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Friday, March 18, 2016 BBCAN4 Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. 

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open media thread of the forum! 
If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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 8:02am BBT Good Morning Canada! Joel, Cassandra and Nikki are in the KT fixing coffee. BB announced to the others to please wake up. Joel comments not even 24 hours without Christine and look at the sink its nasty.

 8:06am BBT In the pink BR Maddy wonders if the have/havenot will be today and she said it was a pretty heated argument with Cassandra yesterday and asked Loveita if she confronted her. Loveita said she was in the BR when she walked in and she is not talking about it anymore.

 8:09am BBT Feeds went down and we are locked out.

 8:26am BBT Feeds back up and discussion in the KT is about sports. Kelsey walked in and gave Nick a hug. Phil said that he would enjoy one too and then she also gave Joel a hug. Tim walked in the KT and said he still does not know how to use the mic he thinks his is dead.

 8:28am BBT Kelsey wonders if there is a double eviction today. Joel said that would be a first in BB history. Nikki is sitting at the big table alone eating her breakfast.

 8:30am BBT Looks like all house guests are out of bed now doing their ADL’s and there is no game talk going on yet.

 8:31am BBT Tim sat at the table with Nikki saying that he feels like he is in a computer and then we get locked out again.

 8:32am BBT Up in the WA Jared, Loveita and Ramsey are getting ready for their day. Feeds switch to the HOH and we see Joel brushing his teeth.

 8:39am BBT Conversation in the LR is Dallas saying that you can’t trust anybody in the house. Dallas got up to go upstairs and Kelsey asked what the f**k was that about and we get locked out again.

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 8:55am BBT Feeds are still down

 9:08am BBT Feeds are back up and Ramsey, Jared and Kelsey are having a discussion about other house guests in the LR. Jared said that people can’t take things personal. Loveita walked in and Ramsey said who knows what the challenge is going to be. Loveita said it could be luck. Loveita told Mitch after the competition, one of them will be a have and one of them will be a have not. Mitch said that is six people in the have not room. Loveita said that you really bond in the have not. In the KT Tim said you have to control your team mates-So it sounds like the house is divided into two teams and they will compete for the HN competition. The loosing team will be have-not’s for the week.

 9:13am BBT Dallas is in the pink BR alone going through his clothes. Phil walked in and said open season. Dallas replied open season baby then they both walked out of the BR.

 9:16am BBT In the HOH room Loveita and Joel are discussing movies that the HOH gets to watch. Loveita wished she would have watched hers. Loveita told Joel that Cassandra talked to her and she was saying how she doesn’t want to feel awkward in the house and Loveita agrees. Loveita is happy that they are going to at least chat in the house. Loveita asked Joel what he feels on Tim. Joel said that he got his reasons behind why he switched his vote and the weird thing is that Tim is in Cassandra’s good book right now. Loveita believes that Tim already knew that Cassandra was staying. Joel said that what Tim said made sense, but he is not 100% sure.

 9:19am BBT Joel said that it seems the others want to go with the Dallas crew. Loveita said really Dallas wants to work with him and she does know that they do not have a problem with Joel. Joel feels like he has to go one way or another with his nominations. Loveita knows that Mitch is with them. Joel wants to talk to Mitch later on. Loveita feels like Dallas, Ramsey and Maddy would want to work with them also. Joel said it is a question of which side, but at the same time it has to be somebody like break up a showmance and cut those ties.

 9:24am BBT Joel believes whichever way that he goes, there will be enough votes that someone will be out of the house that is beneficial. Loveita said that she feels Jared, Raul and Kelsey are more dishonest. Joel don’t trust Dallas, but Dallas has trust with close ties of Joel’s.

 9:27am BBT Loveita thinks that Dallas is a ride or die guy and he was just pressured or bullied. Loveita supports whatever Joel does. Loveita thinks that Joel needs to talk to Mitch because he is very smart and he knows what is happening.

 9:31am BBT Joel and Loveita continue to discuss the options. Joel thinks that if he goes after Raul, it would ruffle the least amount of feathers even though it still leaves a showmance in the house. Joel said if he goes after Jared and Kelsey then it breaks up a strong pair. Dallas walks in the HOH room and Loveita goes to the HOH WA. Dallas said that he does not know what Joel’s plans are, but it is clear that Joel is not on his radar. Dallas has plans to get Jared out and he is not sure if Joel wants to do it with him and if not he will do it on his own, but to remember that Joel is not on his radar.

 9:37am BBT Dallas told Joel that if Mitch would have won, then he would have been on the block for sure because he is influenced by Jared. Dallas said that he is not beating around the bush, he wants to get Jared out because he is a competition beast.

 9:39am BBT Dallas told Joel that Jared’s only enemy in the house is Dallas. Joel appreciates that Dallas held true to his vote last week. Dallas told Joel that he had a conversation down stairs with Jared and they are against each other.  

 9:42am BBT Dallas wants to get rid of the strong competitors before they get rid of the floaters. Dallas told Joel again that he is not gunning for him and that he is a smart person. Dallas wants to work with Joel. Joel asked Dallas if Maddy and Ramsey are on the same page.

 9:45am BBT Dallas said that Maddy and Ramsey are two people that he really trusts and if they win HOH they will be going after the same people. Joel was happy to hear him say that because that is what they said yesterday. Maddy walked in and asked to listen to his music, Joel said sure but Tim took the Ipod because the batteries were dead. Dallas and Joel shake hands, Dallas said thanks buddy and leaves the HOH room.

 9:48am BBT Feeds switch to the blue BR with Ramsey telling Jared that the brothers suck up to Jared. Kelsey walked over and hugs on Jared and they have general discussion about hats and clothes.  

 9:50am BBT In the pink BR Maddy and Dallas are having a discussion about being easily fooled. Maddy is explaining that Ramsey can talk to whoever he wants to regardless if Dallas was on the block he would save him. Nick walked in the room and then walked out. Maddy told Dallas that she has never met another person more annoying than Nick.

 9:56am BBT No more game talk going on at the moment, just everyone hanging out and getting ready for their day then we get locked out.

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 10:19am BBT Phil and Nick are in the HOH room talking to Joel. Joel told the brothers that they are not on his radar. Nick told Joel all that happened this morning is that Dallas declared war on Jared. Joel is glad to hear that information because it is hard to take peoples word. Phil said that Dallas tried to make an alliance with Jared last night, but Jared turned it down. Joel said that he has to go after one side. Joel said that he can’t make a decision based personally. Joel does not want to go both ways and irritate both sides. Phil told Joel he would take a shot at the weaker side of the ship.

 10:24am BBT Nick told Joel that everyone is aware that there are two sides in the house. Joel said the biggest question is how does he go about it and keep himself and the brothers in tack moving forward. Joel told the brothers that they have not formed an official alliance and they don’t have to. Phil said that they don’t have to because it is the band of the brothers. The three discuss Dallas and his quest against Jared. Nick thinks it is safe to say that the two teams are not going to form one. Phil thinks that Nikki could be a pawn. Nick thinks that Tim would be comfortable as a pawn. Joel does not know if he should put up a pawn initially.

 10:28am BBT Joel told the brothers that their name has been thrown around but they are okay with him. They again discuss Dallas going after Jared. Phil wonders if Jared and Dallas are doing an act. Nick does not think so, but it will show if Dallas wins HOH. Phil told Joel if he put Dallas up there are a lot of people that would admire him.

 10:31am BBT Phil told Joel to go by what is best for his game. Joel is not going to start making deals with people because that would hurt him. Nick said that there is obviously one side that is stronger than the other. Phil asked what is Mitch saying. Joel said that he is on the same side as the brothers are. Joel said that Mitch has some good intel on the stronger players in the house. Nick reminded Joel that when Raul walked in last night and asked the brothers to leave it shows that they are not with them. Joel said that there are some lines that are clearly defined.

 10:36am BBT Joel told the brothers that whatever they say it stays in confidence. They discuss that Tim and Nikki would not be offended if they went up. Nick told Joel that he has been nothing but good to everyone in the house. Joel appreciates the brothers coming to him, they hug and the brothers leave the room.

 10:40am BBT In the pink BR, Dallas, Maddy, Loveita and Ramsey are discussing the other house guests. Dallas said that he asked the brothers if they wanted to form and alliance, but their response was that they like Jared. Dallas said the other side is at least a four headed dragon. Ramsey said it’s the brothers. Dallas said they are the grey area. Dallas thinks that the brothers are going to get split up in the game. Ramsey told Dallas that he does not want to step over Joel’s HOH.

 10:45am BBT Ramsey said that tonight is going to be a telling night and his relationship with god has never been stronger. Dallas told Ramsey to go and talk to Joel. Ramsey said that Loveita already told them that Joel is a very smart guy and if they try to make deals with him, he will take offense to that.

 10:50am BBT Maddy and Ramsey leave the pink BR and Loveita told Dallas that Maddy has to learn to trust Loveita and Loveita has to be able to trust Maddy. Dallas agrees and they hug. Nikki walked in and she is looking for her scarf. Everyone is now just hanging out waiting for the HN competition.

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8:00PM BBT Mitchell, Joel and Loveita make a deal to protect each other.  

8:45pm BBT Joel tells Phil he's thinking about nominating Kelsey and Raul.  When alone, he turns to the camera and tells us to get some popcorn, it's about to go down.

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11:33PM BBT Feeds are back and Kelsey and Raul are nominated.  Jared is comforting Kelsey who is crying in the chapel.  Mitch comes in and says he didn't know that was going to happen. Jared says Joel did what was best for Loveita.

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11:41PM BBT IT is a big pity party between Jared and Kelsey who can't believe Loveita and Joel betrayed them like that.  Jared knows that if Raul comes down, he will go up. Kelsey says she treated Joel as a person, not as a game piece like Loveita has.

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12:14am BBT Jared tells Kelsey they hate us because they ain't us.  He promises they may be Have Nots this week but their food will be rotten by the end of the week if he has anything to do with it.


12:25AM BBT Jared thinks Loveita made a deal with Dallas and Joel.  Raul is in the QA sobbing alone.  Tim & Nikki are plotting to get Joel to backdoor Dallas instead of Jared.

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12:35am There is a quiet pall throughout the house, everyone acting (or actually is) stunned by the noms.  To his credit, Joel is sitting at the bar, not hiding, but no one is talking to him.


12:40AM Jared thinks their mistake (him, Kelsey and Raul) was not in trying to talk to Joel but in failing to keep Loveita away from him. Cassandra wants Kelsey to offer Joel a deal but Kelsey thinks there's no point. Don't give up, she tells Kelsey.


12:50AM Jared and Tim say they bough just realized they feel depressed but neither are on the block.  The HG are getting late night snacks and starting bedtime preparations.  The mood continues to be somber and uncertain.


1:00am BBT The people I hate the most I'm going to have to work with, Jared says.  The brothers, asks Kelsey? Loveita and Dallas.  Kelsey is now ready to sacrifice herself for Jared and Raul (It's like the 5 stages of grief every week, every season -- Fuskie).  Jared reminds her he could go home this week.



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(Just a couple of things from earlier tonight)

11:40pm - 11:45pm BBT (Feed 3)

In the Have-Not Chapel, Kelsey is crying while Jared and Mitch try to comfort her.


Mitch mentions something about the high-roller suite still being open, and people still going in and out of there.

He speculates that maybe it has been left open for a reason.  (But no more mention of it is made.)


Mitch also says that the only reason he and Joel played rock-paper-scissors to decide which of the two of them would be HoH this week (after the two of them finished first in the HoH competition), was because they were both thinking to nominate Dallas and Maddy at that point.


Jared tries to stop Kelsey's crying with a lame joke...

Q:  What did the melon say to the strawberry after it proposed?

A:  I'm sorry, I "canteloupe".

(It kind of works, as it distracts her enough and changes the subject.)


We hear Tim's voice say "today actually sucks"!

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