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8/27 TV Show Eviction Night Thread


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The way this season has been going, I think it would be hysterical if Liz and Julia ended up final two. Not gonna happen...I am pretty sure Van will be final two although I don't know who she would take with her. But it would serve these HG's right if the twins made it that far.


Yes, I would also think it hilarious if Liz and Julia ended up F2, and it would serve everyone else right for being so darned stupid.  There was a time when I wanted James to win, but it seems like he decided it was his turn to go to "summer camp".  I can't stand Vanessa, but I'd rather see her in F2 than the twins, though I don't think she'd get the jury votes.  My dislike for Steve is lessening.  It would be ok with me if he wins.

The only thing that could be described as epic this season would be some of the houseguests' stupidity




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