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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. 

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open media thread of the forum! 
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Thank you!

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#BBCAN4 12:05BBT Tim/Phil Discussing there perceptions of each other playing this game. Phil is saying he felt like tim was on to him over the last 24 hrs and tim says he would be glad to give him the crown at the end. Phil says that he wants tim in the game because he is fun. Tim says he wants to correct the errors he made in Big Brother Au 


#BBCAN4 12:15AMBBT Tim is telling Cassandra and Phil about being a menace to the housemates in big brother Au. discussing the clothes being hidden from him and finding them and lying about it 


12:20AMBBT Tim gives phill the t shirt for his birthday and phill says he will never wash it but says he will wear it twice a month its a great honour and tim says its his now he could never wear someone else clothes 



#BBCAN4 12:26 Am BBT Maddy/Nick/Joel in the hoh room playing a game and keep saying what are you doing. Then the camera switched back to Phill/Cassandra/Tim/Kelsey/Raul by the pool it doesn't seem like a lot of conversation is going on they are talking about what mitch says makes sense 


#BBCAN4 12:35 AMBBT Phil/Cassandra/Raul/Kelsey discussing by the pool who they trust and how the voting should go down for the eviction episode the pros and cons between each others game who would be best to keep its really back and forth for the first time this season who is gonna go



#BBCAN4 12:45AMBBT Jared is in the pool swimming and Raul and Cassandra out by the pool nothing much is going on now just some general chit chat 


#BBCAN4 12:55 AM BBT Mitch/Joel/Jared/Kelsey out by the pool discussing movie genre tastes no real game talk going on no game talk strictly movie genres 



#BBCAN4 1:00 AM BBT Tim/Cassandra in the half - not room Tim is telling cassandra that word on the street is they are voting to evict Kelsey. That Jared told tim that word on the street is if Kelsey stays that there is a fear of them working with Jared/Kelsey so if it ends up being a tie that Joel will vote for Kelsey to stay 



#BBCAN4 1:15 BBT Phil/Ramsey joined the half-not room conversation phil asked tim why he doesn't wear the skeleton onsie during the day its hard to tell what 2 conversations between phil/ramsey music and the beat dropping  and tim/cassandra talking about food The song they sang by the pool is gonna be made to be an actual single 



#BBCAN4 1:25 BBT Tim is talking some game right now where it be better to keep kelsey over raul sounds like he's trying to change the vote but theres a perceived threat where cassandra and tim don't see eye to eye every week 



#BBCAN4 1:35 Am BBT  Tim is telling everyone that Kelsey should stay because of the perception in the house. Tim doesn't want kelsey to go but because of the reasons they think she should go with the unbreakable bond but that isn't the actual reality. Honey is the new medicine in the big brother house according to tim it clears the sickness  Maddy is celebrating that she took kelsey down is what the conversation has moved Tim reminds everyone that nothing is final 



#BBCAN4 1:40 am BBT Raul plans to wear his dress tomorrow and he wants to punch ppl in the face he's feeling very bored and grumpy the frustration is real for him Camera changed to Phil looking at himself in the kitchen and an awkward dripping silence Phil tells Raul to fight and Raul responds with i have to get you out first



#BBCAN4 1:45 AM BBT Cassandra and Phil are heading to the red couch with there tea and toast to have a talk. Cassandra reminds Phil that as long as Kelsey is in the game that it actually keeps the target off them also mentioning how they pretend to hate each other but are working together. Cassandra and Phil/Nick are working together 



#BBCAN4 1:55 am BBT Cassandra is telling Kelsey to stop fighting it that keeping her is the best thing for her game Jared mentions that he likes kelsey in the game and thats how he's voting. Phils gut tells him he needs to keep kelsey according to his gut the convo is back and forth the only reason he would vote to evict kelsey is that raul has proven to be good at comps and thats the only thing he has to go off. Cassandra tells Phil that Raul has mitch and he's working with him and that him and his brother will be targeted next if he keeps him. Kelsey/Jared interrupted the conversation 


#BBCAN4 2:00 AM BBT Cassandra telling Phil That she isn't sure why everyone is so set on evicting kelsey when while she's in the game she is the target. Phill whispers saying his body language is perfect right now and says they should be called the suspects 

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10:31 AM Tim, Mitch and Cassandra are all talking game this morning. Talking about the vote and what happens if Kelsey stays and then what happens if Raul stays. Mitch does not want to be victim of association. Mitch thinks that the dynamics will change if Kelsey goes.Mitch says his gut is telling him to vote Kelsey out but he has not made up his mind. 

They agree that once again it all depends on what happens in the next HOH

Tim is sounding surprised that Mitch really knows what is going on in the house. Tim is finding it hard talking to people in the house who just don't seem to see what is going on. A lot of talk about where the "Brothers" stand. 

Tim said that this is the first week he is actually going to have to pick a side.

Tim was just called to DR 

Cass and Mitch continue to talk. Cass really likes talking to Mitch as he is so logical. Cass says Mitch does not take things personal but Mitch says " ohhh we will see about that"

talk now about if either win HOH they want to put Tim on the block as a pawn and then the person that is the target cause Tim would be safe for sure and they would get that target  out no problem. Cass talks about what if they put Dallas up if a double eviction. talk about Raul and how Cass does trust him. Cass is looking at all sides keeping each for her game but she is sure something is going on this week ...a double eviction maybe but something is up. Mitch is saying that they all need to sit down and talk about if it is a double as they will have no way to talk to one another when it happens so need a plan now. 




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 8:00am BBT Good Morning Canada! Shhh..the lights are still out in the BB house and the house guests are still sleeping. This is the day before the eviction and both nominees have decided not to campaign against each other and let the votes fall where they will, but there has been a lot of back and forth conversations among the other house guests trying to make up their mind on who to vote out. Who do you want to see go?

 8:28am BBT There has been no change, the lights are still out and the house guests are still sleeping.

 8:59am BBT BB is being kind and letting the house guests sleep in. We see some tossing and turning, but no one is awake yet and the lights are still out.

 9:03am BBT The lights just came on, but no wakeup call yet!

 9:06am BBT In the blue BR Nikki sat up in bed and looked around. Mitch opened his eyes and looked at her so she gave him a hug and then we hear BB say Good Morning house guests, time to wake up. Nikki is now getting up out of bed.

 9:11am BBT Up in the HOH room Joel is awake now and he is listening to his music as he is getting dressed.

 9:15am BBT Joel set his music down and took his batteries out of his mic then he sat back on his bed to listen to his music again.

 9:16am BBT In the WA we see Phil sitting quietly while we hear Nikki and someone else talking while taking a shower.

 9:19am BBT Nikki is out of the shower so now Phil is getting in. Raul is brushing his teeth and Kelsey walked in and sat down. There is just general discussion going on. Tim was in the other shower and is now out and getting dressed. BB is telling them all to put on their microphone and then we get locked out.

 9:23am BBT In the pink BR we see Nick take out his retainer and sit up in bed to drink his water. He put on his microphone and got out of bed to get dressed.

 9:25am BBT We hear the rooster crow as there are still house guests that are not out of bed yet in the pink BR.

 9:26am BBT The feeds switch to the KT where Joel and Jared are getting coffee. Joel made a comment that the sink is not filled up like it has been since Christine left. Jared said he is not going to lie, he has not done dishes, but his reason for that is that he has not cooked anything.

 9:28am BBT Jared asked Joel if he slept good and Joel said that he did and he is excited to watch his movie tonight and have beer and pizza. Jared said that he knows the feeling exactly.

 9:29am BBT Joel headed upstairs as Mitch is walking down. Joel comments that today is walking Wednesday and Mitch is excited and said let’s do it.

 9:32am BBT up in the WA there is still just general conversation going on as everyone is getting ready for the day.

 9:33am BBT Mitch is taking his coffee and a coat out to the HT area. There is no one out there so he is just standing there by himself drinking his coffee.


 9:39am BBT The feeds switch to the KT where Tim and Joel are talking about going without eating for a day. Tim said that he did a 40 hour famine. Joel said that he did it for one day but the pain in his stomach was so bad that he could not handle that. Tim explains that your stomach is just where the food is breaking down. Joel said that Tim would be good on Survivor.

 9:42am BBT Nikki walked in the KT and then BB called her to the DR. There is just general conversation going on in the KT and in the WA.

 9:45am BBT The feeds switch back to the HT area where Mitch is still out there sitting and Tim is messing with the HT controls. Tim closed the HT cover and asked Mitch about where he grew up.

 9:55am BBT There is still just general conversation going on by the HT and in the WA.

 10:00am BBT Tim and Mitch are still by the HT talking about gay relationships.

 10:03am BBT Dallas walked out by the HT to smoke a cigarette. He is just listening to Tim and Mitch’s conversation.

 10:07am BBT The discussion by the HT turns to how they are sleeping and trying to get used to be in the BB house.

 10:14am BBT Joel and Nikki are at the DT talking about movies and celebrities.

 10:15am BBT The feeds switch to the HT area where Kelsey and Jared are smoking cigarettes and drinking their coffee. Kelsey told Jared she liked how he covered up her feet at night. Jared told Kelsey he likes scratching her stomach at night. BB told Jared to fix his microphone.  

 10:21am BBT Kelsey and Jared go to the BY and they decide to play pool.

 10:23am BBT Mitch and Cassandra are by the pool talking about this being a hard week for Mitch and if he would have taken the HOH he would not have made a big move like Joel did. Mitch asked Cassandra if she made up her mind and she said she has wanted to talk to him. Cassandra said they are all working together and it is 50/50 right now. She feels Raul is very smart and feels that he does not trust her. The pros in keeping Kelsey is that her and Jared will always be a target. Mitch knows that some people want to keep Kelsey for that reason, but it is not the right move for them.

 10:28am BBT Mitch said that he would not hold this vote against anyone. Cassandra told Mitch that she knows he has her back. Mitch said that he can give her his complete trust right now and they have the same goals. Cassandra said that Maddy was going around telling people that she has the votes to get rid of Kelsey. Mitch knows that people are still on the fence. Tim walked over by them and asked if he could join. They tell him yes that they are just discussing the vote. Tim thinks the vote comes down to Jared and he thinks that Jared does want Kelsey out for his game.

 10:31am BBT Mitch said that his worry is the people that are associated with them like Cassandra has a close bond with Kelsey and then she would be a victim of association because she connects with everyone. Mitch thinks that dynamics will shift if Kelsey goes. Cassandra wonders who the other side will go after if Kelsey left. Mitch thinks it will be Raul or the brothers. Mitch said that his gut says to vote Kelsey out. Cassandra said that there is pros and cons to both.  

 10:35am BBT Tim wants people to know that he does not have a voting alliance, he just has friendships. Mitch said that it all comes down to the next HOH. Tim said that Loveita will swap if the power changes. Mitch thinks that Loveita is in a very interesting position. Tim would be prepared to put her up as a target. Cassandra said that it is so obvious who is working together.  

 10:38am BBT Tim is finding it hard to have conversations with people that take two bits of info and run back with it. Mitch thinks that the brothers fall more to Jared’s side because they are close to Kelsey and they are emotional players. Mitch does not see the brothers having a strong relationship with Dallas, Loveita or Joel. Tim starts talking and then BB called him to the DR.

 10:41am BBT Mitch and Cassandra continue to talk about being on the same side. Cassandra is scared of getting rid of Kelsey because then people will be going after her and Tim as a duo. Mitch thinks that Tim holds the role of flexibility in the house and he does not think in the next few rounds people will be looking at her and Tim. Cassandra asks if there is a double eviction and the next HOH has to make a quick decision who would he put up. Mitch sees Loveita as a tense player but she has not lied to him, but for his game he would have to put up Dallas.

 10:47am BBT Mitch explains that if Kelsey is left in the house, no one would put up Jared with her so it would be him or Cassandra going up on the block with Kelsey if she stays in the house. Mitch said that he has been talking to Raul a lot and he has never said anything bad about Cassandra.

 10:49am BBT Cassandra wonders if Raul stays then who would the other side be going after. Mitch cannot predict, but he thinks that it buys them time to figure it out. Cassandra thinks that there is going to be a double eviction this Thursday. Mitch keeps mentioning Dallas’s name and he does not know about him.

 10:51am BBT Mitch thinks that if Cassandra took out Maddy or Dallas then no one would be mad and they should all be thinking about going into this next round that there will be a double and no time to talk and today is their last chance to talk about it.

 10:53am BBT Mitch and Cassandra both agree that they do not know their position in the house. Cassandra told Mitch that Loveita was trying to figure out where her vote is going and how Loveita told Cassandra that she will always be hot topic number two. Mitch told Cassandra that Loveita was able to convince Joel to go after the trio this week.

 10:55am BBT Cassandra thinks that her and Mitch are in an okay position. Mitch said that it depends on who gets HOH and he does not think anyone’s smartest move is to get rid of him or Cassandra and he don’t think that they should be worried.

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11:20am BBT: Dallas, Loveita and Maddy at the table. Loveita is feeding Dallas and giving him a drink of water. Just general talk going on .
 At the hot tub Tim is talking  to Mitch about respecting peoples strategies.

11:24am BBT: Loveita is now in the HOh rm talking to Cassandra. Loveita  says we all need our enemies in this game so that there are targets in the house. She says she is going to go peace out and leaves the rm.

11:30am BBT: Raul, Jared and Kelsey in the hot tub area talking about Tim and how he is playing with no one in the house. Jared tells Raul to not do stupid things in the game. Jared says we know Mitch is with us.Kelsey tells them that the two of them has to stick together in this house after she leaves and be careful.

11:42pm BBT: Hg sitting around just general talk going on.

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2:12pm BBT Loveita and Maddy are in the BY having a conversation about keeping Kelsey. Maddy said that Kelsey is going unless someone in their group changes their vote and goes against the group. Loveita is guessing if one of the wild cards might be playing for Canada and Maddy said that she doubts it. They both agree that Mitch has himself in a bad spot. Maddy is telling Loveita that she lashes out way too much. Loveita does not think that she does that. Loveita starts to say something and then Cassandra walked up and Maddy pretended to kick her. Cassandra sat down and game talk stopped.

2:19pm BBT There is only general discussion going on in the BB house right now.

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2:25pm BBT Tim and Phil are in the HT talking about if they win HOH, they will get a house meeting together and ask each house guest who they would nominate. Tim explains to Phil that if he were HOH he would not have game discussion outside of that meeting room. Tim said that he would love it if someone else would do it first and Phil said that Tim could do it first to see how it works. Tim said that he would help Phil do it and explains how BBAUS worked when he was on it.

2:30pm BBT The feeds switch to Mitch, Kelsey and Raul in the BY by the pool talking about Loveita. Kelsey thinks Loveita is setting up fake fights with people in front of them.

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2:40pm BBT Mitch, Kelsey and Raul are still in the BY by the pool talking about the other house guests. They speculate how close Tim and Cassandra really are and about how much experience Tim has in the game of BB and how smart Tim is then we get locked out.

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8:30pm BBT Dallas and Ramsey in the pink BR going over the noodles (that have the house guests names on them) and trying to decide how the votes are going to fall. Dallas suggests to Ramsey that they stage a fight tomorrow. They go back and forth about what the fight will be about and then Ramsey leaves the room.

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8:35pm BBT Jared and Kelsey are in the HN room and it looks like Kelsey is now sleeping so Jared gets up really careful as not to wake her and then Raul walked in the room yelling HI and woke Kelsey up (but she did not get up) and Jared tells him to shh. Raul apologized and said he did not know. Raul starts talking to Jared about if he wins the HOH next and then Jared pointed over to Kelsey and Raul quickly said if he gets to stay. Then they mouth something to each other and Jared again points over to where Kelsey is laying and changed the subject by asking Raul what is going on today with everyone running around and then they just start talking about how boring it is.

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8:50 pm BBT Dallas and Nick are in the pink room talking about how the brothers have to take turns in the comps. and how crappy that is for them. Nick can't wait for tomorrow so he can play. He is hoping for something cool and something he is decent at tomorrow. Many of the comps they are saying is for smaller people with some of the smaller ledges. Nick really did not think the comps were going to be as hard as they are. Both are very tired and getting quiet.



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8:58pm BBT Kelsey just waking up in the have not room.  Jared is putting together some stuff for laundry. Kelsey got about a 15 minute nap and is still very tired. 

Kelsey is leaving to go find some coffee. Feed follows Kelsey who is now looking for something to eat cause she is so hungry. 

9:04 pm BBT  Cass,  Jared  and Tim are now in the have not room. Tim says he is done with the house. Cass offers to give him a massage but Tim does not want to use her has nothing to offer her.


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10:01PM BBT: Raul Jared Mitch and Nikki chatting in the kitchen about tea. Jared has lost weight and thinks he looks good but he feels depleted. He is glad he at least had a good crew to endure a week a slop with. He says it is good to take turns cooking since it is so frustrating and sticky to deal with. (How many sentences can I end with with???? - DRG) Nikki is talking about the food that she found that Christine has stashed away. She also found some honey up in the cupboards. Raul talking about how all the food Christine had stashed was all moldy, especially the strawberries. Raul leaves to check on something in the pantry. Upon returning he hurts his hand on the door.  Jared asks Nikki where she saw the honey and she points to a top cupboard so Jared goes to look for it. Mitch remarks that he loves honey water as it is soothing and sweet and he will especially drink it if he has a sore throat.  

Kelsey and  Phil are in the bathroom and it looks like Cass is in the shower. Phil is called to the DR. Kelsey starts lamenting about how much it sucks that she will be leaving tomorrow. Feed switches to Nick and Maddy in the High Roller suite. Talking about the sleeping arrangements and how Loveita wants to sleep in Nick's bed which really bothers Maddy.  Nick says this is just what he was told and she tells him that she sleeps naked.


General chatter continues in the kitchen where Ramsey has joined the group.


Maddy continues to rant about how much she hates Love and that she follows her around some days. She hates Love even more than she hates Kelsey. Nick remarks that he does not have anyone that follows him around the house.  Maddy changes the topic to Tim promising to introduce her to Bindy since they share a love of animals. 


Kelsey has now also sat down at the kitchen counter where they keep talking about food and BB decides it needs to sleep. 


Nick talking about a cop tailgating him once without his lights on and if he had a video he would have gotten out of the ticket. Maddy declares that he would not have becasue cops can do anything they want. She has six friends that are cops and he would not have gotten out of the ticket. He is sure he would have at least gotten it reduced. It was a ticket for speeding and keeps saying that they did not have their lights on. She insists that they were not doing anything illegal and he wants to say he could have hit the brakes and they would have crashed into him and the accident would have been their fault. Back and forth they go debating whether it is legal for cops to tailgate and he is still sure he could have hit the brakes and gotten rear ended and it would have been the cops fault. He starts detailing the story. (which encourages my rear end back to the kitchen - DRG)


Nikki is talking about being friends with Caesar and how he has a different girl every night.  She asks Raul if he knows any Spanish football players that play for Athens and he replies that he does not.


Nick continues leaking oil telling the story of being pulled over by the cops.


In the kitchen they are getting rowdier with Raul and Kelsey throwing food and wrestling while standing up before hugging. The feed switches to the bathroom where Cass is in a robe with a towel wrapped turban style on her head. Tim is staring into one of the mirrors making faces at himself.


Nick is getting around to talking about his court date being soon and how you have ten months from the incident to make an appearance and BB decides to black out all the feeds. 





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10:37 PM BBT:  Feeds back to HG calling out thank you BB as apparently the Have Nots can now eat.  Tim is in the kitchen now eating and looking for what else he wants to eat. He is told to cook the bacon but says that you don't have to cook bacon because it is cooked then corrects himself to say it is smoked and keeps scarfing some down. Ramsey is spinning like a ballerina on a kitchen stool.  Kelsey prances into the kitchen and Nikki asks her what she is going to do.  Jared and Raul are there now too. Kelsey is making herself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. She wants for them to have a party, an all nighter. Nick and Maddy come into the living room apparently having ended the story and debate about the cops.

Talk continues about eating bacon without cooking it. Kelsey announces that she should probably pace herself and Cass asks if she is just dipping crackers in jam.  


One feed jumps to the chapel where Jared and Tim are talking about what they should eat to be ready for tomorrow and Tim is talking about pasta so Jared remarks that is what runners do before a race they carbo-load and he leaves the room.  Tim has packed a bag and as he hauls it out of the chapel he says he is not finished and has another bag.  Jared is folding laundry. 


Kelsey and Raul are still stuffing themselves in the kitchen as the brothers Joel and Nikki sit at the counter keeping an eye on their fingers. Tim is now behind the counter with Raul and Kelsey also stuffing himself. Joel carrying on about how if you play the Soviet Union nine times out of ten they will beat you but not tonight.  Nikki now talking about how she is going to sleep in Phil's bed tonight. She is asked with whom and replies with Phil.  One feed cuts to black again and the other remains in the kitchen then jumps to the bedroom where Mitch is telling Ramsey what he is said about his vote and how he has kept it somewhat vague. Jared brings his gear in and is given a big welcome home.  Talk turns to where folks are sleeping with Nikki going all OCD about one of the beds because of the duvet and it can't be washed and dried in time. She wants to sleep with Phil and Jared and Kelsey will share a bed and Ramsey will be left to take the bed that Nikki has rejected.


Other feed now back on in the pink bedroom with Tim Cass and Maddy talking about pasta some more. They then review the history of the beds in this room. Maddy is complaining and teasing Tim about getting off of being a Have Not a night early and who does he think he is Mr. Australia? Joel joins them and Cass leaves.


Kelsey is looking for her hat in the other bedroom.


Tim is describing to Maddy and Joel how he slept on top of his clothes in the chapel and how cold it was all the time. 

Ramsey and Mitch now alone in the other bedroom talking about who was in the kitchen then falling silent. 

The feed in the pink bedroom blacks us out once again.  BB announces will Loveita please fix her microphone and the feed then comes back up in the kitchen with Raul and Cass.



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11:01PM BBT:  Mitch and Ramsey still lying silently.


Raul is joined in the kitchen by Jared. They are working on some food and Jared wants yam fries then asks he Raul wants to mix the fries.


Cass has returned to the pink bedroom where Tim is still unpacking and the two of them try to sort out how they can mutually arrange their clothes and cases. Tim now checking the drawers and wants to move some of Maddy's clothes out of the drawer in the bed he is sleeping in.  


Downstairs Ramsey and Mitch have joined Raul and Jared in the kitchen where Jared announces how much he just missed milk (Can yo act anymore like Emmett?? - DRG). They then debate the benefits of almond milk vs. regular milk. Jared now cannot wait for breakfast. and the feed in the kitchen blinks off and then back on.  


Upstairs Tim still unpacking and rearranging everything from his bags and Cassandra's piles in the corner of the room.

Joel comes down to the kitchen and asks what is cooking. Jared talks about following what Joel ate and how he watched him eat all this week to which Joel retorts that he also watched him eat slop for two straight weeks before this one. The sound of the sizzle from the frying pan almost drowns out the conversation and the feed once again blacks out. (Someone needs to get Skippy on the master board anothe cup of coffee. - DRG)


Maddy sitting on her bed sorting through her cosmetics as Phil makes up the bed next to her.  She tells Tim welcome back and it is almost like they never lost him.  She says he is always welcome here in the pink room. Tim is still arranging away and there is still quite a pile of clothes on his bed. Maddy tells Tim she slept in the blue room the other night and it is so dark in there that it is unfair. she then observes that they get the two wildcards sleeping with them tonight.

Feed returns in the kitchen where most of the rest of the house has congregated. General chatter mostly about food still.

Phil changes into a red tee shirt in the pink room as Maddy is lotioning up her legs while sitting on her bed.  Feed jumps to the blue room where Kelsey is talking to Ramsey who is thaning her for continuing to have a relationship with him despite the game going on. He says that she in particular taught him that one can keep game and personal separate. He tells her he does not know how the vote is going to go and then she alludes to them knowing how the vote is going to go. They hug it out and she says that whatever happens tomorrow they will stay friends. She thanks him and walks out. 

the other feed is now in the HOH bathroom where Loveita is keeping Nikki company as she bathes in the tub.  They are talking about what it is like in the jury house and Love disabuses Nikki of the idea that she will have her phone back in the jury house.  Love says that she likes Maddy a lot even though she gets upset often and acts hot and cold. 

On the other feed Jared and Kelsey are now hanging out in the High Roller suite where he is telling her that he worries about her. 

Joel walks into the bathroom upstairs and Love says to Nikki how weird Joel is to tease him.  Love talks about her bed options for tonight and asks if he is ok to share his HOH room.  He replies on six conditions. 1 No whoopie, 2 That she comes up late or in a way that others don't know about it. 3 He tells her he has been told he can be pretty gassy at night. 4 No snoring 5 No yelling at me.  She says she yells a lot at night so he changes it to no screeching at him. 6 If she finds a hidden power then he gets it. Nikki suggests he present her an imaginary contract to sign it.


Other feed now in the dining room where Mitch has just joined Jared and Raul who are working on burgers and fries. Mitch is called to the DR and heads off. 


Upstairs Joel wants to add the condition that if they get restocked with ice cream that he will eat it.  After some more banter they come to an agreement and shake on it. 


Nick has joined Jared and Raul at the table and Kelsey comes down to the kitchen.  Jared asks what she is looking for to which she responds that she is not looking for anything. She starts putting condiments on her fries and heads over to the table with her bowl.


HOH crew continuing to banter playfully. Loveita talking about how she always had people sleeping over in her HOH's (Has she ever moved out???? - DRG)


Jared asks Kelsey why she is so quiet and Raul wonders what she knows. Raul asks if she is done packing to which she replies no and he adds that he has not even started. Jared returns from taking his plate to the sink and Mitch returns from the DR. Jared and Kelsey hugging in the kitchen after Raul is called to the DR. she heads into the pantry and he follows her saying she looks like she got bad news and she denies it saying she is good. He calls her a liar as they return to the kitchen.


Hoh crew still chatting away with Love teasing him that he needs to find someone in the house. Nikki says she thinks he can find a lovely girl to be his wife and cook for him and wash for him and wait on him when he is watching tv or playing video games.  Joel says he wants to have conversations and converse with them at the same time. they will be informative and full of information at the same time. Loveita sums it up by saying he just wants it all.  


Other feed has cut tot he blue bedroom where Kelsey is sitting alone. them back to the kitchen where Jared is directing Cassandra to go and talk to Kelsey as she is really sad and does not want him to be around her. She follows directions and heads up calling out for kelsey and is told she is in the Hundo suite.  


In the HOH Love has asked Joel why he just does not give Cassandra another chance, but he does not go for it. 


Cass telling Kelsey to go get Ramsey and she replies that he just told her he is voting her out. Cass now pantomiming stabbing Joel over and over then telling her they will have so much fun outside the house.  They decide to try and get another vote so they head out to look for Tim but Kelsey ends up in the bathroom alone while Cass finds Tim in the other bedroom.  BB tells Cassandra to fix her microphone.  Tim is telling Cass that all Kelsey has to do is be nice to Nikki and she will vote for her that so far Raul has been nicer to Nikki than Kelsey has so she needs to be nice to her tomorrow and Nikki decide to vote for her.


Cass heads out to find kelsey who has gone back to the High Roller suite with Jared, but he is called to the DR. (Everyone has to recored good bye messages tonight prior to tomorrows eviction even though there will be little time to air them on the broadcast. - DRG)


Other feed is on the landing where Ramsey Mitch Joel and Nick are sitting on the green couches.


Raul takes Jared's place with Kelsey and wants to know what is up with her.


Mitch saying that most of his relationships have been with men even friendships. Cass strolls by. Mitch talking about definitely wanting to go to the UK after even though he has never seen any of the BB UK shows.  Joel talking about some of the celebrity BB UK series and how Gary Busey won it one year.  then talking about the confusion with David Bowie's wife last season when she told someone in the house that David had died without saying her ex first and it was assumed that the HG named David was the one who had passed.


Raul telling Kelsey she is not herself right now and once again asks her what is wrong. He teases her that he will follow her all night and wants to know what she is looking for. She says she just wants a minute for herself and he does not believe it but he will give her a moment to herself. (So even gay men assume that if a woman is emotional about something then something is WRONG? - DRG)

Kelsey heads up to the HOH passing the guys on the landing and sits quiety on the grey couches. Raul wanders back and forth past the green couches where they guys are just chatting about favorite places and such. 


Kelsey is clearly agitated and comes back downstairs to the High roller suite to sit alone once more. Cass comes down and joins Kelsey who relates her conversation with Tim to her as Jared comes back from the DR and sits on the opposite side of the circular couches.


Joel and MItch now alone on the green couches talking about Disney Land.


Raul joins the group in the High Roller suite. Jared heads out saying he will be back and a few moments later strolls past the guys upstairs and heads into the bathroom.  Phil asks him how the two nominees are dong and he tells him that Kelsey had a DR and he thinks it made her sad. 


Downstairs Kelsey tells Raul that she is having a moment and she says no when he asks if she wants to cry.










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1:50 am BBT  Tim, Cass, Mitch, Ramsey and Phil are in the bathroom. Cass is saying her foot is still really sore and Phil is looking at it. says it is still swollen. He asked if she is sure it is just a sprain since it has been like 7 days. She says the moon boot is making it feel better. Phil is heading to bed says good night and Mitch follows him. They go into the hundo room and Mitch asked Phil if he switched his vote. Phil says no he is voting to send Kelsey home .

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