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Tuesday, September 22 2015 Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !


If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.


Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/100939-big-brother-17-pictures-and-screen-caps/


If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.



Thank you!

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12:10 AM BBT After pacing around the KT, looking at the memory wall, eating a lime.  Steve goes to the Cabana Room Lounge and says this is his Liz speech.  We hear fragments of it as he stops and starts.  He talks about walking into the house 98 days ago.  He mentions knowing he wouldn’t have much of a life in this game because of being a nerd who is socially awkward.  Spelling Trombonist in week 1 put a huge.... umm..  Between his complete lack of social skills and inability to read people... trombonist.... he claps his hands and paces and hums.  We get FotH.


12:14 AM BBT Steve mentions four factors that jurors should consider when they cast their vote.  He lists them off.  The twin twist, social game, competitions, and strategic game.  The game was made easier for Liz by the twin twist, because she was only being in the house half the time.   How different would your game have been if you got three weeks off.  Plus she had someone in the house that she could trust no matter what.  No one else had that.  Everyone else always had to watch their back, but Liz didn’t have to do that.


12:15 AM BBT Steve continues practising his Liz speech.  Social game.  Liz spent all her time with Austin.  Steve took more time getting to know everyone and establishing personal connections.  He mentions things he learned about different jurors... Shelli’s crush on Abe Lincoln, Jackie’s friendship with Hailey and Blair, James love for... Meg’s deep passion for music theory.  Steve remembers another thing he can mention and starts over, this time including something about Becky’s boyfriend.  We get FotH. 


12:20 AM BBT When feeds return, Steve is running across the KT to the WA hallway.  He goes into the WA and then doubles back to the CRL to continue his speech practising.  He says he is going to skip the part about social game.  He’s going to pass on Vanessa or Liz knowing that he....? Steve mumbles as he leaves the CRL and goes to the WC.


12:22 AM BBT Steve comes out of the WC, washes his hands, then returns to the CRL.  He hums as he paces and then stops to look at himself in the glass.  He leaves the CRL and goes back to the WA to clean his glasses.  He blows his nose and washes his hands again briefly, then goes back to the CRL.  He continues his practise... competitions.  Steve says he stuck his neck out there.  He made a big move when he went after Jackie, who was the strongest competitor in the alliance opposing his alliance.  He’s been HOH four times.  Liz has only been HOH three times and she was dethroned for one of them.  Steve has won 2 vetos, and Liz has only won 1.  He took time for social game and he deserves their vote tonight.  Strategic game.  Liz spent the entire game hiding behind Austin and Liz [Julia?]... Steve made a lot of very strong moves in the game that were his own moves and not just piggy-backing someone else.  He mentions Jackie again.  Steve was the first person to make the big move of going after Liz and Austin.  Steve practises saying that Becky tried to get Vanessa out, but Steve is the one who finally got Vanessa out. Liz just followed others, but Steve started trends in the game.  The trends that Steve started got him here today.  After each of his four factors, Steve says “if you voting based on [that factor], I deserve your vote tonight.  Steve says he doesn’t want to be too forceful or intense.  He wishes he had a way to time it.  He continues pacing and begins practising his speech for when he votes to evict Vanessa.

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1237AM BBT  Steve is doing night ADLs, splashing water on his face, humming, leaving WA to go to cabana room to get his hoodie, walks thru kitchen, picks up his letters in the LR, has coco in his arms, enters purple room, puts away letters, takes off glasses, climbs into bed. He gets out of bed, goes into Comic room, gets clean socks, takes off dirty ones, shuts off light, wanders back out to kitchen, socks in hand, to WA, enters WC, we get fish on Cam 2, then cameraman trying to focus camera.  We watch Vanessa on Cam 4, but hear sounds of restlessness, Vanessa is not moving.  Five minutes later, Steve exits WC, washes hands, checks WC [flush], rechecks WC, paces around the WA, exits, walks barefoot thru the house with hoodie in hand, socks in pockets, Steve puts on socks, climbs into bed  covers up,  Steve is very restless. 


1254AM BBT  Steve is up out of bed, walks to kitchen checks fridge door, walks back bedroom, lays back down, plays with his teeth. 


101AM BBT  Steve is still restless, he is in bed, but having trouble settling down, Lights are still bright in the LR Kitchen and WA.


107AM BBT  House lights are dimmed.


133AM BBT  Steve is still tossing and turning in bed, covers on, covers off


144AM BBT  Steve seems to have settled down for the night


517AM BBT  Steve is up headed to WC.  He gets out his ADL kit, rinses his mouth out with wash, meanders back to bed. 


909AM BBT  Steve is up heads to WA, brushes teeth checks patio door, wanders back to bed.


919AM BBT  Kitchen lights are on


926-928AM BBT  it sounds like someone doing a "check 1,2,3 and saying Da'Von's name a couple times.


953 AM BBT  House lights are on, bedroom lights still off


1003AM BBT  Vanessa is up headed to the WC, she comes out, wipes off her eyes, heads back to try and get into storage.  [no wakeup call yet]  BB not letting her into storage.   She leaves the storage door and goes into the purple room, gets her beanie cap, puts it on and stands in front of the storage door again.  BB still is not letting her in.  Folding her arms, walking to the LR, she stands and with 'duck face' stares into kitchen. She turns and returns to her bed.


1007AM BBT  We have FOTH


1031AM BBT  We come back to full lights on throughout the house. Steve and Vanessa are talking in kitchen.  Vanessa is upset cause they won't let her into Storage.  And she wants to know why the change of routine.  We are getting FoTH while they look at papers left laying around the kitchen.  Steve gets called to the DR.  Vanessa is sitting on bench by glass counter, wearing her sun glasses looking like she could 'scream' at any time now.  Liz is still in bed. Steve comes out of DR, we get FOTH, come back to Steve talking about how he wants his hair cut and that he definitely wants to trim up his face.  'tomorrow'  and we have FOTH again.  Vanessa stretches and says she is ready for tomorrow.  Steve said he was not ready for the shut in last night, saying he might go back to bed.  Vanessa has poured herself a cup of coffee.  Steve talks about his outside life and he would still be excited about the finale tomorrow. 

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 9:00am BBT: HG are sound asleep.


9:06am BBT: Steve is up goes to the KT then to the WA and brushes his teeth. He then wets his face then goes back to bed.


 9:51am BBT: BB has now turned the house lights on but BR lights are still off as the Hg sleep.

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10:03am BBT: Vanessa is up goes to the WC then washes hands then blows her nose then  tries to get into the STR. BB does not let her in the STR so she goes to get her hat  and then back to trying the STR again.


10:06am BBT: BB is still not letting Vanessa in the STR so she paces the LVR for a minute then goes back to bed. Then we get FOTH.


10:20am BBT: Steve says Mylanta as the feeds return, He is standing in the KT and says oh mylanta again and then says what the hell is going on oh mylanta as Vanessa looks at him.. Steve then goes to the WA to rinse his hands. Liz is still in bed covered up.


10:22am BBT: Steve back in the KT with Vanessa , Vanessa is smiling and Steve says that one day is today oh mylanta. Vanessa then goes to the WA to do ADL's.


10:23am BBT: Steve says BB wont let him in and then tells Vanessa he has not even thought about packing yet. Steve standing in the BR looking as Vanessa walks back to the KT with her shades on and just looking around.


 10:31am BBT: Vanessa sitting alone in the KT,Liz in bed and we get FOTH.


10:33am BBT: Steve and Vanessa in the KT talking and Vanessa says she is so excited. Steve says yes this is the last night in the house. he then asked if Liz is up? Vanessa says no and Steve says  oh my the Finale is tomorrow and he is excited.


10:35am BBT: Steve is telling Vanessa that the press and everyone who comes for press day will want to see the house. He then tells Vanessa lets play cards and Vanessa says ok as they go to the table to play.


 10:38am BBT: Steve and Vanessa talking about  the game being over tomorrow and Steve says i hate when things are over i just miss things when they are over.


10:45am BBT: Steve and Vanessa playing cards and Steve says i never thought i would have made it this far and puts his head on the table smiling as Vanessa smiles at him.


 10:47am BBT: Steve is now in the OBR looking at his letters from home, Liz is sleeping and Vanessa at the KT table dealing cards out waiting for Steve to come back to play.


10:53am BBT: Steve has now gone back to bed and Vanessa goes to the WC.

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 11:01am BBT: Vanessa is at the table playing cards alone as Steve and Liz are in bed sleeping.


 11:11am BBT: Vanessa gets up and goes to the OBR and goes back to bed.


11:35am BBT: Vanessa is now sitting up in her bed puts on her shades and gets chips and starts eating them. Liz and Steve are still sleeping.


11:38am BBT: Vanessa is up taking Advil then heads to the KT and looks around then goes tot he WA to clip her toe nails.


11:54am BBT: Vanessa is now back in bed after clipping her nails.

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 12:16pm BBT: Vanessa is up and goes to the WC again. She comes out washes her hands and goes right back to bed.


 12:21pm BBT: Liz is now up and going to the WA and is  doing ADL's.


 12:27pm BBT:Lis makes coffee and Vanessa gets up and they talk about how Austin made the coffee strong.


 12:30pm BBT:  Vanessa says we have so much to do in here and so little time now. Liz says yeah i am so excited do you know what you are going to, wear yet? Vanessa says i think so but i do not have very many options you know. Liz says i already worse my finale night outfit ya know. Liz then says i need to put away the dishes.


12:36pm BBT: Liz and Vanessa talking about who might fly out for finale and then Liz says i am so excited.


12:39pm BBT: Liz says i hope my mom comes cause she is the kind that likes to plan stuff and she will want to do stuff with us. Liz says Mom owns a catering business and my aunt that I call Nana  she really isn't family but like a close family friend.


12:43pm BBT: Liz says you can tell there are only 3 of us left in the house cause there is so much food left in the STR we are not eating nothing. BB calls Vanessa to the DR and Liz says ask them if i need to go to cause i need to put make up on.


 12:48pm BBT: Liz and Vanessa in the WA doing make up and their hair for DR session and Steve is in the DR now.


 12:57pm BBT: Liz and Vanessa still doing ADL's and talking about their time in the house and time on slop.


12:58pm BBT: Vanessa and Liz whispering low talking about trusting each other and Vanessa has no mic on so hard to hear.

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1:02pm BBT: Steve is now in the WA telling Vanessa that he is not sure how many people will be in the BY tomorrow but he thinks alot. Liz is in the OBR getting dressed.


 1:03pm BBT: Vanessa tells Steve that she told Liz that she is a twin and she will go far in life and she is ok with everything and Steve says you told her that? Vanessa says yeah . Steve ask Liz for a hug as she walks into the WA and Liz says i have to go to the DR and we get FOTH.


1:07pm BBT: Vanessa sits close to Steve and talking about telling Liz how they made a final 2 alliance earlier in the game like 2 months ago and this  last comp is going to be questions but we are taking  each other. Steve says she acts like she already knows and Steve ask did you say anything to her and Vanessa says no i have not but i have not denied it to her either. Vanessa says i have told her that third place is good.


1:14pm BBT: Steve talking  about there will be another person ion the audience for Vanessa tomorrow night besides Mel and Vanessa says maybe my friend mark and we get FOTH.


1:15pm BBT: Steve says i just find it really strange that she has not initiated any conversation with me at all and Vanessa says cause she comes to me cause i am like a big sister to her as i am to you . Steve says yeah i know that.


 1:16pm BBT: Steve says i get my Mommy tomorrow and this is not me in real life i do not talk like this out of the house. Vanessa says lets go play some poker while we wait before i go in and Steve says can i make food? Vanessa says yeah just hurry.


1:18pm BBT: Liz is out of the DR and says why do you always have to make eggs when i am making mine and Steve laughs.


1:22pm BBT: Liz and Steve are making eggs and naming words that start with an F . BB tells them to stop that and Liz laughs and says i do not think they knew what we was talking about at first then they caught on and they laugh.


1:24pm BBT: Vanessa out of the Dr and says we are locked down and Liz says what are they doing? Steve says press day is the biggest day of the summer. Vanessa says i just want to get packed and play poker the rest of the time and Liz agrees. Vanessa says i am so excited it is almost over. Liz says we are all excited i thought we would all die in this house. Vanessa says i thought i would be trapped in here forever and ever.


1:26pm BBT: Vanessa says we have 27 and a half hours left in this house and then our characters in this house will come to an end. Steve says my character is gone after this i have to shave. Vanessa says  he has to shave his face and wear nerd clothes so back to normal.


1:30pm BBT: Vanessa telling stories about her dogs,Liz saying that's cute as she finishes cooking her eggs.


1:34pm BBT: Liz and Steve eating just general talk going on.


1:34pm BBT: Vanessa says why are we getting locked in the HOH? Steve says cause there are going to be alot of people through here tomorrow. Liz says i am sure they only have to clean the bathroom and the KT what else they gonna clean the CBR?


 1:38pm BBT: Vanessa tells Steve and Liz that in 3 hours it will be exactly one day left in the house. She says i am so excited. Liz says when do you think we will get our phones? Vanessa says should be right away and Steve says not till after the press conference.


1:43pm BBT: Vanessa and Steve are at he KT table  ready to play cards. Liz is washing her dishes.


1:51pm BBT: Liz cleaning the KT while Steve and Vanessa are sitting at the KT table playing cards.


 1:56pm BBT: Liz is waiting for the game to finish so she can join the card game and we get Jeff's Reels.

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3:21 PM BBT When feeds return, Vanessa and Steve are in the WA.  Vanessa is singing and gets warned by BB.  Vanessa sympathizes with the production person who had to listen to that.  Steve is getting ready to shave his beard.  Liz is in the OBR removing her earrings and changing into her tye-dye t-shirt.


3:32 PM BBT All three HGs are in the WA.  Vanessa is dying Liz’s hair, and asks Steve to check the time so they can time it.  Steve is still shaving, and Liz is telling him he looks so different.  He says he might leave the moustache, and then says he’s kidding. 


3:36 PM BBT Steve finishes shaving and both Liz and Vanessa are amazed at how different he looks.  Even Steve is shocked at how different he looks. 


3:38 PM BBT Vanessa checks out her hair in the WA mirror and says she needs a haircut.  Steve is touching up his shave and asks Vanessa if he is sexy.  Vanessa says, in a monotone voice, yes Steve, you are very sexy.  Vanessa leaves the WA.  She crosses paths with Liz on her way to the OBR and tells Liz she is going to have a nap and to wake her when she is done.  Liz goes to the WA.  She is eating an apple as she gets ready to shower and answers Steve’s questions about how the hair dye works.  Steve packs up the shaver to return it. 


3:55 PM BBT Liz is showering, and Vanessa is laying down in the OBR.  Steve goes into the WC.


3:58 PM BBT Vanessa is sitting on the pillows in the WA.  She tells Steve she is bored and can’t sleep.  Liz is still in the shower, and Steve is looking for a comb.


4:06 PM BBT Vanessa is cutting Steve’s hair. Liz is still in the shower.


4:10 PM BBT Liz is finishing up in the shower.  Steve is in the CBR looking for a belt.  He finds it in the OBR and heads back to the WA.  He goes into the WC to change clothes.  Liz comes out of the shower and Vanessa is lounging and chatting with her.  Vanessa teases Liz about shaving her legs.  Liz says she just needs to look good in her dress.  Liz comments on a bruise, and Vanessa says “you’re complaining to me?”  Steve asks Vanessa if she would trim the back of his neck if he goes to get the shaver.  She says sure. 


4:15 PM BBT Vanessa and Steve are doing ADLs in the WA and Vanessa asks Steve if he thinks it’s odd that they sat upstairs when they only usually do that on days they are doing something.  Steve says that they did that at the beginning too.  They’re tearing down.  We get FotH.  When we return, all three HGs are in the WA.  Steve is sitting in a chair from the DT waiting for Vanessa to trim the back of his neck with the razor.  Liz is combing out her hair. 


4:17 PM BBT Vanessa complains that Steve is undoing all the progress she made with him.  It makes her sad.  Steve says he just wants to go out the way he came in.  Vanessa asks him why he doesn’t want to symbolize his journey of transformation.  Steve says he just knew when he was doing this stuff he would want to undo it before finale night.  Liz wonders what Steve’s mom thinks of this.  Steve says he has no idea.  Liz notes that it’s one hour away from 24-hour countdown!


4:18 PM BBT Vanessa finishes with Steve’s trim.  Liz tells Vanessa it’s her turn.  Steve leaves the WA and goes to the CBR and drops the clothes he changed out of.  He puts on some socks and grabs his blue hoodie.  He mutters about Austin’s promises.  He grabs a tissue and blows his nose, then goes to the KT still carrying his hoodie.  He returns to the WA and then remembers that he needs to request the vacuum so he can clean up the hair in the WA.  The girls suggest he ask for alcohol.  Steve says he’s never done that.  The girls don’t think they would get it anyway.  Steve goes to the DR as Liz prepares to dye Vanessa’s roots.


4:22 PM BBT Liz keeps repeating that it’s 24-hour countdown.  It’s the final countdown.  She can hardly breathe.  Liz is fussing with gloves as she gets ready to apply the dye to Vanessa’s hair. 


4:29 PM BBT Steve is pacing back and forth between the KT and the LR.  He goes to the KT to grab a handful of snacks and then eats them as he paces.  In the WA, Liz and Vanessa are chatting about being able to maintain their hair because they won so many HOHs.  Liz says they screwed her because even when she won HOH and she was dethroned... we get FotH.  When we return, Vanessa is directing Liz not to miss a section.

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4:33 PM BBT Vanessa and Liz talk about doing an all-nighter for the 24-hour countdown, but Vanessa is worried about being alert for the Part 3 comp.  Vanessa remarks that it isn’t the kind of comp where sleep deprivation would matter.  You either know what the juror said or you don’t.  Liz asks what kind of questions it will be and Vanessa gives some examples.  “James said his biggest mistake in the BB house was A. breaking his word “On The Edge” to Shelli and Clay, or B. not targeting Vanessa instead of Shelli and Clay.  They compose more questions... Julia said her best/funniest moment in the BB house was A. walking through that front door as herself or B.  having Austin try to hit on her in bed thinking it was Liz.


4:43 PM BBT Liz finishes up Vanessa’s hair and then washes her hands before blow-drying her own hair.  Steve is lounging on the bench in the WA eating from a bowl.  Vanessa gets called out by BB to put on her microphone. 


4:49 PM BBT Vanessa and Steve talk about haircutting while they watch Liz do her hair.  Steve comments that Liz’s hair warrants Austin removing a certain pony tail.  Vanessa and Liz don’t think Austin will do it.  Liz says she wishes he would.  She doesn’t understand why he is so attached to it.  He’s obsessed with it.  Liz says she knows her parents hate it.  They’re already dying because of the tattoos.  They like clean cut.  Vanessa says “then there is Austin.”  Steve observes that Austin’s insides don’t match his outsides.  Steve says there is nothing Judas-like about him.  Steve says Austin is very kind, he’s kind-hearted, he’s sweet, he’s caring, he’s intelligent.  Liz melts that Steve is saying all these nice things about Austin.


4:52 PM BBT Vanessa is freaking out that it’s only 24 hours.  Steve asks if they will recognize him without the beard.  Vanessa says “yes Steve.”  Vanessa is excited.  Steve says that he always knew that if he was in the house before finale, he wouldn’t sleep.  Steve thought the last few days would be long, but he says they haven’t been.  Vanessa says they have been long enough. 


4:54 PM BBT Steve and Vanessa are lounging in the WA talking about Crossword puzzles.  Liz is in the KT making a tuna melt.  She calls out to Steve to ask what he put in his.  Steve says he put tuna, apple and pickle. Clay gave him the idea.  Liz says that she would use pickle instead of relish because the relish is too sweet.


4:56 PM BBT Steve and Vanessa talk about when they will get their phones.  Steve says the first thing he does is check online update sites.  Vanessa says that won’t be the first thing she does.  She wants downtime with her girl and her dogs.  She tells Steve to quit stressing and he says he isn’t and that she is stressing more.  Vanessa says she is just excited.  Steve says his haircut feels a lot better and he thanks Vanessa for doing it.  She says he is welcome.


4:59 PM BBT Steve says, one more day.  Day 97.  Vanessa tells Steve that this is a crazy thing that she did.  She didn’t realize what she was getting into.  Steve asks her what she thought would be different.  Vanessa says she didn’t realize how much the isolation would get to her, or how emotionally terrible it would be.  It’s also longer than she thought.   It’s closer to 4 months than 3.  Vanessa is called to the DR.

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5:05 PM BBT Steve brings the vacuum cleaner into the WA to vacuum up the hair from his haircut. 


5:18 PM BBT Vanessa is taking her shower.  Liz is eating her tuna melt.  Steve reports to Liz in the KT that he is going to finish eating and then he will finish cleaning the bathroom.  Liz tells Steve that she can’t get over how different he looks. Liz made the rest of the tuna salad so they will have something quick to eat tomorrow.  They expect they will be very busy tomorrow.  Liz wonders if they will be locked in the HOHR all day.  Steve doesn’t know.  Liz asks Steve if he has packed yet and Steve says no.  He’ll do that after he finishes cleaning the bathroom.


5:23 PM BBT Liz goes into the WA and finds the vacuum cleaner that Steve left there.  She says “oh wow.  He really is cleaning the bathroom.”  She brushes her hair and then leaves the WA. 


5:25 PM BBT Vanessa is still showering.  Steve comes into the WA and starts tidying the bottles on the vanity.  Liz is sitting at the DT filing her nails. 


5:26 PM BBT Vanessa is out of the shower.  She grabs her clothes and goes into the WC to change.  Steve comes into the KT and asks Liz if she knew when she came into the house, did she know that she would be the one that every guy would flirt with.  They talk about who flirted with who. 


5:27 PM BBT Steve claims that he was Julia’s flirtmance.  Liz tells Steve he is a pretty flirty guy.  They talk about when they played spin-the-bottle.

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8:06 PM BBT In the OBR, Liz compliments Vanessa on how her hair turned out. Vanessa says, she might not wear her hat tomorrow. She says, it's going to depend how things fit in the morning. Liz says, she hopes her dress works out, because it's the only thing she left out. Steve goes to the WC.


8:08 PM BBT Vanessa is trying to figure out if she should wear her suspenders tomorrow. Vanessa says, she almost ate it when she walked in the house, because the stage is soo slippery. Liz squeals that they will get to be on the stage tomorrow night. Steve goes to the OBR, & they all try to figure out what groups they were in coming into the house. Liz says, she will never forget being on the golf cart with them. Liz says, they all got on the golf cart & road in. Steve says, she had a different experience than him. Steve says, he learned the names of the other guys from their bags before they got on the golf cart.


8:10 PM BBT Liz calls Steve a nerd. She says, Jace & Jason were nerds also. Steve says, he's not a nerd & tells Liz to take that back. Vanessa says, "22 hours, guys." Liz squeals & talks about her parents being there at a restaurant somewhere.


8:12 PM BBT Vanessa is laying in her bed. Liz is looking under the beds in the CBR to find things that may be left. Steve says, "I'm so sacred, but I'm excited." He says, he's so excited because he gets to see his mom tomorrow. Steve thinks a lot of his family will be there. He thinks it could be up to six. He says, "It's somewhere between 2 & 6." He says, it's because they are such BB fans, who would want to come to it anyway, even if he wasn't there.


8:14 PM BBT Steve sings a little. Vanessa asks Steve why he's not packing his shirt already? Vanessa says, it's stressing her out. Liz says, he needs to get his stuff together. Liz tells Steve, "Your wife is going to bite you bad." Liz tells him, "You need training to not throw yourself everywhere." Steve says, he leaves everything on his desk. Liz asks if he ever studies at his desk? Steve says, "No." Liz asks who suspenders she has in her hands? Vanessa tells her that she gave them to Steve, but they were hers. Liz tells Steve, "Vanessa should keep these, you're never going to wear them, & you'll lose them." Liz tells Steve he can be Vanessa for Halloween. Steve says, he doesn't know where he's going to be for Halloween, & he's not a student until January.


8:17 PM BBT Liz & Vanessa talk about this being a huge roller coaster. Steve says, he just started his leave of absence. Vanessa asks him if he can go back to school if he wants? Steve says, "No, they are about a month in." Liz talks bad about Steve again to Vanessa. She says, "Steve's wife is going to bite him soo hard, because he just throws his shit everywhere." Vanessa tells Steve to keep packing, because he's losing steam. Steve says, "Last night in the BB house." Vanessa says, "Oh my gosh, I'm soo excited to see Mel. I've never missed someone so much before."


8:19 PM BBT Steve says, "He's sad it's their last night in the house." Liz says, she's been out of the house more than they have. She says, she's been in the house since day 36. Liz says, she got them earlier than them. Steve says, he was kidnapped on a Tuesday, & got there on Friday. He says, he had delayed flights & hotel rooms. Liz says, that sucks that he had to stay with his travel person. Liz says, they almost missed their flight. She says, they went from Florida to Atlanta. She says, they were the last ones to make the flight from Atlanta to L.A. Steve goes to blow his nose.


8:22 PM BBT Liz puts Audrey's hat on & says, "It's ugly. I would never wear this." Vanessa says, it looks like an Indiana Jones hat. Liz says, it looks like a Kentucky Derby hat. Liz squeals soo much when BB says, "Steve, did you wash your hands?" Liz says, "Ewww, Steve, you didn't wash your hands after you blew your nose." BB says, "You're the reason we can't have nice things." Liz squeals a lot more. Steve says, "BB, the answer to your question is no, I didn't." Steve says, he gets to see Mel tomorrow. Vanessa says, "I'm having an allergy attack." Steve asks what she's allergic to? Vanessa says, "Dust, & it's everywhere since you are packing."


8:24 PM BBT Steve tells Vanessa that he wasn't allowed to pack his stuff. He says, "I wasn't allowed to touch my stuff." He tells Vanessa this feels like he was at college for a semester. He talks about a college final he had. He says, he studied his ass off for a final & got a 59. He says, the other guy got drunk & scored a 98. Vanessa tells Steve that Frankie told the HG's last year that he was 28, when he was actually 31. Steve asks, "How did that help him though?" Vanessa says, probably because he thought the HG's would be younger.


8:26 PM BBT Vanessa asks Steve if he liked Frankie? Steve says, "Yes." He says, "He got so much hate from the BB community that wasn't deserved." Vanessa doesn't understand it. Steve says, it was a popular thread. Vanessa says, "As a fan I rarely don't like someone." She doesn't understand why some HG's would be hated. Steve continues to sing while he packs his suitcase.


8:30 PM BBT Liz is sitting at the glass table eating tuna with Lay's potato chips. In the OBR, Steve takes another break from packing. He tells Vanessa, "I can't believe that this just happened." Vanessa asks, "Why?" Steve says, "I wasn't supposed to make semi-finals." Vanessa asks, "what are semi-finals." Steve retells his story about being at a casting call & yelling at a camera. He says, "I studied the casting process really, really thoroughly." Vanessa says, "You told me." Steve says, he was able to name everyone in a room except for 1 person. Steve says, he thought he would be like Jason Thomas, who was cut before Season 13 started. He says, then Mike, the Sailing Instructor dropped intentionally. Liz goes to the OBR wanting to know what Steve is talking about.


8:34 PM BBT Liz asks Steve how he knows about this stuff? Steve says, "Because they told me." Vanessa wants Steve to hurry up so they can play Pot Ball. Liz looks at Steve's glasses. His nose pads are red. Steve tells Liz his glasses is a stronger prescription than Austin's. He says, he & Austin had the discussion & he is actually a stronger prescription. Steve says, "If I win money I may get Lasix." He asks how much it costs? Vanessa says, $2,000 - $4,000 per eye. Steve says, if he gets it they would have to knock him out. He says, he couldn't do contacts. He is having his Air Monarchs sponsor Pot Ball tonight with Irish Spring. Steve talks about the Candy Apple competition.


8:37 PM BBT Vanessa asks Steve how he planned his fall to be in the water? Steve says, "I didn't plan it, I just fell off." Vanessa says, it wouldn't have felt good to fall on land. Steve says, "I didn't intentionally drop." Vanessa says, "You stayed up there way to long just to fall off." Steve says, "It was my longest competition by far." Vanessa tells Steve, "Keep going." Steve keeps stopping to talk. Steve tells them that he doesn't have the original silver chain from his name tag on his bag. Liz says, "Now look how ugly it is." Liz says, "They better not make us walk out with those damn bags." Steve says, "I don't think they are going to." (Everyone else had to, why not all of you as well?)

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8:40 PM BBT Steve says, he's going to put his Coco in his BB Bag, but he's sleeping with it tonight. Liz tells him that's a girls name, again. Liz see's Steve's Bible & says, "Vanessa's Bible." Steve says, "It's my Bible." Vanessa says, "I read it a lot." Liz tells Steve to keep going. Vanessa asks who's HOH Letters are by the bed? Liz says, "They are Steve's." Steve says, all of his stuff is contained in the BB house. He says, all of his stuff at school is at a storage unit at school. He says, he doesn't know if his parents moved him out of it, but he helped them move his stuff in before he went to the spaceship. Steve continues to get his stuff.


8:43 PM BBT Steve says, Liz is actually warming him up for his mom. Liz says, "It's for your own good." Steve says, "I will never take it in a relationship." Liz asks Steve, "Isn't it a little tac if you're wearing the same outfit you came in the house with?? Steve says, "That's what I'm going for, & guys can get away with it." Steve says, "Vanessa came in with the same blazer on." Liz says, "Vanessa's doesn't look the same, but yours clearly does." (Why is Liz being soo mean to Steve all the time?)


8:46 PM BBT Steve says, he thinks he's packed everything except his bath stuff. He says, he's missing a couple costumes. Liz asks Steve what he's going to be for Halloween? Steve says, he doesn't think he's going out for Halloween. Vanessa says, she's going to be Game of Throws. Liz whines & says, "I don't like any of my costumes for Halloween." They talk about what comps they hosted.


8:49 PM BBT Vanessa says, "I evicted Meg." Liz says, "Look at what Vanessa is eating." Vanessa is eating a Mr. Goodbar. Liz says, "I don't get what the attraction is to Mr. Goodbar." Liz eats on & says, "It's good." Steve says, "By this time tomorrow I'm going to get a nice big hug." Liz says, "By this time tomorrow I want to be wasted." Steve says, "Good luck with that." Liz talks about wanting wine & vodka. She says, "I just want to get drunk." Steve says, "Good luck." Liz squeals again. Liz thinks that Jace will hit on Julia. Steve says, "I got dibs on Juj, she's mine." Liz says, "Jeff will hit on her also." Vanessa says, "I think Jeff's engaged to Jackie." Vanessa says, "For someone as hornballish as Jeff, he didn't hook up with anyone." Vanessa says, she heard from Meg that Jeff & Jackie were making out. Vanessa says, Jackie told her that she made one mistake with Jeff here. Vanessa says, she may have been talking about that. She says, she may have thought a mistake for the game trying to act like they aren't together. Steve & Liz think they are always going to be together.


8:53 PM BBT Liz says, Jackie told her about other relationships, & a guy she dated just before BB. She says, they may have dated, but then they were in two different states, & didn't want to do the long distance relationships. Vanessa says, they need to check all over the place to make sure they have everything. Vanessa tells Steve where some of his stuff is in the WA. Liz tells him where a shirt is. Liz says, "We have to play Pot Ball." Vanessa wants to take the bath rob. Liz says, "It's Becky's." BB says, "Julia, please stop obstructing your microphone." Liz gets upset & squeals more & says, they are being soo mean tonight. She says, "You did that on purpose." Vanessa says, they never had a comp that they had to stay up all night. Liz says, they never had a zombie apocalypse.


8:57 PM BBT Steve is pacing back & forth gathering more of his stuff. BB says, "Steve, please don't climb the walls." Liz squeals again & laughs. Steve takes some of his stuff from the WA to his suitcase. Liz says, "It just hit me that we are going to see all of the pre-juors tomorrow." Vanessa says, "Oh my God, get ready for some really awkward hugs tomorrow." Liz says, "I don't think Da'Vonne is going to like me." She says, "Julia & I left her a snark message." Vanessa asks what time it is? Liz says, "It's like 9 PM BBT." Steve says, "No, I thought it's like 5 PM BBT." Steve tells Liz that it's 8:58 PM BBT. He says, "Wow, I was off." They talk about the comps they didn't do this season.


8:59 PM BBT Steve says, "There are 722 chains in this room in case you were wondering." Liz says, "Oh my God, you are soo weird." Liz asks about the timing for an hour comp. Steve is blowing up the beach ball. Liz says, "You are going to blow it up." Steve has no facial hair & looks very young again. Liz & Steve pass the beach ball back & forth. Vanessa says, "Guess what?" Liz says, "What?" Vanessa says, "21 hours." Steve is worried about staying on a scale tomorrow. Liz & Steve hit the beach ball back & forth several times.


9:02 PM BBT Steve tells them that Meg was whining to him about going when it wasn't her turn. Liz says, "Meg seems to think that because she wasn't a threat she thought that she would make it to the final 3, & was entitled. Steve says, he remembers everyone crying when Jackie left. Liz makes rude faces & says, "They were all balling." (Liz seems to be acting like she's queen of this house right about now.)


9:05 PM BBT Steve says, "If Jackie would have won the Veto he was going to send Becky home." Liz says, "I knew it." Liz plays with the ends of her hair. They talk about James only being HOH twice. Vanessa says, "He was just HOH for a very long time." Liz says, "He had Napoleon Syndrome soo bad." Vanessa says, he made fun of himself for that." Liz says, "Thank God, because she didn't want to be the only one saying that behind his back." Liz keeps playing with the ends of her hair. Steve talks about other HG's.


9:07 PM BBT Steve talks about Liz going camping with Austin after the Finale. Liz says, "I'm going to cash that ticket," in an English accent. Steve says, "Grabby fingers is going to grab that ponytail beard & cash that ticket." Liz laughs & repeats that.


9:09 PM BBT Vanessa says, Steve needs help to read between the lines. They talk about people that helped them along the way. Liz asks Steve, "What's his name?" We see FOTH.

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9:10 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Steve talking about how socially awkward he is. He says, he tried to pledge twice & couldn't get a bid. He says, he was definitely less socially awkward at Cornell. He says, it's getting better at Fredonia. They talk about Clay & Shelli. Vanessa says, "They had a 4 person alliance with everyone." Steve says, "I never had oen with them, they never told me a word about an alliance." Steve says, he had the Scamper Squad, Rockstars & Da'Vonne. Vanessa asks what the name was? He says, he didn't have a name with Da'Vonne. Vanessa says, "What a bitch for her letting it out." Steve says, he found out with Jace that he couldn't trust Da'Vonne. He says, he really enjoyed hanging out with Jace & Austin.


9:15 PM BBT They go down who was in power after James & Becky won. Liz says, "A lot would have changed if Johnny Mac would have won that HOH?" Steve says, "He would be here." Steve says, "I lucked out during that HOH." Liz asks how long 601 seconds is? Steve says, about 10 minutes. Liz says, "All of your Cornell friends may be laughing right now." Liz says, John's answer was actually closer. Steve says, "But he went over." We see FOTH.


9:17 PM BBT Liz starts to sing, Dance, dance & we see FOTH. Steve comes back talking about sentences tomorrow that they've never heard before. Liz makes up a question about Meg falling while she is constantly playing with the ends of her hair. Liz wants to know if they are going to play Pot Ball? Steve says, "Let's play Pot Ball." Steve goes to get the Swiffer. Liz goes to the KT, & say's, "I'm a boss ass bitch a couple times."


9:22 PM BBT The HG's set up for Pot Ball. Liz doesn't think they ar on POP TV anymore. Vanessa says, the card last night said, one last treat. Liz tries to set up the Glory Hole. Vanessa practices throwing the foil balls. Liz repeats, "Pot Ball," a couple times. Steve is getting things ready to keep score. Liz runs across the house barefoot. Steve wants to be a blue Fruit Loop, & Vanessa wants a yellow one. We see FOTH. Steve asks Liz if she's o.k. being red? Liz wants to start making cookies before they start playing Pot Ball. Steve talks about his Fraternity.


9:27 PM BBT Steve says, when he hears music that brings him back to the great time he had in his Fraternity, he's feeling that here with the last game of Pot Ball. Steve says, he never thought he would make it to this point, especially after being shot down by everyone at Fredonia for the last year. Vanessa tells him not to mess with the fruit bowl. She says, "It's the mold bowl." Steve takes practice shots. Vanessa asks, "What does Dr. Pepper taste like?" Liz says, "It's good." Vanessa opens one & tastes it. She says, "It tastes like cherry." Steve tells Vanessa that James should have taken out Vanessa over Shelli. Steve says, "It's soo cool that they screwed up soo much." Vanessa says, "No one needed to go after me, that's o.k. I'm much happier with no one going after me."


9:31 PM BBT Vanessa says, "Hey, Production can we have music while we play Pot Ball, please?" We cut to FOTH. On BBAD, BB says, "You have got to be kidding me." Liz asks, "Why do you have to be soo rude?" Live feeds come back with the HG's getting ready to start to play Pot Ball.


9:32 PM BBT Steve takes his first turn & doesn't score. Liz doesn't score, & neither does Vanessa. Steve doesn't score on his next turn. Liz doesn't score either. Vanessa scores 10 points. Steve doesn't score again. Liz scores 10 points. Vanessa scores 10 more points.


9:35 PM BBT Steve doesn't score. Liz scores 10 points & says, "Liz & Julia." Vanessa doesn't score on this turn. Steve scores 10 points on this turn. Liz scores 5 points this turn. Vanessa doesn't score any points. Steve tells her he likes when she sticks her butt out. He starts singing big butts, & we see FOTH. Steve scores on his next turn. Liz scores 10 points. Vanessa doesn't score this round. Vanessa says, "I can't do much more with my neck."


9:39 PM BBT Steve scores 20 points. Liz scores 5 points. Vanessa bows out & says, they can battle it out. She takes her score away, leaving them in the game. Steve doesn't score on his turn. Liz scores 5 points on her turn. Vanessa says, "The scorekeeper has the hiccups." Steve scores 10 points. Liz scores 10 points.

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9:41 PM BBT Steve doesn't score on this turn. Liz doesn't either. Steve doesn't score on his next turn. Liz scores 15 points. Steve scores 5 points. Liz doesn't score. She starts to sing again. Steve doesn't score. Liz says, "In & out like his woman. Hit it & quit it." Steve says, "I'm sad Vanessa quit." Liz scores 10 points. Steve makes fun of Vanessa's neck. Vanessa says, "It really hurts." Steve scores 10 points. Liz scores 25 points.


9:44 PM BBT Liz says, "I'm being the Julia of the night. Austin would be soo impressed." Steve scores 15 points. Liz squeals as Steve missed the Glory Hole. Liz doesn't score this turn. Steve doesn't score. Liz doesn't score. Steve scores 10 points. Liz scores 10 points.


9:47 PM BBT The HG's are doing commercials in between turns. Steve doesn't score. Liz doesn't either. Vanessa tells Liz not to forget about her cookies. Liz says, "They smell delicious." Steve doesn't score. Liz doesn't either. Steve scores 20 points. Liz is getting pissed. She doesn't score on her turn. Steve doesn't score. Liz doesn't score. Steve scores 15 points. Liz doesn't score.


9:50 PM BBT Steve doesn't score. He picks up the foil balls. Liz tells him, "You missed one," while she stands with her arms crossed leaning on the counter in the KT. Liz doesn't score. Steve doesn't score. Vanessa cheers them on. Steve says, "At least we're not quitting." Vanessa says, "That's not funny Steve. I have a real injury." Liz scores 10 points. Steve says, "Yeah, I'm definitely with my family at this time tomorrow night." Liz says, "You're stuck with us now." Steve doesn't score. Liz scores 10 points. Steve doesn't score. Vanessa tells Liz that her & Mel eat the Gluten-Free cookies all the time. Liz scores 10 points.


9:54 PM BBT Steve doesn't score. Liz scores 15 points. Steve doesn't score. Liz tells Steve that the pan is not in the center anymore. He keeps getting the foil balls. Liz doesn't score. Steve doesn't score again. Liz doesn't score. Liz goes to get the foil balls this time. Steve says, "Damn it Meg. It's all Meg's fault." Liz wonders if Meg was able to cut her hair in jury. Steve doesn't score. Liz scores 20 points. She tells them they won't ever see the jury house. Steve doesn't score. He says, "I liked it more when we were on a team." Liz scores 15 points.


9:58 PM BBT Steve doesn't score. Vanessa is providing sound effects. Liz scores 10 points. Vanessa says, Liz is killing him with 210 points. Steve uses the Swiffer. Vanessa says, "That's for bowling." Vanessa says, "I didn't take the muscle relaxer today." Liz wipes up some of the cleaner. Steve doesn't score. Liz doesn't score.


10:00 PM BBT Steve doesn't score. He says, "I look soo weird without facial hair." Liz doesn't score. Steve scores 10 points. Liz doesn't score. Steve scores 10 points. Liz says, "Three more turns each of her & then they can play cards." Liz doesn't score. Steve doesn't score. Liz doesn't score. Steve scores 5 points. Liz doesn't score. They are doing one more throw each. Steve kissed the foil ball. He scores 15 points on his first turn, & misses his last shot. Liz misses her first shot & scores 10 points on her last throw of the regular game.


10:05 PM BBT Liz says, "There's still glitter everywhere. Thanks Frankie." Liz wants Steve to fix the Glory Hole. Steve says, "I've never done it." They are throwing 5 balls each for the last Glory Hole round of BB17. Steve misses all 6 of his shots. He took 6 instead of 5. Liz misses all 6 of her shots. Liz wins 215 to 170 for Steve for the final Pot Ball game of BB17.


10:07 PM BBT Liz says, "This was for Grandma Meg." She says, she asked if they would play one of her games if they got to the final 3. Liz says, "We played Pot Ball, sorry not sorry." Steve says, he doesn't like one of his teeth. He sits down at the DT, & asks, "What is life?" Steve puts all the cards together. Vanessa is hungry for something. Liz says, "Cookies." Vanessa says, "I'm going to resist, have to be skinny. I don't want to eat junk for tomorrow." Liz says, "That's soo hard to do," as she eats another cookie. Vanessa says, "I'm soo excited." She sits down at the DT.


10:09 PM BBT Liz sits down at the DT. She says, "No more cookies. I probably had about 7 right now." Steve sits down & says, "There's nothing wrong with that." Liz says, "This is the last night of sitting around playing old people cards." Steve says, "We won't do this in our real lives." Steve says, he would like to get people around without their cell phones. Liz says, "It will never happen." Steve says, "They've done soo much, but they've taken so much away." They start to play Chinese Poker.

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10:12 PM BBT Steve tells them he's very impatient. He says, "My face is clean." They finish that round. Steve gets 6 points. They shuffle to play another round. Vanessa says, "All the dust from packing really got to her." Liz says, it's not bothering her & she's highly allergic to cats. (Did I miss something?) Steve says, "I'm allergic to cooties." Liz says, "I don't have cooties." They begin the next round.


10:16 PM BBT They finish this hand of Chinese Poker. Steve tries to bother Vanessa. He says, "I'm being James." Vanessa says, "I don't dance on command. I will dance if there's music, but I can't dance like that." Steve says, "It was all promo material. It will be on the internet forever." They begin the next hand.


10:19 PM BBT They finish this hand. Steve wants to put a heat patch on, but he wants to take a shower first. Liz wants one, & tells Steve to get it for her. Steve asks, "Why do I have to do it." Liz says, "You can get yourself one, be a gentleman. If it were Juj you would do it." Steve says, "I would." Liz says, "Little shit." We see FOTH briefly. Steve brings her the heat patch. Liz deals the next hand.


10:23 PM BBT Vanessa tells them that she did a song analysis on a song Steve likes. He says, he would love to read it.


10:24 PM BBT Liz asks Steve to put the heat pack on her neck for her. She says, "Thank you, prefect." She sits back down at the DT. They show their cards to finish this hand.


10:25 PM BBT Steve gets up from the DT, & his blue hoodie falls on the floor. He goes back to the DT, picks up the hoodie, puts it on, zips it up & sits back down in his orange chair. They begin the next hand.


10:28 PM BBT Steve says, he's going to put a heat patch on after his shower. Liz asks him if he usually takes his showers at night? Steve says, "Yes, except at school when there's no such thing as night & day. They show their cards. Steve gets up & goes to the OBR. He goes back to the KT to throw his garbage away. Liz gets up to get water, & says, "Ha ha, you couldn't resist." He asks Liz to return the favor of putting his patch on him. She does. He says, he'll take it off when he showers & put it back on. Vanessa says, this will probably be Steve's last shower in the BB house. Liz says, "The shower is soo foul." They begin their next hand of Chinese Poker.

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10:32 PM BBT Vanessa says, "I bet everyone is as excited as them for it to be over." Liz says, "A lot of the PA's don't know when their next job will be." They finish this hand. Vanessa says, "We're half way there." She asks, "What's wrong Steve?" Steve says, "I'm sad." Liz says, "I'm happy." Vanessa tells Steve his nails look really shinny. He says, "I removed some cuticles today." He says, "I didn't know what cuticles were before coming in the BB house." He says, "I didn't actually do anything to them." He asks, "Should I do anything to them?" Vanessa says, "No, they are nice." Steve talks about Vanessa putting a ring on it. We see FOTH. Steve says, "I wonder how much people are going to care about this." They play the next hand.


10:37 PM BBT They flip their cards over to finish this hand.


10:39 PM BBT The HG's start the next hand of Chinese Poker.


10:41 PM BBT Everyone flips their cards over to finish this hand.


10:43 PM BBT Steve says, "In an hour and a half the Finale will be today." Liz says, "If they told us we had to stay one more day I would tell them to take the f'n money." Steve talks about the pretend family tree from the game. Liz says, she had a dream about it. They start the next round of Chinese Poker.


10:46 PM BBT The HG's talk about a HG saying, "Thanks Obama."  They finish the next hand.


10:47 PM BBT Steve talks about the Utopia being for 365 days. Liz says, they have the U.S. watching them, but then she says, "Imagine how many people internationally are watching them to." They begin the next hand.


10:51 PM BBT Liz shuffles the cards. Steve says, he's probably not going to sleep a whole lot tomorrow night. Vanessa says, "I'm not either." Liz says, she's soo partying tomorrow night. Steve says, "Good luck with that." Vanessa says, "They can't control me anymore." Steve says, "Good luck with that." Vanessa asks why? Steve says, "They haven't paid you a dime yet." Liz says, "Oh shit." We see FOTH.


10:53 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Liz saying, "It's the best feeling in the world. I love getting drunk with my mom." Steve says, "That just seem soo wrong to me." Vanessa thinks she just won the game. They flip their cards over. Vanessa scooped Steve, & ended the game.


10:54 PM BBT Liz squeals & says, "Good game," & throws some cards in the air. Steve wants to toast. Vanessa tells him that it's really bad luck to toast without alcohol. Steve says, there's no such thing. They talk about the scale tomorrow. Steve asks if it's at 5:30 or 6:30 PM BBT. Vanessa tells him 6:30 PM BBT. They wish each other good luck. Vanessa wants to know what to do with other people's stuff that is still in the house. Steve says, "Everyone gets from the stage to the BY somehow, but he doesn't know how.


10:58 PM BBT Steve tells Vanessa, "You wouldn't even know about the BY if it wasn't for me." Vanessa says, "I saw the interviews, but I didn't know it was in the BY." We see FOTH.


11:00 PM BBT Live feeds come back. Vanessa asks Steve, "Why are you throwing a temper tantrum." Steve says, "Because I'm in the BB Finale, & that is not o.k." He says, "I should have been gone long ago." Steve says, "My goal is to not throw up tomorrow." Vanessa tells him, "You probably will." Steve says, "Probably." Vanessa says, "Either way, it's probably the most amount of money you've ever seen, right?" We see FOTH.

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11:08 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Steve looking at the Memory Wall. He hums & walks into the WA. He cleans his ears out with Q-Tips. He paces to the hallway & back to the WA. He takes his microphone, shirt & hoodie off. He gets his back scrubber & toiletry bag out from under the sink to get ready to take a shower. Steve is mouthing words to himself, most likely practicing his speech. He picks up a turquoise towel & takes his shoes & socks off.


11:11 PM BBT Steve goes in the WC. Liz & Vanessa are both in bed in the OBR. The yellow, Dyson vacuum cleaner is in the middle of the floor in the WA.


11:13 PM BBT Steve comes out of the WC wrapped in his towel, with his flip flops on. He goes turns the HOT side of the shower on & goes down the hall to look in the mirror across from the CRL. He takes his glasses off & then gets in the shower, putting his towel over the COLD sides door.


11:21 PM BBT Steve finishes his shower & turns the water off. He uses his towel to dry himself off, while whispering to himself.


11:23 PM BBT Steve snaps his fingers & hums in the shower. He moves his flip flops back & forth, almost as if he's dancing in the shower, without the water running. He comes out with his grey sweat pants on. He puts on a light blue shirt. Steve actually took a shower without his swim trunks on. He puts his back scrubber & toiletry bag under the sink. He puts a new pair of black socks on, & then puts his black Nike tennis shoes on. He then puts his microphone on. He takes his royal blue shirt apart from his blue hoodie & walks out of the WA.


11:26 PM BBT Steve puts his blue hoodie on, zips it up & goes to the DR.


11:31 PM BBT Liz goes to the WA, & Steve comes out of the DR. Steve hums as he walks to the KT. He says, "Oh my God," & hums his way to the WA. There is a mess still in the CBR. Vanessa is stirring in her bed in the OBR. Liz comes out of the WC. Steve & Liz say, Hi to each other. Liz tells Steve he left his pants & underwear in the WC. She washes her hands. Steve says, "That's an interesting thing to leave behind. He says, "Have a good night Miss Nolan." He takes his clothes to the OBR. Liz says, "Good night, & goes back to her bed in the OBR.


11:33 PM BBT Steve gets his teddy bear & HOH Letters. He goes to the LR. Liz whispers to Vanessa that Steve was in the DR for like 5 minutes. Steve sits down in the eviction & starts to cry, while he's holding his teddy bear and an HOH Letter. He hug his teddy bear, Coco. He whispers, "I don't even know what I'm crying about." He looks at one of his HOH Letters, put it down & looks at another one. He seems to have a flood of emotions right now, as this is his last night in the BB house.


11:36 PM BBT Steve moves his black BB Bag, moves to the other eviction chair, takes his hoodie off, sits with his legs crossed & looks at one of his HOH Letters. Liz tells Vanessa that she may ask Steve what part of his game strategy stands out from other HG's that have been on BB? Vanessa says, that's a good question. Liz says, she feels that Steve has emulated a lot of other HG's. Vanessa says, that's actually a good question & she may steal it. She says, there's no way they both are going to have to ask him questions. He gets up & goes to the OBR. Vanessa asks, "Steve, why are you walking around with you teddy bear?" Steve says, "I'm a mess."


11:37 PM BBT Vanessa asks Steve, "Why, what's going on?" Steve says, "BB Finale." Vanessa says, "Walking around with your teddy bear is too much." She tells him, "You don't want to be a mess tomorrow, you need your sleep." She says, "You don't want to mess up tomorrow with your speeches." She tells him that he's in the final match of BB17, & you never saw the jury house. She says, "Worst case you leave with like 20 G's, best case you leave with half a million, life could be so much worse." Steve says, "I don't even know what I'm crying about." Steve gets his bed set up.


11:39 PM BBT Steve goes to the LR & gets his hoodie. He goes back to the OBR, picks up an HOH Letter & reads it, while he's sitting on the edge of the pull-out bed.


11:41 PM BBT Liz says, "Steve, stop crying." Steve says, "I'm sorry, I just can't believe I'm here right now. I still can't believe I'm here right now. I'm sorry I'm so dramatic." He asks if he should step out so they can sleep? Vanessa says, "No, you're not bothering me." Steve gets up & paces back & forth a little. He sets his HOH Letter on his bed, picks it back up, & walks to the WA. Liz whispers to Vanessa that she can't stand when he acts like this. Steve looks in the mirror in the hallway across from the CRL.


11:43 PM BBT Vanessa says, "I should just go smack some sense into him." Liz says, "Do you know how bad I want to cry." BB says, "Steve, please shut down the gym equipment." He goes to the OBR & asks what gym equipment is there to shut down? Vanessa tells him they used to have a gym. Liz asks him what he's putting on? Steve says, "My acne cream." He says, "I just wanted to make sure you guys heard that, & he goes to the LR & picks up his HOH Letters. He takes them to the WA with him.


11:45 PM BBT Liz tells Vanessa, "I really hope you win tomorrow." Vanessa says, "Thank you. There's a lot of luck in that shit, but I think I have the edge." Liz says, "I want a girl to win this season soo bad." Vanessa says, "Plus, we already had Ian Terry, not again, not for our season." Liz says, "What makes me sick to my stomach is if he beats you & picks me." Vanessa says, "Don't say that shit. I would go party so hard. It would be as if I put a gun to my head. I would be like vodka straights." Vanessa says, "I just want to have a party. I've never been so hard up to let loose." She says, "I've never been so tightly wound." She says, "I don't do this structure very well, & I love to have fun." She says, "It's hard to have fun in here." She tells Liz, "I'm more shy than you. I never know what people are going to say. I'm introverted." Liz says, she could tell."


11:48 PM BBT Steve brushes his teeth in the WA. BB says, "Steve, did you wash your hands." Steve says, "You just saw me do it actually. So, yes, yes I did."  Liz yells, "Ewww." Steve yells to Liz, "I was in the middle of washing them when he said it." Liz tells Vanessa that her & Julia used to be the shyest twins. Vanessa says, they had to be soo cute. Vanessa says, she wants to have her brand for DJing, & you can't let loose. Liz says, "If you drink to much you will slip." Steve goes to the OBR & says the same thing. Liz asks, "Why are they f'ing with you soo much?" Steve says, "Because I'm a mess right now." He says, "I have all the emotions right now that anyone could have." He says, I need to calm down & go to bed. He asks Liz if he's being rude to her? Liz says, "No, but you have no reason to cry." Steve apologizes to Vanessa & Liz even more.


11:50 PM BBT Vanessa tells Steve, "You need to have perspective." She says, "There is someone in this room that would kill to be in your position to play." Vanessa tells him, "You're a very strong young man." She says, "It's an overwhelming process, it got you this far." Liz tells Vanessa, "You should be a pre-school teacher." Vanessa says, "My mom is a guidance counselor & the way I talk, I got from my mom. I'm channeling a little of my mom right now." Vanessa says, "O.K. Steven Moses, this should be the happiest time for you." Steve says, "I'm not claiming that I'm upset, I'm just feeling every emotion right now." Vanessa tells him he should go walk the steps or something. Steve says, "I might move some chess pieces around." Vanessa tells him to practice his speech, not to overindulge or obsess. Steve tells Vanessa, "You are correct."


11:52 PM BBT Vanessa says, "I love when he says I'm correct." Steve says, "I never saw this side of you when we went to the pier together." Liz says, "What, you went to the pier together? You weren't allowed to talk." Steve says, "Correct." BB says, "You are not allowed to talk about production." Liz says, "I'm soo mad I didn't get to go." Steve says, "That's because you are the twin twist, you are special." Steve says, "Nor did Audrey." Liz asks, "Why didn't Audrey?" Steve says, "You may find out today." Liz squeals out of excitement. Steve says, "It's time to get some sleep for tomorrow." Liz asks if he his question ready? Steve says, "I do." Liz asks what he would say if someone asks his strategy, would he say he was sneaky? They all laugh. Vanessa says, "It's all high knees." They ponder if Audrey could have made it this far. Steve says, "If she made it this far she would have my vote." They talk about Audrey not winning comps. Steve says, "She's intelligent."


11:55 PM BBT Liz says, "I didn't know that much about her." Steve asks if he can something else, or do they want to go to sleep? Liz says, "No, you can say one more." Vanessa laughs. Steve says, "What Audrey's problem was that she played online BB on Skype." He says, "Here's someone that knows everything about BB & then here's someone that didn't know anything about BB." He says, "You play with the range of people in the BB house." He says, "She's used to playing with the people that know everything about BB." He says, "She's not used to playing with people like Clay, Becky or Jace." Liz says, "So, she came in swinging too hard." Steve says, "If you had a cast of all super hard core fans her game would have gone differently." Vanessa says, "Audrey made a lot of mistakes with me." Steve asks what she did? Vanessa says, she can write about it & she can tell him more later. Vanessa & Liz both say she made to many mistakes to turn them against her.


11:58 PM BBT Liz says, "She thought she was soo entitled. It's like, No, you screwed all of us over bitch." Steve says, "I don't think she did anything to me good or bad. I know she was screwing other people though." Vanessa says, "On a game level she made a lot of mistakes with me." She says, "With me, it really mattered because of Shelli. It was because of us she went home." Liz asks if she will hold a grudge. Steve says, "She's a beautiful person." Vanessa says, "She had a great game for another time." Steve talks about how he was socially outcasted & became a target week one. He says, James told him week one he was going on the block, so he made a huge mistake. Liz tells Steve he learned from that.

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