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Angelo Joe

9/14 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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3:57 BBT Ian and Dani sitting at table having random convos... Dani asked Ian if he still thinks it's face morph and Ian said no taking too long... Dani says 3 girls, 3 guys in jury... Dani wonders if another picture goes gray on memory wall

dani says all first round picks and all last round picks are gone

Ian says they went from 7 to 3 in a one week span

Dani wonders if they got bad ratings last night because of what Dan did

Dani telling Ian that Dan swore on everything to keep Shane... (she is admitting to Ian that she wanted him out in a round about way)

Ian says Jenn won't vote for him because he has a penis and Frank hates him

dani says Joe won't vote for a girl

Dani telling Ian that she wouldn't win against him in final 2

Dani asks Ian if he will take her if he wins because he thinks Dani has the votes and Ian wiggles out saying he's not saying that... they discuss Dan in final 2

Dani keeps talking about beating Dan in final comp (not sure if she is doing what Dan wants by trying to get Ian to throw it or if she means it now)

Dani says if Dan wins it and votes her out that she won't ever give him her vote

part of the power went out in kitchen

Ian still knocking on door before going to bathroom

Dani wonders how they will survive until Wednesday with nothing to do

Dani crunching on something... says that jury is filming their questions today then go to sequester right after and we get fish

Ian says it would suck to be in jury for one day and go back to that Mariott... ugh... fish and now Dan sleeping

Dani asking if Ian if Julie asked Shane about him and Dani... Ian thinks so

Dani said what makes her the maddest about Dan is she carried him the whole way

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4:05 PM BBT Ian and Dani talking about Dan evicting Shane. Dani wants him out. Dani says Dan swore but not on anything - just swore. Dani says she wants hm out more then anything.

4:09 PM BBT Dani/Ian talk about how the audience reacted when Shane finished his interview with Julie. Dani tells Ian that she doesn't think he would win with Ian but it won't stop her from taking him. Dani tells Ian that it sounds like he won't take her. Ian says not necessarily.

4:15 PM BBT Ian says the power is out. The stove just went out. The fridge was cut too. They still have the lights. Yo can hear them building outside. People talking loud and someone let out a yell. Dani asks if they will have the comp tonight. Ian says no - it's just an elaborate set up. Ian tells one of the cameras the power is out and the camera nodded yes - it knew that. Ian then says they are building risers out front. He goes into the WC and leaves his mic on.

4:28 PM BBT Dani says that she feels she carried Dan this entire game. She says Shane didn't want to hurt her and supported her. She says she saved him last night.

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Dani and Ian keep talking about DRs so all cameras on Dan sleeping so i'm out for now :)

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4:33 PM BBT All 4 feeds on Dan sleeping.

4:38 PM BBT Dani and Ian play a round of cards in the KT. Dan still sleeping.

4:48 PM BBT Dani teaching Ian how to play a card game. Dan still asleep in the SBR.

4:55 PM BBT Dani is teaching Ian Rummy. Ian says he is getting it. This was a practice round. Ian says he doesn't need another practice round.

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5:04pm : ian gets up and goes to sr the light turns green but he cant get in . he says there is something seriously wrong this whole house is messed up. he goes to tell dan. he says dan something is wrong with the house i think it is broken. he tells dan that the fridge was off the doors are messed up and lights off in the bathroom. he goes back to dt tells dani it is getting stuffy in here also.

5:05pm dani says the camera is going crazy. ian says you think they are doing that? she says no it is messed up why would bb mess it up like that. dani asking did you try getting in the dr? ian says yeah they aint letting me in. ian says he feels like he is boxed in.

5:08pm ian is up trying the sr and dr again he is getting really nervouse with the locks not working right. dani says dont you feel like you are in disneys smart house? ian says yes yes i do everything is broke in here.

5:09pm ian says i would go to the jury house tell frank to get me some weed and a dvd of the smart house and watch it right after i watch britney's wedding video.

5:12pm Ian says we dont even know what time it is . this is rediculous. ian ask are we on the feeds? dani says probably cuz they just zinged us.ian says help us.

5:14pm :dani says she could go back to sleep right now. ian says please dont. dani asked him if it will just cause him more anxiety if she does. ian says yeah. she says ok . dani says bb will you please tell us whats going on so ian can calm down? ian says yeah tell us something.

5:18pm ian is now up again trying the sr and dr .he is walking around saying bb please. he says i think they forgot about us. he says i deserve to know what is going on around here and it is getting hot in here cuz i dont think the a/c is on. dani says yeah it is hot.

5:22pm ian is asking is the appoculyps going on right now yes or no? did bombs get set off? yes or no? is there a reason why we dont hve appliances right now? something is going on he says. dani says why is this camera going crazy over here? ian says something is messed up. ian says is there a reason for the power outage do you need it to buiold something or what?

5:24pm ian says wanna make fun of frank for a lil bit. dani says sure i always like making fun of frank. and we get foth

5:26pm :dani says how did people survive the last week in this house? ian sais it would be better if we had the yard or something.

5:28pm dani is now going to play speed with ian to keep him busy.

5:35pm ian and dani have now moved to the lvr couches and talking about the wallpaper in the house.

5:40pm dani says ian tell me what you think about all the hg this season. he says jodi was loud. and we get foth.

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6:50PM BBT - Feeds are back. Ian is talking about someone named Sarah not being his type. Dan jokingly warning him to stay away from Chelsea. They head to the KT to play cards. Dan asks how Ian knew they lost power. Ian says first the microwave, they don't know what time it is. Dan says the fridge is back on. Ian says they would've lost all the meat they just got.

Dani in the WA. Dan goes to the SR, sees all the restocked food and goes "Oh yeah! Restocked city."

6:56PM BBT - Dan asks Dani if he can have her "California pizza" from her basket. He tells them that he is going to make a "bomb ass" omlet in the morning if Ian and Dani want in. Ian mentions he's never seen BBAD with only 3 people left.

Dani begs BB for some form of entertainment. i.e. music.

Dan says they should all get a final 3 blog. He asks if the others think they give all their old food to the jury house. Ian says they must donate it to a food bank. They must, or he won't be happy about it. Ian misses Brit.

Dan wonders if the feeds are back. Ian says maybe, Dani says she doubts it as the lights are still out. Dani staring at the memory wall; she can't believe they beat all those people.

7:01PM BBT - Dan doing a card trick on Dani and Ian. Dani tells Dan he's done the card trick before and he is terrible at it.

7:04PM BBT - Dan playing solitaire in the KT; Dani and Ian watching. Ian saying if Frank had left first, Boogie would be in jury instead of Frank. They mimick the comments Frank made the night Boogie left. Dani feels bad for yesterday's life show; they yelled some profanity out loud. Ian says, "Who hasn't?"

7:11PM BBT - Dan gets up and walks away from the table. Dani asks if he's leaving and Dan quips that he is going for a walk in the park. Dani asks Ian if he thinks they'll tell him what time it is. Ian says no, maybe he should ask in the DR. Dan comes back with one of the toys Ian got from Pandora's Box. Dani takes over Solitaire. Dan cleans of the KT table so they have room.

7:18PM BBT - Dan calls Ian out for farting in front of a woman. [Why did no one call Frank out for all his disgusting habits?!?! - BBLuver]

Dan asks Ian if BB offered him a job as DR producer, would he do it as his career? Ian says yes, it would be fun. Dan starts mimicking what Ian would do as part of his job and FoTH.

We come back 30 seconds later to Dan asking if that would be on the live feeds or would they cut it? Ian says they cut it.

7:25PM BBT - Dan gets tired of the toy, walks away from the table saying he just wants to blow something up. Dani takes over the instructions. Dani asks Ian why men don't like to read instructions. Ian says they are men, they don't like being told what to do. Dani comments, "So men just think they are know it alls." Ian says basically.

Dan says they should play baseball in the house.

7:28PM BBT - Dani tells Ian she would've taken POV from whomever had it during the Candy Counter POV comp. She would've considered not taking it from Ian, but that would've revealed their alliance.

Dan goes back to Solitaire; Dani continuing to put together the toy. Ian rocking, reminising about the comp. He asked Dan if he would've let Jenn keep the trip to take the dog costume. Dan says probably not.

Ian is glad they got the volcano (the toy) out tonight because they have nothing else to do. Dani asks Ian to go find out what time it is. Dan asking Dani for advice with his card game. Dan tells Dani she is putting the volcano together way faster than he could have. Ian comes back and tells them it's 7:33 and sets the clock on the microwave.

7:37PM BBT - Dan gets stuck on his card game, so Dani tries to help him. Dan's pizza is ready, and Ian is trying to set the clock on the stove with no success. Dan tries to help, also with no success. Dan asks if they know the best way to fix the flashing "12" on a VCR: put a piece of tape over it. Dani offers her assistance with Dan's card game. Dan asks for a hint.

Dan asks what they want to do for dinner. (Apparently the pizza is just an appetizer) Dani says "Ohmigosh, I just won you the game."

7:40 PM BBT - Dan asks who wants to pull an all nighter with him tonight. Ian says "Fuck no". Dan says he is going to hit them over the head with pillows all night. Dani says "Don't you dare". Ian says he can't imagine what it would be like with just two people in the house, like Dan was with Memphis. But they had the BY, Ian points out. (Does this mean no more BY for them? -- BBLuver)

Dan is continuously uttering the phrase "That's what she said" after random comments Ian and Dani are making.

Dan offers Dani a piece of pizza. Dani refuses, saying she gained weight while in the BB house. She ate nothing but grilled cheese and fattening food while in sequester.

Dani is going over dinner options. Cereal, because it's easy. Dan reminds her they just got re-stocked. She is tired. Ian is too, but it's only 7:30pm. Dan offers to cook for Dani, but she declines. He points out that there is nothing else to do. Dani is grouchy because they've been locked down since Monday. Ian agrees, he can't deal with it. Dan asks if they want to do anything for BBAD. Ian says there is only 3 of them, what can they do?

Ian says this is where the boredom sorta sets in. "Sorta?" Dani groans. Dan says they can always find things to do. Dan wants to play guess the card. He randomly starts guessing cards as Dani turns them over. He hasn't gotten one right yet. Ian working on the volcano now. Dani looks totally exhausted and bored.

7:48PM BBT - Dan gets one right gets one right and goes "Yes! I'm done." Dan tells Dani and Ian he is going to pull an all nighter. Dani says she could pass out for the night right now.

Dan looks at Dani's pic on the memory wall and tells her she looks nothing like her picture. Ian says he doesn't either. Dan asks if they'd rather look good in pictures or in real life. Real life, both Ian and Dani say in unison. Dani asks if she looks better in person or in pictures. Dan says in person. Dan comments about how much weight Joe lost.

Ian on the LR couch; the lights are still dim in there.

7:57PM BBT - The volcano is put together; Dan and Ian thank Dani.

8:01PM BBT - Ian starts talking about history and this LFU completely gets lost.

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From this morning. Sorry it didn't get posted.

8:25am BBT - BB had warned the HG of an early wakeup call and Dan and Dani are already awake, Ian still in bed. Dan and Dani in WA. Ian now up, coming out of the SBR and joining the others in the WA. He crosses paths with Dan in the KT and asks, are they tearing down or putting up, I can't tell and we get FotH.

8:30am BBT - Dani doing makeup in the WA couch mirror. Dan in the KT, takes empty milk bottles to the SR. Ian now in shower. Dan grabs a griddle, OJ and ice. Sounds like breakfast to me!

8:35am BBT - Ian has his head lathered up in shampoo. Dani still sitting on the WA couch. Dan still mucking about in the KT, putting stuff away and cleaning up a bit. The left over pizza is toast. Dan loads the trash bag, ties it off and takes it to the SR.

8:40am BBT - Dan now rinsing out glasses, refilling the ice tray and putting it in the freezer. Ian still in the shower, Dani still putting her face together.

8:50am BBT - Ian out of the shower. FotH. Not sure of the connection.

8:55am BBT - Feeds back. Ian in the SR, Dan done in the KT, heads to the MBR to change shirts. He sniffs to find a good one. Ian back to SBR, says it would be nice if they gave them a washer/dryer. Dan tells him to use a spray to make the clothes smell better. Ian is back in his dress shirt and khaki's. Possibly BB wants to record some DR sessions to look like it was last night. Dani now dressed in jeans and her one-shoulder blue top. FotH again.

9:00am BBT - Looks like BB has called an HoH LD as all three are headed upstairs. As we left it, Ian says. FotH.

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