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  1. I agree HN... GM's remarks and behaviors have be horrible at times... but watching her truly self destruct is not entertaining... it's just sad.... In my opinion, she definitely needs to clean up her perspective and work on her self image but I wonder if she has the stability she'll need to deal with the blowback that is coming her way... I detested her behavior, but she is a human being and I do feel sorry for her. She needs a safe place to land when she gets out... I hope that she leaves the house soon and I hope she finds that safe place... Monk
  2. I have been thinking the same thing... this is going to be very hard for her to handle. Given her reaction to Nick's eviction it's evident that her coping skills need some strengthening. I do hope her family cocoons her as quickly as possible after she leaves the house... She'll need it... Given the reactions to events in the house that we've all seen thus far, I am wondering how she made it passed the psychological testing that BB supposedly employs to determine which applicants have what it takes to live in this fishbowl... Monk
  3. Like I said to slim, an occasional jab or swipe at a HG adds a little spice to this place but only when it is either interestingly informational or playfully done... The swipes that add no value to the discussion and are essentially nothing more than mean,,, well, those are the ones that I am talking about.... Monk
  4. Hey there Marty... I always enjoy your posts too... I don't have a favorite HG this year and I don't see one rising up.... This is one screwy cast. Your Friend, Monk
  5. So... it looks like I touched a nerve.... hopefully, at some point you'll take a moment to reflect upon your need to demean others physical attributes and consider growing up...
  6. Slim, I'm not talking about the occasional jab or swipe at a HG, so you really don't fit into the category that I am talking about. I'm talking about the constant drumbeat of personal attack that comes from the few.. Slim, you have been a favorite of mine for years, along with erinjs, marty, fatcat, uvp(athough I never seem to agree with uvp), myss911, auroradawn, slowpoke, kissesinVA and others... Please don't take my post to suggest otherwise. Monk
  7. I've been coming to Morty's for years and although I currently don't post as much as you do, I have as much right to be here as you do... It's not about sensitivity on my part, it's about the immaturity of posts that focus upon the physical elements of others rather than anything related to BB game-play.... It's about growing up. Your decision to add that picture to your response is exactly the kind of mean-spirited childish behavior that I am talking about.
  8. Did I mention people whose self image is obviously so fragile & contorted that they need to demean other people's appearance in order to make themselves feel better about their life? Again, childish and completely unnecessary behavior. Any time these people are confronted, they consistently tell us that Morty says they can act like brats, so leave them alone.... Have any of you ever noticed that bullies rarely have the ability to take what the dish? Do any of you believe that these posters could withstand the onslaught of negativity that they themselves spew about others? How does any of this nastiness that they spew make this a fun forum for the rest to visit and read?
  9. I'm not talking about criticizing the HGs about their game-play... Without a doubt their social game is fair game for discussion... Their physical play is certainly fair game for discussion.... Getting to know something about their lives is fine, but making fun of a person's physical being is sick. I'm talking about criticizing them about their personal physical features... Duckface.... really? How is that anything but miserably mean spirited adults behaving like nasty little children? And why is it that it is always the same posters, year after year, that post attacks based upon a players looks, race, age, education, etc...? Tiresome.... The vast majority of posters here never spew this sort of nonsense and that's what makes this board a place that I come to every year in hopes that the mature adults here will drown out the childish & mean-spirited nonsense generated by the few. BTW, sparklet, I've enjoyed your posts this year... Monk
  10. Every year I come to this forum and end up leaving early once the middle-schoolers flood this board with their adolescent personal attacks on the HGs. Criticize game play... fine.... Criticize personal attributes of others... childish.... This nonsense comes from a select few, but a select few that are prolific posters determined to make this board unreadable and thoroughly boring....
  11. I do watch the feeds when I can and on the few occasions that she set out to be tough on other HGs her attempts were pretty clumsy and feeble... "Talking bad" about others doesn't appear to come naturally to her and her pot stirring is pretty awkward and ineffective. All in all, I haven't seen my ability to play this game but I'm willing to be surprised by her. Her sister could put the MVP to good use... Elissa, well, not so much. My support of her has more to do with the actions and attitudes of Jeremy, Aaryn, Kailyn, GM and to some extent Spencer. I don't see her making the jury even with a better cast, but I would love to see her get there just to watch the outrage it would generate in the mean team. I vote for her mostly in order to watch Aaryn's head spin round and round... I expect that if Elissa could miraculously find a way to stay, Aaryn would start spewing pea soup in between her snotty comments. Well, a guy can dream....
  12. I assess this first few weeks just as you do. From the moment the mean team set their nasty sights on her, Elissa could do little to advance herself other than find one or two allies, lay low and wait it out. If Nick leaves(which appears to be highly unlikely) a restructuring of alliances could happen... Then the game might be able to take on a more strategic tone in place of the crude & low brow blunt force tone it has had thus far. So far, Elissa hasn't played much of a game and I'm not very hopeful that she even has a game, but we'll never find out if the mean team bullys their way through this summer. I'd be fine if Elissa left after Jeremy, Aaryn, & Kaitlyn were booted... At least their would be some satisfaction to be had in their BB demise. It's been a pretty disappointing season so far. The central theme has been little more than bullies, racists, & cowards. Dr. Will wasn't a favorite of mine but his game was eminently more interesting to watch than this bread & circus. All most of this cast can do is berate each other. Dull...
  13. It’s a dark and stormy night in BBville… The only rational short description of BB14 is: “Absolutely effing dreadful.” The only description that fully addresses the woeful entertainment value of this season is: “Hideously horribly grotesquely disastrously awfully terrible. “ The production leaders of this putrid spectacle should be quick marched into the Pacific at daybreak, drowned and then shot. And then poisoned. And then force feed processed foods in order to raise their sodium, cholesterol and hormone levels to ridiculously levels. And then required to ride unicycles down the center-lane of the 5 for its entire length. And then stabbed. And then dragged back onto the beach to be set on fire(using non-polluting smokeless logs, of course, while under the watchful eye of the EPA & the local Fire Marshall). And then tied to a large chunk of granite and dropped back into the ocean. And then someone should stand watch on shore, as each & every BB season comes around, to make sure these creatively deficient denizens of the deepest, dark dank, most foul of the recesses of the bowels of the BB production company never resurface. This whole show hasn’t even been as interesting as a grease fire. In short, this season BB has sucked monkey n*ts. Felonious “Bulwer Litton” Monk
  14. Joe is a boring dirtbag. Willie was a immature weasel but at least he was an entertaining immature weasel... JoJo's only attribute is her mastery of the art of irritation... She's not bad in a bikini but watching her is not losing my either my sanity or my hearing... The rest are about as entertaining as watching mayonnaise go bad... I'll check this board tomorrow to find out who was evicted... Monk
  15. I'm Shocked... Willie screwing up??? Hmmmm, never saw that coming.... At least we can look forward to more of his interesting "family honor" excuses... They might give us a good chuckle ... Monk
  16. It's a yet another sad day in BBland when the casting director selects a cast where the only interesting player has a paranoid personality and a complete lack of coping skills. Without Willie, this season has become incredibly BORING! I have never made it to the finale show on Morty's because I lose interest as the trolls and nutcases jump in as the season comes to a close... This season I may not make to the half way point because I'm just so bored by the remaining players... Monk
  17. This highlights the problem I have with this season... I don't care for Jojo... I don't care for Joe, Wil, or Frank... Shane, Ashley, Ian, Jenn and Danielle are pleasant enough but they also make for very boring TV... For me, Willie made the season... Too bad he couldn't control his anger & paranoia... I'd be fine with Jojo going home... Monk
  18. As is true in all of life, people see the same event differently... First, I think Joe is a dirtbag and I would be happy to see him go... BUT... As I saw & heard it, Willie was sitting at the dining table calling the HGs the C-word and more... When Joe walked by, heading to the head, Willie called Joe the C-word... Joe responded in kind.. Willie did charge Joe in a very aggressive style... Joe responded by taking a defensive posture... Joe was the initiator of none of this... Willie was... The way I saw it, once in the head, it was Willie that moved in on Joe and not the other way around... Joe was cornered and has a right to stand his ground, protect himself, and not be bullied by a screaming & obviously out of control Willie... It's his house too... Joe, in response to Willie's charge, chest bumping, & headbutting, behaved like an adult and did not escalate the altercation... He was cornered and he did nothing but protect himself... I still don't like Joe, but he behaved like any rational person would... He did not start this.. Willie did... He did not charge at anybody... Willie did... Cornered in the head by Willie, Joe did nothing more than stand his ground & take a defensive stance... Had Joe thrown a punch, he would have been wrong... But Joe did NOT throw a punch... The only one to be physically violent was Willie when he chest-bumped and headbutted Joe... It's hard to understand your "Willie had every right to defend himself" statement.. So, I can't respond to it... I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree... Monk
  19. Thanks SC... Right back at cha... Your post has me thinking about my Hantz family statement... You're right... You said it best in your post... I should not have said what I said about the Hantz family due to the actions of a few family members... I fell into that statement of mine because I let the fact that the only family members I have seen were the four family members that have expressed this cockeyed outlook on civil behavioral standards. Thanks... I need a good straightening out once in a while... Monk
  20. I agree... I also agree with those on this board that have pointed a finger at the BB production... AG should have seen this coming, given Willie's background and the Hantz family's outlook on life... AG would be better served to look to the early BB's for HG selection criteria... Willie did make things interesting... but IMHO, he wasn't suited for this show... (paranoia, followed by bizarre game moves, followed by paranoia, followed by all too public and outrageous verbal fights, followed by paranoia, followed by sulking, followed by threats of physical violence, followed by paranoia, followed by contact... Not good...) Monk
  21. I'm in total agreement with you... The Hantz's seem to express themselves in violence... Adding insult to injury, they then appear to be comfortable justifying their violent behavior... Not a recipe for a peaceful environment... Monk
  22. I guess we saw the events differently... I saw & heard Willie in an explosive mood in the kitchen ::: As Joe walked by, heading for the head, Willie called Joe the C-word... (BTW Joe is a person I don't like and would like to see sent packing from the BB house very soon...) Joe RESPONDED to Willie with words of his own... Willie RESPONDED to Joe's words by charging Joe and screaming like a madman, Hit Me!!! Hit Me!!! Hit Me!!! ... Joe RESPONDED to Willie's charge by putting up his fists up & taking a defensive posture, Joe stood his ground, Joe NEVER hit Willie... Willie RESPONDED by chest bumping Joe and then Headbutting Joe... Willie is told to go to the back bedroom Willie is removed from the BB house... (As he should have been... except for self defense and the protection of others from imminent danger, there is NO excuse for violent behavior) Willie should be punished with banishment.. IMHO, Joe is a dirtbag but did not do anything wrong in this interaction... As they say, ten people see the same event in eleven different ways... Monk

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