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  1. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm seems to me someone needs to stop trash talking before demanding others do it. I don't think there should be any trash talk, but sometimes it happens. That's why we are "fans"
  2. Good question. She has no prior knowledge of the game (so she and Maggie claim) so how would she know that. AND how would she know that people would fly banners overhead anyway.
  3. I am a reality show junkie as well, though there are many i can go without seeing. Those ones I mentioned above are my faves that i cannot stand to miss lol I should add Rock Star INXS to the list as I LOVE that show lol
  4. My favorites are Amazing Race, Survivor and Big Brother and I like America's Next Top Model so I'm good for chatting ALL year lol I watch other ones sometimes, but these are the only ones I don't like to miss.
  5. I watched this. Wasn't going to but nothing else was on. It was funny. Especially the girl who thought she could dance and argued with the judge. LOL The facial expressions she made while dancing were a hoot!!
  6. Internet feeds? Heck I watched it on tv and saw almost all of that. lol
  7. yeah i read that this morning. I was thinking WTF!!! I couldn't believe that. We all watched, he may have ate SOME of MIke's but I seen Mike eating the sandwiches too.
  8. You get points for every show. If you got none for last night it is because your team members didn't get anything last night. I got 60 for Eric for Sat and none last night. ALSO allow them time, it WAS JUST last night remember. lol As for points for Howie kissing, did you check the breakdown of JUST your points or the breakdown of points for each houseguest? There is a difference. It will show you the scores of every HG up to date but that doesn't mean anything for your own score. I found mine are right so.
  9. I was lucky here in Canada as my channel 22 was outed over the president, but channel 11 showed the whole thing. BUT I was NOT expecting to have to remember who was in the DR first. The first ten minutes was mostly spent showing what happened on Sat's episode.
  10. This is straight from www.cbs.com HOH BLOGS Week 1 Rachel Being HoH this week has been a lot of fun, although I've missed a lot of that initial bonding being the first HoH with my room upstairs, isolated from everyone. That's why I've been sharing the HoH room. It's the best way for everyone to get to know me and hopfully like me. I think I am well like by the other houseguests at this point. Even though they see me as a tough competitor, not willing to give up the fist HOH competition and the way I fought to win the POV. I don't think the other houseguests are on to Howie and I and I hope
  11. LOL overly female look. you all crack me up.
  12. Actually I think that DID happen last season. And the winner of the Veto IS safe as is the person they choose to use the veto on.
  13. I agree. They are the ones that are on the chopping block so why not be the only ones competing to save themselves.
  14. If her kids look like her watch out!! She's almost too hot!!
  15. Actually i wasn't talking about a soap, i was talking about an actress and yes it was the woman who played Kristen, she played on Y&R for many many years before Days and this rumor started like back in the early 80s

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