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Saturday September 9, 2017 Big Brother 19 Live Feed Updates


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12:03 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are on Alex laying down alone in the Rose BR. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Josh and Christmas alone in the HOH room. She rehashes to Josh the conversation she had with Paul....about Elena openly flirting with Paul to get Mark to want to target Paul. Paul had to play on the offense the whole game. 


12:06 AM BBT Christmas tells Josh that the reason Paul targeted her in the beginning was because her friend Jillian was leaking info to Cody and that is why Cody went after hi so hard. Meanwhile Kevin is trying to entertain us on feeds 1 and 2 by play falling down into bed and then getting up and pretending to make out with a Snickers bar. 


12:19 AM BBT Josh and Christmas are talking in the HOH. They can't believe there are only 12 days left. They are telling each other why they should be proud of themselves for getting this far.


12:28 AM BBT Josh and Christmas are still talking in the HOH. Josh "What do you think would have happened if you had picked Mark over me as your #1?" Christmas "I had the F'er pegged Day 1." She said he hit her douche-dar hard.


12:35 AM BBT Christmas is telling Josh not to feel guilty about Alex right now. She is an admittedly petty person. He needs to think about how he played the game versus how the others played the game. 


12:41 AM BBT Paul is now in the HOH with Christmas and Josh. He says this season is nothing like last season. Last season was awful. They wouldd make people cry with their nomination speeches. It was brutal. Once Victor nominated Michelle and Zakia and said some sh** and made it very personal and then he threw 2 Mardi Gras beads at them and told them to get over it. It was savage. Michelle was bawling.


12:49 AM BBT Kevin is in bed in the Den BR. Lights are out. Alex is in bed in the Rose BR. Josh, Paul and Christmas are still up and in the HOH room. Christmas says she needs sleep but Paul still looks wired. He is doing push ups and pacing the room. 


12:55 AM BBT Christmas is in the shower. Paul is walking around the HOH while Josh lays in the HOH bed. He says to Josh that he has no idea what Kevin is up to. You can hear Christmas in the shower complaining that they don't get any hot water anymore. Paul says they probably stopped paying the bill.

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1:05 AM BBT Paul is working out in the LR. He says his arms are getting bigger. He says he is trimming down his diet. He is less of a fat f**k. "So when I come out I don't look like a fat f'ing gump. If my girl is still waiting for me, I won't look like a fat, gumpy, hairy, stressed out sh*t." 


1:14 AM BBT Josh is in the HOH bed with the lights out. Christmas is downstairs in the WA brushing her teeth. Paul is going to the HOH to take a shower. WBRB. Feeds return and Alex heads to the WA. Christmas is telling her there is something going on with the hot water when she is called is called to the DR. Christmas says Really? 2 minutes.


1:25 AM BBT All 4 feeds on HGs in bed but we can hear that Paul is still in the shower.


1:37 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are on Christmas getting ready for bed. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Alex laying down in the Rose Room. She says that she is so bored. BB calls Paul to the DR.


1:42 AM BBT Christmas heads to the Rose BR. Christmas asks Alex if she has counted all of the flowers on the wall. Alex says she started to but she gets distracted. She doesn't have the patience to stay on task and finish counting them.


1:47 AM BBT Paul comes out of the DR. As he walks past the Den BR Kevin asks him to put the lights out in the other room. He goes in and turns out the lights and says hopefully BB will not get on to them for night time chatting without the lights. 


1:50 AM BBT Paul climbs into bed with Christmas in the Rose BR. He jokes that she scratched him and calls her a crazy b**ch. They want Paul to tell them a story but he keeps asking if he has told different stories and they both say yes to all of them. 


1:52 AM BBT Paul tells them about a guy in high school named Tim. His entire life was football. Typical dumb football guy. School is not his strong point but he was massive. In English class a friend,whom he will refer to as Jason, takes apart Tim's mechanical pen piece by piece. Tim doesn't notice any of it. The pen is in multiple pieces. Tim finally notices and says "WTF" and ends up getting kicked out of class. 






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2:00 AM BBT All 4 feeds are on Kevin in bed in the dark. Paul, Alex and Christmas are in bed in the Rose BR. We are just getting Kevin because Paul is talking about people outside of the house. 


2:40 AM BBT All 4 feeds are still on Kevin in the Den BR. We can still hear that Paul is talking to Christmas and Alex in the other BR but none of them are wearing microphones and they are still off camera.


2:50 AM BBT All 4 feeds still on Kevin who is now snoring. Paul, Alex and Christmas are still talking off camera in the Rose BR without mics or cameras on them. 


2:57 AM BBT All 4 cameras are now on Christmas as she heads to the WA. 

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3:00 AM BBT Christmas is back in bad and all is quiet.


3:40 AM BBT Christmas wakes up and goes to roll over. It wakes Paul. He asks her if she is okay and she says she almost fell off the bed. She settles back down and all is quiet again.


4:00 AM-6:45 AM BBT All is quiet. Everyone is in bed.


6:48 AM BBT Paul is awake. He gets up and puts on his shoes and walks out of the room. Christmas is awake and is fidgeting with something inside her nightstand. She puts on shoes as well and walks out of the room. They cross paths in the the dining room but don't say anything to each other. 


6:53 AM BBT Christmas is seen exiting the WC. She looks at herself in the mirror and then reaches under the sink for some pill bottles and swallows a couple pills. She never washes her hands before returning to bed. Paul has not gone back to bed yet but is off camera. We can hear a door opening and closing, the sound of velcro, and him clearing his throat so he is probably in the SR changing his battery. 


6:58 AM BBT Paul goes back to bed. All is quiet again in the BB house. 

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8:05 AM BBT Kevin is awake and goes to the WC and then goes back to bed. Everyone else is still asleep. 


8:25 AM BBT It is quiet in the BB house except for Kevin who keeps rolling around. It appears that he just can't get settled since he returned from his visit to the WC. 

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9:15 AM BBT Wake up call.


9:25 AM BBT Feeds return. Everyone is still in bed and lights off. BB calls for Josh and Christmas to change their batteries.


9:30 AM BBT BB calls for the bedroom lights to remain on during the day. Kevin gets up and expresses some F words as he goes to turn the light on and go back to bed. BB says "Kevin, thank you. Good morning HGs. It is time to get up for the day." 


9:35 AM BBT Christmas and Josh have both gotten up to change their battery in the SR. They go straight back to bed.


10:00 AM BBT Everyone is still in bed. 

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10:01 AM BBT BB "HGs must be awake between the hours of 10 AM and 10 PM." No one stirs. 


10:19 AM BBT BB "Wakey Wakey House Guests." Christmas is called to the DR.  


10:23 AM BBT Christmas is currently in the DR. BB "Paul, please go to the DR." Paul "You guys are high." 


10:27 AM BBT Small DR leak. We hear Paul go to the DR. Paul "Yo". DR "Hey, real quick, I got something for ya." Then it is all quiet again. 


10:35 AM BBT BB tells the HGs that they must be awake between 10 AM and 10 PM. Paul says BB is being horny today. Paul "BB, why are you so horny?" 


10:44 AM BBT It is still pretty quiet in the house. Alex is up and putting on makeup. Kevin is still in bed and has the covers up over his head. Paul is in the WC. 


10:49 AM BBT Alex asks Paul about the Comics POV. She asks him how far away they are because she can't find her glasses. He says they are a ways out there and the view is usually obstructed too. Alex is not happy to hear that. 


10:56 AM BBT Paul and Alex are in the KT. They are discussing how Christmas being injured and making it this far has probably resulted in her getting a fairly large fan base.  [Which is code for don't take her to F2 because she already won AFP~Goldylucks]

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11:00 AM BBT Josh is called to the DR. BB tells Christmas to put on her microphone. 


11:04 AM BBT Paul speculates that the veto will start sooner than later since it is likely to be BB Comics which is done individually. 


11:07 AM BBT Paul is telling Alex and Christmas that Megan should have waited to be evicted. She could have told them she wanted to go and they would have sent her home. Anything but to quit. That's gumpy. He suspects that her vaping had something to do with it too. She was pretty stressed out. 


11:09 AM BBT Elena had a great social game. She appeared to be strong in comps. However, Paul thinks it was just a big J/K because she was only good at hanging onto a wall. She was also fake modest. He completely saw her naked and changing in front of the cameras. 


11:11 AM BBT Christmas whispers to Paul in the KT. She asks him if Alex has asked him for his vote. Paul responds "Obviously." Christmas tells him that she hasn't asked her. In fact, no one this whole game has asked her for sh*t.


11:16 AM BBT Paul, Christmas and Alex are talking about professional dog walkers. Paul says he always asks them if they are dog walkers or if they just happen to have 40 dogs. They never find it funny. 


11:18 AM BBT Paul is talking about former HGs from last season. He says Big Meech had issues with authority. She would do the exact opposite of whatever anyone told her to do. If you told her not to put on sunscreen she would go put on a whole bottle just out of spite. She refuses to be told what to do. 


11:20 AM BBT Paul says the cast of BB18 was super salty. They hated him and he thinks they still do. Just like most of the HG this season. [Which is code for: I lost last season therefore I will lose again this season and that makes me the best option for F2~Goldylucks]. 


11:26 AM BBT Paul tells Alex and Christmas that he might actually be a psychopath. Christmas says there is a test you can take to tell for sure. He says he is going to take it. Meanwhile Kevin heads to the bathroom and we hear too much. 

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11:37 AM BBT All 5 HGs are hanging out in the KT area. Just general chit chat. 


11:38 AM BBT Josh says something smells really bed by the coffee pot in the KT. Paul says maybe they caught the rat. Kevin checks the trap but it is empty. 


11:48 AM BBT Paul says the band The Ghost Inside was a band he used to run with. A while ago their tour bus collided head on with a semi. The drummer lost his leg. Three of them were in a coma for a month. They lost fingers. They lost movement in body parts. They were all on the brink of death and were all like in the hospital for 6 months and in such bad shape they didn't see each other. The label gives all proceeds to their medical bills. The truck driver and the bus driver all died. He can't wait to see their comeback. 


11:58 AM BBT Kevin is sitting alone in the lounge. Alex, Christmas and Paul are talking around the KT counter. Josh is making eggs. They are waiting for the POV to begin. 

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12:07 PM BBT Josh kills the coffee pot. Christmas points out that she had already called it. She told him the handle is cracked and he has to pick it up from the body. Of course, he didn't. And now it's dead. 


12:13 PM BBT BB "Please clean the mirror over the stove." Paul "Really? Ok mom."


12:18 PM BBT All 4 feeds switch to Kevin reading in the Den BR because Paul is talking about people he knows outside the house. 


12:21 PM BBT Paul is called to the DR. He says this is the third time today. 


12:30 PM BBT It is pretty quiet in the house. Josh is cleaning up the mess from the dead coffee pot. Paul is in the DR. They are just sitting around and waiting for the POV to start. 

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12:32 PM BBT There is a bell ringing in the BB house. It sounds like the bell on a bicycle. The HGs start to scramble to locate the source of the sound when we get WBRB.


12:34 PM BBT The bell ringing sound was a false alarm. Christmas said it was a F up. 


12:37 PM BBT Josh has cleaned the counter and cabinet from the coffee pot disaster. He then grabs the Swiffer Wet Jet and dances with it before mopping the floor. 


12:50 PM BBT Paul is making speculations on the POV. He says that it won't take quite as long as the past Comic ones because they are putting 30 minute caps per HG. With the 5 of them plus set up and such he says the veto will probably take 3 to 3 1/2 hours. 


12:54 PM BBT Paul is telling Alex that regardless of how you play the game, you are going to leave the house with haters out there. He says for people who don't have an F You attitude, it can be a bitter pill to swallow. 

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12:57 PM BBT Josh is alone in the HOH. He does some push ups. Then looks and makes sure the camera is on him and does some more. When he is done he smiles at the camera and says "Hola Familia." He says he thinks they have 10 days and a wake up until the end. He hopes he makes them all proud. He is nervous, scared and excited. He has to remember why he came here and that is to win. He says he hopes he can be friends with the others outside the house.


1:00 PM BBT Josh is still talking to us. He says Tiger is tough and she is going to have to go. Paul has been playing a great game. He has been loyal and had his back 100% however he can't beat him in the F2. It's the point in the game where I have to make the best move for me and what it's going to take to get to the final 2 or 3. So, he is having a hard time determining what to do. 


1:01 PM BBT Josh tells us that he is not a coward and is not afraid to take Paul with him to final 3 and then beat him there. 


1:03 PM BBT Josh continues: I know I got to take Paul out but I do I take him out now or go head to head with him. I am not afraid to take him head to head. Alex is his target but he may need to take out Paul. He will think more into it after the veto. 


1:05 PM BBT Alex is happy. She found her glasses so she will be able to see to compete in the POV. 


1:09 PM BBT Paul explains why he chooses not to use acid and other such psychedelic drugs. He says he has seen friends drop acid and then say and do things that crosses his mind when he is not impaired by drugs. He doesn't want to see what could possibly happen if he was under that type of drug.  


1:14 PM Paul says death is very fascinating. It is a mystery. He doesn't understand death. It is overpowering. It trumps everything. It is power, mysterious, and guaranteed. It is something that we don't control. Like the ocean and the stars. That is why he is fascinated by those things.  


1:20 PM BBT Josh is talking to us again in the HOH. He says he is playing the game with a heavy heart. He said he would do everything to win but that isn't what they would want. They would want him to just live his life and enjoy it. But, he wants to pay them back for they have given them. His decisions could mean $500K to him or $500K to someone else. 


1:22 PM BBT Josh says he keeps going back and forth like a ping pong. His family would say just to enjoy it. He is only the 2nd Cuban to play this game and he hopes he makes the Cuban people proud.


 1:24 PM BBT Josh says being Latino and being in the house is huge for him. Every point in this game has been a milestone and goal for him. All the odds were against him. He drew attention to himself a lot. But, he was underestimated a lot too. Also playing fearless and calling people out and exposing their games put the targets on them. "I contributed to every single person being in jury." 


1:26 PM BBT Josh says he loves Paul and Christmas but he is playing for him. That's why it's hard. He has no choice but to turn on Paul.


 1:28 PM BBT Josh says that Paul has covered every angle. He can protect himself and his game by outing Paul. In jury everyone is going to connect the dots that all 3 of them have worked the house. The last person who played a game as good as Paul was Vanessa. Stephen sniped her. Do I pull a Steve or a Vanessa getting rid of Austin? 


1:31 Pm BBT Josh says Christmas will never take him to F2 because she knows he played a better game. She will take Paul because he has pi$$ed people off. She has been straight forward and hasn't pi$$ed people off either. She is going to take Paul but just won't tell me. I can see it in her face. But, I would take her. Paul is going to take me. He gave me his word on that. I believe that 100%. I will never question him and I just know he played his game and thrown me under the bus for his game. I am not blind. I am not stupid.


1:32 PM BBT Josh says Alex is ruthless. Alex says she will stab anyone in the back in order to win. She will take a shot at anybody. Especially at anyone that took a shot at her ride and die. If he keeps Alex now he can get clipped by her next week. So his mind is blown. "Help me." 


1:34 PM BBT Josh asks for clarity or peace because he is mind blown. He has this feeling that the vans would want him to take a shot at Paul. He remembers how excited he was when Steve took a shot at Vanessa. But, he thinks it is too early. Top 3, he is going to be a bull. He is going on that scale. From there, Jesus take the wheel. 

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1:38 PM BBT Paul is talking to Alex in the LR. He says his brain is too complicated and he asks too many questions for one religion to satisfy him. He was raised Christian and wished he was Christian. But, he has too many questions about how or why to let the unanswered questions be just God's will or faith.


1:40 PM BBT Paul says he is not going to pretend he knows it all and that there can't be any religion. He won't say no there is no God because he doesn't know that. Anyone who claims they know that is an idiot. 


1:43 PM BBT Paul says everything changed after reading a book about how the universe doesn't give a F about you. If you want something, it is up to you to get it. 100 years is just a blink to the universe. The universe does not give a flying F about you. Whether or not you matter is up to you. You can choose to do good or do nothing at all and life will go on. 


1:55 PM BBT Paul gets philosophical about time and how it's limited and all we have. We are all mortal. That is why he can't understand why people will sit and waste their day watching TV. Because time is going to run out. 

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2:03 PM BBT Kevin is sitting alone in the Den BR. Everyone else is sitting around the LR. Christmas explains how she went from stumbling through Cross Fit to being the bad a$$ she became. Puppies. 


2:05 PM BBT It is safe to say the HGs are playing for the POV. 

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3:35 PM BBT We are an hour and a half into the POV.


4:30 PM BBT The HGs are 2.5 hours into the POV.


5:03 PM BBT We are now 3 hours into the POV.


5:30 PM BBT We have been without feeds for 3.5 hours now.


6:00 PM BBT 4 hours and counting. 


6:39 PM BBT You guessed it. We are still waiting.


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6:46 PM BBT Paul says his strategy was to line them up based on his initial view and then to concentrate on them 2 comics at a time. Josh said he did it the same except he focused on 3 at a time. 


6:47 PM BBT The HGs are wearing t-shirts with capes. The T-shirts have super hero slang on it like CRASH and SMASH. Christmas is in a yellow shirt with a red cape. Paul in a red shirt with a blue cape. Alex in a lime green shirt and purple cape. Kevin is in a blue shirt and orange cape. Josh is in a pink shirt and yellow cape. 


6:49 PM BBT Paul's comic involves him having a potty mouth. Paul says his mom is probably pi$$Ed. Jason's comic involves nuts and plugged Whistle Nut for him. Meanwhile Josh tells Paul that there is a trail of cups around the house from Paul. Paul owns it. 


6:54 PM BBT Alex has decided she is no longer tenderizing meat. Now she just beats it up. She has them in a Ziploc bag, brings it over her head, and slams it down on the KT table....over and over again. Alex's comic was about her defeating one wiener at a time. 


6:55 PM BBT The excitement is starting to mellow out. Paul, Christmas and Alex are working on dinner. Paul says that even though Cameron went out first, he got a comic. Megan didn't because she wasn't evicted. She quit. There was no Megan comic. 


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7:00 PM BBT Paul thinks the comic guy hates him this season. Josh is saying he isn’t the meatball, Cody and Mark were meatballs. Christmas says your comic says otherwise. Josh is washing the dishes. Kevin takes the trash out.


7:05 PM BBT Paul is still trying to figure out why he was called potty mouth on his comic. He’s over it and he hates it. Paul is saying maybe he’s just gumpy and he hasn’t gotten the hint. Josh says his comic was gumpy. Paul says his no’s are gumpy, when they called him to the den was gumpy, his comic was gumpy. Production says Paul…no! Everyone laughs.


7:10 PM BBT Josh is dancing while he does the dishes. Paul starts talking about what it will be like after the show is over and they are back out in their normal lives. Alex just wants her cell phone. She wants to facetime everyone. Alex wants her family at the finale. Christmas and Alex are talking about life in the real world.


7:15 PM BBT They are back to talking about their comics. Paul is talking about the look on Mark’s face in his comic. Josh just broke something in the sink. Paul asks if he cut himself and Josh says no, he’s good. He’s cleaning out the broken glass.


7:20 PM BBT Alex and Paul are in the SR. Alex wants to know if they are taking Kevin to the F3 and Paul says no. Alex says did he throw it and Paul says 100%. Alex asks if Paul asked Kevin to throw it and Paul said no. Christmas comes in and Alex leaves. Christmas says she’s sad and excited. Paul says they will have to help them this week because Alex asked him if he was going to screw her and Paul said no. Paul says she tried really hard and Christmas says Alex did great. Paul says it’s for the greater good. They leave the SR. Alex is saying she liked how she looked on her comic.


7:25 PM BBT Christmas could not play in the veto comp and she wishes she’d asked if she could at least do the zipline one time. Paul asks what do you think Raven and Jason are saying to each other? Alex says Raven will probably call Jason counterfeit. Alex says if she got Matt out she wouldn’t want to be in jury with Raven. Paul says Mark, Elena, and Cody are probably over the game.

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7:30 PM BBT Josh is saying he was stuck on Mark and Ramses’s comics. He couldn’t figure out what the difference was in them. General chatter about cooking. Paul says Josh did a crappy job of washing dishes and Josh said at least he washed them. Christmas asks for another clove of garlic.


7:35 PM BBT Cooking continues. As some of the food finishes, everyone starts thanking each other for what they prepared. Josh wants to sit at the table.


7:40 PM BBT Alex is fixing their last steak. Paul fixed chicken and Christmas fixed vegetables. Paul is eating. Still general chatter.


7:45 PM BBT Talk has returned to the comics. Christmas says she got a shirt and a comic. Alex laughs and says Starecrow. Cody’s comic was apparently the Starecrow and Christmas says he did have a creepy look a lot.


7:50 PM BBT The steak is done and Alex says that’s pretty close to how Jason fixed it. Josh picks a piece. Christmas says everything is good. Christmas says it’s perfectly cooked and Josh says it’s yummy. Paul says 10 days and a wake-up.


7:55 PM BBT Alex says the first thing she wants to do is kiss that baby. Christmas says Elena took three pairs of her workout pants. Christmas says she’s a snob about her workout clothes, but Elena took three pairs and one of them was her favorite. Alex says that’s the definition of gumpy Elena. Alex says Kevin’s competition shirt was very sweaty.

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8:00 PM BBT Alex is still eating and talking to Christmas about health foods and working out. Kevin washed the dishes. Josh is going upstairs to shower. He tells the others they can shower upstairs. He starts singing and we get FotH. Josh goes up to the camera in the HOH and says Hola Familia! He shouts out to his friends and family in Miami. He says he just had fun in BB Comics. He says wait until you see my comic, I look like a clown. Josh says it’s ok, it’s time to shower. Alex tells Paul to eat the rest of the steak.


8:05 PM BBT Josh puts his head phones on and is dancing. Everyone is finished eating and Kevin is doing the dishes. Kevin tells Alex he’s letting the glasses soak for a minute. Josh is told to turn his music down. Alex tells Paul she doesn’t think Paul’s looked like him and Paul says they boned him this year. He says they hate him this year. Paul says he’s going to lie down.


8:10 PM BBT Josh talking to the camera again. He says we think we’re 9 days away and a wake-up call. Paul and Kevin whispering in the green room. Paul tells Kevin to protect him next week and Kevin says he’ll win HOH next week. He’s going to ask for cards from the DR and he asks Alex as she walks by if she wants him to ask for anything. Josh is getting ready to shower, Paul is lying on his bed with his hat over his face. Alex goes into the red bedroom and asks who made their beds and Paul says he thinks Christmas did.


8:15 PM BBT Kevin tells Christmas he requested a deck of cards and they said they’d look into it. Christmas goes into the red bedroom and Paul says Kevin is such a F’ing Ahole. Kevin is going to take a shower. Christmas is tweezing hairs from Paul’s back and Paul says she’ll need to keep her voice down because Alex and Kevin might be right outside of the door. Christmas suggest Paul keeps his promise and uses veto on Alex and Josh puts Christmas up and they vote out Kevin. Christmas says then they can just battle it out. Paul says no because she could beat him and even if he wins HOH, she could win veto and Josh or Christmas would get clipped. Paul says there is no way he’s going to save her, but maybe there’s a way to distribute the blame so she doesn’t hate him.


8:20 PM BBT Paul says maybe he can tell Alex he was in a position where if he didn’t win veto he was going to be gone, and now that he did win veto, Kevin, Josh, and Christmas told Paul they would not vote for him to win. Kevin is in the lounge and doing shout outs to his family. He says he just did a comp and he did horrible. He says he’s still on the block and he’ll have been on the block three straight times. He says he knows he’s not coming off the block. Kevin is talking about how many days he’s been in the house. Christmas and Paul are still whispering trying to figure out how to sell to Alex Paul can’t save her. Kevin says he’s by himself in the game. He says Alex and Christmas are good competitors and then there’s Josh and Paul. He says he loves his family and he sends kisses to the camera. He says he forgot what his phone looks like. He says he needs to get one of his kids in there next year, they have to do better than him because he hasn’t won anything. Kevin says they will see on the nominations Josh went wild and called him a floater. Alex is in the LR and she says she captured another fly and holds it up for the camera.


8:25 PM BBT Christmas asks if it will be a Sunday eviction and Paul says he has another idea. Alex wants to build a house like the BB house on the Sims. Christmas and Paul are still tossing around ideas. Josh and Alex are in the LR. Alex says she’s bored. Josh goes and joins Christmas and Paul in the red bedroom. Paul talks to Josh about his dilemma with Alex. He pitches to Josh the idea he had pitched to Christmas about him losing three jury votes if he uses veto.

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8:30 PM BBT Josh listens to Paul and tells him to do what he’s comfortable with. Paul says he wants him to be comfortable to because he doesn’t want Josh to feel like he’s being screwed over. Paul tells Josh and Christmas that Kevin told him to throw HOH to him next week and he’d put up Josh and Christmas. Paul says he doesn’t want Alex to be mad at Josh and Christmas. Josh says he’s come to terms with the fact he isn’t going to make anyone happy. He says he opened his mouth too much and hurt people.


8:35 PM BBT Josh goes back out to the green bedroom and talks to Alex. He picks up the cowboy hat and asks if it’s Whistle’s and Alex says she found it under the bed, so she put it on the bed. Alex is filing her nails. Alex says it feels like Jason and Raven have been gone for so long. Josh says it was just 2 days ago. Josh says the game is getting harder because they all love each other. Josh says he really means it when he says he wants to be friends with people outside of the house.


8:40 PM BBT Josh is talking about the comp again and Alex thinks Kevin threw the comp and Josh says he struggled with Mark and Ramses’s comics and he doesn’t know if he did that bad how Kevin did worse. Alex didn’t like Ramses’ comic and Dominique’s was weird too. Josh says Kevin is fishy as F. Kevin is out of the shower and he says he liked Josh’s comment. Christmas tells Paul that Josh doesn’t want to take the heat for things, but then when you discuss things with him he says do what you want. She says that’s where her frustration comes from. Alex says she liked Elena and Josh said he did too and he liked Mark. Kevin says the NFL starts tomorrow.


8:45 PM BBT Kevin and Alex talk about football. Christmas and Paul are wrapping up their talk re-hashing the same things. They finally head out of the red bedroom. Paul goes into the HOH room and Christmas follows. Josh says he’s going up to listen to his music.


8:50 PM BBT Josh finally heads upstairs and reminds Kevin he can come up any time. Kevin says he knows that and Josh says well he keeps saying that but no one comes up. Alex heads up the HOH room and she’s going to shower. Alex sits on the couch and Christmas and Alex are complaining about Kevin.


8:55 PM BBT Josh joins the HOH room and Paul asks what time it was. Paul asks where Kevin was and Josh says in the corner where he normally is. Alex says 45 minutes was strange. Alex says there better not be a pendant of poop. Alex says why would you botch that? Josh says he’s been asking himself that. Paul says he thinks Kevin is color blind because Kevin told him that earlier in the season. Paul says that would make BB comics impossible if that’s true. Alex says why wouldn’t he have asked for help and Paul says you can’t. Christmas says she’s bored. Paul asks Josh if he wants to play chess.

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