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Tuesday, July 4, 2017 BB19 Live Feed Updates


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11:00pm-12:00am BBT: raven and Christmas talk about Jessica being paranoid in this game then raven Goes to Matt and tells him the same thing that Jessica is paranoid and is wanting Christmas out now. She then says she will not vote Christmas out of the house.Matt tells her they have the numbers to keep Christmas in this house this week.
    Raven then tells Matt that if they keep Christmas then Jessica and Cody will come after us next. Matt is now upset that Jessica would have that conversation with raven.

12:00am-1:00am BBT: Mark talks to Jessica about keeping Christmas but Jessica says if they keep Christmas then their alliance is in trouble  because she will come after them. Mark tells her that Christmas said she was not going after Jessica but Jessica does not believe him. Cody comes in and tells mark that he has the votes to evict Christmas. Jessica tells them If Elena and raven vote to keep Christmas then she will fell betrayed.

 1:00am-2:00am BBT: Paul is worried that mark has been in the HOH rm with Cody and Jessica to long. Christmas thinks they are playing on his emotion feelings up there. Paul tells her that he is going to tell mark if he continues with them up there that he is drawing a line and going to be on the wrong side of people in this house. Christmas then tells Paul that Cody needs to go before Jessica as he is the stronger player.
In the Lounge rm Mark, Dom, Raven and Matt are in there and Paul comes in saying we have  six votes to keep Christmas we just need one more.

2:00am-4:00am BBT: Most Hg in bed trying to sleep, Mark and Elena up talking about relationship with each other and Matt and raven come to join in and talk a little about putting Jessica on the block soon. Mark then talks more about his mom passing when he was young. 
Just general talk going on as most Hg are sleeping.

4:00am-4:30am BBT: All Hg in bed going to sleep.

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9:30am BBT: Jason is up and in the BY riding the exercise bike with his jeans, boots and hat on. We now have WBRB as BB may be waking the HG.

 9:39am BBT: Jillian in the KT making coffee, Kevin sitting at the table asking for more music, Christmas standing on her crutches watching as Bb tells her to put her mic on. Kevin offers to go get her mic for her.

9:43am BBT: Kevin tells Jason he is having coffee for breakfast. he then says that Jason has never had an espresso and Jason says no i only have water or MT dew. Kevin says but now you are drinking coffee with me huh and Jason says yeah i am we are coffee drinkers.

9:52am BBT: Jillian and Christmas in the KT making breakfast and talking about sleeping and the music played this morning.
 In the BY Kevin and Jason are talking about coffee and going to workout. Kevin heads inside to get his coffee and tells Jason he will be right back.

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10:00am BBT: Alex is now up in the KT listening to Kevin go on about coffee and how good it is for you.Christmas thanks Jillian for making her coffee and breakfast.

10:09am BBT: Just general talk going on in the KT with Jillian, Jason, Kevin and Christmas. Alex is in the BY alone doing her make up.

10:17am BBT: Jillian has joined Alex outside. Paul is now up and in the KT with Kevin and Jason. Christmas is still sitting with her foot propped up as Paul ask her how she is feeling today. She says she is fine and that Matt helped her get into the Dr  lastnight. they start laughing as Jason is yelling  every word he says today.

10:20am BBT: Jillian and Alex talking about no one likes Jillian because she is friends with Alex. Jillian says the way they all know we are close is raven. In the KT Jason and Paul start singing and we get FOTH.

10:32am BBT: Cody is now up in the KT talking general talk with Christmas. Alex and Jillian still in the BY just talking as Alex is stretching. Kevin is walking the BY.

10:35am BBT: Jason and Paul talking by the weights about who are safest in this house and Jason says  you me Kevin. Paul agrees and says but right now no one can put me up. Jason says yeah true. 

10:38am BBT: Jason and Paul going on about Dom not talking game to anyone she just rads her bible and talks alot about that. Jason complains she is a bible thumper and he does not like bible thumpers.

10:40am BBT: Christmas gets up and goes to try to do laundry. Matt is now helping her. Cody takes her plate and washes it for her. In the BY Paul talking to Jason and Alex about Cody trying to blow Paul up. Paul says he thought he was in good with Cody but then he found out he wasn't after he tried nominating him.

10:47am BBT: Paul and Alex laying in the BY stretching their legs and talking about the other HG. Paul says that they have the numbers and how Cody and Jessica tell everyone that if they are against us you are not with us. Paul says he makes Jessica come down and see what everyone is doing or what they are saying. Paul says next week he is going to win HOH and show the newbies how this is done. Alex laughs.

10:49am BBT: Josh comes out and ask Paul about making french toast. Paul says he still has batter in there and josh says ok and walks off.Paul then says that Cody says he has the votes but then he did not have the votes to get Paul out so what was he thinking about? Alex says i do not know. Paul says that side of the house is in shambles and what it means is mess up Jessica.

10:56am BBT: Most Hg in the BY working out. Josh in the KT making breakfast.

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11:05am BBT: Raven and Christmas in the WA doing ADL's. Most Hg in the BY working out and sitting around just general talk going on.

11:08am BBT: Cody and Jessica on the hammock snuggling and kissing.  Most Hg are now in the KT getting water and coffee, Jillian and Ramses with raven in the WA just general talk.

11:11am BBT: Cody ask Jessica what she would be doing if she was home today to celebrate and Jessica says she would be going to Malibu to the beach to an all night party. Jessica ask him the same and he says being with family and shooting fireworks. he says i am about family.

11:23am BBT: Cody and Jessica still on the hammock laying talking general talk and listening to Jason and Kevin talk to each other about working out. Ramses in the KT cooking bacon, Matt washing dishes and josh eating.

11:33am BBT: Kevin and Jason walking in the BY as Jason tells stories  to Kevin and Christmas. Cody, Jessica, Alex and Matt in the KT eating while Ramses is still cooking.

11:43am BBT: general talk going on in the By and In the KT about hair and sleeping in beds and not the HNBR.

11:50am BBT: Josh in the Lounge rm talking  to the camera about Christmas having a heart of gold and how he is going to stick with Christmas and Paul in this game that he just needs to chill out and calm down in here now. 

11:55am BBT: Matt and raven in the KT getting a drink while Cody and Jessica just sit watching people and not saying anything.

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12:05pm BBT: Cody and Jessica in the HOH rm talking to Paul about eating steak and pastries before coming into the house.
Alex in the pool floating on a swan with Jillian, raven and Christmas on the BY couches just talking general talk.

12:09pm BBT: Christmas and raven talking about how Jessica lies alot. Christmas says she is not worried about her though and raven says me either but now i know. raven says the night before the veto meeting she went to the HOH rm and asked what was going on and he said nothing. Christmas said yeah i was the plan. raven agrees.

12:14pm BBT: Raven tells Christmas she knew she was in trouble in the house when she went to the HOH rm and they was not talking to me. She says i know how military people works. Christmas says yeah me too. He will listen and listen so he better enjoy his time here cause if i stay i am fighting like hell for HOh and get him out.

12:20pm BBT: Alex putting sun screen on. Matt comes out to talk with raven and Christmas and talk turns to how Matt slept lastnight.

12:23pm BBT: In the KT Kevin is naming all the people on Gilligan's island. Josh, Jason and Paul laughing at him.
   In the BY raven Christmas and Matt still talking about how Jessica rolls her eyes at everyone. Christmas then says that Jessica is trying to repair things with Alex but i do not think it is working.

12:36pm BBT: Christmas and Matt in the BY still talking about the votes and how she knew when Jessica first went to the HOHrm that she was with Cody. 
    In the WA Jessica, raven and Dom are doing hair and make up.

12:40pm BBT: Ramses goes to the BY tells Christmas and Matt he is going to workout then get in the pool, he then ask Jillian if the water is warm as he walks to the pool.

12:46pm BBT: Elena and mark are finally awake and tells raven she looks cute in her patriotic clothes. raven says she is ready for the DR.
 In the BY Most Hg just sitting around  through the yard  talking general talk.

12:51pm BBT: Christmas and Josh talking alone now and Christmas tells him that he is like her big brother and has a soft heart. he says i am a good person. Christmas says i can tell you will do well in here and i want you to stay longer. josh says thank you.

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1:02pm BBT: Raven in the KT making baked mac and cheese. Mark says oh i have had that before it is amazing. Mark helping Christmas get a drink and Elena sitting there watching.
     Jessica and Dom in the WA doing make up and hair just general talk going on. Most Hg in the By playing pool and laying out.

1:10pm BBT: Paul and Kevin playing pool. Kevin complains the pool table is to hot to lay your hands on so he has to shoot the ball without laying a hand on the table. Paul and Jason laugh at him.

1:17pm BBT: Jason goes to the Lounge to talk to Christmas and he tells her that he thinks everyone is lying in this house and christmas agrees with him. She tells him  he seems calmer today than before. he says he is after walking. Christmas ask can i just watch you two walk everyday cause it is  to funny.

1:18pm BBT: Christmas asking if they have any ground turkey to make burgers tonight on a grill. Jason says  Paul told him they gave them a grill last year. Christmas says she is excited.

 1:34pm BBT: Hg sitting around the house and the BY just general talking going on. raven making baked pork chops and mac and cheese for lunch.

1:41pm BBT: Paul in the red rm talking to the camera asking himself how he is doing. he  then answers himself saying he is fine. he then says he is keeping the calm so tomorrow there will be paranoia. he then thanks all the military people on feeds.he then says lets all be nice to each other and  concentrate on the homeless people and feed the people in our country and work on education.

1:48pm BBT: Hg are just hanging out with each other. No game talk as they are enjoying the Holiday.

 1:58pm BBT: Lunch is almost ready as Hg are waiting  and watching Raven cook. Paul, Christmas and Jason in the Apple rm just talking general talk.

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 2:10pm BBT: Lunch is ready and most Hg are eating telling Raven how good it is.

 2:16pm BBT: Dom helping Christmas get in the shower in a chair and helping her to cover her foot so it will not get wet. Jillian doing make up as most Hg in the KT eating ravens lunch she cooked everyone. Paul and Kevin in the BY talking about being safe next week.

2:25pm BBT: mark laying down and most Hg just sitting around talking general talk.

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3:36pm BBT: Jillian tells Christmas that she's sure there will be a "battle back." She thinks things will be good for them, based on her speculation.

3:37pm BBT: Christmas continues to try and get comfortable on outside couch.

3:38pm BBT: Jillian tells Christmas she's sorry the injury happened to her. 

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3:01pm BBT: Alex tells Jason there is a crack in her cup and he tells here it is probably where the cue ball hit it the other day. She says oh yeah.
  In the KT Jessica and Dom  talking to Cody as he cooks. Just general talk going on

3:09pm BBT: Cody and Jessica talking about going to steak houses and Cody said he paid 200 dollars for a plate of food at a steak house one time.
   Kevin in the BY telling Paul, josh and Jason it is so hot today. Paul hopes  Bb will let them outside tonight when the festivities start. Jason asked what he means and Paul says if there is activities going on outside we get locked up  so we do not hear what is going on.

3:20pm BBT: Jason goes outside to the BY and talks to Kevin and Josh about the food being so good. Talk turns to birds. In the Kt Jessica and Cody are finishing cleaning up and  heading to the BY to hang out on the hammock.

3:28pm BBT: Cody and Jessica talking about  people need to tell her what they can do for her. she says that Matt and Elena are good competitors but what can they do for me. Cody tells her she is talking to loud and she  stops talking.

3:35pm BBT: Just general talk going on in the BY. Bb says no napping. Jessica talking about people having bad skin.

3:45pm BBT: Kevin in the WA  with Ramses shaving the back of his neck. Josh in the pool whispering to Dom (can't hear them).

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5:00 pm BBT - Christmas, Matt & Raven are in lounge room discussing Cody.  Christmas believes that Cody threw the veto comp. 


5:21pm BBT - Jessica and Cody are in backyard. Jessica asks if Cody will stay with her a bit after the show is over.  He asks "and to do what?" Cody says he is not an LA person. He will give her one week.  Cody says that he picked Christmas because he felt that she was the poison of the group.  Besides Paul, he adds.


5:46pm BBT Mark and Matt in lounge room discussing upcoming HOH comp. Mark says that he hopes in an endurance competition and they could throw it to Paul.  Matt agrees.

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4:10 PM BBT Alex, Christmas, Jillian, and Ramses are in the living room. Dominique, Josh, and Mark are outside. Just general chatter going on. Christmas talking about her ankle and Mark outside talking about a previous girlfriend.


4:15 PM BBT Kevin is on a lounge chair in the shade, Cody and Paul are in the hot tub and Mark, Dominique and Josh are still on the couches. There is chatter that Drake is supposed to be coming tonight from 8-10. They wonder if someone will come with him and Josh thinks it should be Kanye. Paul mentions Ziggy Marley coming last year.


4:23 PM BBT Jessica and Jason are in the HOH room and Jason tells her he’s going to vote the way he said he was going to vote and that’s not going to change. Jessica asks if Paul is campaigning to keep Christmas and Jason says if he says anything it will come back to bite him in the butt. Jessica says she doesn’t say things she doesn’t mean and she doesn’t lie. Jessica says her and Cody are going to break the tie because the house is going to end up split. If she votes for Jillian, then the vote is going to end up 6 and 6. Jason says he’s not going to put up Cody or Jessica. Jason says it’s all Cody right now and he’s just the guy who agrees until HOH comes and changes things.


4:27 PM BBT Jason says he’s not going to put Cody on the block if he wins any HOH and he won’t vote him out because they are from the same home state. Jason doesn’t like Paul because he can’t read him and that’s who he wants out. Jason feels like he’s cool with Paul and Cody but he feels like he’s the guy who’s getting shot at.


4:30 PM BBT Jessica tells Jason she needs some assurance if she votes to save Jillian, then she needs assurances from him, Alex, and Jillian that her and Cody are safe. If her and Cody are going to save Jason’s right hand, Jillian, then she needs to make sure her and her right hand, Cody are safe. Jason doesn’t know where Matt and Raven stand and Jessica informs him they will NOT vote for Jillian to stay. Jessica says the vote will come down 6-5 without her. Jessica says she’s capable of separating the game from personal life. Jessica says she rallied the votes for Jillian the first night, she told them absolutely not.


4:33 PM BBT Jason thinks Ramses is fishy, he doesn’t trust him. Jessica assure him that Ramses is going to vote to keep Jillian. Jessica says there are people who have shown allegiance and then betrayed it already and she does not respect that. Jason says he doesn’t trust nobody. Jason says Paul doesn’t need any help. He’ll watch Paul’s back but he won’t watch his front because he’s done this and he doesn’t need help.


4:35 PM BBT There is a little more talking in circles in the HOH and Jason reiterates he wants to play and not lay down. The meeting breaks up and they head down. Paul and Mark are in the storage room and Paul tells Mark that people will start to get paranoid as it gets closer to eviction and he just needs to stay calm.


4:43 PM BBT Paul is in the Have-Not BR whispering with Alex and Jason talking about how Cody and Jessica are in trouble next week. Paul says a few might be blowing smoke, but he thinks a majority are against them. Cody and Josh are outside playing pool and Kevin is still in the lounge chair. Paul tells Jason he shouldn’t tell people whose backs he has because they will figure it out. He needs to keep things under wraps. Jason admits to Paul that he DID say that Jessica needed to flush her head in a toilet and Christmas told Jessica what he said but he denied it to her.


4:48 PM BBT We get a warning they are not allowed to talk about DR sessions and Cody says name names. He thinks they should name names when it happens. Paul and Jason still in the bedroom talking about the same thing and Paul coaching him on what not to give away.


4:54 PM BBT Matt and Raven go into the Lounge Room where Christmas and Paul are and Raven tells Christmas that Jason and Jessica were in the HOH room for about 10 minutes. Elena and Ramses are in the BR and Elena thinks Paul is going to win. Elena and Ramses mention Jason going upstairs to campaign to Jessica. Christmas says she has a good social game and she’ll have America’s sympathy so she should be ok moving forward.

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5:00 PM BBT Christmas, Matt, and Raven in the lounge room. Christmas thinks Cody threw the veto and Matt says he thinks the same thing. They think he gave up. Paul and Jason in the BR talking again about how the votes will go and Paul says they have to be on the same page. Paul is explaining to Jason that everyone is against Cody and Jessica and that if Jillian goes, they will all be on board to get rid of Cody or Jessica. Jason says he’s not a flipper. Jason is afraid if he flips, then the people on his side will know and turn against him. Paul told Jason that everyone was telling Christmas everything Jessica said about her. Jason still doesn’t trust Christmas. Paul just thinks Jason is paranoid.


5:10 PM BBT Christmas is telling Matt and Raven that she has Josh in her back pocket. She says he knows he has dropped on the totem pole as a target and she can carry him. She doesn’t know how far she can carry him, but he’s a number for them right now. Christmas tells Matt and Raven that Josh didn’t know that she wrote two books. Jessica and Cody are on a lounge chair together outside. Paul tells Jason he is safe for two more weeks, he can’t be touched. Jessica fills Cody in on her conversation with Jason. Jessica would really like to watch some people squirm. Cody says it might not be half bad then if Alex or Jason won HOH next week because those people will see Cody was right and how bad they messed up.


5:15 PM BBT Cody calls them idiots and Jessica says she’s just going to sit back and laugh. Cody says they will come to them and ask what to do and Jessica says they told them what to do this week and they didn’t listen. Ramses, Paul, and Jason in the BR doing shoutouts and all feeds switch to Cody and Jessica outside. Cody tells Jessica that Matt said he has 75 close friends and he doesn’t believe that because he can’t even be loyal to one guy in the house. Jessica can’t believe anyone would even make that kind of statement. Cody says he’s not buying it. Jessica tells Cody that Mark told her Christmas said she wasn’t a target but she didn’t buy that. Cody says she’s a barker, not a biter. Matt, Raven, and Christmas are in the lounge and Matt says he has a piece of information that could send Cody home tomorrow. Cody says no one wants to hear unsolicited advice and Paul gives advice a lot and he doesn’t need it.


5:20 PM BBT Cody tells Jessica he nominated Christmas because she’s not chill, he always saw her as the poison of the group. Besides Paul. Cody says he didn’t know who Ariana Grande was until Frankie was on his season. Jessica says if she’d been on that season she would have recognized him because him and his sister came into her work once. Jessica asks Cody who people tell him he looks like and he said Mexican and Asian women says he looks like Tom Cruise.


5:25 PM BBT Paul, Kevin, and Jason are talking in the BR about the vote. Paul gets called to the DR. Jillian, Alex, and Ramses are in the living room. Paul is out of the DR and Alex says that was quick, that was sketchy. Jillian and Ramses are singing and Jillian gets the please stop singing warning. She says she wasn’t singing she was reciting lyrics from Miley Cyrus.


5:30 PM BBT Kevin, Alex, and Jason are in the BR wondering if they’ll get lunch for the 4th. Kevin says it’s almost 6, I don’t think we’re getting lunch. Matt doesn’t think Josh has the balls to put up Cody or Jessica but Christmas thinks he will because she can turn him. Someone is napping because they get a warning about no napping. Kevin wants to make choke and slides and Alex says but she thinks they are going to eat. Jason asks what a choke and slide is and Kevin says peanut butter and jelly with chocolate milk. Christmas is talking to Matt and says she’s always weary of people who have never had to struggle.


5:35 PM BBT Mark and Elena go into the lounge where Christmas and Matt are. Jason and Alex are talking about Paul and they are telling him they might vote Jillian out, but they are really going to vote for Christmas. Alex wants to trust Paul, but there is something not right. Alex says there’s not something right with Christmas because she broke her foot.


5:45 PM BBT Christmas and Elena are in the BR and Christmas is telling Elena about Josh. Matt, Mark, and Dominique are in the lounge re-hashing Matt and Christmas’ conversation. Christmas is counting votes and she thinks she has Mark, Elena, Matt, Raven, Paul, Josh, Dominique, and Kevin.


5:50PM BBT Just more re-hashing of counting votes and who can compete next week in HOH. Jillian and Ramses get another warning to stop singing. Jessica comes into the lounge with Raven, Mark, and Dominique and Mark asks if Jessica has paid her bet yet. Raven asks what bet and Jessica says she owes Cody a blow job. Then she says she just means she is going to blow on his back because it feels good. Mark wants to know if you can put butter in slop and Raven doesn’t know if it’s on the condiment list. Dominique says why would you want to put butter in slop and Mark says because slop is so fantastic? Butter makes everything taste better. Christmas and Elena are still in bed and Christmas is having the same conversation she had with Matt and Raven about Josh. Ramses and Jillian are told to stop that and Raven complains they’ve been singing for hours.

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6:00 PM BBT Dominique is saying she wants four boys and she also has their names picked out. She’s excited to have boys and she hopes her future husband isn’t watching because she hopes he has something better to do with his life. Mark doesn’t think anyone is watching feeds on the 4th of July, he thinks maybe 1000 are watching. The girls say there are definitely more watching. Dominique says people can follow her on Facebook but she won’t answer until October. Paul is telling Christmas why Jason doesn’t trust her. Jillian told Jason earlier that Christmas told Jessica that Jason said she could flush her head in a toilet and Christmas doesn’t know what Paul is talking about. Paul says she needs to talk to Jason. Elena tells Paul that Ramses wants Paul to win HOH next week because he thinks Paul wants Cody to go home.


6:05PM BBT Paul says he has a really good plan. Matt and Jessica are outside on the lounge chair talking and Paul and Raven are in the kitchen. Jessica is explaining that it doesn’t benefit her to keep Christmas in the game because she’s coming after Jessica. Matt asks Jessica if she thinks Cody made the wrong decision and she says she already told him that. Jessica says Cody made a mistake and she’s being punished for it? She’s literally not going to keep someone in the house who is targeting her and her right hand person. Kevin and Jason are outside sitting next to the pool.


6:10PM BBT Jessica says she sympathized with Christmas until Christmas looked her in the eye and says she was guilty by association. She shouldn’t have said that. Matt says you can’t sympathize with Christmas’s situation? You don’t think she got screwed over? Jessica says she does get that but Christmas screwed up when she said she was coming after her. Jessica tells Matt that if anyone who votes for someone who wants her out of the house, that isn’t cool and she just wants to put that on the table now. Matt says I can understand that but Cody didn’t listen to his input on who to nominate. Alex and Cody are talking in the Have-not room. Matt explains by voting to keep Christmas, he is not turning his back on Jessica. Jessica asks what would he do if Christmas campaigns to get her put up? Matt says we’ll have to cross that bridge when we cross it.


6:15PM BBT Jessica says she doesn’t know what to tell them anymore and if they want to vote to keep Christmas, then that’s kind of crappy because it puts her game in jeopardy. He made a promise to her too that they would all make jury together and now they have no sympathy for her. Matt says all their games were exploded and he does have sympathy for Jessica but it is what it is. Alex tells Cody in the have-not room that there are lot of people who are salty with Cody. Cody says he needs her or Jason to win because their life is on the line. Cody says he made the deal to protect some of them and they don’t give a crap. Cody says Paul is playing in God mode and people trust him? He can play unfettered and he still gets to play HOH and be safe. Cody tells Alex her side is way more solid than the other side. Cody says the couples don’t have any loyalty and they suck at the game. He says Christmas is way too emotional and she’s poison. Alex says her loyalty is to Jason and Jillian and they will vote accordingly. Cody says Christmas was shaking like a leaf on that trapeze and for her to say she’s a better competitor than Alex is insane.


6:20PM BBT Alex asks Cody if he trusts Dominique and he says she’s on her own. Alex says Dominique has been playing everyone and she’s good at gathering information. Raven, Jessica, and Mark are on the lounge chair and they are wrestling. Jason is making Christmas some tea. Matt does not think they are going to get any 4th of July celebrations. Jason helps Christmas back to the bedroom and she asks if they are cool. Elena and Mark in the hammock. Christmas tells Jason she thinks he’s a good person and she knows Jessica has been lying about her. Jason says he doesn’t trust Jessica as far as he can throw her. Jason and Christmas get a warning to not obstruct their microphones and they are upset because they got called out.


6:30 PM BBT Cody tells Jessica there was a plane overhead and it had skywriting. He thought it was about the 4th of July but Alex said she heard there was something about Mark. Jessica asks then why didn’t they do an indoor lockdown? Cody says it was quick and he seen it. Jessica fills Cody in about her vacation with Matt. Cody, Ramses, Alex, and Jillian are now in the BR and they are talking about the other side.

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6:58pm BBT: Elena tells Christmas and Jason that she's pretty sure there are eight solid votes for Christmas.

7:04pm BBT: Jillian and Ramses whispering in Have-Not room. Just general talk about possible scenarios for next week. Josh comes in and whispering stops immediately. Josh apologizes for interrupting. Jillian and Ramses continue to whisper after Josh leaves the room. Jillian states Paul is "all up in our business."

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10:25pm BBT Mark and Elena are alone in RBR. Elena's asking Mark about him having an alliance with Dom. He says he doesn't, but rather he's just comfortable talking to her. Elena says Mark should not feel forced to be with her. He says he hopes when he gets out of the house that he can keep showing her how much he likes her. She says being in the house is a strange situation. She says everything will change a lot when they leave. He's glad he has a few more months to get to know her. They then share a kiss. Well, a few. They stop to stare at each other. The kissing seems to be over. Wait, not quite yet. Elena is ready to leave the room, but Mark says he can't just yet because of a male issue (hint-hint). Dom then enters the room with the Bible. Elena says she may borrow the Bible some time or another. Dom seems irritated. Elena doesn't seem to want to leave the room, but she finally does.

10:35pm BBT Now it's just Mark and Dom in the room. Mark says the only person that knows about their alliance is Cody and Matt. Dom tells Mark, "I got you," and that it won't change. Dom said she doesn't know if Mark sees what she sees. Dom wants him to see that Ramses is possibly planting seeds in Elena's brain. Dom says Ramses told her earlier that things were going down in the SR between him (Mark) and Elena. Dom wonders why Ramses would want her to know that. Mark says he's always been truthful with Elena about his friendship with her (Dom.) Mark asks Dom if she thinks Elena is trying to stir stuff up, and she nods her head "yes." 

10:41pm BBT Dom says she thinks Elena is jealous of her and Mark's relationship. She says it's hard for them to keep having private conversations without Elena popping up. She said if Elena is jealous she needs to deal with it. She said she could be wrong, but Elena's behavior indicates that she has a problem with her (Dom). Mark says he's not stupid and can see how Elena brings up Dom's name a lot. Dom says to focus on how Elena acts when she (Dom) is around. Mark leaves the room. 

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7:15pm BBT: FoTH, feeds most likely down for the HGs 4th of July party.



10:55pm BBT: In the SR, Alex asking Jessica who told her what Jason said today. Alex says the deal they made today depends on what Jessica tells her. Jessica isn’t sure what she is talking about. Alex says she’s just double checking. Something about a joke about a toilet.



10:58pm BBT: Jessica goes up to HOH, and tells Cody what Alex had told her. Jessica is telling Cody that she didn’t understand. In the RBR, Dom tells Raven and Matt that she is watchful of people who are gung ho about getting people out [Most likely referring to Jessica]. Dom says that Jessica rushed up to the HOH to get Christmas out, but 24 hour later was saying she had her vote. Raven says that she talked to Jessica and was told that Cody put her in a tough spot. Raven said that he put them all in a tough spot. Raven can’t comprehend why Jessica wants her to change her mind [sounds like she is supporting Christmas]. Dom says day by day she’s losing respect for Cody, because he is having Jessica do his dirty work.



11:06pm BBT: Jason goes to HOH and tells Jody that he made the toilet joke [something about him putting Jessica’s head in the toilet]. He reiterates that it was just a joke, they don’t seem upset. He says people are talking to him more since he mentioned that he is going to vote Christmas out.   



11:08pm BBT: In the RBR, Christmas is saying that she is glad it came out sooner than later [Cody’s long term plan]. She says they know the numbers and if they don’t add up on Thursday then they will reassess then.



11:10pm BBT: Back in the HOH, Cody is saying they don’t have the powers, they don’t have the numbers. Jason is saying they are campaigning to dump Jillian, which he doesn’t understand. Cody says there is clearly opposite sides of the house. In the RBR, Raven says that Kevin told her that the banner earlier only said “Happy Birthday”. She wonders if Ramses and Cody are making up what the banner was said [apparently something negative about Mark]. Mark is apparently upset, and Raven says that they are trying to use it against him. Raven is saying that Mark is an emotional creature, and that he is upset about it.



11:14pm BBT: Matt and Raven discussing the deal Cody made the supposedly keeps them safe. Matt says they never agreed to it, and wouldn’t have knowing that Cody swapped Paul and Christmas for Alex and Jason.



11:18pm BBT: Elena and Christmas in the Bathroom area, discussing why Jason went up to HOH, because it is an exclusive club up there.



11:25pm BBT: Raven, Matt, and Dom in the RBR comparing notes on the banner [sounds like it was skywriting, not a banner]. Mark comes in and they ask him who told him, he said Jody did. He says he told Paul. Mark says Cody told him it said “Dom and Mark Alliance”.



11:27pm BBT: In the SR, Elena asks Paul if he trusts Jason, as he’s upstairs talking to Jody. He says he does, but they’ll find out fairly quickly if he’s not trustworthy.



11:30pm BBT: Paul goes in to RBR, they discuss what could happen next week if Cody gets safety. Paul says if so, he’d go after Ramses.



11:32pm BBT: Christmas joins the RBR with Dom, Paul, Matt, and Raven, and discusses her conversation with Jason from earlier. She says he said he wants Jessica out as soon as possible.



11:34pm BBT: Jason comes down from HOH and goes to bathroom and talks to Mark/Elena. Elena asks if he relayed anything to Jody, and Jason says no, he didn’t name drop anybody. Mark tells Jason to just wait for things to happen. Jason says he doesn’t get why everyone is so freaked out about the numbers, and that he can’t play in the HOH.



11:40pm BBT: RBR crew are discussing Cody’s gameplan. Dom says that she has met three different Cody’s in the house. Christmas says he’s not modest.



11:44pm BBT: Dom saying that she can’t stand jealousy. Christmas saying that she doesn’t need to attach to anyone, that she wants to form genuine friendships.


11:49pm BBT: Jessica and Josh in the KT, Jessica asking him if anyone has talked to him about his vote. He said no, no one talks game with him. Jessica brings him to the HOH to talk to Cody. Cody says that Paul was his target, that’s why he tried to put him up. They tell Josh that he has a powerful vote this week.



11:54pm BBT: In the DBR, Alex, Jason, and Kevin discuss the toilet joke.  Alex says that tells them that “they” are lying. Alex says they have the votes to keep Jillian, Kevin says yes let’s keep her and then move on to the next thing. Jason tells them that Cody told him that Matt doesn’t like Alex or Jason.



11:59pm BBT: Josh joins the DBR and tells them that Cody told him that the other side is trying to pick them off. Josh says that no matter what, they need to stay strong, that six is a strong number (Kevin, Jason, Josh, Alex, Ramses, and Jessica).

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