  JC is worried about everyone trying to work on Kaitlyn.

Brett asks JC for his take on Scottie.  JC says Scottie’s not a worry right now and that he’s working on him.  Brett says Scottie is up Swaggy’s ass.  He also thinks (Swaggy or Scottie?) is overdoing it, trying to make it sound like he has the power this week and therefore he probably doesn’t.

JC says that if Swaggy does have it and Kaitlyn puts him on the block, they just need to sit back and not get involved.  They see Winston coming upstairs the SpyCam and stop talking.

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