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  1. Just re-watched last year's HoH competition "Rude Awakening", which had to do with the recorded messages. Michele (BB10) won that one "for Jessie". http://www.veoh.com/browse/videos/category...5544835CjnHSzZB
  2. I have a name! I got it from the B-side Blog. (Of course, it's not an official name, or anything, just funny.) The name is... Rave-ing Lunatics. LOL From the CBS re-cap page, the official title might be either "Rave, Big Brother Style" or "Ready, set, glow!".
  3. Georgie, the prediction challenge just wouldn't be the same without your kick-ass spreadsheet! (On second thought, the words "ass" and "spread" should probably have not been used in such close proximity to each other!) Forgive me, Georgie!!! It's awesome to see you back for another year!
  4. Brian had a lot of promise, from what little we saw. But promise isn't everything. As much as it hurts me to say it, he may have been another Kaysar - where he looks like he has a total grasp of the game and has many different strategies and is not bad at reading people, but he ends up making moves that are wrong or just too early, and it just doesn't play out his way. (I love you, Kaysar! ) Hopefully, if it really is Brian in there, the other houseguests won't vote him out in the first few weeks just because he was already on last year. But I think that is a very real possibility if he has no special immunity and is just another regular player.
  5. (Jersey, I'm sure you meant Brian, not Steven.) I would LOVE to have Jen back! Too bad she did all those interviews with the houseguests this year. That means for sure she is ineligible. Craig would recognize Jessie way more than Brian. Brian was out so fast that I'm not sure he ever made it onto Craig Ferguson's show! And Craig and Jessie had a great rivalry over the whole HoH/Ho (ho-ho-ho) thing. Sounds to me (from the Corneroffice leaks) like the Cliques will play as a team for HoH, without knowing the identities of the possible returning houseguests. Then, after one team wins, only that team's associated houseguest returns, and is automatically HoH for Week 1. (But I could be wrong!) And the "O" Clique is "Offbeat", not "Outcast". (It's funny, because I keep thinking it's "Oddball" myself, before I remember! LOL) AND, if you count Cowboy as BB7 (because episode 1 of BB7 was the last time we saw him), that would mean one houseguest from each of the last 4 seasons.
  6. Awesome! Thanks, UVP. I've been eagerly waiting for those!
  7. My excitement level went from 4 right up to 6 when I found out that CBS announced the official premiere date! Thanks for the compliment! But although I did kick ass the time before last, you and I were pretty neck and neck in the BB10 Weekly Challenge, Lala. (905 before adjustment - good enough to tie for 7th. I got more taken off in the adjustment, though, so you ended up tied for 6th and I ended up tied for 11th.)
  8. I voted a 4. Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely pretty excited already! I just know that if a 10 is how I feel in the last hour before the first show airs, than by comparison I'm only at 4 now. Even though most of my friends think I'm at 10 now because I bring it up a few times each and every day! Awww. It's nice to be missed, everybody! And yeah, I'm fine. Had a few weeks off from everything is all. Challenge doesn't usually start until June anyway. (Last year was MID-June, because of late premiere date!) Just so you know, there will definitely be a Prediction Challenge this year, and I'm looking forward to it. But because I'm going away on vacation in late August / early September, I thought it best to give someone else a chance running it this year. Morty will be giving his blessing on some plans in the works, and then we're a go! It shouldn't be too long. I'm actually looking forward to my score counting again, which might give me the edge to whip all your butts! It's great to be back! Buxom
  9. We miss you BB. Where are you??

  10. Why, a new and improved Peter Petrelli, of course! Or, Hiro can always just run up and stab him through the heart with a sword. (Hey, it's really CHEAP, but somehow it worked last time.)
  11. Yup, the title part was really good. I was thinking that "Rebel" would turn out to be Hana Gitelman (you remember "Wireless" from season 1, right?), but she was only in a couple of episodes. (By the way, she stars on the new show "Castle" with Nathan Fillion now.) Micah was much more memorable, although I barely recognized him when he showed up because of how much the actor has grown and changed. The way I count Ali Larter's characters, that was number three. Although Jessica was a split personality of Niki, I think she used to exist and that they were raised as twins. I could be wrong, that's just how I remember it being explained when Tracy showed up. I hope she's gone for good because they never gave her anything exciting to do, and I don't see how anyone could develop much pathos for her. I missed the very beginning last night, and I didn't see Sylar in any of the rest of the episode (did I blink?), so I will have to watch the part I missed to see what you're talking about there, Kayo. Matt and Daphne was kind of weird. Why did they kill her off, then bring her back, only to get rid of her again? It adds nothing. They have totally ruined Matt Parkman's character, in my opinion. At least he seems to be getting more powerful. Powerful enough even to stop Sylar by himself, unless Sylar can counteract that mind control somehow. Peter rescuing Angela was ok, but it seemed to me that he was foolish to wait until the doors opened before taking off, when it looked like he had tons of time to get away before that. And Hiro is disappointing me more and more. His childlike wonder and enthusiasm at the beginning is what made him so lovable to me. Then they reverted him to a childlike state to get rid of his powers, and brought him back to himself only without the powers, now they're giving him limited powers (but I'm not sure how that could be explained scientifically since stopping time and travelling through it seem too related to me), only now instead of being childlike and innocent, he's just childish and unintelligent. How is he supposed to turn into that Badass-Hiro from that extinct alternate future timeline now? In my opinion, the writing is Ok, it's just that they're not going to a solid enough place for me. Even that might not be enough. I don't like stuff like "The Lord of the Rings", where there's this whole long journey and lots of trials along the way for nothing. HEROES worked much better as the serial-killer-murder-mystery it was in the first season. Now they seem to just be running in circles. But I'm still watching!
  12. I remember reading a post by someone at the CBS boards back during the BB-10 season who was asking CBS to PLEASE have Jerry's throat checked out for cancer. They talked about their father, uncle, relative or friend sounding like Jerry was sounding and it later turned out he had throat cancer. I can't find that post over there now because their Search function really doesn't work over there and there are just WAY too many pages of topics to go through. The closest I could find was a post at Joker's (by "milliesmom") back on September 11 when the show was ending which said:
  13. I just had a nosebleed this morning. Now I'm worried that I'm going to start travelling uncontrollably through time. On second thought, it was probably just from the dry air in the office.
  14. Where oh where has my other Heroes fan gone? I miss reading your posts on the Heroes episodes...hope you're ok!

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