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Monday August 28, 2017 Big Brother 19 Live Feed Updates


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...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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9:00AM BBT We currently have FOTH. It is wake up time in the BB house..


9:15AM BBT Feeds are back. Matt is in the KT taking out the trash. Other cams on dark BR with HG still sleeping.


 9:31AM BBT Raven doing ADLs, Matt washing dishes and other HG still sleeping. BB calls for Paul that that there are fresh batteries in the SR.


9:40AM BBT PAul gets up, uses the WC and heads back to bed. BB asks HG to lower the awnings. Jason, Matt and Raven head outside and take care of the chore.

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 9:43AM BBT Paul gets back in bed next to Xmas. The awnings are now down in the BY and the HG head back to the KT.


9:56AM BBT Raven in the KT and Matt sitting outside. Complete silence.


10:05AM BBT Jason and Raven in the KT talking about how Xmas wanted to put RIP on Kev's bed. Raven says that she feels there is no need to make someone lose their s*** if they don't have to.


10:14AM BBT Kevin is up. Raven and Jason chatting in the KT. Jason is excited about the fact his wife is expecting.


10:27AM BBT Kevin cleaning the KT table. Raven getting dressed. Kevin making breakfast.



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10:31AM BBT Kev and Jason doing their morning walk. Raven and Matt in the wave room talking. Raven telling Matt about her convo with Jason this morning and hos she has told Kevin he has to start doing something. Jason and Kevin talking about who damaged so much in the house. Kevin feels it was Josh.


10:35AM BBT Kevin and Jason talking. Jason is saying that Raven is going to be upset after the veto comp. Kevin says that's fine. Kevin says that he can't believe Raven claiming Cody says he would marry her but she was barren. He says she never said a word until Cody was gone.


10:54AM BBT Jason and Kev still walking and talking. Jason frustrated that Alex asked him if he threw everyone's stuff around. Jason says that he wouldn't do that. he says it goes back to a core value. Kevin says that he didn't touch personal stuff. He only touched the KT and furniture.We go to kitty cam - we have Veto meeting.

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12:05 am BBT.  Matt & Raven on the hammock.  


12:06 am BBT.  Xmas, Alex & Jason in the HOH room.  Jason says Kevin jus took 3 packs of his crackers & wonders if he'll eat them or just throw them away.  Jason says Kevin always asks him to make food for him.  They say Kevin takes stuff just to throw it away.  They say he claims he'll sneak it into the bathrrom & eat it (since he's a have not), but he just throws it away.  Alex says Raven eats a lot of crap.  Xmas says Raven has gained weight.  


12:10 am BBT.  Josh is in the shower in the HOH room.   Xmas says Matt is the smarter move to evict first.  Xmas asks how Raven could've picked up Matt's hidden veto during the comp.  


1:25 am BBT.  Jason is playing pool alone.  Jason says he's going to sleep soon.  Paul asks if he can shower in the HOH room, Jason says yes.  


Xmas & Raven in WA brushing & flossing.  Josh is in the WA cutting his nails.  


Alex tells Jason & Paul that she thinks Matt & Raven are separating a bit & she thinks they know Matt is going home.  Paul asks if everyone is down with Matt leaving.  They say then Kevin & Raven will go on the block next.  


1:33 am BBT.  Kevin goes outside to play pool with Jason.  


Alex, Xmas & Josh in the WA.  


Kevin tells Jason he didn't eat his crackers & they are in the SR if he wants them.  


Kevin says get them (Matt & Raven) the f**k outta here.  Kevin says he can't wait to see Raven's face, he's gonna laugh so f**kin' hard.  


1:45 am BBT.  Xmas & Alex in th WA.  Xmas says Kevin is getting pissed that Josh called him out about soap.  Alex asks if Xmas thinks that Matt & Raven will be a couple in the real world.  Xmas says Matt likes Raven as a friend.  They wonder how Matt got cast because he has no personality & doesn't tell stories.  


1:50 am BBT.  Raven says goodnight to everyone.   


2:01 am BBT.  Josh is in the WA brushing his teeth.  Alex is hiding in the bed waiting to scare Josh (he goes to the wave room & not the bedroom where Alex is hiding).    


2:03 am BBT.  Xmas & Josh are in the wave room studying days.  


2:20 am BBT.  Paul in the wave room now telling Xmas & Josh that Matt said if Jason keeps the noms the same then vote him out.  Paul says Matt said he would just eat normal food & get a penalty vote.  Paul says Matt said then Raven, Paul, Xmas & Josh need to band together & take out Alex & Jason.  


Alex still waiting in bed wondering where everyone is.  


Josh says he doesn't mind taking the shot.  


2:23 am BBT.  Alex is now tiptoeing through the house & goes to the HOH room.  She tries to scare Jason.  She asks Jason where is everyone.  She tells Jason she has been waiting to scare people for hours.  


Xmas, Paul & Josh whispering about strategy in the wave room.   


Paul leaves the wave room then goes back in along with Alex, then leaves again.  


2:27 am BBT.  Xmas telling Alex & Josh that when Raven speaks in a normal voice & doesn't scream tht she's a sweet girl.  


2:28 am BBT.  Paul rejoins the group in the wave room.  


Kevin & Matt are sleeping in the have not room. 


The wave room group talking about Jessica being a bottle service girl.  Xmas says asked Jessica exactly what her job entailed.  Paul says she's not a bottle girl, she sells the tables.  Xmas says so a high end hostess?  Paul says yeah sure.  Xmas says Jessica is a pretty girl but doesn't need that much make-up.  Josh says Elena deives him crazy with her looks but when she opens her mouth (he makes a snoring sound).  He says her looks drive him crazy.  Josh says he won't date Elena though.   


2:35 am BBT.  The wave room group talking about taking a dab hit.  General chit chat going on about friends.  


2:56 am BBT.  Alex hiding in the green bedroom waiting to scare someone.  Xmas rolls throughon her scooter & Alex whispers to her to not be scared.  Alex (still hiding in the bed) complaining why they are taking so long.  Paul is walking through the house dancing & has Trejo around his waist.  Paul goes into the green bedroom & Alex scares him.  Paul says he will hide too.  They are waiting for Josh.  Josh goes into the bedroom & Alex scares him.  While he is catching his breath Paul jumps out & scares him again.  They all say goodnight.   


3:07 am BBT.  All the houseguests are in bed for the night.  



**Sorry it took so long but now you're all caught up on last night's happenings.  









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11:58 am BBT.  POV meeting is over.  Jason did not use the PoV.  Raven is mad. She yells you (I think Kevin) don't win anything either you just don't get under his (I think Jason's) skin!


Xmas is hugging Raven. 


Alex, Paul & Jason in the SR.  Alex says since people think we've been fighting lately I'll say I didn't know.  Paul says he'll do damage control.  Alex says they'll say it was because of Kevin.  


Raven yelling about a counterfeiting mother f**ker (again I think Kevin).  


Josh goes into the SR & they kick him out & say there's too many people.  


Raven goes into the SR & says really Jason!  She's yelling at him for lying.  She walks out yelling don't pee on me & say it's raining! 


Matt hugs Raven.  



Kevin goes into the SR.  Alex & Jason are in there & they ask Kevin to give them a minute.  



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11:58am BBT: Feeds back POV was not used.

11:59am BBT:Jason and Alex in the STR talking about the POV meeting while raven in the KT crying she is asked if she is ok and she says no i am not.

12:01pm BBT: Raven and Matt go to the BY Raven starts screaming saying she is going to go insane on him she says be a man and tell me that you are not going to use the POV on me then sit and be nice to me this morning then throw me under the bus she then says she is going for HOh and see what happens then. Matt is trying to calm her down.

 12:03pm BBT: Paul comes outside and she ask if Jason is still ion the STR paul says yeah. Raven says i am mad do not come  and have a full conversation with me then pull this crap. Paul says it is a game and raven yells oh i know. Jason and Alex in STR talking and Jason says they never talk to me unless there is something they want. Raven in the BY yelling saying if you want to be shady then i will call you out on your shady crap. She says if you are not going to use the veto then tell me. Paul tells her to calm down and lets be smart about this we are still ion the game.

12:06pm BBT: Raven says this is ridiculous, Paul says well we know what we have to do and raven screams i know. Matt comes back out and says he is still hiding in the STR, Raven says good he is scared of me. Jason l;eaves the STR goes to KT Kevin says she is mad and ask if he is going out there and Jason says no way i am not going out there i am going up stairs i do not want a fight.

 12:09pm BBT: Raven and Matt go into the KT and Jason is there telling her it is all a game and raven says i know do not tell me you did not know you was going to do this and not tell me. Jason says i did not tell anyone and Raven calls him a liar.

 12:14pm BBT: Raven and Matt still yelling at Jason about him not sticking to his decision. Jason ask them when dis one of you ever come to me and ask what the plan is? Raven says are you kidding me you said you would pull one of us down and Jason says i do not remember saying that and then Matt goes all calling him a punk and other names as they both yell at Jason. All the other Hg are sitting and listening.

12:17pm BBT: Matt yells at Jason and says no one goes to the STR and stays for 20 minutes and hides not even Cody did that. Matt says all you had to do is nominate  us and not say another word or whisper in her ear then lie about it.

12:19pm BBT: Raven in the BY crying and Hyperventilating talking to Paul about how crappy this is and he is trying to calm her down and tells her to sit here and let things calm down. She just keeps crying. raven goes back inside as Alex is talking to Matt about her keeping Jason in the STR for 20 minutes. Matt ask why not come out here instead of staying in the STR, Alex says i was arguing with him. raven starts yelling again at Jason about him not saying things to her and not meaning it.

12:24pm BBT: Jason telling why he was upset with Kevin this week for falling off the bun, raven starts screaming again about Jason telling her that the would pull one of them off with the veto and then did not do it. Matt says when  you won HOH in the double eviction who said they would go on the block it is a one word answer. Jason says Matt. Matt says i threw the Veto comp so we could get Cody out of this game yes or no and Jason says yes. Matt tells him to stick to your core values lie and hide. alex says i was not hiding. She then says i do not like this situation at all and he is still my main target.

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12:00 pm BBT.  Jason & Alex in the SR.  Jason says this is way worse than he thought.  Alex says yeah it is.  


Matt says at least I don't have to eat slop for the rest of the week.  


Alex tells Jason remember me, Xmas & Paul were telling you not to do that because of that!  We didn't want that to hurt you.  Xmas goes into the SR & tells them Matt is calming Raven down.  Xmas leaves. Jason says he doesn't know what the consequence will be for jury but he doesn't care.  He says he know he's counterfeit, but he spends a lot of time with Kevin & he's not willing to throw him under the bus that easy.  Jason says things would be worse if he did use it on Raven because Kevin would go crazy.  He thinks the results would be even either way.  Alex says she applauds him for sticking by his gut.  Jason says if theu don't vote for me at the end & they say this is why & it cost me 500 K well i gotta get there first.   Alex says if she doesn't win she wants Jason to win. Jason says he feels the same. Jason says Raven will be staying & she'll cool down. They hug.   




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12:10 pm BBT.  Matt goes in the house & asks Jason why he was hiding.  Jason tells Raven this is what the game dictates. Raven says then be honest, don't be 2 faced.  She says if he was honest them her & Matt could've spent more time together.   Jason says he didn't say anything to anyone.  Matt says why didn't you just say this is the game & this is it you're both nominated.  Raven keeps yelling saying he said he was pulling one of them down.  Jason says he doesn't remember saying that.  Matt says Jason you were a bitch, it's fine, everybody saw it, national tv saw it.  

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12:13 pm BBT.  Matt keeps saying Jason was a bitch then goes to hide in the SR.  Matt says I cannot believe you had the balls to hide in the SR like a little pussy.  He says Jason's true colors are showing.  He says you hid from a 105 lb girl!  Raven yelling to Jason to be honest.  Jason says you're right actions speak louder than words.  Jason asks when either of them came to him & asked him what the plan was.  Jason says he doesn't remember telling Raven in her ear that one of them will come down.  Matt says oh my god you are such a punk bitch, be a man, strap on your balls & uncross your legs & be a man!!!  Raven yelling this wasn't the house agenda this was your agenda.  Matt asks Jason if he said one of them were coming down, it's a yes or no answer.  Jason says no he didn't.  Raven says it's gonna air on national tv!

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12:30pm BBT: everyone but Kevin in the Kt sitting and standing in silence.

12:32pm BBT: Kevin comes inside sits at the KT table and everyone is silent just looking at each other.

12:35pm BBT: Raven kisses Matt and tell him she will not campaign against him. All HG are sitting in the KT And Paul says in Jason mind right now is why would anyone want HOH. Jason and Paul laugh.

12:37pm BBT: Matt says ok Kevin and Jason lets be honest did you two vote me out last week. Kevin says no i swear on my kids i voted mark out so why don't you ask EVERYONE ELSE THAT. Matt ask Jason if he did and Jason says well and Matt jumps up calling him a punk. Jason says he is going to sit and say nothing but when you calm down i might answer.

12:42pm BBT: raven crying again and tells Matt she will not campaign against him and she tells everyone else they can all come to her but she will not go to them she says she rather go to jury then be a liar. She looks at Matt and ask what he wants for dinner.

12:45pm BBT: All HG except Christmas  are in the KT area in silence just the clanking of the spoon hitting Paul's cup is all you hear and raven sighing.

 12:51pm BBT: Matt in the BY taking his shirt off and applying sun tan spray so he can lay out. All other Hg still in KT sitting in silence.

12:53pm BBT: Paul asking everyone if they have ever smoked a hookah and they say no. he tells them it is tobacco. BB calls raven to the DR. Matt has jumped into the pool alone.

12:55pm BBT: Paul. Jason, Josh and Alex talking and laughing about raven attacking Jason as Christmas listens and eats her lunch.

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12:20 pm BBT.  Matt says he wxpected more from Jason.  He said all you had to do was say you wanted one of us out, you didn't have to give that speech. Matt says he can't wait til Jason watches this back.  Mayt says were you in the SR for 20 min?  Jason says yes.  He says so many people were in there & he couldn't leave.  Alex steps in & tells Matt that Jason wasn't hiding, she was arguing with him in the SR.  It was her fault. 


12:22 pm BBT.  Round & round we go with accusations & the same spiel about what Jason said & what he did.  Jason asks why they are less expendable then Kevin or anyone else.  They say they're not but he should've been honest.  

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12:24 pm BBT.  Raven tells Jason that he threw Kevin under the bus.  Jason says Kevin hasn't won anything & it pisses him off & he's told Kevin that.  Matt says he's not mad about the game decision.  He says they'll be friends after the game.  Jason says he's mad Kevin fell off the bun 1st.  Raven keeps yelling about Jason saying "the house agenda".  They are grilling Jason about what he said in his speech.  Matt asking if he hasn't done everyrhing he said he would.  


12:28 pm BBT.  Alex says I still hate Kevin. Alex says that's why her & Jason were arguing & she doesn't like the situation.  She says she still wants Kevin out.  

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1:04PM BBT In the KT Jason, Josh, Alex and Xmas laughing. Jason saying that escalated quickly. They are gong round and round about the after Veto fight.


1:09PM BBT Kevin in the By saying his word is good. Says he hasn't lied. Paul says neither has he. Raven comes out. Paul tells her that Alex knew nothing about Jason not using the Veto.Raven says Alex has never lied to her so she knows Alex didn't know.


1:14PM BBT In the KT Paul and Josh telling Alex and Jason about Kev. Paul making up things that he supposedly just said in the BY. Saying Kevin is playing the victim card.


1:18PM BBT Josh telling Paul that he has seen Kev work the leaving HG until they are out the door. He says he is working the jury. Josh says that Kev is a liar and talks s*** about all of them. Josh says that Kev is 66. Paul says that Kev keeps lying about his age.


1:20PM BBT Paul telling Jason and Alex and Josh that Kev is lying about his family. Paul says they give shout outs to a family that doesn't actually exist. Paul says that he has caught Kev lying about his outside life. Josh says he has said hello to the family too. Paul says there is no family.


1:22PM BBT Kev comes into the KT and Alex tells him she hates hearing him shuffle. Kev says it is how the slippers are.Alex tells him to lift his feet and call him an old man. She says she can't stand the sound. Josh and Paul laugh.

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 1:24PM BBT In the BY Xmas is comforting Raven (Paul told her to do so earlier). Xmas asks Matt if he is sleeping in the RBR tonight. He said yes - he said he is going to take a hot shower and eat chicken tonight.


1:28PM BBT Josh comes outside and starts in about Kev to Xmas,Matt and Raven. Saying ho9w he wants to go off on Kev. Says Kev has lied. Raven says she has played a loyal game. Josh says that Matt and Raven have played a loyal game. Matt tells Josh that he wants Josh to evict him on Thursday. Matt says that Paul told him he can accumulate multiple penalty votes so he is going to go for double digits.


1:31PM BBT In the KT Paul asks Jason and Alex if he came in the house as cocky or a douche. Both tell him no that they wanted to work with him from the start. Paul says that vets have come in that way. Frank came in and told them all what a legend he was.


1:35PM BBT In the BY Paul has gotten Xmas, JOsh and Alex together. Alex is laughing that she called Kevin out for his slippers. Paul wants Josh to go to HOH and ask Kev why he only lifts 2 pounds and then stops. Josh says he wants to go off on Kev. Xmas tells him not yet. Paul wants Josh to hassle Kev.


1:38PM BBT In HOH Kev and Jason talking.Josh enters and Jason tells them they are talking. Kev says that now they can't even talk. He says that when he goes to jury that he will tell everyone to vote for Jason to win. Kev says that when they get down to F6 he told Jason he would go up. Jason agrees.

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1:40PM BBT Kevin telling Jason that everyone is listening to one person who is directing them. He says that he only voted how they told him to. Kev says that he sticks by the rules. He isn't stupid.he knows they won't look him in the eye. He knows that they shouldn't be fools. He is on to Paul.


1:44PM BBT Josh upset that Kev s*** on everyone but will not say to anyone's face. Josh says kev has s*** on him from day one. Xmas tells him that Kev does it every day. Josh is going on and on. Josh calling Kev a rat (not to his face).


1:51PM BBT Paul and Josh head to HOH. Josh still saying he wants to go off on Kev and when with they let him. Paul telling Jason that Kev is saying things. Paul says Kevin can't win anything. Josh complaining that Kev plays each leaving HG for a jury vote.


1:54PM BBT Xmas and Raven in the LR. Xmas talking about hos Kev has tried to get her out since day 1. Raven says a woman corned is a powerful tings. Xmas says that Raven held her own and didn't walk away.



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1:56PM BBT Matt comes out of DR. Raven asks if he got a penalty vote. Matt says they are trying to talk him out of it but he is gong to anyways an we get FOTH.


 2:04PM BBT In the HOH room it is rinse and repeat about Kevin. Josh saying he is going to call him out in his HOH speech if he gets the chance..etc etc etc


2:07PM BBT In the HOH Alex telling Jason what "story" they are going with for Jason not using the veto.


2:12PM BBT Paul in the RBR talking to Matt and Raven. Telling them how he didn't know etc. Says he wished he could have done more. Matt says it is a game. Paul hugs them and tells them "lets do this".


2:15PM BBT Paul and Josh in the SR. Paul still wearing his new and improved inflatable. They are celebrating that Xmas is going to go off on Kev. In the KT Xmas going off that Kev asked her if she was going swimming in the pool. He meant if she was sitting on the side of the pool. Josh starts yelling at Kev that he said the wrong thing. Kev says Xmas asked him a question first. Xmas says she did but Kev needs to say what he means (he accidently asked Xmas if she was going in the pool instead of by the side of the pool). Xmas yelling that her foot has been broken all summer and she can't go in the pool.


2:20PM BBT JOsh telling Kev that he calls him names. Kev says that he hasn't called him names. He says others have called him names and he isn't going to argue the point. He tells Josh that he needs to not let the others play his game. Josh tells him that he is a liar and Kev starting to lose it. Tells Josh to not start with him. Josh makes a comment about one of Kev's kids. Kev tells him not to bring his kids into it. Kev tells Josh to STFU.

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2:23PM BBT Josh not letting up and keeps calling Kev a liar. Kev telling Josh to say something or STFU. We get FOTH.


2:29PM BBT We still have FOTH. Things were heated in the BB house.


2:55PM BBT Feeds flash for a moment and Kev in the KT. We are back to FOTH.



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3:25PM BBT Feeds are back. Josh and Kev both still in the house. Josh, Jason and Alex talking in the WCA. Kev and Xmas talking outside.


3:28PM BBT Xmas and Kev in the BY. Xmas telling him to just share his stories and just be him. Kev apologizes to Xmas for yelling at her. She says he didn't yell at her. They laugh.



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3:32PM BBT Josh, Alex, Paul and Jason talking in the WCA. Jason telling them that he told Kev that the house is upset at him (Jason) not Kevin. Kevin told him he needs to win HOH. Josh says no. Jason says Kevin isn't going to win. Paul says it could be a luck one. Jason says if Kevin puts him and Alex up he will call him every name in the book. Jason jokes that he will f*** his wife and tie up all his daughters and make them watch. Jason jokes where is the line. Paul says the line is gone. Jason jokes he was thinking of the worse thing he could. Paul says he found it.

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