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  1. While I am glad it is not an Austwin HOH...I just can't with this kid. He annoys the hell out of me and I kind of want to punch him in the face, but I don't know why.
  2. If these dummies keep Shelli, then I hope she wins the whole thing.
  3. I don't know if putting Vanessa up is a good idea. Right now he is a big target for Clay and Shelli, but I get the feeling Austin and the twins are okay with the power couple being taken out. If he replaces Clay with Vanessa, he runs the risk of both Shelli and Clay being in the house at the end of the week and having Austin and the twins really gunning for him. I think his better play is to make a deal with Austin and the twins. In exchange for their vote to evict Shelli, he won't put one of the up as a replacement nom.
  4. Will it be the screen or will they go back to pulling the keys out now that botb is over?
  5. Agreed - I'm not a fan at all of Austin's but it would be a poor game move to get rid of someone on your side - Just doing the other side of the house a big favour by voting out one of your own numbers I would normally agree, but with these idiots u don't necessarily think it is doing the "other side" a favor. They are all clamoring to work with Shelli and Clay, There is no opposition in this house of miscreants.
  6. What will be interesting if Liz wins the veto is the timing of her switch with Julia. If Julia comes in before the veto meeting she would back door Austin in a hot second.
  7. Ahhhh...forgot about his being tight with Becky. Then again, I forget Becky is even in the house.
  8. Is John also on board with the whole "back door Austin" plan? Hmmm...too bad...when I saw he was playing I thought him winning veto could be interesting. Liz winning it and using it to send Austin home would be a huge knife to Austin's creepy heart.
  9. I really hope John wins veto and refuses to use it.
  10. ITA that Vanessa wanted Jackie to do the dirty work. Now that she has to put the knife in Austin or Steve's back, she is freaking out. I think Vanessa being a poker player explains her game play a bit. She is taking each week as a new hand, assessing the cards that have been dealt and making the play that is the best play for the week (in her case, whatever has the house consensus and will piss off the fewest people). She has no concept on long term planning or seeing what will be best for her 3 or 4 weeks from now. This hand-by-hand, week-by-week strategy will only work so long as she stays in power, but having no loyalty to anyone in a few weeks might be her undoing.
  11. What happened to the BB Takeover? Not that I thought it was that great, but they haven't even mentioned it since Gronk--and that was kind of a week of "fun." I thought Julie said that there would be a twist every week. Was it that lame that BB gave up on it after 3 weeks?
  12. I hate that Johnny Mac is still on the outside of all these alliances. I wish he could find someone trustworthy to work with. I like him and his goofy laugh.
  13. The problem with Jackie turning on Clay and Shelli is that the rest of the dummies are begging to be in a Shelli/Clay alliance (or already think they are in one) that I don't think Jackie would have the votes to get one of them out.
  14. Well I never thought I would say this, but now I am hoping for a Vanessa and Shelli final two. They are the only 2 playing this game and all the other hour guests are just falling all over themselves to get any attention from them.
  15. So disposable. I like him, but man he needs to wake-up and form an alliance with the outsiders (not Shelli, clay, Vanessa, Austin and Liz/Julia). Otherwise he is toast.

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