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Monday, July 2 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates

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1:39pm BBT Steve, Fez, Swag and Kaitlyn are speculating the numbers for the votes on Thursday.  They think it'll be 10-3.   Swag says, "it could be 7-6 though."

1:50pm BBT Winston tells Brett he hopes BB keeps a tally mark of how many shoulder rubs and hugs Brett gets.  Winston says all of that stopped for him on day 1.  Winston tells Brett all of the girls are all about Brett. 

1:56 pm BBT Brett:  "whoa.  you know what I just realized?  There's a 9 year age gap between Rachel and Haleigh."  Winston:  "Wow.  That's nuts."  One of them says, "I guess maturity doesn't come with a number."  they laugh.


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2:00pm-3:00pm BBT: Tyler gets the snap chat glasses and moves around the house and in the BY as Chris tries  to rap to Snap Chat. faysal tells Angela there is a plan for thursday if there is a double eviction. Faysal then gets a Hamazon package and it is a roll of veagan Ham that he has to cook for awhile then put glaze on it.Kaitlyn helps him get it in the oven. This Hamazon can be shared with other HG. Most Hg are outside in the pool or working out in the BY.


3:00pm-4:00pm BBT:Steve and Tyler talk about Ty;er being a Lifeguard at the beach and if he can get in the water while he is on duty and Tyler tells him yes as long as he does not run to the water and walks calmly. JC wakes up and they tell him he missed the snap chat glasses So Jc talks to CBS and says hello. other Hg are just sitting around talking general talk.

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2:00pm BBT Lunch/munch time in the BB house. Tyler, Haleigh, Rockstar, Kaysee, JC, at the kitchen counter. JC hates honey ham, loves guacamole. Kaysee is trying to decide whether or not to shower. Perhaps the others are enjoying her pheromones, she notes. Rockstar says they have salmon, they will make that tonight, healthy omega 3’s. They need to order some sweet potatoes, chicken. They want JC to ask for it because BB listens to him.


2:07pm BBT JC says, so we are in like a (sounds like he’s saying yatus) he asks Tyler. Tyler says, a what? Yatus. A what again Tyler asks? You know… you know what a yatus mean?  You know, like nothing is going on for like 3 days, a yatus. Is that Spanish, Tyler asks? No, it’s English actually, yatus. It’s just advanced words, JC says., forgot you’re a little boy. Tyler says that not a word. JC insists it is. Go ask, that is your homework. It’s a synonym.

[After some thought, I believe he's trying to say Hiatus. But he's making the "h" sound a "j".]

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Kaitlyn catches Fessie and Haleigh playing footsie under the blankie!

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4:30 p.m. bbt Rockstar marries Sambot to JC. She asks if any man, woman, or appliance in the building has any objections. JC sits down on the robots feet and rides it around as part of their honeymoon. Kaycee and Bayleigh who are in the kitchen are laughing and cheering. They inform Winston and Brett who come in a few minutes later. They think it's funny as well. 

4:42 p.m bbt  JC tells Tyler that Fessy broke Kaitlyn's 80 dollar bracelet and so she's pissed and they can probably pull her in as a number. JC says things have been going very well for them and they can't complain. JC says we just need the vote to go our way and one of Brett/Rachel/Winston/Angela to win hoh or Kaycee too.


 4:45 p.m BBT Tyler says he finds Rockstar to be annoying and he can't deal with her fake stories. He says everything she says is nothing but lies.


4:46 p.m bbt JC and Tyler talk about how late the other side stay up. They said Fessy was up by himself at 4 a.m. this morning. JC says Swaggy was up late too. JC says Rockstar is all over Swaggy's pants. He says no one on that side will win hoh, they're all weak.


4:47 p.m. BBT JC says the bros are strong and they didn't let being on slop affect them. JC and Tyler talk about how stupid the other side is for trying to get Winston and Angela backdoored.


4:49 p.m. BBT Tyler tries to hint to JC that Brett probably doesn't have the power. JC says why would Brett lie about having the power?


4:52 p.m BBT JC is worried that if the vote flips, he's going to get the blame. Tyler says no on the other side will ever know for sure, though, so not worry about it.


4:52 p.m BBT JC says once Swaggy gets evicted next week, the only competitors on the other side are Fessy and Scottie. Tyler says he'll beat Fessy in anything.


4:55 p.m. BBT JC says once they get Swaggy out, they need to target Fessy or even Scottie. He says that way Swaggy won't be able to win a battle back.


4:56 p.m. Brett joins them. JC tells him not to come in because he's interrupting a gay moment between them. JC tells Brett everyone is so low energy right now. He says right now would be perfect for a competition to happen. Tyler says he's going to jump in and play for hoh even though he's not eligible. He doesn't want to go back downstairs to the other side.


4:58 p.m. Brett says he's not worried about the hoh. JC says he better, because the other side is gunning for their side hard and if they lose even one of their side, they're screwed. Brett asks who is gunning for us? JC says well no one is gunning for me yet, but they are gunning for people I like


4:59 p.m. JC says he doesn't understand why Rachel/Winston/Brett/Angela are such big targets. He likes them and doesn't want them to leave. He says he doesn't get why the other side hate Angela so much. She lost every competition she was in like most of them did.


5:01 p.m. BBT Brett says he hasn't had his energy dwindle since being on slop. He says he knows he irritates some other people on the other side with his opinions, so he just shuts the eff up. He says he wants to join in on conversations, but if he really went off like he wanted to, he'd be an enemy.


5:02 p.m. BBT JC says he gets sad a lot in the house, but he sucks it up and goes and laughs at other people's jokes even the other side, so they don't get pissy.


5:04 p.m. BBT Brett asks Tyler how he feels about never getting alone time in his room. Tyler says it's annoying, because there are always at least 9 people in his room in his bed or using the bathroom when he wants to be alone.


5:05 p.m BBT Brett says he got confirmation from the DR that the have nots will be off slop tomorrow. Tyler, JC, and Brett start running the days.


5:06 p.m. BBT Brett says he's about to go eat some slop. Brett asks if anything good has happened that he doesn't know about. JC says that Swaggy's side have meetings at 4 a.m. He says they are sketchy. He says we need to be way more on the dl and just fight for the hoh on Thursday.


5:07 p.m. Brett says he's surprised that Rockstar hasn't gotten in a fight yet. She's super annoying and people don't like her. He says she's delusional af and he's ready to rip her apart and take it personal, because she deserves it. He says one of the girls will do it for him.


5:08 p.m JC says Rockstar is annoying af and never stops talking. Brett says he thinks Rachel or Angela will go off on Rockstar. He says it would be probably be more Angela than Rachel, but Angela let things build up.


5:15 p.m. BBT Tyler tells Brett he can't blow up this early in the season. JC says the other side call Brett a model beefcake. Brett says I take that as a compliment


5:16 p.m. BBT Brett says Steve's acting is terrible. JC told him that Steve said the conversation he had with Brett was shallow. He said that he's taken shits deeper than that conversation. Brett said yeah, because he doesn't talk to Steve. He just lets Steve talk to him.


5:18 p.m. BBT Tyler says, yeah because you don't want to talk to his dumb ass. Brett says it's more like who cares what he says he won't be here next week. He then says we're good on those votes for Sam, right? JC assures him.


5:19 p.m. Brett says that Bayleigh and Swaggy C are a full blown relationship and they are boyfriend and girlfriend. He says we need to acknowledge it, so it's not awkward.


5:19 p.m. Brett says the only reason people are on Swaggy's side are because they are enthralled by a college athlete. He says he's not really that athletic or impressive.


5:20 p.m. JC says that the other side are ridiculously stupid. He says they have terrible social and athletic games and they are sheep on the wrong side. He says that Swaggy thinks he runs the house. Brett says who cares, he's Devin. He'll implode


5:21 p.m. BBT Tyler says we just need a Zach from bb16 to come in the house and call's Swaggy's pathetic ass out.


5:22 p.m. BBT JC says the only reason the other side hasn't rebelled against him is because he could win hoh next week. Brett says, no that would be just stupid for them to turn this early. They said that Swaggy is stupid for thinking he has a good social game. Brett says he won't even look him in the eyes, because he wants nothing to do with him. He knows nothing about Swaggy and he doesn't care.


5:23 p.m. Brett says he's never had a conversation with Swaggy. Tyler says Swaggy thinks he's good with him and he's happy about it, so that he won't be a target, but he can stab him in the back and evict him next.


5:24 p.m. bbt Kaitlyn in the hot tub with Rachel. They are talking about Rachel's life and post show she'll have a job and house to go to


5:26 p.m. Kaitlyn asks Rachel what her favorite show to see in Vegas. She says "Baz", it's a mashup of all Baz Luhrmann musicals.


5:28 p.m. BBT JC joins the pink room. Haleigh, Bayleigh, Rockstar, Fessy, and Swaggy are talking about how gross the vegan ham is that Fessy has to eat. Fessy asks JC for support and eating his ham.


 5:29 p.m. BBT JC says he's not eating the vegan ham. He'll watch him eat it, but no way he's putting it in his mouth.


 5:29 p.m. BBT Swaggy says this game is just a shadow of himself and he's worried she won't like him when he gets out of the house. Bayleigh says he should be whoever he wants to be and she'll keep him in check when he needs it.


5:31 p.m. JC asks Bayleigh if she wants to GTL. She says she doesn't know what that means. JC can't believe she's never watched Jersey Shore before. He says it's Gym, tan, laundry.


5:32 p.m. BBT Haleigh grabs a piece of the vegan ham and says the sauce makes it edible, but without the sauce she would never eat it. Rockstar said she could only do one piece and it's disgusting.


5:38 p.m BBT Winston is in the hammock and Rachel goes to talk to him. She says she's too dark and needs to stop being in the sun.


5:39 p.m. Rachel says last year she was working at the Palms as a cocktail waitress. She says she got tanned doing that, but she hated that job and quit


5:40 p.m. Rachel says she was loved by management at her job and they thought she knew everything, but she only had one prior job training. She says she was really bad at the job


5:40 p.m. BBT Rachel says she was so bad she would tell people it was her first day even months into the job. She says she had some really interesting patrons in Vegas. People who don't tip


5:41 p.m. Winston said his summer job used to be fueling up boats. Brett comes out with his bowl of slop. Rachel tells them they finally put the jets on in the hot tub. Winston said he's so relaxed he's about to fall asleep in the hammock


5:42 p.m. BBT Rachel asked what they're doing inside. Brett said they're all helping Fessy eat his spam. Brett said all the hgs are eating a bite and throwing the rest away. They laugh about his own side penalizing him for cheating.


5:43 p.m. BBT Rachel and Angela are annoyed by Steve. They said he's a nice guy but he can't relax in silence. Rachel just wants to be relaxed. She says she thinks Steve is fake and doesn't really get the vibe that he actually has a daughter and he's just using it for game


5:46 p.m. bbt Brett says that Steve is on the block and knows he's going home on Thursday, so he has the right to feel worried and be paraonid. Brett says Steve recognizes that cameras are there and is putting on a show


5:47 p.m. BBT Rachel admits that she puts on a show for the camera. They tell her that hers is just her acting like a diva and Steve is doing it during personal conversations and is making it look weird


5:47 p.m. bbt Rachel asks how Brett and Winston are feeling. They said they feel great. She says they need to stretch a lot today and tomorrow and to keep hydrated since the hoh will probably be endurance.


5:48 p.m. BBT Winston and Brett tell her they'll be ready for the competition. Rachel asked if Winston is going to beastmode it on Thursday. He said he'll pull his dong out and put it on people's head.


5:49 p.m. bbt Rachel asked Brett if he'd be her 4th of July kiss. He says that's not a real thing. She laughs and says she just made it a thing. He says, ummm okay. She laughs again and says, I'm sorry if i made it awkward. Brett tells her that she does have a talent for that.


5:51 p.m. BBT Rachel says sorry, I caught feelings for Brett, he wasn't reciprocating, so she turned into an awkward seagull. She learned she had to back off and now they're just bros. Brett tells her she's a freak.


 5:51 p.m. BBT Brett leaves. Winston tells Rachel that she's infatuated with Brett and it's fine and she can act like it's nothing. She denies it. She says, "honey, bless your heart, because you can admit it. He does reciprocate it. He's just afraid to show it." Winston rolls his eyes and says because I wouldn't know anything. He says it's adorable and he's for it.


5:53 p.m. BBT Winston tells Rachel that Brachel will eventually happen and just to calm down. He said Kelly Kapowski and Zach Morriss from Saved By The Bell got together in the end. Winston says she needs to stop playing around and just admit her love for Brett. Winston says he doesn't believe her when she jokes around about her feelings.


5:54 p.m. BBT Winston asks Rachel why she's getting so awkward and weird. He says he's all for Rachett. She says to just drop it.


5:56 p.m. BBT Rachel tells Winston she's worried about JC thinking Angela has the power. She says she thinks he's secretly working with the other side and just blaming Haleigh for things he's said. Brett comes out and Winston tells her to go join her Zach Morris in the hot tub.


5:57 p.m. Brett asks Rachel if she knows the steaks are still in the freezer for their first dinner after have nots. Rachel says she's not sure


5:58 p.m. bbt Steve comes outside and asks Rachel if she's in there with Brad and Chad. Rachel says just Brad. Steve joins them at the hot tub


6:04 p.m. BBT Steve tells Rachel that he's never had a game talk with her because he just likes interacting with her as a person. He says he would appreciate her vote on Thursday if she'd like to keep him around another week. She thanks him for coming to her.


5:06 p.m. bbt Sambot has been wheeled into the pink room. JC has dressed her up as a minion with Rockstar's yellow towel and yellow pillows. They talk about how they want to go to each other's home towns when they get out and just visit with each other.


6:07 p.m. bbt Kaitlyn says she wants to take a real, naked bath in the hoh room without a bathing suit, but there is no way she's doing that. Rockstar says it's so weird to wear a bikini or bathing suit in a bathtub. Out of nowhere, Swaggy says he doesn't poop every day. They can't believe it. They ask Fessy about it. He says, I poop 5 times a day


6:09 p.m. bbt Haleigh and Rockstar are trying to find something new and fun to do. Haleigh wants to name the fish. Scottie comes in. Bayleigh says Scottie is going to marry a supermodel named Svetlana from the Ukraine. Scottie says, yeah I don't care what her real name is, she's renaming herself Svetlana.


6:10 p.m. BBT Rockstar tells Scottie that Svetlana speaks very little English but is loyal and very into Scottie. He asks her for more information about her. Rockstar says that the rest of the info is up to him to find out.


 6:11 p.m. bbt They start talking about favorite movies and plots. Rockstar says her favorite movie is 5th Element with Brad Pitt. Scottie is impressed. Sam tells the her favorite movie is Law Abiding Citizen. Fessie loves that movie too. Fessy and Sam explain the plot. Rockstar explains the 5th Element movie


6:14 p.m. bbt Kaitlyn and Tyler hang out on the hammock in the by. Tyler asks her how her day is. She says she's good. She asks Tyler if he thinks he's gonna win the entire game. He says what do you think? She says she thinks he will win. She asks him what he'd do with the money. He says he'd start a company to help save the ocean.


6:19 p.m. BBT Kaitlyn says now she's going to have a Zach from bb16 style dr where she's gonna yell about never winning since Tyler would use the money on an ocean charity. Tyler says don't worry, I'd waste some of it on a porshce too.


6:17 p.m. bbt Angela and JC are playing pool. JC says after he saw the 4:30 a.m. meeting of the other side, he says he was sold to join Angela's side.


6:18 p.m. bbt Angela says that side will just dig their own grave and she'll let them. JC said the little girlfriend thing with Swaggy even more makes him hate his side even more


6:19 p.m. bbt Angela tells JC that Swaggy went up to Winston and told him he's on to the Angela/Winston showmance. She said that's funny.


6:19 p.m. bbt Steve said he's so bored he's going to start making his own competitions and games to pass the time


6:25 p.m. bbt JC says that Rachel will trend next week and she'll get the power. JC says there's no reason for people to not like Angela. Angela says if she gets the power, the house will change and she'll laugh at the other side


6:26 p.m. bbt Scottie, Haleigh, Rockstar, Swaggy, and Fessy are hanging out in the pink room. Rockstar said she told CBS her motto was, "Live your life to the fullest because we all die". She said it was super morbid.


6:29 p.m. BBT Haleigh says her motto was "eff this bullshit". Fessy and Rockstar star laughing at her.


6:30 p.m. bbt Rockstar says she told CBS it was like winning the lottery. Swaggy says he agrees. Angie says it's a 16 person lottery, but even being there is winning.


 6:31 p.m. bbt Fessy gets up and starts unbuttoning his shirt. Rockstar asks if he's undressing for the cams to get trending. Fessy says, "Yeah, America! Am I trending now?" Rockstar says there's no way he's not after winning veto and the stupid hamazon punishment.


6:32 p.m. bbt Rockstar says she blessed her side. She gave Haleigh intuition. She said she gave Fessy luck and money. Rockstar said she gave Chris a luck and money one too.


6:32 p.m. bbt Swaggy says he wonders if any big brother vets like them. Scott says no one from bb19 likes them because they shit talk them in the house. Haleigh says no one cares about me. Rockstar says Derrick can come arrest her after the game.


 6:33 p.m. BBT Rachel is screaming in the background. Scott asks if that was Rachel. Angie says like you even have to ask who that was. Fessy and Haleigh start rapping about being in the house too long with bitches. Swaggy says she needs to name the bitches. Haleigh jokingly says Swaggy and Fessy.


6:35 p.m. bbt Haleigh says she wants to go see what the other side is up to in the other room. Rockstar tells her to and report back.


6:35 p.m. bbt Haleigh goes out to the kitchen. Rachel explains that she was doing a play and she happened to catch the third scene and it was emotional. Haleigh leaves. Sam is telling Rachel different things to act out. Kaycee is making dinner. Rachel tells them she's so dark she looks like another race.


6:38 p.m. bbt Brett asks Steve who he's close to. Brett says Kaitlyn and Rockstar both told him they're on his side. Brett says really, because Rockstar only ever spends time with Swaggy. He says they both told him they're voting for him over Sam because he did better in both comps.


6:41 p.m. bbt Rachel asks Sam about how she slept last night. Sam said she couldn't sleep. She had to do DR and then she asked Fessy to keep her company. They talked for hours about his life as a kid.


 6;42 pm. bbt Sam is stuck in the kitchen with the spinning wheel so she's finding things to do around the kitchen. She apparently made really spicy food and wants to keep it out and let people eat it without warning them.


6:43 p.m. bbt The pink room get called out for talking about their dr sessions. Rockstar says she's can't even talk about her drs since she's never had a dr sessions. Fessy says he only gets asked about his ham and how his answer is the same every time, it sucks.


6:44 p.m. bbt Fessy jokes about Angie's lame knock knock jokes keep her out of the dr. Haleigh starts rapping and gets called out by the producers.


6:47 p.m. bbt Haleigh, Rockstar, Fessy, and Swaggy are talking about the MTV show Yo'Mama. They talk about Punk'd, Room Raiders, and Next.


6:48 p.m. bbt Rockstar is trying to teach Haleigh how to twerk and make her butt clap correctly. She tells Haleigh she needs to stand up and Haleigh says it's too much work. Rockstar says that's fine but right now it just looks like you're having ass seizures and that's not cute.


6:49 p.m. bbt Angie says she goes to travelling Renaissance Festivals. Haleigh says she goes to the one in Texas all the time.


6:50 p.m. bbt Haleigh is still trying to clap her butt. Scottie says he's not sure he's comfortable with this since Haleigh is laying on him.


6:50 p.m. bbt Rockstar is asking them their favorite animals so they don't get caught napping. Fessy jokes that he's thinking of his favorite animal for 45 minutes with his eyes closed. He says dolphins or jaguars. He also love tigers.


6:52 p.m. bbt They are discussing their dream travel destinations. They discuss various countries in Europe. Scottie says Sweden. Rockstar says that's where he'll meet his future wife Svetlana that she created with her mind for him.















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07:02PM BBT Winston talks JC, Angela, Tyler and Kaitlyn while they swing on the hammock in the BY.  They discuss the cars they've owned.


07:06PM BBT Steve, Swaggy, Haleigh and Rockstar are in the BY go down the list of who is in each alliance.  Steve is happy that the other side trusts Kaitlyn, so she can report back.


07:08PM BBT Steve mentioned that Kaitlyn voiced her disappointment to Tyler about his nominations and his influence on Fessy not using the veto.


07:10PM BBT Steve breaks out a cigarette as Rockstar and Haleigh go inside to see the fish.  Haleigh heads upstairs to the HOHR while Rockstar makes a plate in the kitchen.


07:12PM BBT Winston was called out for talking about production.  He says that the white wine night was the funniest time for him.  Brett comes out and says they're going to go in and make some cookies.


07:14PM BBT Haleigh and Rockstar whisper upstairs about switching their votes.


07:18PM BBT Rockstar and Steve are in the BY talking about how well Kaycee cooks.


07:19PM BBT Rockstar goes to get her laundry out of the dryer, sits on the ground and folds.


07:19PM BBT Haleigh and Brett talk at the kitchen table and then move into the kitchen where Angela and Winston come in to make cookies.


07:21PM BBT Haleigh and Rockstar join Tyler, Kaitlyn, and JC in the hammock.  JC jokingly gives a voice to the stuffed owl.


07:26PM BBT Kaitlyn cracks the others out by making French person noises in the hammock.  This turns into the group making it Fat Albert noises.


07:28PM BBT Angela assists Winston making the low sugar calories, while jumping around in the kitchen.   She thinks about making eggs because she doesn't want cookies for dinner.


07:30PM BBT Kaithlyn hugs Fessy in the kitchen. Brett eats his dinner at the kitchen table.

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07:31PM BBT Kaycee's color wheel is spinning, so she's stuck in the kitchen, and is laying on the bench.M BBT 


07:41PM BBT Rachel brings cookies to Fessy out back in the BY.  He is out talking with Steve and Kaitlyn, discussing how the looks change within the house, which much be hard when they go back in time and use older footage.  (i.e. beard growing/shaving)


07:42PM BBT The HG hope to see fireworks on Wednesday, and that the BY is open since the HOH will be on Thursday.


07:54PM BBT Steve, Kaitlyn, and Fessy play asking questions their favorites. (do you like this or that...)


07:55PM BBT Swaggy grooms himself in the WC, trimming his hair.



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7:44 BB Time

Steve, Faysal and Kaitlyn are in the back yard talking about the upcoming HOH competition.

They agree that one of them has to win.

Steve says Scottie is really “hinky”. Says Scottie was afraid of the snakes, he had a fearful reaction.

Faysal says he thought they were mugging for the camera when the non-competing houseguests

saw the snakes.

Steve: they were so dormant I thought they were fake.

Faysal: there was one light that was really open, but the head of the snake was

that big” (cups his hands like he is holding a softball).

Subject changes to Steve's real name, Stephan (Stefan), he tells them he just

celebrated his 17th anniversary, and Faysal's parents are celebrating their 30th, Kaitlyn's

parents are at 32.

Kaitlyn: Marriage is a commitment to family, when you find a person who is

your best friend you never want anyone else.

Steve: I am more attracted to my wife now that in the past, when I dream it is


Kaitlyn stop obstructing your microphone” (third time?)

Steve: my wife encouraged me (Big Brother)

Faysal: like she wanted it more than you did.

He tells the story of the videos his wife and he did to submit to the show

Sounds like he was an awful camera operator. He tells how much trouble

he was having recording her.

Kaitlyn tells about her video, (and the jets fly over and we miss it, except for the “activity

word Granny can't say)

Now FISH for a few seconds

Now they are playing a choice game (Mercedes or BMW)


camera 3

Kaycee is in the kitchen her wheel is spinning, Sam is a Robot. They have draped a yellow bib

on Sam, and some of the house guests are eating home made slop cookies.

No game talk, just chit chat and food network worthy appraisal of the cookies.


All cameras change to back yard when Brett and Winston start complaining about

how late some of the house guests are allowed to sleep.


Faysal and Steve are discussing how long they have been in the house.

Faysal is waving the owl in the air.

There must have been a production warning, the cameras went to FISH,

then returned with Steve saying “Yessir.”

No game talk.


Swaggy trimmed his hair in the bathroom and left a mess, (he maybe should not have, his results are not very charming) Angela screams when she sees

the floor, then realizes it is hair.

Swaggy left the hair in the floor but says he is not done yet. (Granny would call it done and done badly!)



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08:00PM BBT Sambot has been in the kitchen with the other HG for a while, but has not spoken.


08:01PM BBT Steve tells Fessy that he and Kaitlyn are good kids.  Fessy said that his mom was hard on him, but in a good way.


08:02PM BBT Kaycee, Kaitlyn, Angela, Brett, Winston and JC gather in the kitchen for cookies.


08:02PM BBT Steve says he's happy with his morning workout time.  He then tells Fessy that the bro's told him that he's voting for him.  Fessy says that production is messing with him to make better DR sessions.


08:06PM BBT Kaitlyn returns to the BY with slop cookies.  Steve says that she should market that.


08:07PM BBT Steve calls winner of pool, so he's next up.  Scottie says it won't be him.


08:08PM BBT Steve and Fessy speculate about the HOH, and feel that it will be endurance - and that since it's such an athletic cast that it'll be difficult.


08:10PM BBT Brett is called to the DR.


08:13PM BBT Steve and Scottie play pool.  Angela skips in circles around the kitchen.


08:17PM BBT Bayleigh rides  the stationary bike, Rachel stretches, JC lifts weights, and Haleigh takes a break on the chair.


08:19PM BBT JC tells Haleigh that she can get back in shape after leaving the house.  She says "yeah, I know". [as if]


08:20PM BBT Kaycee, Angela and Winston play "I Spy" in the kitchen.


08:22PM BBT Fessy, Kaitlyn, Rockstar and Tyler chat in the BY about how the owl gets thrown around the house.


08:32PM BBT Haleigh, Rockstar and Fessy talk about how the girls are all syncing up with their periods, and how fast they go through tampons.

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08:33PM BBT Haleigh talks about how she gets a birth control shot every three months, so she hasn't had a period in 3 years, except for here or there.  Rockstar isn't on birth control because she doesn't have sex.


08:35PM BBT Rockstar wants Chris (husband?) to get snipped.


08:36PM BBT Fessy and Steve agree that JC is a floater.


08:48PM BBT Rachel and Winston play in the hammock, and then Kaitlyn does the toddler jump with Winston in the yard.  (jump with legs around waist)  Rachel and Angela get comfy in the hammock and play clapping games. 


08:50PM BBT Tyler and Scottie play pool.


08:51PM BBT Scottie and Tyler talk about XBox and Playstation games that they've played.


08:53PM BBT Angela said that Swaggy is spreading the rumor that she and Winston are in a showmance.  Rachel confirmed the rumor.  


08:58PM BBT Rachel said there was an awkward conversation with Steve.  "He has been working out hard on his fitness and balance, can do sprints, and he wants to be here." was his reasoning she should vote to keep him.


08:59PM BBT Kaitlyn is listening to music up in the HOHR and Tyler joins her.  She said that she won't eat every night because it's unnecessary, so she'll just have breakfast.  Then she talks about making lemon halibut tomorrow.


09:04PM BBT Angela said that Steve keeps saying "I was so close to going home this week", not knowing that he probably will be.


09:18PM BBT Fessy and Rockstar talk bout the veto comp, while Sambot is nearby in the BY, possibly within earshot. 

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9:30PM BBT: Angela, Kaycee and Rachel are in the bedroom.

Kaycee: "I told Sam what to say."

Rachel: "Someone needs to get us one sympathy vote."

Kaycee: "We are running out of time."

Quite a bit of quick whispering, but it sounds like the three girls are trying to keep Sam, and they plan to get one of the guys to give her a sympathy vote. They are thinking they can trick the others into allowing her to stay. Brett comes in and they stop talking game.

The group is discussing who is sleeping where, Rachel does not want three people in her bed. She says Faysal said no one sleeping in his bed. When they mention Haleigh sleeping with Faysal, Brett says "She is in a relationship." The girls react with rolling eyes.

JC comes into the room using a strange voice, "Why are you so quiet?" JC continues to tease Brett about being "gay". Brett doesn't seem to appreciate the humor and he calls attention to JC's late sleeping habits.

JC continues with the funny voice, asking Brett odd questions.

Brett leaves the room.

JC is now being obnoxious with the girls, with more odd sounding questions and weird laughing. He tells the girls there are four people in the HoH room, but it was hard to understand him since because of his accent and the odd voice he is using.

The girls don't really seem to mind his antics, and they are just chatting about general topics, no game talk with him.

Kaycee seems ready to get rid of him, she is leaning on her hand saying, "Man oh man." with a sigh in her voice. Rachel is twisting her microphone cord, you can tell she is not really into JC. She is not really looking at him while she talks to him, she averts her eye pretty often. As JC starts to talk normally she is paying more attention to him.

They are talking about other seasons, going over the HoH competition failures.

9:45PM BBT: In the backyard, Bayleigh is aprising in the kitchen because the bathroom and kitchen are disgusting. Someone wants to call a house meeting.

Swaggy: "You don't want to do that, house meetings are not good. You should never rattle off what you do, that's terrible. You know how to talk to people, you know how to make your point so no one gets mad."

Bayleigh: "I try, it's all ego. We just don't want the drama, we just be chill I tried that with Angela but that didn't work."

Swaggy: "I tried to talk to her twice. Next week don't come to my HoH room, don't use my shower, don't knock on my door."

Bayleigh: "You need to redeem yourself from that last competition."

Swaggy starts trying to figure out what the next competition will be. He doesn't think it will be endurance. Tomorrow or Wednesday if they don't hear things over the intercom they have to remember, it won't be true or false. It will be something like golf.

Bayleigh: "I want to see Rockstar to win."

Swaggy: "Yeah, me too."

Bayleigh: "Now there's an option for 15 people to be thrown out, not just 5, "she asks America for a week to relax.

Swaggy: "I should have saved her (Bayleigh's) group but I didn't."

I am pissed that Haleigh asked, "why didn't he. He(Swaggy) should have saved you."

Bayleigh: "You didn't save me, I wasn't safe. I still gave you play. I was nice to you. I was your friend." She is still tossing out appeals to America to help her out because Swaggy wouldn't help her.

Swaggy: "America, let me talk to you..." he starts listing all his competition decisions. He is making excuses for not keeping Bayleigh safe.

A lot of back and forth about how Swaggy acted during the veto competition. Most of it is Swaggy bragging while Baliegh interrupts him with disagreement. He is making jokes about the snake pit and his reaction. [Really fun to hear this banter. ~Grannysue] 

They are telling America to answer all the questions right this time, and that the answers should be Bayleigh and Swaggy except for questions about least trending. They promise to use the advantage to shake up the game.

They are having quite a bit of fun with their plea to America, it is done with good humor, and the two of them have decided that they are the only two listening.

On camera 3, Rachel and Tyler are discussing who might have the power. They believe it is someone on their side they would have told them. Unless the power is something just for them. JC says he knows. Angela comes in, and they ask if she has it.

Angela says no, and now they think Brett or Winston have it. Angela thinks JC has it, and he won't tell because we will pester him.

Rachel: "JC said he was not as confident now about getting the seventh vote. Who was the seventh vote?"

Angela: "Haleigh won't vote for Sam to stay."

Tyler: "I tried to catch Kaitlyn, but Rockstar came in."

Rachel: "I had a good conversation today with her." (Kaitlyn)

Tyler: "We need to let that side just play it out."

Rachel: "If Steve stays, he will hang around and do nothing but snore. I walked by him, and he thought I said 'I hate you.'"

She said she denied it, and is denying it now.

"Today I was in the hot-tub and he (Steve)came by and said 'I realized I hadn't talked game with you. Told her he was having a good time here, felt younger, and would appreciate her vote." Rachel told him she wouldn't target him as HoH, but he didn't reciprocate.

Tyler: "That's because he would."

There is more conversation about Steve, both Angela and Rachel are unhappy that he has not approached him.

They mentioned Rockstar, then Kaycee walked in and her name was dropped.

This group is also talking about a double eviction.

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