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Monday, June 29 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !


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Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Battle of the Block (BotB)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

Cabana Room Lounge (CRL)

Dining Table (DT)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Kitchen (KT)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Living Room (LR)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Washroom Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)


Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/100939-big-brother-17-pictures-and-screen-caps/


If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:00 AM BBT Up in the HOH James wants to go find out who told Jace about the song about him.  Meg asks what his gut says.  James says Jeff, Jackie or Clay.  Meg says no way Jeff.  James agrees because Jeff helped created it.  Down in the BY Jason is giving Becky, Steve, Da'Vonne and Vanessa?  A history of the BBCA and about other fan sites.


12:10 AM BBT In the HOH James, Meg and Audrey continue to try and unravel who told Jace about the song.  They wonder if it was Clay.  Meg is going downstairs.  Audrey is going to get Clay and bring him up.  Down in the BY we have idle chit chat.

12:13 AM BBT Jace comes over to the couch in the BY and mentions that his Bible is missing.  He can't find it anywhere.  Steve says he can use his.  They question whether someone may have hidden it.  Meg can be seen walking across the yard.  Steve calls out Johnny for "getting buff!"  Back up in the HOH James is telling Da'Vonne, Audrey and Clay about Jace knowing the song.  Da'Vonne laughs.  They continue to run scenarios about how to ask/find out who told him.  If they can't figure it out Da'Vonne says she's done with the group.  It's too big and and this is such a minor thing and she can't trust her BB life to a group.


12:23 AM BBT Meg and Jackie are near/on the hammock.  Meg needs to get caught up on that TV show (Amazing Race?).  Back in the HOH Jason has joined the others and discussion continues about who knew about the song and told him about it.


12:27 AM BBT Mole talk continues in the HOH.  Audrey seems reluctant for James to confront him.  Down in the BY Johnny and Jeff hang out near the hammock while Jeff talks to Jackie.  Feeds switch to Austin whispering to Vanessa in the HNR.  Vanessa says it will give him a day or two until... and Austin agrees.  Austin says he can't sit with Jace and be a martyr right now.  He wants to spread his wings and become social.  Austin hopes the group they were pulled into earlier was real.  Vanessa agrees and says if it's not she's going to blow stuff up.  Da'Vonne comes into HNR and the conversation stops.  Vanessa tells her that she folded her blanket for her.
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12:32 AM BBT Da'Vonne is complaining that she needs to poop but she can't do it around people.  Every time she tries to go somewhere quiet people come in or she simply can't go.  Vanessa said she had a bad one today where she had to chase someone away before they walked in.  She said it was super embarrassing. Back in the HOH they continue to discuss how to smoke out the mole in their group.


12:37 AM BBT SongGate continues in the HOH while the non pooping conversations continues in the HNR.  We are pulled away from the HNR and sent to the SR where Austin and Liz are chatting.  They both know Jace is going home and have to distance themselves.  Liz says a small group got up and left when she came outside.  Austin wonders if they are targeting her.  She doesn't know but she points out that Jace walked up at the same time so maybe they were avoiding him as well.


12:41 AM BBT Jason, Meg and James comes into the SR looking for Advil, abruptly ending Liz and Austin's chat.  The three of them whisper in the Ocean Room wondering about Audrey and Clay.  Meg thinks those two have something going on.  James says Audrey has her hand in every cookie jar.  The three figure that Audrey is their mole.  A door opens and the conversation stops.  Steve walks through and the conversation starts.  Meg tells Jeff "go shower smelly" as he walks through.  James thinks he may let the whole thing go (SongGate).  The Ocean Room party breaks up and goes their separate ways.  


12:46 AM BBT Feeds jumping all over the place as HGs move around.  Audrey tells James that she straight up asked "him".  James says he's probably going to just drop it because he doesn't want to create any more waves in the house.  James says his head hurts.  He's done talking game tonight.  Out in the BY Jason, Meg and Da'Vonne are talking.  James joins them.  James says he's going to drop it.  Audrey comes out and says "Jace says it was you Jason!"  Jason says go get him and he'll go Chima on him.


12:53 AM BBT Idle chit chat in the BY.  Steve is working out.  He's letting some facial hair grow out and asks for Jason, Da'Vonne and Audrey's opinion.  In the KT Shelli and Clay appear to be cleaning.


12:55 AM BBT Johnny and James are chatting near the hammock.  James can't wait until next week so he can just sit back and chill.  Johnny says if he wins he'll keep James safe.  James says he needs to keep Jackie safe as well (she's nearby working out in her yoga pants/sports bra).  James says if he gets booted out before he sees her do a handstand then he lost the game.  Johnny agrees.  Johnny tells Becky she's safe until she stands on her hands.  Back at the couches in the BY we have idle TV chit chat.
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01:07 AM BBT In the Ocean Room Vanessa tells Jackie that Vanessa was trying to start an all girl's alliance.  Shelli and Jackie says no way.  Jeff says Vanessa must be on someone's agenda.  Jackie asks Jeffs "Jason and James?" and Jeff says yes.  In the Cabana room Audrey and Clay are whispering.  Clay asks her if she's talked to Vanessa.  Audrey says no not yet.  Clay says Jeff was supposed to come in here.


01:10 AM BBT Audrey asks Clay to go sit outside with Da'Vonne and others.  Clay wants to go find Jeff to see why he was abandoned.  Feeds switch to Jace reading the Bible in the Comic book room.  Back in the Ocean room Shelli, Vanessa and Jackie talk about massages.


01:17 AM BBT Audrey's game continues to unravel.  In a darkened HNR Austin is telling Liz that Audrey has an eleven person alliance and she is getting him to constantly butt heads with James so they won't trust each other.  Vanessa comes in and says she's glad she handled it.  Austin wonders if she told them to quiet down.  Vanessa said she just had to get some things straightened out.  Jace heads into WC.  In the Ocean Room Jackie and Shelli remain sitting quietly


01:20 AM BBT Shelli and Jackie are chatting in the Ocean Room.  Shelli says she's making fun of this week because she has no game to chat so her and Jackie can just sit there.  Jackie laughs.  Shelli says this game is being playing ridiculous today.  Shelli makes fun of the alliance names saying "today we're the grey alliance....tomorrow....maybe the pink alliance.  Meanwhile in the  BY Jeff, Steve, Jace, Meg, Da'Vonne and Clay are gathered around the HT chatting randomly.


01:27 AM BBT Shelli and Jackie whisper in the WR about how certain people seem to know everything about everyone.  Jace comes in to the rooms smiling.  Jace says a wave of contentment just suddenly washed over him.  Jace says he read the bible and realized "God loves me...."  Jeff walks into the room.  Back at the HT side we have random chit chat.

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01:37 AM BBT In the SR Jeff is talking to Jackie.  Jeff says Audrey isn't as big a target as Austin is.  Jackie says she feels like the rest of the cast are kids which Jeff agrees with.  Jeff says this week will be fine.  Back in the cabana Jace is pleading for his BB life to Clay.  Jace says if he goes home he'll have to call his parents.  He didn't expect to leave the first week.


01:44 AM BBT General silliness around the HT by Steve, Jason, Jackie, Becky, Johnny, Da'Vonne and Becky.  Back in the cabana Jace continues to beg for his BB life.  James and Jason whisper about Audrey near everyone else but they agree that she's the mole.


01:51 AM BBT Cabana party breaks up.  Jace heads into a darkened ocean room where he finds Jeff whispering to Audrey.  Jace apologizes to Audrey for exploding earlier.  Audrey understands and plans on staying in bed for the next 4 days.  Out in the BY James is telling Jackie about SongGate and how he and Jason figured out it was Audrey.


01:56 AM BBT  Jace now continues to pour his heart out to Audrey.  Audrey says she's seriously going to sleep the next couple of days away.  Out in the BY Jackie, Jeff and James continue to talk about Audrey.

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02:04 AM BBT Jace finally finishes up his speech to Audrey and Shelli about keeping him while sitting on their bed in a darkened Ocean Room.  Out in the BY James continues to talk to Jackie about Audrey.  Others can be heard playing pool in the background.


02:10 AM BBT Audrey and Shelli whisper in their bed.  Audrey wants to backdoor Da'Vonne.  Shelli isn't sure it's not a good idea.  Audrey thinks it is.  Out at the couches in the BY we have Meg, Da'Vonne and Jason.  Jason and Jackie continue to talk near the weight bench.


02:13 AM BBT Jace pulls Steve into the cabana room to convince him to vote for him.  "How would anyone else in this house know that you voted for me?"  Steve says they wouldn't.  Liz walks in and Steve quiets.  Jace asks Liz to step back out.  Steve tells Jace over and over again that he doesn't have to sell him on anything.  Out in the BY James tells the group he can't trust anyone in their group.


02:22 AM BBT Becky is making something to eat in the KT while Steve and she talk about travel.  Becky has never been to the East Coast and Steve has never been to Colorado.  Out in the BY Jeff is talking about his ideal woman.



02:29 AM BBT Clay crawls into bed with Shelli and Audrey and starts whispering faintly.  It sounds like someone's mic is rubbing against something, making hearing the words difficult.  Out in the BY Steve probes for more information about his ideal woman.  Becky, Da'Vonne, Steve, Meg, Jace, Jeff, Steve, James and Jackie all laughing and being sily.


02:37 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues in the BY.  Inside the house in the Ocean room Clay, Shelli and Audrey try to come up with a name for their new alliance.


02:44 AM BBT Clay gets into his own bed.  Out in the BY we have general chit chat from the still awake HGs.  Currently the discussion is about social media accounts.


02:53 AM BBT Steve and Da'Vonne are the only two left in the BY talking.  Steve asks if there is anything wrong between the two and Da'Vonne says no but she believes she was lied to by someone.  Steve asks who or about what.  Da'Vonne doesn't want to say.  Jason comes out and starts chewing obnoxiously.  Da'Vonne heads inside in an effort to use the WC.  Becky and Jackie crawled into bed in a darkened room.


03:01 AM BBT Johnny stumbles around the darkened Comic Book room asking Jace if he is going to lay on him.  Jace asks if he is hard.  Johnny says "Wha?" Jace "Wha?" Johnny "Wha?"  Jace "Wha?".  Out in the BY Steve, Da'Vonne and Jason are talking about previous BBs.


03:04 AM BBT In the KT James, Jeff and Meg graze.  Jeff is whispering fast while Meg crinkles up a bag of some sort.  Almost impossible to identify words.  Someone is chewing and swallowing obnoxiously.


03:15 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues in the BY between Jason, Da'Vonne and Steve.  Da'Vonne called to DR.  Meg, James and Jeff out in the hammock.  Lots of whispering.  it sounds like they're going back and realizing how sketchy Audrey can be.


03:20 AM BBT Audrey has joined Steve and Jason on the couches in the BY.  Idle chit chat about the show and fan sites.  Meanwhile over at the hammock James, Meg and Jeff swing lazily and call Audrey a snake and Vanessa a mongoose.


03:30 AM BBT All four feeds on James, Meg, and Jeff in the hammock.  More rehashing and realizing how Audrey is the source of their information leaks.  Jeff makes fun of Audrey because she's had her hands all over Clay.  James playfully gets mad and gets up and leaves the hammock telling Jeff he can have Meg.  Couch feeds back, James has joined Da'Vonne, Steve and Audrey.  James begins to sing some Lauren Hill and we get FoTH.


03:41 AM BBT Idle chit chat between the group on the couches in the BY and Meg and Jeff in the hammock.  Feeds coming and going focusing on one, the other, or FoTH as they talk about production.  Audrey asks Da'Vonne if she's ever had a tarot reading.  Da'Vonne says no.  Audrey asks why.  Da'Vonne says because she doesn't believe in it and she doesn't want to know what's going to happen.  James gets up and wanders back to the hammock.


03:46 AM BBT James and Jeff are going to bed.  Meg joins the couch group (Da'Vonne, Audrey and Jason).  Jason says Steve asked him if he knows what's happening this week.  Jason said it was the first time he was talked game to by Steve.


03:50 AM BBT All four feeds currently on James getting into HOH bed.  Last we saw of the BY crew they were discussing possible twist scenarios for the week.  Currently all four feeds are displaying horizontal HGs in darkened rooms.  Just like that we get our BY feeds back and Jason is talking about a TV show and how it might pertain to the Takeover.


03:54 AM BBT Meg comes in and heads into the WC.  All four feeds flip back to horizontal HGs in darkened rooms.  Meg washes hands and face before heading towards the bedrooms.  Out in the backyard Da'Vonne, Audrey and Jason Jedi train questions "Who would most likely steal your boyfriend...blank or blank?”

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04:02 AM BBT The BY crew continues to run scenarios and discuss the difference between feed watchers and TV watchers.  Da'Vonne can't wait for Thursday because she wants to compete.


04:07 AM BBT Random chatter from the BY crew.  Talk turns back to their social media accounts.  Jason had zero online presence so he simply deactivated his and they (BB) was ok with that.  Others apparently had to give their PWs to BB.  Audrey mentions she didn't get to interview with Rachel and others because "the story broke..." Jason and Da'Vonne are shocked "Why do they even care?"  Audrey said she felt like Lynsey Lohan.  FoTH.  All four feeds come back to horizontal HGs in darkened rooms.


04:12 AM BBT Feeds back briefly but then production talk begins again and we get more FoTH.


04:15 AM BBT Feeds back Steve has joined the BY crew.  Steve and Audrey were dancing around a bit.  Audrey wants to play charades and act out favorite cartoon characters.  FoTH.


04:20 AM BBT Feeds back briefly discussing how Steve and Jason remember the different years of BB (actual years they aired).  FoTH.  Feeds back quickly.  James joins the BY crew.  James says he got woke up.  Jason asks why and we get FoTH.


04:23 AM BBT Intermittent FoTH as the BY crew talks about the veto comp.


04:28 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues regarding the house and rules that are in place due to previous infarctions by previous HGs from other seasons.  IE: No glass bottles, no hangers, etc because they could be used as a weapon.  Since these guys don't seem to want to go to bed we're going to take a bit of a break.  We'll get everyone caught up once our updaters have gotten a bit of rest.

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Guest 6Borders

5:00am BBT:  Good Morning BB17!

Welcome to "Bored With 6Borders:  The Morning Report"

(considering that the HG's just went to bed I doubt much is going to happen)


Jason, James and DaVonne were talking and laughing around the Memory Wall!

5:04am BBT:  They have just disbursed for the night/morning and all are in bed!


5:08-5:38 BBT:  John has started awake and looked around several times.  I don't hear anything

so he must just be restless.

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 4:45am BBT Da’Vonne, James and Jason are in the BY talking about Audrey and how she is a manipulator. Da’Vonne is worried that if they go after her to get her out, America will hate them because of her story. Jason explains that there will be lovers and haters out there and not to worry about it.

 4:50am BBT Steve finished eating in the KT and headed outside to sit by the others. Discussion changed to sleeping arrangements and how James is going to sleep in the HOH room because he is going to have to give it up soon. Discussion turns to double eviction and how the HOH does not get the room they just get a basket. James is explaining that the pictures that are given to them are not real pictures they are printed on picture paper.  

 4:53am BBT They head inside, Steve went to bed and the others are in the KT whispering. Da’Vonne said Audrey can’t win and Austin can’t win. James said 8 of them in the group, 7 of them have a chance to win and questions who they should go for. Da’Vonne is going to put Austin up if she wins and she will back door Becky.

 4:55am BBT They walk over to the memory wall and start pointing out who has to go. Jason said his picture looks like he has a tattoo on his eye. James thinks Jeff’s picture looks like a real estate agent.  James said that at least they found out there is a snake in the yard. James said that if he gets hoh again he is putting out the snake (Audrey) and he will make up a song for her. Jason said that he will put Vanessa out if he wins hoh because she has not even said hello to him and every time that Vanessa says that people in the house are horrible Jason feels like she is talking about just him. Da’Vonne said that they need to make sure they take color all the way to the end. Jason points out that the only two chicks not showing their teeth in the pictures are Liz and Audrey. James said yea snakes. Jason asked the other two who told Austin that putting a pony tail in his beard is okay. He thinks that he should have to shave it. The three of them agree that Austin, Liz, Steve, Audrey, Vanessa and Becky have to go before Jury starts.

 5:02am BBT They end their discussions and go to bed. 

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Guest 6Borders

6:26am BBT:  John moved and now has his hand down his pants {adjusting or pleasuring himself}.

Some restlessness in the Have Not Room, Austin (trying to fit his over-sized body on the undersized dental chair.)


7:19am BBT:  John and Jace are both restless and tossing & turning

{that's probably about as much excitement as there is going to be until wake up call}


8:13am BBT:  Everyone is still sleeping.

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Guest 6Borders

9:00am BBT:  Everyone is still sleeping and snoring.  The only other sounds  have been BB machinery and the gawd-awful noises those dental chairs make...(5.0 on the BB richter scale)!

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Guest 6Borders

9:10am BBT:  We have WBRB/FISH so it's wake up time in the BB House

{If you blinked you missed the exciting last 3.5 hours -6Borders}

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Guest 6Borders

9:25am BBT:  ...and we're up and off to the races for the day!!!

The girls are in the WC doing ADL's and putting on makeup.

Steve and Jason are adjusting the awnings.


9:26am BBT:  WBRB Again! {someone must be misbehaving}


9:29am BBT:  We're back!  Jason and Johnny Mac are on the BY lounge.  Jason is saying his tired of something

and just go tell them the game is over and WBRB again!


9:30am BBT:  Back.  Johnny Mac is asking who did the awnings and could he do themself.

John thinks one of the awnings looks weird, says he has nothing else to do so he goes to check it out while

Jason tells about one of his girls back home named "Shana".

John successfully adjusts the awning.  Jason tells Shana "I know you ain't watching but check out Johnny Mac".

John asks how old Shana is...no answer. 


9:32am BBT:Shelli joins the boys and is looking for some sunglasses.  Asks if the boys need anything

and they say no.  Jason is going to get a bit of sun before getting a shower and becoming civilized.


BB reminds the HG's that the bedroom lights must remain on during the day!  John and Jason say it must

be the Have Not room. 

Jason says he has music in the morning...keeps his alarm on the other side of the room so he makes sure to get up.

Discussion is how much time they need to get up and get ready for work in the morning.


9:35am BBT:  Jason says he's not very high maintenance getting ready in the morning.



9:35am BBT:  Back.  Jason is discussing the hot water heater.  He has not figured it out yet.


9:36-9:38am BBT:  Vanessa and Liz are in the kitchen fixing food!  Becky is bustling around, probably cleaning for food prep.  Austin is up and joins them.


9:38am BBT: BB tells Jeff, Jace, Clay and Da'Vonne there are fresh batteries in the storage room


9:39am BBT:  Vanessa is drinking her coffee and wandering.  In the HN Room, Da'Vonne is getting her mic and getting settled back o her dental chair.  Liz is looking for something in her BB Bag!


9:40am BBT:  Austin and Vanessa are in the kitchen


9:41am BBT:  WBRB/FISH

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8:37am BBT: All HG still sleeping

9:05am BBT: HG are still sleeping.

9:10am BBT: We now have FOTH . Maybe a wake up call.

9:25am BBT: Steve and Jason in the BY putting the awnings down, Vanessa in the WA doing make up and we get FOTH.

9:29am BBT: Jason and John in the BY sitting on couches talking as Jason smokes. Most HG in the WA doing ADL'S.

9:35am BBT: Liz and Becky talking about when they will get to eat food again and Liz says she thinks it is Wednesday after midnight and Becky ask why Wednesday and we get a brief FOTH.

9:37am BBT: Vanessa is in the KT getting coffee as Austin comes in to get water. In the BY Jason is laying in the sun talking to John about his mom.

 9:47am BBT: Shelli and Jason in the BY talking about how hot it is there this summer. In the HOh rm James and Becky are talking about him taking things downstairs today so there won't be so much up there later. 

9:51am BBT: Austin is now in the hoh rm talking to Becky as she prepares to take a shower. Jason, John and Shelli are in the BY just general talk.

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Guest 6Borders

9:41-9:47am BBT:  WBRB FISH


9:47 am BBT:  We're back.  James is looking for something in the HOH.  Becky comes in and say HI and asks

if she can use the shower.  She thought he said he was about to hop in but he says he already took a shower.

She is looking for a clean towel and goes downstairs to get one!


9:48-9L50am BBT:  Shelli, John and Jason are on the BY couch and we go to WBRB again briefly.

Back to John saying he cut his hair and with all the mirrors (in the house) it's easy to do.  Jason tells us Clay said he is going to cut Meg's bangs.  Chit chat about how their barbers cut their hair.


9:50am BBT:  Jason says it's so early here (Calif) but this is about the time his friends would be watching TV (in MA)

Jason is talking about those vans which give people rides and drive like maniacs and are always getting in accidents taking people to the hospital and WBRB again


9:51-9:54amam BBT:  Jason is telling about a girl he knew who was on suicide watch.  John is talking about girls he dated.

He says it seems like every girl here is working out.  Jason says everyone is working out but him.

BB calls Vanessa to the DR.  Clay joins the guys on the BY couch.  They ask how he is and he says he would be doing a  lot better if he didn't have the knot in his neck.  He can't turn to the right side.  He said later he will have Austin dig his elbow into the knot.  Austin joins the BY crew.  They ask how long they have been up:  Jason says since "Missy Elliot" played.


9:55-10am BBT:  Chit Chat about wake-up material (Barbara Walters, Jerry...} and then talk turns to returning twists

and what they might be.  Jason is explaining the Golden Key (BB13), and the other season (BB9) they did pairs.

James has joined the BY crew.  General chit chat about the awnings and how they all had to crowd on the couch yesterday (it was the only place in the shade). 

Clay is called to the DR.  Talk turns to Clay's knot and it might be a pinched nerve.  Shelli has joined the BY crew again.

Austin is explaining what the knot could be and different ways it might be fixed.  Jason relates having a pulled muscle

due to a backpack in HS.

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Guest 6Borders

10-10:03am BBT:  Shelli tells us they had Missy Elliot, Madonna and Brittny Spears for walk up music.

Jason is telling about Jun (BB4) going to the DR and leaving the house for the weekend and everyone running around looking for her.  Talk turns to their work-out's last night and some commercial related to lifting things, gyms and feeling weird in gyms.

Jason does not shower there.


10:03-10:05am BBT:  In the HOH James is up and Jeff and  Meg are in the two beds.  She says she's tired and how is James not tired.  He says he is used to it, going to clubs, etc.  They teast that Meg is a club rat and she says she's not.  Jeff says Meg smells like bad decisions.  Talk about the wake up music.  James thinks it was lame and Meg liked it.  Jeff says the DJ needs to be fired and Meg says no she liked it.  James said he would play good stuff for everyone.  He says certain songs get people up and others don't.


10:06am BBT:  The HOH room is quiet for a few minutes.  They are all trying to go back to sleep.


10:07am BBT:  Shelli, Austin, John and Jason are taking on the BY couches and suddenly we go to WBRB!


10:09am BBT:  Back.  In the patio Austin says "people at home know it's a TV show".  Jason says when you watch live feeds it does not seem like a TV show.  Shelli says on the show it makes it look so so much is happening.  John says "rocking out with the dentist"  Austin remarks that everyone is getting good at sleeping through the alarms.  Jason says he is not spending his time sleeping.  Shelli likes mornings best, Jason is most productive in the morning and John is a night owl.  Austin hates waking up early especially when he knows he has to.


10:11-10:18am BBT reminds Austin that sleeping is only permitted in the bedrooms.  {since he was just talking}.

Talk turns to heart rate monitors and Jason wonders if they will get Fitbit's again this year!

Shelli remarks that the work out equipment is geared toward the guys...Austin says it's "geared toward shit".


Talk turns to past BB's:   BB7 when they had the workout room in the house, and then the Amazon shopping spree and the girls were able to buy an eliptical!  They discuss past HG's and their ages now, how Michelle was the youngest player {BB4, she could not even drink since she was 18} and she is now 30.


Austin wonders who Evil Dick would have reacted with Cappy (the fireman who was Maggie's secret pair).  Jason doesn't know what everyone's main issue with Cappy was.  General talk about past season twists.

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9:59AM In the BY John has slept wrong and is asking Austin about a pinched nerve and what to do about it.


10:06AM BBT James and a demale (sounds like Audrey) talking about the music that was being played this morning. James says it was lame. Audrey says she liked this morning's selection. James says the DJ should be fired.


10:10AM BBT Jason, Austin, John and Shelli talk about what the live feeds look like. Austin says that everyone is getting good at sleeping through the alarms. Jason says he doesn't want to sleep through the alarms. he is only here for one summer.


10:14AM BBT the BY crowd complaining about how bad the workout equipment is. Shelli says it's geared towards the guys. She doesn't understand why it is so bad since CBS wants them to look good.


10:20AM BBT Shelli and Vanessa in the WA whispering about someone telling Jace that he was with him. Says they like him but not sure if they like him as a game player. They go on to discuss Liz. They say Liz doesn't talk to them but she seems to have sided with Jeff.


10:36AM BBT CLay and Austin chat in the BY. Clay talks about how he and Jeff are friends in the house but they don't hang out constantly. Austin says he doesn't want to avoid Liz but he wants to distance himself. Clay asks if Liz knows that Austin knows about what she said. Austin says no.

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Guest 6Borders

10:18am BBT:  In the HOH room everyone appears to be asleep.


10:21-10:23am BBT:  In the WC Shelli and Vanessa are talking about the back-door (with Jace).  Lots of whispering.

Shelli says it was great game strategy.  Becky is saying she hasn't spent a lot of one-on-one time with "her"?.

Talk about trust and being careful what you say.  Liz joins and the conversation stops.

Liz tells the girls to be prepared because they (BB) says they were going to do DR's soon and that's why she's putting make up on...says "DR Day".  Vanessa says all the days off are so BB can get the TV part caught up with the live part.

Shelli doesn't feel like doing anything today. 


10:23-10:37am BBT:  Vanessa finds some deoderant which is really good stuff.  She says she has skin issues and can only use organic on her face.  They (well, Shelli) just does not feel like getting ready.  John has joined the girls and Shelli says she does not want to shower.  He tells her to do it so she won't stink up the house.\


Vanessa says her legs are really sore from the work out.  BB calls Vanessa to the DR.  Shelli says "are you ready" and she says "no I just started getting ready".  Vanessa asks if they played "Golddigger" this morning and Shelli says no, Missy Elliot "Work It" and we go to WBRB.


10:26-10:28am BBT:  In the BY Clay and Austin are discussing fast food places and burgers.  Clay is telling about "Water Burger". Clay says when he got to Calif. he tried different burger places and wondered what the hype was.  Jason says "the hype is probably because it's just out here".  Talk turns to Krispy Kreme and did they have it here.  Austin is talking about sugar cam become an addiction.  More general food talk.  Austin says everything sounds good to him right now (he's on Slop).


10:30am BBT:They discuss how you could be on slop for more than one week and Chicken George was on slop the whole season.  Austin says he feels like he will be physically sick if he stays on slop much longer.


Clay asks Austin if he talked to Liz and he replies that he has been keeping her in the loop.  Clay says she said she is jumping ship because the ship is sinking and Clay says you should not be with her publicly because it's an easy target.

They say keep her around and if she does not get HOH then he can move away.


Austin says they have to calm Jace down, he's going to blow them up.  He says he's sure Jace is going to go off and do something.  Austin said Jace came in last night and kept saying "don't give up on me".  Says he's a good man and loyal but he came off as too strong and abrasive and it's too risky.  Clay said in his perfect world he would have Jace stay but he can't do that.


Clay says you are 100% trustworthy of Vanessa and Austin says yes.  Clay said he's glad to hear that.  Austin says he trusts Vanessa more than anyone except us (Clay/Austin).  Talk turns to Shelli/Clay and Austin says "are you preceived as a duo" and Clay says no.  Talk turns to Liz and then back to Jace and what he was doing wrong.

Clay says now he and Day are on good terms ("she thinks").





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Guest 6Borders

10:44am BBT:  Back (had a feed freeze).

In the kitchen Jason and John are talking food.  Jason says grape jelly is gross and apologizes to the makers of grape jelly.

He drops his sandwich on the floor, picks it up and eats it anyway, saying he is not afraid of germs.  Jason is relating

dropping a sandwich one time, all the way down the hall.  Clay is relating a story about moving heavy boxes and his dad tried to tell him it was too heavy and the bottom dropped out and broke everything.  More general chit chat about moving, how much stuff gets broken, lost, etc.


10:48am BBT:  Austin and Clay are still talking game in the BY.  Austin and Clay are talking about he (James?) does not know the game too much and Clay was helping him {this from the guy who became a "super-fan" after watching BB for 4 months -6Borders}


Clay has advised don't ever talk in the kitchen because the people in the HOH are always watching (on the spy screen).

No more kitchen or living room talk.  Clay says keep reassuring her (?Liz) and also see where she is at with Johnny Mac.

Austin says I don't see her talk to him; more to Steve than Johnny Mac.  Discussion turns to Steve and how he talks to people but keeps everything inside and you'd have to go to him one-on-one to talk to him.


10:52am BBT:  Clay thinks Steve has an alliance with Day.  They discuss Steve eavesdropping and Austin says he's toned it down in the last couple days.  They wonder who Day is with.  Talk turns to HOH comps and Austin says this is the season you can throw them.  They are going to watch Audrey in the next comp and see if she wants to win or not (apparently she said she does not want to win HOH).

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Guest 6Borders

10:54am BBT:  Clay said he would never back-door anyone he had respect for.  Austin says if you have the numbers, back-door is the safest way.  They discuss the two of the (Austin/Clay) and how they could set up/control/throw the comps to each other.

They are talking about how to tag-team a comp.  Jason joins.


10:57am BBT:  Clay is wondering about all the technical aspects of the comps and how much they could get away with, what is and not on the rules.  Jason relates the lumber jack comp and the girls were tying themselves to the poles for more support.  Austin says every comp seems to have a little loophole.


Clay asks about taking a bunch of letters and stuffing them in the mud.  They say that's what Jackie did but Becky found the pile.  Clays tells Jason they are taking about strategy for the comps and you have to have a strategy going in.  Clay says the way BOtB the way Becky and John did it, having two people at a time, was the way to do that.  He says you have to build strategy no the fly, and Steve and Jackie almost won it but wasted too much time early on.


11am BBT:  Clay turns to the first HOH comp, catching balls and why he fell off.  Jason says he would like to see what

they looked like, and they (2nd group) didn't even get to see it.  They discuss what might be shown on the TV version.

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Guest 6Borders

11:03am BBT:  Vanessa and Shelli are talking in the WC.  Vanessa says please don't tell anything.

She is talking about Austin and trying to get a good read on him.  They are still trying to figure out

where all the rumors came from...Vanessa said maybe to was just speculating.  They talk about a girls alliance and Vanessa said if there is one she is not in it.  Shelli laughs and says "we are too old".  They think there is a guy alliance {yeah, about 10 of them}.


11:05am BBT:  Shelli and Vanessa are just doing hair/make up and getting ready for CR's.  Shelli wants some yoga pans.  Vanessa wants more beanies and she's giving BB a verbal list of what she wants in her HOH basket. 


John is flossing histeech on the WC couch while the girls are discussing dry shampoo and baby powder!  Vanessa asks if John brought any  extra white strips.  She's showing John a place she has a crack and John is explaining a composite filling

and what she should do if it hurts all the time or just occasionally.  She's trying to talk John into a cleaning.

{expect a bill for $100 bucks Vanessa -6Borders}

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10:41AM BBT Clay and Austin continue to talk about how to act with Liz and other HG. Clay tells Austin they just need to relax and as long as the 5 have each other's back they are good.


10:56AM BBT Austin and Clay continue to chat in the BY about the other HG and strategies. Nothing major just general ideas.


10:59AM BBT Vanessa and Becky talking. Vanessa asking if there is anyone Becky thinks she should talk with who maybe doesn't trust her. That she can work on. Becky says she can't think of anyone.


11:04AM BBT Vanessa and Becky talk about Austin. They agree they can not get a good read on him. They both feel like he is acting sometimes.


11:12AM Clay and Jason in the BY. Jason says that they were at the memory board last night deciding who wasn't with them. Jason says that they have to remember not to have blinders on. Talk about Steve and where he stands.

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Guest 6Borders

11:10am BBT:  The girls are asking John if he feels older.  He says yes.  They ask how old and he says 28.

Vanessa is explaining all the emotional aspects of turning 28, the anxieties and her own personal experiences he can relate to {expect a bill for that Johnny Mac -6Borders}.

Shelli has the blow dryer going so it's hard to hear what the others are saying now.


11:13-10:17am BBT:  In the BY Clay and Jason are discussing doing your part as the HOH, James had to take some heat for the decisions he made and when they are HOH they have to do their part.  Jason asks if Clay did goodbye messages.  Jason says he was nice in his because BB told them (in DR) that these people might come back {I am amazed we don't have fish or a BB warning about discussing DR with other HG's}.  Jason explains Jury and sequester.


Clay says they have their little 8 and as a group they have to figure out something collectively.  Jason says they need to get people who target one of them out to protect the people in their alliance.  Clay says they are all together and if something happens and someone falters they have to move on.  Jason agrees because otherwise it boils over.

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11:19AM BBT Vanessa and John play 20 questions in he WA. In the BY Clay and Jason continue to talk about how to play the game.


11:25AM BBT Clay and Jason talk about the competition where you fill up jars. Talking about which way they would go big scoop vs smaller scooper and different jars.


11:30AM BBT In the HN room Austin and Liz talk about working out. Liz says there is nothing else to do. Austin says he just made 8 cups of slop and is letting it cool down


11:37AM BBT Liz is sitting in the KT painting her nails. Austin is called to the DR.

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11:51AM BBT In the WA Jason is showering and taking with Vanessa and John about toys when he was little. Jason wanted to bring home a My Little Pony.


11:57AM BBT Jason in the WA telling other HG about when they told Monica in S2 about the World Trade Center. Now John is telling what he was doing at the time the planes hit.

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