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  1. I may just not have been noticing it, but I don't remember McCrae chewing his fingers off (like he has been doing 24/7) since Amanda has been gone. And he seems to be enjoying the game more now that he is not constantly trying to keep her rampages under control.
  2. I sometimes like Judd, but he has floated so much he never even landed with any side. Not saying he should win, but I don't think McCrae has ever been a floater. And it might have been interesting to see what kind of game he would have played, without his showmance. I have been completely disgusted with the behavior and language of this cast and it seems the worst of the bunch are the ones we are left to watch. Don't really want to see any of them win.
  3. But what difference does it make. She is the next one to be put up any way. Maybe after McCrae, but if Andy has his way it will be before. So basically she has nothing to lose. Her only hope is winning every comp, because the other 4 are all set for final 4. They never wanted her to be a part of that and are ready to show her to the door.
  4. I would share that dream with you. But if they did, then the Elissa haters would just say the production was cheating for Elissa. I can't believe how her and her pizza boy think they should be untouchable and never have to be on the block or worry about being evicted.
  5. I think when it gets so predictable, that the HG know what all of the competitions are and when to expect them and the DE and everything, it is time to change things up. I think that contributes to the boredome of most of this season. I also think every year there has been more and more interaction between the HG and the production crew which very much decreases the isolation effect, that is supposed to be a part of the challenge of the game.
  6. I dont really think they were trying to be mean to her. I just think they (esp. Enzo) are so proud of what they have done and how "history making. etc" their brigade was/is, they finally had a chance to tell someone how fantastic they and their alliance are, they just couldnt stop patting themselfs on the back. Enzo is totally dislusional.
  7. I think, at this point, that is why we are still watching...to see what idiotic thing they do next. I cant believe these ppl claim to be BB fanatics and yet are clueless about real gameplay
  8. Can you just imagine the look on Ragan's face if Hayden got evicted. It would at least make things a little more interesting. But....another week of him on BB, I dont know if I could stomach that.
  9. And Brit is buying into exactly that mindset. She has her mind made up that it needs to be her, Lane and Hayden in the final 3 and she is "ok with which ever one wins"
  10. I would like that one. Even thought I really disliked him, he would be great BB entertainment.
  11. ITA with you on Brit, and I really dont want to see her win at all. But...I feel like the HG all left their families/friends/jobs, etc and subject themselves to 24 hr scrutny by all of the live feeders and TV viewers, compete in all kinds of both physical and idiotic challenges and live for months with total strangers each there to vote them out so they can win the $500,000. I don't think who does or doesn't "need" the money should even be a consideration in who wins, but it should be based completely on how the jury feels the final 2 played the game. But thats JMHO
  12. ITA and I think a mass email or something of that sort would let CBS know how we feel about the season, without us doing it at the expense of someone we would like to have win it. JMHO
  13. I might have agreed that it would be Matt (as much as I can't stand him) until he threw the HOH comp after knowing that his alliance was set to vote him out if he had not had the DPOV. How did he possibly have that much sense of security to throw a comp???
  14. ITA And they also lost what little respect I might have had for them when, right before the noms, they straight up told him he was a pawn and they were keeping him in the house. I understand that somewhere in their screwed up logic, they wanted him gone but there was no need, at that point for them to lie to him. To me, it seems that if they want his jury vote, an honest answer, when he asked, would have done more good. I am just totally bummed about the rest of the season.
  15. Exactly! Every time someone is put up on the block, they act like how could anyone dare ever nominate them. They gave up everything to be there, they need the money, they are BB superfans and as such should make it to the end because they want it so bad. DUH
  16. My memory is not that good, so I could be mistaken, but I thought that when it was double eviction, there is no POV for the second eviction. Just HOH comp, nominations and vote.
  17. I really dont care if Enzo gets voted out, but I dont know if I can stand Matt if he convinces her and he stays again, because his ego will just get even bigger (if that is possible)
  18. He seriously may not recover from being deceived/used by his trustworthy, loyal, honorable BFF
  19. ITA The live feed post just about made me sick when first posted that Brit won POV. I knew Brendon was a gonner. Then I came back to the site and saw that it was actually Brendon that won and wanted to do the "Happy Dance"
  20. I would like that final 3. Even though I can't really talk myself into likeing Brit, I respect that she is competing and not just a pretty face trying to make it through the game on someone's coat tails. I like Bren and think that now that he is playing by himself, he is more of a competitor too. And I really like Lane. I wish he had not waited quite as long to really start to try to win comps, but I do think he has stepped it up a bit. Besides, I have to root for the hometown boy. And as for Ragan....I couldnt agree more. I am almost to the point that I am going to have to mute my tv when he is talking. I just don't even want to have to see or hear him one more time. I will never say I won't watch BB any more, because I love the show. But him still being there is the last thing I wanted this week.
  21. Ragan said he had wrecked havoc on the house as the sab??? It was the most lame twist they have come up with and even more so because of the way they let him choose his task. I have to admit, there sure seems to have been a lack of immagination in the suggestions. So, for putting a note under someones pillow, he is rewarded with 20K Thats just mind boggling.
  22. I agree, Pinkie. Every vile, hateful, spiteful etc thing he said about her was a discription of himself as well. What he did had nothing to do with game play but was simply him showing that he truly is a mean spirited person, who just like Rachael, thinks he is a good person and sees nothing wrong with anything he does or says. I also disagree that some people are better than others, it is their actions, behavior and choices that they make in how they live that is better or worse. We are all born the same. IMHO
  23. So.... because he lives in a rural area,(Decatur, by the way is a thriving, growing city) he is "a simpleton backwoods hillbilly" and is "ingorant"? He is college educate young man with a good job with a large oil company. And...It is called HUNTING. Thought of as a sport by millions of highly educated, upper class "city men (and women)" who spend a fortune on equipment and hunting leases. I have a lot more problem with someone sitting in a blind waiting for the deer to come feed (where he has been fed through the year so that they can charge these ppl to hunt there) so they can shoot them. And yes, they do it because they think it is fun. They are not there to provide food for their family. Spotlighting is just another form of hunting. And I don't think these animals are any more innocent than the ones prepared for your dinner table.

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