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Sunday June 26, 2016 Big Brother 18 Live Feed Updates


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This forum thread is for posting live feed updates & screen caps that reflect what's going on in the BB house.  Comments and BB18 discussions are in the Big Brother 18 Discussion section.

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother 18 Time is West Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter. I've been tripped up not knowing if "B" is Bronte or Bridgette.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. Download PDF And here's DRG's guide by team Cast Cards PDF.

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

British Bedroom (UKBR)

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)


When referring to Da'Vonne, you can use "Da," "Dav," and, of course, "Da'Vonne," but for some reason "Da' " with the apostrophe, jams my proofreader program.

You are all encouraged to add info in your posts letting others know that you can only stay an hour, or, "I'm done, can someone else take over!" or whatever, so that lurkers, or "floaters" will be encouraged to fill the gaps.  


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 

Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at  http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/chat.html/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds and dish about the HGs at the same time.  


I'm in dire need of late night updaters, newbies always welcome, just start posting, please!

Thank you!

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12:08BBT James and Natalie now outside, he asks how many boys she texts in a day. Natalie says she doesn't go on dates and doesn't get hit on that much.

Michelle and Tif whispering in bedroom.


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12:20BBT Nicole, Tif, Zaki, Davonne, Michelle in HOH talking about ways to have fun
James and Natalie still outside talking.

12:27BBT Girls now talking about not trusting Bridgette
James and Natalie now go inside

12:35BBT Bronte James Paul Frank Jozea in bedroom talking, Paul is stroking Bronte's leg, BB keeps focusing on it. Bronte askign if they wash the sheets
Paulie now joining the girls upstairs

12:40BBT Tiff and Michelle leave and Nicole says they can't tell her much because she freaks out too much (Tiffany)


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12:40BBT Tif, Michelle, Paulie now in room next to bathroom talking about how to spell oregano. Walmart is the shit says Paulie

Girls upstairs say Bronte is the biggest threat and needs to go

1:00BBT Jozea and Victor in kitchen for food while Natalie says the ants are disgusting. James is there as well.
Michelle, Tif, Paulie still randomly talking

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Jozea talking to James about Instagram and how famous he got. They talk about how much Frankie's following grew from this. Jozea wants to get on Dancing with the Stars

James joins Paulie, Tif, & Michelle, they're talking about how to get up before the music wakes you up. James leaves

1:16BBT Nicole sneaks into Tokyo room to try to prank Corey with shaving cream. He wakes up before she can get him and he says it's on and gets out of bed. He grabs benefiber to put in her water as Nicole hides in HOH room. Corey comes up, and Nicole opens the door before running out

1:21BBT Corey chases her around the backyard and the house. He has her cornered in the kitchen. James Jozea and Victor are watching. James opened the storage room and Nicole ran in there, she's begging BB to not unlock it. Corey got in and Nicole runs for the Tokyo room before getting up to the HOH room and locking Corey out.

1:28BBT Corey has joined Paulie, Tif, and Michelle. They're trying to get into the chest, Michelle and Tif can fit. I think this is how Corey is going to get Nicole later



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1:33BBT James now joins them as they scheme how to prank Nicole

1:35BBT Nicole and Davonne in HOHR watching TV waiting for Corey. They're watching James, Victor, Jozea, Bronte, and Natalie sitting in LR. Someone asks if Victor or Bronte are next and Nicole says she doesn't care, they can put both up. Nicole questions if James is in Jozea's alliance. Nicole switches to kitchen and sees Tif, Michelle, and Paulie walk out. They wonder what these three were up to.

1:42BBT Corey, Paulie, Jozea, James, Bronte, Natalie all in LR. Don't know what they're saying bc I'm seeing what Nicole's watching in the HOHR. Nicole now peaks her head out the door to listen.

Tif and Michelle talking in WA. Tif still going on about Frank and Michelle is assuring her its fine. Tif, "I get vibes from people."

Nicole really is afraid of what Corey is going to do to her and continues to spy on them.



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2:09BBT Appears that Davonne, Zaki, and Nicole have gone downstairs and Corey and Nicole are spraying shaving cream on each other, James is getting in on it as well.
BB tells them to please stop that. Then BB tells Nicole to put on her mic.

Nicole and Paulie are cleaning the floor

Corey showering downstairs and Nicole upstairs

Zaki and Davonne come up to HOHR to tell Nicole that James got her from behind so they need to get him.



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James joins Corey in the WR and he has the extra can of shaving cream, he says he needs to carry it with him. They're contemplating if Nicole is done for the night.

2:25BBT Everyone in bed except for the three in HOHR

Talk goes back to Tiffany and how they need to be careful with her. Tomorrow they will do damage control.

2:30BBT Everyone is in bed. [Finally! I'm out!]

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5:00 AM BBT The HGs are all snug in their beds.


6:00 AM BBT Frank gets up to use the WC. He washes his hands and returns to bed. 


7:00 AM BBT The HGs are still sleeping.


7:05 AM BBT Victor gets up to use the WC. He immediately goes back to bed aftewards. As he is about to climb into the bed one of his bed mates (unknown) is moaning which Victor giggles about for a brief moment. Then it's all quiet again.



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8:00 AM BBT Paul is up visiting the WC. After spending some time looking in one of the side mirrors he goes to the kitchen for some ice and heads to the BY to fill his water bottle with juice. He then heads back to bed.  


8:30 AM BBT We have Jeff's Reels. It might be time for a BB wake up call.


9:00 AM BBT We are still on Jeff's reels.

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9:05 AM BBT The feeds return. Victor is in the BY lowering the awnings. Bridgette comes out side to help him. Paulie is walking around the WA. BB reminds the HGs that the BR lights must stay on during the day. 


9:20 AM BBT A few of the HGs are up doing ADLs, with a sprinkling of WBRB in and out in the middle of it. Victor is making an omelette.


9:30 AM BBT Victor and Bridgette are in the KT eating breakfast while Paulie is doing the dishes. Victor offers the rest of his eggs to whoever wants to get out of bed and eat them. "First come first serve." Most of the HGs are not budging from their beds though.


9:35 AM BBT Victor shares a dream he had last night with Bridgette. He and his buddies were outside in the snow. They run into Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) with some of his buddies. Some of Daniel's friends turn into robots and start to kidnap his friends. Though Daniel himself does not turn into a robot, Victor has to rescue some of his friends. 


9:40 AM BBT Corey has gotten out of bed and joined Bridgette, Victor and Paulie in the KT. He helps himself to Victor's extra eggs. Corey is talking about how he pranked Nicole last night. She took refuge in the DR and BB locked him outside of it. 


9:45 AM BBT Corey is retelling what happened with the shaving cream fight with Nicole last night. Apparently Victor and Bridgette had no clue it happened. BB calls Frank to the DR. 


9:50 AM BBT Bronte is now awake as well. The feeds go to WBRB. When the feeds return the camera is following Bridgette as she is cleaning up the dining room table. Bridgette tells Paulie that Bronte is like a pre-puberty elf.

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10:00 AM BBT Bronte is making fun of Paul. He had been complaining last night about not feeling good. She basically said that after what he ate yesterday, she isn't the least bit surprised. She walks into the Tokyo BR and asks him if he is ready for a Have Not competition. She knows he will do great. He has no idea that she is being completely sarcastic. 


10:05 AM BBT Guess how many HGs it takes to get a Swiffer Wet Jet to function? Apparently three: Paulie, Bridgette and Bronte to supervise. 


10:20 AM BBT Just ADLs and general chit chat this morning. 


10:25 AM  BBT James has joined Bridgette, Paulie, and Bronte in the KT. They talk about how good they have been about not talking about the stuff they aren't supposed to talk about like people who haven't signed waivers. WBRB  


10:30 AM BBT Natalie is now awake too. James is in the shower. Bronte and Natalie are in the wash area. They decide they are going to eat healthy today which means no cookies. 


10:37 AM BBT Natalie's lottery story: While working in New York City she thinks about playing the lottery but decided not to stop. She later found out that someone bought the winning ticket from the same place she had opted not to buy a ticket from. James says if she had won the lottery she could start her own Big Brother and call it Big Sister. She tells him it could be a bunch of girls with just James. James is down with that. 


10:43 AM BBT Victor is in the BY working out. Natalie, Bronte, James and Paulie are in the wash area getting ready for the day. Bronte says she has Justin Beiber stuck in her head. James and Paulie admit that J.B. is the man. Paulie "J.B., you me and James would slay, more than you already do."


10:47 AM Victor is in the BY going all Rocky Balboa with the jump rope. James gives a shot out to America. James "Good morning America, it's your boy....Paulie." Paulie laughs.


10:55 AM BBT Bronte and Bridgette are still in the wash area. Bronte says that the BB house is like a black hole that sucks people into paranoia. Bridgette tells her that she thinks she has a very level head. Bridgette continues to say that Da'Vonne seems to be level headed too. She said Da'Vonne was the second to go because of other people's BS. 

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11:05 AM BBT Just ADLs and general chit chat. 


11:15 AM BBT Paulie is having a hard time working out outside in his pixel costume. Bronte talks aboout the giant albino spider they saw outside last night by the pool table. Paulie says that one of his biggest fears is having his head in a jar full of bugs and not having his nose and ears plugged up. Bronte said she would do it for him if he ate a bug afterwards. Paulie said he might be able to do that. The bug talk bugs Natalie who is trying to eat her yogurt. 


11:30 AM BBT Paul is now awake and eating cereal outside with Bridgette, Bronte, Paulie, Natalie and James. Victor has gone inside to take a shower. Many of the HGs are still inside sleeping. 


11:35 AM BBT Bridgette and Paul are outside on the lounge. He asks her about her rudest ER patients. She explains about a few of them that she took care of while they are ridiculously drunk. Many of them have turned out to be mean when they wake up after she nurtured them all night long. One of them even called her a chink. She threw him out of the ER. Meanwhile James tries to wake up Nicole and Da'Vonne in the HoH room. He jokes that Nicole earned everything that she got last night. She throws him out of the HOHR while he laughs.


 11:45 AM BBT Nicole is up and downstairs. She tells Corey that she had dreams all night long about how she was going to get back at him. They hug it out. Meanwhile Paul is outside telling Bridgette about situations in which he has cussed someone out because of they way they treat other people. He calls it being the bigger bully in defense of someone else. 


11:50 AM BBT Natalie is sun bathing by the pool. Paulie cannon balls and drenches her. She hops up and tries to wrestle him into the pool, falling on the ground in the process. He pulls her in the water with him. BB chastises them for jumping into the pool. 


Poolside fun.jpg

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12:00 PM BBT Almost all of the HGs are up and about now. Jozea and Da'Vonne are getting ready in the wash area. Most of the rest are either hanging out in the BY or the KT. Just general chit chat. 


12:15 PM BBT Nicole is sitting by the pool. She is talking to Paul about anonymously stalking him on social media. Then she reminds him that they agreed to not date anyone for a full year so that they can concentrate on themselves. Nicole "We can go out as friends though." Paul "Man, I just got friend zoned."


12:40 PM BBT Not much is going on inside the house. The whole house appears to be awake and everyone is talking about general chit chat. Bronte isn't feeling well. She tells Natalie that the coffee is making her nauseous. She eliminated it from her diet before coming on the show and now when she drinks it she feels ill. Bridgette comes in and offers to get her some crackers.


12: 50 AM BBT In the BY Nicole goes to where Da'Vonne is sitting. She tells Da'Vonne that if she was sitting next to James or Frank in the end that she wouldn't have a chance. They are friends with everyone. Da'Vonne agrees that they are very social players. Michelle joins them and says that Victor has already annoyed her this morning. He always has to be right. 


12:54 PM BBT Michelle joins Da'Vonne and Nicole as they are talking about the Fatal 5. Da'Vonne asks Michelle who she thinks would be easier to get out, James or Frank. Michelle says they can just put them up together. Da'Vonne goes inside so Nicole sits with Michelle. She asks her if Tiffany thinks she is a target. Michelle assures her that Tiffany is fine. They both agree that Victor is pretty much a target for everyone. 


[If anyone wants to take over that would be fabulous!!]

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1:00 PM BBT Most of the HGs are inside eating the hamburgers that James made. Michelle is outside laying out next to Natalie. She tells Natalie that she has about a 33% chance of going up. She isn't worried though because the replacement nominee would pretty much be a pawn. She does say that she is happy Paul saved himself. 


1:08 PM BBT Frank is calling James out in the KT. Someone has taken most of the containers in the kitchen and turned them upside down with the lids loose. When you go to grab something it ends up spilling all over the counter. The house laughs as Frank scolds James. James doesn't own up to any of it. 


1:24 PM BBT Frank, James and Nicole are in the British BR. They feel that veto meeting will be today. Nicole is worried the house is going to think it is her that has the special power. Frank says Jozea is trying to hide the fact that he is still going after the returning players. Nicole told him that Jozea told her to her face last night that he is still coming after them. Frank "They are going to be like Oh Shit when Jozea walks out the door."


1:27 PM BBT Frank, James and Nicole are talking about nominations next week. Nicole is towards Victor and Bronte. James said that Paul has already won a competition so he may be a threat, but it could have been a fluke. Either way they are tired of Paul being serious all the time and eating all the food. Frank says that Paul, Victor and Bronte are all close so putting any combination of them up is a good thing.


1:30 PM BBT James tells Frank and Nicole that if they put up Victor and Paul then they are taking two key players from two teams. That would cause chaos within each group. Nicole "We got to win HoH first though." Tiffany joins them. James says True/False is coming up. James says that the wall competitions could be coming up too because they haven't had one yet. Tiffany reminds him that he won two of those last year. James "I don't know, we got little Nat Nat this year." 


1:40 PM BBT Nicole is searching the entire house for missing denim shorts and HoH key. James has decided to help her. Jozea is sitting outside wtih Tiffany. He tells her that the days are not going by fast enough. He needs them to go by faster so they can get on to next week. [He seems to be completely clueless that he has a good chance of leaving the house on Thursday.---Goldylucks]


1:46 PM BBT James tells us (feedsters) that Nicole has lost her blue jean shorts and HoH key. Nicole "Why are you telling everyone?" He tells her that BB probably has an extra key. She insists that she has to find it regardless. He recommends she ask the girls if they have seen her shorts. He tells her that they have to be in the HoH room somewhere.


1:50 PM BBT Paulie drops his microphone into the pool. He is told by BB to exchange it for another one. Zakiyah is called to the DR. Michelle is now helping Nicole look for her missing shorts. The HoH key was in her pocket when she took them off. Michelle finds Nicole's missing shorts in a bag full of her stuff. "Another reason to love you. Now I won't be in trouble." Nicole says she literally had just searched there and had not seem them. 


1:58 PM BBT Frank and Da'Vonne are in the Safari Lounge. Frank tells her that he is telling Jozea not to let paranoia get the better of him. He says he is trying to keep him comfortable so his last few days go by fast. Da'Vonnee "First blind side of the season." Frank tells her that Corey fell apart just because he lost. That boy cannot take a loss.

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2:04 PM BBT Frank tells Da'Vonne that Paulie is starting to act nervous too. He told him that the votes are in his favor. He says that Jozea is just so full of himself that he could never believe it that he is the one to go. Frank is going to tell him to say goodbye to the Messiah as he walks out the door. Da'Vonne is just worried that they send him out and he comes right back in the door. 


2:07 PM BBT Tiffany has joined Da'Vonne and Frank in the Safari Lounge. Tiffany tells them that Jozea was outside earlier telling her that he was going to host the Grammys and be famous after Big Brother. Da'Vonne said he told her that he was five steps ahead of everybody.  


2:10 PM BBT Tiffany, Frank and Da'Vonne are still in the Safari Lounge. They all agree that they have never seen anyone as narcissistic as Jozea. 


2:15 PM BBT Tiffany and Frank are in the Safari Lounge. He says that he just started working out again 3 weeks ago when BB called him. Tiffany says she literally had one week notice. Frank asked her if she had tried out. She said no, they just called her. Meanwhile BB keeps asking Paul to adjust his microphone. He yells out "How low do you want it to go?" 


2:20 PM BBT Tiffany is telling Frank that they lucked out on the HGs this season. Even the newbies are pretty chill. Frank says he has concerns about Corey though because he gets way too mad when he loses a competition. Tiffany says she would be too if she lost a mental comp. She won't be upset about losing a physical one. There are way too many beasts in the house. 


2:22 PM BBT Nicole and Paul are in the bedroom. Paul wants her to know that Jozea is on his team so they have to talk to each other, but he doesn't want anyone to think he is like him. He is afraid that the things that he says that are bothering people are going to come back on him since they are grouped together. Nicole tells him that he is doing a good job. Jozea told her out of his own mouth that he was targeting her so he has no one to blame but himself for being on the block. 


2:25 PM BBT Paul tells Nicole "I'm just afraid people are going to group me up with his crazy shit." Nicole says she will let him know if she hears anything. He tells her that he isn't fishing for information. He just doesn't want to be grouped into his crazy radical ideas. His ideas are not my ideas.

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2:00 BBT Jozea and Tiffany talking on the lounge in the back yard. Discussing the pact they all made when they all into the house to all make it to jury. The top 9 make it to the jury house and the beauty of it is, that they all get money. He tells Tiffany that is they have a one on one comp between each other, they shake hands and battle it out. That is the Warrior Code, and Jozea says he lives by the Warrior Code. If he ever gets HOH, he will let them all decide who goes up. He says he will put them all in a room and let them decide, he won't put anyone up, it won't be his decision.

Feed switches to Nicole and Michelle on the hammock. Discussing last nights shenanegins. Brief discussion of hiding and scaring each other. The talk switches to coozies and straws and how the cups BB gave them are perfect. Michelle is on her third quart size mason jar cup of water with lime slices. Tiffany says, NO FOOD TODAY. We are cleansing, no food allowed. Tiffany says the grass burns her feet. She is standing on a beach towel in the yard. Nicole is wearing SPF 50, which is what BB gives them. They wish they had SPF 30, because the 50 isn't allowing them to tan. Michelle says if you wait past the 80 minutes you have a chance, because the sunscreen only last for 80 minutes. 

Michelle asks Nicole what nationality she is. Nicole was confused by the original nationality question, so Michelle asks rephrases it and asks her where her grandparents are from and she responds, I think I'm Polish and German.

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2:35 PM BBT Nicole tells Zakiyah that she needs to clean up. Her mom is probably at home fussing at her "Nicole, quit wearing your hair in a bun." Zakiyah says her mom is pretty much the same way. The feeds then cut to Jeff's reels. Maybe the Veto meeting?

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4:15 BBT Jozea on the patio talking to Bridgette.assuring her that she is good. It makes no sense for her to go, they move about as one unit. She recalls the event of earlier in the week when she did nothing and things got all stirred up. Bronte is looking on. He says I am not a BB person, I'm a new guy in here and I'm learning as I go. 

Bronte says, they are going to use you and then they are going to kick you to the curb. 

Bridgette says, they are against me, don't let me be alone with them, ok?

Bronte says, "Tiffany, Michelle, Nicole and Corey are going to leave this house, it doesn't matter what I have to do to make it happen, they are leaving this house"

(Bridgette is on the block).  

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4:30 BBT You cannot trust, Tiff, Nicole, Corey or Paul, says Jozea. I have tuition, he says. TUITION (not intuition) All we need is for one person to get 5 votes and they go home. Bronte says, that's the way it will go, that side will vote for one person, and our side will vote for one person, and one person will get no votes. The other side thinks Bridgette is a flip flop, and they will come to her and tell her that she is OK as long as she promises to vote with them till the end, she will be OK. Bridgette says again, "don't leave me alone with them then!"

Paul has joined the group. Bronte says, Michelle is not with us, she is a liar. 

Jozea says this is the best thing. Everything went like planned. Everyone does not know what is going on, it went perfect. Next week is the world takeover, Jozea says, we will dominate! 

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4:40 BBT  Tiffany and Michelle in the hammock again.  Michelle says, Jozea makes 100K a year working on makeup he says. Then why would you come in here and leave that? Tiffany says, and he doesn't drive? He says he's scared to drive. 

Tiffany is telling about how Jozea says it will go when he is HOH. How he will not nominate people, how he will let HIS TEAM decide who goes up. His team of 9, you know we are all his minions, we all work for him. 

Tiffany says it is going to be so sweet. He (Jozea) is going to be so blindsided, it is going to be ridiculous. 

Michelle says he is the leader of the people. That he is the glue that sticks everyone together, Tiffany adds, 

Tiffany asks, "What will Bronte do when Jozea leaves? Cause that's her boy. I think she will gravitate towards Paul. "

Tiffany is talking like Bronte. "My name is Bronte, like Brontasaurus." (She is actually pretty good)


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4:11PM BBT The feeds are back. Nicole and Paul are talking. We come in on Paul telling her thank you for listening so we have missed the convo because of the reels.


4:12PM BBT Bridgette is now on the block. Paul talking to Zak. He tells her he thinks it is Tiff who is the person who nominated. They feel Bridgette is a pawn.


4:14PM BBT Jozea and Bridgette in the BY. They both feel it's Tiffany who won the Roadkill challenge. Jozea tells Bridgette not to worry. Jozea says that he only watched one season and part of 17. He says that he is telling her as a human being not as a BB fan that she is ok.


4:19PM BBT In the BY Jozea and Bronte trying to talk to Bridgette about the votes. Jozea says it will be Paulie and for her not to worry. They tell her that the others are not there for her.


4:23PM BBT Paul comes out to the BY. He sits down and tells Bridgette she is fine. The BY crew trying to figure out who nominated. They feel it is Tiffany. Paul says she was not making eye contact.



4:29PM BBT Michelle and Tiffany on the hammock. Tiffany tells Michelle that Jozea told her he is going to host the Grammys and that he makes a ton of money doing make up. She says he is delusional.


4:34PM BBT in the BY the HG talk about who is handling their accounts. Frank talks about his friends who made t-shirts. Jozea says he has a make up company. He makes a $32 lipstick.


4:43PM BBT The HG in the BY discussing food and mixed drinks. On the Hammock, Tiffany and Michelle do imitations of Bronte and her voice.


4:47PM BBT Nicole and Zak talking. Zak telling her about her convo with Paul. Paul thinks that he was the pawn and so is Bridgette.


4:51PM BBT In the KT the HG are eating and discussing food. In the hammock, Michelle and Zak are training for comps.


4:58PM BBT In the hammock, TIffany telling Michelle that Vanessa holds BB records but she isn't sure which one. She goes over all the comps Vanessa won. They talk about who Tiffany has met in life.

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5:06PM BBT Nicole is putting mustard in the straw of Corey's water glass. Frank, James and Da are encouraging her.


5:09PM BBT In the BY Paul, Jozea, Bronte and Victor congratulating themselves that the week has gone according to plan.


5:13PM BBT In the BY Victor, Paul and Jozea are complaining that the house has dared go against those that are running the house.


5:22PM BBT In the BY the trio continue to talk about how they have figured things out. Victor doesn't want to put Corey up directly. Paul says that now the HG not o mess with him because he will win when he has too.


5:25PM BBT In the BY Paul and Victor tell Jozea that they announce how many votes the evicted HG gets. Jozea is shocked. He says that is shady.


5:35PM BBT Jozea tells Bronte that his real name is Jossie like Josie and the Pussycats. Jozea is his stage name.


5:42PM BBT Tiffany and Paulie talking. Tiffany telling him that she can get heated and is very much like her sister.


5:51PM BBT Da and Zak in the Safari room. Zak says she is hoping no one is going to get cocky this week. Gen chit chat about the HG


5:58PM BBT Paulie and Tiffany discussing what he should say in his speech. They joke about Jozea being blindsided.

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