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Wednesday, May 20 2015 BBCAN3 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Vault Room (VR)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...hread-week-one/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:15am BBT  Godfrey says he needs to win a HOH.  He feels he needs it for the jury. (try not throwing them to start). Godfrey was surprised to hear Bruno was loyal to the chop shop.  Sarah feels she is playing for second place. 

12:21am BBT  In the KT Pili starts to say how she signed up for BB and BB tells her to stop talking about production.  Pili misses life, Zach agrees. Brittnee is in the WA taking a shower.

12:27am  BBT  Sarah is taking a bath and Godfrey is listening to music. Brittnee comes in to say goodnight.  Pili asks is Godfrey is voting her out.  He jokes but says he’s keeping her. 

12:45am BBT  Zach puts the dishes away as he entertains Brittnee, Ashleigh and Pili.  He’s also making a slop pizza with maple syrup. 

12:53am BBT  Pili just learned pickles are cucumbers.  She is amazed.

12:58am BBT  Brittnee and Pili say good night and go to bed. 

1:04am BBT  Zach and Ash are discussing who should go next.  Sarah can name the days well so she should go.  Zach feels godfrey will do what Sarah wants.  Look at him this week, he says, he’s her pet this week.

1:10am BBT  Zach says if Ash is HOH next week and she sends Sarah home, then take B aside and say we want to save you and want to do final 3, get the veto the next week and backstab her.  If Ash doesn’t win this HOH, she could be going home.

1:13am BBT  Sarah looks like she is alone in the HOH reading her letter and looking at pictures.  Pili pokes her head in  but there is no sound in feed 1/2

1:21am BBT  Feeds have moved around and now there is sound in the HOH.  Pili says to enjoy the last night in the HOH and enjoy it. 

1:25am BBT  Ashleigh goes over the conversation she had with Zach, with Pili. 

1:37am BBT  Lights are out in the HN room. 

1:44am BBT  Zach and Ashleigh are laying on the couch talking about what a crazy game this is.  Zach is going over the alliances he had but won’t tell Ashleigh his and Jordan’s name. 

1:49am BBT  Zach gives in and tells Ashleigh the name of the alliance was Newport.  Looks like they are going to be up for a while but it’s good night from here.  

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10:50AM BBT It's been FotH for a while this morning.  Zach and Ashleigh were up late in the LR with what is likely to be his final night in the house.  Sarah came down for some small chat before heading to bed in the HoH.  It's a Double Eviction tonight at 7pm EDT (not 9pm) so GlobalTV can bring you all 3 hours of the Survivor finale.

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10:20PM BBT  3 of the 4 remaining HGs sitting in Sarah's HOH room as it seems she won the second HOH comp of the evening.  Godfrey in the chair listening to the iPod. Ash and Britt on the white couch. They are talking about last season and the vote between Jillian and Gary. Ash wonders where Sarah is. 


Ash wonders what it will be like to get recognized in the malls when they get home especially now that the show is on Global. (larger audience than Slice who carried the show the first two seasons.) She hopes it does not happen too much. Godfrey thinks that fans of the show might recognize them and come up to ask about strategies. They talk about alliances in the house like the Purple Cobras and Godfrey does not know who was part of it.  Britt is called to the DR as Sarah returns and Ash heads over to the other bathroom to poop without an audience.

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10:28PM BBT Sarah telling Godfrey that she wishes she could keep him safe and he says he knows that all she could do would be to win the veto. He knows that the noms don't matter as all power this week rests in the hands of the Veto winner (who will be the only vote since two will be on the block and the HOH does not vote. DRG) 


Sarah commenting that if Ash wins veto she will be guaranteed final three.  Godfrey says that they are all thinking that the person to beat here is Britt.  Ash returns from doing her business.  They begin speculating about the schedule for the week and if it will be a normal schedule or not.  Sarah says she does not see BB being nice to them and giving them a prom or a party to look back over the season.  They all comment about how close they are to the finale.  Ash says the POV is usually the day after tomorrow.  They hope it is not going to be an eviction in the next few days. (More likely than not IMHO. DRG) Ash wonders if Sarah would cut her ties with Britt as she thinks Sarah would win sitting against either her or Godfrey but not against Britt.  Sarah starts running through jury members and she feels she would not stand a chance sitting with anyone.  Ash says the Britt made moves but the others all thought that Sarah was the brains behind the scenes. Ash thinks that the jury is not an emotional one.  Godfrey says he has no chance if the jury votes emotional or strategy as he has no friends on the jury and has made no game moves. (Still playing social game for second place. DRG) Ash still telling Sarah that the jury mostly thinks she was the mastermind behind Britt but that would not work if Britt was sitting there with her in the finale.  Ash thinks it will be a hard thing to do and she knows after this week. Britt counters by telling Ash that she can see most of the jury voting for Ash if she is there in the end. Sarah tells Ash that she knew that Zach and Ash were basically running things even though she did not talk game with her.  Ash Jordan and Zach were close and met every night and Sarah screwed JP over.  Godfrey says the only vote he might have in jury would be Canada.  Ash says it will be a tough one for sure and Sarah says it is out of their control now. Godfrey running through the scenarios with everyone winning the Veto. 


Godfrey wants days to chill and relax, but Ash wants to bang bang bang away at the comps and get it over with she does not want to wait around any more.  Sarah says it is so hard and she can't stop thinking since the triple eviction. She says she thought she would make it to jury but never expected to get this far. Ash says she felt she would be lucky to get to jury.  Godfrey thought he would get to 8 or 7 but then after the first week he changed to hoping to get to the next week, The first four weeks were the scariest for him.

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10:45PM BBT Ash commenting about Sarah having the same sheets that the other three girl HOHs had. Godfrey jamming to the tunes. Ash tells Sarah that she killed the last comp. 


Ash lets us all know she would rather smell a rank ass fart than a nasty burp, Saras asks if she paints her toenails sideways. BB tells the HGs to please stop singing as Ash was starting to sing while lying on the floor. Godfrey asks if it was them that BB was addressing.  Sarah does not know when to drink her HOH booze or to do her Showmi since she does not know when comps will be held.  She reckons maybe she will do them after they play the Veto. Ash thinks that will leave four days if it is a normal week (which it will not be since the finale is next Wed. night) 


Ash is called to the DR and heads out. Godfrey and Sarah start talking about what Ash said about the jury and how much she was lying about who would vote for whom.  They speculate about what Zach really told Ash about Sarah being the mastermind and to try and get her out first.  Godfrey says Zach Bobby and Kevin will vote for her as will Pili and Sarah says Bruno too since he resents her so much. They both think that Ash has 5 easy votes in the jury. (This is a duet of "pick me, pick me, pick me." as they lobby one another for a seat in the F2. DRG)

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10:59PM BBT Godfrey and Sarah still counting jury votes. Sarah thinks she has Sindy as the only sure vote. Godfrey wonders what you would even say if you end up sitting beside Ash in the end. 


Britt returns and says she was packing up the kitchen. Sarah tells her how Ash was just trying to convince Sarah that she would have no chance in the finale if she went with Britt.  They notice some staining on the couch and wonder what it is coming from.  Sarah thinks that maybe it is from the tiedye shirt.  


Sarah continues telling Britt about the convo with Ash and how she told Ash that she had the diapers Bobby and Bruno and Kevin and JP. Sarah says that Ash basically admitted that she had seven votes sitting in the jury house. Britt says that Ash has literally been in an alliance with everyone except the three sitting in the HOH now.  Britt tells Sarah about the Bromuda Triangle and Ash knew about it. Godfrey says that Willow told him about it and he did not believe her.  Britt saying that Zach told her a lot before he left. Britt says that they have burned a lot of people and they have to go together as compared to going with Ash.  Britt is jumping up and down saying she is so excited. They go on telling how Ash asked if Sarah was ready to cut ties the way she had to do this past week.  Sarah says Ash tried to tell her about being the mastermind in the view of the jury. 

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11:07PM BBT They keep talking about how Ash basically admitted she would have 7 votes in the jury and has no worries at all about the vote.  They say that they have to win the veto amongst them and she can't win a third one.  Sarah says she is nervous and Godfrey says at least it is better she did not win HOH as then they would have no hope to get her out.  Sarah keeps saying that they have 3 against 1 and they got it. Godfrey too says he feels confident about this veto.  Godfrey says that now he could leave happy if it came down to it.  Sarah says Ash will definitely win the A or B comp as she is the female Zach. Sarah remarks that that is why she put them up as she saw them as equal threats.  


Britt saying she does not like the name the diaper boys and she does not like talk about diapers and shit and all that. Godfrey says it came from their ages and Sarah says then call yourself the babies.  Britt says they all need to make her feel comfortable going into this comp and Sarah says she will be gunning for it no matter what. 


Sarah says that next week you have no control and you just have to win the HOH or the veto to be safe.  Sarah wonders what they will name their alliance and Britt says they will not name it at least not til they are the final three.  Britt says it is so intense and so much pressure for the POV.  Godfrey suggests the name The Resistance and Sarah likes that, They go back to talking about what Ash has been letting slip since Zach left and they all think there will be more to come in the near future.  Britt says that Willow was really loyal to them and talked a lot of shit about Sarah to them.  Sarah said she confronted Willow about not being able to act like enemies and then want to cuddle at night.  Godfrey keeps talking about how Willow told him over and over that she and Sarah were just lying to each other. (As opposed to lying with one another???? - DRG) Talk turns to Kevin and JP and how Kevin tried to send something out to JP with Sindy when she was evicted. Sarah thinks it weird that Sindy did not tell them what Kevin tried to do but kept it a secret from them.  She went to change her clothes and BB told her she had to remove the item that Kevin tried to send out which was a triangle made from paper tubes and socks.  Ash out of the DR  now and Godfrey is called down.  Ash returns to the HOH and Sarah immediately asks her about the Bermuda Triangle. Sarah wants more juice like did Willow talk shit.


Ash says she did all the time and complained about Sarah never talking game with her. Sarah recounts how she tried to talk with the chop shop and kept getting nothing from them.  Then Bruno and Bobby were gung ho to get the chop shop. Ash talking about how Willow always said that all she wanted to do was to be loyal. Sarah says she just wanted to belong somewhere.  Ash saying that the four of them hung out all the time but seldom talked about game.  Sarah says that is hard with someone like Willow who was so paranoid all the time. 


Sarah relating about how Bruno kept trying to make out like there was a girl's alliance. Ash says she told Bobby that there was not and that he was gonna go home and cry his brains out when he sees she is telling him the truth. 


All feeds FOTH out.

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11:29PM BBT Britt has returned to the HOH and they are talking about how Willow and she never trusted one another.  Sarah says she thought that Willow was loyal to Zach and Ash and would be the vote to get out Pili in the end. Ash says that Willow was close with Zach right from the beginning but the others never really trusted her like Bruno and Bobby.  They all saw that Willow was close with Zach and commented about her sucking the D all the time, especially Bruno.  Ash also telling about how she was talking with Zach early on and he talked to her about Willow. Willow was very reserved in the early days and Zack kept telling Ash that he could not get a read on Willow as to whether she was interested in him or not. Then Ash and he started hanging out more and Zach said he had to be careful not to alienate Willow and she should do the same thing with Bobby. 


Britt talks about how Zach pulled back from Willow when she started acting more weird. Then they go back to examining the stains on the sofa and wondering where they came from.  Ash looks at them and says that it is from her bra and tank top. Sarah grabs her pictures and Ash asks her questions about them. She comments that Scott does not even look like the same dude in the pictures. Sarah agrees that he is really young in this pic and it is from four houses ago.  Sarah just wants to rub the dog in the pic. She tells Ash that the dog is now 6 and has grey whiskers.  Ash asks how long they have lived together and she figures maybe about 4 years but she was always at his house before they lived in the same one.


Sarah picks up a pic from New Orleans and she and Britt talk about there experiences there. Ash feels so sheltered being around them but they tell her they had not been anywhere at her age either and Britt goes on to say she just went to New Orleans this past year and only because she had a friend from there. 


Britt finally informs us feeders that by the way Sarah won HOH again tonight so they are chilling in her HOH room.  Talk goes back to whether they wanted an all girls alliance and how Sindy always said that no woman has ever won sitting next to a guy. Sarah says that Jillian did but that was due to the miscast vote.  They talk about how Godfrey is such a talker. Now they debate about whether you are a better player to win comps or to not win comps and still make it to the end of the game.  They start listing the jury members that might really like Godfrey.  Ash now taking back the notion that Bobby and Bruno would vote for her if Godfrey was next to her.  She says she knows she would have Zach and Pili and Kevin and the others add Willow and Bruno. Ash says Sindy would be a vote for Sarah for sure.  Ash says she and Sindy butted heads in a reallly passive aggressive kind of way.  When she came back it was worse for Ash just the opposite of what it was like for Sarah.  Sarah says that the game does not really stop when you go to jury so you have to figure who has the most influence in the jury house.  Sarah would love to hear what they are saying.  


Godfrey comes in and Sarah whines that she wants someone to come in the house and give her a makeover.  Ash is working on her nails and spills some of the polish.  Sarah is reading her letter and can't believe there are mugs and shirts with their names on them.  They all say that they want their pajamas back and maybe BB gives them to you in the jury house.  

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