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Friday July 14, 2017 Big Brother 19 Live Feed Updates


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 1:41AM BBT-Alex & Elena say that Christmas is not looking so good but until she gets back, they will give her the benefit of the doubt.Alex says Christmas said it as a joke but... (Elena indicates she agrees.)



 1:43AM BBT-Alex says as much as she would like to get Jess & Ramses out, this (Ramses vote) is more concerning bc its somebody who plays both sides

 1:45AM BBT -Alex reiterates they need 2 figure out who voted 2 evict Ramses & get them out before jury. Says Jess #1 nom but figure out backdoor 

1:49AM BBT -Elena says it would be harder for Elena to put up Jessica than Alex bc of Elena's prior relationship w/ Jessica. Alex mentions Jessica's jealousy over Cody, which Alex doesn't understand.

1:54AM BBT -Elena tells Alex that she is on the same page as Alex that if some1 in their group tried to rock the group, they have to go.

2:14AM BBT -Alex says to Elena/Paul: red flags are dom, mark and xmas. Jess is most likely on the block. Paul trying to get ramses to be the target 

2:16AM BBT -Alex tells Elena that she needs to talk to Christmas to find out her vote bc Alex can't tell if Christmas is lying.

2:17AM BBT -Paul trying to convince Alex that Ramses asked people to vote him out to cause chaos

3:41AM BBT  -Elena/ Alex/ Raven in Lounge Alex: We definitely have someone in the group who is trying to F us - Christmas.
Elena agrees. Raven looks on in silence. Elena says if we put someone in our group up, it will cause waves in our group. Elena departs.
Alex to Raven says we got off to a rough start.
4:07AM BBT Long Alex/Raven convo ends.

4:18AM BBT -HOH Alex/Paul talking about their alliance 'AMF' -Alex said she is serious about it: Paul agrees. Dominique is emerging as target.

4:20AM BBT -Paul thinks he can get the votes if they take the Dominique shot. They solidify Jessica/Dominique as noms.

4:23AM BBT -Alex is talking to live feeders saying she is going to make a power move to take Dominique out & also says: Sorry Dominique fans.

4:25AM BBT -Alex turns off lights & to bed in HOH.Alex to cam: Okay live feeders, what do you think about everything?.... gonna try to get Dominique out. So all you Dom fans,...ready cuz it's not lookin' so good for her. Yeah you can creepily watch me sleep all night by myself with my weird fish.
4:27AM BBT -Feeds return. Alex up in HOH & lights are on. Looking for music. Sits listening to music and eating snack. Sits with rosary while wearing headphones. Sways to the music and snacks, watches fish. 

4:49AM BBT  -Fish, then Alex downstairs & tells Matt/Elena she was called to the DR. Alex enters DR. Matt to bed off cam. Elena to BA.

4:50AM BBT  -Elena in BA brushing teeth, wash face, to bed next to Mark in Red BR. Visible HGs quiet in bed. House lights remain on

4:57AM BBT  -Elena up, gathers clothes, changes clothes in Green BR & hallway, (Ed.: So she could see.), back to bed in Red BR

5:06AM BBT  -Alex out of DR, talks on her way up stairs to HOH. Pauses before entering HOH, gives snapchat, & asks feeders to send snapchat message to her sister-in-law.
WC, wash hands, plays with cam, turns off lights & into bed. 

5:12AM BBT  -Alex coughs, up, lights, looks for meds, takes pills, talks to cam, lights off, into bed. "Night Big Brother".

5:16AM TO 7:45AM BBT -Alex restless, coughs, drinkS, up and then back to bed a few times. Clears throat & coughs intermittently all night long. .




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9:38AM BBT -Raven and Matt talking in KT about that she found out that Jess was telling Jason that Raven is the one that stole Alex's cat ears (when in reality it was Jess that took the ears) and various other things.  Raven is pissed and Matt said I know I know..  Then talk turned how they have no provisions and BB needs to restock.  

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9:35 am BBT Jason and Kevin in the WA. Kevin asks if Alex said anything about him. Jason tells him that she swears she's got their back. After brushing his teeth, Kevin heads to the KT. BB tells him to put on his microphone. Raven is sitting at the KT counter with sunglasses on and a blanket around her head. She yawns and tells Kevin she's cold. Jason hops through the KT and says "Come on. Get me out of this f'in thing." Matt comes up to Raven and is whispering. She tells him that she found out some things about Jessica last night that pissed her off. Matt says he hopes she's gone this week.


9:40 am BBT Raven says that Jess told Jason that she hid the cat ears from Alex. They stop whispering when they sense someone is coming through, but we don’t see who it is. Jason is called to the DR. Matt and Raven complain that they have nothing in the BB house. Matt is rifling through the food when he says this. Raven says they can’t even do the dishes because there’s no dishsoap. Matt goes to the SR and comes out with something. Jessica is asked by BB if she’s changed her batteries. Matt is whispering to Raven over the KT counter, but it’s hard to hear what he says. Whatever it is, Raven says she completely agrees.


9:45 am BBT Raven tells BB that they need some food. On Feeds 1 and 2 we are watching Mark and Elena sleeping. Raven tells Matt that she went to sleep around 4:30 am and he says that it was a late one. BB announces that the BR lights must stay on during the day. Raven whispers that Alex told her that she would make her decision today and that out of respect, Elena would be the only one to know. Matt walks away and trips over a towel. They both yawn for what has to be the 100th time since they’ve been woken up. BB announces, again, that the BR lights must stay on during the day. The BR lights stay off on Feeds 1 and 2. Matt says that today will be noms and the snake s**t.


9:50 am BBT BB says, “Paul, Mark, Elena, and Dominque… I said the BR lights must remain on during the day.” Dom finally gets out of bed in the Rose BR and turns on the lights, but she climbs right back into bed. BB says, “Thank you for your cooperation.” In the KT, Matt says he will be so mad if Christmas comes back in here acting like a fool. Raven says that she truly has no idea who the other person is. Matt says he doesn’t either. Raven says that she told Alex to be careful because she could put the wrong person up and then she could have gone against the grain. Matt yawns again and she says, “What’s wrong with you? Why are you yawning??”


9:55 am BBT Feeds 1 amd 2 quickly switch to the HOH BR. Alex is sitting up in bed. Then they switch back to the Rose BR where Paul, Mark, Elena, and Paul are still sleeping. Raven starts to limp to Wave Room. She lies down on the couch and covers up her entire body, including her face. Now we have Matt on Feed 3 and 4 in the KT. Exciting stuff here, folks. Feed 4 returns to Raven in the Wave Room. She has uncovered her face, but she’s still just lying down wearing sunglasses.


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10:15AM BBT: Matt and Alex talking in the HOH room. Discussing who voted for Ramses. Alex is explaining the Raven is on board with who she is going to put up. Alex says it is someone on your side, but I wanted to nom someone who is going to annihilate us later on. Matt tells Alex he's sorry she has to do this. Alex says no names but one person would be a backdoor since they can't defend themselves. Alex says we just need a majority to make sure this happens. Alex and Matt leave the HOH room to the KT. 

10:19AM BBT: Alex walks into the wave room. And Matt goes to the WA. Alex and Raven are in the Wave Roon. Alex and Raven discussing how Christmas' vote is still up in the air. Alex says she doesn't want Christmas to be on the block bc it's not fair since she can't defend herself. Raven says Alex is in an awkward situation. Alex says the nom may not have been the third vote for Ramses but they are definitely stirring the pot. Raven says in the past seasons everyone always voted the same way, what the hell? Alex agrees. Raven says if everyone isn't voting the same way they shouldn't tell us they are going to and then go rogue. Raven says if you give someone your word, you should keep it. Raven says she feels bad for Paul bc it was his plan to get Cody out and everyone was on board. But then someone was like deuces and voted rogue. Alex discusses that their group is solidified and that's why they wanted Jess up, but she is going to put someone up from their group who is causing problems. Alex says she doesn't want there to be misunderstandings and she wants to play a straight game. 


10:24AM BBT: Raven and Alex still talking in the wave room. Matt in the KT cleaning up. Alex says that some of these people are liars and they will screw you. Raven says she's just going to chill out and listen and if she hears anything she'll let Alex know. Alex leaves and goes to the DBR. Matt still doing dishes in the KT. Josh, Kev and Jason still asleep in the DBR. Alex comes to the KT and says to Matt "Dude. Everyone is still dead asleep." 

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10:00 am BBT Matt goes into the Wave Room to bring Raven some coffee and they start whispering. He says he thinks this week is going to be bad for Mark. He says he’s going to be a have not and there’s going to be a lot of s**t floating around about him. Raven said she told him to chill out and not to worry about it and then he goes out there and says to Alex, “Let’s go.” Matt says this week could be the perfect storm for him.


10:10 am BBT Matt has just been cooking in the KT. HG sleeping in the Rose BR.


10:14 am BBT A door opens and Alex joins Matt in the KT. She says she saw Raven in the Wave Room and he tells her no one else is up. She says that defeats her purpose of getting up. She wanted to give everyone a chance to talk to her before noms. So, she asks Matt if he wants to talk. They head upstairs and she said that she wanted everyone to get to talk to her, but she’s not going to force anyone. She says, “So here it is…” Matt says he feels bad for the spider. She says that Jessica is probably going up, but it’s the second one who is going that will be a problem with because it is someone on their side. She said that they know Paul was locked up, Ramses was locked up, Alex was locked up, Jason swears he didn’t vote for Ramses. She says there are concerning parties on their side. She says it won’t be a thing like what Cody did. She’ll let them know. She wants to get someone out who is planning to annihilate them. The scary thing is there isn’t any proof. She says that she isn’t going to say a name, but nobody can figure out why they don’t trust this person. She says this person may be the third nomination. She said to give him a hint, the other person might be a back door because they can not defend themselves. Does that make sense? Meanwhile, Raven is talking to herself in the Wave Room.


10:19 am BBT  Alex tells Matt that Jessica is definitely dangerous in the house and tells him the story about how Jessica told him Raven hid her cat ears. She explains that she won’t believe what Jessica says. She says that although Raven and her aren’t that close, she thinks that Jessica is attacking the nicest person in the house and she won’t go for it. She says if Jessica doesn’t go home this week, it sucks, but the next HOH will have to deal with it. Alex says she’s going to go talk to Raven.


10:25 am BBT  Raven says that she went to bed right after they talked so she doesn’t know anything more. Alex says that she didn’t say anything about the Christmas thing. Raven says that it’s up in the air because she’s not here right now. Alex says she doesn’t think she should be on the block because she isn’t here to defend herself. Raven says that in Season 16 everyone voted the same way and this season no one can get their ducks in a row. This season they’re squirrels in a row all searching for their own nut. She says if she gives someone her word, even if it’s not best for her game, she’s going to follow through.  Alex says she’s trying to be as transparent and blunt as possible. Alex says she’s going to go find people to talk to. Raven says if she hears anything else before noms she’ll let her know. Alex heads to the BRs and finds sleeping HG after sleeping HG.



10:30 am BBT  Alex goes back to the KT and tells Matt that everyone is really sleeping. Matt says BB went hard at them for awhile and then decided to let everyone sleep. She says she’s a little confused by it because it seems like a weird day to just sleep. She heads upstairs and tells Matt that if anyone wakes up and wants to talk to her to send them upstairs. Feeds 1 and 2 are on Alex lying down in the HOHR. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Raven and Matt talking in the KT. Raven tells Matt her ducks in a row and squirrels with a nut analogy and then leaves the room. Alex is talking to the feeders in the HOHR. She says she thought she’d give everyone a chance to talk to her but no one seems to want to do that. She says the thing that seems to suck about this cast is that no one seems to want to take hits against each other. So she said if they’d like, she’ll be HOH and she’ll take those shots. She says she only has 2 friends in the game… Jason and Paul. She says she’s going to try to keep Jason as safe as she can and play the game with as much excitement as she can.


10:35 am BBT  Raven and Matt are talking in the WA. She tells him about the conversation she had with Alex and then they head to the KT. He says the house is in shambles. She said she hurt her foot and this is what happens when she can’t clean. Alex is lying in bed with her eyes closed. Raven asks Matt if she should go wake up Paul. Matt says to let him sleep because the boy does a lot of thinking and could use a rest. She says she likes that. Raven asks who he thinks is going to be the other nom. Matt says the thinks it’s going to be Dom or Mark. He asks who she would prefer it to be. She says Dom because Mark could end up putting the gravestone on his grave if it’s him. He says that after the HOH yesterday, Dom was acting very strange.


10:40 am BBT Matt leaves to go to the WC. Raven hungrily munches on some cereal [As a repeat updater, I truly wish these HG would learn to move their microphones when they are eating. It’s not fun to update when they’re eating –brotayjax]! Matt returns and says he thinks the 2 of them could easily not win HOH for the next 2-3 weeks because this could create a lot of… (hard to hear).  She agrees. Then she tells him that Alex said Ramses came up there last night and told her not to trust Raven but to trust Jessica. Matt says that Alex knows better than that. Matt turns the water on to start washing the dishes with handsoap and sprays himself with water.


10:45 am BBT  Matt and Raven doing dishes. Hard to hear them because of water running. Ramses goes upstairs but he comes down right away when he sees Alex is sleeping.


10:50 am BBT  Jason comes through the KT and asks who is up. Matt tells him Alex and Ramses are upstairs and Raven corrects him to say that Ramses went back downstairs. Jason hops back to his room. Raven tells Jason that he has been a great sport. Ramses and Jason go into the SR. Ramses asks what’s going on with Alex. Jason says he’s f’ed and she’s putting him on the block. He laughs and says he’s kidding. Ramses says it concerns him that she spent an hour and a half upstairs with Elena and Paul but almost no time with him. Jason says she is protecting them. Josh comes in and says she’s not letting anyone control her. Jason says she is definitely taking the reins. She’s going to do what she’s going to do and it’s going to be good. He says that if he had gotten HOH he would have done whatever he wanted to do but she’s getting input from everyone to find the rats. He says she’s thinking about it, getting input from everyone. Josh tells them not to lose their cool, not to get swayed or taken in. Jason says to do what Alex says. The group breaks up.


10:50 am BBT  Jason comes through the KT and asks who is up. Matt tells him Alex and Ramses are upstairs and Raven corrects him to say that Ramses went back downstairs. Jason hops back to his room. Raven tells Jason that he has been a great sport. Ramses and Jason go into the SR. Ramses asks what’s going on with Alex. Jason says he’s f’ed and she’s putting him on the block. He laughs and says he’s kidding. Ramses says it concerns him that she spent an hour and a half upstairs with Elena and Paul but almost no time with him. Jason says she is protecting them. Josh comes in and says she’s not letting anyone control her. Jason says she is definitely taking the reins. She’s going to do what she’s going to do and it’s going to be good. He says that if he had gotten HOH he would have done whatever he wanted to do but she’s getting input from everyone to find the rats. He says she’s thinking about it, getting input from everyone. Josh tells them not to lose their cool, not to get swayed or taken in. Jason says to do what Alex says. The group breaks up.


10:55 am BBT  Ramses tell Jason he wants to run scenarios with her. Jason says she’s not asleep because Matt and Raven thought he was up there with them. Josh takes Jason into the SR. Josh tells Jason that moving forward he’s sticking with him and Alex but he has to play nice. He wants to know who has been putting his name out there. Jason says that no one has. He tells Jason that next week they really need to win HOH. He says that Matt is gunning for both of them and Jason says he didn’t last very long on that wall. He says that he’s really worried about Matt, Mark, Raven, and Elena. That leaves Dom, Christmas, Paul, him, Jason, Alex, and Kevin. He says that’s 7. Jason says they really need to get someone from that side out. Josh says getting Jessica out is a wasted HOH. They agree that Alex is a strong woman and whatever she does is going to be perfect. Josh says he wants Alex to trust him.



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11:10AM BBT: Jason goes to the HOH to talk to Alex. He asks if Alex was sleeping and she says no. Alex says it's weird that no one is up here trying to get me not to put them up. Paul gets called to the DR. Alex tells Jason that she talked to Raven. Alex says Jessica has been lying like I thought [referencing the cat ears incident]. Alex says I know you don't like Matt right now, but he trusts you and we need numbers. Alex says we need to make sure Ramses and Josh stay cool and don't freak out; once the noms come out they need to stay cool. Jason says I'm with you, we need to get rid of Dom. Jason says it would be a moot point to get rid of Jess, but putting her on the block puts her in check and takes her swing vote out of the pot. Jason says I can't imagine Paul... it's going to be one of those tie thins. Alex doesn't know where Christmas is at, but everyone else is solid. Jason tells Alex to give Kevin a warm fuzzy and share his wine. Jason says Kev is worried about people not talking to him now. Alex says her back hurts and Jason tells her she's amazing. Jason says I feel a lot better that you won. Jason says I wanted Elena to fall off before me, but I'm glad you got it bc you're a lot smarter than me. Jason says he would have just put up Matt and Dom, but you (Alex) are getting to the bottom of things. Alex reiterates her conversation with Raven and Matt. Jason explains that he told Josh and Ramses to not to listen to anyone else and to listen to whatever Alex says. Jason says Josh is f-ing dumb. Jason is quoting Josh saying that they "need to stick to the vote." It made Jason mad bc Josh flipped 12 minutes before the vote. 


11:16AM BBT: Jason says no one can beat you Al, except maybe Paul. Alex says yeah but Alex is with us. Jason asks who she'd like to see final 4. Alex says me, you(Jason), Paul, Kevin. Jason says Mark is getting nervous. Alex says he's turning to you on the other side. Alex explains to Jason that she talked with Mark, and she trusts him. Jason says he trusts him too. Alex says she thinks Dom might be using Mark as a puppet, even if she didn't flip the vote. Jason says he doesn't think Dom is that smart, Alex agrees, but says who's been running under the radar. Alex says we can count on Christmas to vote Jessica out bc Christmas holds grudges. Alex says she's made it clear to people that she doesn't like Christmas from a game view. Alex says directly to Jason "I swear to God if you're f-ing with me now." And Jason says "Alex if you ask me that one more time, I'm going to bash your skull in." They discuss liking Mark and that they could beat him in anything. Alex says she doesn't like Raven in the game bc anyone wouldn't vote against her and be an asshole. Alex says she trusts Raven and Matt one hundred percent. Alex says Jason do you see the game I'm playing? Jason jokes if I win HOH next week can I give it to you? **laughter** 


11:20AM BBT: Alex says Jess will be on the block. And what she'll tell the others is that she trusted them and went on the block for them and they need to trust her and vote. Alex says we can trust Josh, Ramses, Jason and Paul will vote out Dom. Jason ask what about Kevin? And Alex says I don't know he keeps getting confused. Alex says she's only counting votes that he knows won't screw us. She says maybe Josh isn't a guarantee because he likes Dom and thinks she's pretty. Jason says he will need to talk to Josh. Alex says if he wants to be in the game next week he better vote to evict Dom otherwise she'll make sure to put a huge target on his back. Jason says ppl have been asking him who she's putting up and he's been avoiding the question. Alex says she thinks Josh is a good person but she doesn't like him in the game. Alex says she'll calm him down so they'll have the votes. 

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11:24AM BBT: Dom comes in to take a shower. Kev then comes in and says hi and he didn't want to bother Alex bc he knew there were other ppl up there. Alex says a lot of ppl are still sleeping and haven't come up there. Kev says he got up at 6AM to change his battery and then went back to bed and actually slept. Jason says you were snoring a little bit, and Kev says that's how much I needed it. Kev asks Alex if he can have a coke, and she says sure. Jason goes to get it for him. He says I'm having a coke! Kev says a bunch of those ppl didn't want to cross the line last week and now they do. They talk about Josh waking Jason up. Kev says Josh went into the DR 5 times. Kev says at the end of the thing the DR ppl are going to be sick of Josh. Dom leaves. Alex says I can't name who the noms are but it's someone who we can't trust. Kev says they keep saying I'm doing this and that, and I'm like mother f-er I'm laying in my bed. Alex says I trust you and I trust Paul. Kev says if anyone says something just come and talk to me. Kev says we don't need to take the weakest person away, we need to get out a strong person. Kev says just give me a wink and I'll do it. Kev some ppl just irk me, they come up to the HOW and assume they can use it. Kev says it's the HOW now the house of women. Kev says ppl laugh at your jokes Paul and they aren't even f-ing funny; he said that to Paul. Dom comes back in. Kev is talking about the Houdini conversation from a few days ago and how he was correct in how he died and Paul said he drowned. And everyone agreed with Paul even though they didn't know. 


11:31AM BBT: Kev asks Jason if he ate breakfast and he says oh wait your HN. Kev says if I don't come up here it's not bc I don't love you, I want to be cool. They discuss the next few days events. Jason says when I win HOH, I"m going to get a couple of six packs of beer and Kev is going to drink them all. Jason says I want to see your drunk ass. Kev says I won't get drunk from that, but if it was shots I would. Kev jokes about picking on Josh if I was drunk. Kev says Josh is unstable. He mocks Josh saying he has a migraine. Jason tells them about their conversation in the SR. Kev says half the time I can't understand what he's saying. Kev says Josh said "I have acid reflexes." Kev said "it's reflux mother f-er." They continue talking about Josh. Kev says I guarantee you Ramses would win over him. 


11:35AM BBT: Paul comes to HOH. Paul is discussing who fell off the wall first and them being HN. Kev says I might have some sympathy for Christmas for 20 minutes but then it'll be gone. Kev asks Paul if he's going to stay in his underwear all day and Paul says no I'm going back to f-ing sleep. KEv says he had such a good time on that wall, that was one of his best times in his life other than with his family. They talk about how Jason just jumped so easy after they said no they won't put him up. Kev says we should have a glass tomorrow after POV. Paul says I call dibs on host if I'm not picked for POV. 

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Alex got her room at 1:11amBBT. It was 1:13am by the time everyone got upstairs.  Hard to understand what Alex was saying when she was looking at the basket as she was using her high-pitched tone. Here is her letter (read at 1:16amBBT)


Dear Baby Girl. 
Papa and Mama love you very much and miss you so much. I guess I could say that you really impressed us, but your mom and I expected nothing less. We miss you so much that we have gone on a lot of vacations to occupy the time you are away from us. Let's see, we went to Shaver Lake and stayed at the cabin. It's funny how you were younger than Wills (points to a picture on the dresser and says "This is Wills) is now when we first brought you up there and we've been going there for 30 years now. We went to Moore Park to watch the fireworks on the third of July like I said. Wills loved it, he thought it was amazing. We are going to Las Vegas to do what we usually do when we go there: have fun and win some money.  You have always impressed us when you want something and you put your mind to it and get it done is your personality. Enjoy the ride, Al.

Love Mama & Papa.

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11:48 BBT Dom and Alex talking in HOH. Dominique says that she has been hearing from several people that she needs to Alex. She says that she has heard that rumors are flying that she was one of the non-Cody votes. Dom states why would she not vote out someone who was very much coming after her. She wants to know point blank if Alex has heard those rumors or planted those seeds in her mind. Alex says she believes that Dom is not one of the votes and she knows that one of the nominees will be Jessica although she can't say that for certain perBB. They discuss Ramses as a possible pot stirrer but they dismiss him as a threat. 


Dominique says that she believes that someone in their group is targeting her (Dominique).   They talk around names without saying specifics. It sounds like Dom thinks it is a girl who is insecure about her relationship within other group members. (My guess is Christmas but not sure). Dominique tells Alex that she told her team something was fishy and if someone gets defensive about it then that's a red flag to her. Dominique says the truth makes sense. They start going around again about the mystery votes. Alex seems to think one of them was definitely Christmas but they are not sure about the other vote. Alex and Dominique are leaning toward someone in one of the couples. They ruled out Kevin. 


Dominique also brings up the talk show and how it caused a lot of controversy.  That's  one of the reasons she wanted to talk to Alex. Everyone in the group said things behind her back about how shady it was except Paul who said something to Dominique upfront. Dominique seems to really lean on how Mark got so upset with her (Dom) about the questions. Dominique says she doesn't feel like her group was being disrespectful because they said her show was amazing to her face and then were really upset and talked behind her back. It was one of the reasons Dominique separated herself from the group yesterday. Alex says she didn't see a problem with her show. Dominique says she can take and respect criticism but she cant handle people being two-faced to her when she is giving them her trust and respect and it is not returned. Alex agrees and uses her relationship with Josh as an example of the same thing. Dominique says she'll be back to figure out how to finish her hair. Alex says no problem and Dominique leaves.  

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11:05am BBT: Jason tells Ramses he  thinks Paul is in the HOHR with Alex and then jumps up and says i am going up there. Jason goes to KT gets coffee then goes to the HOHR. He sits down and Alex says  she talked to Raven and she did not vote Ramses lastnight so Jessica is lying.

11:22am BBT: Jason and Alex still talking about why Raven and Matt are  to be trusted then Dom comes in to take a shower and right behind her is Kevin he says he did not want to bother her and she says you are not bothering me. Dom goes to the HOH shower and Kevin gets a coke then sits on the bed with Alex.

11:26am BBT: Alex, Jason and Kevin talking now Kevin says he will never go against either of them but he does have a relationship with Paul. Kevin says we do not need to get rid of the weakest person this week and Jason agrees with him and says that is right. Kevin says we need to get a stronger person out. Kevin then talks about how Paul's jokes are not even funny.

11:32am BBT: Elena in the WA doing make up, Jessica comes in and goes to the WC. Kevin, Jason and Alex still talking in the HOHR Paul comes in to general talk going on

11:37am BBT: Paul tells Kevin he is going back to bed, Kevin says why in was looking for you and could not find you and Paul says i was in the other room.  Paul says i am going to lay down now dude i am so tired.  Paul leaves and Kevin talks about Elena and Jessica talking on the wall lastnight  and Jessica wanted her to make a deal with her and Kevin said they was  all shaking their heads no.

11:41am BT: Paul now talking to Elena in the Red BR about Dom and she told Dom to talk to Alex when she is up there. Paul says he thinks the house wants her gone. Elena ask do you think the whole house wants her to go and Paul says we will see.

11:50am BBT: Paul and Elena still talking about Dom being evicted this next week, In the HOHR Alex and Dom talking Alex tells her as much as she wants to get Ramses out there is others she wants out more. Dom agrees with her and  Alex says you know she goes around to everyone.

11:56am BBT: Alex and Dom talking about the votes lastnight as Alex wants to know who voted against Ramses. Alex then says she wanted to talk to everyone but not everyone is coming up here you know what i mean and Dom says yeah i know. In the Red BR Paul and Elena are still talking about her not knowing where everyone heads are at so she is worried.

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 12:04pm BBT:  Alex says if everyone else is asleep she is going to sleep when they get up she will. She goes to the HOHR and josh follows her she says so i cant tell who i am nominating and i promise it is someone you want on the block she says but you can not take the bait on this person so the person is Jessica , Josh says so we want Jessica out and Alex says no. He says so do not vote Jessica out and Alex says right.

12:07pm BBT: Josh says he will be honest with her and he says if i am not then i will go home next week. Josh says the powers in the house has us all in a pecking order, Alex says i know but the person i want out this week might not look like a power move but it is trust me.

12:10pm BBT: Alex says to Josh that she is trusting him right now and he has to trust Ramses for now , She says i know it might be hard but you have to trust him for now. Josh says we have to start talking about people and alliances with each other and anything  that is said between us has to stay between us and Jason. Alex agrees. josh says we have to do damage in this game.

12:13pm BBt: Dom comes in the HOHR and josh tells her ok do what you want to do and i will respect you no matter what, they hug then Josh leaves the HOHR.

 12:18pm BBT: Josh and Alex talk about how Paul is honest never lies about anything. they watched his season and knows he won't lie.in the HOHR Paul talks to Dom about their side going to take a hit this week and he says he is worried about Christmas coming back not knowing what is going on.

12:28pm BBt: Mark and Paul talk now in the Red BR , Paul says that Christmas is making him mad and  he does not know what to do. They says as soon as Christmas comes back she will be mad and they need to talk to her quick when she comes back later. talk then turns to Cory and mark says he is over the Cory thing now  since he is out of the house. 

12:36pm BBT We now have FOTH as Dom said it was about time for the Den Of Temptation.

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