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9/14 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Try to be more consistent with what we name things. For example, here are some abbreviations I would like to settle on using:

Have Not Room (HNR)

Sneaker Bed Room (SBR)

Music Bed Room (MBR)

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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8:36PM BBT: Feeds are back! Danielle Dan and Ian are sitting on a giant line and fishhook with black gloves on. There is pouring rain on them, and they get dunked in a pool of water underneath them for periods of time. Then they get slammed into a padded wall.

8:40PM BBT: The line and hook that the HG’s are sitting on speeds up before hitting the padded wall, and judging by the looks on their faces, it hurts.

8:44PM BBT: There is barely any words being spoken, just comments about the competition. They get dunked again, and Ian swallowed some water, and almost fell off of his line and hook.

8:48PM BBT: Ian has fallen off! As they were being lifted from being dipped into the water, Ian was leaning back too far and fell off. Dan grins at Danielle.

8:52PM BBT: It starts raining on Dan and Danielle again. They look pretty wet and miserable up there..

8:56PM BBT: Dan looks like he’s starting to struggle a bit; his arms are shaking. Ian is now sitting on a towel to the side. Dan asks Danielle if she’d rather go for a ride or for a swim. She’d rather go for a ride. Danielle is wiggling around on her line and hook trying to get comfortable. Dan mouths something to Danielle, but the microphone didn’t pick anything up. [And I can’t read lips]

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9:22pm BBT: Dan is still trying to convince Danielle to drop. At first it sounded like she said she would "drop soon" and she said was asking Dan to swear on Chelsea. Dan says something about "my duty as a coach." Danielle just said "I'm not falling." So, it sounded like he almost had her convinced but now not so sure.

Danielle is down! Dan wins!!!

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9:16 POM BBT The dunking, swinging and slamming continue. Both sitting very calmly on their hooks.

Dan asks Ian for something but difficult to hear. Dan/Dani talking but mics not picking it up. Ian in the WCA saying "Hook Line Sinker".

9:20 PM BBT Dani tells Dan he is driving her crazy. Dan just smiles at her. Dani tels Dan he is an easy win. She can't beat Ian. Dan is swearing on Chelsea that he will take her.

Dani tells him she will drop. She says if he screws her over she will castrate slowly him with a butter knife. Dan tells her when they go to F2 and she wins - he will be able to say he coached someone to a million dollars.

Dan:It's not about friends, it's about duty as a coach. He isn't my player. Ian inside the house getting cleaned up from the comp.

Dani says she will go down when they dunk them again - she doesn't want to fall. It starts to rain again.

9:24 PM They are perched over the water and in they go! Dani crawls off her hook and Dan stays on. Dan wins Part 1 of the HOH!

BB lowers Dan to the ground. He hugs Dani. Dani tells him "good job" and he returns the sentiment. Dani then appears to hit him a few times. Ian comes out and asks what happened. Can't hear what Dani says. Ian tells Dani good effort.

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9:31 PM BBT Dani into the shower and Dan wraps a towel around him until his turn.

9:33 PM BBT Dan is shivering in WCA - Dani says she is almost done

9:38 PM BBT Ian rocking at the KT table. Mumbling but can not make it out. He says he did not expect to see that. Dan is showering.

9:44 PM BBT Ian talking about "The Mist" Continues to rock in the KT.

9:47 PM BBT Dan still in the shower. Ian making noises in the kitchen and chokes on a swig of beer. Says "It's so bad and yet so good".

9:52 PM BBT Ian goes into the WC and asks Dan how far he got with Dani - Dan says something to him about the mist. Ian walks out. Dani going through bathroom stuff looking for Shane's things.

9:57 PM BBT Ian preps his pizza. Appears to burn himself on the oven. Dan still in the shower. Ian begins to pace the KT and dining areas while drinking a beer.

Ian finishes his beer and coughs - say it's no the night for that and that he will request Bud Light from now on.

10:00 PM BBT Ian says it's been a crappy night. He continues to pace the KT while Dan uses up all of the water in the house for his shower.

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10:06PM BBT: Dan is in the washroom taking a shower. Ian and Danielle are in the kitchen. Ian tells Danielle "That's the last time we'll ever see the HoH room.." and then Ian gets called to the DR.

10:10PM BBT: Danielle has made her way into the arcade room and is laying down there crying. Dan has gotten out of the shower. Ian comes into the WA and holds up one of the ducks and quacks. Ian says the others from the season will probably be stored away as memorabilia.

10:13PM BBT: Dan stands in the door of the arcade room, and looking in on Danielle, and continues on to the washroom to get dressed. Dan and Ian are now in the kitchen. Dan asks Ian what he thought of the endurance comp tonight. He said it was a good combination of things. Dan asking him about previous HoH part 1 endurance comps.

10:20PM BBT: Danielle is still by herself in the arcade room. Ian and Dan are in the kitchen talking about what Ian remembers what the front of the house looked like. Dan asks if Danielle put a timer on the oven (they're making pizzas), and Ian says he's just keeping an eye on it. Dan asks about a marking on the box (something to do with boiling point and pressure), and Ian is explaining the chemistry behind it.

10:22PM BBT: Dan has made his way into the arcade room. He asks Danielle if she feels ok, and she says yeah. He asks her if she's still mad at him, and she just glares at him and doesn't reply. Dan asks how her hands are, and she says they're okay. Dan says he'll leave her alone, and leaves the room.

10:25PM BBT: Looks like the pizzas are done, and Ian takes them out of the oven, and puts them onto some plates. Dan tells Ian to watch when he eats cereal, because there were ants in the boxes and Ian curses. Ian is now cutting the pizzas, while Dan is cleaning up a bit.

10:30PM BBT: Dan gets called to the DR. Ian comes into the arcade to tell Dani that the pizzas are done, and he gives her a hug. It sounded as though he said "You gave it a good try", but the microphone was muffled by the hug. Danielle grabs a few slices of pizza, and Ian goes into the SR for some pop before settling down with his plate. Danielle asks Ian if they're going to make them sit down at the table and reminisce about the season in the BB house, and Ian thinks so.

10:41PM BBT: Danielle says she cant stop crying. She says it's not that he's gone, but it was how he left. She loves Ian and it was nothing against him. Danielle says that she hasn't lied to anyone in the game except Frank. Danielle is worried that Shane will hate her, but Ian says he won't hate her and that their faces showed their surprise. Danielle is using paper towel as tissues, and Ian offers to get her real tissues, but she says no. Danielle apologizes for crying, but Ian says don't worry about it, it's a normal human emotion.

10:44PM BBT: Ian hopes they'll get the BY back for recreational purposes. He cannot deal with this huge lockdown.

10:46PM BBT: Danielle heads to the SBR and starts crying again. She lays down and pulls the covers over her head and starts sobbing. Danielle: "Shane, I'm so sorry. I promised you wouldn't go, If I had've known he would do that, I wouldn't have put you up."

10:54PM BBT: Dan is still in the DR, Ian is in the kitchen rocking on his chair, and Danielle is still under the sheets in the SBR.

10:58PM BBT:Ian has wandered into the arcade room and started fiddling with the ball machine. Danielle's head has emerged from under the sheets. Ian is now back out in the kitchen talking to himself and looking at the memory wall.

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11:25pm BBT: Ian tells Dan he could've stayed up on that thing forever. Explains how he tried to make it look like he fell but he did it on purpose. Dan walks out of KT and Ian walks into bathroom, does a little dance. He is muttering under his breath (as usual) so it's hard to hear but I made out the word 'scumbag.'

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11:03 pm BBT Ian is rocking at the KT, Dan is in the DR, Dani is beside herself over Shane in bed.

11:12 pm BBT Dani is now in the WA she sat and cried for a second now she is washing her face. Ian is reading his Hoh letters while he rocks

11:19 PM BBT Dan exits the DR and Dani gets called in. She says she doesn't want to go not right now as she is still upset. Ian gets called to the SR

11:27 pm BBT Ian says he could have hung up there forever and he was planning on letting his foot touch the ground on accident and get DQed but he managed to snag his foot on some seaweed. Dan says it was unbelievable. Dan Tells him good job.

11:39 pm BBT Dani is out of DR Ian asks if she is ok. She asks if he has seen Dan. They look around for him for a bit and as if by magic he is in the kitchen.

11:45 pm BBT Dan and Dani are talking in the WA. Dan tells her that Ian asked how he got Dani to drop. Dan says he told Ian he would answer later. Dan is plannung on telling him that Dani made him swear he wasn't working with Ian. Dani asks for a reason why he kept Ian. Dan says cause if Ian wins he will take Dani and she will win. Shane would beat Dani in the F2 whereas Ian wont. Dani says Ian wont take her. Dan says he is 90 percent sure he is.

11:54 pm BBT Dani is letting Dan have it. She thinks the move he made was more beneficial for him then her (duh) and that she feels like she is playing for third. She is playing for Janis spot she says. Dani is repeating how mad she is. Dani says he better not be in the DR laugning about getting both of them to drop. Dan says does he ever talk like that? Dan says they are almost there. He tells her what the second part of hoh usually is.

11:59 pm BBT Dan tells Dani to tell Ian that she hates Dan for what he did with Shane and that shes not taking Dan to the final 2 and no matter what she is taking Ian. Dan says that Ian may throw part 2 to her so he can stay clean of it thinking both Dan and Dani are taking Ian

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12:16 am BBT As Dan said for her to do, Dani talks to Ian about how she doesn't trust Dan at all and she hates him and Ian agrees and says this is what Brit said about him before she left. Dani tells Ian that she has never lied to him and will take him to the final 2. Dani says if she gets to the third round she will murder Dan because almost all the jury said whether or not they would answer personally or strategically to her. She says she can't wait to tell Dan that the player learned from the coach and say buh bye.

12:23 am BBT Dan has gone to lie down and read his bible, Dani tells Ian she wants him gone so bad. She says she wants his head on a platter and to serve it to Shane. Ian recaps Dans speech and says that he took advice from Ian and Joe? are you kidding me:? (wonder if he thinks Dani doesn't realize that Ian is faking his anger at Dan because if not for Dan Ian wouldnt be here)

12:31 am BBT Dani keeps bringing up getting to the third part of hoh and knowing how the jury will answer. She wants to see if Ian will bring up throwing it to her. He hasn't so far but every time she brings up knowing how the jury will answer he thinks awfully hard.

12:48 am BBT Dani goes into SBR and tells Dan everything she just told Ian and she sais he didn't say anything about giving it to her. Dan askes if she told him the deal. She says no that she would tell him later. Ian interrupts.

12:50 am BBT The lights are now out and all HGs are in bed.

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11:36am feeds are back dan walkin in wa then back to kt saying i am stuffed. ian says that was pretty good wasnt it? dan says the food? ian says yeah. dan says was a good exsperiance huh what did you think of it. ian says it was good.

11:37am ian and dan are cleaning up the breakfast mess. ian says all this stuff has to go to the sr. dan says i am not saving all this desert we will nevre eat all of this.

11:41am dan carries plates to the sr and says thanks for brunch bb it was very good. ian says yeah it was.

11:45am dani is laying in the lvr on the couch not talking to anyone. dan and ian still cleaning the kt dan says well we have orange juice now.

11:48am dani tells dan that ian is really starting to irratate me and if he wins this i will not die happy. dan laughs and says do you want to play rummy later? dani says yeah so i can beat your ass.

11:58am dan and ian talking about when they leave the house. dan says it will take a month to decompress. and when you walk in a room in your house it is so dark its like the lights here are so bright when you get home it is dark its like the lights arent even on .

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11:44am BBT:

Dani is out of DR. Ian called in. Dani is acting very annoyed with Dan; mentions how he (Ian) is really starting to annoy her. She doesn’t want Ian to win; Dan tells her he knew she didn’t mean what she said earlier (maybe that she wanted Ian to win bb). When Dani begins to talk about her annoyance with Dan, he changes the subject.

Now Ian is in living room with Dani. Quiet and facing away from one another. Breakfast brunch is all cleaned up. Dan joins the two. Chat about how early they got the wake up music.

(time check 11:51am)

Ian mentions how he can’t believe that show was as live ( Brunch?). Dan talks about how he told Chelsie he’d need 30 days to get back to normal. They all throw in various things that are going to be back in their lives when they’re out. 90 days of news etc…

Dani called back to DR. Dan asks Ian if he won would he take a year off college. Ian would think about it. Follow up question: what about $50,000? Student loans.


The guys have eyes closed. Dani appears deep in thought. All in living room.

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12:23 BBT Danielle Please come to the Diary Room ... Dan is asking Dani to Request if 2 People can do a DR ( Dan and Dani I Presume -LoneTWol)

We Have WBRB ... Ian and Dan still Napping on the LR Couches when last seen

12:30 BBT Feeds are back and Dan and Ian still on the LR Couches snoozing

12:51 BBT Dani out of DR and Taps Ian to go to the DR Now

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12:01pm dani called to dr . ian and dan laying in lvr. dan asked ian if he will go back to school he says i dont know if i win the 500 i dont know . dan says your mom would want you to go back. ian says yeah she would. dan says and if you win the 50? ian says he will pay off loans.

12:04pm : all hg laying in lvr now . dan and ian look like they are going to sleep dani is playing with her mic.

12:20pm all is quiet in the bb lvr . looks like all 3 hg are sleeping.

12:36pm ian and dan are sleeping in the lvr. dani was called to the dr.

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12:53pm dani now out of dr and ian is called to dr. dani is now in the kt. she is now in sbr getting clothes to chage into.

12:55pm ian is now out of dr. dan called to dr now. he asked ian what is going on and ian says brunch commentary. dan says oh . ian is now changing clothes ian now heads to the wc.

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1:00PM BBT-2:00PM BBT

  • 1:04- Dani is in the SBR w her BBbag packing random things. Sh e decides to quit packin & goes back to bed. She is reading letters from home. Dan is out of DR. Ian is in the WA.
  • 1:10-Dan is reading his HOH letter from his wife out loud to Dani. Dani then starts reading her HOH letters out loud. Ian comes in & Dan tells him they are reading their HOH letters for the live feed viewers. Ian says that sounds fun & he is going to join them for a nap.
  • 1:21- All remaining three HGs are in the SBR taking naps. Dani & Ian keep tossing around a little, while Dan seems to be sleeping soundly.
  • 1:45-Dan is in the AR. He is going over jury votes & who would vote for him & how he will convince others to vote for him. He gives credit to Joe for being the only one to know what he was doing after the funeral.
  • 1:53- In the AR, Dan knows he cant convice Ian to throw the 2ND part of HOH to Dani, but thinks Dani might be able to get him to throw it to her. Ian & Dani are asleep in the SBR.
  • 1:58-Dan says that he needs to just get this game over with. He has come to far to not end up in the final 2 & Win. Dan sends out his e-mail for those that want to send hate mail. He apoligizes to his wife & family if he hurt their feelings. He says that he had to play a ruthless game this time & please dont send out threats to his wife.

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2:04 PM BBT Ian and Dani snoozing in the SBR and Dan in thought in the arcade room.

2:11 PM BBT Dan asks America (via the feeds) to please vote for Ian for America's Favorite. He asks us twice to vote for Ian.

Dan doing some call outs to tweets etc. In the SBR - just dreams of winning Part 2 of HOH.

2:24 PM BBT Dan just talking about what he did before he came into the house. He mentions some family and friends.

Dan saying a lot has gone right in his life. About his best friend and his great girlfriend. Talking about other friends and how wonderful they are. Smiling and reminiscing.

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2:27 PM BBT Dan does a call out to St. Mary's - students and teachers - hopes he didn't let any of them down. Ian is up and in the WC.

2:33 PM BBT Ian joins Dan in the arcade room. Ian:This is nuts. Dan asks Ian if he had a good nap. Ian says he had a terrible night of sleep. Ian says he felt he was the wall last night between Dani and Dan. Dan tells Ian Dani has to understand it's a game. Ian asks Dan if he is still taking him to F2. Dan says yes. Dan says that she will get to see him in 6 days. Ian says he isn't going to throw the comp to Dani. Dan says he isn't asking him to. Dan says the F3 should be celebrating.

Ian tells Dan he was jealous that Dan could fall asleep last night so easily. Ian says his heart was racing. Ian tells Dan that Dani wants Dan's head on a platter. Ian says if he is against Dani - he will lose. Now talking about the number of comps they each would have won. Ian says Jenn will vote against him just because he has a penis.

2:40 PM BBT Dan asks Ian if Ian won round 3 - would he (Dan) have Dani's vote. Ian shakes his head no. Dan says if he votes her out there is no way to get her vote. Ian says that if he got down to3rd HOH and he threw it to Dan - he would win 7-0 because he (Ian) didn't have to send Dani out. He explains that is how Richard Hatch won Survivor.

2:44 PM BBT Ian finishes with Dan and heads out to read some sort of HOH books he says. Dan cleans up some Poptart crumbs and lays back down. Ian fixing his stuffed animals and tucks them under a blanket. Dani still asleep.

Ian is cleaning the KT table with some cleaner. The towel looks filthy. Ian complaining about the ants again.

Ian is finished cleaning and gets his HOH letter to sit down at the table with. He is mumbling a bit. He doesn't sit down but instead is looking at the memory wall and pacing. He finally sits to read his letter.

2:56 PM BBT Ian rocking at the KT table. Reading his HOH letter and sometimes looking at the memory wall.

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