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Sunday, August 30 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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8:04 PM BBT Steve tells Vanessa she's going to have to warn Julia about the speech. The three of them discuss other speeches that have been made this season. Steve asks Vanessa if she ever had the talk with the flip-flop & a boot? Vanessa says, no, but she wishes he had. She says, she forgot & Becky could have come back in the house. She says, she was going to use that as the goodbye message. She stuffs Cheez-It's in her mouth & talks with her mouth full. Steve says, he loves Becky, she's a nice person. Austin asks who he doesn't love? Steve says, he likes everyone. They play pretend about the family in the house again.


8:08 PM BBT Austin leaves the HOHR. Steve tells Vanessa she needs to go downstairs. Vanessa says, Austin just woke her up & she was having a dream about Mel. Steve says, he had a dream he got his phone back. Vanessa says, Mel had her head on her shoulder & they were at a bar. Steve asks if she smelled good? Vanessa says, she can't smell her in her dream, but they both take care of smells. Steve says, his person smells good. They talk about being rotten to each other earlier in the season.


8:10 PM BBT Steve says, he told her everything. He says, game wise he was being fake, but personally he wasn't. He says, in the game he didn't trust her, but personally he did. They continue talking about this.


8:11 PM BBT In the HNR, James tells Meg they had to throw Jason up, because he was friendly fire. He tells her she made it longer than Jason & she got to see the cake. Meg says, she can't believe it's her. James says, he knows. Meg says, pretty much anyone else she would be more o.k. with.


8:12 PM BBT Meg asks James what he thinks Steve wants? James says, Steve wants to make it as long as he can, so he's rolling with who's in power. He says, John is trying to get back with Steve. James says, they are separate & that's how it is. Meg says, "Yeah, I'm screwed, I'm going home." She eats some Dots out of the box. She says, she likes them a lot. She means the twins. James says, he likes them a lot two, & they seem like they are genuine. Meg says, she can't understand, because they are on summer camp this whole time.


8:14 PM BBT Meg says, "Oh well." James asks what could she do? Meg coughs, & says, she can't swallow right today. James asks why she laughed at him? She says, she was choking on the candy, because she couldn't swallow right. Meg says, she's going to have to go & campaign everyone, & it's soo annoying.


8:16 PM BBT Meg says, they will all tell her that they don't want to see her go. James says, on a personal level they may not really want her to go. James says, "Oh shit, that chocolate milk is really getting to me." Meg tells him to get out of there. James says, Vanessa will make sure Meg leaves with putting Julia up. He says, she has to throw one of the twins up to ensure Meg leaves, because if she put up Johnny Mac, he will go. Meg says, she hates being on the block with one of them. She says, she sit on the block with Steve, & he can send her home. Meg asks if she should tell her that? James says, no, because he will leave if he goes up.


8:18 PM BBT James says, Austin & the twins will pull a Houdini, & surprise, Meg you are safe. Meg says, she really takes the Vanessa stuff personally. James tells her should, & there's really nothing they can do back at her. James says, if he was HOH & the roles were reversed, he would take out someone who would be a threat to him in the competitions. He says, it makes him think it's personal Austin goes in the HNR.


8:20 PM BBT Austin asks them what's up? Meg says, she's in hospice, & she laughs. Austin says, Vanessa is worried now & she is thinking about putting one of the twins up now. He says, she's toggling in her mind about putting up a Steve or Johnny Mac. James says, Julia hasn't done anything in the game. Austin says, that's why Julia is going up. He says, at this point he has to start thinking about himself, because he can't protect the three of them for much longer. He says, that's why he doesn't want Meg to go, but he can't do anything about it.


8:22 PM BBT Meg says, Vanessa tells her that she's all alone in the house, even though all of her friends in the house have left. Austin says, he's told Vanessa that there's a double eviction coming up & if it's the ball pit, James will probably win it. Austin tells Meg to tell her she will throw the HOH. Meg says, it has nothing to do with the HOH at this point. She says, it has to do with the fact she wants to split them up. Austin says, he has a vested interest in this, so he can't say anymore, because she's getting upset.


8:24 PM BBT Austin tells Meg that he can't vote for her to go against Liz. Meg says, she would never ask him to. Austin says, at one point he will have to choose though. Meg says, she feels that this week's plan really backfired & she's the one paying for it. Austin says, it did, & now there's no one left in the game. (They still have 8 HG's, there are a lot of people left.)


8:26 PM BBT Meg tells Austin that Vanessa asked her if she would target Vanessa if she wins HOH? Meg says, that's never happened, & even if she won & put her up that doesn't mean she's targeting her. James says, Steve is a meat shield. She says, she doesn't have to get the blood if Johnny Mac wins HOH. Meg says, Vanessa threw out to her that Austin & James would throw something for Johnny Mac to take her out. Austin says, that scares him, because he's so due to win. He says, he needs to repair that bridge with Johnny Mac, but he doesn't know if he can mend things because he got him out.


8:28 PM BBT James says, at the rate it's going Steve & Johnny Mac are going to be the final two. Meg says, it seems that Steve & Johnny Mac are making it look like they are playing that they are at odds, & they are really trying to get each other through. Meg says, Vanessa says they are both alone, but they aren't. Austin tells James that he's not putting him up. He says, he's not doing her dirty work at this point. James says, it will be mutual. Austin says, he told Vanessa they he & James have been good since week 3, & he's not going to ruin that now. Meg says, it feels so not right, it's not even funny.


8:30 PM BBT James tells Austin that Vanessa told him that she wants to run things by James if he wins HOH. Austin says, that she's holding information that she will only tell him if he wins HOH. Austin rolls his eyes. Austin says, Liz took that protein bar during that Veto competition made Vanessa mad, because she saw that Liz wasn't trying her hardest. Austin says, he has to start going off on his own a little here, because he can't carry the three of them the whole way. He says, he's not a Clay that will die for them. He says, he& flipped it. Austin says, she could say she would throw HOH & James can be put up as a pawn. James says, or he could throw HOH also. Austin says, he had to tell her he wouldn't win the game. He says, hopefully people in jury don't hold that against him. James says, the people in jury may be bitter at Vanessa.


8:33 PM BBT Austin says, he's worried about how the jury is going to be. James says, they will be bitter. Austin says, they are recruits in jury, & they may take it all personal. Meg says, they will be pissed if she walks in jury. Austin says, they probably have a shrine to Clay that they pray to every day. Austin tells them they aren't going to get jury votes if they go after Meg & James. BB says, "You are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions with other HG's." Austin & James both say it's not them. Meg says, she needs to find something to talk to Vanessa about. Austin says, she needs an incentive.


8:36 PM BBT Austin says, he had to be a pawn for the upcoming BOTB's, but it ended that week. He says, he had to agree to not try to win the game. Meg says, this is tricky for her, because she doesn't want to talk to her that much because she keeps saying that she is the likable person in the house, & she's not. She says, that's what she's set on with her. Austin says, that may not make a difference in Steve & Johnny Mac's mind. Meg says, she doesn't know how to approach this. Austin says, she wants to know she's safe. He says, they've already declared war in her mind.


8:38 PM BBT Austin throws out different scenarios she can give Vanessa. He says, she basically has to offer her game to her. Meg says, it will end soon anyway. James says, if they both say they are going to throw the HOH comps they both will probably stay in. Meg says, that risks his game to much, & she can't let him do that. Meg asks if he really will throw it? James says, yeah. Meg says, what if Johnny Mac or Steve win it & do her dirty work. James says, there's the Veto. Austin says, anything can happen because the HNR is going away. He says, there can be a Pandora's Box, a diamond power of Veto or a Coup d'etat. They discuss possibilities.


8:41 PM BBT Austin tells James that he's still here no matter what. Meg says, she thinks she wants to break them up to work with James. James says, then she wants to run Quarterback with him. Austin says, then what happens to him? James says, from a game player's prospective she's trying to get him to do her dirty work. Austin says, she can repair that bridge with James if she gets Meg out for the votes for finals. He says, she doesn't have that closeness with anyone. James says, Johnny Mac is due to win HOH. Austin says, he's really do, he's itching, he hasn't won since he's been there. He says, especially now since he has a second chance. Austin says, he will try to talk to her. Meg thanks him. Austin says, he doesn't feel that he was threatened by them, & doesn't want to see one of them go.


8:44 PM BBT Austin says, if that happens & Meg has to campaign he can't hold it against them. Meg says, she wants to talk to Vanessa one more time tonight. Austin says, if there is something she wants him to talk to her about to let him know. He asks Meg if they are going to play Pot Ball? Meg says, she doesn't know, & it will be weird. Steve gets told that he's not allowed to talk about his DR sessions with other HG's. Austin goes to get something to eat. Meg tells James they are doing all this because they think James will win the game. James says, he feels it in his bones, but he's not going to say anything. Meg says, she doesn't know what to say to her though. James tells her to say she will throw the HOH, even though she won't.


8:46 PM BBT James tells Meg to run by Vanessa that he will throw the HOH also, even though he won't. He says, for her to tell Vanessa that they would put Johnny Mac up. He says, he will definitely try it. Meg says, it could be questions. James says, then he'll throw it, & that will make him look good for next time. He says, then he will play for Veto. He says, to throw it out there. He says, he hopes she doesn't make him promise on his little girl. Meg asks if she's ever done that? James says, no, but he said that one time & she knew he wasn't lying. Meg says, no one should ever ask you to swear on someone, that's horrible. James says, that would be a Dan Geesling thing. He says, he needs to go use the bathroom since the chocolate milk is running through him & see what's going on out there.


8:49 PM BBT Meg asks if it's bad that she doesn't want to play Pot Ball? James says, no, because they know you're on the block & all. Meg says, she doesn't want to talk to everyone. James says, if you want to play then play, if not then don't. James says, if she's not out there when he gets done then he's going back there with her. Meg says, o.k. We see FOTH for a moment. James knocks on the WC. Vanessa is in there. James tells her he drank too much chocolate milk. Vanessa finishes & washes her hands.


8:51 PM BBT Vanessa goes to the BY & gets on the elliptical. Austin tells Vanessa he talk to Meg & James. He says, Meg asked for advice. He tells Vanessa they are going to offer her the world basically. Steve says, should he even listen to them? Austin says, he can listen to them, but then tell them that his mind is already made up. Austin tells them more of what was said, & they don't have all of the information. Austin says, they want him on board, & they are not against him. Vanessa says, Steve has scamper squad loyalty. Steve says, John wanted him to put up Vanessa during his HOH, & he took out one of his allies instead.


8:54 PM BBT Vanessa says, she doesn't know what to talk to them about. Austin says, they both need to offer to throw the HOH. Austin says, they threw that out to him that they would do that. Austin is twirling a pool stick around. Meg gets called to the DR. Austin did tell Vanessa that they don't want to play Pot Ball tonight. Vanessa was not surprised. Steve says, the first person he took a picture with in the Photo Booth today was Meg. Vanessa thought it was her. Steve says, they didn't take any pictures together. Steve & Austin start their pool game.

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8:56 PM BBT Steve asks Austin if Meg was nicer than usual to him? Austin says, no, she was more emotional. They continue their pool game in the BY, while Vanessa is still on the elliptical. Julia goes to the BY to watch the pool game. In the KT, Liz is tasting the food she is cooking. She says, yum, & she needs something sweet. Liz goes to the BY & tells them dinner will be ready soon.


9:02 PM BBT John is in the HOHR laying on the bed, listening to Vanessa's HOH music. Liz goes back to the KT to check on the dinner.


9:05 PM BBT Liz gets plates out for dinner. She gets disgusted. We see FOTH for a moment. She says, she hates the ants. She cleans a plate off & says, "Foul." She uses a paper towel to wipe the plate off.


9:06 PM BBT Liz opens the sliding door & says, dinner is ready. Vanessa goes to the KT, & Liz tells Vanessa the dinner is ready. She says, they are having mixed vegetables & turkey burgers, because Austin is obsessed with them, & Steve threw them away during the Veto craziness. Liz says, she's in the mood for pepper jack for some reason. Liz says, she is also.


9:08 PM BBT Vanessa tells Liz there's no Pot Ball tonight. Vanessa says, they expected that. Liz says, "As expected." Vanessa asks her why they can't still play? Liz says, she wants to play. She says, Meg needs to take her medicine. She asks, how does she think John & Steve feel at this time every week when they all play? Her & Vanessa discuss what she cooked with. Julia says, she wishes she can have some. Vanessa asks who told her about using egg in the burgers? Liz says, she didn't learn that from Clay, she learned it form her mom, because it helps hold everything together.


9:10 PM BBT Vanessa asks Julia if it's terrible if they still play Pot Ball even if they don't want to play? Julia says, yes, they should still play, & the numbers will still be even. She says, she wants to play. Vanessa says, she wants to do it for enjoyment, since there's nothing else to do. Austin sits down at the table to eat. Steve goes in the KT. Julia tells Austin he can't be on Liz' team, because they will fight to much. Steve won the pool game against Austin.


9:12 PM BBT Vanessa asks Austin if he wants to play Pot Ball? Austin says, he doesn't. All the HG's at the DT talk about food & what drinks they've drank in the past.


9:15 PM BBT Vanessa goes to the BY & comes back inside. She says, James is going fast on the elliptical, training. She says, he's going after her, scary, very scary. Austwins, Vanessa & Steve all click their cups & glasses together & say, cheers.


9:16 PM BBT Steve says, he's eating a plain hamburger. Austin says, as expected. Steve says, he usually has nothing on his hamburger except the bun. He says, he had a dab of ketchup on the side of his burger & he wouldn't eat it. He says, he likes to just eat the food plain. Julia asks why he doesn't like onions? Steve says, it's not the food, it's a vegetable. Austin says, Boi, eat your veggies.


9:17 PM BBT Austin tells Liz they didn't eat up any of the rice. All the HG's at the table are chomping their food. Vanessa says, she can't wait to see Mel, Bear & Maverick on finale night. Vanessa asks if she can go to Mel's hotel room? They say, she may be able to go to her room. Steve says, if she makes the final 3 she'll have contractual obligations after this. He says, they may have to go on The Talk. Julia asks if that's a show on CBS? Steve says, yes. Julia asks if it's a daily show? Steve says, yes. Vanessa says, it's Julie Chen's day job. Austin talks about The Bold & The Beautiful & that he hasn't missed an episode. Then he says, he does miss them in the summer.


9:20 PM BBT Austin says, they have to tape 5 episodes at a time to be ahead of schedule since they don't have any repeats. He says, it has good story lines. Steve says, he knew about it because he knew about the HG's being on the show. Austin says, there were about 8 of them in the Halloween set. He says, only a couple had speaking roles. Austin says, Cody had a speaking role. Austin says, Rachel makes cameos on there, thanks to BB.


9:23 PM BBT Vanessa & Steve talk about singing. She asks if he can Acapella a song? Steve says, not legally. He says, Meghan Trainor will be a one hit wonder. Vanessa asks why he thinks that? Steve says, he just feels that & doesn't have a quantitative reason. He says, he's obsessed with Fun Dip. He says, the stick to powder ratio is not right though. He says, he will be out of sticks & still have powder left. Julia says, it's a product of Mexico.


9:25 PM BBT Julia thanks the live feeders for the Fun Dip & says, she's finally eating hers. She says, she doesn't like the green apple. Steve says, you can say he's all about that bass. He talks about playing a bass trombone.


9:27 PM BBT Steve talks about his music & a picture of him being in an article. He says, there was a Meme of him. Liz says, she will do this dishes, but she can't do that silverware. She says, she's already spent a million hours cleaning that KT. Julia says, she's not cleaning that KT as a HN. Liz says, as expected.


9:29 PM BBT Julia tells Liz that it would be hilarious if James saves Meg with his Veto. Liz says, stop. BB says, "Please, stop singing." Liz & Julia wonder if it's them, because they are talking in Spanish. Liz says, Austin is just lucky that he didn't step on any of her jewelry or sunglasses & ruin them. Liz & Julia both say they would have been pissed. Julia asks Liz what Austin talked to Meg & James about? Liz says, she's trying to find out.

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9:31 PM BBT Julia leaves the OBR, where her & Liz are folding their clothes. She belches loudly, & doesn't excuse herself. Austin asks Liz what she's doing? Liz says, she has to pee & brush her teeth & then she'll be ready to play him.


9:33 PM BBT In the KT, Vanessa & Steve are doing the dishes together. Vanessa asks if he's drying the dishes? Steve says, if they are very wet he's not. Vanessa tells him to flip them upside down if he's leaving them there. Steve says, "That's a good point, I didn't know they taught you things at Duke." Vanessa laughs.


9:35 PM BBT In the BY, James & Meg are playing pool. Austin is sitting on the round lounger watching them. He may be waiting there to play with Liz when they are done. James jokes around about how long he will last sexually after 70 some days. Austin says, it's hard to keep that campfire gone. He & Austin go back & forth & talk about needing to unload one of the barrels.


9:37 PM BBT Meg says, she needs to think about her speech. James makes a shot & doesn't knock the 8 ball in with it somehow. Meg says, he deserves to win after that. James says, that's why he practices his bank shots. James sinks the 8 ball & wins their game. Meg says, "Alright lovers, you can have it now." Liz is racking the balls for her & Austin to play pool. The camera view goes to inside the house.


9:39 PM BBT James & Julia are in the WA. James goes in the WC. Julia walks out of the WA & goes to the KT. Vanessa tells Steve he did a good job & she says, thank you. He says, you're welcome, he feels bad when she's working & he's trying to help her. Vanessa thanks Julia for cleaning so much when she's on slop. Vanessa says, her & Liz are so helpful. Steve says the broom & dust pan are not in the SR. Julia says, they are here.


9:42 PM BBT Vanessa is still washing dishes in the KT sink. Julia goes to the BY to watch Liz & Austin's pool game.


9:43 PM BBT Liz says, Austin is stripes. Julia is flipping out over the pool game. Liz says, she can get two balls in now. Austin takes a shot & his ball is closest to the pocket. Liz was going to take a turn, but she may knock Austin's ball in. He says, he won't hit it ever. Austin scratches on his next turn. Liz says, that's so rotten.


9:44 PM BBT Austin misses a shot. Austin tells Liz to knock the 8 ball out of the way. He thanks Liz, & then scratches again on his next turn. Julia says, something in Spanish. BB says, "Please, stop singing." Julia says, "Austin." Austin says, he only said one word. Julia says, "That means we're on feeds. What's up live feeders?" Liz & Austin continue with their pool game.

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9:48 PM BBT Liz screams when Austin wins. Liz racks the balls for another game. In the KT, John is making himself some slop, while Steve is sitting at the glass table enjoying his Fun Dip. Vanessa finishes up in the KT, & tells Steve she's going to go give herself a pedicure & a manicure because she messed them up yesterday. She shows Steve a huge bruise she has on her left arm.


9:53 PM BBT Steve says, he doesn't get headaches. Vanessa says, she didn't get them until she hit her 30's. Steve tells her she's barely in her 30's. Vanessa says, everything went downhill after that. She says, she needs nail polish remover & cotton balls. She goes to get them. James is taking a shower on the COLD side of the shower in the WA.


9:54 PM BBT Vanessa asks where Meg & James are? Julia tells her that they were out playing pool a little while ago, so they may be in the room now. John tells the HG's in the BY that brown sugar may be his favorite in the slop. He says, maybe they should try Fun Dip slop. Liz is getting mad at Austin during their pool game. She calls him an asshole.


9:56 PM BBT Liz whines that she was so good last game & she just handed Austin this game. James is finished with his shower. Steve gets his hoodie & goes to the BY. He tells HG's that his stick just broke for his Fun Dip & he's not going to have enough stick to finish his powder.


9:58 PM BBT Meg is brushing her teeth in the WA while James is walking around. James says, he feels like he's fighting a battle he can't win. BB tells James to please put on his microphone. James says, "I'm taking a shower." (Although he's already out.) He puts his red tank top on & then attaches his microphone to his shirt. Meg leaves the WA & James goes in the WC.


10:00 PM BBT Meg goes in the KT. Her, Steve & John talk about John's brown sugar slop. Steve talks about what's in the Fun Dip.


10:02 PM BBT James & Meg go in the HNR to talk. Meg says, she will tell Meg she can go up again next week. She says, she doesn't want to go out this week. James says, anything can change. Meg says, she can sell her on the votes. She says, there are only 7 HG's next week & you only need 2 votes with the HOH. She says, she can promise her vote & say that she has sway with James. She says, she's going to pretend she didn't tell him that though.


10:06 PM BBT Meg tells James what she is going to say to Vanessa. She asks him if he'd rather she go home this week or next week? James says, next week if she has to. He says, anything can happen with Johnny Mac & Steve. Meg says, she's going to tell Vanessa that throwing an HOH is stupid. She says, that's not a selling point. She says, she can say she'll throw it, or if she wants her to try to win, she can put up who she wants. James says, she'll try to tell her to put him up. Meg says, that won't happen.


10:08 PM BBT James says, he feels that if he tells Vanessa that he'll throw HOH this week. She says, if he wins she will tell Vanessa that she will take her place on the block. She says, there are still chances if she goes up. James asks if she will take Vanessa's place? Meg says, yes. James says, she's nuts. He says, he's down, whatever she wants to do. Meg says, she'll either go home this week or next week. James says, she'll have to sell it though. Meg says, she'll sell it, because she's actually being honest.


10:09 PM BBT Meg says, he'll do what he says he will do. James says, "Or will I? Sorry, the deal is no longer valid, breach of trust." Meg laughs. She says, they need to still make it, & deal with it when it happens. Meg says, she doesn't want him to throw it. James says, things can change with Austin. He says, it seems that Vanessa was telling them today to target James. Meg says, it may not be true that Vanessa said that.


10:12 PM BBT James says, he wanted to tell him about Vanessa running Quarterback to put doubt in Austin's head. He says, he will talk to Vanessa if she's really considering a deal. He says, she may want him to throw HOH. Meg says, it doesn't matter, because he could still win & take out someone she wants out. James asks what if it's Austin & the twins? Meg says, she will go up in place of Vanessa, but she doesn't get to choose who she goes up with.


10:13 PM BBT Meg says, it's only 2 votes next week & a tie breaker. James says, that would be him if he wins. Meg says, she has though this out. James asks if she's going to say that to her? Meg says, no. James asks who will vote for Meg? She says, Johnny Mac & Steve if Austin's up. Meg says, she's going to tell her that if James win HOH, his nom's are whomever he wants with her in place of Vanessa. She says, it will make some great TV. James says, o.k.


10:15 PM BBT Meg asks if that's enough selling points, because she doesn't know what else she can say. James says, it should be good. Meg thanks James for playing with her. James says, "Playing with you?" She says, "Yes, playing the game with her." Meg laughs. James says, "You're welcome in a non-sexual way." James tells Meg she needs to go up as late as possible. Meg tells him to entertain her for a while.


10:17 PM BBT Meg asks if that will be great TV if he puts her on the block? Meg says, she has to let her know she is serious. James says, he will give her his hat & Visor & tell her to hold on to them. He says, those are his two prize possessions. He says, if he doesn't go through with them she can burn them. Meg tells James he's a hoarder with the lotion & she uses some of it that's on his dresser.


10:19 PM BBT James tells Meg it's all about winning now, it's not about having friends in the game. He says, he will win Veto & they can kiss his ass, he uses both of his hands to flip them off behind their backs. He says, it's all about the Veto, & does the double flip again. He says, they all think James will win the Veto comps. Meg says, she will win nothing.


10:22 PM BBT Meg says, Vanessa was soo upset because she put her up for actually having a friend in the house. James says, if you start putting up people in the house for stupid stuff like that then you have no respect for that person. Meg tells him she needs to paint her nails, because they look so bad. James asks Meg is she paints her nail any color than red? Meg says, black & a Barbie pink. James says, nice.


10:24 PM BBT James asks Meg if she wants to take a nap? Meg says, no, she wants him to entertain him. James says, o.k. He tells her that her dentist chair looks like it's getting further & further away. Meg picks up her name plate from the OTEV comp & says, "Meg." Meg says, her stomach is growling so much now. James says, he couldn't handle another glass of chocolate milk. Meg says, she can't either. James says, his body was telling him too much milk, too much milk.


10:26 PM BBT Meg whispers, "We need to get Meg & James out." James says, he doesn't understand how she's a threat though, her physical game is that of a 13-year-old. Meg jokingly says, "I hate you." James says, Vanessa's plan didn't go as she had plan, so she probably went to the DR & told them she would take his Queen.


10:27 PM BBT James says, he always adds humor to what he says to Vanessa. Meg says, Vanessa hates her because she always has humor. James tells Meg her social game is on fleek. He tells her the reasons that everyone is there, & it's all for their specific reasons, & it works. James says, all the ones that left were loud, aggressive & playing the game really hard. Meg says, "Poor Jackie. I feel she got the shit end of the stick."


10:29 PM BBT James says, he thought Jackie would've done better on Dizzy Land. He says, he feels the jurors usually don't want to be there as much as the person leaving does. He says, they may have just dropped off. James says, Becky is a soccer player, Jackie a dancer & Shelli is an all around good player. He says, & Vanessa wins it. He says, that was his comp to win. Meg says, she thought it was his comp when she got down, & then she saw him.


10:32 PM BBT James says, John told him he was spinning so fast, that he felt sick just watching him. In the BY, Liz & Austin are still playing pool Austin says, they are starting the championship game really strong. Liz is solids.


10:33 PM BBT Meg asks James if he's sleeping? She says, she doesn't know how he can be so tired, he didn't do anything today. He says, he's depressed because he's on the block. Meg says, no he's not. James says, his key is still missing & he's technically on the block until he uses the Veto. James says, he's also depressed that his Queen is on the block & she has to stay there. Meg asks if he likes calling her his Queen? James says, he calls her his Queen in his Delta Romeo's (DR's). He says, he can't wait to see it on TV when he says that to Austin that they are both protecting their Queens.


10:35 PM BBT James whispers to Meg that he feels that Julia will be the first one to go. Meg says, he said she can campaign as hard as she wants. James says, if Liz hears what he said about having to protect himself, & agree to campaigning she would be upset. James wants to know if they should tell on Austin. Meg wonders if Steve will flip. James says, he would have to sell something about Austin to Steve.


10:37 PM BBT James says, he can tell Steve that if he doesn't vote how the vote should go or he'll put him on the block. Meg says, what if Steve wins a mental comp? James says, he's putting him up anyway, he's Vanessa's pet. James says, they can flip John. Meg says, she would sell her soul to John. James says, if they flip it that means Vanessa's whole HOH goes to shit.


10:39 PM BBT James says, they should ask Austin & the twins how long they plan on keeping Vanessa around. Meg says, what about Steve & John? James says, if Austin & the twins win they will put one of them up. James says, he may be a back door option for people to make sure he doesn't win Veto. He says, if that happens he will be dead in the water. Meg says, only one HG won't play next week. James says, that will probably be him.


10:40 PM BBT James & Meg discuss where everyone put their names during this week’s Veto comp. James tells Meg, her's was the best hiding spot besides his. Meg says, she couldn't believe hers was the first one found, but then found out it wasn't, & he came out with it. They discuss the rest of the comp.

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10:45 PM BBT James says, at least he's the one that took Meg out. James wonders who took Vanessa's out. Meg says, Julia. James says, he said how embarrassing it was for Vanessa to let Julia take hers out in the Delta Romeo (DR). He says, he called Austin a sasquatch, a Jolly Green Giant, & a Yeti. Meg says, they love that. James spells out, NO-BUZZ, LOVE-IT. Meg spells out, LOL. James asks if she thinks they understand their lingo? She says, yes. He asks why they don't BUZZ (spelled out). Meg says, it's coming soon. James says, he doesn't think so, they are from LA (spelled out).


10:49 PM BBT James says, he wishes he could talk to Derek to ask him if he even felt squashed & he felt he couldn't do anything. Meg says, he never was on the block. Meg says, Austin is headed to be another Derek. James says, not if he can help it. He says, he will put Austin up & tell him he has to be a pawn & his troops will help to get him off. James asks Meg if he should pull him down? Meg says, if he gets the Veto, leave it the same. Meg says, he can put Austin up with Steve. She says, if you want to make a big move you can put up Austin & Liz. Meg thinks Vanessa & Steve will duo up. James says, he could take out Steve, who Vanessa has wrapped around his little finger to split them up. He says, he can put up Vanessa & Johnny Mac up, then he realizes Johnny Mac would go home. He says, he would have to throw one of the the others up. Meg says, he would have to.


10:54 PM BBT James tells Meg that Vanessa has to go first, she has to go. He asks Meg if she has a hairy ass toe? Meg says, no it's blanket fuzz you weirdo. Meg asks if he thinks it's witching hour yet? James says, oh, yes. It's in full effect & she only has one more move.


10:55 PM BBT Meg says, she's going to make him go talk to Vanessa after her. She says, just in case she doesn't believe that she will go up in Vanessa's place. James says, he will probably have to say no front door or back door also. Meg says, she's worried that she already promised something to Johnny Mac.


10:57 PM BBT James tells Meg that he's stomach is making all kinds of crazy noises. She asks why he drank all that milk? James says, he doesn't know. He says, they will pay for it tonight, & it's making it way down. He says, all that noise is gas building up. Meg says, "Help me," & she laughs. James asks how many beds Meg thinks are in the jury house? Meg says, six. James asks, that's all? Meg says, they wouldn't have 9. James says, it's a mansion. James asks, who's going to get America's Favorite? Meg says, him. James asks if she thinks so? She says, Steve. She says, it depends who's in the final 2. James tells her it could be her, because she's America's Sweetheart. He says they may give it to her because of not winning the comps. He says, she played with dignity, fell on her face & tried. He says, he would vote for the underdog that tried really hard & didn't win, which is her. Meg says, or Steve.


11:00 PM BBT James says, Steve needs top two. Meg says, she loves that he wants Steve to have $50,000. James wonders if the twins or Austin could win America's Favorite player? Meg doesn't know. She says, she would like to hang out with Austin outside the house. Meg says, Johnny Mac may have a shot. James says, he forgot about that little booger. He says, his DR sessions have probably been great. Meg wonders how her cheer will be on Thursday. James says, loud. Meg says, like crickets. James says, he would have a sign for her that said, "Congratulations, one comp." Meg says, just one HOH. James says, she went up against a tough cast. She says, she knows. James says, they knew she had a shot because of her personality. She says, athletic comps was not her selling point. Meg says, they found her when James asks how she did her package. She says, then she did a video. She tells him how she did the beginning of her video. He says, she did that & got through. James says, his intro video is on You Tube.


11:04 PM BBT James says, his video had 300 views, & it probably has over 20,000 now. James says, he watched Frankie's on You Tube. James tells Meg she has to send him her video. She says, they did it in a hiking spot in L.A. Meg says, her friend, Andrea, from CBS did it for her when they were out there together. She says, they did it, & edited it on her phone. Meg & James get told they are not allowed to talk about production. Meg says, "Thanks for the buzz, we're bad kids."

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11:00 PM BBT Julia, Liz, Austin, and John are in the KT.  Julia asks Liz and Austin if they know that Johnny Mac flosses before brushing?  Austin says its makes sense.  Julia says she didn’t know that.  She’s going to do that too.  Julia asks John about fluoride.  James and Meg are talking in the HNR.  Meg says she wants to win HOH just once.  James reassures her that she has been up against a tough cast.  James says that she does well because of her personality.  James asks Meg about how Meg got on the show.  James says that his intro video is on YouTube [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qwVcfMmgak]  Meg talks about a friend helping her with her video while on a trip.  She edited hers on her phone.  BB tells them they are not allowed to talk about production.

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11:08 PM BBT John, Julia, and Liz look on as Austin and Steve play a game of chess.  James asks Meg what she is supposed to say if a guy tells her that she looks like Taylor Swift.  Meg says “kick rocks” and James tells her that she can’t say it cute like that.  Meg practises saying it.  Meg wonders if they are playing a game.  She goes to see if the group is playing potball without her.  She leaves and you can hear her ask “Are you guys being nerds?” James is laying in his dentist chair in the HNR.


11:12 PM BBT Meg comes back to the HNR and reports to James that the other HGs are not playing potball.  They are playing chess.  James asks who all is up there and she tells him John is watching, and Julia.  Not Vanessa.  Meg comments that the reason Vanessa has no one is because she segregates herself.  Meg thinks that there are so many people in the house at the beginning that everyone could find someone.  Meg thinks Vanessa could have found someone to partner with.  They talk about Vanessa and Shelli.  Meg says she can’t go talk to Vanessa now with everyone playing chess. 


11:15 PM BBT James and Meg go out to the BY to play pool.  James says that it’s weird being around Vanessa now.  They like each other as people, but game-wise they are against each other.  Meg says that Vanessa could have changed that.  James says that Vanessa says that she tried to work with them.  Meg asks what they did wrong then.  James says that they didn’t tell Vanessa that Austin was gunning for her. Meg says that they were the people trying to put her up and yet she and James somehow get that.  That makes no sense at all.


11:15 PM BBT Liz is called to the DR.  She goes to the WA first to put on make-up.  Vanessa is there drying her hair.  Vanessa asks Liz if “they” [James and Meg] tried to come up and see her.  Liz says they did, but not again, not after that.  Vanessa asks if Liz has cut her hair while in the house.  Liz says no and that she would never try to cut her hair herself.  Liz lets Vanessa know that Meg and James just got out of the HNR.


11:22 PM BBT The chess game continues upstairs, while James and Meg play pool in the BY.

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11:29 PM BBT Meg says that James is good at so many random things.  James calls her Vanessa because Vanessa says the same thing.  Meg says that Vanessa is the opposite.  Vanessa says that she is horrible at things, but she is good at them.  James offers to teach Meg how to play pool.  He asks Meg which shot she would take and when she answers he tells her “good job” and then gives her hints on how to hit it and still leave the white ball in a place that sets her up for the next shot.


11:32 PM BBT James wants Meg to go back to NY and play pool with some guy who won’t expect her to be any good.  She can act like she doesn’t know how to play and then bam!!  They laugh.  Meg says “you can teach me for sure.”


11:37 PM BBT Austin and Steve are still playing chess while Liz, Julia and John watch.  Austin is struggling at first and then finally sees a move.  He takes Steve’s queen.  Steve takes one of Austin’s pieces and gets called sneaky by Liz and Julia.  In the BY, Meg and James are working to sink the last ball.  Meg misses, James tries and ends up setting it up for Meg.  Meg sinks it and James says “good job.”  Meg tells James she likes the tips he gave her. 


11:42 PM BBT Meg and James rack up for another game and James gives Meg pointers on how to hold her cue.  It doesn’t go well, so James racks up again to give her more practise.  Upstairs, Julia is yawning and repeating over and over that this is sneaky.  They talk about making up a super power version of chess.  John suggests that the Bishop super power would be to destroy anything in its path in its move. 


11:47 PM BBT Meg’s pool lesson continues in the BY.  John has gone to the Storage Room to exchange microphones, so only Liz and Julia are chess spectators for Austin and Steve’s chess game. 


11:55 PM BBT Austin and Steve are still playing chess.  John has re-joined Liz and Julia as a spectator.  Austin is talking through his strategy.  In the BY, James is still giving Meg tips and instructions.  Meg makes the shot and is really pleased.  James’ tips are so helpful! 


11:58 PM BBT Vanessa comes out of the HOHR and comments about how they have made chess a spectator sport.  She stands and watches.  John is asked to exchange his microphone again.  Vanessa tells Austin that the move he is making is the same move she would make.  Steve says no helping!

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