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Saturday, September 12 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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6:07pm BBT: Vanessa is now in bed in the HOH RM all Hg are now taking a nap.


6:27pm BBT: All HG still in bed napping.


6:35pm BBT: Vanessa gets up gets a snack and a drink then heads downstairs, she goes to the LVR and sets her things down the  goes to the DR.


 6:38pm BBt: Johnny Mack now gets up and goes to the KT to take Advil. Steve then gets up and goes to the KT and ask Johnny Mack if he is ok. johnny Mack says yeah I am going back to bed i just have a headache. Steve gets a glass washes it then pours himself a drink.


6:44pm BBT: Steve goes to the STR then comes out and tries to get into the DR then goes to sit at the Kt table  and looks at the memory wall then has a snack.


6:51pm BBT: Vanessa comes out of the DR and Steve ask if she wants company and she says no and he ask are you still out of it as Vanessa continues upstairs and Steve says ok have a good night Vanessa.


 6:55pm BBT: Steve goes back to bed as BB calls him to the DR. Vanessa in the HOh rm  having a snack and just walking around then throws her trash away  then sits on the couch in silence.

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7:00 PM BBT In the HOHR, Vanessa gets into her bed & covers up with the comforter. In the OBR, Austin & Liz are sleeping in their bed.


7:13 PM BBT Steve comes out of the DR & goes to the KT. John asks Steve what time it is. Steve tells him it's 7:13 PM BBT. Vanessa comes out of the HOHR & tells Steve he can go up if he wants. Steve says, "O.K.," & goes upstairs. Austin gets up & goes to the WA.


7:15 PM BBT Vanessa tells Steve that he's staying on the block & the votes he was counting on are now going to be split. She tells him that everyone is going to be pulling her in every direction. She says, she's not trying to freak him out. She tells him that her HOH never goes on the way it's supposed to. Vanessa tells Steve that they are on an accelerated schedule so they need to talk. She asks if things will go down on Tuesday, with the replacement nom's on Monday? Steve tells her, it's his best guess, but he's not sure.


7:17 PM BBT Vanessa tells Steve that what they talk about needs to stay between them & if she finds out it doesn't there will be issues. Vanessa asks Steve if he knows of any deal that John made with Austin or Liz? Steve says, he knows there was time for it yesterday, but he doesn't know of any deal that was made. Vanessa tells Steve that she was told that John told Austin & Liz that he would throw the Veto to Austin or Liz to keep them off the block to vote him out. She says, he didn't throw the Veto because he saw Steve doing good.


7:19 PM BBT Vanessa tells Steve she heard this from Austin & Liz, but it doesn't make sense that John would throw a Veto when he's on the block. Steve says, he may have been covering his ass. In the WA, Austin tells John that Steve may be trying to convince Vanessa to take one of them out. Austin says, Steve is probably trying to throw them under the bus so there will be a blood bath. John says, he wonders if there is a final 2 deal with Steve & Vanessa. John says, Vanessa is paranoid about the final 4 Veto & his just crazy enough to take a showmance to the final 3.


7:21 PM BBT Back in the HOHR, Steve uses Skittles to let Vanessa which jury members would vote for Liz & which ones would vote for Austin, him or her. Vanessa asks Steve who he would vote for in the finals if it's Liz & Austin left in the game. She tells him she needs an answer. Steve says, he's leaning towards Liz, because she overcame a huge obstacle with her sister coming in the house. Vanessa asks if he thinks Austin had a hand in that? Steve says, he did. Steve asks her if she would vote for Austin then? Vanessa tells him she's in no mood for him to question her. She needs an answer & he's not getting information from him. (Really?!)


7:25 PM BBT Steve says, it's a really hard vote. He pauses, & then says, he's still would vote for Liz. He says, she's had a better social game & did better. Vanessa says, she's shocked by that vote, because Austin threw competitions because he didn't need to win. Vanessa asks if he can make that argument to Joker's? Steve tells her that Austin has been running the twins, so he may lean towards Austin, since he didn't consider that. (Liz won more comps than Austin.)


7:28 PM BBT Vanessa says, it may come down to which way Meg would vote, & she would probably vote with James. She says, then it would based on her vote, interesting. She asks who he thinks the jury would choose between Johnny Mac & Austin? Steve does the Skittles again.


7:29 PM BBT Vanessa says, it wouldn't matter how she votes then. Steve asks if it answered her question? Vanessa says, next week if she kept Liz or Austin & Steve stayed, who would he take to the final 2? Steve says, he would take Vanessa because he thinks it would be harder to win against Johnny Mac. He does the Skittles to show how it would work & who would vote for her & him.


7:34 PM BBT Vanessa says, it's very close between the two of them. Steve says, he feels very strange sitting there saying he thinks he will beat her in the final 2. She says, it's o.k., & the votes are closer. Steve says, John has been winning, it just hasn't been HOH's. Steve says, he has the Veto record for this season. He asks if anyone else even has 3 Veto's? She says, he thinks John is the only one that has more than 2. Vanessa asks Steve if he will swear on something that's close to him if Liz is HOH & he wins Veto that he would take her to the final 2? He says, if he has the choice & can choose, he will take her. She asks him what he will swear on? Vanessa tells him she won't tell him what to swear on. He says, he's not going to say the Bible because that's tacky. He asks what she wants him to swear on? Vanessa says, she can't tell him that. Steve swears on his mom that if he has the voting power next week to choose between her & John, he will take her to the final 2.


7:37 PM BBT Vanessa tells Steve she would choose him as well if she has the opportunity. Vanessa & Steve go over other scenarios. She tells him not to tell anyone what she told him. Steve says, she's the vote he needs, so he would be f'd if he did say anything.


7:39 PM BBT Vanessa asks Steve who he thinks is more likely to win the HOH next week, Liz or Austin? Steve repeats that, & says, the big question there on his mind is are they going to do the shovels? He says, he's really surprised they didn't already do that. He says, the two big comps they had last year were Gronk & Roll & the shovels. He thinks that they may have that one next. Steve asks how Liz & Austin were on the balance beem? Vanessa says, they were equal. She says, they were definitely faster than him.


7:41 PM BBT Vanessa tells Steve that if it's shovels she doesn't think he's a favorite, because that's not his skill set. She says, if it's Before & After, she feels he's a huge favorite. She asks Steve who he would take to the final 4 if it's her, him, Austin & John? Steve says, he's would lean to her & John, but then he's worried that John may undercut him on finale night. Steve says, if they take Austin, he thinks they would beat him.


7:44 PM BBT Steve & Vanessa talk about a climbing comp being the same comp they've used for two years. Vanessa asks if it's her, John & Liz with him what he would do? He says, he would definitely cut Liz because of how the jury would vote. Vanessa agrees. Vanessa asks him who he thinks John would take if he wins Veto & John? Steve asks who leaves this week? Vanessa says, if Liz stays? Steve says, probably Liz. Vanessa asks if Austin stays? Steve says, probably Austin. Vanessa asks why? Steve says, he thinks John has a loyalty to him & would chose her over Austin. Vanessa says, this is going to be brutal, everything she has told him has been true, & she needs him in the finals. She says, she is going to have 2 people in the finals that are going to be against her. She says, she should lock in final 2, unless she really gets unlucky. She tells Steve he will not go home this week.


7:49 PM BBT Steve thanks Vanessa. She tells him, he's welcome. He says, he probably wasn't as nervous as he should have been, but he's worried. Vanessa tells him he should be worried, but he has the most trustworthy person on his side. She says, she is grieving the loss of two more people really disliking her in jury. Vanessa asks Steve if he were her, who would he put up? Steve asks if he can get back to her? Vanessa says, no, because she wants him to tell her what's best for her game not his. She says, if she gives him time he will come up with a more calculated answer. They laugh, & Steve tells her he won't disagree with her.

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7:20: After Steve has asked and been rebuffed a couple of times. He is finally able to visit the HOH. Van warns him NOT to touch the candy on the table. Steve wonders if he could ask what it means. Van answers negatively. Van says everything they say must remain secret. For the next 35 minutes they have been discussing scenarios.(Van is wearing sunglasses, which she has previously said people wear, if they want to hide their thoughts.) She relentlessly questions Steve about what will happen if he remains this week. She asks if he would swear on something important that she would take her to an F2/F3 situation. Van asks Steve to count jury votes for the remaining HGs. He does so. Finally she asks who he thinks should leave he says Austin, she asks why. He says because he has a special relationship with you and he would take you to F2. Van says that Steve has nothing to worry about, he will not go home. Steve, says he's been worried. She says she knows, but she now has to make two more enemies in jury.  Steve questions Van why they are expecting her to send him home. She says she doesn't know, they are just mad at her, like they were mad at him. He says they aren't  mad at him. Van asks Steve who would be best for her game. He says "Can I get back with you?" Van says no, because you would choose who is best for your game. Steve uses candy to show what would happen in a Liz/Van final 2 jury vote. He shows that in an Liz/Van vote Liz would win. 

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7:52 PM BBT Vanessa asks Steve who has more votes locked up in jury between Liz & Austin. They run the scenarios with Skittles.


7:54 PM BBT Steve tells Vanessa he feels like an asshole telling her this. They do the votes with her & Liz, & then her & Austin. Austin goes in the OVT & lays with Liz, hugging her. He's saying something to her, but it's not audible & his microphone is muffled. Liz doesn't have her microphone on. Austin asks her if she wants to make dinner? She rolls over. Austin says, she's soo tired & he walks out of the OBR. Liz stretches a little. We see FOTH.


7:57 PM BBT Austin goes to the BY. He tells John that he can't believe Steve & Vanessa are still up there. He says, Steve has to be throwing him or Liz under the bus really hard. Austin says, Steve probably just assumes that he has John's vote, & only needs his. (They have no idea what's going on in the HOHR.) John says, he will tell him & Liz at the same time for his idea for the final 2. Austin says, it's very sneaky. He says, he never thought he would make it this far with Liz.


7:59 PM BBT Steve tells Vanessa that in the final stage she would win over Austin with the jury questions. Vanessa shows Steve her strategy for the final 4 that she has layed out on the glass table. He asks if he can ask what color is what? Vanessa says, no, & he's annoying her by even looking at it. Steve covers his eyes so he doesn't look at it. They laugh.


8:03 PM BBT Austin asks Vanessa if he can take his hand down? She says, yes. She asks him if he talked to John yesterday while they were gone? Steve says, John was really just depressed & acted like he was in hospice. There is a silence. Steve covers his eyes again, & tells Vanessa he's too tempted. Vanessa gets up to get a paper towel to cover it up, & Steve bumps the table. He tells her he's sorry. She says, it will take her a while to fix it now. They sit on her bed.


8:04 PM BBT Vanessa tells Steve she even tried to do something with Mr. Goodbar candy bars. She says, she even tried to tear up the wrappers to use them. Steve tells her that Skittle or M & M's are the wiser choice. Vanessa says, she hates this game, she likes this game a few times. She asks Steve is he wants alcohol? Steve says, he probably does. They laugh. Vanessa says, they are all probably freaking out downstairs. Steve tells her that he tried to lighten the mood with them & failed. He asks Vanessa for a hug & she asks him to tell Liz or Austin could go talk to her if they want to.


8:06 PM BBT Vanessa tells Steve she knows when he feels comfortable. She asks him he has no reason to worry, & doesn't want him to be stressed, but she wants him to act like he's stressed, because Austin & Liz will freak out if he's comfortable.


8:08 PM BBT Steve asks Vanessa what he did that made her think that way? Vanessa says, she's a good read of people, & she can't tell him exactly why. She tells him to just act like he's nervous & stressed so no one else will pick up on it. She tells him to not joke around so much & to fidget more. Vanessa says, she can scare him but she would be faking. She tells Steve to maybe try to stay away from them more. Steve says, that means he would have to hang out with John more. Vanessa says, she doesn't care who he has to hang around with. Steve says, she just told him to stay away from Austin & Liz. Vanessa says, she gave Austin & Liz hope that they would be safe, now she has to take that away.


8:11 PM BBT Steve asks Vanessa if she knows who she's putting up, but not to give her names? She says, that's why she wants to talk to them individually. Steve says, he can give her his opinion if she wants it. She says, he can come back & give her his opinion if he wants to after she talks to them individually. Steve says, he may be coming to one now. He asks her which of them would she really want to be in the final 3 with more, Liz or Austin? Vanessa says, Austin is more likely to win the second round & Liz is more likely to win the third round. Vanessa says, she doesn't think either of them would win the first round. Steve says, he's worried about beating Austin in part two & Liz in part three. Steve says, he was thinking he'd rather go with Austin, but with Liz, Vanessa can take part 2 & he can win part 3. Vanessa says, exactly, he can easily win part 3, because a boy would beat a girl in that part.


8:15 PM BBT Vanessa tells Steve DO NOT work out with Austin. She says, she's going to weaken his muscles. All he can probably do is cardio at this point. She says, they are too close to the finals, & he will get weak. She says, if Austin is on the block, he will use the workouts to weaken him as part of his game. She says, Austin is a lot smarter than she thought. She says, he comes out of left field with things that she was surprised by.


8:17 PM BBT She tells Steve that she doesn't know this for a fact, but he needs to just be careful. Liz & Austin are in the KT. Austin tells Liz that he woke up on his own hearing Steve scampering upstairs. (He came out of the DR & then Vanessa called him upstairs.)


8:18 PM BBT Vanessa & Steve talk about him not acting happy. They both agree that John is not a bad person, & Vanessa literally can't tell him again what she is telling him, because she thought he could read between the lines. Steve tries to figure it out & Vanessa shushes him. She tells him to act stressed when he goes downstairs. They talk about scenarios again for the finals.


8:24 PM BBT Steve gives Vanessa another hug. He tells her he's not going to rant anymore. He tells Vanessa he's going to act nervous & concerned. He says, he's going to try to read between the lines unsuccessfully. Vanessa tells him to have fun, & he leaves the HOHR. Vanessa goes in the HOHR WA to fix her make-up. She asks why her HOH's can't ever work out the way they are supposed to? She asks why the worst case person always wins the Veto? Steve knocks on the HOHR door. Vanessa tells him to come in. He tells her the BY is open. Vanessa says, "Cool, thank you." Steve leaves. Vanessa puts concealer under her eyes, but it's not covering up her dark circles.

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8:29 PM BBT In the BY Austin & John are working out using the weight bench. They are talking about a puzzle comp being tough. Austin says, it's going to be tough, & it's more up Steve's alley really. Austin finishes his turn on the weight bench, & John takes his turn.


8:30 PM BBT In the CBR, Steve is counting everything in the room. He leaves the CBR walking really slowly. He goes in the SR. Steve goes to the OBR to count the chains that are tied back by the window.


8:34 PM BBT Steve counts the chains again. He stands in the middle of the OBR & then paces back & forth in the OBR. He gets a breath freshener strip of the night stand, & begins counting the chains yet again.


8:36 PM BBT John & Austin are still working out in the BY. Liz goes out & sits on the hammock. John tells Austin that his parents don't close their pool until October. Liz lays down on the hammock & begins to swing herself back & forth.


8:38 PM BBT Steve goes to the KT & looks through the refrigerator. Steve goes back to the HOHR. Vanessa tells Steve that if John was willing to throw the Veto to vote him out, she wonders why he would want Steve out? She says, Austin & John may have made some kind of deal. She says, they need to think she's not a tie breaker. Vanessa wants Steve to verify with John which way he's going to vote before the Veto ceremony. Vanessa tells Steve not to tell him what she will do either way. Steve says, he will confirm it. He asks Vanessa if she wants him to lie to Johnny? Vanessa says, yes, it's for his own good. Steve says, "O.K." Steve tells Vanessa she may needs some wine. She says, not before she talks to Austin & Liz. Steve tells her she seems to be fried from everything going on. She says, she's almost fried, but not yet. She tells Steve she's going to talk to Austin & Liz. They leave the HOHR.


8:42 PM BBT Steve goes to the KT & he's clicking his fingers. Vanessa goes to the BY & tells Liz that she didn't even know they had it opened yet. She tells Vanessa she's still soo tired from the concert last night. She says, they ragged to hard. She asks Vanessa if she's talked about the comp in the DR yet? She says, no, they wanted her to, but she didn't want to. Liz says, her either. Vanessa says, her comp lasted 4 seconds, what else is there to say. She says, it literally lasted 30 seconds, & there was no horn that went off to warn them. She's sitting on the hammock with Liz.

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8:46 PM BBT Liz & Vanessa discuss the comp. Vanessa tells Liz that Steve is freaking out. Liz says, he only thinks about himself & he doesn't care about anyone else. Vanessa asks, really? Liz says, yeah. She says, she sees what she means, but a lot of people are like that. Vanessa asks Austin if they talked about what they want her to do? Liz says, she's been sleeping & hasn't had a chance yet. Vanessa says, she wants to drink some wine, but she's worried that she may have to do the replacement nom in the morning. Liz asks if she thinks it will be that quick? She says, she wishes they would give them a heads up. Vanessa asks, a heads up about what? Vanessa says, about what? Liz says, about what they are going to do. Vanessa says, they won't, expect the unexpected. Liz says, "Expect the unexpected m'r f'rs."


8:49 PM BBT Vanessa asks Austin how he's doing? Austin says, he's o.k. He asks how Steve's scamper session went? She asks what he means? She tells him that understandably Steve is upset. She says, she told him she's going to have to put one of them up. Austin says, yep, & walks away. Vanessa tells Liz that John can't know he was the target.


8:51 PM BBT Vanessa tells Liz that she wants to be fair, & she just went through an eviction on the block last week, & Austin never has. She says, that's the only thing she can come up with realistically. Liz says, she knows. Vanessa says, so, that's pretty much all she's got.


8:52 PM BBT Vanessa says, she knows Liz told her that if she needed her to go up as a replacement nom she was o.k. with it. She asks if she still feels that way? Liz says, she's just terrified of Steve. Vanessa says, each of them needs to go talk to her at some point within the next 2 hours, because she doesn't want to stay up. Liz wants to go talk now. She tells John & Austin that they have no idea what the schedule is like now, & she doesn't know when she's going to have to do this. She says, she wants to drink wine. Liz tells her, she should. Vanessa wants to get the not fun part out of the way. She tells them, she's going to talk to Liz & then she wants to talk to them following her so she can go to sleep.


8:55 PM BBT Vanessa & Liz go to the HOHR. She shows Liz her Skittles diagram of everything. Liz asks if she's doing scenarios? Vanessa says, it's really hard. Liz tells her that she didn't want this to happen. Vanessa says, she's cried. Vanessa asks Liz if Austin was actually trying his hardest. She says, she doesn't know, she just thinks he's not genuinely good at those puzzles. Vanessa says, he ran back & forth so fast & he's smart.


8:56 PM BBT Vanessa asks Liz if Austin was good in Ginger Fever? Liz says, she doesn't know because she wasn't there. Vanessa says, the same thing happened in all 3 puzzles with leaving a piece in the box. Liz says, she feels she got screwed in the comp. She says, she forgot about the time. She says, she just had to go to sleep. Liz tells Vanessa that she thinks Steve is a huge threat, & he's going to win things left & right. Liz says, she's seen him all over the place today. She says, she's just annoyed by him, & he's her target. She says, she didn't tell Austin that she offered to go on the block. She tells her they don't have to tell him about it. Vanessa asks if he's offered to go on the block? Liz says, no.


8:59 PM BBT Liz says, without Austin she doesn't have anyone. She says, he's also getting closer to Johnny Mac. Vanessa says, she knows that's not good. Vanessa tells Liz that John would take her (Liz) to the finals. She says, he will probably take her (Vanessa) & Austin. Liz asks Vanessa how she feels about Steve? Vanessa says, she feels he's playing the game, as he should. Liz says, Steve made her swear on her family & that's not good. Vanessa says, she thinks he makes mistakes, he's not perfect. She says, she thinks that he can win in the game. She says, it's been good to have him in the game because he was a bigger threat. She says, whoever wins the final round is going to take Johnny Mac over them.


9:01 PM BBT Vanessa asks Liz if she thinks it's more fair for Austin to go on the block? Liz says, yes, because he knows she was just there with her sister. She says, he shouldn't want her to go up there again, because that's rude, "buccoo." Vanessa asks if she thinks Austin will freak out? Liz says, he knows one of them has to go up, so what's he going to have her do it again? Vanessa says, it's his turn. She asks Liz if they ever made that deal with Johnny Mac? Liz says, he never came back to her. She tells Vanessa to talk to Austin about that though. Vanessa asks if John came to both of them? Liz says, it was so bizarre. She says, he came to them in the WA.


9:04 PM BBT Liz says, she thinks John was doing it for insurance. She says, she will never understand John, & she thinks there's something up with Austin & Johnny Mac. Vanessa asks if she trusts Austin completely? Liz says, she wants to. Vanessa says, they are in the same boat. Liz says, he can't be a Clay. Vanessa asks if it were her (Vanessa), Johnny Mac & Austin with her (Vanessa) would she take her (Vanessa)? Liz says, she made that deal with her & she has no intention of breaking that deal. She says, she wanted the nom's to stay the same & she got cheated in the comp.


9:06 PM BBT Liz tells Vanessa that she's going to have a lot of opportunities after leaving the BB house, & she wants to leave there with her head held high. Vanessa says, they are thinking the same way. She says, she wants to keep her off the block. She says, she's never doubted Liz, & her actions have spoken loud & clear. She says, she really really believes they have to stick together. She says, she has a really odd feeling about what's going on. Liz says, Vanessa can't play next week. Vanessa says, she can play in the Veto. Liz tells Vanessa Steve will win the Veto's because they are up his alley. She says, the comps are going to all be up Steve's alley & she can beat Austin. She says, she literally got screwed over in the comp today. (Why? Because there was a timer she forgot about?)


9:09 PM BBT Liz says, Austin will probably want her to be on the block again. Vanessa says, she feels that Austin is probably going to pressure her. She says, at this moment she really doesn't want to put her up. She says, she has to give him a fair shake to hear him out. They think he may be coming up there now, because they can hear him a mile away. Vanessa says, it sucks going to the final 4.


9:10 PM BBT Liz tells Vanessa that she has no one without Austin there, & she feels that Austin is really close to Johnny Mac. She says, she will never be close to him. Vanessa says, she won't either. Liz tells Vanessa she's really drained. Vanessa says, they are probably drained the same. Liz tells Vanessa she's going to go back to bed because she's been tired as shit. Vanessa tells Liz how shitty her HOH's have been. They discuss it.


9:12 PM BBT Vanessa says, she has to keep declaring a target, & then they win the Veto. Vanessa asks Liz what would happen if her & Austin made it to final 2? Liz says, she hasn't thought about it, but she thinks they would vote for the guy. She says, she doesn't even want to go to the finals with a guy. She says, the jury is filled with girls & they will be catty. She says, she wants to see a girl win, because she's sick of seeing a guy win this. Vanessa says, she's soo right.

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9:14 PM BBT Liz & Vanessa talk about how much fun they had yesterday. Liz tells Vanessa she has to do this for Julia. She says, Austin made her think that way when he said he has to do this for himself. Liz says, she's such a baby & gets teary eyed just thinking about what Julia is doing. Vanessa tells Liz to go tell Austin she offered him for the block. Liz says, he will kill her. They leave the HOHR.


9:19 PM BBT Austin & Vanessa go to the HOHR. Austin asks her what's up? Vanessa tells him she has to put one of them on the block & it's rotten. She asks if he & Liz have talked about which one should go up? Austin says, no. Vanessa says, Liz was just up, so she may have to put him up. Austin says, he'll go up if she needs to put him up. He says, he trusts her 100%. Vanessa says, he can probably get Johnny Mac to vote for him. Vanessa says, it just sucks & she doesn't want to put one of them up.


9:21 PM BBT Austin asks Vanessa if she puts him up what will Steve think? He asks if Steve thinks he'll be voted out? Vanessa says, she thinks that Steve thinks it's anyone's game. Austin says, he fears that there will be some type of power put in the HNR. Vanessa says, that would be terrible. He says, it could be bad if she's HOH now, & ends up being the one to go out the door on Tuesday. (Not sure why he thinks someone is getting voted out Tuesday.)


9:23 PM BBT Vanessa says, she's going to try to feel Johnny Mac out as to who he's leaning towards voting. Austin tells Vanessa that he feels he may be just trying to get him to bite. Vanessa asks him about the deal? Austin says, he told him before the comp he may throw it to them if he could. He says, after the comp he told him he couldn't throw it because Steve was starting to get better. Austin says, John has already thrown Steve under the bus before, so at this point, he could want to vote Steve out. Vanessa says, they just need to win the HOH. Austin says, if Steve goes one of them will win the game, because Johnny Mac is not winning the game.


9:25 PM BBT Vanessa says, John is so easy to be pulled to the finals. She says, Steve thinks John is going to win. Vanessa says, she's she threw a fit today, & she was soo mad. She asks Austin if he threw the comp? Austin says, no, he tried. He says, he was looking at Liz' like they were. He says, his button broke, & by the third reset he was done. Austin says, he thought Liz had it. Vanessa told Austin that John did the puzzle on the ground & then put it up. Austin says, he didn't think there was enough room to do that. Vanessa says, it was rotten.


9:27 PM BBT Vanessa asks Austin if they are good on everything. She tells Austin she feels soo bad for Steve & she feels like a shitty person. Austin says, if it's not Steve it will be him or Liz. She asks if she should tell Steve? Austin says, if she's going to be the tie breaker she may want to tell him so he's not scampering.


9:29 PM BBT Vanessa says, she may need to just tell him the day of. Austin says, if Steve sees him being put up, Steve may think that Steve will know what's going to happen. Vanessa asks if he thinks Johnny Mac would vote to keep Liz if she goes up? Austin says, he doesn't know. He says, John made him feel like he didn't want to be Rockstars anymore.


9:30 PM BBT Austin says, John asked him what the alliance name was? Austin says he wouldn't tell him. Vanessa decides she wants to tell Johnny Mac what the alliance name is. They leave the HOHR. She calls for him, but he's in the BY. She yells, "The Scamper Squad wants to talk to you." She opens the sliding back door. John asks if she's ready for him. They go to the BY. She tells John she feels soo bad that John wants to know the alliance name, so they are going to tell him. She hints to scampering & tells John they are the "Scamper Squad." She tells John she felt bad for him & this poor guy needs to know. John & Vanessa go to the HOHR.


9:33 PM BBT Vanessa tells John she was loyal & it was formed on day 23. Vanessa says, it was good for Steve to have him also to maximize his odds. Vanessa asks John what she should do? John says, he won the try outs. Vanessa says, now that John has won the Veto, it's actually better for her. She tells him he's won 4 Veto's is good for him. She says, although he's not won any HOH's. She says, at least he's won a lot of comps.


9:34 PM BBT Vanessa tells John he was the one with the worst comp record, & now he's not. She says, she was worried about him undercutting her. She tells John she has to put one of Liztin on the block. She says, she's assuming that he's going to vote to keep Steve, but wonders if he's thinking about not keeping him. John says, he can change his vote if she wants him to. He says, if he votes him out he'll be pissed but oh well. Vanessa tells Steve that she feels that Steve has always been loyal to John. She says, he never did anything against him at all.


9:36 PM BBT John says, she doesn't want to get dirty. She says, she's already rottenly dirty. She says, she not trying not to make her hands dirty, she just wants to make a good decision. She says, they may find themselves in the final 4 with a showmance & they will get farther. She says, if they take one of them out now, it could be her, Steve & him in the final 3. She asks John which one he thinks will win in the final 4? John says, Austin most likely. She asks who he would rather be in the final 4, Liz or Austin? She says, if he's think that he's probably thinking Liz. John says, yeah. Vanessa says, it's a really really tough spot. She tells John she thinks he would beat Steve in finals.


9:39 PM BBT John seems surprised by that. Vanessa tells him what her thoughts are with the jury members. She tells John she thinks that Austin would vote for him over Steve. She says, he may have a clean sweep win Austwins because of Steve voting Julia out. She says, it's not something he wants to tell Steve in case he stays, because then he may not take him.


9:41 PM BBT Vanessa tells Steve she's never even thought about thinking this far ahead before. She tells John they've worked together so far, & she hopes they still can. She tells John she wants to make this decision with John. She says, this stays between them. She says, she's ready to make the decision with him & asks him what he thinks? She says, whatever they decide they can make it work, whether he has to vote or she's the tie breaker. She says, she's very open minded & not afraid. She hopes if people get their feelings hurt they can get over it really quick. She says, she counts them all as family at this point. She tells him everything she feels for all of them.


9:44 PM BBT She asks John to help her make the best game move. John says, if they get rid of Steve it will be them versus Liztin, it will be only him playing for the HOH. He says, one of them will be on the block. She says, HOH is like a luxury comp at this point because it's the Veto that determines everything. She tells him the Veto winner has to take the HOH & one other person. She says, if the HOH wins they can do whatever they want.


9:46 PM BBT Vanessa asks if he's in the final 2 with Steve or Liz who will he win against? He says, he always thought Liz. They talk about the jury members. Liz yells across the house to Austin asking him to get pepper jack cheese. She's getting ready to make dinner.

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9:49 PM BBT Vanessa asks John who he thinks Steve would take to final 3? John says, he thinks Steve is pretty loyal & would take the two of them. Vanessa asks if he thinks that if Liz is there? John says, Steve may think that Liz is easier to win against in comps & may keep her. Vanessa says, he thinks that he may have individual loyalty to Austin that he doesn't have to Liz. Vanessa says, Austin & Liz both told her that they were o.k. with Austin going on the block because Liz was there last week. She says, she doesn't want to scumbag him, she just hasn't said anything.


9:51 PM BBT Vanessa tells John that Austin seems to think he can get him to vote for him. John says, he doesn't want to be the bad guy. Vanessa says, she wants to be on the same page, & they need to do this together because Liz would vote for Austin. John says, there are two circles, who to nominate & who to vote out. Vanessa says, she was told by both she can put Austin up, so that's good. She says, they are big contenders to win the game. She says, they can outplay Liz, & that's the facts. She says, if they both stay it's a road block for their game. She says, there was no foregone conclusion with him & Steve on the block. She tells John that Liztin would have probably kept him over Steve. Vanessa tells him he had a real shot of staying. She says, she didn't want one of them to win the Veto if she was going to target either one of them. She says, now she has to go against both couples at once. She says, things happen for a reason, & maybe him & Steve aren't as close as she thought.


9:55 PM BBT John tells Vanessa that Steve tried to make a final 2 deal with him at the same time he was trying to work with Clay & Shelli, so that's how they found out about it. John says, he wasn't as loyal to it as Steve was. Vanessa says, that's smart. She tells him he's a strategic player. She says, she likes his style, & she's never seen it in BB. She says, he's doing something unique in BB, & he may not even know what he's doing.


9:56 PM BBT Vanessa tells John he's let more people get more blood on their hands, which is good. She compliments John about a lot of different things.


9:58 PM BBT John tells Vanessa that he's been going by the seat of his pants, but he's has an idea of what he's doing. Vanessa says, it's like him taking his King out in chess, which in unconventional. She talks about how they all play chess.


9:59 PM BBT Vanessa asks John if he thinks it's smarter to put up Liz or Austin? He tells her to put out the one she wants out. She says, they should put up the one that they have the option. She asks which one is a smarter play to put up, Austin? He says, yes. She tells him what she's already told him about he & Liz agreeing for that option. She asks John if they have a better shot with Steve or Austin staying in the game? She talks to John about the balance beam comp. She says, she was even hung over today. She says, they gave them each 1 bottle of wine a piece to drink at the concert with 14,000 people. She says, she was not in peak performance mode today at all. She says, the final 4 Veto should be something mental.


10:02 PM BBT Vanessa tells John that together she thinks they are better together than Liztin. She says, if they keep Steve in the game she can have him swear on his mom or something, because he's heard him do that before. She says, she won't have him swear on the Bible. She says, if they keep Steve they know he will take them to final 3. She says, if they keep Liz in & wins she hates Steve, & she will take them. She says, they are pretty much locking in final 3 unless Steve wins HOH.


10:04 PM BBT Vanessa asks John how he thinks he would be in the final comp with the jury statements? John says, about 50/50. Vanessa says, she thinks Steve & Liz would both be good at that. John says, you have to get there though. Vanessa tells John he should be good at the second round with the climbing. She says, his body weight should be able to climb better than Steve & Liz.


10:06 PM BBT Vanessa tells John that it's a comp for leaner people. John says, that's him. Vanessa tells him he should Spider-man that shit. She says, if they make it to finals, she feels they will make it all the way. John asks if they get rid of Steve they should be o.k. Vanessa says, if they go with the couple it will be scary because they will take each other to final 3 if they win Veto. She says, she's not a lock against them. She says, if they get to final 3 with them they should be able to beat either of them.


***The last post time was incorrectly posted as 10:36 PM BBT. It should have been 10:06 PM BBT.*** (Already fixed on update here.)


10:08 PM BBT Vanessa says, she just wants to get this over & open her port wine & drink it. John says, he didn't know that the twins were mad at Steve. Vanessa says, if she votes out Austin she will have no chance to win. She says, her plea in finals will be that she laughs, & says, she was nice on a personal level. She says, that's all she will have going for her. She says, she would rather not have to do it that way, but there's no other way to do it, because Liz is always going to vote to keep Austin, & he's always going to vote to keep Steve, so she would have to actually vote Austin out.


10:11 PM BBT Vanessa asks John how he would feel voting Steve out? John says, if he has to do it he will, he came back in the game for himself. He asks if Steve is needed for the next round, he doesn't know. Vanessa says, if Steve wins HOH. John says, he's kind of in a f'd spot. Vanessa says, he's not if Liz wins Veto. Vanessa says, they are actually locked to make it to the final 3 if they keep Steve. She says, if they keep Liz she has a tough comp record, she will have so many people to vote for her to in jury.


10:13 PM BBT Vanessa says, the only way her or him may not go is if Steve wins HOH & Liz wins Veto, but that's not going to happen. She says, they are 92% favorites to make the final 3. She says, the odds are actually better with him & Liz against Steve. She says, it's probably going to be a Before & After. John says, they are all pretty good with the days. Vanessa says, it may be the tie breaker. Vanessa says, her or John should be a favorite for the Veto. Vanessa says, she's watched more seasons & she will really study her heart out with him. She says, she will shake his hand & tells him she wants to make final 3 with him. He says, "O.K.," & they shake hands. She says, it's going to be rotten & it's not going to work any other way.


10:16 PM BBT Vanessa says, she had to be willing to get blood on her hands & make big moves. She says, she's had nobody this game & she's had to be a wrecking ball this whole game. She says, she told John if he stayed this week instead of Steve she wanted to work with him. She says, she's been the family dog this whole time, getting everyone's scraps. She says, she wishes she had just one person this whole game she could tell everything to. She says, she's always had people that had people. She runs down the people. John says, he had Becky for a while. Vanessa says, & Steve. John says, Steve went to others though. They talk about Becky being loyal to him.


10:18 PM BBT John says, Becky may have been more loyal to Jackie though. Vanessa tells John that there was a moment when Becky wanted to work with her, but then it changed quickly. She talks to John about her & Becky. She asks John what the justification would be to keep Austin & Liz. John says, he thinks they can beat them, but they would have to take them out. John says, if they keep Steve, they already take one out. He says, then they would only have to take the other one out later.

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10:26 PM BBT BB tells Vanessa to please relocate her transmitter. John laughs. Vanessa tells John they have more of a chance to get to final 3 with Steve. She says, with Austin they would have to win more. She keeps mixing up Liz & Julia's name. She says, if they take Liz she's be easier to beat in those comps. She says, Austin would be harder to beat. John says, there are always reasons for things. Vanessa asks if they will go out as the worst players in history if they don't break break up Liztin? John says, yeah. She says, no showmance has made it this far. She says, they have two couples really. John says, he's not that loyal to Steve. He tells Vanessa if she thinks they are they can get rid of Steve now. She says, no, it's not relevant now.


10:29 PM BBT John says, if they get rid of Steve, there's more chance for them for HOH. He says, the Veto is what matters, there is more chance for them to win that. Vanessa says, if they keep Austin, there's more chance he will win the HOH. John says, they take Steve & Austin is gone this week...Vanessa asks what he would do if Steve wins Veto & Liz wins HOH. John says, they still need to get rid of Steve. Vanessa says, she has feelings & she wants John to go to Vegas to hang out with her.


10:31 PM BBT Vanessa asks John if he'd have a problem going against his loyalty to Steve. John says, either this week or whenever he will do it. Vanessa talks to John about her needing Steve's loyalty, & how he tried to kick her out of an alliance.


10:33 PM BBT Vanessa asks John if he was going to make fun of the alliance? John says, yes. She says, Steve made up the name Scamper Squad with high knees, because they couldn't call it Freaks & Geeks because that name was used outside the house.


10:34 PM BBT John burps & doesn't excuse himself. He says, when he won the Veto he thought Steve was going to be voted out. He says, there's so much to think about now. Vanessa says, she may be wrong about his & Steve's loyalty. Vanessa says, although he may be loyal to Steve, they won't share money at the end. Vanessa says, Liz & Austin may be getting married, because they are soo serious. She says, that's a difference. She says, although he may be loyal to Steve, they are still most loyal to themselves. Vanessa says, Austin & Liz will not. She says, they will table this. She says, she will nominate Austin. She says, oh, she shouldn't say that. She says, she will probably nominate Austin. Liz tells them she's making turkey burgers & salad if they want some. Vanessa & John discuss what to tell people. She says, they can't think to long, because the replacement nom's could be anytime, & the eviction could be tomorrow. John says, you really aren't supposed to tell people you are voting them out. Vanessa says, maybe this could be the first time they don't tell them. Vanessa says, she's always wanted to do this, although they shouldn't be blindsided. She says, she wants to keep this secret.


10:41 PM BBT Liz tells Austin the salad looks delish. Vanessa tells them they are amazing & thanks them for cooking. Liz says, that's the least they can do. Liz says, she's so obsessed with his salads. Austin tells her to thank the G man.


10:42 PM BBT Liz joins Austin at the DT. John asks where Steve is? Liz says, he's in the DR. Liz asks if they are sick of her turkey burgers yet? John says, no. Liz says, she's getting sick of them. Vanessa says, she's a creature of habit. Liz says, they know. Steve comes from the DR & asks if he can have some dinner? Liz says, yes. John sits down at the DT. Steve goes to the BY to get his cup. Austin says, BB didn't do good on the fruit this week. Liz says, Johnny Mac won't be happy because he loves nectarines. Vanessa asks if anyone wants her wine?


10:45 PM BBT Steve wants some wine, & so does everyone else. Steve says, it's a very very fancy salad. HG's at the table cheer with the wine & do cheers. Vanessa says, he can cheer with water. Steve says, it's apple juice. She tells him it's bad luck. All HG's are sitting at the DT now eating their family style dinner. They are chomping & smacking their lips. Steve hums a little bit.


10:46 PM BBT Vanessa says, it's wonderful. Steve thanks them for the burgers, but not the salad, because it's too healthy. Vanessa asks if they are doing DR's tonight. Steve says, yes, because he did his. Vanessa says, she wants to see Life In Pieces. They talk about when they may watch it. Vanessa thought they would watch it live. Austin says, no, because they would get the commercials. Steve says, if the Veto episode runs on Wednesday, then Monday would be next Monday. Liz & Austin think the same thing. Liz thinks Life In Pieces reminds her of Modern Family. Vanessa says, she can't wait to watch TV. She says, she watches Netflix or Apple TV.


10:49 PM BBT Austin has scarfed his food down. He rinses his dishes off & leaves them in the sink. Liz says, she doesn't understand the perks of Apple TV. Vanessa says, anything that is on your phone would go right to your TV. Steve asks if he's the only 22 year old that doesn't have a nude of himself? Vanessa says, she doesn't have any. John says, he doesn't think girls are into d*ck pics that much. Steve thinks it's mostly guys wanting pics of girls.


10:51 PM BBT Vanessa says, guys may think that girls are visual, but the guys are more visual. Steve says, that's why 50 Shades of Grey would work more girls to visualize everything that goes on. (That didn't make much sense to me.) John gets up for seconds of the food.


10:52 PM BBT Steve says, it's weird that Clay was in the house for more than half the time they've been in the house. Steve says, he made it to day 50. Vanessa & Liz get up for seconds of the food also.


10:54 PM BBT John talks about the wine having 20% alcohol. BB tells Vanessa to please reattach her microphone. Liz says, "What the hell?" Steve asks about the alcohol content in the wine. Vanessa tells him it is 20%. Liz says, there's no sling band tonight, & she laughs. Vanessa tells Liz that they told John about the Scamper Squad. Steve tells John the whole story about the Scamper Squad & how it was Freaks & Geeks before that. John thinks it was the night of Gronk Pong. Vanessa says, it was the next day.


10:57 PM BBT Vanessa says, it's not right that they can make fun of the Rockstars without John knowing about the Scamper Squad. John says, he's known since the double eviction. Liz asks which one? John says, the last one. Liz asks if he called any names like the goblins? John says, just Austwins plus Vanessa & Steve. They throw around names they could have been. Steve tells the feeds that in BB18 they need to make an alliance called the F*ck Faces. They all laugh.


10:59 PM BBT They discuss other ways to spell the alliance name. Steve says, they can spell it Phuck Phaces. Vanessa says, she is already buzzing from the wine. Austin says, he wants a glass of it.


11:01 PM BBT Austin guzzled down a full glass of wine really fast. Everyone wonders how he did that. Austin says, he does that with his protein shakes, so it's not hard.

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11:00 PM BBT Vanessa says that she is already tipsy from one glass of wine.  Vanessa and Liz clink glasses and Liz says it’s strong.  Vanessa notes that John is sipping.  John says he was eating, but now he’s going to town.  Vanessa pours wine for Austin. She tells him that even though he’s a big man, she thinks it will affect him.  Austin shoots it, and everyone is impressed. 


11:02 PM BBT Conversation turns to chugging and taking pills.  Vanessa says John has the weirdest pill-taking technique of all.  John says he thinks about it too much.  Vanessa describes it in detail.  Steve says he just takes the pill without liquid...he can’t take a pill with water.  John wishes he could do that. 


11:03 PM BBT Liz tells the group that Vanessa was doing more dancing at the concert than Liz was.  Vanessa is called to the DR.  Vanessa complains that they call her right after she has her wine.  She tells them to clean up and she’ll be right back.  Steve asks her if she thinks that she has a maid since she is HOH.  Vanessa says yes, and his name is Steve.


11:05 PM BBT Steve talks about favorite alliance names and tells John about how fans reacted to some alliances. 


11:07 PM BBT Steve tells John that he’s glad John feels better.  It was bothering John that he didn’t know the name of their alliance.  Steve says it was appropriate to the season because there’s been a lot of scampering.  They note that “scamper” was Jeff’s word and shout out to Jeff.


11:08 PM BBT Liz is outside in the BY soaking her feet in the HT.  She is sitting by herself and talking about being sad not to win the veto.  She is missing Julia, saying that this was their thing to stick their feet in the Jacuzzi together.  Liz tells us that she misses Julia.  Now she’s here and Austin will probably go up on the block and it sucks.  But she came in this house alone and she has to win this thing alone and her motivation is Julia and she knows she has to do what’s best for her and for Julia.  She sighs and says they have been close all their lives.  No one will understand the bond of an identical twin unless they are one.  It’s more than a sister, a generic sibling.  Julia is her lifeline.  She is probably having more fun in jury than Liz is having in the house.  Julia will be jealous of the time Liz had last night.  It made Liz hopeful that there is a world out there and life goes on.  Even though the money would be nice, it’s not all about the money for her.  The experience has already been enough and more.  She had no idea what she was getting herself into and she will never forget this.  She will probably talk about this for the rest of her life.  She wants to get a small and tasteful tattoo ...her mom shouldn’t freak out.  Liz encourages live feeders to try out for BB, saying it has been a remarkable experience...except for the ants. 


11:12 PM BBT Austin comes out and Liz tells him that she is talking to the feeders and Juj is sitting right there with her.  Austin puts his feet in the HT too...for Liz.  They kiss and Austin says he loves her so much.  She is smiling and says “even with my old lady wig?” 


11:13 PM BBT Liz says she can tell Austin is sad.  Austin says he’s worried that things will flip and he’ll get blindsided.  They talk about making a deal with Johnny Mac, but worry that John might spill it to Vanessa.  Austin says he’ll have to be up front with Vanessa.   


11:16 PM BBT In the BY, Liz and Austin talk about how well Vanessa talks and how convincing she is.  She might sway the jury in the end.  They debate whether she is really going to vote Austin out.  Austin says that Johnny Mac wants Vanessa out next week and if they stay, John maximizes his chance of getting Vanessa out.  John staying is Austin and Liz’s best chance to make final 3.  Austin says that he told Vanessa that if Steve goes this week, then Liz, Austin, or Vanessa will win.  Liz talks about telling Vanessa that Liz wants a good public image, and that is more important to her than the money.


11:22 PM BBT John and Steve are chatting in the KT about how many people were in prior season.  They talk about various schools.  Liz and Austin are discussing that Vanessa really wanted to take out Johnny Mac.  Liz asks if Austin feels the wine and he says no.  He asks her and she says no, but he doesn’t believe her.  Liz is looking forward to getting out of the house and just being together.  Just eleven days left.  Austin says, maybe just 2 for me... if Vanessa betrays him.  They kiss and then talk about what they can say to Vanessa to convince her to keep Austin.  Austin explains to Liz what their deal with her is, and Liz asks him to explain how the three-round HOH comp works. 


11:29 PM BBT Austin is explaining to Liz that this is the last time that the HOH has any power...the person who wins veto is the person voting.  Liz says it’s good to win HOH though because you’re safe.  Liz realizes that the next HOH is probably going to be hard.  Vanessa can’t even compete.  Austin thinks it might be the shovel.  Liz points out that the HOH can win the veto too.   They discuss conversations they want to have.  Liz is expecting to be called to the DR soon.  She tells Austin that she’s tired and they are very cuddly.  They decide to play pool.  


11:33 PM BBT As Austin and Liz move to the pool table, Liz talks about making this a good TV show and that America is totally rooting for them.  Austin says they better be.  In the KT, John and Steve are talking about there being doctors out there who were the last person in their class. 


11:40 PM BBT Steve and John are still chatting in the KT.  They are looking at the memory wall and discussing who are fans/super fans, and Jason’s claim that he is the greatest super fan.  Steve says that Jason had him beat.  They talk about moves that have been made over the season. 


11:46 PM BBT Liz and Austin are still playing pool in the BY while Steve and John sit at the DT and chat. 


11:47 PM BBT Austin wins the pool game and they talking about making gluten-free cookies.  They go inside to the KT.  John and Steve talk about when the feeds opened.  Liz didn’t know that...she wasn’t there.  They talk about Jace and his energy and how long ago it feels since the beginning. 


11:49 PM BBT Liz asks Steve if he is copying her look...he is wearing her wrist bands.  Steve says you can catch flies with honey, but you can catch more honeys being fly.  Liz is sad because Julia used to say that... she asks Steve if he is trying to make her sad.  Steve looks concerned and asks if he was being rude.  Liz says no, she is just being a crybaby.  Liz asks if Vanessa has come out of the DR yet.  Steve says no, and Liz worries that it means that her DR session will be lengthy too.


11:52 PM BBT Steve asks about the name of an 8-person alliance.  John says that Clay told him about an 8-person alliance called “Dark Moon.”  Austin says “no way! That must be it!” and they talk about who was in it.  They talk about Audrey and how weird the veto ceremony was when Audrey didn’t attend.  Liz asks to be told about it because she wasn’t there.  John explains what happened.  Liz is spooning cookie dough onto a cookie sheet. 


11:56 PM BBT Steve is tapping a pattern on the glass counter in the KT.  BB calls him out for humming.  Liz teases him about the number of times he has gotten called out by BB.  Steve says he could quote a movie but he won’t, and then proceeds to make references to the quote.  BB says stop that!  Liz laughs and says “DW hates you.”   Steve says the quote is from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. 


11:58 PM BBT Steve says he hates his tooth and it bothers him every time he looks at the memory wall.  He guesses what tooth number it is and John corrects him and explains how the numbering works.  Liz is interested, and John explains it in more detail.  BB says “Liz!  Shut it down!” and Liz wonders what she did.  Vanessa is out of the DR.  BB tells Liz to stop singing.

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