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Monday, July 2 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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2:00 AM BBT: Swaggy C (Chris) and Bayleigh are on the hammock together in the backyard talking about previous hook ups and relationships. They're also discussing what they want in future relationships. Meanwhile, Sam is nearby lounging on the couch smoking.


2:08 AM BBT: Faysal is in the hall trying to use the pinscreen wall. It looks like he's spelling out "Fessy Fitness"


2:14 AM BBT: Faysal asks Sam if she went into the DR when she sits down at the bar in the kitchen. BB cuts the feeds.


2:17 AM BBT: Feeds are back. Faysal is now in the shower.


2:22 AM BBT: Faysal is still in the shower, BB cuts the feeds again for a few seconds. When they come back, Faysal is out of the shower.


2:24 AM BBT: Faysal joins Sam in the kitchen, they start talking but Faysal doesn't have his mic on yet. They eventually start talking about their lives and their birthdays. Swaggy C and Bayleigh are still on the hammock, talking about their year so far and their goals. BB moves all four cameras to Swaggy C and Bayleigh in the backyard.


2:27 AM BBT: Swaggy C talks about how a girl cheated on him last month and BB cuts the feeds again.


2:31 AM BBT: Feeds are back. Sam and Faysal are in the kitchen talking about previous jobs.


2:46 AM BBT: Faysal and Sam walk into the bathroom for Sam to dry her hair. They start talking about high school and cute teachers. Cameras switch back to Swaggy c and Bayleigh back in the backyard. They're talking about types of people and how Bayleigh is different from her sisters. 


2:55 AM BBT: Swaggy C and Bayleigh kiss on the hammock for a bit. When they're done, Bayleigh asks Swaggy C what he thinks about when he kisses her. He doesn't know what to do with that question. Bayleigh tells him she gets butterflies when he kisses her. They eventually agree they could be an "interesting power couple." 


3:00 AM BBT: Swaggy C and Bayleigh agree that Winston should go home first, and then Brett or Angela. Swaggy says that Angela has already talked about throwing the next few competitions to lay low for awhile. Swaggy C would rather take Angela out first and then Brett, but he thinks Brett will go second. Swaggy C says he isn't going to backdoor them, that he's going to just tell them that they're going up. Bayleigh says that JC and Kaycee are going to try to get Swaggy C out. Swaggy C and Bayleigh tell the cameras they want a power to shake the house up. They both agree that they don't trust Tyler and Swaggy C says he needs to be careful. Steve enters the backyard to have a smoke. Swaggy C and Bayleigh continue to discuss their plans of how they're going to get everyone out of the house, Swaggy C mentions taking Rachel to the end with them because she's not a threat. 


3:15 AM BBT: Swaggy C tells Bayleigh he was in an alliances with Tyler and Scottie called "The Core" but it's disbanded a bit. He tells Bayleigh that their alliance name is "Swayleigh." On the other side of the yard Steve and Faysal are talking game and about how people will stop talking when certain people walk into a room. They both agree they don't need "shady people" in the house. They start talking about past showmances. Meanwhile, Swaggy C and Bayleigh talk about going on a trip after the show, it appears they're leaning towards going on a cruise together. 


3:22 AM BBT: Saggy C and Bayleigh say they're going to have a live feed talk show, but they don't know what to call it yet. Bayleigh will think of a name later. They're leaning towards "True Talk with Swayleigh," but they might change it later.


True Talk with Swayleigh.PNG


3:26 AM BBT: Steve and Faysal talk about Faysal being flown out for BB casting and watching season 18 to see if he liked the show. Swaggy C and Bayleigh get off the hammock, talk briefly with Faysal and Steve and then go get something to eat in the kitchen. 


3:32 AM BBT: Steve tells Faysal that he knew he was a good guy and they both agree that there are a lot of big guys in the house. Faysal says he's going to be honest and loyal in the game. Faysal tells Steve that he and Swaggy C talked about winning HOH back to back so that they would always be in control. Steve says that his wife is his "ride or die" and they continue to talk about Steve's wife and then about Faysal's past girlfriends and what he wants in a relationship. In the kitchen, Swaggy C and Bayleigh eat cereal and talk about how cold it is in the house, but that the covers on the bed are hot so you get hot when you sleep.


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6:20 am BBT Steve on the back patio smoking, JC and Winston in the kitchen preparing slop. Winston is putting honey and syrup on his.


6:21 am BBT Fessie comes out of the WC, washes his hands, gathers his Hamamzon delivery plate and heads to the kitchen. He asks the guys when the slop ends and JC says till Friday at least. Winston argues and says, I asked! JC says ok, how many times have you asked and been told something and BB does what they want to anyway? Winston says this is his last day on slop.


6:22am BBT Fezzie raises the silver cover off the Hamazon plate to reveal a cute little rolled ham slice person, creatively fashioned with toothpicks. Fezzie says he just ate and isn’t hungry.


6:25 am BBT Winston says they aren’t messing around this year, are they? This is next level. Shock collars?

Steve comes in from the patio and snoring discussion ensues. He apologizes to JC for his snoring and JC says its OK.


6:30 am BBT Winston says he’s having a bad time sleeping in the have-not cup. That’s why he’s up so early, because it was uncomfortable and his legs fall asleep.

JC says, he can take the cup, but not the cold showers. Steve tells a story about a time when he and his wife were struggling to pay the bills and they didn’t have hot water for like a month because he couldn’t pay the gas bill. It’s hard on the kids. Steve says, boy, I took that conversation to another level, I apologize, how’s the meat?  

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7:05am BBT  Faysal finally went to bed.  Winston told Steve he's going to read his Bible.  Winston says he feels like he's been neglecting it.  Winston gets in the hammock alone with his coffee and Bible.  Steve is smoking in "his spot" as he calls it. 


7:08am BBT  Steve tells Winston he's going to jump in the shower.

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6:45 am BBT The group (Steve, Winston, Fezzie, JC) continue chatting in the kitchen. JC likes you tube videos of dogs doing silly things and old reruns of the Brady Bunch. They all like Space Jam, Jessica Rabbit, Lion King, Mulan, Little Mermaid.

6:46am BBT Steve talks about emergency break-ins on land line phones. The group seems amazed that there were phones without voice mail. Steve explains busy signals and collect calls and how to get out of paying for a collect call. *69 ended crank calls, he says.

6:50am BBT Winston puts on the 2nd pot of coffee, Kroger Special Roast.

Fezzie is pouring BBQ sauce into the ham slices like he is filling a taco. He almost grimaces when he puts it into his mouth. He’s talking with a wad of ham in his cheek about phone calls with code words and a game they used to play on the phone.

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7:20am BBT  Steve is out of the shower, putting deodorant on.  Steve still has marks on him from getting hit by paint balls.  Winston is still reading his bible and drinking his coffee in the hammock.  He sneezes and looks like a cute little kid when he did it.

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7:32amBBT  Winston is still in the hammock but no longer reading the bible.  Steve is in the back yard putting a shirt on.  Steve heads over to the weights.  Winston, "What up?  About to get at it?"  Steve says he's going to some weight lifting. Winston says he's going to work on the shoulders today.  Winston said he didn't do a lot yesterday with the weights because of the heat and slop getting to him.  Steve says Winston and the others are motivating him to work out. 

Steve:  "Yo Winston, we're still cool right?"

Winston:  "For sure man.  Even out of this house.  I love you brother.  I'm seriously down to ride."

Steve:  "I'm already thinking about the harley davidsons."

Winston:  "My mom is gonna hate it."

Steve:  "Well what mama don't know won't hurt her."  They laugh about Steve quoting The Waterboy.  Steve quotes more of The Waterboy.  They talk about that movie being so great.  Winston says Big Daddy, Happy Gilmore and others were great.  Winston said one of the best, underrated movies was Click with Adam Sandler. 

7:39am BBTJust talking about lines from other movies.  It looks like everyone else is still asleep.  Winston talks about how smart his sister is but is a terrible test taker.  Steve says he scored a 1340 on the SAT and a 2.1 GPA.  He says it showed he didn't care about classes.  He says he wishes he would have tried harder in school.

7:42am BBT Winston asks Steve if he's ever heard of the book "Five People You Meet in Heaven".  Steve says he's never heard of it.  Winston says it's great and tells Steve about the book.  Steve says he'd love to read it.

7:44am BBT:  Steve talks about his "little garage" he has where he works as a mechanic.  Winston gets up and Steve asks if he's bothering him.  Winston says no he 's got to go use the bathroom.

7:51am BBT:  Steve starts laundry then goes back to the weights.  Winston is laying on the couch under a blanket in the WA.

7:55am BBT:  Steve brings the clean, folded towels into the WA.  Steve and Winston talk briefly about the towels then Steve heads back outside to lift more weights. 

7:57am BBT:  Steve is running in the backyard.  Winston is still laying in the WA while the other HG seem to be all asleep.

7:59am BBT:  After running just for a minute, Steve goes inside, out of breath, and makes coffee then heads back outside, still breathing heavily 5 minutes after running.  And he... dare I say it... lights up a cigarette. 


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8:02am BBT We get fish.  Possibly a wake up call?

8:09am BBT:  Winston gets up and pours his coffee out in the sink.  Steve gets something from the laundry and goes inside to the table where he folds a few of his clothes.  Winston gets in bed.  It appears everyone else is still in bed.

8:16am BBT:  Steve puts on deodorant again and brushes his hair.

8:18amBBT:  Steve is back outside having a smoke.

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9:01am BBT: Steve sitting in the BY giving shout outs to his family.

9:06am BBT: Winston in the WA doing ADL's as Steve lounges in the BY. All other HG still sleeping.

 9:12am BBT: Steve joins Winston in the kitchen and they talk about everyone being sick. Steve says everyone taking the multi vitamins are getting sick.

9:23am BBT: Steve and Winston talking in the KT about high school football as all other HG are still sleeping.

9:50am BBT: Steve in the KT telling stories about building a wall through the night in his dreams to Angie , Haleigh, Winston and Angela. as they try waking up. kaitlyn talking to Faysal as he lays in bed trying to get him awake.

9:56am BBT: Tyler and Kaycee laying in the HOh bed in the dark whispering as they watch the spy screen.

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10:08 am BBT  People are outside just chatting.  BB says "Robot online"  Sam says she was going to clean the bathroom, and that she has to get dressed.  Steve asked if she could stay offline, but that he better not asked, he will get into trouble.  Sam says goodbye to everyone, they all come and hug her.  Sam goes inside and Kaitlyn says she should take the entire bowl of fruit with her.  Kaitlyn offers to make a to-go cup of stuff for Sam to take with her, Sam said she has to go get dressed and put on a bra.  BB says again "Robot online"  Sam said she is coming, she has to get dressed.  Sam is talking with Kaycee while getting her things together.  Kaycee said she needs to have them look at her leg.  Sam said she told them she was worried about it, they didn't know it was injured.  Short FoTH.  Comes back and BB says again "Robot online"  Sam says okay, okay I am coming.  Wants to take her toothbrush with her.

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9:56am BBT:  Kaycee and Tyler are still in bed with the lights out but they're talking game.  Tyler tells Kaycee she's not on anybody's radar.  She said she might would be on Faysal's radar (and someone else but couldn't catch it).  Tyler says.  Kaycee asks if there's someone else that he likes to play with.  He says Haleigh plays a dumb game.  She gets trapped in her own head.  He said Rockstar is smarter but he thinks Rockstar is just telling them that she's with them but he thinks she'd flip if she needed to.  Tyler and Kaycee say they like Kaitlyn.  Tyler said Swaggy things Tyler is looking out for him.  They both agree Swaggy's game is weird. 

10:01am BBT Sam and Scottie are in the backyard.  Sam says she's barely awake. 

Back in the bedroom, Tyler says Winston knows Swaggy is bullsh**ing them.  Swaggy told Tyler Brett and Winston pulled Swaggy aside and asked to work together.  They think in reality, it was the other way around.  They agree it would be perfect if Angela or Winston won HOH.  They said Swag and Faysal have tried to turn everyone against Angela.  They said they turned on her because Angela wasn't interested in either one of them.

Kaycee asks Tyler if he and Faysal talk.  He says a little bit Faysal is still one of Tyler's bigger targets.  Tyler asks Kaycee who she feels good with that's not on Tyler's side.  She says she likes Bayleigh.  They have a good connection.  She said she pretty much likes everyone.  She and Rockstar are cool.  Kaycee says Kaitlyn doesn't open up too much but she thinks they're cool.

10:06am BBT We get fish for a few seconds.  Kaycee asks Tyler if Swag really walked in there (HOH room) to use the bathroom at 3am.  Tyler says yes.  The lights are on in the HOH room now and Kaycee and Tyler get up.

10:07am BBT:  Robot online announcement.  Sam is still sitting outside.  She says the longest amount of time she's been in the house in a row is 2 days and that was last week.  Sam tells everyone bye and gives hugs. 

Tyler says to Kaycee int he HOH room, "one more thing, sam is not going to go home this week."  Kaycee says it's going to be great and the other side is going to be like WTF.  Tyler says they'll be so shook but so motivated to win HOH even more.  Kaycee says once Steve is gone, it'll be 7 on one side and 7 on the other.  Kaycee wonders what the secret power is.  They agree is going to be awesome.  Kaycee tells Tyler she loves him and heads downstairs.  He says he loves her too.

10:11am BBT Sam is getting her stuff from the bedroom and tells the ones still in bed (and Rockstar who is sitting on the bed) to have a good day.  Sam sees Kaycee and gives her a hug.  Sam tells Kaycee, "I did" without explaining what it was.  Kaycee knew what she was talking about.  Sam says, "yeah I didn't say anything because I didn't want to hear, 'don't talk about your DR sessions'"  We get fish for a few seconds.  When the cameras come back, Kaycee is telling Sam thank you (for whatever Sam told DR for Kaycee).

10:15am BBT Kaitlyn and Haleigh are in the hammock.  They're talking about Winston thinking he's smarter because he was in school for 8 years.  They agree it's respectable to be in school that long but they wish he'd just admit it.  Haleigh says Sam bothers her.  They're complaining that Sam was mean about Steve snoring.  They want to be extra nice to Steve to make up for Sam being mean about him snoring.  They say he's a great guy.  They're talking about how admirable Steve is for meeting a woman older than him and taking in her kids.  They admire how protective Steve is.  Kaitlin yells out to Steve and tells him they're talking about how much they love him.

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10:15 am BBT  Haleigh and Kaitlyn in the hammock, gossiping about other HG, no game talk. Keep getting brief FoTH  Kaitlyn yells over to Steve that she was telling Haleigh  about his story last night, that she loves him.  Haleigh agrees.  Has something to do with George and his dad  (not sure who that is).  Steve says the bad thing is he got a free alternator out of it.  Angie Rockstar comes over and is stretching.  They tell her how tiny her waist is.  She says she doesn't want to be an asshole, but the reason she doesn't work out is because she doesn't have too..  Just talking about different people and their workout habits.

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10:25 am BBT  BB asks Tyler to open the DR door for the robot.  He says Swaggy has it.  Swaggy opens the door, Sam says good morning to him.  Robot Sam goes into the KT, says good morning to the HGs there.  Rockstar Angie, Scottie, Tyler and 2 more (can't see who) are in the KT.  Angie Rockstar is talking about how she likes running or hiking better than a treadmill.  She said there are some great trails in MD.  There is a secret waterfall, where people go back to have sex.  Scottie is making slop. 

Now KT crew is talking about sunscreen.  Sam said she uses SPF 4.  They like the smell of Hawaiian Tropic, and can see Tyler in a commercial for that.  All cameras are on KT, people talking over each other, no game play.

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10:30 am BBT  Kaitlyn gets called to the DR.  On her way through the KT she asks Robot Sam if she took some fruit with her.  Sam says no.  KT people are talking about dream vacations.  Sam's is Australia, Winston's is Fiji, just sitting on the beach.  They joke he is an old man.   Camera switches to Tyler and Haleigh in the HoH room, mid convo.  Tyler said Haleigh scares him, she is surprised, and she will work on it.  He said he is fine with her, she just scares him. 

Brett and Steve are outside, taking about motorcycles.  Steve talks about fake people that have a Harley and all the accessories, and only ride 5-6 times a year.  He said they aren't bikers, it is their pet in the garage.  He has a Kawasaki, loves to ride.    Now they are talking about Uber. and that there is a fine if you get sick in it.  Steve said with the start up of Uber and Lyft, there is no reason to drink and drive.  Brett said there isn't any in Alabama, it was illegal for a while, when it got passed, his town didn't approve it.  The cabs suck.  Steve is talking about how productive he was this morning, working out, getting laundry done. 


(Gotta go, be back later)

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10:01am BBT: Sam in the BY talking to Scottie  and talking about cooking things and how bad she feels when everyone is in the KT at one time. Scottie is  walking around and stretching. Winston and Steve and Haleigh join them.

 10:06am BBT: Tyler and kaycee are getting out of the HOH bed and turn the lights on. BB announces Robot Online. sam gets a long face and says oh i was going to clean the bathrooms. She gets up grabs her coffee and heads to the DR giving everyone a hug on the way.

 10:16am BBT: Kaitlyn and Haleigh on the hammock talking, Steve, Brett and Winston on the couches talking general talk.

10:23am BBT: Tyler in the KT slicing an apple while Scottie is making slop and Angela making coffee. Chris comes in saying good morning to everyone. In the BY Angie, Kaitlyn and Haleigh talking about working out and using weights.

10:35am BBT: HG in the KT talking about sunscreen and working out as they drink coffee and eat. Sambot tells Scottie this is his last day of slop. He says that is right. In the BY Steve and Brett are talking about web sights.

10:43am BBT: Rachel is in her swimsuit ready to go lay out in the BY. Chris is dancing around the KT while Scottie is eating slop. Just general talk going on. In the BY Steve and Brett are still just talking general talk.

 10:52am BBT: Hg sitting around in the KT and the BY just eating and talking about Apps and food and working out.

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11:02am BBT Kaitlyn says she's bringing up a controversial topic.  She says she doesn't believe that the government hasn't found a cure for it and she doesn't trust the government.  She says she believes that's the way they handle population control.  Rockstar tells them about Chris's mom having cancer in her lungs and legs. 

11:02am BBT Scottie is in the kitchen talking to Robot Sam about cartoon network.  Swag is washing dishes.

11:07am BBT Steve tells Rockstar, Bret and Kaitlyn about his Pop telling him when he found out he had cancer.  Steve's dad died when he was 57.  He took good care of his dad and helped him to go the bathroom, he didn't want the nurses helping his dad do those things.  He talks about his mom too and Kaitlyn starts crying.  She says she's crying because she can see the love Steve has has for his parents.  Steve isn't getting emotional. 

11:14am BBT  Steve tells about his dad winning a motorcycle once but his dad had to pay $4,000 in taxes.  They go back to talking about Rockstar's father in law who has cancer.  She cries a little for leaving to go to California for BB.  Steve encourages her and says that he's sure her family is watching the cameras.  Rockstar hopes he doesn't feel like she abandoned him.  Steve says there's no way he thinks that.

11:16am BBT  Kaycee gets called to the DR.  She had been in the kitchen talking to Robot Sam and Scottie.  Sam tells Scottie that he's the guy she knows the best.  She said it's awkward for her to get to know the other guys.  Sam says she barely ever sees Tyler because she can't go upstairs and Tyler's always upstairs.  Scottie says he just does it, he just gets to know people.  Sam says in real life she's very private.  Scottie says he forces knowledge on others.  He says, "if someone walks off, I go, 'HEY!  DID YOU KNOW THIS ABOUT ME??!'"  They laugh.  Sam tells Scottie she thinks he's doing a great job and he's one of her favorite people.  Scottie thanks her and says she's one of his favorites too.  Kaycee joins them back in the kitchen. 

11:20am BBT  Back in the backyard, Kaitlin is sitting on the couch rubbing on Brett.  The couch group is still talking about cancer and how people go into so much debt trying to fight cancer.

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11:23am BBT Rockstar goes off for a while about how a lot of homeless people truly don't get the help they need.  Brett says, "Well no system is perfect.  We're doing the best we can."  Rockstar says, "are we though??"  Brett doesn't say anything else about it and a few minutes later says he's getting up to put on his pajamas.

11:27am BBT Brett is talking to Kaycee in the havenot room.  They're speculating double eviction coming up.  Kaycee tells Brett that Winston said Swag wants him to meet up with him in 2 hours.  They take turns leaving the have not room.  They only talked for a couple of minutes.

11:29am BBT In the kitchen, Tyler is up in robot sam's face telling her about snorkeling stories.

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11:35am BBT In the kitchen, they're having Robot Sam pretend to wash the dishes with Kaycee because Kaitlyn said it would be funny for TV.

11:37am BBT Sam asks Kaycee, "If I become a girl again (stay in the house after Thursday's eviction) will you teach me how to workout?" Kaycee says yes. 

11:44am BBT Haleigh just got done doing yoga.  Kaycee is in the kitchen and says she's going to take a poop upstairs.  Swag is outside riding the bible.  Steve, Rachel and Winston are in the pool.  Some others are laying out by the pool.  Not much talking outside.  Steve says, "hey Winston, we're in the big brother house."  Steve feels like all of this is just a dream.


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11:06AM Sambot is telling a story to Kaycee in the KT. In the BY, Steve is telling about his Dad that had cancer everywhere in his body.


11:20AM BBT General chit chat in the BY and KT..


11:43AM BBT HG enjoying the BY. General chatting. In the KT, Sambot, Angie and Kaycee talking about pillows. Angie says she has lost her bathing suit as well.


11:56AM BBT Sambot is wandering the house. She ends up in the WCA looking at the mirror. All other HG lounging and general chatting.

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12:23pm BBT Kaycee and Brett are talking in the have not room about who they think should be the up-coming have nots.  Brett said he was talking to Winston about it last night.  Brett and Kaycee aren't being clear about who they're talking about.  Kaycee tells Brett that it looks like Sam is staying for sure.

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12:36pm BBT Swag apologizes to Haleigh for coming off as aggressive to her when he told her to lay off with Fezzy.  She thanks him and said she didn't think he came off aggressive but it felt more like a character thing.  Haleigh:  *talking about Kaitlyn* "the fact that she's getting upset about that is mind blowing."  Swag says, "oh yeah, she'll say 'oh i'm not upset.' but she is."  Swag is telling Haleigh that Kaitlyn will say, "Haleigh likes tyler and brett (i think she said brett) but she doesn't like you, Fezzy."  Haleigh says it's all crazy because Kaitlyn has a boyfriend at home.  Haleigh said she's never paid attention to how she acts around Fezzy because she never thought it would be considered a thing.  Swag says when Kaitlyn would see Haleigh sleeping with Fezzy, Kaitlyn would give Fezzy mean looks.  The entire alliance thinks they're (Haleigh and Kaitlyn) are in a fight but then thought they worked it out since they were hanging out.  Haleigh says, "if we were in a fight, I didn't know it.  When she was being cold to me, I asked her if everything was ok and she said she was just missing home."

Swag and Haleigh agree that this shouldn't be anything (a problem) at all.  Swag is complaining that Kaitlyn interrupts people's conversations.  Swag says Angela is upset because her name is being thrown around.  Haleigh says she's low key heated now.  Swag tells Haleigh not to say anything to Kaitlyn yet until she talks to Rockstar or Bayleigh because he's going off word of mouth.  Haleigh says she's not going to say anything to Kaitlyn period.  Haleigh said Brett said something about liking her.

12:46pm BBT:  Heleigh tells Swag he needs to talk to Winston.  Swag says to remember that Fez has nothing to do w/ this.  He feels bad bc he feels like he can't talk to Haleigh because of how Kaitlyn gets mad.  Swag wants Fez to try to set Kaitlyn straight for the sake of the alliance. 

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12:48pm BBT:  In the BBR, Bayleigh, JC, Kaycee, Angela are talking about 4th of July and what they hope to have.  Haleigh is in the kitchen.  Kaitlyn, Winston and Brett are talking by the pool.  Two other girls are laying out by the pool.  A couple of people are playing pool (can't tell who because of the distance from the camera).

Kaitlyn asks Winston where he went to school.  Winston says it's a small school, a liberal arts school.  She asks what his major was.  He says communications.  Brett tries to talk.  Kaitlyn goes back to questioning Winston and asks if he had a dream of what he wanted his job to be.  He says he's trying to figure it out.  He says he had a dream of possibly teaching.  Winston says he realized it wasn't for him so he got in sales.  Kaitlyn ask if he went to grad school.  Winston said nope but he thought about it.  During this conversation, Haleigh got behind Brett and Brett is laying on her in front of Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn to Winston, "so you didn't want to be a doctor?"  He says no.  Kaitlyn said why not.  Winston says the lifestyle is hard.  She asks what does he mean (she's really grilling him).  He said doctors have to be really selfless and give up a lot of their time.  She says, "if you could be a doctor, what type would you be?"  Winston says dermatologist because of their hours and lifestyle so he wouldn't have to work on Saturdays or Sundays.  Winston's trying hard to get out of the convo with Kaitlyn by talking to Brett.  Kaitlyn asks Brett about his grandpa being a surgeon.  Brett says his grandpa is still currently a surgeon and he's 85.

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12:05PM BBT Kaycee's rainbow wheel is spinning and she is stuck in the HN room by herself. She decides to lay down while it spins.


12:26PM BBT Brett and Kaycee are whispering in the HN room. You can hear her wheel going making it difficult to hear them talking. You can just hear sporadic names. You can hear Kaycee say Angela. We get FOTH.


 12:37PM BBT Chris and Haleigh are talking in the WCA. They are talking about Kaitlyn being upset about things. Chris tells her to only talk to Bayleigh first. We get FOTH..


 12:56AM BBT Brett and Kaitlyn in the BY talking about doctors. Other Hg putting in their opinions. No game talk going on.

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12:56pm BBT Kaitlyn asks Winston why he doesn't go to medschool.  Brett is joking and says maybe he'll be a doctor when he gets out of here.  Kaitlyn says, "you wouldn't be a doctor but I can see Winston being a doctor.."  They ask why.  Kaitlyn says Brett is more of a comedian.  Kaitlyn asks Winston about being in NY for an exam.  Winston says it was for his job.  Kaitlyn asks where it was/why/what type of exam was it.  Winston is staying normal and trying to answer his questions. 

1:00pm BBT Winston says he can't believe he isn't getting the comedian thing.  Haleigh is still behind Brett, Brett has arms above his head, rubbing on Haleigh.  Haleigh isn't speaking too much.  Kaitlyn says she's going inside for a little bit.  Brett tells Haleigh she can pick out the kids' names they have and he will pick out the dogs names.  They agree on the name Brice.  Then haleigh said she can't name her kid brice because she dated a Brice.  They decide on Brody.  Brett is still rubbing on Haleigh.

1:03pm BBT Haleigh and Brett say they like the name Penelope and call her Penny.  Winston says, "noooo, she'll grow up weird."

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1:07pm BBT Swag and Rockstar are talking in the BY on the couch about what he told Haleigh.  Rockstar says she's starting to talk to Angela and Rachel.  She just doesn't have much in common with them.  Swag talks about some of the guys only care about being there to have fun, hook up with girls and leave. 

1:36pm BBT Fez and Kaitlyn are on the couch in the backyard.  Fez says he wants to put up Angela.  Kaitlyn says she knows and they will talk later.  Steve walks up and they change the conversation.

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