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  1. Classy - Yeah, I remember that part of it because Lisa actually did not vote for Eric to come back. I just don't remember if it happened in the same episode as an eviction and HOH?
  2. dietkocgirl - I will vouch for you on this. I have read several posts from you regarding this topic. Btw, thank you for introducing the word "Inviction" to my vocabulary. LOL I think your theory is right on. Some people dismissed it last week after Julie told Ashlea that everyone had a partner and that if a pair makes the final 2, then first place is $1 million. But tonight, Julie told us that she will share that info with all of the HGs on next Thursday's show. My point here is that it was okay for Julie to tell Ashlea last week because they knew the other HGs would find out before the "inviction" takes place. Does anyone remember how they did Amy's inviction on BB3? Did they have eviction, inviction, and HOH all on the same night?
  3. I was thinking maybe about either Eric/Sarah or Ivette/Sarah. I know that a lot of times putting up the pawn doesn't work, but I just don't see anyone voting Sarah out over either Eric or Ivette. She is just so friendly with everyone. I also think that James would be able to influence the votes to make sure Sarah doesn't go. One more thing... if Eric or Ivette was saved with PoV, Kaysar could put up the other one.
  4. Here's something else I thought of here. Usually when Julie talks to the evicted HG on the live show, she reminds the HG that we'll see you back her on Finale night... she didn't say that to Ashlea. Is that another clue?
  5. I just thought I would throw this out there... It was mentioned in a meeting that there may be some competions this season where no one would win the POV. I assume this may discourage anyone from using "a six-finger plan" the way Nakomis did last year.
  6. Does anyone know when nominations take place? I think they are on Friday, but I'm not sure... and if so, any idea of what time?
  7. In past years, do evicted HGs usually appear on the CBS Early Show? Since they haven't said anything about that, is that a clue that Ashlea could be coming back?
  8. I also believe that they forfeit that money if they choose to walk out on the game.
  9. I think the summer of secrets is more than just having pairs. I think there will be more secrets to come. Morty has an interesting theory. I guess we'll see how it plays out.
  10. Could someone please tell me if the POV meeting is Sunday or Monday? I am hearing conflicting info. Thanks!
  11. diet - I remember reading that too.
  12. Now that many of the HGs are starting to figure out other pairs and the twist is leaking out, how does everyone think it will play out? From what I understand, first prize will be $1 million and second place will be $250,000 if a pair makes it to the final 2, regardless if they are identified as a pair by other HGs. Please correct me if I am wrong about this. I think $1 million dollars is a pretty big incentive to try to make it to the end with a partner, and I think it will be interesting to see how this effects different aspects of the BB game. Here are some random thoughts I have: * If everyone figures out who the pairs are, I don't necessarily think pairs will be broken up immediately. I think we could see multiple pairs join forces to take out others first. * Theoretically, a pair could run all the way to the Final 2 at any time by dominating HOH competitions. Although an individual cannot be HOH two weeks in a row, both individuals could win every other week, but not likely. * When an HOH nominates 2 HGs, how often will we see a pair put up against each other, just for the purpose of breaking them up? * When nominees choose a HG to play for them in POV, will it be a no-brainer to pick your partner? and if the partner picked wins POV, will it be a no-brainer for them to save their partner? * Down the road, will we see a HG evict their partner because they feel it will help them get further in the game? Any thoughts?
  13. georgectv - I agree with your thoughts. I think that if they get to a point where everyone realizes that everyone is paired and everyone knows who the pairs are, it will be a numbers game. The loners will be trying to break up the pairs to level the playing field. I think the pairs will try to eliminate the loners first, rather than break-up other pairs. The fewer pairs there are remaining, the more of a target they will be, and the more loners they will have to deal with. Does that make sense? I think it will be interesting to see how quickly (or even if) they figure it all out. I think it's possible that after the first elimination, the partner of the evicted HG will tell the others that he/she knew him/her before going in and about BB's million-dollar deal. At that point, that person really wouldn't have anything to lose unless he/she would think revealing that information might make him/her a target. Anyway, the HGs could easily figure it out pretty quickly.
  14. I can see it now. About half-way through the season, the HGs will be sitting there with their mouths wide open in shock, and "The Crying Game" playing in the background. LOL



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