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Saturday, March 19, 2016 BBCAN4 Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. 

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open media thread of the forum! 
If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:25 PM BBT Cassandra and Loveita in the HOHR talking through issues.  Cassandra feels like talking to Loveita is like talking to a wall.  You get nothing back.  Loveita complains that if she tells Cass something, she gets nothing back.  Loveita tells Cass that people have commented that both she and Cass have had bad raps and seem to be friends with everyone.  Cass says that it's because they are popular.  Loveita says that she is quiet, and Cass points out that she will always have attention.  She's been HOH twice and up on the block in between.  They talk about how others in the house perceive them.  Cass says she is social and Loveita has trust issues.  They talk about the trio having an unbreakable bond.  Joel comes in and Cass jokes, telling Joel that Loveita is in love with her.  They all agree not to share anything of what they have talked about in HOHR. 


12:30 PM BBT Cass tells Loveita that after Jared and Dallas having an argument, Kelsy is most likely going after Dallas.  Cass doesn't think that Loveita is her target.  Loveita talks about Jared blaming her for Joel's decision.  Joel points out that no single person controls everything in the house.  Everyone influences once another.  Cass points out that we have so much time to think about things and come up with random ideas and spread them around.  Loveita says it's exhausting having to talk to everyone all the time.  Cassandra asks Loveita who told her that Cass was going to put up Loveita and the brothers.  Loveita is reluctant and Cass says they are building trust here.  Loveita says that if she does, then she will know who told.  Loveita tells her it was Maddy.  Cass tells her she expected that, and the info won't leave here.  Loveita reiterates that she doesn't want it to get out.  She tells Cass that she trusts Joel, and Joel sees something in Cass that is trustworthy.  They talk about how hard it is to get to a place of clarity.


12:35 PM BBT Joel moves from the larger HOH couch to sit between Loveita and Cass on the smaller couch.  They talk about Cass still being here, and how Joel made his own decision on voting.  They talk about trust.  Joel says it's good to talk through these things. Cass and Loveita talk about wanting to trust each other.  Loveita helps herself to some of the goodies on the table and Joel complains how everyone else is eating his treats.  Joel says they are lucky he already made his nominations and they laugh.  Loveita points out that Joel ate all of her sour patches...twice!  Joel says that's true. 


12:40 PM BBT  In the HOHR, Loveita tells Joel and Cass that alliances are changing and forming all the time in the house.  Cass asking someone to leave a room is enough for them to target her.  Cass talks about building trust again, and Joel says "yayyy friends."  Cass jokes about making a friendship bracelet.  Loveita repeats how she wasn't for Cass last week and Cass says "you think I don't know that?  ....you were a dumb bitch last week."  Loveita keeps belabouring the reasons she was wary of Cass.  [seems like Loveita is less interested in building trust than justifying her views ---app].  Loveita thinks the bond that Jared, Kelsey and Raul have is a beautiful thing.  They want to live the game as friends.  Cass says she loves being friends with everyone.  That's how she is out in the world too, but she has core people in her life too.  Cass and Loveita both feel good about their discussion.  Joel points out that this would cost a lot if they went to see a therapist, and this was all free.  They talk about a therapist being available for free in the DR, and the feeds lock down for a bit. 


12:45 PM BBT Tim and Ramsey are chatting in the High Roller room.  They talk about the HOH comp and the strategies for carrying the ball with their lips.  Tim asks how people would decide which of the pair would be HOH.  Ramsey asks Tim if he is just here to make great TV.  Tim says he hasn't decided whether he wants to play to win.  When he played BB in Australia, he only wanted a job at the end of it, but about half-way through he decided he wanted to win.  Tim hasn't had a moment like that in the BBCAN Grand.  At this point, he would like to have helped the people that are there at the end.  Phil and Mitch come in to listen to the conversation between Tim and Ramsey.  Ramsey asks about whether Tim ever looked back and thought there were things he would have done differently.  Feeds switch to Jared and Kelsey in the LR.


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12:56 PM BBT Cass is about to leave and tells Joel and Loveita to tell her that they love her.  Joel tells her that he loves her in those colours.  Loveita says she loves who Cass is portraying herself to be right now.  If it's real, she loves it.  As soon as Cass leaves, Loveita moves to the HOHR WA to ask Joel if Cass is being legit.  Joel says yes.  Loveita tells hims that she trusts Cass because Joel does, and maybe he is a better judge.  Joel thinks that Cass has lots of connections in the house, but he doesn't think she will blab to everyone.  Loveita felt pressured to tell CAss about Maddy, and just hopes it will be ok.  Joel and Loveita talk about Joel's iPod being broken.  BB says to stop talking about production and Joel says "then fix my iPod!"  Joel explains that he didn't put Jared up from the trio because he is the one Joel trusted most of the three.  They talk about Jared's reaction, and they are feeling like he is not as nice as they thought, especially after Jared accused Loveita of manipulating Joel's nominations.  She has regrets about not back-dooring Jared when Dallas suggested. 


1:01 PM BBT Loveita advises Joel not to back-door Jared, though, because then he gets more blood on his hands.  They talk about the HOH comp and how far ahead Joel and Mitch were.  They were done when the next closest pair had 15 balls left to go.  Joel is proud that Jared and Dallas were probably the odds-on favourite, but Joel and Mitch smoked them.  Loveita changes the topic back to how much hatred and anger Jared has.  She is worried because they are allies with everyone.  Cassandra's friendship with Kelsey worries Loveita.  Joel thinks that is why it's better for his game if Kelsey goes home, even though he has a closer bond himself with Kelsey. 


1:04 PM BBT In the WA Cass is telling Jared that she just wants to be civil with Loveita because they are in the same house.  Jared leaves the WA and Kelsey comes in to sit on the counter while Cass gargles.  Cass tells Kelsey that she just talked to Loveita.  Kelsey asks how it went.  Cass tells them Loveita was crying because Jared hurt her feelings.  Jared says those are crocodile tears.  Cass tells them she rehashed how Cass had Loveita's back when Loveita was on the block.  Cass tells them she told Loveita that Loveita can't be using her stuff.  Jared leaves, and Cass tells Kelsey that Joel wouldn't backdoor Jared.  Kelsey relates conversations with Joel about Loveita.  They have told Joel about how fake Loveita is to them.  It's not just about Loveita influencing Joel, it's the way that Loveita is that bothers them.  They talk about some confusion about whether Tim is working with the brothers.  Jared heard from Tim that the brothers told him that they can't trust Tim because Tim is working with Jared, Kelsey and Raul.  Cassandra tells Kelsey that she can't have Kelsey leave because Kelsey is her best friend in the game.  Kelsey wishes that she could go head to head with Loveita.  Then Kelsey says she just wants to beat all those boys.





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1:17 PM BBT Joel is chatting with Loveita and Nikki in the KT.  Feeds change to the LR where Jared and Kelsey are talking.  Jared would prefer if Kelsey stays.  Kelsey says she will be miserable in the house without her "Raulie" because he is her best friend in the house.  Jared says that Kelsey is better than Raul in the competitions.  Kelsey is determined to beat the boys and win the PoV.  They decide to split up and be sociable.  They spend a lot of time together.  Jared goes to the KT to fill his water bottle.  Nikki and Loveita watch silently as he fills it. In the High Roller room, Tim, Cassandra, Phil, Ramsey and Maddy are talking about other BB seasons. 


1:18 PM BBT Tim asks Cassandra if she is ready for her hosting role.  Cass says yes, she can't wait.  She asks Tim if he has any tips.  Kelsey joins the group in the High Roller room.  Maddy leaves, and Jared comes in.  Tim says he loves this new area.  They think BB responded to their complaint that the LR is not a cozy space for everyone to get together.  The High Roller room fits that bill.  Nick comes in and sits down just as TIm leaves to get water.  General discussion.  Cassandra promising Phil a massage after the veto competition.  Cass starts talking about the effects of being on slop.  Cass gained weight on slop because she just ate condiments.  Slop itself would just make her gag. 


1:23 PM BBT In the KT, Tim is telling Joel, Nikki, and Loveita that he has never been diagnosed formally, but he has some narcissistic qualities. 


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4:54 PM BBT In the HOHR WA Tim is soaking in the tub.  Joel, Nikki, Phil and Loveita are gathered in the room as well and they are talking about the special veto from BBCAN3. 


4:57 PM BBT Jared, Kelsey, Raul, and Mitch are sitting in the High Roller room.  Jared and Kelsey are spooning something from a mug and saying this is what she is going to live on.  Raul asks about making ice cream and Kelsey reminds him he can't eat it.  She says she is not helping cook while she is on slop.  They continue talking about food.


5:01 PM BBT Ramsey is at the KT sink, laughing as he fills something with water from the tap.  In the HOHR WA, Tim is still soaking, and Joel, Loveita, Phill, and Cass are sitting there.  Ramsey comes in holding a water-filled plastic bag...a home-made water balloon.  He says it's hard to hold it and gives it to Phil to try.  Phil drops it, but it doesn't break.  Ramsey says he told Phil it was hard to hold, and then Ramsey drops it and it breaks.  Ramsey runs to get towels to clean up. 

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5:06 PM BBT Dallas, Maddy and Nick are hanging out in the pink room.  Nick says everyone is chilling.  Dallas complains that everyone is up Joel's ass.  Dallas claims that won't happen when he is HOH.  



10:26 AM BBT Joel and Mitch talking in the HOHR speculate whether Ramsey would use the PoV.  They don't think he would. 

10:38 AM BBT Kelsey is talking to Tim in the KT.  She is irritated that Dallas is so glad that he is playing PoV, but is comforted that Jared is playing.  She can't believe that Raul picked Jared's name. 

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2:30AM BBT Phil tells Joel, Cass, Nick and Tim that Loveita tried to make an alliance with Jared, Kelsey and Raul last week.    

3:00AM Joel tells Jared that he, Kelsey and Raul scared him because they were so strong, but of the 3, he trusts Jared most.  Maddy, Dallas and Loveita aren't as strong.  Jared promises Joel safety if he wins HoH.  Joel says noms were his decision when Jared implies Loveita was in his ear.  Joel promises Jared is not being backdoored.

8:30AM BBT The HG begin stirring on Veto Saturday.

9:30AM BBT Maddy tells Loveita she wants to work with her but they can't appear to be in an alliance.  They agree on a foursome with Dallas and Ramsey.  

10:30AM BBT Jared, Dallas and Ramsey are picked to play in the Veto Competition.  Ramsey accuses Phil of working with Third Wheel.  Phil says if the middle group sticks together, they'll have the numbers.  Neither thinks Loveita would betray them.

10:45AM BBT Joel tells Dallas that whomever wins Veto, one of the three (Jared, Kelsey or Raul) has to go home this week. He tells Mitch that Tim would be the replacement nom if the Veto is used because Tim has to votes to stay.  Mitch thinks they can control Jared and Raul if Kelsey is gone. Loveita tells Joel "they" feel entitled and she's getting the blame for Joel's nominations.

11:00AM BBT According to Phil and Ramsey, the middle group is Tim, Mitch, Phil/Nick, Ramsey and Cassandra.  They decide Joel is smart enough to make his own decisions, Maddy is emotionally suggestible and Tim is hard to peg.  Kelsey tells Joel that she has no hard feelings but thinks Joel made a mistake considering how much she, Jared and Raul had trusted him. Joel reassures her that he doesn't plan to backdoor Jared.

12:00PM BBT Jared accuses Loveita of breaking her word to him and manipulating Joel's nominations.  She accuses him of bullying her and starts crying.  Kelsey says Loveita's words are meaningless - she makes deals she has no intention of keeping.  Cassandra tells Loveita that Joel is the only one they can trust.  Loveita agrees to bury the hatchet with Cassandra and work together.

12:30PM BBT Cassandra tells Loveita that she could have trusted Kelsey.  She tells Loveita she thinks too much which makes her hard to work with, but she knows she's smart and loyal.  Loveita promises to not put her back on the block unless she finds out Cassandra is working against her.

1:00PM BBT Cassandra continues to give Loveita information.  She says Mitch is close to Raul but not part of their alliance. When pressed, Loveita declines to share her own observations or potential nominations. Cassandra says Kelsey is more likely to go after Dallas or Maddy.  Loveita says it was Maddy who threw Cassandra under the bus.  

2:00PM Loveita tells Joel that after they get rid of Kelsey, they can trust Cassandra.  Jared apologizes to Loveita for yelling at her and she apologizes back.  Dallas tells Maddy and Ramsey he wants to break up the showmance if Veto is not used.  Jared and Kelsey think they are the nice people in the house.

3:00PM BBT Loveita tells Joel that Cassandra is trying to regain her trust.  She tells him she told Cassandra she was going to let down her wall for her.  Jared and Dallas talk about playing nice together next week.  

3:30PM BBT Cassandra tells Tim she really worked Loveita today. She's very impressed with herself.  She thinks Raul should go because Kelsey isn't coming after either of them.  Plus, Kelsey is predictable.  She repeats what she told Loveita, that Mitch and Raul are close.  

4:00PM BBT Nikki tells Tim and Cassandra that being HoH is killing Joel - he's become irritable. Loveita won't leave him alone, she says.

4:30PM BBT Cassandra tells Kelsey she's going to have to campaign for herself. Kelsey says she would save Raul if she was sure the votes would be someone she could beat.  Cassandra says that's a dumb idea.  Kelsey is convinced Dallas would be evicted if nominated.  They say he is too cocky, strutting around.  

4:45PM BBT Cassandra and Kelsey continue to talk.  If Raul goes, they say, then it's still Jared, Kelsey, Cassandra, Tim and Mitch.  Kelsey thinks Mitch isn't so innocent with the current nominations. Cassandra cannot stand Loveita - they have to get her out.  

5:30PM BBT Tim and Joel discuss when the next twist will come.  Joel hopes it won't mess with his nominations.  Mitch tells Jared, Kelsey, and Raul that they need to be the last to talk to Joel before the Veto ceremony.  He notes Loveita was the last to talk to him before noms.

5:45PM BBT Tim tells Joel he's OK with being the replacement pawn. He's already won Big Brother (in Australia) and doesn't need the money.  Unless everyone he likes goes home - then he'll try to win.  Joel says they'll discuss it after the Veto.  

6:00PM BBT The BBCAN Grand hands up the Do Not Disturb sign for the Veto competition.

10:30PM It's been 3 1/2 hours since the Veto competition started.


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#BBCAN4 11:21PM BBT Feeds back. Jared and Kelsey in the Dining Area talking about if Kelsey is evicted so it doesn't sound like either won Veto. It's a lost cause at this point, Jared says.


#BBCAN4 11:30PM BBT Kelsey won $1k in the Veto comp. Tim, Joel, Ramsey, Nikki and Loveita are in the HoH.  Joel says all he has left of the HoH perks is the Shomi.  They are just chilling out.  Downstairs, Maddy, Jared and Kelsey are talking about the fights between Loveita and Cassandra.



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11:45PM Jared and Raul are in the High Rollers room. Jared tells Raul the same thing he told Kelsey - there's nothing they can do at this point.  Raul says he tried so hard counting the cards.  Jared says he did awesome. Jared gives him the "at the end of the day we'll all be friends" talk.  Raul just wants to be alone.

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11:48PM Dallas won Veto.  Cassandra and Tim in the WA talking about how influenced Joel is by Loveita. In the DA, Jared and Kelsey tell Dallas and Maddy about Loveita telling them she had a dream who she went to the end of the game with.  In HoH, Joel tells Ramsey he told the truth during noms, that those 3 won't go after each other. It's more than those 3, Ramsey says.  They say that there's still tension between Loveita and Cassandra.

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