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  1. Watch the feeds and see that Elissa is NOT bullying GM... she is trying to convince GM that GM's game would be better off if Aaryn is evicted. It's all in the intonation. Monk
  2. Well, pigs have been sighted flying over our towns and cities. I agree wicked... Gulp... Monk
  3. Flowery language... now that is amusing... It's called a vocabulary where I come from. It's one of those old-timey things that folks used to value. But here's one just for you Gorilla:::: Yo dude, Bitch'en post!!! Monk
  4. I'm with you... Elissa is the very first HOH that has had the backbone to put a dent in Amanda's crew. For that & for the grace she has shown while Amanda makes a fool of herself, I'm gonna vote for her to be America's player. Monk
  5. Now that's the 2nd chuckle you've given me today... It's good to see you developing a sense of humor. Monk
  6. I personally haven't seen the comments on this board that would suggest that folks here have heard the trumpets or seen the butterflies swirling when she enters the room, but then it's no real surprise... the one immutable truth is that over all these years the one thing we can both count upon is the knowledge that you & I have very different value systems. Monk
  7. Apparently you did miss the discussions Elissa had with Howard and Candice. You also appear to have missed the pushback she gave Amanda and Helen on those evictions. As far as, Howards comp wins, well, I didn't see much from him that would suggest that they would be coming. He tried yoga with Elissa and he just couldn't handle the strain for very long. He failed at every comp... even the ones that were obviously life or death for him... Musclebound doesn't equate to Comp wins... we've all seen that bit of truth over the seasons. Elissa went to Howard after the bed flipping incident and encouraged him to stay strong and to be strong on those days when he felt alone in the house. Who was praying with whom... was Howard praying with Elissa or was Elissa praying with Howard or more likely were they just praying together. Coming off those first few weeks didn't leave Elissa much power to 'flip' the house and create another super alliance. She wasn't passive in the sense that you mean, she was quietly working Helen and Amanda but her efforts fell on deaf ears as Amanda was certain that Howard was a powerhouse and after her while Helen was a paranoid mess obsessed with her own press. Howard had no chance against Amanda when he lost Helen partly as a result of isolating himself after the mean girls tirade. He should never have isolated himself... then to make matters worse, Candice isolated herself from those who were ready, willing and able to support her... Bad move Howard... Bad move Candice... Any super alliance with Spencer, Judd, Howard, Candice died when Howard and Candice chose to separate themselves from Helen and Elissa. Spencer could never be counted upon in an alliance with any woman and Judd is just one guy... So, this 5 HG alliance is down to Elissa and Judd, who was voted out soon thereafter. Not much of a path to success there, wouldn't you agree? I have posted before that I thought she should have nominated both Amanda and McCrea and left Aaryn for someone else to handle, but it is not a poor choice to nom McCrea and Aaryn as the are both 3am members and form the muscle behind Amanda and both are in duos. If Amanda loses either one she loses strength. A reasonably good choice but still the better choice would have been to nom McManda. And to your point about underestimating Amanda's ability to save herself, remember, they all have the ability to save themselves to some extent... Amanda just hadn't shown much ability to win in the past... As is true for all things BB, it is/was a calculated risk. And although Elissa may not have success in breaking up either duo(McManda/GM-Aaryn) she wasn't a puppet and she stuck to her guns. For that and more she may have just assured herself of at least $25k. Monk
  8. Yes, I see your point now... Elissa remarked about Amanda's bathing suit and Amanda remarked about slitting Elissa's throat & handing her over to be gang raped... Elissa thought that putting McCrea on the block was just a part of the game and Amanda thought leaving Elissa a tweaked napkin and condom was all in good fun. Now I get it... Elissa is just as trashy as Amanda... How silly of me. Do you think they might be twins? Monk
  9. You are aware of the logical implications of & logical conclusions drawn from your posts, aren't you? It wasn't I that posted a simplistic little rant about 'sinners' hypocritical behaviors... that was you my BB friend... And actually you did make that equivalence... you may not have understood that you made it, but you did make it. Together your two assertions: 'cannot seem to help themselves by appointing their view, opinion etc to be the moral an just position.' & 'I am sure all of us have the good mixed with the dark .After all is said and done, we are all human.' definitely makes that simplistic equivalency, which is exactly what I was saying to you. Sometimes, stating the obvious is exactly where the discussion needs to begin. Monk
  10. Isn't that an overly simplistic take on human behavior? All people have weaknesses and frailties; that's not the argument being made. The spectrum of poor behavior is broad and deep and the natural curve models these human behaviors well. Few are very good, most are reasonably good, and a few are truly bad. In other words, many are capable of littering at some point in their life but few are actually capable of cold-blooded murder. Equating Elissa's behavior with Amanda's behavior is an exercise in lunacy. Again, to attempt to draw an equivalence between those few who commit greater misdeeds and those who commit lesser misdeeds is folly. Unfortunately, your argument suggests just such an equivalence exists. Ignoring those differences in poor behavior and drawing a picture that suggests that we are all 'sinners' and thereby the same also goes a long way to giving those who hold that such an equivalence exists, a pathway to discounting their own missteps. Accountability suffers and then so do we all. Monk
  11. You may have missed it on the feeds but Amanda told McCrea that after Helen's eviction, Elissa is her next target. She said this just before Helen's eviction. She never intended to "protect" Elissa. Monk
  12. Elissa argued against voting out Howard. She didn't have the votes to save Candice. Both of these votes were championed by Amanda and to a somewhat lesser extent, Helen. What has been logically insane is that until Elissa's HOH, no HOH took the opportunity to break up the terrible two. The strategy to weaken Amanda by either to evicting her or evicting her supporter Aaryn(another pair: Aaryn & GM) is sound. Allowing a pair to get this far unharmed IS truly insane gameplay. Monk
  13. Amen to that. Can you imagine the crying and screaming tantrums that would ensue is someone bullied Amanda in the same manner as she is trying to bully Elissa. Can we say "mental breakdown?" On the other hand, Elissa has handled Amanda's bullying with grace. Monk
  14. It's a bit of an inside joke, so I don't expect that you will understand this post of mine, but your post gave me good chuckle, and for that, I thank you. Monk
  15. If you are questioning whether Amanda has it in her to take, hide, or remove someone's belongings, she has done it before as I outlined in my earlier post. McCrea has definitely shown his contempt for personal boundaries... He has trespassed upon nearly every HOH and HG's bed. Is it really a leap too far to think that he would put his filthy clothes into another HG's clothes drawers? I'd say that it's not much of a stretch. As far as Elissa being the kind of person "who would put up with that," well, your right and she obviously did not put up with that as is displayed by her request to McCrea to steer clear of her belongings. The baseball obviously did not fall out, crawl out, or walk away from Elissa's control... She did see Amanda going threw her things... So, all indications point to the terrible two as the culprits... and that is exactly what Elissa acted upon... They've done it before, they've repeatedly trespassed, Elissa saw Amanda going threw her belongings... They have constructed a history of acting out in bullying ways(again Nicks stuff, Napkin, Condom, screaming fights with several HG's, trespassing, threatening comments, gay slurs, racist comments, etc...) So, I have a hard time understanding your defense of their behavior. Elissa did not attack McCrea as you keep stating. She did confront him and ask him not to touch her things... It was at this point that McCrea escalated the situation by getting loud and attacking her instead of reasonably and politely saying that he was sorry if he had overstepped a boundary. I still cannot fathom how you find her to be obnoxious with respect to this event with McCrea. The Condom/napkin incident is certainly not understandable in any situation Monk.
  16. I saw this very differently. Amanda and McCrea had been taking and hiding Elissa's things... McCrea had been using everyone's clothes drawers.. he put his filthy unwashed clothes in whatever drawer as was convenient at the time. Elissa took his filthy gear out of the three drawers that she had been using since day one and put them back into the drawers that he had stored his gear in beginning day one. Yesterday she asked that he not touch her things... Seems fair to me. He deserved everything he got from her... I would also say it's time we learn to stop requiring women to stay silent when bullied. GM did not say that she took Elissa's baseballs... she said that she found one of them in one of the common rooms( I forget which room she said). My guess would be that Elissa is right.. They did hide her stuff(baseballs and all). They have definitely proven that that kind of thing is not beyond them... Amanda hid GM's "nick" gear... She has bullied her way through this game and most recently she left a tinkered with napkin and a condom for Elissa to find... These people are despicable. Monk
  17. Make your case. If it is logical and creates a true nexus between a series of actual facts, is satisfactorily complete and compares that logic to the same process applied to the Dirty duo, then you'll have made your case and I'll have been forced to reconsider the issue of Elissa's superior hypocritical skills. If your argument is just based upon faulty logic, innuendo, and snarky spin, then you will have failed to make your case. Monk
  18. Wrong. She is better than they are. To draw equivalence between Elissa and the the dirty duo is absurd. Monk
  19. I completely agree. I have stopped watching the feeds and don't plan to watch the show tonight... This is not entertaining to me. It's hard to believe that the McBullies haven't been given penalty noms for their comments... Amanda's "slit her throat" & "rape" statements should have been punishable and McDisgusting has earned a penalty nom just for being such the disgusting piece of trash that he is. The Amanda & McCrea have completely turned me off to this show today. CBS, Fire your casting director. Monk
  20. I've been eagerly awaiting an interesting week in the BB house and evidently I'll have to do some more waiting... The chances for even a small part of this season to become interesting have been greatly diminished... On the plus side... Elissa gave us a got a couple of days of widespread HG panic.... If it keeps up like this, ( and there appears to be a very good chance that it will) this season will be the most boring season in BB history. Monk
  21. Amanda, McCrea and Andy have to be broken up... Elissa Aaryn, GM, Judd, & Spencer know that... If she puts up either GM, Spencer or Judd, she is left with no possibility of support if she goes up next week. If she puts up Andy, I think McManda will vote out Aaryn. Monk
  22. I think it's so long Aaryn... This is why Elissa should've put both McBully & McNasty up as pair... Pigs are flying and McManda is safe for another week... Yuck. Monk
  23. It means you're new around here. And, Welcome... Monk
  24. This bully collapses like a house of cards when she's not in the power position and her fear filled pleas to Elissa are just so full or irony. Ah, the schadenfreude. Monk

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