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Saturday July 8, 2017 Big Brother 19 Live Feed Updates

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2:00 PM BBT Dominique and Ramses are in the lounge room talking about the POV and the plan to backdoor Cody. Jason hops upstairs and rings the HOH doorbell and comes in. Christmas joins Dominique and Ramses in the lounge room. Ramses says he thought Cody was going to go far and Christmas says he was. The game was his to mess up. Christmas what screwed Cody was that he lied and backstabbed. Ramses says how are you going to give people your word and then immediately break it. Ramses says Cody doesn’t talk to him and doesn’t make eye contact. Ramses asks if Jessica is going to make other people’s lives hell and Dominique doesn’t think so. Christmas says you mend bridges, not continue to torch them or at least them lie. Dominique says Jessica told her she’s just trying to spend as much time as she can with him. Josh joins the lounge and Kevin is told to clip his microphone to his shirt.


2:05 PM BBT Jason is called to the DR. Paul wants Kevin to talk to Ramses to keep him calm and stick to the plan. Matt and Raven are in the WA. Mark tells Kevin if they don’t play chess later he’s going to be upset. Ramses goes in to talk to Alex who is lying in bed. Elena is still lying down and Raven asks if she’s ok. Alex and Ramses go to the KT and Alex thinks they’ll call them for POV after Jason gets out of the DR. Mark and Paul are talking about how smart Kevin is and how he evades certain questions. Paul thinks he invented something.


2:10 PM BBT Paul thinks Kevin is really smart, maybe he’s an undercover something. Kevin is downstairs talking to Ramses and mentions that the powers that be want to make sure everything is ok. Ramses is ok, he’s just nervous because he’s going to be on the block on eviction night. Ramses says he’s not the type of person that lies, when he says he’s going to do something he does it. Ramses is telling Kevin about how jury works and they get a warning not to talk about production.


2:15 PM BBT Jason is sitting on the lily pad in the KT and he is talking about being hot. Christmas says he gets to host that competition. Alex agrees that it’s hot. Ramses says Kevin is badass and he’ll be the first person of his age to make it to final two. Matt, Raven, Josh, and Elena are in the lounge room and they are talking about the veto comp. Matt says he’s going to go for it and try and win. Josh says he wants to win so bad because Cody said he was out of shape and he’s not a threat. Elena goes upstairs with Paul, Jason, and Mark. Matt, Raven, Dominique, and Josh are still in the lounge.


2:20 PM BBT Matt is called to the DR. Raven says someone needs to make Elena a protein shake because she doesn’t look good. She reminds them they need to hydrate. Elena says she’s just low energy because she hasn’t been out in the sun in four days and she hasn’t been able to workout. Paul says they didn’t play a lot of vetos last season late at night so he’s wondering when he will start.


2:25 PM BBT Christmas, Alex, and Ramses are in the KT. Christmas asks Alex if she terminated her position or if she just took a leave and Alex says well they thought she was going to help with her uncle’s restaurant in Hawaii. She says by now her sister probably called them and let them know that she wouldn’t be there. She’s talking about people didn’t know if they were in the house or if they were an alternate, and Alex says she thinks there were 25 people and it sucks that an alternate might have wanted in and Megan walked. They are told not to talk about production. Kevin joins the KT and says he can’t find his cup. Matt is out of the DR. We hear HG must be awake between the hours of 10am and 10pm.

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2:30 PM BBT Elena is talking about a dream she had in the HOH room with Paul, Mark, Jason, and Kevin. Alex and Christmas are still talking in the KT. Christmas says people who make the house enjoyable usually go far and Alex says about 3 or 4 more weeks and we’ll be there. Christmas says if the worst case scenario happens she has Alex’s back 100%. Christmas thinks Cody is sweet talking Jason and if Ramses does win and pulls himself off, then they have a group of four with Jason.


2:35 PM BBT Matt and Raven are in the WA. Matt calls Alex in to ask about Ramses and he says he wants to try and win it because he doesn’t want to risk Ramses winning. Christmas comes in to join them in the WA. Elena is saying her Cody talked and bonded early in the game but she thought there were certain things that were weird about him. She says he told her he lived in San Angelo and she got excited because it’s a small town and she asked when he lived there because she’d been to the place he worked and he said he couldn’t talk about it. Jason says maybe he’s CIA or something. Kevin says Cody is introverted.


2:40 PM BBT Matt, Raven, Alex, and Christmas are discussing they think the veto comp will be a spelling one and they are talking about words they might use and how it’s worth more depending on the letter. Jessica and Cody come hopping into the WA and they hush Christmas who’s talking about Ramses. Jessica goes to the WC and Cody stands on the lily pad.


2:45 PM BBT Elena is called to the DR. Cody and Jessica hop back to the HN room. Paul is going to head downstairs and he tells everyone they can hang out if they want to. Mark and Jason are going to play chess and Kevin says how is a frog going to play chess. Jason says there is a lily pad out there. Kevin asks Paul what the theme is. Paul says the theme? I’m gonna says something to do with frogs. Or toads. Kevin says like leap year or something? Paul asks Kevin if he talked to Ramses and Kevin says it’s done. Paul asks Kevin what he said and Kevin tells him everything is going the way they said. Kevin doesn’t think Ramses can win anyway.


2:50 PM BBT Ramses comes in and Paul asks him if he’s ok. Ramses says I’m good, you have to put some trust in me. Ramses says everyone needs to chill and understand we are all on the same page. Kevin asks Paul what kind of outfit he’s wearing and Ramses says it’s a pimp outfit. Paul says it’s super comfortable and Kevin says that’s all you had to say. Christmas wants to know what the timeline is to be considered a virgin again? She says it’s been 5 months already. Matt and Raven are laughing. Paul is talking about his dad and how he successful he is. Kevin says your dad is proud of you, he may not say it but he is. Paul says he is more of his mother’s son and his sister is dad’s daughter. Kevin says that’s normal, that goes back 200 years. Paul grabs a drink out of his mini fridge and offers one to Ramses and Kevin. FotH.


2:55 PM BBT Kevin heads downstairs to get some cereal. Matt and Christmas are in the WA talking about jobs. Paul and Ramses are talking about Adam Sandler. Raven is also in the HOH room. Raven is talking about belly dancers. Kevin goes into the WA and says he’s tired of staying in the house. Christmas says everyone is going stir crazy. Kevin wants to take a shower but he’s going to wait until tonight. He wants to clean the bathroom but he knows it will be dirty in an hour so he’ll wait until tonight.  

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3:00 PM BBT All four cameras are on the WA. Matt, Dominique, and Christmas are in there. General chatter. Josh goes to the WC and comes out and washes his hands. Matt heads into the KT. Dominique tells Christmas that Ramses is upset because he thinks she’s telling everyone he’s a wizkid.


3:05 PM BBT Alex and Kevin are talking in the BR and Alex says Christmas thinks Ramses is going to flip and she thinks Jason will too. Alex says Christmas is throwing Jason under the bus and she’s going to try and get him kicked out next. Alex says Christmas is bad news. Alex says Paul wants her to throw and Kevin says why, he’s won everything. Alex says Ramses and Josh screwed them over. If they had just listened to her, Jillian would still be there and Cody and Jessica would have been on their side and they could have taken everyone on the other side out. Alex says they are dead to her. Alex says they need Josh and Ramses to go soon because they are so stupid, they don’t want them to decide the winner. Jason is called to the DR.


3:10 PM BBT Ramses is again reassuring Paul about the veto. Kevin and Alex still talking about how they have to play nice with everyone. Paul starts singing and we get FotH. Kevin says they are going to headhunt Josh, Ramses, Jessica, and Jason right? Alex says until it’s us two left. Alex is curling her eyelashes and Paul comes in.


3:15 PM BBT All the HG are pacing around getting ready for veto. Matt is doing push-ups in the LR and Kevin is doing crunches. Someone is singing and they are told to stop singing. General chatter going on about boxing weights.


3:23 PM BBT Jason comes out of DR and whistles and says who wants to see if I got the HN temptation? He got the key so everyone heads to the HN room.


3:25 PM BBT Jason wants to open purple, but he’s not sure if they are trying to psyche him out. He unlocks it and he has the have-not extension.


3:27 PM BBT Jason is disappointed and Christmas says she could hear his heartbreak. Jason does not like the slop. He says he’s going to die. No really, he’s going to die. He says he should have known better. He says that was terrible. Jason is called back to the DR and Paul says maybe now it’ll be veto. Because he was called back to veto and not told to bring the key back. Paul is telling them about Jason destroying the house during the hide-a-veto comp and how he’d get into the KT and break eggs.


3:30 PM BBT Cody and Jessica in the HN room. Jessica says at least they will fly Cody back for finale night. Cody says when he goes home to Texas they will have open arms and love for him. Jason is on the lily pad in the LR and Kevin and Ramses and Alex are on the couches. Matt and Paul are in the KT.

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3:35 PM BBT Ramses is called to DR. Jason is sulking and Alex is teasing him.


3:44 PM BBT General chatter still as everyone waits to play veto. No game talk. Christmas tells Elena that her leg was swollen and they can’t set it until the swelling goes down.


3:49 PM BBT Alex is called to the DR. Everyone else groans.


3:50 PM BBT Christmas, Elena, Josh, and Mark are in the BR. Alex is out of the DR. Dominique, Paul, Ramses, Kevin, and Jason are in the LR. Alex is looking for her glasses and she can’t find them.


3:54 PM BBT Jason is called to the DR.  General chatter still.


4:00 PM BBT It's time for POV!

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9:33PM BBT Feeds are back.  Your boy Paul won.


Seemed like it was a multi-station challenge based on world locations.  One of the stations required you to eat 3 servings of pate, 3 servings of caviar, and 3 servings of escargot while a hairy fat dude sweat on you.


Paul explained:

Competition was airport terminal themed.  There were 6 passengers at the beginning at security. 5 Stations total, each station had a delay or an express forward to the next location.  If you got the delay, you had to do a penalty.  Locations seemed to be Australia, Hawaii, Tokyo, France, Venezuela (Venice? Paul said both).


In first room, it asked about passengers on security line/wall in beginning. If you didn't know that, you got delayed.  If you did, you got express to next room.

Next room was math comp where you had to buy stuff from a pile of things and have it add up to $19.

Next room asked what time it was in last room.  If you didn't know it, you were delayed.

Next room was Tokyo and there were 40 panels you had to punch and kick out.

Next room was asking about Tokyo Room (camera changed - lost rest of explanation).


Paul called it one of the most fun comps he ever played.  Paul only got two penalties/delays, so he missed the eating and cold water rooms.  Ramses got all the delays except one, and still had a great time.


9:43PM BBT Paul tells Raven Ramses is the biggest piece of shit ever because he tried to win comp when he was supposed to throw it.


9:45PM BBT Paul said he's leaving Pao-Pao/Alex up even though he told her he's taking her down.  He wants to make sure Cody goes home, and leaving her up is a better plan, Paul thinks.


9:47PM BBT Paul still talking about Ramses.  Says he checked off the last box in Paul's book.  Paul says Ramses has a terrible poker face. When he gets pale and his lips go white you know Ramses is up to no good shit.  Paul repeats he's off his list. Done.


9:50PM BBT Ramses walks in on the Ramses hate party and tries to smooth over the situation he KNOWS is bad.  Ramses repeats over and over "I know that looked sketchy."  Paul plays it off.  Ramses takes a seat and conversation changes to Cody.

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9:33 PM BBT Feeds are back. Paul won the veto. He has the necklace around his neck.


9:35 PM BBT Cody and Jessica are in the HN room. Everyone else is talking excitedly in the LR. It sounds like it was a puzzle with different stations and they may have had to eat something. Cody says it’s first world problems getting voted off a reality show. Jessica is just glad he was there. She hopes Jeff roasts him in a post-show interview. Paul is saying there is like an airport and if you don’t get the puzzle right you are “delayed”.


9:40 PM BBT There was a math room of some sort. Most HG are getting something to eat. Paul says that was one of the most fun comps he’s ever played. Paul is upstairs with Matt, Mark, and Raven and Paul says he might have to leave Alex on the block to ensure they have the votes to get rid of Cody.


9:45 PM BBT Elena is saying she had to eat fish eggs and her mouth is going to taste like that for a week. Mark, Kevin, Elena, Ramses, and Josh are in the KT/DR eating. Josh is told to put his mic on. Paul, Matt, and Raven are talking about Ramses because he didn’t throw the POV. Ramses comes upstairs and he says he knows it looked sketchy but he swears he was not trying to win that.


9:50 PM BBT Paul told him to max out his time and Ramses says he didn’t want to do that. Paul says he’s going to do what the plan has been and he says it’s ok. Paul says it did look sketchy but it’s fine. Ramses says he really wasn’t trying to win. Paul says his adrenaline is going and he’s just really excited. Matt says while you were eating the food there was a fat guy sweating on them. They had to eat pate, fish eggs, and snails. Matt said it was all disgusting. There was also a puzzle that involved a bucket of freezing cold water.


9:55 PM BBT Jessica, Dominique, and Raven are in the WA washing faces and primping. Elena is going to go upstairs to shower. Alex just got out of the downstairs shower. Christmas and Paul are in the lounge room. Christmas is talking about working to make sure no one flips. Ramses gets in the shower downstairs.

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10:00 PM BBT Christmas is called to the DR. Kevin, Jason, and Alex are in the LR. Paul is going to everyone and complaining about Ramses. Alex is getting dressed downstairs. Jason is complaining about being a HN. Kevin is concerned and says Jason has to win HOH next week. Paul thinks Cody is going to try and band the other side together. Paul wants to leave Alex on the block because he doesn’t think Jason will vote against her. Paul is aggravated with both Jason and Ramses. Paul says he heard Jason talking to Cody about a battle back while they were waiting for the comp. Paul says one of them has to pull the HOH next week.


10:10 PM BBT Jessica is in the shower and Cody is standing next to the shower. He then decides to go sit on the lily pad in the WA. Mark is talking to Elena and Paul and says they still need to be civil to Jason and Ramses. They can’t alienate them. Elena says she doesn’t trust Jason and Mark says that’s ok. Just be civil to him. Cody goes over to the shower to talk to Jessica again. Jessica steps out of the shower and acts like she’s going to open her towel to the camera and Cody gives her a look. Jessica says his face right now is funny.


10:15 PM BBT Paul is talking to Kevin, Mark, and Elena in the HOH and he says he wants to have a meeting with their alliance and Alex and Josh to discuss options because he wants to make sure Alex feels safe and won’t mind staying on the block. Someone downstairs is burning pita.


10:20 PM BBT Elena is getting in the shower and Paul reminds her about the cameras. Alex comes up the HOH room and talks to Paul. Cody and Jessica hop back to the HN room and both get out of their frog costumes and go to lay down. Jason and Kevin are in the lounge. Kevin asks what the date is and Jason thinks it’s the 7th or the 6th. Kevin is talking to the cameras talking about Dominique’s show.

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10:30 PM BBT Alex says she’s ok with staying on the block as long as everyone says they won’t blindside her. Paul says he’s made his agenda clear this week and he’ll have everyone come up to talk to her if it will make her feel better. Christmas and Raven head upstairs to the HOH room. Paul fills them in on the plan to leave Alex on the block to ensure they have the votes to send Cody home. Christmas tells Alex they want to express their gratitude because without her they wouldn’t be in this position to do this. Raven says anything Alex wants to eat, she’ll hook her up.  




I'm out for the night if anyone is around to take over.

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