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  1. YUP!! THIS is the reason why so many dislike/hate the NH.
  2. i hope bb says something in front of janey and howie too lol
  3. Ummmmmmmmmmm how was Beau picked out of millions? Ivette was chosen and she brought Beau I heard that Gretchen wouldn't allow Marcellas to say anything because he wanted to go off on him. You can't compare an interview to a fire or an emegency in the ER. lol
  4. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm seems to me someone needs to stop trash talking before demanding others do it. I don't think there should be any trash talk, but sometimes it happens. That's why we are "fans"
  5. I'd like to know where we can get the transcripts as well. I have three kids and my computer volume is turned off all day and by the time nights roll around I usually forget about housecalls lol
  6. Well that wouldn't make sense because they wouldn't be sending her home. She would go to sequestor.
  7. Good question. She has no prior knowledge of the game (so she and Maggie claim) so how would she know that. AND how would she know that people would fly banners overhead anyway.
  8. It doesn't make Janey evil to have watched BB before. It is NOT a pre requisite(spelling??) for being on the show!!! And ah, well, didn't they ALL know who Holly was when she walked through the door? AND they were brought on the show by their partners and I remember Eric saying his wife was a big fan of the show.
  9. How do they know that she wasn't selling the clothes to give the money to charity? And if I could sell stuff on Ebay I would.
  10. I agree lol I was reading the media tidbits at the top and Shapiro said in one interview that everyone had a secret and all the secrets would be revealed like an onion pealing one layer off after another each week all summer. So where are all these secrets?????? That idea about replacing a HG is a great idea, especially if Janelle wins it. Replace Rachel with Ivette.
  11. I am a reality show junkie as well, though there are many i can go without seeing. Those ones I mentioned above are my faves that i cannot stand to miss lol I should add Rock Star INXS to the list as I LOVE that show lol
  12. My favorites are Amazing Race, Survivor and Big Brother and I like America's Next Top Model so I'm good for chatting ALL year lol I watch other ones sometimes, but these are the only ones I don't like to miss.



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