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BB 6 Crossover to TAR

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Well, I'd like to see them go with the original partners but... if we're going to switch them up...

Here's my list:

Michael and Eric

James and Maggie

Howie and Jen

Ivette and April

Kaysar and Janelle

Rachel and Sarah

Ashlea and Beau

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LOL! Automatic Yield!

I can picture it now. The two of them in a cab.

Ivette: Cappy, what country are we in?

The camera crew asks the cabbie to pull over and one of them hands Ivette an hourglass. As the other teams whiz by they stand on the side of the road with Ivette crying and making comments about the other teams.

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It would be cool if they were able to do a TAR with all the pairs from BB6 on it as pairs. It would be interesting to watch just to see how it would play out because of how they were in the house. I am sure if James was teamed up with Sarah, he would be totally in for the win. But with the other pairs, I think Kaysar & Janelle would be a perfect match because of how they worked together on BB6.

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