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Monday, March 7, 2016 BBCAN4 Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. 

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open media thread of the forum! 
If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:33AM BBT: Bathroom crew breaks up with Kelsey returning to the HOH and Joel joining the backyard group.  Kelsey and Jared are alone in the HOH. Nikki now saying she was upset when she was told to get out of bed three times this morning.  She says she feels bad about it but now she thinks that BB hates her.  Tim says he does not care if they hate him and Nikki tells him they are not allowed to talk about production. Tim gets up to wander about to just blow off some steam.  He looks in the bushes and jokes that he found a power of veto there.  Nikki says she is so glad she met him.  Sharri and Loveita have entered the HOH room. Sharri is saying that she has not really slept since entering the house.  Tim has the large exercise ball and announces that they could play the best game of hand ball ever. He is bouncing it like a basketball.  Sharri now pleading her case to Jared for finding a way to keep them in the house and banding together afterwards .

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12:21AM BBT:  Jared tells the girls that he is not telling anyone else how they should vote, but that they all should make up their own minds. The girls tell him they are offering him two votes going forward and he says the problem is that it puts someone else at risk that currently is not. Tim has wandered out to the hot tub and opens it up and climbs in all by himself.  Loveita is telling Jared they are trying one last conversation even though she is really kind of checked out already.  Jared tells her that he was told they were talking about a six person alliance and that he was the target.  Sharri says that is false but they just want to go forward.  She tries to spin the situation telling him no one would think that they are working together since they have been arch enemies.  Jared says that even if he tried that there is no way that Christine would take either of them down with the Veto. He talked to her for the first time today and does not know why, but he is sure that there is no chance Christine would use the veto.  Other feeds now on Kelsey and Raul talking about Loveita and how sketchy she has been and how she and Sharri seemed to just look at one another and connect.  Now Kelsey dissing Loveita for saying she does not want to be here and at least Sharri wants to be in the house.  Kelsey does not have a problem with Sharri but she does with Loveita and wants her OUT.  The nominees have left the HOH without any hope or help from Jared. Loveita settles on the red couches outside with the remaining members of that group.  Sharri joins them slurping on her water bottle.  Nikki trying to figure out what is happening in the house tomorrow and when they will vote and what parts of the house will be open tomorrow and where the comps occur in the house physically. (And she wonders why her agent refuses to allow her to pick out her own clothes. - DRG)

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12:30-1:00am BBT: Cassandra in the chapel tells Sharry that she promised to keep Loveita this week and Sharry tells her that its OK. Loveita tells her it is OK if she doesn't. Loveita tells Cassandra that her and Tim would make a good couple, Cassandra laughs. Cassandra leaves the room and goes to the KT.
Kelsey, Raul and Jared are making food in the KT as Cassandra tells them the slop is making her gain weight.

1:00am-2:00am BBT: Kelsey and Cassandra  joke about if the house were boys verse girls and Jared laughs asking Raul which side her would be on and Raul says the boys side. They then start talking about making Ramsey feel better tomorrow after they kept leaving  every time he came into a room today. 
Kelsey tells everyone the dishes can wait till morning as they all head upstairs. Kelsey and Jared go to the HoH room and brush their teeth as Raul watches them.

Tim goes to the have not chapel and ask if he can sleep in there tonight as he feels so bad for putting them all on slop by throwing the winning balloon. they all tell him sure he can sleep in there.

Tim tells Cassandra, Joel and Sharry that it is not fair he and Nikki have to vote this week as they did not play in the HOH comp. and that they would have the deciding votes to evict this week and he says that is not fair. He then says he and Nikki will split their votes and make it a tie.

The Have-Nots are in the KT now making slop-cakes, They ask Tim if he wants any he says no thanks.
Tim says he won the tongue on his winning throw and wants to hide it in the house as a joke So he wants to hide it  where no one will know till it starts smelling bad.

2:00-2:30am BBT: Nikki comes to the KT and Tim ask to talk to her and tells her that he feels so alone in here but has to play his own game now.

Tim tells Nikki while laughing that he hid the tongue and Nikki laughs saying he needs to cut it up so it will smell bad.

Nikki heads back to her room and tells Loveita and Sharry that she can not sleep because the lights are still on and she has heartburn and needs to get in the DR for medication.

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4:02PM BBT: the HGs are cleaning the house for an OxiClean task for a pizza party.


4:05PM BBT: We now have the FotH.


4:25PM BBT: Kelsey, Raul are chasing each other through the house,  they are now in the the HoH room with Jared who has just got out of the shower and has nothing but a towel wrapped around him.


4:31PM BBT: Kelsey and Ramsey are sitting on the gray sofas in the HoH Kelsey is talking about pooping and such.


4:35PM BBT: Ramsey and Jared and Sherry come into the HoH Sherry says the HoH room always smells like a bad fart. Sherry is now talking about how bad Joel's farts are.


4:35PM BBT: feeds change to the backyard where Dallas and Loveita are talking about the vote Joel is doing laundry.


4:40PM BBT: back in the HoH Kelsey is talking to Sherry saying that Loveita doesn't want to be here, She is asking if Loveita is going to try to stay, Sherry is saying it would be much better if she goes.


4:45PM BBT: Jared and Kelsey are talking about the votes, Jared is talking about wanting Dallas lying to him. also talking about the brothers, he doesn't trust them. He tells Kelsey who he would put up next week to try to get the brothers out. 


4:50PM BBT: Kelsey is saying that they should work with the brothers more. Jared said. I would rather put the gun to their heads before they can put the gun to my head. Jared is saying that the brothers would be the first ones he would turn on. He wants to work with Dallas.


5:00PM BBT: Kelsey is asking Jared if he would make any other alliances with anybody else no, I trust who I trust that's it. said Jared Kelsey is now talking about Sherry and how she keeps bringing up being in an alliance with them. Jared is saying just tell her that she is in our alliance just to shut her up about it. Jared tells her not to fall for  sherry. You can talk to everyone just don't make alliances with them Jared doesn't want to make an alliance with Raul because he doesn't trust him. He thinks that Raul is hiding something. Raul pokes his head in really quick like back out.


5:05PM BBT: Jared and Kelsey are going back and forth about Sherry, Kelsey tells Jared to be careful of Dallas She is saying that she likes Dallas, but he would make big moves so we have to be careful around him.  

5:10PM BBT: Jared wants Kelsey to be HoH next week and put up the brothers or Maddy. Jared tells Kelsey to shoot pool with Dallas and see who his targets would be if he won HoH next week.


5:15PM BBT: Kelsey is back to not trusting Dallas, Maddy hates her so does Raul. Dallas tricked her and Jared. She just keeps saying be careful of Dallas he has bigger balls.


5:20PM BBT: Kelsey is talking about Jared whacking his tummy. Jared says that was so gross, Jared says so much to tell you. Loveita is talking to Maddy about how much she hates being on the block. 

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6 PM BBT  Dallas and Mitch are talking about their early games in the hot tub. Dallas says he can see sides forming and that he knows who he would put up if got HoH from what has been  getting back 


 Mitch says he thinks that Jared/Kelsey probably want Loveita to leave. Dallas says that Jared told him it doesn't matter to him, but he fells Kelsey would rather see Loveita leave to get her payback from last week. Dallas mentions that if somehow Loveita would win the next HoH, she would put up Jared/Kelsey and that both of them would be safe the next week.


Talk turns to the international players. Dallas says he felt orginally that they would just be put up right away, but doesn't feel that way now with what has transpired, especially with everyone liking Tim. Mitch mentions that he doesn't think it would upset the house if Tim/Nikki were put on the block. He says he likes Tim and that Nikki will eventually just quit. (feeds cut once Dallas starts talking about a "pep talk" they were given yesterday.) 


Mitch mentions that he has no idea what he do with HoH.  Dallas says it would be hard since Mitch has no enemies to this point. . Mitch says he would get alot of information though. Dallas says that since he called out Ramsey, that he would be put up if he won HoH. Dallas says he regrets not playing a quiet game so far like Mitch, who admits he is just a quiet person. They talk about how it takes time to get to know people and that it's difficult to know who to trust/work with early in the game

6:30 PM BBT Maddy, Tim, Nikki and Phillipe are talking about movies near the pool. Nikki and Tim mention they think something is going on tonight, possibly a party.

Nick and Ramsey are working on a BBCAN4 rap they plan to give in front of the HGs later.


Dallas and Loveita are talking about potential targets briefly, and that they can clearly see Jared/Kelsey need to be broken up. Dallas says that he can see one of the first three evicted returning so it's only goodbye for now. then Dallas also mentions he would put up Nick/Phillipe because he knows they would come after him and he wants to nip in the butt now. 

Sharry, Dallas, Loveita, Ramsey, Mitch are tossing limes (play "pass", as they are calling it) around at each other.


6:40 PM BBT All Feeds are cut.

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7:08pm BBT: Joel and Cassandra are in the laundry rm talking about there being 13 rivets in the sign downstairs and Cassandra says i thought maybe there was something in the arrows on our pictures but there was nothing in there they won't even open. Joel says there has to be maybe 13 rooms in the house or something and Cassandra says i do not know but there are 16 steps on the stairs.

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10:34pm BBT: Kelsey and Jared in the WA talking about getting their swim suits on. They call Mitch in and tells him to take a drink of Jareds drink and that he will be cool if he does so he takes a drink and Kelsey laughs. Ramsey is putting on makeup and laughing. All the HG are heading out to a pool party.
10:26pm BBT: Hg all go to the pool area and there are toys in the pool as the Hg cheer and start getting food and beer and wine.Kelsey yells give me some vodka and starts whooping.
10:28pm BBT: Nikki talking about the have nots being happy to eat real food.Talk is about how much vodka people have taken and Nikki says i only took 2 shots that's all.
10:33pm BBT: In the HOh rm Jared and Kelsey were talking about Nikki saying not to victimize her for taking a shot of vodka. Ramsey is laughing then leaves the rm and goes to his BR to look for a shirt. Nikki comes in and ask if she can just put her bikini on and Ramsey says i guess.
10:35pm BBT:At the pool area Philippe says guy this party sucks. Tim laughs at him. Maddy is on the float in the pool relaxing and Dallas fixes her a drink and hands it to her in the pool.
10:42pm BBT: Nick, Joey and Maddy are talking about Nikki being upset, joey says yeah she didn't get enough vodka.
10:47pm BBT: Maddy and Dallas in the pool on the float together kicking their feet and laughing as they drink their beer. Loveita, Philippe and Mitch are talking  general talk around the pool. Tim now joins the pool party with Sharry and Raul and Joel. They get food to eat and and sit to eat it.Everyone is talking at one time about food music and beer.
10:51pm BBT: Raul and Sharry open the bottle of champagne  and pour themselves a glass. Alot of loud talking going on as Nikki tells Joel and Cassandra thank you for doing the laundry and it was so worth it.

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11:30 PM BBT: Nikki and Tim are looking for the missing bottle of vodka in the HoH room and then throughout the upstairs. Nikki is laughing hysterically as she looks through the room. Nikki says she hates living with most of these people and the "clique" needs to go. Tim tells her that he doesn't want them to be seen as a clique either. She says the clique is running the experience for other people.  She is upset of being accused of stealing the vodka earlier.

Nikki tells Joel that she doesn't mind him but there are other people that she can't wait to get away from them in the house. Joel thinks that the vodka has already been drank and is gone. Nikki says she can't wait to have a holiday in Canada with real people.

Nikki goes on about how she can't wait to leave the house and doesn't care to fight to stay for much longer but she wants to see Raul leave before her if possible. 


11:40 PM BBT: Nikki, Joel, Sharry talking. Nikki tells Sharry she can't wait to go home and be with her people. She says you have no idea how hard it is to play in a foreign country.


Everyone is joining the group in the hot tub besides Loveita and Sharry and Nikki who is in the DR. Tim is now trying to get them to join which is his mission for the night to get everyone in the hot tub. He says he wants them to have the full experience of the house.  Tim says he'll grab Nikki when she leaves the DR.


12 AM BBT Most everyone is carrying on in the hot tub & playing truth or dare. Tim is waiting for Nikki to leave the DR so he can bring her into the hot tub.  Ramsey dives into the pool with his clothes on after getting dared. 

Jared gets a truth. Ramsay asks if Jared has made out with Kelsey yet. Jared says no and it's going to happen at all in the house.

Dallas asks Kelsey if she has thought about getting busy with Jared. Kelseys says she only has thought about it in the morning. Loveita has joined the group and now only Tim and Nikki are missing. Dallas jokes about where Nikki is and if she went home yet.

Kelsey asks Raul if she makes him straight Raul says no. Raul asks Mitch truth or dare and things get quiet. Raul never does ask anything? 

Mitch dares Nick to kiss his brother's foot.  Nick challenges Loveita. Things are getting a bit out of hand now as the truth or dare game continues. 

12:15 AM BBT

Loveita dares Joel to kiss Ramsey. Joel does as Ramsey turns away. Joel dares Dallas to put snow down his pants for 30 seconds, and feeds are cut promptly prior to that.

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11:02pm BBT: Most Hg in the pool area having a pool party and talking general talk.Raul and Kelsey are out by the hottub smoking and having their drinks talking about being a target. they now get up and head back to the pool party.
11:07pm BBT: Ramsey and Nick and Philippe are doing a rap song for the HG by the pool. they say it is for their new friends. 
11:13pm BBT: Hg cheer on the rappers. they then get themselves a beer as the other Hg sit around laughing and talking all at one time. Tim yells out i want another go write another rap now.
11:18pm BBT: Hg are all leaving the pool area and heading into the house. Tim in the KT talking about the rap song and how good it was and he could not believe that it was like four verses long. he says i was impressed and i do not say that lightly. nick says thank you.
11:24pm BBT: Dallas, Maddy and Ramsey at the hot tub smoking and drinking and laughing about Raul's rants. Maddy gets in the hot tub then says she has to go pee. Dallas says go then i am trying to finish this beer so i can get in too.
11:27pm BBT: In the bathroom  Nikki and Joel are laughing and Nikki goes to the BR and talks to Tim then they go to the HOh rm as Nikki is laughing and looking in Jared's nightstand. She says where did they put it. as she looks for the rest of the vodka. She says i am sure it came upstairs I do not miss a trick. Nikki tells Tim she is going to find it.They leave the HOh rm laughing.
11:31pm BBT: Nikki and Tim in the bathroom area and Nikki says i hate these people no i do not hate them i just hate being in this house with these people.
11:36pm BBT: In the hot tub is Kelsey, Jared,Ramsey, Raul,Maddy,Nick,and Philippe talking about Nikki and how she is acting.Jared is drinking the vodka that Nikki is looking for.They are all playing with a duck in the hot tub and say they need to leave the duck around the house. Kelsey ask what they will call the duck and everyone laughs.
11:43pm BBT: Tim and Joel are in the pool. Loveita, Christine and Cassandra are walking around getting more food. Tim and Joel get out of the pool and head into the BY area. Nikki is waiting to get into the DR. Tim goes to get her and he says she slipped in there before they could lock her out.
 11:47pm BBT: Most Hg are in the hot tub talking loudly. just general talk going on.
11:51pm BBT: Tim and Sharry are trying to get Loveita to go to the hot tub with them. Tim says that Christine is just getting her feet wet so you can do the same you do not have to get your hair wet. Loveita says good i do not want my hair  wet. Tim heads to the hot tub and says BB send Nikki out i will fix her i am a life coach in training then he laughs.

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