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CBBUSA - Shannon Elizabeth

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Shannon Elizabeth



Age: 44
Hometown: Born in Houston, Texas. Grew up from third grade through high school in Waco, Texas, then lived in Los Angeles for 20+ years, and now my hometown is..... 
Current city: Cape Town, South Africa 
Occupation: Actress and conservationist
Game Cred: Big Brother Superfan
CBB Bio: https://goo.gl/yeiVr2


CBB Video:


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6 hours ago, Keepittogether said:

I still think Shannon has a target on her back, since she has shown herself to be a beast in competitions so far.  But I’m so glad that she decided to flip the house!!!  Good for her because it’s exactly what needed to happen.



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That interaction with Omarosa was a classic like a bird hypnotized by a snake. She wanted to be forthcoming, but nothing she would say could  have an impact because Omarosa had an agenda from the outset to prove her not only wrong but to label her a racist. I was sorry to see her go and hope she wins the 25K fav award.

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