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Sunday, August 30 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


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2:30-3:30am bbt up in HOH room Van finished her convo with James and he left room, steve, liz and Austin hung out in room discussing conversation that she had just had. Van telling group that most likely someone is going to have to go up as a pawn, no names mentioned. Van then tells Austin she needs to speak to him alone so Steve then says to liz how are you and I head on out and let them talk. After Steve and liz leave the room, Van Asks Austin about the stuff james accused him of : ie- Van shouldnt trust him, and why if brass tacks was real why'd he fight so hard for HOH. Austin appeases all Vans questions. Then discussion about replacement NOMs comes up. Van saying JM not an option. The best option would be Julia, and explains why. Austin agrees but explains why Julia is afraid of going up. This frustrates her and she breaks it down for him and asks him to explain it to her. He agrees he will. Then Convo turns to. Austin needs to make a deal on his own with Johnny Mac without the girls along with Vanessa that way they both cover their butts in the next HOH if he wins and leaves the door open for him to still be able to take the girls out with saying it. Austin realizing that he's not going to be able to keep them altogether much longer and he needs to start campaigning for himself on his own a little bit Vanessa agrees. Also Van tell Austin about how James came up into the room all pissed off with his sunglasses on and she says that's not how you approach the HOH when she doesn't have her mind made up yet on who's going to sit next to the his partner..he's nuts. She also tells Austin how james made her upset by insulting her game. Austin said things looks fine when he came up and Van said yes by then things calmed down and James told me he doesn't want to be enemies in this game going on further.

2:40-3:25am bbt purple room The twins are lying together in the bed and Julia is freaking out about having to give up on the block is upon how she doesn't want to make a speech and how she wouldn't do to Vanessa and it's just wrong and Lizza trying to calm her down saying she understands why I'm trying to like be a little bit more open-minded to the possibility Steve comes in and they all go into the colorful them together and Steve basically tells me Julia it's just like what happenedto me last week you have to have faith in your group that we are going to keep you safe and we will I have no reason to keep make she tried to turn on me last week Julia says yeah I know I guess if I have to go off it's fine you might have to help me with my speech They agree and do the scamper squad jumping up and down

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2:43am bbt Liz and Austin up to HOH telling Van it might be good to put Julia up bc then it helps Austin and them explains why they can't save meg and stick with brass tacks... Van says I have a good case for either steve or Julia. Steve Bc James and john are Leary of 5 person alliance and it can help support no Alliance. Steve walks in they are explaining choses to steve

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242AM BBT  Steve is wandering around downstairs.  Liz and Austin get out of bed and go scampering up to the HoH room.  Austin goes into HoH, Liz goes to WC.  Austin has told Vanessa that Julia and Liz both agree to go on the block, which will disprove the 5 person alliance.  It will prove to James that Austin is fighting for himself.  Liz feels sorry for Steve and says one of them will go up on the block.  Vanessa says she thinks it is a good idea, and she would not risk losing one of them.  Liz says no one wants to do it, Steve does not want to do it, Julia says she would do it cause she knows she has votes to stay (Does she?)  Austin has the thinking that no one will vote out Julia and Vanessa says she won't go home under my watch so it is best she goes up now.  IF she goes home, I will personally give her 10K$.  Steve is climbing the stairs headed to the HoH room.  She tells Steve he is interrupting, but can come in.  Vanessa hands Steve the TV remote, telling him he needs to turn it on for her.  Vanessa says the pro to putting up Steve will benefit Vanessa because it will break the thought of 5 person alliance.  Her not trusting Steve cause of the phoney bologna stuff.  They want James to get rid of the idea of being a vigilante (spelling?)  Liz says that Julia is okay with going on the block, she is sad but she realizes she needs to take one for the team.  Austin says the votes are right here.  Vanessa says that James told her something about JMac being pissed off at Steve.  Steve says a lot has happened, of course he would be pissed.  Now they discuss JMac being a GANG member.  Steve says HE IS a dentist, Austin says an Angry one. 


252AM BBT,  Today totally sucked, WE ALL tried so hard, we flipped furniture and made such a mess.  Austin says Do you think JMac will be more friendly next week if he does not see block this week.  Steve says they need to keep working on JMac and mending fences.  Steve said he threw the comp.  Vanessa wants to talk to Julia, but it would make more sense.  it makes more sense to put Julia on the block and voting out Meg easier.  Austin says by putting up Julia it will make James easier to work with so that by HoH he is not so angry when Meg leaves.  (personally I would love to see this backfire and Julia goes home :)--Granny)


257AM BBT  Vanessa still repeating everything still being said.  Vanessa says Julia doing this is her revenge on ZingBot.  Vanessa is now telling Liztin and Steve that she is like the Twins's big sister. 

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259AM BBT  Liz says it won't be endurance comp for HoH.  Liz says that Meg is acting like a DIVA.  Vanessa says they are also mad about the slop deal.  Claiming that James and Meg begged not to be on slop.  The bashing of Meg and James begins.  Austin and Liz are whining about the BS that they are dishing.  Clay and Shelli came up during the conversation.  Just more bashing.  Liztin leave the room to go to bed.  Steve says he is ready to go to bed, but Vanessa kind of asks him to stay.  Steve relates to Vanessa about missing part of the conversation.  Liztin are whisipering in bed about how they need to remove someone this next week and not being able to win HoH.  Steve and Vanessa are talking about someone ranting and Steve did not interrupt them, Vanessa wants to know why not, Steve says cause I was there to listen.  Steve telling Vanessa the vote will be 4-1 for Meg to leave, Vanessa saying that Meg will be so dramatic this week, but her emotions will make things awkward for the next 4 days.  Vanessa claiming Meg is highly emotional and not logical and her being on slop will make it hysterical.  Lizten have gotten quiet.  Steve says he took Ballet for a semester, but is no good at it.  Lizten take off mics and seem to be settling in for the night.  Vanessa is NOW a Ballet teacher, telling Steve the basic positions and making him do them.  Steve talks about his group stances, no idea what he was doing after watching it a couple times he did it but kind of hid behind other people.  Vanessa says it is funny to try to see Steve doing a toe stance. 


314AM BBT  Discussion in HoH room about who has or has not taken acting lessons.  Make out session Liztin.  Now the HoH is talking about the "Judas" reference in previous seasons.   Steve says there has to be a lot going on, Vanessa says Steve knows everything going on.  People see that you are good at smart comps, so they know you are very smart.  Vanessa says she knew it from Day 1  (BS..I called it-Granny)  She is describing him sitting in a chair with his feet up drumming his fingers.  Vanessa says it is written all over him.  (Observation:  Austin is slowly pushing Liz out of bed, they are now only on her side of bed-Granny) Austin has now slung his leg out from under the covers and over top of Liz.  She has half turned her back to him.  Cuddling continues.

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342AM Steve and Vanessa are still rehashing everything that has been said a 100 times already today.  Vanessa claiming again that James is so upset cause she took them out the rotation of slop and put Meg and James in place of Liz and Austin.  (Vanessa playing victim when she is HoH).  Rehashing of the same continues.  Steve says he loves this game when it is going in his favor, but she hurt his feelings when she said goodbye in the HN room.


359AM BBT the Boasting fest is still continuing in the HoH.  Steve has moved from the couch to the sitting next to Vanessa on the bed, now to sitting on the bench at the foot of the bed.  They are now running scenerios of who leaves who stays, who wins HoH (neither are talking like they know about the DE this week)  And talk goes to who is going after Austin and twins. 


415AM Steve and Vanessa still going over the same discussions.


422AM BBT Steve leaves the HoH, after Vanessa gives him total instructions on how to turn off the light.  She sits up in bed, reaches for the remote and turns the TV on and starts to watch,  glancing up at the camera .. talking to herself.


427AM BBT  Steve has managed to wander outside, back into kitchen and headed to WA.  Doing night ADL. 


431AM BBT  Steve now in the Comic room to sleep.  Turns off light, he is the only one sleeping in that room.  Gets in bed, gets out of bed, turns light back on, makes the bed, turns off light, gets back in bed. 


435AM BBT We thinks they are all tucked in finally for the night

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9:00am BBT: Hg still sleeping.

9:35am BBT: Hg still sound asleep.
10:00am BBT: HG still snuggled in their beds sleeping except John  who is up going to the WC.
 10:08am BBT: John comes out of the Wc and washes his hands then goes to the STR to change his batteries, then to the  BY for some alone time.
 10:20am BBT: John swinging in the hammock rubbing his eyes. Meg goes to the Wc then washes her hands and uses mouth wash gets her Mic and heads  back to bed.
 10:42am BBT: We now have FOTH as BB could be waking the HG for the day.
 10:55am BBt: John still on the  hammock in the BY. James, Julia and meg still in bed in the HNBR.
 10:57am BBT: Vanessa sitting alone in the Kt eating.Austin and Liz in the STR changing batteries.
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11:00 AM BBT In the KT area, Vanessa says, Johnny Mac is upping his hair gel game. Steve says, he hasn't even started the hair gel game. John says, when his hair gets to long it's hard to handle. Vanessa wonders if she should stay up or go back to bed. John tells her she could go back to bed. John gets some slop out of a container from the refrigerator, & then he adds some BBQ sauce to it. John tells Julia they let them sleep in a little. Julia says, "I know...Zing."


*** The last post should be for 11 AM BBT, NOT 11 PM BBT. *** (I corrected this for the Forum post)


11:04 AM BBT John goes to the BY & sits in the couch area to enjoy his morning slop. Steve goes to the WA. Austin is using a flat iron on his hair, he even uses it on the end of his braided strands.


11:09 AM BBT Steve joins John in the BY. They discuss whether Vanessa will put them on the block or not. Steve tells John not to propose any big moves to Vanessa before this Veto is used. He says, they can agree to get Meg out. Steve says, that's something for next week, & right now that's all she needs to hear. John says, alright. Steve says, he's going to go back to sleep.


11:12 AM BBT Steve goes in & out of the WC. He washes his face off with water, but never uses soap to wash his hands or face. He leaves the WA. He pauses when he gets to the KT, & seems to be thinking intently about something. He doesn't say anything to Austin, & he walks away.


11:14 AM BBT Austin is in the KT starting a pot of coffee with the water running in the faucet. Steve goes back to the KT, & tells Austin he's trying to decide whether or not to go back to sleep. Austin says, it's a tough decision. Steve says, pool day is probably cancelled. He says, everything probably is cancelled this week, Pot Ball, BB Bowling. Austin says, yes, all the games are probably done. Austin asks Steve if John is on the up and up with them. Austin says, he can never fully trust John & they don't know where he's at.


11:16 AM BBT Steve says, he's worried now. He says, it's about Rockstars, & imagine if he did that to him. He says, he feels that they are at about 70% right now. Austin says, it's a game. Steve says, it's a sneaky game. Austin says, it's a very sneaky game. Steve asks if he should do anything about the twins. Austin says, he just needs to reassure them. Austins says, he's lucky they are trusting him. He tells Steve that they probably think Meg & James will go hard at him for their vote.


11:18 AM BBT Austin tells Steve to tell them that he agreed with Vanessa that he would vote out Meg, so he won't go on the block next week. Steve says, he doesn't care who is up, he's going to vote Meg out. Austin gives more reasons & scenarios to Steve. Steve says, they can make whatever they want, he can listen to them until they are purple, he doesn't care. He says, to use Vanessa's analogy, he has to go with someone that trusts him & is an analogy. Austin says, it's Checkmate. Steve asks on Meg? Austin says, yep, laughs & walks away.


11:22 AM BBT In the BY, Steve tells John he doesn't have to do what he says. John says, as far as he's concerned it's the two of them. John says, he misses playing video games. Steve asks if he's still a gamer? John says, he doesn't go and buy a whole lot, but he has a couple he likes to play. Steve asks which ones? John says, Destiny. Steve says, he never bought into the shooter games. He says, he likes Borderlands also. He explains the game to Steve.


11:25 AM BBT John says, his roommate got engaged & moved out, & is now married. Steve asks if he's also a dentist? John says, yes, & his wife is an orthodontist. Steve says, their kids will have good teeth. John talks about another buddy he lived with. He says, he ended up getting an apartment above them. Steve asks if John was always the single one? John says, he's used to be the third wheel all the time. He says, he would have like 2 month relationships. He says, the other buddy & his girlfriend are both dentists. He says, he got his job & works with a whole set of new dentists. Steve says, that makes sense.


11:28 AM BBT Steve says, his mom hates the dentist. John says, there are a lot of people like that. Steve says, they have to fast forward that part of Finding Nemo. John says, they talk about a "K" file & that's a root canal. He says, they did research for that movie. Steve says, his mom would hate the HNR. John says, what about a room with snakes in it? Steve says, his mom wanted to apply when he was growing up. John asks if his mom would have made it? Steve says, she didn't eve submit the first round application. He says, she was in her late 50's, & now 60. Steve says, she would have had to do more research on the casting process. He says, he took a lot of time researching the process.


*** The 11:22 & 11:25 posts should be AM not PM. *** (Fixed again for Forum  posting.)


11:31 AM BBT Steve & John talk about the room full of people that they didn't know. Then they talk about the voice from the Hide N GO Veto Competition. John talks about The Price Is Right voice. John asks what the game show about Whammy's is. Steve says, it's off & that's the one he saw the documentary on it. Steve finally remembers it's called Press Your Luck. John says, yes. Steve explains how the person won 6 figures because he remember the algorithm. John says, he remembers they revived it, & did Friend or Foe also.


11:35 AM BBT Steve says, he only remembers Whammy. John explains how Friend or Foe would work. He says, there was another game where people were in a circle & there was a trap door. Steve says, like the movie Divergent. John says, he didn't see that movie. Steve says, he doesn't understand it that well. John says, his dad explained it a little to him. Steve says, she did't go with her parents, because she got what she wanted out of life. He says, she joined the risk taking people, or law enforcement of the world.


11:38 AM BBT Steve explains the movie some more. He says, if they find out you're Divergent you’re in trouble. In the OBR, Austin is laying back in bed with Liz. She has her left arm in his shirt, & starts to use her nails to scratch his back.


11:41 AM BBT We see FOTH.


11:42 AM BBT Austin tells Liz, "Let's go outside, I need coffee." James, Meg & Julia are still laying down in the HNR. John starts to rack pool balls at the pool table in the BY.

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11:46 AM BBT James says, "Damn, I slept good. I was so tired." BB says, "Please do not prop open any of the doors." Liz says, "What the f**k, I've never heard that before." James says, he has. BB says, "HG's, please check the SR." Meg asks what that is. James leaves the HNR, & comes back in. He says, the SR door was open. Julia leaves the HNR.


11:49 AM BBT In the BY, Vanessa tells John she will play pool with him. She says, she's not that good though. John says, he can play lefty. Vanessa says, that's like in chess when she says, she'll play without her Queen. She asks John to break & says, she's terrible at it. John breaks the cue. BB says, "HG's this is a lock down, please go outside, & close the sliding glass doors."


11:51 AM BBT James & Meg get up in the HNR. Liz gets up in the OBR. Meg seems to be limping a little, as she walks to the BY. She says, "Hello everybody, what's up?" John says, the temperature. Liz gets something to drink out of the mini-fridge in the BY, & then she sits down on the couch by Austin. James is stretched out on the other side of Austin. Meg lays down & says, it feels good. Julia is stretched out on the couch with her. Liz says, Steve is a hobo laying on the ground across the BY.


11:54 AM BBT Meg laughs & says, he can't imagine sleeping on the floor in sequester. She says, the PA's where probably walking around going...We see FOTH. Liz says, she slept so good when live feeds come back. Meg says, she did also. She says, she slept so long.


11:56 AM BBT We can hear sirens in the distance, since all 5 HG's on the couches are not talking at the moment. James says loudly, Vanessa, Johnny Mac is pretty good in pool. Liz says, Johnny Mac is good. James says, John couldn't even hold a pool stick when he went in the house. The twins both say they are better. Julia says, the table is tilted though. Meg says, she can go for a cocktail. The twins start talking about that & food. Austin says, they owe them a damn meal. Austin says, request sushi. Julia says, if they get Suave shampoo, they aren't getting sushi. Austin & James both say they are probably out of petty cash at this point. Julia says, she can't believe the host get a costume yesterday. Julia asks if they reuse costumes? Austin says, yes, they probably alter them. James says, they probably have a huge ass warehouse full of sh*t.


11:59 AM BBT Julia asks if today is August 30? Meg says, if she's correct, yes. Julia can't handle that the 31 is tomorrow. She asks if this is Labor Day weekend? Meg says, it's always the first weekend in September. She says, Tuesday is her daddy's birthday & they usually go to the beach. Julia asks if Meg has ever done a crawfish boil? Meg says, no. James says, he has. Julia says, Clay always said he loves crawfish boils. Meg talks about Jersey tomatoes. She says, she goes to a Farmer's Market every weekend. Julia says, she is going to start going to Farmer's Markets more when she goes home.


12:02 PM BBT Julia & Liz discuss the Farmer's Markets back home they need to go to. Julia talks in Spanish a little. Meg says, she tired of wearing bathing suits. Julia says, she's tired of bathing suits also. Julia says, Photo Booth day again, she's tired of photos. Austin says, what if they don't take photos, or take them backwards. Julia asks if they are on feeds? Meg says, yes, they hate us. She says, their lives are soo hard, & all they do is lay around all day. James says, give us some excitement. Austin says, yes, give us some excitement. Meg wants a theme for the Photo Booth. Austin says, how about, show us your best gang sign. He says, he likes to think of things that are ridiculous. Austin says, he was just about to cook breakfast, & they had to screw him over. They all go around mimicking how Steve says, Thank you.


12:05 PM BBT Austin & the twins talk about going to brunch. Austin talks about a place he went to. Julia thinks it's the Biltmore Hotel, The Grove, or the Gables. They talk about types of eggs they like to eat. Julia likes eggs benedict. She tells Austin he probably thinks it gross. Austin says, he doesn't think it is, because it is. They talk about going to eat in Las Vegas.


12:08 PM BBT They continue to talk about food. Meg says, she feels that the air show planes are personal planes. Julia can't believe that Austin has been to soo many buffets. Austin says, you can gets a 24 hour buffet pass in Las Vegas & then you can go to like 10 different buffets. He says, you can get a head of the line pass to. They asks Vanessa what the best buffet is? Vanessa says, The Bellagio. Austin says, the line is soo long. Julia asks how much it is? Vanessa says, she doesn't know, she's always been comped.


12:12 PM BBT Meg says, the DR was funny about her head, because they wanted to make sure she doesn't have a concussion. Austin says, they can't determine if someone has a concussion unless they did an impact test before they went in. Vanessa says, they know she's lost it. Julia says, she can't remember what color her phone case is. James says, he couldn't remember where he worked. Meg laughs, & says, can you imagine James in an Office Depot? Austin says, no.


12:14 PM BBT Meg asks James if he's serious at work? James says, some people say he is. He says, you have professionals coming in there & secretaries. He says, secretaries are the best because they are hot. They talk about the school supplies Office Depot sells. The subject turns to math. Vanessa asks if Trigonometry is equations? (Really Vanessa.) John tells them what Trigonometry is.


12:16 PM BBT James & Meg joke about children's names that could be math names. Meg says, the child that wasn't loved is obtuse. James says, one can be Isosceles. Austin says, they said a short lock down. Vanessa says, that's all relative. Austin talks about a time warp. James asks if they would sign a contract to live there for 5 years & get $5 million dollars? Vanessa says, that's a good question. Julia says, she would for sure. She says, if she had $5 million she wouldn't have to do anything for the rest of her life. (If she only knew Vanessa's net worth.)


12:19 PM BBT Austin says, he could spend all of that money in one day. Austin says, he was supposed to go to a game to place a bet, & he never made it to the sports book. He says, the bet he was supposed to make actually won to. Vanessa talks about the sports book. Julia says, she didn't know anything about the sports book. Vanessa says, they always put it in the back of the casino, & you have to pass the tables & slots on the way. She says, they do it on purpose. Austin says, he goes to the sports book first no matter what. Vanessa asks if he B lines it? He says, he acts like there is a wall there. We see FOTH.

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12:23 PM BBT The live feeds come back. Austin says, it's exciting. All of the HG's are standing by the back door. They all go inside & go to the SR. James says, "Fin Dip, Come on." Julia reads the note that says, "HG's enjoy some Fun Dip from your friends on the live feeds." John says, you only get two sticks for three flavors. Julia is slamming this asking if they are trying to get them fat. James says, you locked us down for this? He picks up candy on the table & says, they already have candy, why do they need Fun Dip? Liz tells Julia she's being a brat. Vanessa goes to the HOHR for a drink in her mini-fridge.


12:26 PM BBT Vanessa gets her turquoise beanie & dishes from her nightstand, & goes back downstairs. Julia is looking through the refrigerator & says, she loves how the foul, nasty roast beef lasted, but nothing else. Julia says, she thought it was a nice surprise, & it's only Fun Dip. Vanessa says, they could have chosen between a buffet or Fun Dip. Austin says, yep. Julia says, they got screwed. Austin says, it's so much fun you can taste it. Julia says, it's only 50 calories. She says, the main ingredient in Wonka candies in fun. Austin says, he can believe it. Julia says, she would have loved a breakfast buffet. She says, she got soo excited, she thought it was something delicious. She says, even it was the cinnamon roles. Liz says, they want to just see Juj complain. Julia says, no, she's over it, she can't feed into them. She says, her dreams crashed & burned.


12:30 PM BBT Austin says, that's the best thing they could have gotten. Julia asks if he's serious? Austin says, no, it's the worst & he probably would have thrown it back at them.


12:31 PM BBT Austin says, he can't even believe they had to set that up. He says, for that, they deserve take-out tonight. Julia says, they deserve the take out now for sure. Austin tells BB where to go for sushi. He tells them to ask for Doug, & they will get a discount. Julia talks about turkey that she wants & is gone now. Liz says, the Boi probably threw it away. Austin says, you shouldn't have let the Boi cleaned the KT, he doesn't know better. Julia says, "Thanks live feeders we love you." (Really?) Liz says, "Thanks live feeders, I'm going to eat mine later for a snack." Meg says, she'll eat hers later. James says, he's going to eat his now. He says, his stick is broken. Austin says, the turkey is amazing. Julia asks if he's serious right now? Austin laughs. Meg tells James he's opening his Fun Dip in the most complicated way she's ever seen. He says, he doesn't want them all open, & it's science. Meg laughs.


12:34 PM BBT Julia asks what the live feeders probably had to choose from? She asks if it was all candy? Meg says, yes. James says, they probably picked this because they wanted to see the girls lick the sticks. Julia is eating her candy also. She says, they probably wanted to see lick a sticks instead of a huge breakfast. Austin & Liz are cooking their breakfast. Liz is looking for the spatula. Austin puts some things away in the refrigerator.


12:36 PM BBT In the BY, John is eating his Fun Dip. Vanessa is on the elliptical & tells John that he needs to make Austin feel good about the two of them. She says, that's all she has to worry about. John says, this is good. Vanessa says, she told him that she was going to tell him. Vanessa says, she has to confirm with Julia that she's going to put her up for sure. She says, she talked to Liz & Austin about it, & Liz cried a little. John says, if he goes up it doesn't make sense for him to stay there. Vanessa says, they are going to make a big enemy in James when they vote Meg out.


12:39 PM BBT Vanessa tells John it was a lot of work to get to put Julia up. She says, they wanted Steve to be the pawn after they realized she wasn't going to put him up. She says, it was amazing that they went along with it & she was like, really nervous. John says, very good & enjoys some more of his Fun Dip.


12:40 PM BBT Vanessa tells John that Austin did the analysis of everything in case he is the HOH next week. She says, this is a good deal. John says, he was thinking with his penis. Vanessa says, he needs to think a little further, because it's within 3 weeks. She says, you don't want to make a bad decision now, that sets you up for an even worse when then. John says, he's eating Fun Dip right now, not giving a f**k.


12:41 PM BBT Vanessa says, she finally remember what other music she wants for an album actually. John says, he has to brush his teeth again after this. Vanessa tells him he has blue mouth. (His tongue is green.) John says, his Facebook page has a picture of him after he ate a blue slushy. Vanessa says, a dentist eating a Fun Dip has to be so funny, it's so bad for you. John talks about getting kids in to see him.


12:44 PM BBT John says, it's easier to work on kids because of being able to use a topical on them. He says, it depends if the parents freak out the kids. He says, if kids need to be retrained, he'll send them to a Peds Dentist. He says, they spend two more years learning how to deal with children. He says, he's had kids get really tired & a couple needle pricks. He says, you are vaccinated for things. He says, Hep B & Hep C are the top two things you can get. He says, HIV is like .02 chance. He talks to Vanessa that a quick stab might not even be enough to affect you. He says, it's called a Sharps injury. He says, he had a tooth actually go through his glove. He says, the patient & him actually got blood tested. Vanessa asks if he freaks out at that point? He says, he did at first, but he's had about 4 accidents, & he really doesn't care.


12:48 PM BBT Vanessa says, she's sweating like a beast & she may come back out later. She goes in the house & says, "Boo ya, did 15 minutes of cardio." John is truly enjoying his Fun Dip while sitting on a couch in the BY.


12:49 PM BBT Liz & Austin are still cooking. James says, it looks like everything. Julia says, "Yeah, everything in the damn fridge in one omelet." Austin says, he usually makes his open faced. Meg sits down at the DT, & she eats some of her slop. Meg is also cooking more slop on the stove.


12:50 PM BBT Julia asks Meg if she put BBQ sauce in hers? Meg says, "Dah." Julia says, she's probably going to cook hers like Liz & Austin did with corn salsa, black olives & cut up pickles in it for lunch. They discuss how foul the slop is. Liz sits at the DT to eat her breakfast.


12:51 PM BBT Meg asks where the whole slop thing came from? Austin says, he thinks it's season 6 or 7. He says, ask Steve he'll know. Meg asks if they had PB&J before? Austin says, they did, but it might have been the whole nutritional component, & slop looks more disgusting on TV. Meg says, she loves PB&J. James says, he does also. Austin says, not for 7 days straight.


12:53 PM BBT Liz says, her omelet is perfect. Austin says, thank you. Julia says, it's almost 1 PM BBT. Meg says, it is, oh my God. James says, the day is going by fast. Meg says, that's good. Austin says, Fun Dips, as he sits down next to Liz at the DT to eat his breakfast. Julia tells Austin the coffee is really good. Austin says, "Well, you guys doubt me." Meg gets milk to drink & sits back down at the DT to eat her slop. Julia says, she may hit the sack. Meg says, it's probably time for Pot Ball. Julia says, Pot Ball or Sling Band. But, Sling Band can be tomorrow. They discuss they haven't played Pot Ball in a while. Julia says, Sling Band took over Pot Ball.


12:56 PM BBT Liz tells Austin he cheats by leaning over for Pot Ball. Austin says, Steve wears his Nike Air Monarchs & has an 8 foot advantage. He says, if there's a tidal wave, it will just go over his feet. Liz asks if the boys have ever heard of Air Monarchs by Nike? James & Austin both say, no. They continue to joke about his shoes. They all discuss the Veto Competition again. Julia asks what would have happened if people hid them in the same places? Austin says, they probably would have had to hide them again.

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1:08PM BBT Julia and Liz eating in the KT. They are bored they say. They are discussing the Veto comp. They say that it was a guys game. They didn't have the strength to lift everything. They discuss if they weren't playing they would have been upset to see their clothes tossed everywhere.


1:14PM BBT James and Meg talking about the Van/James convo from last night. James says that Van wanted to work with him but that he kept being on the other side.


1:19PM BBT Julia and Vanessa go up to HOH room. Julia concerned about going home being up as a pawn. Vanessa tells her that if that happens she will give her 10K. She says she promises out of her stipend she will. Vanessa tells her how much she trusts Julia.


1:24PM BBT James and Meg continue to talk. He says that in Vanessa's relationship with Mel, Mel is the one that steadies Vanessa. James tells Meg that you have to talk to Vanessa calmly and never insult her. They are discussing how to keep Vanessa from getting emotional.


1:26PM BBT In HOHR Vanessa telling Liz and Julia how James insulted her and made her cry during their talk. Vanessa says that he back has been against the wall this entire game. She says that James has had Meg the entire time. She says she has had no one and has been the 3rd or 4th wheel the entire time. Liz says that James has always had someone in this game.

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1:29PM BBT Vanessa tells the twins that she has integrity and that she only complimented James on how well he has played the game. She says he was venomous and came at her.


1:33PM BBT Vanessa complaining about the way James spoke to her. She says that she has never been two-faced. She says if she makes a mistake and she admits it and moves on.


1:41PM BBT Vanessa called to the DR. She returns quickly and says she got spanked. She got in trouble for telling offering the money. Now she tells the twins that she was joking and hopes they know she wasn't serious. She now gives a speech that she was not offering money and knows it is against the rules. She says that she just knows Julia will not go home. (She as been offering money to the HG to prove that they are safe.)


1:44PM BBT Vanessa tells the twins that she has always gone to James if she had an issue and James is not giving her the same courtesy. She says that James turned so mean after he won Veto yesterday.

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1:50PM BBT James and Meg in HNR. Discuss what she is going to wear on Thursday. Meg tells him that he has to make a GB message for her and it better be good. James teasing her that he will say that the entire time he used her as a shield and now have fun in jury. They both laugh.


1:52PM BBT Vanessa and the twins talk about how nice James has been since he won the Veto. The twins agree. Vanessa now complaining that James was wearing sunglasses when they had their convo. She says if you are having a meaningful conversation then you should not be wearing sunglasses.


1:59PM BBT Vanessa talks about how in this game she appreciates that the twins have always been reasonable and not hypocrites with her. She says that she has always been reasonable in this game. She says that it causes others to give her the shaft in her relationships.


2:10PM BBT Steve wanders into HOH. The twins are getting ready to leave. Van says they were talking about Julia going up and has Steve promise that he wont vote for her to go. He jokes that he will vote for her to go to jury. Vanessa and Julia tell him it's too soon. Steve and Vanessa discuss why America keeps giving them candy. Vanessa says it's because they are boring.


2:16PM BBT Liz and Steve in the SR. Liz says that she needs him to make sure he votes to keep Julia. He promises to vote Meg out. Liz and Steve tell each that they love each other and will be there for Julia. Steve promises to report anything Meg tells him.

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2:19PM BBT Meg heads into the HN room. She tells James that she heard Steve talking to Liz in the SR. She says that she heard him say something about being an with someone. She tells James that she has to go up to HOH soon.


2:27PM BBT Austin and John working out in the BY.


2:35PM BBT Meg goes to HOH. She says that if there is a chance she is going she wants to make sure everything is settled before she goes. Vanessa says that apparently James didn't like her speech and she is not a fan of being made fun of. Vanessa asks Meg if it was funny. meg says it was fun that Vanessa called her and James a King and Queen.


2:37PM BBT Vanessa tells Meg that she knows if Meg wins HOH that she would be going up. Meg says probably but doesn't mean she is the target. Vanessa thanks her for her honesty because had she lied she would have known she was lying. Vanessa says that she needs to break up the strong duo.

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2:42PM BBT Vanessa tells Meg that both Austin and James were supposed to throw the Ready Set Whoa HOH to John. She says that Austin had his reasons not to and so she understands but she feels slighted that James did not do what he promised. She tells Meg that she is the most alone in this game.


2:45PM BBT Vanessa tells Meg that she has a huge heart and she wishes she could make everyone happy in this situation. This is emotionally so upset at this time for what she has to do.


2:50PM BBT Vanessa tells Meg that she has more blood on hers hands then anyone. Meg is telling Vanessa that although she has James, she is alone in the way that she has not won anything. She says if she went to F2 all she would be able to tell the jurors is that she created potball for them. Meg says all she can do is be there to fight for herself. Meg tells Vanessa that she knows that she is not winning the game. She doesn't have enough game moves to win this game. Vanessa says that meg may win against her because she (Vanessa) is set up to be the most hated person in this game.


2:53PM BBT Vanessa tells Meg that James came up in his hoodie and sunglasses and scared her. She says that he came at her and told her that she is playing to hard. She says he insulted her.

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2:55PM BBT Vanessa starts to cry. She tells Meg that being in a relationship and being gay makes it hard on her in the house. She says that she has had to work hard to avoid jury.


2:57PM BBT Vanessa is telling Meg that she has had nothing but respect for how James and Meg have played the game. In the KT Julia and Steve discuss people having sex in the house. Julia says that she appreciates CBS doesn't show it on the shows but she knows that the live feeders see it. Liz doesn't say a word.


3:14PM BBT  Liz and Austin in the BY. Liz is eating an apple. They discuss how with Meg going home they can make up with James. Liz says that she told Steve to tell her anything Meg says to him.


3:19PM BBT Vanessa talking to Meg about leaving law school and not graduating. Vanessa says that she has the skills and why waste the 6 months. She says her mom hates Las Vegas. She says her mom still texts her about it.

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3:23PM BBT Meg leaves HOH. Vanessa grabs a container of dip and chips and sits down to snack. In the KT is general chit chat.



3:25PM BBT Correction - not dip. It is cottage cheese.


3:26PM BBT Austin comes into the WA. He wipes his body down with a towel and then tosses the towel on the seat. he uses the toilet, comes out and blows his nose and heads out of the WA.

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332PM BBT  We enter the HOH room with Vanessa talking with Liz and Austin.  She is repeating to them the conversation she (thinks) had with Meg.  Julia enters the room. (Sorry Julia was in room, Liz Entered)   JMac is sitting on the couch in the backyard.  The talk between the ones in the HoH room is now mocking what Vanessa (supposedly) told Meg.  Austin tries to say something and Vanessa keeps interrupting him.   Steve joins JMac on porch and they discuss Clay's eviction and the different days, they going to study days.  Liz leaves HoH, Austin still spinning his part about JMac and what he will or will not do.  (this is the same ole same ole...long one--Granny)

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354PM BBT..  Liz is back in HoH, Steve is there now also, but the conversation has not changed.  It is still Vanessa bashing Meg and James calling them names and saying that they have no idea how bad they make Vanessa feel.  JMac on Cam 1/2 sitting by himself in backyard on couch. 



405PM BBT  Austin, Liz and Julia are all in HoH with Steve going over the same stuff that Vanessa was talking earlier about.  Vanessa is not to be seen.  Meg and James and JMac are in HN room.  Meg and James are talking.  JMac is laying belly down in his chair.  It is just general chat, I think James is trying to cheer up Meg.  Julia is walking around looking at the bags of goodies that Vanessa has.  Now Julia wants a Pandora box and a luxury comp and for BB to buy her a whole new wardrobe. 


416PM BBT  Meg is outside sitting on couch.  For some reason BB just told Steve and Julia to turn the lights back on in the HoH.  James has come outside to join Meg.  Steve is patiently listening to his "crush" whine about everything including her headache.


423PM BBT  Meg and James have moved over by the pool to chat.  Julia is still whining to Steve in the HoH. 

426PMBBT.. Steve is now in the kitchen saying he eats almost the same thing everyday, he does not need variety or different flavors.  He left Julia in the HoH with headphones on and whining about her headache.  Liz is cleaning up the kitchen area taking out the trash.  Austin is sitting at the table eating.  Meg is telling James about her hour long chat with Vanessa.  (which is way more accurate than when Vanessa told the Austwins).  Steve tells Austin he is trying to do an impression of Julia doing an impression of Steve.  It seems that James and Meg were basically told the same thing ..  James did tell Meg about her (Vanessa) yelling at him.


454PM BBT  James says he could work on JMac and maybe Steve to vote for you, but Meg says it makes you a bigger target.  Austin is bugging Liz as she does the dishes.


Live show will start shortly

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5PM BBT "Show on East Coast has started"  Meanwhile back in the house...  Liztin have moved into the hammock.  James and Meg are still on the loungers by the pool.  Liz is whining "whyyyyyyyyy"  Julia and Steve start a game of pool. 




They start discussing "where in the world is ??" and how they would like to go on the show.  Also saying there may not be a camera this week due to all the commercial pictures they took last week.  Steve wants to know how far they are from LAX.  So Austin says they about 30 minutes.


Now they talk about the date and where did it go by so fast, Summer.  Liz keeps saying she is mad at Austin and hates when they fight, he keeps joining the conversation in the yard.


Only 44 days left in the house.


now the talk has turned to the After Party and Vegas Party.  And if they will be allowed back in the house.  Austin is now trying to tell them how much flying to Vegas would cost.    Liz has her back turned to Austin, he bites on her ear and she starts her screaming, Austin says he is very cozy. 

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518PM BBT  We see Liztin in the hammock, Julia sitting with her feet in the pool while Steve is in the pool.  James and Meg are still laying on the loungers by the pool chatting.  Austin and Liz are talking about what parts they will play when they appear on B&B for the Halloween show.  (have not heard they got invited)/

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533PM BBT  they start asking each other what they want to do first when they get home.  Steve and James say go camping.  Meg says she wants to have a big arse party so everyone knows she is back.  Liz looks like she has fallen asleep and Austin is not far from it.  Julia sitting at pool playing with her hair.  (Sorry but Austin looks really really creepy as he falls asleep-Granny)  General chat in backyard. 


544PM BBT  Now that Austin and Liz are asleep in the hammock, the talk in the backyard is about skype and twitter.


551 PM BBT  Vanessa gets called to DR, she is no where in site on the feeds

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6:05pm BBT HG in BY talking when Vanessa yells it photo booth time. Vanessa reads a card...it says this weeks photo booth they want to see your side eye. Sit next to your fellow HG and shoot them a serious side long glance. HG are off to the photo booth!!

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6:30PM BBT In the BY Julia tells Steve and John that she knows for a fact that Audrey was America's Player. Jon says he thinks it was Jason



6:38PM BT James and Meg in the KT eating. Quietly talking about Vanessa will probably be taken out soon by Austin or the twins. James feels if Vanessa makes it to F2 that the vote will be 8-0. James says his feelings would be hurt


6:47PM BBT In the BY Julia is surprised to hear from Steve that the BB house stays there the entire year when not in use. Steve says that he is sure some of the furnishings may be rented and go back but over all it stays. Julia asks if they use it for any other shows. Steve says what show would they use it for?



6:53PM BBT Liz and Austin in the BY. Liz is whining because she won the pool game and he says not technically because she didn't call the pocket. They kiss and make up.


6:55PM BBT James and Meg in the HNR. James is saying he wishes he could win BB so bad to help take care of his little girl's future. He jokes that Austin will buy a bunch of wrestling equipment or ropes. They laugh.



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7:01 PM BBT In the HNR, James goes over his speech for the Veto Ceremony with Meg. Meg is eating her Fun Dip. Meg says, she's got look like a hot momma on Thursday. James tells her to wear the best athletic gear if it's athletic. Meg says, she will be soo livid. Meg says, she doesn't want to talk to Julie Chen in athletic gear. James says, she looks hot in her athletic gear. He says, at least she doesn't have to worry about crotch shots. James says, he doesn't seem them doing Q & A two times in a row for HOH. John goes in the HNR & asks James for some of his Dots. John finds a box on a dresser. Meg wants one. They are all eating Dots in the HNR.


7:04 PM BBT Meg says, she's eating like a Kindergartner today, but they don't have anything better to eat. John says, they aren't good for them, but they are so good. James asks how things are in the BY, & what everyone is doing. We see FOTH. John says, they are playing pool, & Austin is doing his flip things. John leaves the HNR. We see FOTH for a moment. James looks for his sunglasses & finds them. He says, that is important sleep gear.


7:05 PM BBT Meg tells James that Vanessa commented on him having his sunglasses & hoodie on, & she said she was scared. James says, she should be. James lets out a huge fart. Meg says, "Ewww, James." James says, "Did that slip out?" He says, "That's how you know we are best friends." They discuss that Meg may be going home. They both say they have a feeling she will go. James says, "Damn, that really sucks," while he is using a hand flosser on his teeth. He farts again. Meg asks him if she will be invited to his wedding someday. James says, "Woe, put the brakes on that wedding thing, you will already be invited, because you will be the bride." Meg laughs.


7:09 PM BBT James tells Meg that they have overcome so much adversity being from the city & country, & more. Meg says, they need to study days. James asks if she wants to go over days? Meg says, he needs to go over days. They start going over days.


7:11 PM BBT Meg tells James he's in trouble for the days competition. She says, he will not win the days. James says, that's o.k. Meg says, he better hope it's not next. James says he will win the physical competition but not mental. (They don't know the double eviction is on Thursday.) Meg says, they need to start going over who put up who also.


7:13 PM BBT Meg says, she wants to play Pot Ball tonight. James says, they may not want to play it. Meg says, they all seemed to want to play. James says, it's not going to feel right. Meg asks, to play Pot Ball when she leaves? James says, he's not going to play when she leaves. James says, Breanna is going to kill him, because he had to tell a story...The camera switches to the BY with Julia playing pool. Meg says, she wonders if they visited James' family. James says, they could. James says, he wonders if they visited both of their families. He makes up a story of them interviewing their families about each of them. Meg says, that's funny.


7:16 PM BBT James says, he doesn't think they visit your family until later in the game. Meg says, they visited Christine & Cody's. James says, they visited Donny's family. He says, they also visited Amanda & McCrae's also. James says how nice Donny's family is. Meg says, they might be visiting his family. James asks why they would want him to tell a home story? He says, they may, woe. He says, they could have went to Breanna's house. He says, America will get to see how hot she is & how hot her sister is. He says, she's way more hot than Liz & Julia. Meg says, he's her favorite. James says, if you put her up next to Shelli, she may be questionable, but he feels everyone will think Breanna is hotter. He says, she may be there on finale night. Meg says, that would be awesome.


7:19 PM BBT Meg says, she thinks they are because she has talked a ton about him this week. She says, he wins the Veto, they see his beautiful little daughter, & then she goes home. Meg says, "What the hell, BB." James says, the ironic thing is that he found her Veto card. James says, he wishes that Meg found his Veto card more than anyone else.


7:21 PM BBT James says, his bed has been stained. (Because LIZTIN is sleeping in it.) He says, if he's still there, he will sleep in her bed. Meg says, "Awww." James tells Meg she needs to leave him a shirt. He tells her which shirt he wants that will wrap around him. She says, no, that's a good shirt. James says, "It's either that or the thigh highs." Meg laughs, & says, "That's creepy McCreeps." James says, they always used to say get ready for witching Wednesday. He says, it's her turn now. James says, if Julia is on the block there may be no point, but she can't give up.


7:23 PM BBT Meg says, she will talk to people. The camera goes to the BY. Julia & Liz are sitting by the hot tub. Julia says, she's wearing black today, because it's going to be her funeral. Julia says, she never thought she would go on the block as a pawn. Liz says, she better not go home. Julia tells Liz that she should have told her. Liz says, it wasn't even a question, & she has nothing to worry about.


7:25 PM BBT Liz tells Julia that the one thing she has going for her is that Steve is obsessed with her. Liz looks at herself in the mirror by the hot tub. Her grey tank top is really low on her chest, exposing her cleavage with no bra on. Julia says, John will go after Liz & Austin. Julia says, Meg might make it awkward for her since she has to sleep in the HNR with her. Julia says, Meg is going to campaign against Julia. Julia says, if she has to choose a pawn, Vanessa will go up with no questions.


7:27 PM BBT Liz tells Julia that Steve will not vote her out. Julia says, Austin could flip the vote. Liz says, she would never be the same. Liz says, the only thing that Meg can say is that the twins are stronger together. (How about Meg did win a BOTB, & Julia hasn't won anything?) Julia says, it sucks. Liz says, she would be shitting bricks if it was her. Julia says, she's not shitting bricks. Julia says, maybe people will feel sorry for her when the double eviction comes.


7:29 PM BBT Liz tells Julia it's her time to shine with her speech. Liz says, Jackie's speech was the worst. They discuss her speech. Julia says, she can give some shout outs. Julia says, she couldn't imagine them being there this long. She says, "It's crazy." Liz says, "I know." They talk about the Veto Competition. Julia says, Vanessa said they should have tried harder. Liz says, she was tired, it was hot & she was over it. Liz says, that's what she gets for putting James & Meg on the block. Liz says, she won it for herself, so Vanessa should have won it for herself. She says, Vanessa can't expect everyone to do stuff for her. Julia says, she can't expect for someone to do that. BB says, "Liz, please move your hair away from your microphone." Liz says, "You need to stop scaring us," & she snaps her finger at BB.


7:33 PM BBT Julia talks about how long they've been in the house, & now she's on slop & being used as a pawn on the block. Liz says, you've made it this far, & sometimes you just have to do things that you don't want to do. (How about yours & Austin's turn as a HN?) Liz says, she won't go home anyway, she would go to jury.


7:34 PM BBT Julia says, Becky shot herself in the big toe with things that she did. Julia says, she said people stayed off her block. Liz says, that's where she took that line from. Julia says, the breeze outside is nice. Liz says, "This breeze is everything." Julia keeps snapping her finger as she talks. The twins talks about Meg & James. Liz says a bunch of stuff about them being sneaky. She says, Meg said she was being grumpy. Liz says, "No, she was being a sneaky (whispering) b*tch." Liz says, she hopes it doesn't come out about the 5 of them with Steve.


7:37 PM BBT Julia says, she's worried about Meg campaigning against her with Steve. Liz says, "No way, he loves you." Liz says, if it was Austin going up, he would go home. Julia says, she shouldn't even be a pawn, because people like Johnny Mac are pawns. She says, next week they are going after James, so Johnny Mac skates by another week. Julia says, she would put James & Johnny Mac up & if she needs a pawn it will be Vanessa. Liz says, she will use Vanessa as a pawn since she used Julia as a pawn. Julia says, "She will say that's not a good idea & hears why." Liz gets up from the hot tub. Julia says, she's getting hungs. She gets up & says, BBQ slop is going to be her dinner. Liz says, "I hate these f**king ants," when she is by the washer & dryer. BB tells Steve he's not allowed to talk about production. The twins go inside & say the water pressure is low. James farts, & the twins say how foul & loud it was. James says, it was real & it kind of hurt his butt hole. Meg says, it's from the chocolate milk he's been drinking. James says, "Gas management."


7:41 PM BBT James tells Meg to say something about him on slop & farting on Thursday. They all say the chocolate milk is too much. Steve tells them all to drink a lot of chocolate milk the last night they have to sleep in the HNR. They all say eww & foul.


7:43 PM BBT Vanessa says, her & Mel have gone back & forth about rules. She says, they used to look into each other phones all the time. She says, if they are together & one of them is texting a lot, they have the right to verify what they are talking about. She says, it took a long time to get to this point. She says, she's dated guys & girls, so she gets grief. Austin talks about him texting a lot. Vanessa says, she has a lot of contacts to get gigs. Austin gives his excuses for what he was on his phone for. Vanessa says, her girlfriend calls other people babe, & it makes her mad.


7:46 PM BBT Austin says, his girlfriend that he was with had sent one of her ex-boyfriends babe, & at this point he knows that they wouldn't have touch each other. He says, he left her & then she called him. He says, he turned the car around. He says, that should have been a red flag two months in, & instead they went 18 months of fighting. Vanessa says, they stopped calling other people endearment words. She tells Austin to put a password on his phone. Austin says, "Why can't I know the password if you have nothing to hide." Vanessa says, they need to trust each other & if there is a particular reason they can look at the phone, but otherwise they can't. Austin says, he doesn't feel that he & Liz won't have half of the problems that he had with his ex-girlfriend.


7:49 PM BBT Austin says, he & Liz have already talked about things that would bother his ex. Vanessa says, Liz it a type A personality & she has a good sense of humor. Vanessa asks Austin if he lives by himself? Austin says, no, but he will after the show. Vanessa asks why everyone has a roommate in L.A.? Austin says, because it's so expensive. Austin thinks Liz may want to move out there to live with him. Vanessa says, he should move to Las Vegas. Vanessa asks if Liz has a job? Austin says, yes. Vanessa says, Julia works for the mom, but what does Liz do? Austin says, she works for a start-up company & gets paid good. He says, if she wants to do something in the entertainment industry she needs to move to L.A. Vanessa says, they did modeling & they should do stuff as twins.


7:51 PM BBT Vanessa tells Austin they & Steve all have one parent that is Christian & one parent that is Jewish. She says, they should have a club. Austin & Vanessa talk about their sisters. Austin says, his sister is probably freaking out that he's still in the house. Vanessa asks if his sister watches feeds? Austin says, yes. Vanessa says, she's worried that the favorites are different on the feeds than on the show, since it's two different worlds. Austin says, he's hoping that they are showing clips of him & Liz being shown as their relationship growing. Vanessa asks Austin if he really thinks that Steve can win America's Favorite Player? Austin says, yes, unless people are annoyed by him. He says, he hopes they are shown are being cool together.


7:54 PM BBT Vanessa thinks that Shelli could be America's Favorite Player. He says, Clay could be a villain. He says, no way anyone would choose Audrey. Vanessa says, James could be America's Favorite Player. Austin says, he doesn't think so, because he took out Clelli, so he could be a villain now. He says, people in the beginning may not have gotten enough air time to be America's Favorite. He says, you need to have air time to be liked by people watching the show.


7:57 PM BBT Steve goes up to the HOHR. Austin tells him they are talking about America's perception on the feeds. Steve says, #GinaMarie. Austin says, Gina Marie was worse than Aaryn, but Aaryn took the brunt of it. Vanessa asks if they showed it on the show? Austin says, yes, & they talked to her on The Talk. They talk about Amanda. Steve says, Amanda was just a generic bully. Vanessa asks why, because she only watches the show. Vanessa says, Elissa made fun of Amanda, & that was mean. Steve says, they were both mean, but Amanda was a lot worse. Austin says, he couldn't watch feeds at one point, because Amanda was being so mean to Elissa. Vanessa asks why she thought she could do that, because she had the numbers? Steve says, yes.


7:59 PM BBT Steve says, they are playing Pot Ball tonight. He repeats, "Pot Ball," several times. Vanessa asks if they are setting it up? Steve says, it's another hour. Austin says, Liz is cooking turkey burgers. Vanessa wants some. Steve says, they need to be nice to Meg & James. He asks how much they know about Vanessa's intentions? Vanessa says, she not hiding it. She says, James was making fun of her speech & he's going for Vanessa.


8:02 PM BBT Vanessa says, James thinks he making such a big noisy deal out of it, makes her want to get Meg out more, because if she stays that would make him stronger. Vanessa says, he doesn't think in a million years she will put one of the Austwins up. She says, her last speech was justified. Austin says, she should set up the speech like she was putting up the Boi, & then put up Julia.

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