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Friday July 14, 2017 Big Brother 19 Live Feed Updates


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1:10 BBT - Alex and Jessica talking in padded room.  Alex reveals to Jessica that she is NOT the target this week but doesn't tell Jessica who is.  Jessica thanks her and says she wants to work with her and Jason and flip the house upside down.  Alex basically tells Jessica that she will be a pawn this week but to act like she doesn't know it.  Says that she is not 100% sure yet if she has votes to implement her secret plan [to backdoor Christmas].

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1:15 BBT - Alex and Jessica still talking.  Jessica tells Alex that she and Elana had an alliance but that Elana turned her back on her when they voted to keep Christmas.  Also says Raven hid Alex's Coca-Cola and then blamed it on her.   Says that many people in the house are lying on her.  Alex tells Jessica that she wants to flip the house and that she wants Jessica to keep it quiet. That if she tells anyone she'll be screwing over herself, Alex and Jason.

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1:20 BBT - Dom and Ramses talking in HoH BR.  Ramses says Dom is being sketchy with him.  Dom says he just interpreted it the wrong way.  Dom is calling out Ramses now about the airplane banner.  [Apparently the banner said something about a Dom/Mark alliance ?? or at least that what Ramses told people]  Dom keeps pressing him about why he's been telling the house that she is targeting him.  Says she just wants clarity about why Ramses thought she was targeting him and she assures him that she is not targeting him.  Ramses basically says he thought he was a target because Dom told him that Julian was targeting him... he felt like she was trying cause dissension.   Dom wraps up the conversation by saying that Ramses is NOT her target and that if he was then he'd know it.

1:25 BBT - Ramses wants clarification about how Dom knows about the banner.  Dom not really saying how she knows... she flips the question and wants to know if Ramses really saw the banner or if he made it all up.  Mark chimes in and says he never saw a banner he only saw smoke writing which is not a banner.  Ramses says yeah that's what he means when he says "Banner"  that he really means it was "smoke writing".  Mark and Dom say that they saw the smoke writing and it did NOT says anything about "Mark & Dom" alliance.  Paul interupts all of them and says people try to do this every year, and that in last season someone was yelling through a mega-phone and dropped a blow up doll.  We get Puppies.

1:35 BBT - Back to the HoH BR.  Ramses saying he didn't tell anyone about what he saw the banner [smoke writing] said.  Mark says that maybe Cody is the one who started the rumor.  Dom wraps up the conversation and Ramses leaves the room

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1:36 BBT - Mark, Paul, Dom in HOH BR talking about the conversation they just had with Ramses.  Paul and Mark say they want him out of the house.  Also, Mark suspects that Elaina divulged some info that was supposed to be secret [not sure what he's referring to]  Mark indicates he's going to confront her about it.

1:37 BBT - Raven walks in and they all change the conversation.  Paul tells her that there are eggs ready downstairs.  Paul and Raven leave the room

1:38 BBT - Mark and Dom talking one-on-one now.  Dom says she called ramses in for that conversation just to scare him into not throwing her name around.

1:40 BBT - Jason, Josh, Jessica, Kevin, Matt, Ramses, Paul, Alex at kitchen counter just talking about random stuff... nothing game related.

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(Covering 4pmBBT until Kekila gets here. Will update this comment.)


4:07pmBBT: Paul & Alex in HoHR

Alex: I think I still want to proceed with Dom. Like I think I got.. I can (unintelligble) her. Paul: Look, AMF plan, it's amazing. Alex: Yeah.

Paul: I'm telling you... When I tell you that the conversation between Dom, Mark and Ramses ended in.. Ramses was like 'I think you two are sketchy, I think you two are up to something, I saw everything." and he was not backing down. And Dom was like "Okay" and made it really clear. She was just like, "So you know, Ramses, when someone comes at me..." pulls one of those and he was like pretty much "I'm alone in this game, I'm not afraid of you, I don't give a (crap)." So, if we continue fueling that and fueling that, that's a three-way enemy going on. The way this game works, you let enemies eat each other ... alive and do nothing. If you put Jess and Dom on the blog I guarantee you that (crap) is going to hit the fan. I know that when Christmas walked in...

Alex: She already tried to get me in private that's why I'm waiting for her to hobble up the stairs.

Paul: I can go send her if you want.

Alex: No, i wanted to make sure we had the talk first because I knew that you'd probably talk to her first. Paul: I haven't talked to her at all but I know she pulled Dom aside and said "I think I need to spend some time with you and Mark today." She was dropped the same bomb that Cody told me about Dom and Mark so I know it's in her head. So if you can catch her before she talks to them, that's your best move because maybe you can feel out where she is, tell her how your feeling "blah blah blah" and cultivate it so that if she does talk to Dom and Mark her agenda is completely different.


4:09pmBBT Paul: Because right now she is at a plateau. She has information but she doesn't know what to do with it.
Alex: What was the information? That they're in like a secret alliance or that they knew? 
Paul: That they knew that she was going up. 
Alex: Oh. Well I think Elena is getting on board. 
Paul: She is on board. 
Alex: Okay. Cuz she went downstairs and it couldn't have been at a more perfect time. I was like lets watch the monitor for a second and then Dom disappeared and then Mark followed her and I was like, "See I have your best interests and she threw you under the bus. I gave everyone else a chance to see..."
Paul: And then that bomb about Dom saying, even though I am the only person that Dom told it to, but if it comes down to votes and I need to pull that out of the bag and tell Elena, "Hey, Dom pulled me aside and says that she doesn't trust you."
Alex: Oh I didn't even remember that, dude. Good.
Paul: Hold on. Do not say that because then it (screws) me up. I don't mind using that card if we need it for a vote. I'm telling you, you will have...
Alex: We have five votes, solid.
Paul: That's a tie.
Alex: Yeah.


Paul: But I'm telling you that Raven and Matt will do it. And Elena, I had a conversation and I was like, "Look." and she was like "I don't mind jumping ship with you." And I was like "I don't even know if you are ready to play Big Brother." and she was like "No, I'm ready." 
Alex: Yeah, no I planted a seed too I was like, "I know we are going to be having Jess up here and I know it's going to be a really enticing target because everyone wants her out but I'm going to ask you to vote with me." then I kind of reaffirmed that I know Mark is a nice guy I just think he got caught up in a bad situation and doesn't know how to get out of it but wants to be on this side.


4:15pmBBT: Alex wants a final two with Paul and says that they need to separate in order to get the loyalty and cut off that branch. Paul mentions that Mark and Christmas don't like each other. Mark hates Christmas. Alex asking what Paul thinks she should say when she puts Dom up. Paul still going for Best Actor in an Reality Show Oscar when they talk about "M & D" making the two hinky votes.

Alex says the others aren't strong enough to take the hit against Cody so they threw the HoH to Paul. She tried to throw the wall to Matt but he refused. Alex asks what she should say to Xmas after Paul says that she should go talk to her now.

Matt comes in and they begin talking about Christmas deciding to stay in the house for her recovery. 

4:17pmBBT: Brief FOTH.
Everyone clearing out of the HoH. Paul tells Matt that she told Alex to pick Xmas' brain to see where her head is at. Matt doesn't think that Xmas should be using the house to recover because she has done permanant damage to her foot. Paul saying that he mentioned the same thing and she got upset and said "Thanks Dad". Speculating that she came back "at your own risk". Guys worried about her falling while drugged up on pain meds.

Alex joins Xmas & Dom in the RBR and asks Dom if she can talk to Xmas alone. Xmas asking about Cody being on the show. Alex asks about the convo Xmas had with Cody and Christmas summarizes the convo. 


4:20-5pmBBT: Alex rehashing Dom's show on Wednesday night with Cody. Alex asks who the two were that knew of the decision and Xmas says she doesn't want to say.. yet. She needs more convos with Alex first. Brief FoTH. They speculate that Jessica knows who the two people are. Alex thinks it's Jess and two others that know what Cody's plan was for the back door.  Xmas congratulates Alex. They are talking about Elena being 100% committed (to what, she hasn't said). Alex is confused. Xmas blames the drugs. Xmas clarifies that she wondered if Elena knew about the back door because she was starting to feel distant from Xmas. Found out that isn't the case. Said that Cody's talk explained a lot.


While Alex is in the RBR with Xmas, Paul is in the lounge with Raven & Matt discussing Alex and how they think she is a very strong player. Paul says that in the convos they have had she has only said positive things about Maven. Paul says that everyone knows his game and how he played last season. He can't hide any of that. Paul says that not everyone in the house is a BB expert and that some of these guys realize that he has done this before and knows a thing or two. Paul admits that he can't go far on his own and needs others to help him get far, but in return he will help them get far. 


in the LR Jason, Mark and Elena are on the couches talking. Elena talking about a goat from when she was a small child was half indoor and half outdoor. That it hated her and used to run around head butting her diapered butt. Talking about dog and pigs playing together. 


Paul comes out of the RBR with Raven after asking Xmas what type of desert she wants and sneaks up behind Jason and scares him, Paul gets mad because Jason hit his nose ring when he freaked out.


Ramses and Kevin in the DBR talking about Ramses friends back home. Kev asks Ramses if he has a lot of male friends and he says no. He has one female friend that he loves to travel with and describes her and his other friend "Daisy Dukes".

Feeds go back to the LR with Jason, Mark and Elena. Jessica has joined in. Jason talking abut a huge goat he had that people would try to kick.

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5:02PM BBT Paul is making muffins. Raven tries to melt the butter in the microwave but Paul tells her that you melt the chocolate and butter together. Jess in the KT chatting with Paul and Raven while Paul mixes the muffins.


5:07PM BBT In the BR Kevin and Rams talking about music and Kid Rock. Just chatting no game talk.


5:11PM BBT Matt and Xmas are chatting in the WCA. Kevin trying to fill her in on some of what happened while she was gone. He said it was a pretty simple week. They are talking about the vote. We get FOTH and when we come back Xmas says she can figure out who the votes were (She may be referring to Rams vote).


5:14PM BBT Xmas asks Matt about the Dom show and the questions. Matt tells her that Dom dug a little more then he was comfortable with on sexuality. Xmas tell shim that was weird. He says he isn't speaking for anyone but himself. Elena breaks up the convo with bringing Xmas a cookie covered in icing and tells xmas it is the best thing will have ever eaten in her entire life.


5:19PM BBT Xmas is telling Matt about her convo with Cody. She says it stemmed from Xmas attack on Jess. Xmas says that it is still a lit even if someone's interpretation is wrong. She says Cody wanted to protect her.


5:21PM BBT Jason is talking to Jess in the HN room. He tells her that there is something bigger going on then getting her out and while she can be scared she may not want to worry so much. She says she isn't scared. She says someone on the other side of the house had a convo with her today and they they may be flopping. She says she will not say the name but she says it was implied that they may vote to keep her.

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6:27PM BBT Feeds are back. Dom is in bed with the covers over her face.


6:29PM BBT Kevin in the wave room with Jess. Jess says she has to win the Veto. Kevin says no she doesn't. He says they are all upset at Dom for the interview the other night. Dom and Jess have been nominated.

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7:35PM BBT: Alex and Mark talking in the HOH room. Mark saying he didn't know about the Christmas plan and if he did why would Christmas still be here. Alex explains to Mark that when she talked with Dom, Dom threw everyone under the bus, but the rest of the group didn't do that. Alex says she doesn't know if Dom did vote for Ramses but Dom was still being sketchy. Mark is suggesting the Kevin switched the vote. Mark says I know it wasn't Dom, he says what about Matt or Raven? Alex explains that she trusts Matt and Raven. Alex says she knows Christmas is lying to my face (about voting for Ramses and not Cody.) Alex tells Mark that she went to bat for him and people are asking why he didn't get put up. Alex says ultimately that what Dom said was what made her decide to put her up. Mark says he feels bad bc he has a strong personal relationship with her and people are turning that into a game thing. Mark says I have a good emotional connection with her and that's hard for me, but now people are thinking that is a game thing. Mark says I do thank you for keeping me safe to Alex. Alex again explains that she had a one on one with all the HGs and Dom's convo was the worst. Alex says she would love to get Ramses out and she would love to throw Jess out too, but getting rid of Dom would be better for the game play. Mark asks who wanted me out? Alex says that she doesn't want to say anyone in particular but mostly it's guilty by association for him. Alex says that Kev swore on the Bible that he didn't switch his vote and Jason swore on his son. Alex says she might be totally wrong but the only person she doens't know about was Dom. Alex says Christmas will be an easy target to take out later on. Mark asks if I don't win HOH next week am I in trouble. Alex says no I don't think so, but then says well if it's Jess. Mark says so no one from our side, and Alex says yeah. 


7:42PM BBT: Alex and Mark still talking in the HOH room. Alex says she doens't think you (Mark) are the instigator. Mark explains that Cody was supposed to protect "the group." Mark explains who the group was. Alex explains that when Cody approached her he asked her to protect the shomances and Dom. Alex says that she really didn't like the Dom tried to throw Elena under the bus bc Elena was trying to protect her. Alex apologize to Mark bc this is going to be an awkward week for him. Mark says yeah it's like when Jillian was on the block for you. Alex says she told Elena all of this before the noms and she had to follow her promise to Elena to keep her and Mark safe. Alex reiterates that Cody named you guys (Dom and Mark) on his way out and people are believing that. Mark asks who believes that? Mark goes through the HGs saying that they wouldn't believe that. Alex says that Dom was a name in everyone's mouth, and she likes her as a person, but she still is her target. 


7:45PM BBT: Alex explains to Mark that she originally campaigned for Christmas and Jillian to stay at the first eviction. Alex explains that Christmas asked her if she voted for her to leave and Alex says no. Alex explains at the second eviction she encouraged Jillian to ask people who voted for her at the first eviction, like what Christmas had done to Alex. Jillian asked Dom if she had voted for her and Dom took that as a personal attack. Alex says there's no way Jillian was targeting anyone and Dom blew that out of proportion. Alex says I don't like Ramses either, I don't trust him and I hear him lie all the time. Mark again says I'm upset right now just bc I like Dom as a person, but I appreciate you keeping me safe. Mark asks Alex what she sees down the line. Alex says she hopes the people she's backing stay loyal to jury. Alex says she hopes it is a straight game after the point for jury to begin and it will just be whoever's on the block is on the block. Alex says again Dom threw Elena and Christmas under the bus so fast and she wasn't a straight shooter. Mark says I feel bad that Dom is on the block bc he makes Dom seem like they have a secret alliance. Alex says don't blame yourself, if anything blame Jessica, blame Cody. Alex says whoever switched the pot is stirring the pot and they're stirring it good. Mark says someone is lying really well. Alex says I'm not lying to you right now and Mark says I know you're a  genuine person. 


7:51PM BBT: Alex and Mark still talking in the HOH. Talking about being paranoid in the BB house. Alex again says someone is just stirring the pot to try and get Jason out; and that's why she doesn't like Christmas. Alex says she'd love to just get Jess out but she's an easy target too. Alex switches to talking about Josh and she will eventually want him out bc he flipped his vote for Jillian. Mark says 10 people are voting and he's concerned if people are going to lie straight to his face and getting rid of Dom. Alex says she'd like to help him but she can't. Paul walks in to use the bathroom and apologizes for interrupting. Alex says her agreement with Jason is to never stab him in the back. Alex says she may be on board with helping you (Mark) later on if he proves he's honest. 

7:54PM BBT: Dom comes into the HOH room. Mark leaves and Alex tells her that Paul is in the bathroom. Dom asks what were the red flags did Alex have? Alex says you said people were out to get you and basically named names. Alex explains that no one else did that and that nominating her was the hardest thing to do bc she likes her as a person. Alex says you never named names but there was something there. Dom says there is something there about people blaming her and it will come out sooner rather than later. Dom says she trusted Alex to hear that. Alex says that Elena and her made a deal and Elena really wanted to protect Dom and keep Dom safe, but then Dom threw her under the bus. Alex says maybe I was wrong but oh well. Dom says why would you think Elena and Christmas were who was I implying when I didn't name names? Dom reiterates that she is one team, one fight and she hasn't received that support. Dom says she did not give names bc she feels like she was on the outside a little like Alex. Alex reiterates that Elena wanted to protect Dom and she had no part in it at all. Alex tells Dom not to blame Mark or Elena. Alex says Dom's name keeps coming up and it's not from Ramses but it's from other people. Alex tells her she does not trust Ramses. Alex says she knows Christmas is screwing them, but there is another one and we don't know who. Dom says Christmas didn't get put up, but I did though? Dom emphasizes that she doesn't like this nom bc she was betrayed by her team and now she knows what she already knew. Dom says she hears what you're saying about Elena but there's more to that. Alex says she may be getting misinformation but don't blame Mark. Dom says she expressed her distrust to Paul and now she's thinking that her team was supposed to be getting to jury and she noticed the disconnect last week. Alex says that they wanted me to be HOH bc they were all too close to take shots. Alex says to Dom that she wants Jess to go home truthfully. Dom says they wanted you to do it bc they didn't want the blood on her hands. Dom says Jess was a solid plan so they shouldn't have been concerned about getting blood on their hands. Alex says she thinks Christmas messed with the vote to get the focus on Jason. Alex says no one flipped on Dom and Elena wanted to protect her. Alex goes back to someone stirring the pot and apologizes that Dom got caught in the middle of it if she's not doing it. Dom says you'll watch the show and you'll see I'm honest person. Dom says she doesn't like having to tell people she's honest. She reiterates that she voted out Cody even though she doesn't like Ramses. Alex asks if she thinks the flip was Mark? Dom says no she talked to him. 

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8:04PM BBT: Alex and Dom continuing talking in the HOH about the flipped vote. Alex says she would love to out who did it. Alex says we have to out that person in order for you to be pulled off. Dom says getting nominated hurt, even though it's a game it hurt. Dom gets choked up about being betrayed. Alex runs to the bathroom to get Dom some tissues. Alex apologizes again that she thinks Dom is awesome. Alex emphasizes that Mark spoke her praises. Dom says this is personal. Dom says this is all jealousy. Dom says why would ppl be jealous of me, I want no one in this house. Alex says if someone does want you out, and you can out them, I will try and pull you off and put them up. Alex says that she thinks Dom is really inspirational and if none of this is true she's sorry. Alex says unfortunately this is part of this game for BB. Dom says she will pray on it bc she has an idea. Alex says she had no problem with the show, but after listening to people talk they realized a lot of people had a problem with that show. Alex emphasizes that she thought the questions were fine on the show and the show had nothing to do with her being nominated. Alex and Dom both don't understand why people didn't like the show. Dom said she offered anyone the chance to talk to her about the show. Alex says that Ramses asked Alex if the show was Dom's game strategy and that he thought some of the questions were weird. Alex says that she was telling people that Dom was too smart to flip her vote and Alex says it's hard hearing all the whispers. Dom says she can see how people act and that tells her who have motivations. Dom says Matt and Raven were acting differently around me and Alex says they never named names. 


8:12PM BBT: Dom and Alex talking about people's changes in their behavior. Dom thinks Raven started acting differently. Dom says Matt and Raven acted different. Dom says she noticed some things Elena talked about was weird. Alex says that's rough and then asks Dom not to repeat any information she's heard. Alex says this is hard for her and she hopes people aren't lying to her. Alex gets a little choked up and says ugh I said I wouldn't cry on the show. She pulls it together and doesn't cry. Dom says that Raven lied. Dom says she knew and she watched Raven when her picture popped up. Dom says it still doesn't make any sense to her why would they want to take her out. Alex doesn't know and she thinks she's super awesome. Dom says "Please don't repeat this." And Dom says name dropping is so yesterday and this might be bc she's older but she says she can't relate to those people who are just name dropping. Alex says she doesn't relate to them either especially Jessica and her captain butthole stuff. Alex switches back to her putting Dom up ultimately to chose Dom versus herself and she had to chose herself. Dom says I don't plan on going home next week and once she's still here she's not certain who she'll be working with. Alex says you can trust Mark and Dom says yes I know, he's the only person I talk to and trust. Alex says she felt him out and he's your ride or die and Dom says I know. Dom says their friendship will stand after this game and she knows that his relationship with Elena will be a problem. Dom explains to Alex that she told Mark to not be emotional about her being on the block bc it will be a red flag. Dom says I'm going to have to campaign. Alex gets up and lets Jason in. 


8:19PM BBT: Jason is in the HOH with Alex and Dom. Alex gets called to the DR. Dom says that she wanted Alex there but continues to talk to Jason. Dom tells Jason that she wasn't shocked that she was put on the block bc she could feel something. Dom tells Jason she is hurt bc she felt betrayed by her team. Dom says that ultimately ppl on her team convinced Alex and played with the fact that they're a Christian to get her to nominate Dom. Dom says the foundation of all of it is jealousy. Jason says there are two ppl who voted out Ramses and it wasn't me. Dom says it wasn't her either. Dom says she doesn't feel confident working with her team. Jason says someone is a pot-stirring son of a bitch. Jason says he feels like Ramses has a twist from production that's making him good and sneaky. Jason says he guarantees that Ramses got the 25,000 and flipped his vote. Dom says she doesn't like how she's been treated and she sensed days ago that someone was going to come after her. Jason asks who bc none of them have a clue. Dom says she's going to pray and ask God to reveal it quickly. Dom goes back to it being about jealously. Dom tells Jason to go with his gut and he knows he's close with Jess. Jason jumps in and says he's not close with Jess. Dom says okay understand that if I stay here I'm going to find out who it is. Dom says you know I'm Dominique the Dominator and they just turned it on. Dom says she walked away after the nomination without speaking bc black women have the stereotype of being the angry black woman which is why she left to breathe. Jason agrees with her that that was a smart choice. 


8:25PM BBT: Jason tells her good luck figuring it out bc whoever it is is doing a hell of a job. Dom wraps up the conversation saying she just wanted to campaign a little to him. Jason says there's still the POV and then there are 4 f-ing days. And Dom says a lot can happen. Dom says well I can believe it bc it is Big Brother. Jason leaves to play chess with Mark. They both exit. 


8:27PM BBT: Dom and Jason go downstairs. Dom looks for Mark in the wave room and Christmas and Jess are in there talking. Jess and Christmas continue talking. They are talking about the flipped vote against Ramses v. Cody. Christmas says there's no point in whomever flipped. Camera view switches. FOTH and puppies. 

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8:47PM BBT: Feeds are back. We hear people talking about comps and throwing comps. Jason says tell us Paul and Paul says I aint telling you shit. Camera view is the LR and everyone is milling around there. Elena and Matt are on the couch and Raven comes and joins. Elena and Paul leave. Paul whispers something to Elena. Elena says you think it's a special event? Paul says he thinks he knows but he knows it's not a double eviction. Kevin walks through and says he just doesn't want to be locked inside forever again. Apparently the veto is happening tonight. They drew veto players. Paul says he can't wait to host. Jason says he can't wait to play. Paul says he thinks it'll be tonight. Jason says really? Paul says you'll think it'll happen tonight? Paul says yes we don't pick veto players and then not play. (Jason talks about playing so he obviously got picked.) Paul tells someone they should eat bc they're playing today. Paul says we'll be playing within the hour. Jess asks when is it? And Alex says she doesn't know. 


8:52PM BBT: Josh and Jason talking in the SR about Mark. Jason leaves and goes to the DBR. Jason goes back to the LR. Dom goes to the RBR. Jason says I'm so glad I got picked to play in the veto. Paul, Elena, Dom and Mark are in the RBR talking. Dom says she was betrayed by her very own. Paul asks if she's positive and she says positive. Dom says this was a personal attack and there's no other way to see it. Dom says I find it interesting that certain things were highlight to support the decision that was made. Elena asks if Dom has talked to the person? Dom says no. Paul asks if this is a concern among the group? And Dom says it's hard for me to believe that no one knew I was going and if we're supposed to be one team, one fight and there were individuals to campaign against me. Paul asks "It's more than one?" Dom says yes and I don't plan on going home and that will come to the surface. Dom says you can't stab someone in the back and not to expect to receive that in return. Paul jokes and says you're preaching to the choir on that one. Paul asks if she got anymore info on the vote and Dom says allegedly it was me. Elena says but it's not. Paul says can you give us a number of ppl you think said this. Dom said I don't want to make you paranoid. Dom says it makes sense for people to want to get rid of the person who is observant and can read people. Elena says is that the reasons you were given for being targeted? Dom doesn't answer and says it doesn't make sense. 


8:58PM BBT: Alex, Jason and Kev talking in the DBR. Jason tells Kev just to win. Kev says he doesn't want to embarrass you to Jason. They can hear Dom talking in the other room and they're listening. Jason and Alex leave. Jess walks in. 



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