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  1. It was posted on another site. Gee, what will Jen do now that she's not cheerleading?
  2. Something I found. BB6 April Lewis is still with her husband and still working at the same job. Ashlea Evans continues her modeling career in Florida. Beau Beasley is up to the same stuff he was up to before BB. He's working for Dolce & Gabbana, waiting for his movie to come out in the spring (National Lampoon's "Pledge This"), and filming a show for E! in January. He still talks to everyone from BB except for Sarah, Rachel and Kaysar. Eric Littmann is MIA, but assumed to be at the same job. Howie Gordon moved to L.A. to pursue his acting career. He's recently appeared on the TV Guide Channel with Janie, 101 Craziest TV Show Moments with Jenny McCarthy (#43), VH1 Big in '05, and Reality Remix. He says he's "trying to make some cash, get in shape and get back on TV! Probably reality TV! Where I will DOMINATE!" He will be on "Off the Record" which airs on TSN Canada at 6pm on Friday, January 13th, 2006. Seeing he'll already be in Toronto, he's also going to appear at Yuk Yuk's on Thurday, January 19th, 2006. Ivette Corredero was recently on Big in '05, "Q on the Move" and twice on "On Q Live" for Q Television. She is still with Tush and still works at Cafeteria. James Rhine has moved to Chicago with Sarah, and guest bartendered at Tryst on Saturday, December 17th. Janelle Pierzina broke up with Michael, and is busy pursuing her modeling and acting careers. She still works at Mansion and can be seen on their live feeds sometimes. Jennifer Vasquez is MIA, but no longer cheerleads for the Dallas Desperados. Kaysar Ridha has had parts on TV shows, and has been seen at local events. He also is putting out a clothing line now through his website. Maggie Ausburn is MIA. Michael Donnellan is working on his art, selling prints via his website. He and Janelle have broken up but remain friends. He says he's been busy working as usual, and partying too! Rachel Plencner still has her old job and is still living in the same place. Sarah Hrejsa has moved to Chicago with James.
  3. A Yuk Yuk's appearance for Howie. http://www.yukyuks.com/info/YukClubs/Toronto_jan.jpg
  4. Who is the sexiest reality TV star of 2005? http://www.realityblurred.com/realitytv/ar...tar_nominations
  5. Thank you Weavers for giving me a team to root against. And also for the smiles you gave me during the finale. When it turned out that you got the third departure time from the stadium task. When you were the last team to spot the clue with the binoculars. And when the Linz and Bransen families were working the map I realized there was no way your family could possibly catch up to win TAR.
  6. That's funny. I'd like to see that. Do you have two different colored hats or wear glasses as Missy and not as Steph to make the conversation more real?
  7. In a little while "Steph" will log on to defend her friend "Missy"
  8. Only if the Bransen girls pose for Playboy.
  9. That's a well thought out point you have made Missy. Well, thank you Stephanie you make some real good points yourself.
  10. I don't know how she was able to use the term bottled blondes as an insult knowing full well she is one herself.
  11. Yes, I believe she was and is proud. I'm sure if she were offered she would jump at a chance to do a BB spoof porn movie showing off these talents.
  12. Yes, after the Weavers threw trash at them out the car window at the next pit stop the Sisters should have went over and just hugged those angelic kids. Ha!
  13. She's probably got a booth. "Get serviced by a BB houseguest"
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