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Monday, June 29 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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12:12PM BBT Austin is rubbing a spot on Clay's neck. Working out a knot. Jace doing ADLs.


12:20PM BBT Clay in the hot tub by himself working out his neck. General chit chat about allergies in the BR.


12:31PM BBT Jason and Shelli in the BY. Shelli talking about how she is trying to be there for Jace but he says things that make it awkward.

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12:38PM BBT Jason describing an accident when he was little. He had to have 60 stitches. A dog bit him. He doesn't blame the dog. He said he didn't listen and went to the dog.


12:40PM BBT Jace and Austin talking. Austin telling him to lay low and see if they have a shot on Wednesday. Jace says that he had his feelings hurt by Austin's behavior. Austin says he still have Jace's back.


12:51PM BBT General chit chat about movies in the BY.

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12:57PM BBT James said BB won't be fun with out Meg.



12:59PM BBT More chit chat about movies in the BY.



1:00PM BBT James waves to the camera as he passes by. 



1:03PM BBT Jason is talking about people falling into the pool from past season. Audrey is getting ready to go in the DR.



1:05PM BBT Steve and Austin go in the pool and invited others to join. 



1:06PM BBT Meg is puttin on makeup in front of the mirrors. Da'vonne dances in front of the mirrior before getting in the shower. James and Jeff are debating how to make cereal. Then they talk about being nice to Meg.
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1:12PM BBT Liz joined Steve in the pool. They want to put the ants on the block next week. Steve said that being on slop is alot better than being in Survivor



1:16PM BBT Steve said Survivor is physicaly harder, but Big Brothers is mentaly harder. Jeff and Jase are making eggs for breakfest. Liz got out of the pool and went inside to grab a hat. Austin continues to work-out.  



1:24PM Steve and Liz are talking about past contendent from BB. They talk about how close in age the cast is this season.



1:25PM BBT Meg, Jase, and Jeff talk about fireworks.



1:28PM BBT Becky is talking about tourism in Denver. 



1:31PM BBT Steve talked about how he kept getting into BB a secret to his family.

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1:33PM BBT Jeff talkes about all the types alergies he has.



1:39PM BBT Just random chit chat around the house. 



1:40PM BBT Meg thinks she going to be Have-Nots next week.



1:43 PM BBT Meg can't wait to hear Jase eviction speech. 
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1:48PM BBT Meg is wondering where everyone is, Jason thinks everyone is sleeping.



1:57PM BBT Jase is talking to himself. 


1:58 Shellie started talking to Jase about the producers wanting Jase on the show. Then it cut to FotH

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2:07PM NNT Jase, Vanessa, Audrey, and Da'Vonne are in the KT.


2:09PM BBT Jase said "If you want to get rid of me, it fine" to Vanessa at the DT.


2:17PM BBT Jase and Vanessa were told to move the mic higher.


2:20PM BBT Jase is practicing his rap. 


2:23PM BBT Jase is trying to conceive John not to vote him out.

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2:29 PM BBT In the KT, Jace & Shelli are talking about previous BB seasons when the house was only one floor. Shelli also talks about the twin twist. Audrey is sitting at the clear table listening. Clay is cooking on the stove.


2:31 PM BBT Audrey gets called to the DR. John, Jeff, Jackie, Steve, Jason, James, Austin, Liz & Becky are all in & around the pool in the BY. They are talking about storing your photos in your cell phone in a calculator app, so no one knows where to find them.


2:34 PM BBT Jeff tells everyone that girls don't usually want to see private pics of men. The convo changes to using iCloud for iPhone, & how to turn off your location services. Jeff tells his story of how he lost his iPhone, & tracked it using the locate my iPhone app. He says, he was watching, & then the battery died. He kept texting the phone to get the phone back.


2:38 PM BBT Jeff says, a girl called the number back, & he was able to get his phone back. Becky tells a story of when she worked with Victoria Secret, & how someone stole her phone is Kansas City. Jeff gets called to the DR. In the KT, Jace tells Shelli & Clay what he did when he was sequestered for his work-out. James is inside getting something to drink. Jace goes to the BY.


2:41 PM BBT Jeff walks through the KT, & tells Shelli & Clay he's going to the DR. Clay & Shelli talk about the DR, & we see FOTH.


2:43 PM BBT We come back to the KT, & Audrey is back sitting at the clear table with Shelli & Clay. In the BY, Becky is the only HG sitting in the pool in the sun. Liz is still in the pool, but has moved to the shaded side & she has a big sun hat on. Austin, Steve, John, Jace, James & Jackie are all by the sun chairs in the shade.


2:47 PM BBT In the KT, Audrey is cutting a frozen pizza that is done. Jackie is fixing herself a plate. Austin in rummaging in the refrigerator. Shelli is cutting something up on the counter. John walks through the KT from the BY. Audrey is getting everything together for her to eat.


2:49 PM BBT The camera view changes to the SR. Steve tells John, this game is so awful. Steve walks out of the SR & goes to the KT. Shelli walks out of the KT. Audrey goes to the By with her food. Steve is looking through the cabinets. Jackie is getting her food ready to eat. Steve walks towards the WA. John walks back in the KT.


2:51 PM BBT The camera view changes to the BY by the couches. Jason says, he wants to play BB in every country, & tells them to all call him. Da'Vonne, Jackie & Audrey all on sitting on the couches. Jason leaves, & the girls talk about voice accents. Jason comes back with a plate of pizza. John gets called to the DR.


2:56 PM BBT Steve has joined other HG's on the couches. Jeff gets told to please put on his microphone. Jackie put her plate on the tree stump, & walks away. Da'Vonne tells Jason, she can't believe how many cuts he has on his stomach. Steve asks, what he got cut on? Jason walks away with his dishes. Da'Vonne talks about seafood, and asks BB to put shrimp in her basket, so she can make shrimp alfredo


2:59 PM BBT Steve asks Audrey, if she's going to come back out, as she's walking away from the couches. She says, she doesn't think so. He says, o.k. Jeff & Clay are playing pool in the BY. Jace has gone to the HN BR & is talking to Vanessa. He tells her the pillows suck. He says, BB must really hate them. He tells her, she only has a couple more days in there.


3:02 PM BBT Jace tells Vanessa to go on the block as much as possible, because she can get herself off with the BOB. He says, if he somehow stays, he's going to volunteer every week to go up, so he can win his way off. He asks Vanessa what she thinks he's going to do on eviction night? She says, put on a show. He says, oh yea. Jace goes to the grey BR.


3:04 PM BBT In the grey BR, Jace tells Audrey & Meg that he prayed before he went to bed for God to show him who stabbed him in the back. He says, he knows who the person is now. Audrey says, she had a dream about 2 people stabbing her in the back. She grabs a red comforter off the bed Jace is on, & goes back to the bed Meg is in. They continue to talk about her dream.


3:07 PM BBT In the BY, Jeff asks Clay where Meg is? He says, she's their entertainer. Clay says, he knows. Jeff makes a great shot to set Clay up on his shot. Clay's shot doesn't work. Jeff says, they're getting to hyped up out there, & he says he's sorry. John walks by the pool table eating something.


3:09 PM BBT Jason gets called to the DR. Meg says, man, they are banging that out today. Audrey thinks there may be an episode on tomorrow. Jace says, it's usually Wednesday & Sunday's. Audrey says, she thinks that right. Jace says, he's going to go to sleep & goes to the colorful BR. Audrey says, they may just be trying to follow her facial expressions.


3:11 PM BBT Audrey says, she's wondering what's going on in her parents head. Meg says, she's wondering what's being told about them. She thinks it's probably positive, but she's not sure. Audrey asks her if she's got to talk about the night yet? Meg says, yes, & it was easy. Audrey says, she had to go over each person. Meg says, she's really excited to get the next week started. Audrey agrees.


3:13 PM BBT Meg tells Audrey she's just nervous about what may happen. In the BY, Shelli & Jason go to the couches, where Steve, Da'Vonne & John are all chilling out at. Da'Vonne asks Jason, what's the first thing he will do when he goes home? He says, he doesn't know, but he wants his chicks to pick him up at the airport. He says, no offense to his family. Steve says, he will get grilled.


3:15 PM BBT Jason says, he's going to need 1 week to catch up on 3 months of sleep. Da'Vonne says, she's going to need to BB flush, a full detox. Becky gets called to the DR. Steve is chomping on potato chips. Shelli & John are eating & drinking. Jason is smoking. Da'Vonne is just chilling. The camera view goes by the pool in the BY. Austin is talking to Jackie about working out.


3:18 PM BBT BB tells John to make sure his battery tray is plugged in. In the grey BB, Meg & Audrey are still speculating about the song issue. Meg says, people need to be careful going up to the HOHR. She says, she saw Vanessa being sneaky yesterday, & watching everyone in the house going up to the HOHR. Becky walks by the grey BR & goes in the HN BR. Meg says, she keeps her stuff in there.


3:21 PM BBT Meg & Audrey think that Becky having her stuff in the HN BR is part of her strategy to eve's drop. Audrey says, she thinks her cleaning is a strategy also. Audrey says, it's going to be torture when they play those messages for 24 hours. Meg says, she can't even think about it. She wonders what life is like when you get out of the house.


3:22 PM BBT Audrey says, she's heard that people go through detox when they leave the BB house. Meg gets called to the DR. Her & Audrey talk about them banging stuff out today & getting caught up. They start telling what they're talking about & we see FOTH. The camera view goes to the BY by the couches. Jackie, Jason, Shelli, John & Da'Vonne are the HG's there now.


3:24 PM BBT John says, they should play a game where they have to land a chicken on a rock, & then they can eat it. John says, they should have corn hole. Jason says, the bean bags are probably weapons in the house. He tells BB, the next time they talk to the people up there, please make sure...We see FOTH. When the cams come back they are talking about all of the ants everywhere in the BY.


3:27 PM BBT Jason asks, how everyone would do if they have to eat nasty food in the BB house. Jackie says, she will be o.k. Jason asks, what if it's pig balls? She says, she will just swallow them. Everyone laughs, & Jason says, he knows she will. Jason talks about sweet bread, & it being the intestines of an animal. He says, it tastes like organs & oysters having a baby together. He says, it's disgusting.


3:29 PM BBT In the KT, Liz talks to Steve about who cooks for him. He says, his dad cooks for him, because his mom can't cook. He says, she claims to know how to make a peanut butter & jelly sandwich, but he doesn't know if she can. He says, she probably can, but would ask his dad to do it for her. He says, he wants to go hang out in the hammock. They go outside, leaving the sliding door open.


3:31 PM BBT Austin walks in the KT, & shuts the sliding glass door. Da'Vonne then walks in from the BY. The camera view changes to the WA, where Becky is curling her hair using the big mirror by the sinks. Da'Vonne goes to the WC & gets some toilet paper. She walks out & we see FOTH.


3:33 PM BBT We see more of Becky in the WA, & then FOTH again. When the cams come back, Austin is sprawled out on the couch in the WA, with his left leg crossed over his right leg. Becky leaves the WA. In the BY, Meg & Liz are sitting on the couches with Shelli, John, Jason, & Jackie. Meg spills a cup over that is on the tree stump table.


3:36 PM BBT Becky gets called to the DR. Jason says, Ooo, Becky, you are the star of the show. John asks, if that's the new theme song? Jason says, it is when they are called to the DR so many times. Jason says, his job has replaced him with an old man. Liz says, she has a piece of slop stuck in her throat. Jason asks, what's in slop that you can be allergic to? Jason asks, if there is Gluten in it.


3:38 PM BBT Jason asks, does anyone wonder what the people flying by think about them being there? He says, do they think we are in prison? He says, he wants to see the Google helicopter. He says, he doesn't know if there is one, but they have to take the pictures some how. Shelli leaves the couches. Jackie asks, how they can wash their microphone packs. She says, they can cause irritation.


3:41 PM BBT Jackie tells them, they had full body packs on for TAR, & they were told they had to wash them, or they would cause irritation. Liz says, they need to do laundry, but they are out of detergent. Jason asks BB for laundry detergent, so they can wash their clothes. Liz says, she hasn't even washed clothes since they got there.


3:42 PM BBT Jason talks about girls wearing white shorts, & then we see FOTH.


3:44 PM BBT Cams come back, & Jackie says, Steve's sleeping. Everyone by the couches is looking toward the pool area in the BY. Clay & Jeff are over by the lounge chairs bothering Steve. Steve is holding a yellow pillow with his hat on it. He asks Clay what he did? Clay says, he was just touching his face. Clay sits down on the couches. Jeff gets something to drink out of the mini fridge & walks away.


3:46 PM BBT Clay tells the HG's how hot it is in Texas. Liz says, it's like that in Miami. The camera view changes to the WA. Meg is chatting with Austin. She tells him she wants to stay in contact with him when they leave the house. She says, next week is a totally new game, & she feels they have to vote with the house this week, & that really sucks. He says, he will to, unless something flips.


3:48 PM BBT Austin tells Meg, he's glad she's talking to him, because he likes talking to her. He says, he won't tell anyone what they talk about. She says, same. In the HN BR, Da'Vonne & Vanessa are talking about seeing their family back home, while they are still in the house. Vanessa says, she doesn't know how Donny made it with being on the block so many times.


3:51 PM BBT Da'Vonne says, if you make it past jury you are blessed, but the goal is to make it to jury. She says, it's a long season, & with the take overs, she doesn't know. Vanessa asks her what made her do this? She says, her grandmother always told her to audition. She says, she had to watch BB16 by herself. At the end of the season she heard her telling her to audition. She did, & made it.


3:53 PM BBT Vanessa asks Da'Vonne if she lives in L.A.? She says, yes. Vanessa asks, what part? She tells her, Inglewood. She says, it's by the airport, & where the Lakers used to play. She says, they play at the Staple Center now though. Vanessa asks her about the beach. Da'Vonne says, she really doesn't go to the beach, because they are dirty. If you want a good beach, you have to go far.


3:54 PM BBT Vanessa & Da'Vonne start to talk about casinos. Vanessa says, she likes to watch street performers & skateboarders. She tells Da'Vonne that she used to gamble full-time for 2 years before she became a D.J. She tells Da'Vonne that the people that do professional gambling live for free. She says, some slots players have side jobs. She tells her that casinos do give-a-ways sometimes also.


3:58 PM BBT Vanessa is still explaining the gambling world. She says, you can make a constant low income, but when you move up, it gets more risky. She says, she's a good poker player, & if her D.J. career doesn't work out, she can always go back to playing poker. Da'Vonne asks her if she ever thought about being a dealer? Vanessa says, she's not good at that at all.


4:00 PM BBT Vanessa says, when she was in the casinos she was barely outside. She said it wasn't fulfilling at all. She is very appreciative of her opportunities, but she says, she's happy now that she's a D.J. Vanessa says, she doesn't have children, so she wants to pursue music. She wants to try something to help the world.


4:02 PM BBT Vanessa tells Da'Vonne that she took her classes on line, & now she's a D.J. She says, not many women are D.J.'s, & the one's she knows are gay, which is funny. Da'Vonne says, she really doesn't have one type of music she likes.


5:05 PM BBT Da'Vonne & Jason are talking in the HN BR. Jason is talking so low that it's not audible.


5:07 PM BBT Meg & Jackie are talking in the KT while sitting at the glass table. They get up from the table & Jackie trips on the side of the chair as she gets up. Meg Is cooking something on the stove & has the grease popping a lot.


5:09 PM BBT Jackie takes some pills from a bottle on the glass table & ingests them. Meg says, this house be wild. Jackie sits back down at the glass table. Meg says, it's so quiet in here. Jackie says, she bee telling Jeff about Audrey since day 1. Meg says, it's bad, & she's planting all of these little seeds around to everyone.


5:12 PM BBT Meg burned whatever she was cooking on the stove, & she put the pan in water. Jackie asks her if she likes it burned? She says, yes, I do actually. They talk about the day a few of the girls were wearing all black, & Audrey started a rumor about a girl alliance with the ones that were wearing black. Jason tells Meg he can smell what she was cooking all through the house.


5:15 PM BBT Jason tells Meg & Jackie that his legs feel like pins & needles. Jeff & Becky come to the KT. Jason tells them all the he has the pins & needles feeling from his bum to his foot from sitting on the dentist chair with his legs crossed. Jeff says, BB needs to put a Culligan water cooler in the house. James walks out. Jeff says, the cameras are so board, they are just going everywhere.


5:18 PM BBT Jeff says, he feels dehydrated, & burps as he walks out of the KT. John walks through the KT. Becky is looking through the refrigerator. Jackie is sitting with Meg at the glass table as she eats. Da'Vonne comes in to get something to drink. Liz & Steve walk through the KT. Becky is looking for her cup for her coffee.


5:20 PM BBT Jason asks who's socks are chilling in the KT? Meg tells him to guess. Jason asks, why are they in front of the sink, & why can't the person pick them up? HG's are walking in & out of the KT. Meg says, all of the HG's are going to be up until 5 a.m. again. She says, that's just the way it is. Jackie is calling for James, & telling him she's hungry.


5:23 PM BBT James tells the HG's that they will be getting hair clippers, nail clippers & scissors soon, so they can clean themselves up. General convo continues in the KT. Clay, Shelli, Austin & Vanessa are in the BY. Clay talks about natural honey being very thin, & says he may need to get something to eat. Vanessa says, the WA is very dirty, & the showers are disgusting. She wants to clean them.


5:25 PM BBT Vanessa says, they need to take a day to deep clean everything, because it's like they are living like pigs. Clay says, his sheets have lotion on them. Vanessa tells him, she was going to changes in his bed & noticed that. He says, they need more detergent to wash their clothes. Clay leaves to go get something to eat. Austin is lying on the ground. Shelli & Vanessa are on the round lounger.


5:28 PM BBT Vanessa wants to play a game tonight with everyone in the house. Vanessa says, she can't come up with a lot of games, but they need to play something. Vanessa asks Shelli if she likes to swim? Shelli says, she doesn't want to get her hair in the chlorine. Vanessa is grossed out because of everyone using the pool, & says it's gross.


5:29 PM BBT Vanessa & Shelli talk about how uncomfortable they are wearing a bikini. Austin goes into the KT. The convo goes to fruits & vegetables.


5:31 PM BBT Jason says, he's craving gum. Make says, she chews a couple packs of gum a day when she's at home. Steve says, the lighting in the BB house is so intense. The only ones left in the KT are Jackie & James. Jackie walks out, & James is still cooking food. Steve goes back to the KT, & watches James.


5:34 PM BBT In the BY, Jason & Meg are discussing the date & day in the house. They agree, it's Monday, June 29, Day 12. The convo on the couches go to how the shows are going to be this year, & what's going to be on them. Austin, Meg, Jason & Clay are out there.


5:39 PM BBT Clay gets up to go take a shower. Meg says, she can't believe the sun is going down already. Jason puts on the big sun hat & says, it is big, & he's trying out for The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Meg says, every single girl & their mother's were wearing those hats in L.A., & she has the same hat. Jason walks away & comes back. Meg says, she's never been to a basketball game.


5:42 PM BBT Jason says, baseball is so boring to watch. Meg says, she likes watching baseball. Jason says, he might be the only person from New England that doesn't like sports. Jason says, a lot of people say the BB show is rigged. Meg asks, how they could say that? Jason explains, because of the comps, & brings up the one with Frankie last year when Caleb sat out.


5:44 PM BBT Steve is talking to the other 3 HG's by the couches, & they are discussing other games that were played on previous seasons. They then talk about the comps for this season. In the KT, James is still cooking, while Jackie is cutting things up on the cutting board on the glass table. We see FOTH.


5:46 PM BBT Camera views come back with Vanessa & Shelli talking on the round lounger in the BY. Vanessa tells Shelli about her siblings. She says, she has 2 younger siblings that she's never met. She says, she wants to be a big sister, & hopes they look for her when they are older. Shelli asks, how old they are. Vanessa starts to tell her, & we see FOTH.


5:48 PM BBT Shelli tells Vanessa about her siblings, & says that she's really close to her brothers, because her twin brother was always around her. She says, her younger brother was always there also. She talks about one of her siblings being there when they were introduced, & we see FOTH.


5:51 PM BBT When the camera views come back Shelli tells Vanessa that Clay reminds her of her brother. She says, some of the things he does are just like him. Shelli says, she looks & acts more like his younger brother for some reason. She says, her twin brother is in Nashville & writes music. Both of her brothers are really into music. Shelli says, after this is over, they all need to meet up, like in Nashville or Tampa.


5:55 PM BBT Shelli says, a Vegas trip should be done for sure, especially since Vanessa & Jackie both live there. Vanessa says, she can't believe all of them are sharing one bathroom. Shelli wonders how there is never a line for the bathroom. BB tells someone to stop that.

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6:01PM BBT Jackie is talking to Meg and Jason about The Amazing Race. Telling them about one of the clues they misread.


6:04PM BBT Austin and Jeff talking in HOH. Austin saying that things he said in private get twisted. Jeff says that he has heard so many bad things about himself that Austin supposedly said. Jeff says that man to man they can start over. Austin agrees. They agree to shake on it.


6:10PM BBT Vanessa and Becky talking in the BY on the lounger about Jace. Becky says that Jace was breaking all sorts of rules today and being disrespectful to production. Vanessa says that Jace is working on a way to go out of the house but they don't know if its a good or bad thing he is planning.


6:16PM BBT Vanessa and Becky discuss how Jace will be so much stronger after this. That he is so gifted and he will have so much when he gets out. Vanessa says he has every gift. He is an actor, sports, music, gets along with people, etc.


6:23PM Meg, James and Jeff in HOH talking about Jace and that he had a dream. They said Audrey then said she had a dream as well that two people in the house were getting ready to stab her in the back. Steve comes into the HOH and the talk changes to James asked for clippers or scissors and hasn't gotten them.

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6:34PM BBT Vanessa talking with Jackie, Steve and Becky about how filthy the shower floor is. She says stuff is growing in there and it's disgusting.


6:42PM BBT Austin and Vanessa in the cabana. Discuss how this will make Jace stronger. Austin then says that he and Vanessa have hit their slop wall and they better save them some food for Wednesday night.


6:49PM BBT Austin and Becky in the WA. Austin asks if she is going to work out. She thinks she will about 8 but is not sure.


6:52PM BBT James telling Jeff that he would hit on Jackie but he didn't want to step on Jeff's toes. Jeff says to go ahead that she is open game. He says it would be like if he brought a Tinder date into the house. He says that Jackie is not his type.

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7:05 PM BBT  Jeff, James, Meg, and John in HOH room. Jeff asks Meg if she had a showmance who would they want it to be. She says she doesn’t think they would want her to have one. Jeff asks if they would be mad. She says they are cool…they wouldn’t be mad. James asks if they would like a country boy. He says once the country gets a hold of her it will never let go.


7:10 PM BBT  They say that they think Clay is too immature to pull the trigger with Shelli. Jeff thinks there’s a lot of growing up between 23 and 27. Shelli needs someone to take care of her kids one day. James tells them she has been married once.


7:15 PM BBT  Jason and Jace are sitting outside on the patio. Jason is filling him in on past seasons and telling him about Amazing Race. Upstairs they say that they like girls like Meg because they know they can talk vulgar in front of her and she doesn't get upset by it. They say that they think Liz is the girl who gets the most freaky. They say they are going to bring her upstairs to interview her, but Meg says she will leave if they do.


7:20 PM BBT  Jason is telling Jace about Season 15 of BB and how Spencer and Gina Marie survived to the end. Talk turns to whether someone would get a chance for Jace to come back based on what has happened previous seasons. Jason tells him he will be more remembered for being the first one evicted than anyone who comes right after him. Everyone remembers the FIRSTS in this game.


7:25 PM BBT  Jace tells Jason he would be a good BB historian. Jason tells him he thinks so but that Steve has him beat. Jace asks him if he ever thought he'd be here. Jason says no way because he doesn't have a squeaky clean record, he's been arrested, etc. All young and dumb stuff. So, in his mind he's already won.


7:30 PM BBT  Audrey is upstairs with everyone in the HOH room. They ask her if she thinks Shelli and Clay would like each other outside the house or if it's just the house. She says they check boxes for one another but it's just the house. They ask her what about James and Meg. She says that she thinks James has specific expectations sexually and that Meg might not be able to live up to them. But that if they had an honest chance there could be a little something, something. She says that if Liz had some tattoos it could work with John. She says she could see a one night stand between James and Jackie. He says, "Yeah, you're right." Meg says maybe Becky and Austin. Jeff says that Becky said she doesn't like white guys at all.


7:35 PM BBT  They ask Audrey who she likes. She says all the guys in the house are too smart for her. Jeff asks her if she likes dummies...she says yup. Da'Vonne, Jason, and Jace are talking about the order everyone came into the house and who they chose. Jason says 1 and 8 are good with numerology because they both relate to money. He says Audrey is Mic 1 and they can't figure out who has Mic 8. Jace says he can see Audrey going far in this game. Jason says he's going to find out who has Mic 8 and that's going to be his target. He asks Clay what his mic number is and Clay says 14.

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7:40 PM BBT James says that Vanessa and Liz haven't been up in the HOH room at all this week. They ask John what he'll do if he wins HOH next week. He says he will down 2 beers and then figure out what's going on in the house. James says he'd figure it out quick. On the patio Jason is filling Jace in on past seasons again. Jace asks if guys have teared up in the past. Jaso says it's hard not to...it's not sadness, it's anger. Jace says that Devin even teared up. Jason says that there's nothing in the house to numb the pain and Jace says it's kind of beautiful.


7:50 PM BBT Vanessa, Shelli, and Audrey have joined Da'Vonne, Jace, and Jason outside. Vanessa and Shelli go to work out. Da'Vonne tells them she is really "backed up." She says she had a "slight victory." Jason tells Audrey that she was in a different bed every time he looked in there. She was in Clay's bed and her own. She says she had a weird dream and he was in it.


7:55 PM BBT Audrey says she also had a dream that Shelli left but that she got to come back. She wondered if she had got to watch the episodes. Da'Vonne says that if she has a possibility to come back she wouldn't get to see them. Jason tells him that he was just explaining that to Jace. Audrey tells them that Jace told her that he had a dream in which God told him she stabbed him in the back. Jason says that's ironic because of the tattoo on his chest. Clay is leading Vanessa and Shelli in a workout in the yard.



7:58 PM BBT Jeff says that although Jackie is fun, he wishes he had invited another one of his Amazing Race castmates to come on the show with him. He says her name is Hayley and she is hilarious. We get FOTH.

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8:05 PM BBT Meg leaves the room and Jeff says they need to replace her. James says they need to go get Liz. Jeff says that Meg will think they are starting an alliance but they really just want to ask her some dumb questions. Then he says they could probe her though. James says they should do it. John asks James if he's excited to get out of there. James says he's ready to try out the downstairs because he's been upstairs for 2 weeks. John says that getting Jace out was a good move and James says he feels like he did the house a favor because no one would want to go against him on the block or the veto.


8:15 PM BBT Da'Vonne, Audrey, and Jason are on the patio talking. Jason tells them that in the WA earlier Vanessa gave him a look like someone had just farted in her mouth. He says that not everyone is so great at hiding their expressions. [Which is ironic because she is a poker player. --Morty] Clay, Shelli, and Vanessa are still working out. Jeff and Meg are laying down BR whispering. She says she can't wait until he stabs her in the back. He says it won't happen until the final 4.


8:20 PM BBT Jeff says that Audrey is acting weird today. Meg asks him if he's talked to "the people" (the DR) yet today. He says that he has and what is she getting at. They agree that the 6 AM meeting that Audrey held was more important than she realized. Audrey told Meg that it was just to get everyone on the same page so that they would all get through to jury. Jeff says that it could have waited till the next morning if it was to get them on the same page. That was like an emergency meeting.


8:25 PM BBT Becky walks by Jeff and Meg and they don't know who it was. They both think it was Jackie so they say that Jackie is cool. Jeff says he forgets they are being filmed at all times. An announcement is made, "Austin, HG. This is a reminder. Sleeping is only allowed in beds." Meg says she feels bad because Austin needs sleep so badly. Jeff says to let him sleep...he's sleeping in a dental chair. Becky comes into the BR and joins Meg and Jeff.


8:30 PM BBT Meg and Becky are talking about how weird it will be to re-enter society after leaving the house. Becky says that the jury house seems like it would be a good transition. Meg says that it will be weird to just be around other people and not to have a storage room to get food. Becky says that someone like Meg will have it the weirdest because she lives in NYC. Jeff says that he wonders what it would be like to live in a big city. She says she loves it because she meets someone new every day. He says girls are more attractive in the south, but the most attractive girls in the NE are in NYC.


8:35 PM BBT  Liz comes up to Meg and Jeff and Jeff tells Liz that they have some questions to ask her. Meg says that she is not a part of it. Jeff says that James is really the one who has the questions. Steve enters the room and Liz says she is more scared of this impending conversation than she is of Steve's pick-up lines. Steve acts really hurt. Then he jumps on Jeff and Meg in the bed. Jeff and Liz go upstairs so that Liz can have the conversation with James and John.


8:40 PM BBT  Jeff says that the room is a support group and they booted Meg. James says she graduated. Jeff says they thought she might need some help. Jeff asks her if she's had any pillow talk with any of the girls in the house. They said the Meg says none of the girls talk about the guys. Liz says that they all talk about their exes. No one is talking about current guys in the house. Jeff says that it's safe to say the girls are living in the past and their won't be any showmances in the house. She brings up Shelli and Clay and they discuss their age difference. They agree that typically guys date younger girls and not the other way around.


8:45 PM BBT  They tell her that obviously she had a showmance, but her boyfriend Jace is probably gone. What are her thoughts. She says he's really nice, but he had a really out there personality and she needs to distance herself. She can't go down with the ship. She said that they didn't do anything, not even kiss. Jeff says they did a lot of petting. She also said she wants them to stop gossiping about it. They said guys are simple... they have been talking about "the nip slip" for hours.


8:55 PM BBT  Jeff tells Liz that he was flirting with her and she went for Jace. He says that she sealed Jace's fate. She says that it's not too late because it's only week 2. She asks them if they would drive a used Bentley. He thinks about it and says that she is a Toyota Corolla, not a Bentley. She says she isn't going for any of the guys in the house. She's going to focus on the girls. They all laugh.


8:59 PM BBT Liz asks them for suggestions going forward. James tells her to stick with Jeff. James says that anything that is said in that room stays there. Jeff says they've had Meg up there for so long they've gotten sick of her. James says Meg lasted 14 days...that's a long time. Liz says she needs to leave them with mystery. Jeff says they are already questioning her sense of judgment. In the KT is Becky, Vanessa, Audrey, Jason, Da'Vonne, and Meg

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9:00pm BBT – Jeff, James, and John are still in HOH room Liz just left them after their earlier discussion. They like her and think she has spunk and energy. They are now discussing what motor vehicles reminds them of various housemates.

  9:09pm BBT – Audrey is in WA with Vanessa discussing her dreams. One was an Egyptian theme with Steve in it. Jason was in a second dream where Audrey and Jason won boxes. Vanessa is washing her hair in the sink.

  9:15pm BBT – Jason, Meg, Da’Vonne and Jackie are in the back yard having a chat about it being day 12 in the BB house, Working out, the grass being dirty, Clay’s dirty feet (from the grass). John joins them and Da’Vonne tells John he was in her dream last night. In the dream she was at the dentist and John handed her dentist a thing.

  9:17pm BBT – Da’Vonne told Jeff “She is coming for you, Audrey,  she planted a seed about you in a showmance with Meg.”  Jeff then said “She is Crazy, we are all on the same page and need to get her out.” He said this in front of James, Meg, and Da’Vonne. Until people gathered around and they stopped the conversation.

  9:25pm BBT – Da’Vonne is in the bedroom and is telling Meg and Jason about what was said in the backyard to Jeff. They think Audrey is trying to cause dissention. Liz walked up to talk about slop and the talk stopped.

  9:27 pm BBT – Jeff and Austin are talking about Audrey privately and how she needs to go. Jeff thinks she stabbed him in the back and does not know who to trust now. He is promising Austin if he gets HOH Austin will be good. Austin told Jeff there is an underground movement in the house trying to do what Jeff is talking about. They have promised to be on each others team this week only. Austin thinks Clay and Audrey are working together and has told Jeff this in confidence. They are both making promises to each other. 


  9:35 pm BBT –  Da’Vonne, Clay, John, Jace, James, and Audrey are all sitting around the hot tub talking about their personal lives.  

  9:39 pm BBT – Jeff is in HOH with Liz and Austin, Jeff is telling Liz what he previously discussed with Austin. Liz asked Jeff if he was in an alliance with Audrey, he confirmed he was since day two but he walked away from it when she threw his name under the bus. Jeff then tells Liz not to trust Clay…just rehashing the same conversation with Austin as before and starting a revolution to backdoor Audrey.

  9:45 pm BBT – Vanessa and Shelli discuss makeup in the WA while Austin showers. Jeff is continuing his Audrey talk with John and Becky in the KT.

  9:55 pm BBT – WA makeup discussion continues. Jeff and Clay start a game of pool in the BY.

  10pm BBT – Jeff and Clay are discussing game some in between pool shots and houseguest visits.

  10:15 pm BBT – Becky and James are in the HOH discussing clothing. Jeff and Clay have continued their pool game but have dropped any game talk as John joined them.

  10:20 pm BBT – Hot tub general chit chat from Liz, Jason, Da’Vonne, Meg, Steve, Austin, and Jackie… BBtake over twist length guesses, mic battery spares, how cloudy the hot tub water is.

  10:30 pm BBT – Da’Vonne and Jeff in HN room discussing the future of the game including: getting rid of Audrey, how neither of them have showmances, Jeff wants to put Austin and Audrey up, They do not want Audrey to win HOH or they feel they might get put up. They high five and walk to the kitchen.

  10:35 pm BBT – WA a hungry Audrey, Vanessa, and Clay discuss all of their favorite foods. In the BY Jason, Da’Vonne, Meg, Austin, and Jeff are all discussing how gross the hot tub is.

  10:45 pm BBT – WA Clay has joined Shelli, Vanesa and Audrey and they are discussing hygiene. The BY houseguests are still just chatting general banter.

  10:55 pm BBT – Clay is telling Audrey and Shelli in the WA what Jeff told him during their pool game. He told them Jeff was trying to find the root of the rumor that Jeff and Meg are in a showmance. Jeff and Audrey both deny starting the rumor. Jason has joined them and got reprimanded from BB for talking about production. They had discussed getting more alcohol. Talk switches to the gross hot tub and Jace wanting to sing a song for his eviction speech.  

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