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  1. 12:44 PM BBT Christie, Jess, Cliff, Michie and Holly are talking about previous comps while sitting around the table. Nick calls down to Holly that her fish is really going after the catfish (Kat). She tells him that maybe it is reflective of her life with Kat. 12:47 PM BBT Cliff has decided to hide Michie's watermelon. He removes it from the KT and hides it in the SR fridge. Michie comes back too quick and notices the watermelon is gone. Christie and Jess tell him that they ate it all. He knows better because the bowl it was in was gone too. Cliff comes clean. Jess "What time is it?" Christie "Time for a freaking veto." 12:54 PM BBT At the KT table, Cliff tells Jess and Holly that his brother was on the very first season of the Apprentice and that he is friends with Omarosa still. In fact, at one point his brother and Omarosa had to share a bed. They are still friends to this day.
  2. 12:30 PM BBT Christie has been playing with "Bullwinkle" and leaves him out on the counter for Zingbot when he comes. Cliff and Nicole are in the SR making more pies. The HGs say that they are bored and the more bored they get, the more trouble they get in. 12:34 PM BBT Tommy is upstairs in the THB with Nick. They are about to play Backgammon. Tommy looks down towards the LR where Nicole is laying on the sofa. He says to her "What if the prank this week is that the only 2 who weren't picked to play the veto are the only ones who get to play it?" Nicole "That would be awesome." 12:38 PM BBT Jess, Christie, Holly and Michie are sitting around the dining room table. Jess has stabbed herself in the lip with her straw. She broke skin. Michie tells her not to eat any citrus. Nick and Tommy are playing backgammon upstairs. Mostly general chit chat while they wait for veto.
  3. 10:21 AM BBT Cliff is called to the DR upstairs. Holly heads back to the HoH. Nicole said that she wants to take a shower but she knows they are going to call her the minute she does she will just wait. 10:23 AM BBT Tommy is singing in the KT "Feel lucky like a 4 leaf clover, I'm into you, I'm into you." BB "Please stop singing." Tommy "I love you, I love this house. I am sorry I keep singing." Meanwhile upstairs Christie is getting out of the HoH shower. She tells Holly sorry she broke down in the KT. Holly says she felt so bad because it was supposed to be funny. Christie tells her that it was. She just isn't stable right now. 10:30 AM BBT Christie is talking to Holly and Michie in the HoH. She says that she is going to go hard for the veto. She knew that she agreed to be a pawn, but didn't realize that it would be now. However, it makes sense since their blow up. So she will go hard while having trust that it will be fine. 10:38 AM BBT Holly and Michie are now alone in the HoH. Holly says that Christie is framing this like she is just a pawn. That this is her honoring her deal. No, I didn't put her up. Someone else did. "See how she phrased it like that? She thinks she off the hook on her end of the deal because someone else nominated her." Holly said if she had put her up it would be different. But she didn't nominate her. 10:45 AM BBT Christie and Cliff are in the BRL. She asks him if he wins the veto, is he pulling Nick off. He says that Nick asked him that same thing if he was chosen HG choice and he told Nick at that time that he can't promise that. Cliff tells Christie that Holly only got one pick this time. He is not taking away her one choice. 10:47 AM BBT Christie tells Cliff that she had agreed to be a pawn as part of a deal to stay last week. She would really hope to win the veto herself even though she feels that she has the votes. She says that she has Jess' vote and Tommy would vote the way Holly wants him to. Christie says she respects whatever the house says. Cliff tells her that as long as Nick stays up there, he is probably leaving unanimously.
  4. 10:13 AM BBT Jess, Michie, Holly and Tommy are hanging out in the KT. They are talking about how sticky the floor is from the pies. Michie says he is wearing tennis shoes and his feet are still sliding all over the place. He says that he is never going barefoot in this house again. WBRB 10:15 AM BBT The feeds return for just a moment. Tommy says that he comes into the BB house and becomes a coffee drinker. "Thug Life" Michie says it is literally the only substance that they can put in their body. WBRB. 10:18 AM BBT Nicole and Tommy are talking in the RV. Nicole and Tommy discuss Nick. She wishes that at least if one of them got picked to play, Nick wouldn't feel like he is playing all alone. If she were him she would be upset. Tommy tells her that Nick felt this way before and he channeled that and kicked butt. She and Tommy discuss how infrequently their chips get pulled.
  5. 9:54 AM BBT The feeds return and the HGs are cleaning up from more pies. Jess is in the KT and says "Poor Nicole, her chip does not exist. She never gets to play in the veto." Christie says that she is sorry Nicole isn't playing but is glad that Cliff is. 9:56 AM BBT Michie tells Nicole that he saw that she does have a chip in there. He promises that he saw it. 9:57 AM BBT someone got pied during the veto picking. Nicole is walking around singing 2 victims left, you know who you are. 10:00 AM BBT Michie jokes with Christie that she is sorry but if he wins the veto he is going to have to take Nick off. Christie can't control herself and starts crying at the KT counter. Michie looks at her and realizes what he has done and apologizes profusely. Christie takes a moment before she laughs with him. Michie and Cliff are playing. 10:03 AM BBT Tommy says he is going to enjoy watching this time. He tells Nicole that Zingbot is coming so Nicole won't be hosting. With Nicole and Tommy both eliminated as potential players: that means that Holly, Nick, Christie, Cliff, Michie and Jess are playing in the veto competition. Nicole is hosting. Holly, Nick, Christie, Cliff, Jackson and Jessica are playing in the veto competition. Nicole is hosting.
  6. 9:17 AM BBT Christie is doing the dishes while Cliff and Nick hang out in the KT. Holly joins Christie at the sink and they discuss the music this morning. The second song was a Kanye song in his old style. Jess is in the WA putting on her makeup and says that it is an older song. 9:20 AM BBT WBRB. The feeds then switch to puppies. 9:30 AM BBT Feeds are down as the HGs pick the veto players.
  7. 9:09 AM BBT General talk about the pie punishment. BB only got them each to pie themselves once last night. Cliff is afraid that it is going to get worse. Nick has been talking about his ankles hurting from the headboard. Michie is now dressing in the HoH. Holly remains in bed with the covers all the way up to her nose.
  8. 8:52 AM BBT After going over all the dates/events relating to Holly, he starts to go over the dates/events related to Michie. 8:53 AM BBT Cliff is now going over what the votes were when each HG left the house. He says that there is a lot of memory. He says that he remembers it all but he needs to pull it up sequentially on each days which is the hard part. 8:55 AM BBT Cliff says that he needs to work on mental and puzzle comps if he wants to keep going in this game. It isn't like he can beat Michie in a physical comp. He starts going over the HoH dates again, starting with Day 1. BB says sternly "I said it is time to get up for the day." Cliff "Wheeeeeew". 8:58 AM BBT BB has called the HGs to change their batteries. Cliff says that he can't believe he is still the only one really up. He states that BB woke them up an hour ago. It isn't that hard. He still thinks it is better to get up and get going. Tommy and Nick are up and in the SR changing batteries. 9:00 AM BBT Tommy heads towards the WC. He says good morning to Jess is finishing up from her shower. She says that she is "tired as bleep". Nick asks Cliff if he had to pie himself last night. He says no, just Jess. BB calls Cliff to the SR. He tells Nick is probably for the head of his mic that fell off last night. 9:04 AM BBT Tommy crawls back in bed. Cliff and Nick are in the KT. Nick says that he is cold and he can't lay back down or he will fall back asleep. Cliff shows up his multiple vitamins that he takes each morning. Christie and Nicole are stirring in the RV. They are discussing the music they heard this morning.
  9. 8:47 AM BBT Cliff says that he is tired, physically and mentally. It has been a stressful few weeks. Since the jury on, since Jack really, it has been a tough few weeks. He loves everyone in here and he has no one that he doesn't like. He says when he goes, he isn't going to take it personal either. It is amazing how limited your targets are at this point. After this week, the HoH is only going to have 6 people to choose from, 1/3 of the house. That's tough. Cliff starts to review the dates involving Holly's HoHs and makes note that she has never been nominated.
  10. 8:40 AM BBT Cliff speaks to us. Saturday morning in the BB house. He hopes we have a great weekend planned. He said that football season is starting up soon if he has his weekends right. Always nice to be first up in the morning and no matter how bored he is, he knows that we have no one to watch but him. Early riser gets the live feeders. 8:43 AM BBT Cliff tells us that the pie punishment is making a mess of the house and the whipped cream is everywhere. The ants and flies are going to be out of control. He is glad there is only a month left. He says that he is trying to remember his days and events.
  11. 8:36 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Cliff in the KT. Feeds 3 and 4 show Holly and Michie in bed in the HoH with the lights out. Cliff tells us good morning and says that it is Day 67 in the BB house. He is making breakfast tortillas this morning. Cliff tells Sharon that he hopes everything is going well. Fighting through another day, you and me both. He said that he hopes she is having fun watching him do pies everywhere. He says that he is taking more showers than ever before trying to get rid of all the pie cream. "Not so bueno when it starts to spoil." He adds some hot sauce to his eggs and says he would give an arm and a leg for some Tabasco in the house.
  12. 8:14 AM BBT The feeds return. Feeds 1 and 2 show Cliff in the shower. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Holly and Michie in the HoH. They are still in bed with the lights out. 8:17 AM BBT Cliff is the only one that is seen out of bed. He is shaving in the shower. 8:24 AM BBT Jess is awake. She rummages through the armoire for something to wear. She heads to the SR to replace her battery. 8:27 AM BBT On the way out of the SR, Jess stops by the LR sofa and examines a throw pillow from the couch. She picks it up and examines the sides. She examines another throw pillow from the chaise in the LR that is under the TV. It appears she may be looking to see if they have a zipper. She may be thinking about a hiding place for Hide N Go Veto. She heads to the WA and she and Cliff say good morning to each other. After exiting the shower, Cliff is called to put on his microphone. BB tells Jess to center her microphone and she replies that she is going into the bathroom and is about to take it off. 8:33 AM BBT Jess spends some time examining the throw pillows in the WA. She also examines the small space behind the couch area. She feels down behind the couches. She then heads towards the shower while BB says "Wakey Wakey HGs".
  13. 7:10 AM BBT Cliff is out of bed and has gone to the bathroom. Cliff can be heard washing his hands afterwards and is seen on the feeds heading back towards the bedroom. 8:02 AM BBT Wake up call
  14. 1:25 AM BBT Jess has just finished smashing a pie into her own face. Cliff, Tommy, Nicole and Christie watched. They congratulate her on doing a great job with it and she thanks them for staying up with her to do it. They disperse to head back to bed. 1:27 AM BBT Jess is in the WA cleaning up her face from her pie. Christie says she is glamorous. Jess laughs and says that it is exactly what she was going for. 1:29 AM BBT The lights are off and everyone is back in bed except for Cliff who is on his hands and knees next to the bed searching along the floor with hands. Cliff speaks into his mic "Hey Big Brother, the foam part fell off of my water mic." 1:30 AM BBT Everyone is in bed. All the lights are out.
  15. 3:00 PM BBT Michie, Jess and Cliff are talking in the WA. Michie says that he is sorry if he came across as cold. He tells them that Sis said he was dead to her. He didn't lie to her. He never said she was a pawn. Meanwhile Sis tells Tommy that he is making her cry. He is sitting by her with tears all over his face. Sis "I feel like I am breaking up with Tommy". He tells her they are never breaking up and what a silly thing to say. The feeds switch to furry critters.
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