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  1. I haven't been glued to the feeds but I have NOT seen the McBullies in full HOH bedroom occupation mode unlike so many other HOH occupations of late. I DID see Elissa tell Andy that she & GM were having a 'talk' leaving him to retreat. Now that hasn't been the hallmark of other HOH terms. Although I don't think putting up Aaryn was a bit of good strategy, I am impressed with Elissa's determination to think it through for herself and reject the puppet trap that comes from the fear of the power couple like so many have in the past. She's come up her own decisions and she's willing to lose on the merits of her own decisions... A first in the BB15 house. Courage, whodda thunkit.... Good going Elissa. Monk
  2. If Elissa's aim truly is to target Aaryn instead of Amanda as it appears to be, it will go down as one of the most ridiculous of the gold-plated blunders that we have seen on BB over the years. Aaryn must go, and soon... but the bigger danger to everybody's game is McManda. Wise up E... and do it now... Monk
  3. Agreed... Let's vote them all out ourselves... where the voting booth? Most of them are nasty and the few that aren't nasty are just not BB material... This cast is terrible. Monk
  4. Helen has the intelligence and some of the people skills needed to go far in BB but her intuitive abilities are sub-par and her paranoia sent her on goose-chase after goose-chase targeting people like Judd "the Mastermind." She just couldn't keep her cool in a game designed to strip people of their cool. It's the winners that find a way to control their fears and emotions. She should have battled Howard for Candice's time and support; she did neither and lost Candice. She should have kept Jessie close and given Jessie's thoughts on McManda much more serious consideration; she did neither and lost Jessie. She should have tried to nullify Judd's propensity to align with the guys by drawing him closer into the strategic and tactical discussions; she didn't and paid by having too little influence over Judd thereby losing Judd. She should have noticed Andy's game much much sooner which would have allowed her to manage him; she didn't and lost Andy. She should have curbed her ridiculously over the top cheerleading and celebrations of an eviction. That couldn't have a good effect on her game. She trusted people she shouldn't have trusted and vilified people she shouldn't have vilified. In other words, she put herself in this pickle. Monk
  5. I also haven't seen cheering for Aaryn or even any support for her, but to ignore the possibilities that are developing is ... well, I'll leave that to your imagination. We all know that she's a mean little twit but many, like myself, don't believe that she is actually a racist... Instead, we believe that she has an emotion driven hair trigger matched with a very poor character which together allows her to give herself permission to say the meanest most hurtful thing she can muster up to do as much damage to her foe is as possible... She's definitely a complete mess of a person... and NO, I don't support her winning this thing... and this cast is a real disappointment... so, I'm left to support our very odd Elissa... Monk
  6. One of the jurors will be coming back... alot of animosity could easily ensue that could definitely effect the votes... (personally, I like to see Jessie come in and blow the place up again... but she's probably calmed down too much for that) I'm not very confident that Aaryn would beat Andy or McCrea or possibly even Amanda ...those first two are set up pretty sweetly at the moment and Amanda is sitting kinda pretty herself. Whether Aaryn gets Jessie's vote is so very dependent upon who she would be sitting next to when the time to vote comes. I'm also not all that warm & fuzzy about Jay-you-double "D"'s vote... Would he vote Aaryn over either half of McManda or even Andy. Not so sure... He was pretty partial to sticking with the guys... Monk
  7. I think that it depends on who reaches the final 4-3 with her... Some of the HGs may benefit from sitting next to her when the vote is made... good arguments are to be made of her character flaws... Obviously, this strategy works best when the HG lays the groundwork with Aaryn to heighten the odds that Aaryn will pick them if she wins out and has the choice of who to bring along... and to also lay similar groundwork with the other HGs by beginning subtle (conversations, hints, brainwashing, suggestion,s manipulations) that creates an atmosphere of an "Anyone But Aaryn.' Interesting problem every season for each HG's endgame::: who of the remaining HGs that may prove easiest to beat... You can make book on the fact that McManda has together and separately kept up with this determination... I think Aaryn & Andy has done the same... Helen has been relatively oblivious to endgame issues... Elissa is AWOL on issues like this.... Spencer is too busy surviving to have adequately sussed this one out... and GM is GM, which is to say 'Youse guys knows shez Friggin' Clueless.' Monk
  8. I couldn't agree with you more... I sometimes wonder why I like her, but I do... I suppose it's because she has a value system that she tries very hard to stick to, although she's a leeetle too sensitive to negativity for my taste. It's that sensitivity that causes her to occasionally slip into a very unbecoming 'holier than thou' attitude that makes it a bit hard to support her.... Oh well, she's definitely a very different bird... Monk
  9. I agree completely... Elissa would never be my choice to win out in a normal season, but the cast members this season are just despicable each in their own disgusting way... So, regrettably, I too am left to support Elissa by default. I may join Slim in deciding that this season is my last. Monk
  10. Given her choice in men boys, I wonder if she actually fancies dill or if she prefers gherkin? Monk
  11. About the best thing I can say about this season is that it doesn't include Adam, Chelsia, James, Matt, & Natalie. Monk
  12. It's probably more than I've got in my wallet right now... Monk
  13. Obviously, I could easily be wrong on this, but I think that Google and the whisper-mill could make her life pretty ugly. Given that her peer group is net addicted and Googling her brings up her ugly words & actions, I think she may find her near future to be a tough lesson on life. Her parents can try to move those items down the page, but that is tough to do effectively. Monk
  14. Hawk, I think that both personalities are Aaryn's true self... She appears to be a very mean-spirited young woman who easily slips into even greater levels a nastiness at the slightest of encouragements. Jeremy, Kaitlyn, GM & Dude definitely magnified her propensity for nastiness. We saw this version of Aaryn in the first few weeks of BB... She also appears to be a more muted personality when left to her own devices, although the nastiness seems to be constantly bubbling very near the surface. We see this version of her now... As her situation changed, she adapted... just like we all do each and every day of our lives. We are more complex than simple labels describe as we all have multiple currents that run through and define our personalities. Remember, true racism is at it's essence a preposterously simple labeling of others that describes "them" as somehow "less" than "us" because "we" believe that "they" are "less" than "us." Simple labels are often dangerous. Monk
  15. As you've implied... there is a difference between being a racist and saying racist things... the motivations are completely different... I was speculating on those motivations... We'll never really know the answer to the question of whether she is a racist or if she just spews disgusting racist things in reaction to situations she's poorly equipped to handle, but labeling her a racist in the absence of that knowledge doesn't help... it just clouds the very real issue of racism... She's got a tough road ahead of her... she should and will have to face consequences for her words & actions... Monk
  16. I don't believe that Aaryn is a racist either. I do believe that she is an extremely angry & unhappy person... I suspect that she was bullied in the past because she behaves too much like a bullying victim to ignore that possibility and as we all know, a great many victims of bullying become bullies themselves. Whatever her past may have been, today she is mean and when unfiltered she's quick to lash out in a way she feels will hurt others as much as she may have been hurt. Her self-esteem is nearly non-existent and her ability to enjoy her accomplishments is also oddly subdued. Have you noticed that she has not really celebrated her 4 HOHs. Her demeanor is generally muted and only becomes more alive on rare occasions when she feels safe for a moment or when she lets her meanness out for a walk. I also think that aligning with Jeremy, Kaitlyn, & GM was big trouble for her because her meanness is amplified when surrounded by others with mean streaks. She's proven to be willing to use any tool she thinks will hurt the others, physical attributes, racist statements, gay slurs, anything that will do damage, but I don't really believe that she's a racist... just a very broken person that lashes out when her very meager coping skills fail her. Monk
  17. Well, you & I see things differently... I don't see the MVP benefiting wishy-washy HGs in any way that they haven't already benefited by being wishy-washy in past seasons... I suppose it's a simple as a different analysis renders a different conclusion... but two people seeing things differently is exactly what makes life interesting... BTW, I enjoy your posts. Monk
  18. I'm missing something here... How does the MVP create future brown nosers like Andy? I'm just not seeing the nexus... Monk
  19. Some, including myself, believe that her game doesn't rise to the level of even average game play as we've seen it over these many seasons... I believe that in the vast majority of those previous seasons she would already be gone, but in this season, expections were indeed heightened for her... People are frustrated that she failed to meet these expectations and even more frustrated that this season makes it very hard for a fan to latch onto a player and support their game... The house has always run on paranoia but the best players found a way to harness it and use it to their advantage... She has proven far too susceptible to falling prey to paranoia... Judd's "The Mastermind" eviction is a prefect example of her paranoia.... She's also far too focused on the mid-game and thereby has some real problems with her long-game... This caused her to miss Andy's subtle move to McManda... That wouldn't normally be a problem for a HG on this forum but because the season is so very weak, she is one of the defacto 'best' players in the house and many were hopeful for her to play an interesting game.... Unfortunately, this years 'best' is just none too good.... I believe that the 'Hate' you are reading is intensified by the very dense cloud of insanely obvious insincerity that travels with her from room to room and from conversation to conversation. I think her penchant for overplaying nearly every situation is also a very damaging aspect of her game. This, and all of the I listed above, make it very hard to support her as a fan. Most have given up on finding a favorite this season... BTW, I too would love to see her move to the sequester house very soon... Monk
  20. I just watched GreatSaltluke's list of flashbacks on the flashbacks thread and I am once again gobsmacked by the depth of GM's lunacy. This girl is batshit crazy... Monk
  21. Well, hey there Fatcat... It's good to see you here... Monk
  22. Helen has lost her grip on strategy and overtightened her grip on tactics. She's far too focused upon moment to moment firefights. Her game is designed to get to the end but her game lacks the sense of importance about WHO she sends to jury and HOW she sends them. Cheerleading and congratulating the HOH as the evicted HG is leaving is not socially savvy. The jury member knows that she has done this each and every time prior and it doesn't take much of an intelligence to figure out that she has also done this as you're speaking with Julie. Helen is rapidly building a jury that is lined up as a block of votes against her and for anyone but Helen. Candice caught on to Helen before she(Candice) left the house... Judd was none too pleased with Helen as he exited the house... And now her spat with Jessie has Jessie very poorly positioned to be a vote in favor of Helen's winning the game... They all may cool off in the sequester house but if someone like Andy or McCrea is up against Helen in the finals, she is doomed as they are allowing her to hang herself with her own ego. She has been set up to be the mastermind blamed for the bloodletting. These HGs don't appear to me to be mature enough to separate game play from the personal sting of eviction. At this point it's possible that even Aaryn could beat her given Aaryn's ability to argue that her staying power and competition skills warrant her winning the whole enchilada(that gives me a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach just thinking about it and I like enchiladas)... She's working on paranoia and phoney cheerleading at the expense of her endgame... Her fears about Judd the mastermind were ridiculous and her behavior in the moments after his eviction will be remembered by the others in the coming weeks. I know it is early but if she stacks the jury with ex-HGs that she has PO'd then her future is at the very least, 450k poorer. The double whammy comes in that she's also unwittingly enlarging the target on her own back... She's apparently fallen into the trap of believing her own press and missed that Andy is not really on her team. Even Elissa has gone back to people after that person had a convo with Helen & Elissa and made comments that she is not the driving force behind the duo(as if that weren't already obvious to all concerned)... This, and more, may very well cost her dearly before the final three competitions begin. Personally, I doubt she makes it more than 3 more weeks. Monk
  23. 6, I don't think that I've told you that some years ago I had two wonderful border collies(Sammy a merle and Basker a black & white)... I trained them in agility but never really followed through with the competitions... I did train and compete with two Labs that reached UDX2. My brother also had several border collies and did compete in both agility and jumpers. Monk
  24. Again, this one is impossible to predict. Her competition skills can be both a plus and a minus. I do hope that she does NOT make it tot the finals but I just don't see Helen or Amanda getting there and the rest... well, they're pretty hopeless. Monk

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