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Wednesday, September 23 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feeds & Finale


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !


If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.


Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/100939-big-brother-17-pictures-and-screen-caps/


If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.



Thank you!

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12:00 AM BBT Steve tells them that he had a lot of conversations with Jeff before he left. Liz asks what they talked about? Steve says, Jeff told him that when he walks up into a conversation in the BB house he should say something immediately so people don't think he's eves dropping on the conversation. Steve says, "In life, I just shut up." He says, "I'll walk up & listen before I say anything." Liz says, she doesn't just walk up to people like that. Steve says, he does because it's usually in an open area where things aren't private. Vanessa says, she would walk up to someone & offer another topic to start a different conversation.


12:02 AM BBT Liz asks if he ever had a conversation with Jason. Steve says, "Jason didn't think I talked enough game with him." Liz says, "What, you have to pick & choose who you talk game with." Steve says, Jason essentially called him out for not talking enough game to him. Steve says, "I was in the Scamper Squad, so that's why I never talked game with them." Steve says, Becky, James, Meg & Jason all though he was targeting Austin. He says, they were shocked by his actions in the game. Liz says, "I can't wait for them to watch this." Liz says, "It's such B.S." Steve & Liz both say they would never put up each other.


12:04 AM BBT Steve & Liz talk about how hard it was to talk to Jackie, & that she didn't really get to know anyone. Vanessa has to go to the bathroom. She goes to the WC. Liz says, "I'm getting hungry. All I had for dinner was tuna."


12:06 AM BBT Steve tells Liz that he's not normally a crier. He says, "The last time I cried before coming into the BB house was when I left Cornell." Liz asks, "Why did you cry?" Steve says, "Because I realized I left all my friends." He says, he doesn't fit in at Fredonia. He says, "Where do you think I would fit in better, at an Ivy League school or a State Music School?" Vanessa leaves the WA, almost running back to the OBR. Liz says, "State schools have a lot going on." Vanessa says, "Finale's today, & there's only 18 hours until the Finale." Liz squeals. Steve says, "Fredonia is a great State school with a great music program." He says, "Academically I'm there."


12:08 AM BBT Steve says, "Grad School will be better, because I'll be going to a higher end." Liz says, "It sucks that he only has 1 semester left. How long were you at Fredonia?" Steve says, "I've done 4. I've done two years. This will be my fifth." Liz says, "Oh, Wow. You're a 4 1/2 year Senior." Steve says, "Sort of. Fredonia treated me like a Junior, so I would have graduated a semester early." He says, "I'll be starting Grad School in August." Liz asks how long Grad School will be? Steve says, "It depends where I go. It could be 3 years, 5 years or 1 year." Liz says, "Five years?" Steve says, "Stanford has a program that looks amazing, which is your Doctorate in 5 years in Computer Based Acoustics." Liz says, "That's horrible." Steve says, "Not if you're getting your PHD." Liz says, "That's true." He says, there are others that are 3 years for Theater. He says, "There could be somewhere else that I haven't even heard of." He says, "I have an open mind." Vanessa says, "I highly recommend Berkley." Steve says, It would be too expensive not working at the school. Vanessa says, she still has a lot of debt, & $50,000 won't even cover it all. Liz asks Steve why he didn't study abroad? Steve says, he didn't have time to do that. EH says, "Transferring kind of ruined that." He says, "Vanessa wants to go to bed & I'm bothering you. I'm going to let you two go to bed." Vanessa says, "Good night Steve." Liz gets up & Steve says, "It's my last night in the BB house, I'm going to reminisce." We see FOTH.


12:12 AM BBT Live feeds come back with Vanessa telling Steve to calm down. She says, "You need to bring all of your levels down & turn your engines down." She tells him, "Lay down & reminisce, & be ready to crush it tomorrow." Steve asks Vanessa if she has her speech? Liz goes to the WC & washes her hands when she's done. She hurries back to the OBR. Vanessa tells Steve, "Hand to God I don't have a speech." She tells Steve that the only speech she knew before hand was for Jason. She says, "I'm going to think a lot about it during the lock down tomorrow."


12:13 AM BBT Liz asks why they would give them a reminder that there's a food competition tomorrow? Steve says, they're just messing with us. Steve says, they've recorded a few others that they are messing with us about. Steve says, "I'm going to let you sleep." Vanessa says, "I can't wait to see Mel tomorrow. I can't wait to see my f'n girlfriend." Liz says, "I can't wait to see Austin." Liz tells Steve, "One of your letters is in the bathroom, you're a mess." Steve asks, "Is that where it is?" Liz says, yes.' Steve walks through the KT & says, "BB17." He gets his HOH Letter form the WA & goes back to the OBR. He says, "I'm really excited to see what my mom has to say about absolutely everything." Liz says, "Steveee." Steve says, "What, I am." He says, "Good night you two. I'm going to go wind down & stare at the Memory Wall." BB says, "Vanessa, please put the pool vacuum in the pool." They all laugh. Liz says, "They probably do this the last night." Liz complains & says, "I want one, all you do is keep calling me Julia." Steve says, "Julia, Shut it down." Liz says, "If you do that one I'll be pissed." BB says, "Julia, smoking is permitted on the back patio only." Liz squeals. Steve says, "They said Julia again." Liz says, "I miss her, I'll take it."


12:17 AM BBT BB says, "Remember HG's the only constant in life is change." Steve goes back in the OBR, laughing. Liz squeals. Steve says, "He made a Calc 1 joke." Liz says, "What the hell?" Steve talks about other sayings. Liz asks, "How old are these? They are probably going through old sayings." Steve says, "We are probably going to be on The Talk tomorrow." Vanessa says, "Tomorrow is Wednesday." Steve says, "Today is Wednesday. Tomorrow is Thursday. The Finale is today." Liz squeals & says, "I'm getting too excited. I'm going to sleep."


12:19 AM BBT Liz whispers to Vanessa that she thinks Meg will vote for Vanessa to win. Vanessa says, she was told the Meg & James can't stand him. Liz says, Steve has two for sure with Johnny Mac & Becky. Liz says, "I have two for sure's." Liz says, "So much has gone on in the jury house that they don't know of." Vanessa says, "It's so nerve racking." Steve goes in the SR. Vanessa hears the door, & asks what Steve is doing. Vanessa goes over her saying about the pool hose. She says, she likes Liz' better.


12:21 AM BBT Steve leaves the SR & goes to the KT. Liz whispers to Vanessa & asks, "Who's votes do you think you'll have?" Vanessa says, "The only one I think for sure would be Julia, unless I'm against you. If I'm against you, then Shelli." She says, "Beyond that, I would hope that people would put their emotions out of the way." Liz says, "You should win." BB says, "Humming is the same as singing. Please, stop."


12:23 AM BBT Liz says, "I don't know about this jury. I feel that emotions are involved & that sucks." Liz says, "He doesn't have as much blood on his hands as you do." Vanessa says, "I have a lot." Liz says, "They are probably thinking, I don't want her to win, so I'll vote for him." She says, "My stomach is literally turning, because I didn't want it to come down to this." Steve goes to the OBR, & say's "Good night." Vanessa asks him, "What are you doing?" Steve says, "Good night, again." Vanessa says, "You've said good night like 78 times bro." Steve takes his glasses off, puts his letters up & gets in bed.


12:25 AM BBT Steve stirs in his bed for the next couple of minutes. All cams are on the OBR.


12:28 AM BBT BB shows us that the lights are dimmed in the house, before switching all the cams back to the OBR. Steve is still stirring a bit. Everyone is as snug as a bug in a rug for their last night in the BB17 house.

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1113PM BBT  We come back from a 6 min FOTH to see Vanessa tucked into bed and Steve going into the WC.  No sign of Liz,  Purple (Ocean) room lights are off, so Liz is probably in bed also. 
Side note:  Vanessa has stated several times in the past couple hours about her neck hurting and no pain meds, She has interrupted other conversations and changed topic of conversations to make this 'pain' well known.  Many in chat rooms are wondering if this a ploy of hers to throw off Steve or if it will be her excuse for not winning Part 3 tomorrow?  Just a thought.- Granny-
1114PM BBT  Steve emerges from WC with a towel wrapped around him, he paces down the hallway and then re-enters the WA, getting into the shower. Steve starts to shower and the camera switches us to a view of the LR and purple (ocean) bedroom watching Vanessa and Liz sleep.
1131PM BBT  Liz gets up.  Steve is dressed and exits the DR humming to himself.  He walks into the kitchen then to the WA.  Liz has entered the WA, using the WC, washing her hands, Liz tells Steve he has left something in the WC, Steve says he is a terrible houseguest, he left his underwear in the WC, Steve wishes her a "have a good night Miss Nolan" as Liz leaves the WA and goes back to bed.  Steve is wandering after putting his dirty clothes in a bag in the Comic room.  He goes into the purple (ocean) room, gets cocoa the enters the Comic room returning with bag, returns to LR and sits in one of the eviction chairs to read a letter.  He looks like he is very distressed, he hugs Cocoa and starts to cry.  Vanessa and Liz are both restless in bed.  Vanessa without her mic on, says something to Liz, Liz replies it will be something good.  Steve is trying to find a good spot to sit.  Vanessa says she is trying to think of something good to ask Steve.  [they must have been down today to write questions as jury members]  Vanessa says it is a good question.  Steve wanders into the purple room, Vanessa asks "why are you walking around with your teddy bear", Steve says he is afraid, stressed, just very nervous.  Steve says "I don't know why I am crying, I just am"  Vanessa starts in with "you are in the final HoH, it is the final week, the finale is tomorrow, what else could you ask for"  she continues with this line of talk only stressing him out more.  She tells him to go to bed.  He gets his blankets out of the comic room, makes up the day bed, Vanessa is laying in bed with eyes wide open.  He sits on the side of the daybed, trying to read his letter in the dark, still crying Liz says "Steve stop crying" he says he is sorry, he just can't help it, sorry for being such a baby about this.  Should I step out so you all can sleep.  Liz says "no" Vanessa says "no, it is okay".  HE puts his letter on the table, stands scratching his head, picks the letter up and walks to the WA still crying and now muttering "oh mom"  he blows his nose [btw the sweeper is still sitting in the middle of the WA floor] BB just stated "Steve please turn off the gym equipment"  to which Steve replies "Thank you, I needed that".  he laughs.  he walks to the purple room and Liz says "they love F*g with you".  they all discuss the fact that the hammock room would make a good work out room, Steve says they did away with the indoor gym in Season 8.  Steve says he just wondered if the girls heard BB.  He is now out of the purple room, returning to the WA, blows his nose again, takes off his mic and enters the WC.  Liz and Vanessa are whispering to each other, Vanessa says we have had enough of IAN Terry, enough.  neither Liz nor Vanessa have their mics, now we hear Vanessa say "I just want to have a party, I never been so hard up to let loose, like a tightened spring"  Liz is whining "you were out dancing me, I saw how you party."  Vanessa and Liz are now patting themselves on the pat for the "party" people they are.
1148PM BBT  BB calls out Steve "did you wash your hands"  he says you just saw me doing it, Liz says "ewwwwwwwww"  Steve hollers that he was washing his hands as they said that.  Steve leaves the WA and goes into purple room, telling the girls about it, Liz wants to know why they are F*g with Steve and he says cause he is so messed up, he is going through all the feelings right now.  Vanessa is now hammering on Steve again about his actions and that he needs to settle down, now telling him he needs to grow up and become a man.  Steve keeps apologizing to the girls for the way he is.  Liz says " you are the best talker ever"  Vanessa says here Mom is a guidance counselor and she got it from her.  Steve says I am not sad, it is just emotions, by no means I am not saying I am upset, I just am feeling every motion right now.  [the way Vanessa is talking to him, it is almost like go focus on something and stay up all night]  they are still talking,  BB says "you are not allowed to talk about production"  but they continue on with their chatting. 
1154PM BBT the bedroom chat is continuing.  they are discussing evictees and laughing.  Steve asks the girls if he is ranting keeping them awake, or can he continue.  They talk about Audrey and her problems.  Audrey was used to playing with people who talk about the game all the time, she was not used to the recruits that could care less about the game.  they said if Audrey was in with a group of 'hard' core BBers, her game might be different.  Vanessa says she could write a book about all the mistakes Audrey made.  Vanessa and Liz are saying to Steve that 'they' were the only ones who were being nice to Audrey and she kept shunning them, she thought she was entitled.  Steve says she never did anything really bad.  Vanessa says she can point out all the game mistakes that Audrey made.  Steve said he made several mistakes himself, both Vanessa and Liz say no you did not. 

Good Bye all, glad I was allowed to post when I could help out.  Sorry for treading on others when I thought I had the overnight shift :)  you all take care and see you next year.

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9:00am BBT: hg are still sleeping, BB should be waking them soon for the HG to say goodbye to the live feeds at 9:45am.


9:01am BBT: We now have FOTH as BB wakes the HG.


9:14pm BBT: Hg are in the WA , Vanessa eating and Liz doing ADl's  Steve sitting there.


 9:16am BBt: Liz screams and says we will never have to change our batteries again. Vanessa says unless we come back. Steve says not me i will never come back as a HG.

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9:22AM BBT Steve, Vanessa are in the WA discussing who will be there tonight. Vanessa shouts out to Mel that she can't wait to see her. Steve tells her that Mel may not be on the feeds because she is at the hotel. Vanessa says that Mel can get them on her phone.


9:28AM BBT Vanessa says when they go up to HOH she wants to sleep. Liz making some breakfast. Vanessa says that they are the last three to have their keys.


9:32AM BBT Liz just finished cooking a bunch of sausage and moving on to the eggs. Steve is checking drawers for any of his belongings.


9:36AM BBT Liz cracks an egg into a skillet, puts the shell back in the carton  and the carton back in the fridge.  They are talking about excited they are for tonight.


9:41AM BBT Van is back in  bed. Liz has made hash browns, eggs an bacon and is enjoying breakfast. Steve talking with Liz in the KT.

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9:44AM BBT Steve talks to Liz. he tells her that he hasn't always been loyal but has tried to play a good game. She says she appreciates him talking to her. Liz says that he has always been a straight shooter with her. She wishes him good luck.


9:52AM BBT Steve eating cereal and Liz squealing about tonight and seeing things for the comps outside.


9:54AM BBT Liz is starting to spell out goodbye in chocolates on the KT floor as her gift to the live feeders.

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9:57AM BBT We get FOTH. Maybe time to gather the F3.


9:58AM BBT Liz says Thank you live Feeders. Steve tells that if you want to get there you can. he is socially awkward and made it. Van  says she hopes they didn't bore us and that they played their hearts out. They shout out thank you and love yous!  They say they still kind of like each other. They do shouts outs for their  instagrams and that they love us. They look at their goodbye message and say "that's it". They think they are off of the feeds.


10:00AM BBT Van tells Steve and Liz that she got up in the middle of the night and ate a burger. Liz says she saw the plate. They get the cards to head to HOH. Can walks into HOH and the live feeds are done.

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7:11PM BBT Steve has won HoH and will choose who goes with him.


7:14PM BBT Steve complements Vanessa profusely and seemingly can barely breathe, then ejects her.  Vanessa tersely says "okay, good game", and is clearly pissed  Liz says "oh, my god steve, thank you so much! I need this so bad. I need the money so bad." [delusionally thinking Steve did it for HER, not HIS game - BBLP]


7:16PM BBT Steve calls Liz to the memory wall to watch Vanessa go gray.


7:16PM BBT In the interview, Vanessa admits she would not have brought Steve if she had won.  Julie teases the upcoming jury voting, calling them "bitter"


7:37PM BBT Voting is starting.


7:41PM BBT Voting is done. From the comments made as votes were placed, it seems like Steve has the edge.


7:54PM BBT STEVE WON! (Vanessa, still bitter from just being ejected by Steve, voted for Liz as did Julia/Austin - all others went to Steve)


EDIT: Anyone know why they had to edit two completely different versions of announcing James' win?  It's edited very closely, but is clearly a reshoot from two versions of the same announcement.


[i'm out until next year - BBLP]

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Jeff Schroeder is live in the BY for interviews. He says, there will be spoilers on the West Coast & it will be up on CBS.COM tomorrow. He says, they will be here all night, & he will be back live in a few minutes.


Jeff is live with Johnny Mac at the BB Season Finale of BB17. Jeff says, Johnny Mac is one of the top 3. He tells John that everyone loved him. John says, that's a weird feeling. Jeff tells him he's going to get a ton of new clients. Jeff says, he was a fan favorite of his. He wants to stop fan girling. Jeff asks John what he thought of the Final 2? John says, it was great. He says, Vanessa is the trophy sitting on the wall.


Jeff asks John how their round table went? John says, he thought if Vanessa was in the final 2 should may have won it. Jeff says, Vanessa had a hand in everything. Jeff says, it came down to the last competition. Jeff asks John if he could have done something to get to the final 2? John says, he made a lot of bad moves, so it wouldn't be one thing. Jeff tells him he was evicted twice. He asks John if he would go back & play again? John says, he would have to think about that. He says, he doesn't have any feelings on that yet. Jeff asks him what's next? John says, he's going back to Scranton to work on teeth, & maybe specialize. Jeff asks him what he's doing first? John wants a beer. Jeff gives John his dollar store guitar. Jeff says, the string is dental floss & he could rock out on it. Jeff says, he gives these gifts every year. Jeff tells John he watched his You Tube videos & he rocked. John is surprised. Jeff tells him he played a sensational game. John says, thank you to everyone.


Jeff comes live with Clay. They talk about each other's outfits & faces. Jeff asks Clay what he's been up to? Clay says, a lot, spending time with the family. He says, he'll have his Master's in about 1 year. He launched Clayhoneycutt.org. Jeff asks how it was for him to see Shelli tonight? Clay says, it was magical & he still had butterflies. Jeff asks what's next for them? Clay says, no expectations, we're going to take it day by day. He says, they will keep the audience updated. Jeff asks how he felt about the final 2? Clay says, he's happy for Steve. He says, he won HOH, & he's a super fan. Clay says, he would have voted for him. Jeff asks if Clay would do anything different if he could? Clay says, he would have stayed with James, & they could have been like Derrick & Cody.


Jeff asks Clay how it feels to be back in the BB house? Clay says, it's nice. Jeff asks Clay what his favorite experience is from the BB house? Clay says, it was waking up the first morning & listening to the 3 songs. He says, that he will always remember them every time they are on the radio & it will be with him forever. Jeff gives Clay his dollar store gift of a furless bat. Clay says, he's going to cherish that forever. Jeff tells Clay he's looking for good things for him. He says, he's looking for updates on him & Shelli. They say, "Gig em," with thumbs up.


Jeff live with Jace, the very first person evicted in BB17. Jace says, that's crazy, & he would have never thought he would have got out first. Jeff says, they didn't get to do the BB chat with him over the holiday season. Jeff asks him how it is to be back in his old house? Jace says, he wants to pull out the weight bench. He says, it's surreal. He says, he is questioning things & has a little regret. He says, he should have toned it down a little & maybe he could have made it further.


Jeff asks Jace if he would come back & play? Jace says, yes, he would. Jeff asks how he feels about the outcome? Jace says, Vanessa played a great game. He says, it was great to see Steve overcome adversity & win the game. Jeff asks if he will take anything with him? Jace says, he would hold his tongue & only speak when spoken to. Jeff gives Jace his dollar store gift. He gives him a "Bro" stick. Jace says, a Bro code saying for Jeff to always give him a "Bro" stick. They interlock hands & Jace says, "Thanks man."

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Jeff is live with Audrey in the BB17 BY. Jeff practices Audrey’s name. Jeff asks her what’s it’s like to be back in the BB house? Audrey says, it’s weird, but it’s great. She says, seeing the final competition is a little weird. She says, she wants to smell the grass. Jeff asks her if should would have done anything different? Audrey says, “I would not have not worn my blanket.”


Audrey says, it was iconic, & she was a cake pop. Jeff asks her what she thought of the final 2 tonight? Audrey says, she was a little surprised that Vanessa didn’t make it to the end. Jeff asks Audrey what she thought of Steve? Audrey says, he had his stuff together, & he came to play this game. She says, he had it all along, & they just saw it today. She says, she would have voted for him if she was in the jury.


Jeff asks Audrey what she’s doing now? Audrey says, she’s doing a lot of public speaking. She says, she had an amazing experience & she would do it again. Jeff gives her a fleece blanket for her dollar store gift. She says, this is going to blow up the internet. Jeff tells her she can do the rest of her interviews with the blanket. Audrey says, “Good luck, everyone should apply, & it’s a lot harder than you expect.” She says, there are waves & you should study. She says, the cast is diverse.

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Jeff is back live with Jackie. Jackie says, “Hey Jeff!” Jeff asks Jackie how she thinks tonight turned out? Jackie says, she’s glad Steve won. She says, she wanted Steve to win, & she wanted to give him her vote either way. She says, he deserves & he’s grown soo much in this game. Jeff asks if Jackie could change anything what would it be? Jackie says, if she would have been a little more quiet & not given information to Vanessa, she would change that because it may have been used against him.


Jackie says, she would have voted for Vanessa if she was with Liz in the final 2. She says, she would have voted for Steve if he was with Vanessa. Jackie says, she’s really happy with the final 3. Jeff asks what her favorite memory is? Jackie says, the way they chilled out in the HNR. Jackie wants to try & keep up with as many people as she can.


Jeff asks if she could splits a Kit Kat who would it be with? Jackie says, Jeff, Meg & Jason. Jeff asks what’s next for her? Jackie says, she wants to get home with her family & she would do Survivor is she’s asked. Jeff gives Jackie a Vegas dancing flower for her dollar store gift. Jackie loves it & thanks him for it.


Jeff is back live with America’s Favorite Player, James. James can’t believe it. Jeff says, he’s great. Jeff tells James they went to his hometown & shot video with his family & friends. James says, he hopes it gives him some free beer. Jeff asks him if he could stay with him? James says, yes, & they can do things back home. Jeff asks how he felt about the final 2? James says, when he saw Vanessa came in he had to rethink he vote.


James says, he would have voted for Vanessa if she would have gotten to the final 2. Jeff asks James what his favorite moment in the house was? James says, when he was on the block & won the Veto & then they knew he was coming for them. Jeff asks how James feels about everyone? James says, when it’s all said & done. He says, he wants to be friends with all of them on a personal level.


Jeff asks James what he will take away from this? James says, “Watching Steve become a man.” James talks about everything he did & how he became the man. He says, Steve will take them out for drinks. James says, he would do more Reality TV shows if he’s asked.


Jeff gives James a small trash bag for his dollar store gift. It has a little dude in it that looks like James. James says, “That’s pretty cool.” Jeff asks James if he wants to take them out?  James says, “This is James from BB17, I’m with Jeff Schroeder, see you later.”

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Jeff is back with the most fashionable man in the house. They talk about Jeff’s vest. Jason says, he’s looking good. Jeff asks Jason how he thinks tonight went down? Jason says, he thinks it went great. He says, he was a Vanessa supporter, but with Steve & Liz in the final 2, Steve deserved to win. Jeff tells Jason his answer was spot on tonight. Jason says, he wanted to see all the blood on Vanessa’s hands, & they didn’t see her own it. Jason says, this season was definitely a young group & they definitely weren’t afraid to open their mouths.


He says, they were a unique cast, more loyal, to the point, scumbag players. Jeff asks Jason if he would change anything? Jason says, “Everything.” He says, he couldn’t even pretend to like these people every day. Jeff asks Jason who he hopes to keep in touch with? Jason says, Meg, Jackie & James will probably keep friendships. He says, he will give everyone else a change. He says, you never really know how things will go. Jeff asks Jason, what’s next for him? Jason says, “Life.”


Jeff asks him if he was surprised he made it in the top 3? Jason says, yes, & he thanks everyone at home. Jason says, he’s not moving to L.A. to think he’s a super star. He says, he’s going back home to his mom’s basement. Jeff asks if he would play again? Jason says, yes, for free, in a minute.


Jeff give Jason his dollar store gift. It’s a hat with a microphone hanging on it. Jason says, “I love it.” Jeff asks him if he wants to do any Wackstreet Boys moves? Jason says, “I don’t remember any of it.” He does some dance moves, & says, “I’m going to rock the hat.”


Jeff is back live with Meg. She says, she feels like a 6 year old at Christmas, & today is Christmas Day. Jeff asks Meg what she’s going to do when she leaves these doors? Meg says, call her mom & find some Vodka. Jeff asks if she will make some drunk calls later? Meg says, No. Jeff asks Meg what she thought of the outcome today? Meg says, she’s surprised that Vanessa wasn’t in the final 2. She says, she really wanted to vote for Liz, but Steve deserved it.


Meg says, she wanted to see a girl with this season though. Jeff asks what she thought of Vanessa’s game? Meg says, Vanessa played a great game, not the way she would have played it, but she got out there & fought. Jeff asks Meg what she will remember from the house? Meg says, she won’t forget the praying mantis he threw on her, because it traumatized her. Jeff asks what will happen with her & James? Meg says, he’ll get an invite to New York.


Jeff asks Meg about her hug with Clay? Meg says, Clay does his hair for like 4 hours, she never could be interested in him. Jeff asks Meg what’s next for her? Meg says, she wants to check her phone. Jeff asks if she will keep in touch with the HG’s from this season? Meg says, yes.  She says, she will get soo many calls from James.

Jeff gives Meg her dollar store gift. He gives her a “Grandma Meg” sewing kit. Meg says, “We love you Jeff.” Jeff has her take them out. Meg says, “Hey BB fans, we love you, keep watching this guy. Why wouldn’t you watch?”


Jeff is back live with Da’Vonne. Jeff asks Da’Vonne how she feels about the final 2? Da’Vonne says, she’s crushed because she wanted Vanessa in the final 2 & she wanted her to win. She says, of the two, Steve deserved to win. Da’Vonne says, she’s back to being a mommy & modeling. She says, to be on the look out, she really can’t say anything.


Jeff asks how she feels to be back in the BB house? Da’Vonne says, it’s family feel. Jeff asks what she’s going to do now? Da’Vonne says, she will probably keep in touch with them all. She says, definitely Jason & Meg for sure. She says, she will be cordial to everyone though. Da’Vonne asks if “HE” (James) was already here? Jeff says, he was. Jeff gives her the Ride or Die gift from the dollar store. They keep using one word phrases with each other. Da’Vonne says, “Bye.”

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Jeff is live with Becky, who says, “Hello.” Jeff asks how the night is for her, because it’s long for him? Becky says, It has been a great night. The show takes off, the energy is high, crowning the winner, it’s everything you want it to be.” Jeff asks if she wanted Steve to win? Becky says, he is a well-rounded person that you want to see win the game. Becky says, Vanessa brought her A game & was an awesome player.


Jeff asks if Becky is ready to leave? Becky says, she can’t wait to go home & watch the show for sure. Jeff asks what she’s looking forward to most? Becky wants to see her family & get to the Rocky Mountains, because it’s fall now. She says, she’s ready for hiking & being one with nature. Becky says, she would come back, but she’s ready for Survivor. She says, she would love to be outdoors.


Becky says, the Live feeds & the community of BB will never be replaced, so of course she would come back to BB. Becky says, she layed low, but she should have made better connections. She says, she really liked playing with Johnny Mac & Jackie. She says, she didn’t have an army around her to have the people to support her, to keep her game together. Jeff asks if she will keep in contact with anyone? Becky says, they all will probably stay in touch & she will visit all around the country. Jeff gives her a train for her dollar store gift. Becky asks if it’s the before or after pic? Jeff tells her it’s the CBS.COM pic. Becky says, “I love it.” Jeff asks her if she will stay in contact with him? Becky says, of course if he has the time.

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Jeff is live with Austin, & apologized for the delay. Jeff says, he has to hold the mic up higher for this guy. Jeff touches the ponytail beard. Jeff asks what he thinks about today? Jeff says, he’s so proud that Steve won. He says, “The Boi became a man.” Austin says, Steve deserved it & he’s glad Liz made it to the final 2. Austin says, Vanessa didn’t have to go against him. He says, they could have been in the final 2, instead of sitting in the jury. Austin says, he was probably going to take Vanessa & Liz to the finals & let them battle it out.


Austin says, Vanessa is good. Jeff asks Austin how Vanessa’s game was overall? Austin says, her paranoia ran her game. Jeff wants to talk about Liz & Austin. Austin says, he’s looking forward to some alone time without Jeff on his computer 24/7. Jeff tells him people were watching them. Austin says, he couldn’t have done it without Liz. He says, he’s wants to get back to gymnastics & spend a lot of time with Liz, alone. Jeff pulls Austin in to the mic & camera. Jeff asks what’s next for him? Austin says, he’s going to apply to be his intern & follow him around. Austin says, the Judas thing really worked. He says, he wants to get back into wrestling or something with his fitness business.


Jeff tells him he’s a good guy & it gets confusing. Jeff says, 98 days is a long time. Jeff tells Austin he’s awesome. Jeff has a little doll for Austin with a beard on it. Jeff says, the dollar store gift was that good. Jeff asks Austin to take us out? Austin says, for drinks? Jeff says, you already had an issue with one girlfriend. Austin says, “This is Austin & Jeff, we’re doing this thing for CBS.COM & thanks for watching.” Jeff finishes it out & thanks everyone again. Jeff says, “Boom,” & uses the cut movement with his hand.


Jeff is live now with Shelli. Jeff says, these go out individually because they go out individually. Jeff asks Shelli how she feels? Shelli says, that’s a great question, & she’s actually sad it’s over. She says, her heart is happy seeing Clay’s face for the first time in 7 weeks. She says, she knows nothing that has gone on in his world. She says, she thinks he’s been missing her to. Jeff tells her he wasn’t good. Shelli says, he was, & they met her brother with Jeff & Audrey.


Shelli says, she has family members there that she gets to see tonight. She says, she will be going to Texas to meet Clay’s family. She says, she wants to go home & cuddle with her dog, see her family & watch BB17 right away. She says, she can’t even wait, she wants to see it, relive it, embellish it, & embrace it. She says, she will wait for Clay to watch it if he wants her to wait. Jeff asks Shelli how this compared to other seasons as a fan? Shelli says, that’s a hard question, but she thinks it was a pretty good season & they were a pretty good cast.


Shelli says, any of her good moments were when Clay was there. She says, it was the hardest when they went on the block together. Jeff asks if her & Clay would do anything together, like TAR? Shelli says, they want to travel together & TAR would be great for them to do together. Jeff tells Shelli she wants to get to see her man.


Jeff gives her a black puma from the dollar store. Shelli says, “I think it’s kind of awesome.” She tells him it’s very clever. Jeff asks her to take them out. Shelli thanks all the Clelli fans. She says, she hopes to give them something with her & Clay. She thanks the fans for this summer.

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Jeff is live with Liz, the second place winner. Liz tells everyone who she is. Jeff says, they watched you for 98 days, they know who you are. Jeff asks how she felt about tonight? Liz says, she was bummed that she didn’t win one of the parts of the HOH’s. She says, she was surprised that she got taken to the final 2, & she thought she was going to be a Victoria.


She says, she was completely shocked, & didn’t have a speech prepared. Liz says, she’s bringing home some bacon & she will take Julia on a vacation. Jeff wants to talk about Austin. Liz says, she’s happy their # is Liztin, because she didn’t know that. Liz says, maybe she will move out to L.A., she doesn’t know, but they will make it work, ponytail beard & all. Liz says, “Mark my words, I’m going to have pleasure in cutting it off.”


Liz says, she’s so excited she doesn’t have to worry about DR’s & make-up. She wants to spend time with her family. Jeff asks what her favorite moment was? Liz says, Julia coming in & then going to the concert with Frankie & Vanessa. Jeff says, the twin twist was Austin. Jeff says, Steve made a good point in his final speech, she did get a break. Liz says, he had a valid point, & she’s glad he reminded her of that when he brought it up.


Jeff asks what’s next for Liz & Julia? Austin goes up to Liz & gives her a kiss. Liz says, she hopes there will be more for her & Julia. Jeff says, he will see her tomorrow for #BBLIVE chat. Jeff gives Liz her magnet doll dollar store gift. Jeff says, she can dress herself up or Austin can undress it. Jeff asks Liz to take them out. Liz tells the live feeders to send in their questions because she will be chatting with Jeff tomorrow. Jeff says, he couldn’t close it any better.

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Jeff is back live with Julia, the other half of LiJulia. Jeff tells her he already saw Liz. Julia says, tonight went bad for her, she tripped on the stage, & she’s bleeding. Jeff tells her to Tweet a pic later. Julia says, she’ll send it out to her fans. Jeff says, people liked the twin twist & they were great. Julia asks if Jordan like it? Jeff jokes with her & says, sort of, & then tells her that she did like it.


Jeff asks her what her favorite moment of the season was? Julia says, BB Chops & she explains that it’s the cook off. She says, they are going to rematch. Jeff asks if she will keep in touch with anyone? Julia says, not everyone, but the Scamper Squad. Julia says, she’s not upset with anyone now.


She says, she scared of society because Donald Trump is in the lead for the Republican Party. Julia says, she wants her iPhone. Jeff tells her that the twins should do news or something. Julia says, they are going to have a business with a down payment from Liz. Julia says, the twins decided they are going to go to Bora Bora. Julia says, Austin’s not going, it’s their romantic get-a-way.


Jeff asks if Liztin is going to last? Julia says, long distance is hard, & she may see him for Christmas dinner. Julia tells him he already met their parents. Jeff gets Julia the magnetic doll from the dollar store. He tells her what he told Liz about Austin underessing her. Julia tells Jeff, “It’s everything.” Jeff has her take them out. Julia says, “This is Jeff & Julia signing out for CBS.COM, the best interview I’ve done all night.” She says, “Rachel’s was good to though.” Jeff asks if they are still rolling? The camera goes off.

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Jeff is live with the winner of BB17, Steve. Steve says, winning was not a possible outcome of this. He says, he came in a boy, & now he’s a man. Jeff asks him how he’s feeling, just totally blown away? Steve says, yes. He says, he thought Vanessa was going to win that comp. Jeff says, he thought he was going to throw up. Steve says, he took Pepto Bismol before the show.


Jeff says, his mom thought that she was going to throw up. Steve says, he didn’t know his mom was so involved this season. Jeff tells him she was a big character of BB17, & they may have a show or something. Steve says, he was attempting to sleep last night, but he couldn’t Steve says, he crammed a lot of tie breaker questions.


Jeff tells him he speeches were on point. He tells him he thinks he would have gotten the votes anyway. Jeff says, Vanessa is a Dan, a Dr. Will, a Boogie, & the best female player & strategist. He says, she convinced Liz to fall off the apple. He says, she convinced people to do soo much in this game. Steve will be on #BBLIVE chat tomorrow. Steve says, Vanessa is a brilliant brilliant player.


Jeff tells Steve people are impressed with his DR hands. Jeff asks him what he will do with the money? Steve says, winning was not an idea, so he has no idea. Jeff says, he’s there. Steve says, he might buy some audio gear or a computer. Jeff asks if he’s sad about the game being over? Steve says, he knows the feeling outside the house & going to casting calls for 7 – 8 years in a row for some people.


He says, he doesn’t know where he’s at right now. Jeff tells him he’s all over the place. Jeff says, he heard Steve on the feeds talking about Jeff’s dollar store gift. Jeff gives him a chess board from the dollar store with Steve playing with Johnny Mac. Jeff put fake money in there for Steve. Steve says, “It’s been a very long night.” Jeff says, he’s great. He congratulates him. Steve says, “Thank you for your support it means the world to me.” He says, If he wasn’t on the show he would have been on the feeds. He thanks everyone again for their support. He says, I’ll see you on Joker’s & Survivor sucks.

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Jeff is live with Vanessa. Vanessa is talking to Austin telling him that she couldn’t win against him, so that’s why she evicted him. She says, it was a game move & on a human level it was the hardest thing she had to do. Austin says, he was in the moments & was going to do whatever it took for her not to win. Vanessa tells him she was extremely loyal to Liz.


Austin says, he should have tried to solidify Johnny Mac on his own. Vanessa says, she didn’t give the game to her. She wants him to forgive her, because it would hurt her on a personal level if he doesn’t. She cries. Austin forgives her. She says, she is a woman, a human & hormonal. Vanessa does a wrestling punch with him. Vanessa tells him not to hate her. Austin wants her to teach him how to win the money. Jeff asks Vanessa if she’s going to run Austin’s life in the real world.


Vanessa offers to help him play poker if he really wants her to. She tells him how great Liz is at Chinese Poker. Jeff says, Knock knock? Vanessa says, Who’s there? Jeff tells Austin to get out of there. Jeff says, third place, we have a lot to talk about. Jeff tells her, dynamite game play. He tells her she had her fingers on every eviction. Vanessa says, blood, sweat, agony. She says, she is really stressed & she tired her hardest. She says, she’s not trying to come out depressed.


She wants to have a positive attitude. She says, she learned a lot out of this. She says, she’s imperfect, she cries. She says, of her tears are real. Vanessa says, once a month, at that time, like right now, hormones make you cry. She says, she can play in a man’s world, but she’s still a woman. Jeff asks if she has a favorite moment? Vanessa says, She didn’t know if Julia or Liz was in the house, & she decided to confront her in the house.


She explains what she did when she confronted Julia about it, & finds out it’s her. She says, this was the funniest thing in life. She says, she was the last one to find out about it. She says, she doesn’t know why no one else did this. She says, gaining her trust helped her game. She says, she created two alliances with them & her at the center. She says, she would have a numbers advantage when they were both in the house.


Jeff says, he would have never let the other one come in the house, because that was another person to get out. Vanessa says, the final part of the comp came down to Johnny Mac, the one person she couldn’t read. Vanessa says, she was hoping that Steve would make a mistake. She says, she knew he wouldn’t take her. She says, she would be a hypocrite if she faulted him for it, because she was going to do the same damn thing.


Jeff says, it was insane when she got Julia to pick Austin for the Veto. Vanessa says, Julia & Liz were her only real allies in the game. She says, she was the most loyal to them. She says, she wanted a number 2, & they had each other in the end. Jeff tells her she was in the best spot. Vanessa says, she really thought she was losing her shit. She says, it was incredibly, maddening lonely at some times.


Jeff asks how being at the final table in BB compared to being in the final table in the Poker world? She says, she hasn’t lost many pots, & this was a very big pot. She says, she told Steve to let things go that you can’t control. She says, you have to let it go if you can’t control it. She thanks Poker for teaching her that. Jeff asks, what’s next for her? Vanessa says, she needs Mel time.


She says, they want to launch Girl On Girl provocative D.J.ing with Mel. She says, music makes everyone feels good for everyone. She says, she wants to try it to see if it will play the bills. Jeff tells her it was a great season. Jeff has a gift for her from the dollar store. Jeff put beanies in a tissue box for her. Vanessa loves it. Vanessa says, she loves talking to real people, & maybe they should start something. Vanessa tells the fans, however hard you think it is, it will strip you from everything.


Jeff says, they still want people to play next year. Vanessa says, you are in a house full of people that are out to get you. She says, this is hands down the toughest game on earth. She says, if she’s ever asked to come back she will snatch that. Jeff tells her if anyone is asked to come back it will be her. Jeff says, they are signing off for tonight outside the BB17 house. He says, they will be on #BB17 Live chat tomorrow & reminds everyone to send in their questions.

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