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Saturday July 8, 2017 Big Brother 19 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, Big Brother After Dark observations and screen captures here !

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Den Style Bedroom (DBR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
The Rose Bedroom (RBR)
Storage Room (SR)

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Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/chat.html/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.

Thank you!

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12:00 AM BBT Jessica and Cody skip by going back to the HN room. Dominique and Mark are talking about Ramses nomination. Kevin has on a kangaroo suit and he and Jason hop together for a minute. Jason says Cody we’re having a mosh pit out here and Paul says he isn’t interested. Cody goes into the DR.


12:05 AM BBT Dominique is concerned because Elena and Paul have been talking a lot and Mark says their relationship is weird. Dominique says Elena is funny and she’s a personality and she attracts a certain kind of people. Dominique says she attracts people too, but the people she attracts are totally different. Dominique says she was sent there for a reason and she prays about her purpose a lot.


12:10 AM BBT Paul heads upstairs and sits at the table with Dominique and Mark. Mark notices that Cody hasn’t said anything since the HOH competition and Paul says he’s ready to leave. Dominique says he made his bed, now he has to lie in it. Elena is told to put her microphone on.


12:15 AM BBT Paul is throwing stuff over the side at the top of the stairs. He is told to stop that. Jason hops in to sit on the lily pad in the BR. Alex is on her bed. Kevin brings a drink for Jason. Paul is upstairs rubbing Dominique’s shoulders while Mark is talking. Alex gave Elena some floss and her and Jason are telling Elena how to “properly” floss.


12:20 AM BBT Dominique tells Paul if he hears her and Mark in an alliance it’s not true. Paul says he doesn’t listen to people he can make his own observations. Ramses is flossing and Alex tells him to go wash his hands. Elena is going off to bed. Jason has pulled a chair onto the lily pad and is sitting on it. Kevin says Jason and Alex have a showmanship and they are just starting dating. Alex says don’t say that, that could be bad. Josh comes and Kevin says please ask them to turn on the air and Josh speaks into his microphone and says please put on the air. Christmas goes upstairs and sits with Dominique and Mark. Kevin is singing and the cameras switch.


12:25 AM BBT Jason takes his costume off and goes to bed. Kevin, Josh, and Alex are all in bed and Josh says it’s hot. Kevin asks Alex what viewers will see from tomorrow and she explains they’ll pick players for POV and then doing the veto comp. She says Sunday will likely be off because it’s show day and then veto ceremony on Monday. Raven is in the shower and Ramses is talking to her and she is saying it’s a perfect plan and Ramses can’t win veto. Christmas and Mark are starting a game of chess. They argue over who goes first and Mark says ladies first and Christmas says let’s stick with rules and you go first.

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12:30 AM BBT Those in the BR are still complaining about the heat and Kevin starts singing again so all the cameras go to Christmas and Mark. We hear please stop singing. Dominique is back with Christmas and Mark and they are talking about the frogs. Christmas says she was glad to see them laughing about it. It made her feel better. Kevin says it’s like 102 degrees in there. Jason says he has sweat running down his back. Josh starts singing and cameras change. Kevin asks Josh if he wins POV who he will use it on and Josh says me! Josh says if I pick one of you then you better take me down. Kevin says you better not pick me I’ll just stand there. He says no, you can pick me. Josh says if I pick you, will you take me down and Kevin says no, I’ll take down Alex.


12:35 AM BBT Josh says he doesn’t want to be on the block for live evictions, he might faint. Jason is told to put his microphone back on. Raven, Alex, and Ramses are in the WA and they are discussing who got the temptation.


12:40 AM BBT All four cameras are on Dominique, Christmas, and Mark. The downstairs crew gets another warning to please stop singing. Raven comes up and tells them she’s going to bed and says goodnight.


12:45 AM BBT Alex says she thinks the air conditioner is out because it’s too hot. Kevin gets up to turn the lights off. Alex says they will make them get up early. Alex explains to Kevin that people in previous seasons were sleeping all day so they changed the rules so live feeders were entertained. Kevin asks if live feeders hear all of his stories and they tell him yes. Kevin wants a stand-up fan.


12:50 AM BBT Dominique and Mark head downstairs to get ready for bed. Christmas heads into the HOH room. Paul is in the DR. Ramses is in the shower. Dominique and Mark head into their BR with Matt, Raven, and Elena and head to bed. Christmas is in the HOH WA brushing her teeth. They are told the BR lights must remain on. Dominique and Mark go into the room so they don’t get in trouble. Mark tells Matt goodnight and that he loves him.


12:55 AM BBT They are told about the BR lights again and Dominique leaves again. Mark goes to get a drink and Ramses is getting dressed. Kevin tells Ramses to put the fan on. Josh, Alex, Jason, and Kevin are still chatting and they are told again the BR lights must remain on and Josh says to F off. Mark is talking to Dominique and says he’s wide awake. Dominique reminds Mark to wash his hands.

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1:00 AM BBT They get another warning the BR lights must remain on. Jason says they must be talking to them because their talking and their lights aren’t on. We hear another warning the BR lights must remain on. Jason says is he talking to me. They talk a bit more and we hear Kevin and Jason the BR must remain on. Alex says she is so salty right now. Mark wants to know if they can borrow the music from the HOH room and Dominique says she doesn’t think so. Ramses is going to sleep with Dominique and she says she’ll be in soon. Mark washes his hands and Dominique says thank you.


1:05 AM BBT Mark asks Dominique is she’s going to sleep and she says yeah, what else is there to do. Paul is out of the DR and Dom says Paul will stay up with you. Paul says what? Go to bed, buddy. Mark is going to work out. Paul asks where everyone is and Mark says bed. Paul says good night see you in the morning. Mark asks Josh if they will get mad if he takes the key out. Josh doesn’t know. Paul asks Christmas to walk him through the temptation so he fully understands it and Christmas asks if Paul told Elena. Paul says they suspect her and they think she has it but he hasn’t told anyone. They think it was Christmas because of Jason getting the curse. Alex turns the lights back out and they are still talking. Mark and Dominique hug and she heads off to bed. We see Cody skip through to go to the bathroom.


1:10 AM BBT Christmas says if both her and Cody get picked, there’s nothing she can do. But if Cody gets picked she can take his spot and Paul says if that happens he will implode. Christmas says we’re ok unless Cody and Jessica get drawn and Paul says that’s super slim. Christmas says it’s such a relief. Paul says people are telling him that he is ignoring them and no one wants that around. Jessica is standing by the HN room door with no costume on and she’s not on the lily pad. Josh and Jessica are told to put on their microphones and she heads back into the HN room.  


1:15 AM BBT Christmas tells Paul that Cody will go ham on his speech or he’s going to say nothing at all. Christmas says Jessica was smiling and seemed ok with the frog thing and Paul says I hope you don’t buy it. Paul thinks it’s the wrong move to let Jessica back in. Paul says they would be stupid to think Jessica wouldn’t come back and bite them again. Paul says Jessica will start socializing and Christmas says she can’t go into a room without him. Paul says we’ll play the veto tomorrow and if by some chance he picks Cody, Christmas says just let me stand up and take it. Paul tells Christmas that Cody didn’t like him from his season and he feels like he was casted to take Paul out.


1:20 AM BBT Christmas says she’s mad at Jason because he broke her foot and then didn’t vote to keep her even after she told him they had the votes. Christmas says she extended an olive branch to Jason, but that will be the last time she does so. Kevin, Alex, Jason, and Josh are still talking a little bit and Alex notices a camera following Kevin. When she sees the camera aimed at her she says she’ll be quiet and they are still complaining that it’s hot. Paul turns the light off upstairs and everyone is now tucked into bed. Christmas says it’s hot upstairs too. Christmas says tomorrow is going to be super fun to watch. Alex and Kevin want to know why their lights aren’t on in the other room because they can hear them laughing through the walls. FotH.


1:25 AM BBT Christmas is telling a story about her family, specifically her brother. FotH. All cameras are on the downstairs BR and it seems mostly quiet until Kevin starts talking again about what the temptation might have been. Alex thinks the temptation might have been just to punish three HG of your choice. All is quiet now.

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7:15 BBT   Jason in his frog suit is up staring at the coffee maker awaiting the production of the much needed brew. He hops back and forth to the lily pad. Christmas emerges from the bedroom area on her crutches carrying her black toiletry bag and a pair of cut-off shorts. She sits down at the counter. Christmas asks Jason how he is doing and he says his lower back is killing him from all the hopping. They discuss how hot it is in the house and Christmas says that she complained about it in the DR. HOUSEGUESTS... YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT YOUR DIARY ROOM SESSIONS WITH OTHER HOUSEGUESTS. Christmas apologizes profusely for her indiscretion. She begins to talk about wishing she had one of the warning speakers at home. Christmas, you are not allowed to do that! Christmas, don't eat that! Christmas, you are not allowed to touch yourself there! They are both laughing making up warnings for each other. Jason, your wife is disappointed in you. 

Jason asks her if she wants a cup of coffee and she says sure... can you hop it on over here for me? Don't spill it though. 

It is wake up time in the house. All the sleeping HG have been called out by name and informed that there are fresh batteries in the storage room. 

Finally Maven emerges and pauses on the way to get batteries to give Christmas a hug. She apologizes for being a bear yesterday about her foot. She says she was upset about it yesterday but promises today will be a better day.

Maven performing ADLs, Matt replacing paper towel rolls. 

They are preparing for the VETO comp. Jason, says, what if my name gets pulled out of the hat? Christmas says you fight like hell, that's what you do. 

He's sitting on his pad in the kitchen saying he's really not allowed to sit in chairs. 

Ramses in the SR getting fresh batteries. 

Two feeds show slumbering HGs. 

Christmas talking about watching the live feeds watching us make voodoo dolls. 



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7:45 AM BBT

Conversation between Jason and Christmas about the season. They wonder if it is popular. Christmas says this is a good season. It took them 19 birthdays to get it right (BB19?)

Jason mention hearing the MC say something about the "hottest show of the season" and we get brief FOTH while he is admonished for talking about production. 

Christmas says she needs to finish her coffee and hop upstairs and get cleaned up for the day. Says she needs to wash her hair. 

They begin to discuss how folks are working less around the house now. They used to pitch in more the first two weeks. Christmas says she has been beat up worse in the house than shes ever been before. "And they say crossfit is tough! They ought to come into the BB house."

The sleeping HG are yelled at again to change their batteries. 

Paul walks by after his DR session and says, "Get the F up you newbs and change your batteries!" He asks if Dominique ate all the granola and then discovers she did. Christmas asks how that is possible since they just got groceries yesterday. 

They are discussing the VETO time frame. Paul says before 12 since they got them up this early. They aren't finished building it out there yet. 

Kevin, Cody and Jason changing batteries.

Kevin says they are all getting used to the LA lifestyle. They are staying up too late. Jason has removed his frog suit and crawled back in the bed. Cody is also crawling back in the bed of spikes with still sleeping Jessica. Josh walks in the kitchen.

Christmas is telling Josh it is going to be wild today. Cody is going to be pissed when he can't compete for the VETO. 


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8:10 BBT Christmas telling Josh she likes Dom, Josh can't be understood because hes rubbing his mic. JOSH STOP PLAYING WITH YOUR MICROPHONE!

Christmas says she doesn't trust peoples backgrounds. She thinks people are not being honest about who they are. She says they need to get out the toxic ones. 


Josh begins to justify his taking of the gold apple in the HOH which ensured his safety. He knew he was going home, so he had to take it. Paul told him to just calm down that it was going to be OK. 

Christmas is coaching him on the spelling VETO comp. Paul mentioned last night that he thought it would be the spelling one. Christmas says got for big words. M-I-S-U-N-D-E-R-S-T-A-N-D-I-N-G. If you can't get it all you can get misunderstand, understand, etc. 

She reminds him to watch what he says to who and that the HOH can see it all and if someone is up there they will see you and realize that you are talking. The they watch to see who you talk to next. He walks away and she says... Ride or Die. 

Elena comes in the kitchen and hugs Christmas. 

Last tip, Christmas says to Jason... "When you get information, you don't have to tell it all. Just part of it. Gauge their reaction and see if any of it comes back to you. That way you can see who is talking to who."


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8:30 BBT Paul starts banging pans... hurry up, get in here so we can pick some have-nots. HURRY UP. TIME TO PICK US SOME HAVE-NOTS. 

The assembly of the HG takes forever. Cody and Jessica are skipping, not hopping. The HG finally assemble around the dining room table and we get FOTH.

While holding a wooden spoon, Paul begins to read... As HOH I must choose 4 have-nots for the week. FOUR! Volunteers? Cody and Jess are already acclimated to the room, so they are have-nots. Lets make the whole frog family have-nots and I need another volunteer.... pause... pause... Finally Mark raises his hand and volunteers! Meeting over. Time in the BB house is not 8:41, Paul says. I'm sure we will be picking players for the VETO comp soon, so I wouldn't go back to bed if I were you. 

Paul wants frog legs as a treat for the have-nots. 

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8:44 BBT  houseguests are all sitting around the table in the dining room or in the kitchen area. They are talking about how early they had to get up, apparently production woke them up at 7 AM. Someone asks if they should go back to bed and Paul says "No, I think they are going to have us pick veto players soon.  That's why they woke us up so early. "

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9:00 BBT The HG are milling about, cooking breakfast. Josh is doing dishes. The Have-nots have moved to the spike room. Jason sees Cody and Jessica inone bed and asks if he can have the covers from the other bed, They tell him to go for it and mark can fend for himself. He begins to pile up pillows from other rooms atop the spikes and they tell him to go get more. He heads out, returns with pillows and assembles his bed for the week. Then he crawls onto it and gives it a try. (It might be softer than the lily pad) He is staring at the ceiling, as is Cody, while Jessica is under the covers trying to sleep. 

Cody and Jason are speculating who will be the replacement nominee. Cody says he has a great opportunity to play since someones chip was removed from the bag. Cody says they need to realize the mistake they made. They weren't thinking about that were they?

Cody says poor Alex.

Jason says nobody can beat her!

Cody says ... not if I play.

Jason says Alex says she can't spell. They laugh.(They are still thinking it is the spelling comp) Cody says maybe it won't be because we are wearing these suits and we cant crawl through honey and come back in the house. 

Cody says, " well, they won't be picking me as the HG choice, that's for sure."  



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9:15 BBT Paul and Raven are making French toast for everyone. Kevin comes by and they tell him to get two. make a sandwich out of them. Raven tells him his pants are falling off, he needs to eat more.

Raven tells a story about cutting her leg on a rusty pair of scissors in a trash bag once. She took a photo and sent it to her mom and asked if she needed stitches. Her mom responded. "Raven Hamilton! I can see the bone, Yes,, you need stitches!" 


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BBT 10:14am Feeds return! Paul and Ramses discussing how Ramses is safe as long as he doesn't win and piss off everyone.


10:15am BBT Matt, Raven, Elena, & Paul in bathroom. Paul told Elena to drop a hint to Ramses that he is safe. Alex, Paul, Elena, Ramses, Josh playing in POV for sure. Not mentioned who the 6th player is yet.


10:17am BBT Mark and Matt talking about how nervous they were during picks. Elena, Mark, Matt, and Raven in the bathroom talking about Elena looking nerdy and cute. 

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10:28 BBT Paul tells Matt in the Havenot room to F up in the POV comp so Paul can win. 


10:29 BBT Girls (Elena, Raven, & Jess) in the bathroom applying make-up and getting ready. Ramses in the toilet discussing with Elena how he stands or sits when using the toilet. 

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10:33 BBT Christmas brings in her Friendship French toast to the bathroom to eat while getting ready. Girls discuss how wearing make up everyday sucks for their faces. The French toast is fabulous per Christmas. Elena says she's excited about eating some. Elena says she's going to kick some ass and crush some balls in POV. 

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10:38 BBT Jason and Cody talking in Kitchen. Cody just says he wants Jess to be okay. He wants the girls to offer her condolences once he is gone. They discuss where cody is going to go when he gets out. He says he will visit his family. His dad will be mad at him for cursing so much in the game. Their talk continues to non-game related things like coca-cola. Jason forgets he is a have-not and that he cannot have Coca-Cola but he can drink milk. Jess comes in and kisses cody. 



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10:43 BBT Paul talking about his speech for when he gets to nominate Cody to Josh and Kevin. "You tried to attack my character right off the bat" Josh asks when the Ceremony goes down. Paul says Monday. Even if Alex wins and Cody tries to convince her not to use it, Paul says Alex won't not use it on herself. They are discussing the possibilities of who wins veto what will happen. Josh said Cody was pissed when he didn't get called for POV. He wouldn't even look their way. 

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1:00 BBT The house is in a holding pattern waiting for the VETO comp. The bedrooms are filled with assorted nappers. Alex is napping, Christmas is laying down with Elena laying on one breast as Christmas strokes her back and shoulders with one arm while she strokes Ramses with the other. She says her ex said she had death grips and Elena agrees that her hands are strong, but that she feels love from every squeeze. 


Christmas says she thought being in the house and the house being all messy would make her blow her top. But she says its not too bad. She says her house is super clean and super decorated. She worked hard for what she has and she likes it to be neat and nice. 

She says it is like a college dorm room. She went to VCU, and Kevin knows what it is and that they are having a good football year. (Kevin knows a little about most everything but Big Brother) He always asks about comps and if the house is usually messy, etc. Clearly he has never watched. 

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1:15 BBT      Dom, Matt, Raven, Mark, Jason and Josh in the kitchen. Josh is STILL doing dishes. Jason is eating raw slop mixed with chocolate milk. They keep telling him that he is going to get sick. He disagrees. "It's just oats and protein powder, it can't hurt me," Jason says.

Matt is teaching Slop 101 to Jason. Water up to here, 4 half cups of oats for 4 servings. Add the oats when it boils, watch for the yellow foam to come, strain it, put it in a tupperware and you're good to go. That's it. 

Laundry can be seen piled up by the sliding glass door awaiting the open back yard and access to the washing machine. Matt gathered up the towels this morning and now there are no clean towels in the house. Josh needs a towel to dry the dishes as they are piling up. He has seriously been doing dishes for hours. 

Mark says they will be doing a lot of GTL (Gym, Tan, Laundry) the next few days. That's all he going to do. They have been locked in the house since Thursday so no GTL. 



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1:30 BBT     Cody and Jessica are sitting in the Have-Not room on their lily pad discussing past showmances. He doesn't know much about them, but Jessica seems to be an expert. Saying she is similar to Rachel, because they both have strong personalities. 

She asked Cody if he was really 32. He says yes and she says that she was like... "Wow, he's only one year older than me, but now that you're really 32, you're  too old for me."  

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1:30 PM BBT Cody and Jessica skip to the WA and Jessica goes to the WC first. She comes out and washes her hands and Cody goes in. Cody comes out and Jessica jumps on him to give him kisses. They then skip to the KT. Jessica is told to reattach her microphone. Kevin is telling a story upstairs with Paul and Mark.


1:35 PM BBT Raven is in the KT eating and Jason is fixing himself something. The toads are told they need to keep their heads on at all times. Cody says they are going to sweat their butts off now. Jessica is not wearing it inside because it’ll be too hot. Jessica is glad they gave her a red cape to match her bandana so she can be a gangster toad.


1:40 PM BBT Cody and Jessica are sharing a bowl of slop that Jessica says she likes. Jason is washing dishes. Jessica keeps saying the slop is actually really good. HG are told they need to be awake during the day. Jason shouts that he is scrubbing the countertops. Josh is going to take a shower. Kevin is talking about magicians.


1:45 PM BBT Ramses goes up to the HOH room. Josh is singing in the WA and Jessica asks production to please tell him to stop singing. The HOH room are talking about the moving Now You See Me. Josh is told to stop singing. Paul is saying Houdini died during a magic trick. Paul liked the movie, Mark loved it. Paul likes David Blaine. Paul says he isn’t in Vegas anymore and Kevin says he’s a recluse.


1:50 PM BBT Paul is talking about card tricks. Jason is on the lily pad in the KT eating. Nothing much going on. Jason sits down on the lily pad because he’s tired of standing.


1:55 PM BBT Raven comes downstairs to see if there’s more coffee. Cody comes back into the KT and asks if Jessica is done because he made more. She’s done. Jessica asks what the three songs were this morning and Jason doesn’t remember, but he knew one of them because he was singing. Paul is still talking about card tricks. Cody and Jessica walk back to the HN room. Christmas is called to the DR. She spills some of her coffee and she uses the frog foot to clean it up and then puts it back on. Cody was in DR and he says they are driving him crazy in there.

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