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  1. How about if we agree to keep this about the players and not the posters... Monk
  2. This family needs to raid Russel's bank accounts & hire shrinks by the busload... I wonder if their local Costco has a special on a pallet of shrinks... It would be hard to argue against the proposition that these good ol' boys have a very skewed perception of reality. (Merriam Webster:: : Sociapathic:: of, relating to, or characterized by asocial or antisocial behavior or an antisocial personality) Given this glimpse into their view of socially acceptable behavior, in all probability, these guys may very well be sociopathic personalities. I hope that I never see another Hantz for as long as I live. One is too much... Three, well, that's downright abusive... Monk
  3. In thinking about Willie and his chaotic world, it occurred to me that he & I have something in common.... I received my grad degrees in Math & Comp Sci from a three letter school in Cambridge Massachusetts... Our pal WIllie received his grad degree in paranoid self-destruction from Swamp U. See, it is a small world after all... Monk
  4. I don't like people like Willie... His filter is nearly non-existent and his ability to control his emotions is non-existent... In my very humble opinion, Willie is a selfish, immature, highly manipulative, ego-centric hot head. So as a person I find him to be someone that I would work to avoid. But,,,,, this is BB. As a BB HG, he is pure gold. He's been disloyal to his coach, his teammates, and his secret alliance... In the absence of good guys to root for, really interesting bad guys form the essence of BB... It is very the reason this show is so compelling to watch. Willie does deserve credit for creating some very entertaining chaos. Unfortunately, he appears to be on the verge of cracking... I hope he keeps it together and plays a better game from this point on. I also hope he's still in the house when the feeds come back. Monk
  5. Before we had a chance to get to know any of the HGs, they all might have become one of my favorites... But after those first few days, this guy has worked hard to be an irritating lump... His 'Goodbye' message to Kara was classless... I hope he follows Willie out the door... Monk
  6. Marty, As I posted in the "Venting" thread, I haven't found a favorite yet... We have one entertaining paranoid nut, a gaggle of lost geese looking for a leader, and few that haven't shown us who they really are yet... So far, I haven't been able to get a fix on Ashley yet. I am left to hope she reveals herself to us soon... Monk
  7. This has been a tough season for me to build any interest. So far I haven't found a player to root for... Willie's meltdowns are the most interesting part of the goings on to date, but I am beginning to tire of his paranoid antics... It's just week one so I still hold hope that someone steps forward and becomes a player I can support. Monk
  8. Willie was fun for awhile, but he's become tiresome in the last day or so.... His biggest mistake so far was when he screwed the pooch by blowing up his own powerhouse 6 person alliance after Brit told him that Janelle had figured out that he & Frank had a 'secret' alliance... That was, without a doubt, fun TV, but his constant ranting about how everybody else is a lying fool has worn thin... Poor Willie's overplaying makes for good TV but unfortunately he seems unable to keep himself from overplaying to the point of foolishness. It's time for this entertaining nutcase to settle down and get his paranoid evil twin Skippy under control... fade into the wall paper Willie... Let that target you put on your own back fade a bit before your next insane move... Monk
  9. Willie is definitely a Hantz and he's one of very few actually playing the game... I don't like him, but I've got to give him credit for the fun he generates by way of his paranoid evil twin Skippy Hantz. Week One in Willies World: Willie makes a 'secret' alliance with Frank. Willie nominates Frank... Huh????? Willie does everything in his power to 'save' Frank, including some entertaining moments of paranoia... Janelle tells Brit that she thinks Willie has a 'secret' alliance with Frank... (pretty obvious 'secret' alliance) Brit tells Willie about Janelle's thoughts on the none too 'secret' alliance... Willie loses him mind... Willie decides he has no choice but to sideline Janelle in order to discredit her... Sooooo, Willie leads a revolution and chooses an opening gambit of throwing all of the coaches under the bus.... Viva Che Hantz... Wow, nut cases do make for interesting TV... Even more unbelievable is the reaction of the other cast members to his ridiculous rants... Incredibly, they buy into his nonsense... What a first week! Monk
  10. And it's a beautiful nose you've got there, Teri... But what's with all the fur & the big ears???? Monk
  11. Hi all... Here we go again... Marty, how are you? Erin are you back? Fatcat, How's life been trating You? I hope to catch up with the rest of my friends here as we take this ride together... Monk
  12. I love the way the season ended with two exceptions: Porsche & Adam. Rachel's blossoming into a multi talented player was just terrific. We all knew her as a fierce competitor but now we know she has some social game cards up her sleeve as well. Thankfully, her first season reputation has been mitigated by her second season personal growth. I do expect the old Rachel to surface at times of stress but that is just human nature. Jordan should get some cheers too as she definitely helped Rachel to become a more balanced person and player. Monk
  13. WG, I offered no opinion with respect to your JJ arguments because your opinion doesn't mean much to me given the facts that I don't know you or Jeff or Jordan and more importantly, the season is over. Furthermore, whether one cheers for Jordan or not, she came in forth and we are all stuck with that truth. You've had a rough start here. You've received feedback from longtime posters that you have chosen to toss aside, apparently without a moments consideration. Hopefully, one day you will give thought to the notion that the reception you've been given is a direct result of the entrance that you made? We all teach others how to treat us. Disagreement is almost a requirement if we are to have an enjoyable conversation. But once argument devices such as, leveling, balancing, & labeling are used the conversation is over and fighting is all that is left. You opened your posting life here by dropping little slices of snark on posters you disagree with and then when these posters toss a snark grenade back in your direction your answer is to whine and bandy about the word "bully." Again, this" bully" issue comes close to describing yourself... I don't think you have crossed the "bully" line but you definitely are very accustomed to baiting your fellow posters and it is only a few small steps until you become a bona fide bully yourself. Say what you want about the HGs, but condescension, baiting and demeaning fragments directed at posters will be met with ever increasing focus on you style and ever decreasing focus on the content of your posts. You choose; You can either engage in freewheeling conversation or marginalize yourself here by joining with the contrarians, trolls and malcontents by constantly engaging in fights. I hope you choose the former. Monk
  14. Hmmmm... Interesting post. It leaves one to ponder whether wisegal's recent posts were a study in irony or reflective anger? In other words, has wisegal been aware of her own aggressive style, condescending tone and demeaning content or not! If not, for the present, let's all enjoy the irony of wisegal's post and for the future, we can exercise our "Ignore" button... If so, then our new friend wisegal does indeed understand that her message's best audience was herself and merely misdirected her words at another poster.... Monk
  15. Actually, Rachel & Jordan talked about this very issue just prior to Jordan's eviction. They both knew Shelly & Adam were the key votes AND they both knew Shelly would do what she could to get off Jordans Sh**list. So this plan was concocted to work the only two jury members that might be swayed to vote FOR Rachel. As it turned out, Adam spent zero time in the jury house and therefore Jordan was left to sway the only vote that might be swayed:: Shelly's vote. So, nuero, it was in part about Jordan.... Check the feeds, my friend,,,,check the feeds.... Monk
  16. Thanks... I do appreciate it, even all these years later... It took so very long to hear my first civilian to say to me "Welcome Home Marine" after I was lucky enough to come home to America with all my fingers and toes. Thanks again... thank any vet you come across... you never know what they've endured. Semper Fi Cpl FeloniousMonk
  17. Thanks... and I hope we all can thank our vets as they come home.... I know what it's like to be shunned until y hair grew back and a beard covered my face. I hope the sentiments of those days never return. Semper Fi Cpl FeloniousMonk
  18. This one is just too tasty to let pass. I spent 14 months in Viet Nam as a Marine doorgunner/rescueman. My job was to pull A-teams, recons, and pilots out of the hottest of hotspots. Is BB the show for me? I'd say if I try real hard, I can handle it just fine. Do I like a more sophisticated game of persuasion & charm? Well, yes I do. The low brow lying and backstabbing game is a simple and boring game designed for the simple and boring. Looks like you lucked out this year and got the show of your dreams. Lies; yes they are a part of the game. Deception is too.<==NOTE the use of the word "too" and the absence of the word "two." Ah, my little one, this brings me to your posts of today. They scream for help, so I'll extend a hand to you. Your grammar, spelling, punctuation and attempts at logic are in need of extensive repair. Your insight is also stunted, to say the least.... "you can tell..." Hell, you can't even write! Don't worry my little one, I'll give you a some help. Your sentence fragment, "she expects others to fend for her two." can't be fixed to become a provably correct logic but your word selection can be improved by studying the following sentence fragment, "she also expects others to fend for her." BTW, it's "too" not "two". Write "too" when your mean "also." Write "two" when you mean the number "2." The rest of your gobbledygook is unrepairable... best start over my little friend. Try again.. Good luck! We all wait with baited breath. Monk
  19. Jordan was talking about the instructions Dani's left of Kahlia, Porsche and the Shelly. This next part is getting tiring. This is pretty simply stuff we're dealing with folks. Jordan's pain is NOT so much from Jeff's leaving, it is mainly coming from having been betrayed by her best girl buddy. Someone she believed to be a real friend. She feels responsible for bringing in the Judas that sent her man packing and fracturing her alliance. Jordan feels her naivete has cost her a lot right about now. She bought Shelly's proclamations of never ending friendship, hook line and sinker. What magnified this hurt is the collapsed time-frame. She didn't have the normal week to process these things that everyone else gets... she had about an hour!!!! Her best girl friend betrayed her, her man is gone, her alliance is fractured, and she feels like she let her man and her alliance down.... that's more than the rest of the HGs have had to deal with at any point during this game. But for those who get their jollies when a good person has been betrayed and hurt, this must be a very happy time. Anybody up for throwing water balloons at a funeral procession???? America has become one sick place. I'm outta here... let the bloodletting begin! Monk
  20. My roots are also in Chicago. Six generations to be exact. Using the term as "some of the HGs used it" does nothing more than support an incorrect use. The fact that you "do feel that his attitude is a little abrasive...but nothing they should have been afraid of" makes my point. The definition of any behavior is never based upon the most sensitive amongst us. If Kahlia felt intimidated or bullied, then she needs to grow a mature adults thickness of emotional skin. That's not to say that we can be compassionate to people like Kahlia but we cannot let their extreme sensitivity drive our standards of behavior. Monk
  21. You do realize that these people breathe, bleed, live, love and die, don't you? How about taking a moment and pondering the concept that these people are actually every bit as real as you are. It sure sounds like you are saying you differentiate the appropriateness of abuse of people by separating them into two groups, those on tv and those who are not on tv. As I posted earlier, if one enjoys watching people dismantle each other, then my post won't make sense and caring for people would be a great reason for entering the psych ward. Monk
  22. IMHO, your post suggests a lack familiarity with one or more of the Chicago voices[meter, tone, volume.] This would explain reading a Chicago accent and attitude as an attempt to bully. It would be a mistake to describe Jeff as a bully; a frustrated guy, yes, a bully, NO. As the game progressed, his frustrations did grow, but this growth came from his desire for the game to be played by the HG in a manner free of anger and free of the behaviors that generate anger. Of course, if one's cup of tea is watching as people destroy each other, then I can see why Jeff would be a bother. He's a plain talker to be sure. He says exactly what he means... no prettying up the message. Just straight and on the topic. When Kahlia turned on him by putting him up, he told her exactly what the effect of her actions would be, no wishy-washy circling the point, just the straight truth of it. If either a HG or a viewer is so thinned skinned as to take that as bullying then it's on them, not him. Monk
  23. Are we watching the same show? Playing the game is one thing, but what Shelly did was unconscionable. It was also completely unnecessary, cold-hearted, mean-spirited and exceedingly stupid to go to the extremes that shelly went to draw Jordan into a "friendship" only to spring the trap and ambush Jordan. Is that what we teach our kids today? Get Ahead!!!! Trick people into false friendships and be sure to draw your marks in as far as possible in order to get some personal gain!! Hey, it's just game... Hey it's just a job... Hey it's just money... Hey, it's just a... If that kind of standard of behavior is common where you live then I'm glad I live where I do. Is that kind of behavior included in what is taught to our little league players down south??? "Hey, it's just a game!!" The "it's a game" argument is a lame one. One's character is always on the line. It is defined by our behaviors in everything we do. I played D1 baseball for a large University after I left Viet Nam and finished my hitch in the USMC. If anyone ever had a right to be negative, it was me, after what I had just experienced. But I held tight to the life lessons my family embedded in my character. On the other hand, some ball players would come into second base with spikes up to gain the advantage of fear of injury over he second baseman. "Hey, Spikes up... it's just a game,... why get upset about a little thing like a ligament injury caused by a spike ripping threw your flesh????" I and the players I respected, would not and did not play the game that way. In the end, I stole more bases per season than my rival that came in with spikes up. That always felt good to beat that jerk in power hitting, rbi, batting average and STOLEN BASES. If shelly's character had been anywhere near as she constantly described, she would never have pulled such a vile move. Had she just waited until the final 5 to duke it out and then if Jeff went, she could have gone to the final two with anyone from Jordan to Rachael, to Adam. In that scenario it WOULD have been just good gameplay... AND she would have ensured that she received votes from the vets. With respect to your comment about it being a good game move, keep the following in mind. Doing what she did, she'll NEVER get the FOUR vet votes...without at least one she cannot win!!! Good luck with that Shelly!!! In what contorted logic can that ever be seriously described as a good move. All she has done is hurt someone, betray her alliance, take maggies place as most hated BB player, and ensure she can't get enough votes to win the game!! Her family should be left out of this discussion. The less mentioned the better. Monk

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