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  1. I didn't watch the first season of Survivor, so I don't know anything about him or how he played before. I kind of hated his neice got voted off because of his over-celebration of the immunity win. I thought it was funny that he almost lost it for his team, but then was the one doing all the celebrating and "taunting" of the other team.
  2. I have watched all seasons of Survivor except season 1 and I do not remember this guy at all, none, nada.
  3. OMG...they had to do it to us again...
  4. The scores were high for the first night. There are a lot of really good dancers this year it seems. I'm excited; I think it will be a good season.
  5. I believe they did get 9s. I liked her too. She shook her groove thang, lol.
  6. I've never watched Jersey Shore either, but I think she's cute and is trying really hard to get past the "snookiness"...I hope she does good on the show. I thought she did really good last night!
  7. I don't particularly like McCrae, and don't like Amanda at all; however, I DO want him to foil Andy and Spencer's plan so bad!!!! I'm so glad he won POV! I wish Spencer would put Andy up, but sadly I don't think that will happen. So, for now at least, I'm rooting for McCrae.
  8. I read that too and was wondering. Where did they hear/read that they weren't having the after party I wonder?
  9. I know!!! What a puddy tat!!!!!!! Grow a pair buddy
  10. I agree Fatcat! She is now my most disliked houseguest ever too. I have never seen such an immature display from a grown woman in all my life. I could never have handled it like Elissa did....kudos to her!
  11. Can anyone tell me what the Zingbot said about all the houseguests? I've looked around some on the boards, but haven't seen it. Or, if this has already been discussed, point me in the correct direction please.
  12. I can't even focus on what's being said when she's around because I'm fixated on those eyebrows...I've never seen anything like it. Is she blind? She surely isn't seeing what we're seeing when she looks in the mirror...
  13. Whoever gets back in, there will have to be a whole lot of luck and things fall in place exactly right for what I want to happen to actually happen, lol! It should be interesting to see it all play out...hopefully!
  14. I want whoever comes back to target Amanda, McCrae and Andy, and I think the only one who would do that is Helen. Like someone else said, Judd blames Helen and Elissa, so he probably wouldn't go after those 3 I mentioned. Jessie has probably turned him even more against Helen since she has been in the jury house. I think there has been a lot of throwing of the HOH comps so far because none of these wusses want to do the dirty work themselves, so hopefully when she has to Helen can win one. I don't particularly like Helen at this point and she really gets on my nerves, but I can't stand Ama

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